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Professor Spock: A Harmony in Autumn

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“What should I dress as for Halloween this year? I was thinking a vampire. That’s not culturally appropriating anyone, is it?”

“Just the undead. Are we doing that again this year?” Bones scowled. But Jim was used to that. When didn’t he? “I thought Rand swore off of that party last year after the cops were called.”

“She did. Plus she got kicked out of that place.”

“So then—”

Jim shrugged. “I was thinking I could throw the party this time.”

Bones stopped walking through the grocery store aisle they had been browsing and turned to Jim.

“Come again?”

“It doesn’t have to be a huge party. Maybe you know like fifty or sixty.”


“Well yeah.”

“Jim…do you know who your significant other is?”

“Of course I know. Spock. Oh.” His face fell. “Uh yeah. You have a point.” Jim sighed. “Thirty or forty?”


“Ten to twenty?”

“How about none? Or how about you, Spock, and a nice anniversary dinner.”

“Fuck. Do you think he’ll see it as our anniversary?”

“Two years ago you met at Rand’s party.”

“But…we didn’t actually get together until—”

“It started on Halloween,” Bones reminded him.

“And he totally won’t appreciate my dressing up as a vampire.”

“Not unless he wants you to bite him.”

Jim rolled his eyes. “He’s the biter. Fine. No party.” He began to walk along the aisle again. He added a package of cookies to his cart. And a container of hot chocolate.

Bones smirked. “Isn’t he horny enough without that?”

“He likes it,” Jim said, feeling himself blush. “With whipped cream on top. Puts him in a really good mood.”

“Spock? In a good mood?”

“Yes. He becomes very sweet and—”


“I was going to say affectionate.”

“Please tell me you aren’t going to use that stuff to talk him into having a Halloween party, Jim,” Bones said. “I will march right over to him and inform him, because I love you, Jim, but I’m becoming friendly with Spock and I don’t want you to manipulate him by using something he loves against him.”

Jim put his hand over his heart. “You wound me with such unfair accusations! I’m not drugging Spock to talk him into a party. Sheesh. I just like to give him things he likes, okay?”

“All right. The cookies for him too?”

“Yes. He has a thing for sweets.”

“Probably why he likes you, darlin’”

Jim grinned. “Sweet talker. I think that’s everything and I promised Spock I’d be home when he got home.”

“You’re so domesticated,” Bones teased.

“Shut up.” But he smiled.


When Spock opened the door to their apartment later, Jim was waiting for him. He immediately pulled Spock to him.

“Hey, sweetheart.” He pecked Spock on the lips. “How was your day?”

Spock briefly touched his fingertips to Jim’s jaw. “It was acceptable.” His gaze went past Jim toward the kitchen. “You have been shopping.”

“Yep, gonna make spaghetti. With meat for me, no meat for you.”

Those rich dark eyes were back on him. “This suspension has been difficult for you.”

“Yeah. Well.” He shrugged.

“I did recommend an accommodation for original thinking.”

Jim smiled. “I know. And Pike spoke up for me too. But I guess they feel like they have to discuss whether to expel me for allegedly cheating on their test.”

“You did reprogram the Kobayashi Maru in order for you to pass it.”

“Whose side are you on?”

Spock kissed his nose. “Always yours, Ashal-veh.”

“Anyway, Pike thinks it’s almost over and I’ll be back by the first week in November.”

“That is good news.” Spock once more looked toward the kitchen, this time clearly attempting to identify a smell. “Is that…hot chocolate?”

Jim grinned. “It sure is, honey. With whipped cream. And I got you those little cookies you like with the layer of Belgian chocolate.”

Spock’s eyes widened and his lips curved. “I…I should wait until after dinner.”

“Nah, go ahead. Sit down and get comfortable and I’ll bring it to you. Dinner will be a while. I’m cooking the sauce.”

Spock hesitated, looking hopefully at his favorite chair, for yes, Spock had one. “If you are certain, my feet do hurt a little today.”

“Ah, my poor baby. I’ll massage them later. You sit down. I’ll bring you your treat.”

Spock grabbed his hand to keep him from moving away. “You are my heart.”

“I know. I love you too. Sit down.”

Jim went into the kitchen, put several cookies on the plate for Spock and then from the cabinet, took out the large hot chocolate mug Jim had purchased for him. Jim had it specially made for Spock for last Christmas. It had words across it that read, “Vulcans Do It Logically”.

He poured the steaming hot chocolate he had made into the cup and then spooned on the cream he had whipped himself on top. Spock preferred freshly whipped cream and so that was what Spock got.

Jim brought out the plate of cookies and the hot chocolate to Spock, who sat in the big fluffy reclining chair Bones had given them last Christmas, with his feet propped up. He had taken his shoes off too.  

“Here you are, babe.” He put the plate on the table next to Spock and handed him the hot chocolate mug directly. He pulled up the faux leather ottoman and sat on it next to Spock’s chair by his feet. He smiled. “Too much on your feet?”

“Yes,” Spock replied, taking a sip of the chocolate, closing his eyes in appreciation. “It was a trying day.”

“Aha, the truth comes out. Before you said it was acceptable.”

“It was both,” Spock admitted. “But this tastes wonderful. Thank you, ashayam. You have made everything better.” He picked up a cookie and took a bite.

“You are more than welcome.” He reached for the Vulcan’s sock enclosed feet and began to rub his thumbs in the middle where Spock liked. “Hey. Spock, Halloween’s coming.”

Spock nodded. “It comes every year whether we wish for it to or not.”

Jim laughed. “Yeah. I know.”

Spock let out the tiniest moan. “That is perfect.”

“Glad you approve. Do you think we should do like a party or something?”

Spock frowned minutely. “A party for what?”

“Halloween. I know it’s not until next month. I talked to Bones about it at the store today.”

“Oh?” Spock took a sip of hot chocolate. He had a bit of cream on his upper lip.

“He thinks it’s a bad idea.”

“The doctor is wise. Jim.”

Jim’s smile widened. “That felt good, huh?”

“Indeed. You are incredibly gifted.”

“He also said not to use hot chocolate and cookies to talk you into it.”

Spock’s look was reproachful. “That is not what this is about, is it?”

Jim shook his head. “No, baby. Just wanted to do something for you. And trust me, if you don’t want a party, it’s cool.”

“I will consider it.”

“Maybe it should be an anniversary party,” Jim mused.


“Of our meeting.”

Spock bit a cookie. “That was not an altogether pleasant evening, Jim.”

“Yeah, but. I mean, if we didn’t meet then, we wouldn’t be here, where we are now.”

“Indeed,” Spock acknowledged.

Still having not fully bonded as Spock wanted, Jim thought. Jim knew he should have gotten over his trepidation by now. Spock deserve to be wholly…well whole. Sarek had been right about that.

“Ashayam? Are you all right?”

Jim smiled. “I’m good.” He squeezed Spock’s foot and stood up, leaning down next to Spock to kiss his cheek. “I’m going to check on dinner. Be right back.”

Jim went out to the kitchen and picked up his PADD. He found the account he had for Spock’s father.

We need to talk. Soon. Important.

He hit send.