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Love has no limits.

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It was late evening on the cobbles of Coronation street and Sally was running around her house like a headless chicken trying to get it spotless for the arrival of her new lawyer, Paula a friend from school. Well when we say friend Sally was almost jealous of how popular and cool she was back then.

“Gina for the love of god will you put a nice top on? You look like you’ve been pulled through a hedge backwards” Sally said urging Gina to smarten herself up.

“I will but she’s not the queen she’s one of us remember” Gina replied in a huff as she walked upstairs to put a nicer top on.

“Sal just calm down you’re wearing a hole in the carpet where you are pacing back and forth” Tim joked.

“I can’t help it. This is a very important meeting, one where I’m hoping she’ll be able to tell me that I’m going to win this case and not end up in jail”.

“I know how important it is but I don’t think she will be interested in the canapés you have made for her. Shes one of us not some posho”.

“And how would you know this Tim? Have you ever met her?” Sally sarcastically replied.

“Well no I haven’t met her but I mean who goes to a meeting at their friends house expecting canapés? We don’t live in Beverly Hills”.

“Tim’s right sal. You need to just relax, I can remember Paula and she was down to earth, not stuck up” Gina added.

“Look I just want to make a good impression, I’ve not seen her for god knows how many years. I just want her to think I’m the good guy not the person Duncan is portraying me as” Sally explained as she took some of the canapés out of the oven.

“God help us” Gina whispered to Tim as she sat back down on the sofa.

“Please behave” Tim said pleaded with Gina to be on her best behaviour.

“I always do...”

“We know that’s a lie” Tim replied as the doorbell went.

Sally immediately took off her apron, straightened her skirt and sorted her hair out while Gina opened the door.

“Gina, how are you?” Paula said as Gina opened the door.

“Paula, you’re looking amazing. Come on in” Gina said.

“Sally long time no see” Paula said giving Sally a hug.

“Welcome, thanks for coming to see me” Sally replied giving Paula a good look up and down. Noticing that she was wearing trainers, she tried to keep the look of disgust off her face but Sally wasn’t known for being able to control her facial expressions.

“Ah don’t worry I always have a pair of heels in my bag, these are just for when I’m running around” Paula explained.

“They look absolutely fine” Gina added.

“And who is this fine specimen of a man?” Paula asked looking at Tim.

“That’s Tim, my husband” Sally said emphasising the word my just in case Paula got any ideas.

“Well it’s nice to meet you Tim” Paula replied shaking his hand.

“Likewise, I’ve heard a lot about you...”

“All bad I hope” Paula joked.

“Our sal thinks the sun shines out of your backside” Gina added.

“GINA” Sally immediately replied.

“Could I use your bathroom?” Paula asked as she had come straight from a meeting.

“Of course, I’ll show you where it is” Gina said as she showed Paula.

While Paula was upstairs using the bathroom, Sally wanted a quick word with Gina.

“Please don’t say anything else embarrassing, or you can go out for the evening”.

“Relax woman, she knew I was only joking”.

“Regardless I’d prefer it if you didn’t”.

“Lighten up Sally” Tim said.

Sally didn’t have time to reply as Paula was back downstairs ready to make herself comfortable on the sofa.

“Glass of wine?”

“Just a small one please” Paula replied.


“Ah I’m ok but I’d love a bag of crisps or a biscuit if you’ve got any?”

Sally looked at Paula as if she were crazy, turning down delicious canapés for a bag of crisps.

“I’ll see what I can do...” Sally replied through gritted teeth.

Paula sat there reading the file she had been provided with, a slightly concerned look appeared on her face.

“What’s wrong?” Sally asked.

“Pardon?” Paula replied.

“The look on your face. You look worried”.

“Oh no sorry, I just remembered that I forgot to tell my daughter her dinner was in the fridge. My mind often wonders off...”

“Oh right... Tim could you help me in the kitchen for a minute” Sally said.

Tim reluctantly got off his chair and went to help Sally in the kitchen.

“What’s wrong?” Tim asked.

“Her mind is all over the place, she should be concentrating on reading my file not what her daughter is going to eat”.

