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Escaping the Cult

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            “How can I help you, sweetheart?”

            “My name is Tenten and I need to talk to whoever’s in charge of the cult investigation.”

            The officer seated at the front desk looked up skeptically.  “You’re going to have to be a little more specific than “cult.”’

            Tenten’s heart began to race.  She was on a time limit.  She only had so much time before the leaders of the organization noticed her absence.  They were going to die.  Everyone she loved was going to die if she didn’t get these people to listen to her.

            “Please, just let me talk to whoever’s in charge.”  Tears began to prick at the corners of her eyes.  “Please.”

            “Listen hun.  I can’t help you--”

            “Then get me someone who can!”

            “Woah, woah, woah.  What’s going on here?” asked another cop coming out of one of the offices.

            The officer at the desk immediately perked up, “Good evening Detective Hatake.  I wasn’t aware you were still here.”

            “Had some paperwork to file,” he answered.  “Now, what can I help you with?”

            Tenten did her best to explain to the Detective why she was standing in the middle of a police station in the middle of the night.  “I—I need help.  The compound I live in…everyone’s going to die.  Please.  I need help.”

            “Come with me,” he said.  “Let’s see what we can do.”

            Detective Kakashi Hatake wasn’t in charge of the investigation, but he was well-versed in the cult he assumed Tenten was speaking of.  Her long white gown gave her away.  However, his partner, Tsunade was the real expert.

            Tenten took a seat on the couch in Kakashi’s office while he called his partner back into work.  He had a feeling this conversation was going to be extremely important for the status of their investigation.

            “How much longer do I have to wait?” she asked.  “I think something bad is going to happen.”

            “Tsunade should be in momentarily.  Is there anything you can tell me while we wait?  Like who you are and how you got involved with the Caged Birds?”

            “Is that what you’re calling them?”  Tenten almost laughed, “That name makes a lot of sense actually.  My name is Tenten.  I…For as long as I can remember I lived in the compound.  I don’t have parents, so they took me in.”

            The door to the office flew open to reveal a tall blond woman.  She and Kakashi exchanged a few quick words, then Tsunade took out a pen and a pad of paper.  She took a seat across from Tenten.  “My name is Tsunade.  Tenten, I understand you’re on a bit of a time crunch.  I promise you, we will do everything in our power to get you back to the compound in time, but we have a lot of questions for you and I need you to answer them to the best of your ability, okay?”

            Tenten nodded.  “Everyone’s going to die at sunrise.  Please.  I don’t know how police forces work outside of the compound, but you need to have people there.  And doctors.  And people to take in the refugees.  It’s bad.  It’s gotten really bad.”

            Kakashi stood up and exited the room.

            “He’s going to make sure there are people there to help, so don’t worry about your friends,” Tsunade said.  “Let’s get started, shall we?”