“Sal you said it yourself she’s a bloody good lawyer now just stop worrying and let the woman do her job. Ok?”

“Fine. But she needs to put 100% into this”.

“And she will!”

Both Sally and Tim returned to their seats as Paula finished her reading.

“So, but the looks of things we have a strong case but it’s going to take a lot of work. We would be in a much better place if someone hadn’t have got rid of the burner phone when they found it...” Paula explained looking at Gina.

“Oh sorry” Gina said looking very guilty.

“But I’m positive we can win and I would love to represent you if that’s what you want?”

“That would be wonderful” Tim replied.

“Yes! That would be thank you”.

“Perfect then. I will pop round on Monday and we will look at your case in further detail but right now I think we should just have a good old fashioned catch up” Paula said.

“Sounds good. I’ll open another bottle” Sally replied with a big smile on her face.

She felt a giant sense of relief come over her, as Paula had managed to put her mind at ease. While Gina and Paula were catching up on the sofa, Sophie rushed through the front door.

“Only me mum, just need to grab my jacket I must have left it here...oh sorry didn’t realise you had company” Sophie said as she walked into the lounge noticing her mum had a guest.

“No worries love, this is Paula my lawyer” Sally said introducing Sophie to Paula.

“Nice to meet you, Sorry I can’t stay I’m due at work” Sophie said as she smiled in Paula’s direction whilst grabbing her jacket off the side.

“Nice to meet you too” Paula replied giving Sophie a quick look up and down.

Sophie was oblivious to what Paula even looked like as she was in such a rush but it was clear that Sophie had definitely caught her eye.

“Bye” Sophie said slamming the door behind her as she rushed off to work.

“What does she do if you don’t mind me asking?” Paula asked Sally.

“She works in a local Pakistani restaurant, I think she enjoys it but it’s not what she wants to be doing”.

“What does she want to do?”

“Honestly? No idea. She’s had a rough ride has our Soph...” Sally began to explain.

“I don’t think she’d want you explaining it all...” Tim said trying to stop Sally from telling Paula, Sophie’s life story.

“She won’t mind. See our Soph is a lesbian and hasn’t had any luck with her previous relationships, in fact she’s had her heart broken many times. I mean she was nearly married at 16 but that all went tits up and if I’m being honest I don’t think she’s ever felt like that since. I mean there was Maddie but she didn’t seem as happy with her as she did with Sian...”

As Paula was listening to Sally speak about Sophie’s love life she almost felt a sense of sadness for Sophie as she had been through a lot even at such a young age. Paula was intrigued by Sophie and knew she needed to find a way to spend some more time with her without Sally realising what she was doing.

“Wow she sounds like she’s had a rough ride with her relationships” Paula replied.

“Oh she has but she’s come out the other end tougher and stronger for it. She’s a good girl is our Soph”.

“Shall I let you into a little secret?” Paula said.

“Go on then...”

“My daughter is also gay, maybe they could meet up for a drink or something?” Paula said as Sally’s eyes lit up.

“What a coincidence that we both have a gay daughter, what are the chances that two good friends have two gay daughters?” Sally replied thinking all of her Christmases had come at once hearing about Paula’s daughter.

“Good friends?” Gina muttered under her breath.

Luckily neither Sally or Paula heard Gina, but Tim did. He didn’t respond to Gina he just gave her the look of death.

“Shall we arrange a drink or something then? Introduce them to one another?” Paula asked.

“It can’t do any harm can it? I mean you never know they could fall madly in love” Sally replied hoping and praying they would hit it off.

“Shall we say tomorrow lunchtime?” Paula said wasting no time in being able to see Sophie again.

“That’s fine by me, I don’t think Sophie is working. Shall we say the bistro at 1?”

“Sounds perfect. I should probably get going, there’s a few files I need to read for your case. It’s been really lovely to see you again though Sal and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow. Was lovely to see you as well Gina and of course to meet you Tim” Paula responded.

“Ah yes it’s been lovely thanks again for agreeing to take on my case, I really do appreciate it” Sally said giving Paula a big hug treating her like her best friend now.

“Anytime, see you” Paula said as she let herself out.

“She’s not changed one bit, she’s still the down to earth cool chick I always remembered” Gina said with a smile on her face.

“I mean her style has changed a little bit but no she’s still the Paula I remember” Sally replied referring to her dodgey choice in foot wear.

“I thought her trainers were very hip” Tim joked knowing it would wind Sally up.

“You would as you have absolutely no sense of style whatsoever” Sally sarcastically replied.

“Now now you two” Gina said as she could sense the tension between them.

Instead of Paula heading straight back home to work on Sally’s case, she sat down on the bench and took her trainers off, slipping on her heels ready to check out this restaurant Sophie works in. Fixing her hair and applying her lipstick, Paula strutted in finding a seat at a table near the bar where Sophie was stood.

Sophie didn’t notice Paula at first but she was in no rush to go home so decided to look at the menu as she was feeling a bit peckish. The restaurant was busy and no one had noticed that Paula was waiting for her order to be taken. It wasn’t too long before Sophie noticed.

“Hi there welcome to Speed Daal, my names Sophie and I’ll be you’re waitress. Can I get you a drink?” Sophie said without taking much notice to who she was talking to.

“We meet again...” Paula replied.

Sophie immediately looked up from her note pad to see Paula sat there smiling away.

“Paula? Isn’t it?” Sophie said.

“Yes, your mother’s lawyer”.

“I see you managed to escape before she could chew your ear off...” Sophie joked.

“I wanted to check out the place where her daughter worked as I’ve been told so much about you”.

“Oh really? What’s she been saying?” Sophie replied thinking the worst.

“Aww just the usual, doting on you, saying how wonderful you were. She mentioned a few failed relationships but you are young and gorgeous so I’m sure you won’t have issues in that area” Paula said.

Sophie was shocked to hear her mums lawyer call her gorgeous but she wasn’t complaining as Paula wasn’t bad herself.

“Thanks. So what can I get you to drink?” Sophie replied quickly before she started to blush.

“I’ll have a coffee please, Black no sugar”.

“Coming right up”.

As Sophie walked away Paula took a good look at her from behind, Sophie had a beautiful figure, one that Paula wanted to get her hands on.

“Here we go, enjoy” Sophie said as she placed the coffee on the table.


“I’m sure I’ll see you around, thanks again for helping my mum out. God knows how she’s got herself into this mess”.

“No worries, she’s a good friend. I’ll do my very best to get her out of the mess and yes I’d like to see you around” Paula replied subtly flirting with Sophie who seemed to be oblivious to it.

“Enjoy you’re evening” Sophie said.

Paula had a little chuckle to herself, she knew that Sophie had absolutely no idea that she had been flirting with her. Whilst she drank her coffee she needed to come up with a more obvious way of flirting with her without Sally noticing.

Back over at the house Sally was still raving about how amazing Paula was and how close they were back in school. Gina found it funny though as she knew that they weren’t that close at school but because Paula is going to help Sally, she’ll be claiming that they are inseparable.

“Can you believe how successful she is? I mean she has her own law firm? Amazing really when you think about it...”

“Wonderful” Tim sarcastically replied as he took a swig out of his beer.

“Who would have thought one of my best friends would have been so successful?”

“Not me that’s for sure, I’ve never heard her name be mentioned”.

“Oh don’t be daft, of course you have”.

“I can assure you Sal I haven’t”.

“I mean let’s be honest Sal you weren’t that close with her at school? I mean you were friendly but not best pals like you are saying” Gina commented.

“Gina you’re wrong”.

“I’m not but oh well. Another beer Tim?” Gina said as she went to the fridge to get herself another drink.

“I’d love one, thanks” Tim replied holding his empty bottle in the air ready for Gina to put it on the side.

Sally was annoyed by how Gina and Tim always seemed to gang up on her, Tim was her husband and should always be on her side.

Paula was taking her time to drink the coffee, she was mesmerised by Sophie yet had only spoken to her twice and neither of those times had been in depth. She knew that she shouldn’t have any interest in Sophie but she just couldn’t help it. Paula was the type of lady whose heart always over ruled her head no matter what the situation was, in this case was she prepared to risk her friendship and potentially her career to get to know Sophie a little bit better?