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Lone Defender: Sparks of Lust

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The evening light of dusk cast itself over the vast desert and rocky terrain. The air was quiet and peaceful, except for the sound of distant engines revving, kicking up dust in their wake. Adam and Shiro rode out across the empty plains on their hoverbikes, racing each other for the third time that month. Adam and Shiro wore their casual clothes, Shiro dressed in his favorite leather jacket and racing goggles, and Adam in his black long sleeve and jacket vest, with a pilot helmet on so he could keep wearing his glasses.

They made their way into narrow valleys, full of twists and turns that might have been dangerous for other pilots to race around in. But Adam and Shiro were the best at the Garrison. Shiro alone had set multiple records, with Adam not too far behind. If Shiro wasn’t a pilot at the Garrison, Adam easily would have been the one setting records. However, that wasn’t something Adam cared for. He was perfectly content supporting Shiro and being there for him, who seemed to take his achievements much more to heart.

As they dove into the narrow valleys, Adam managed to pull ahead. He swerved on a turn, kicking up a cloud of dust that forced Shiro to slow down and pull back to avoid being blinded by it.

Adam laughed, looking back and calling out, “Come on, catch up!” His voice projected by the internal radio inside his helmet that allowed him to speak clearly with it on. As he looked over his shoulder at Shiro, Shiro suddenly had a terrified expression on his face. He yelled out, pointing directly ahead of them both.

“Adam look out!” he yelled

‘Aghhh!” Adam screamed in response as he pulled on the brake, getting ready to swerve and respond to whatever he was about to run into. But as he pulled back he saw that there was absolutely nothing in front of him. As he came to this realization, Shiro drifted along the side of the valley wall, pulling ahead of Adam and gaining the lead.

Shiro laughed playfully, satisfied with the trick he had pulled, “Hahaha. Sorry babe!”

Adam scowled in irritation and surprise, “That’s cheating Takashi!”

Shiro continued laughing as they reached the end of the valley and continued to race out into the open desert. Adam wanted to be irritated by such a cheap move, but hearing Shiro laugh with such genuine joy couldn’t help but make him smile. Although, that in itself was kinda irritating. How could such a big dork like Shiro make him feel so…emotional? Granted, he was an incredibly buff and sexy dork, but still. They had been friends since they were kids in the Garrison, and if he didn’t love him so much, Adam swore he would make fun of him constantly. Okay, well maybe he did that anyway.

Reaching the edge of a cliff that overlooked the Garrison, Shiro pulled to a stop as it was the agreed upon finish line. Adam pulled up next to him, jumping off his bike to walk over to Shiro.

Shiro pulled up his goggles and smiled, “I think that’s my win.”

Adam pulled off his helmet, the sweat making strands of his hair cling to his forehead, “Only because you’re an ass,” Adam said playfully, nudging Shiro in the shoulder with his helmet.

Shiro hoped off his bike and pulled Adam in by his waist, “Well I’m sorry dear, but I didn’t think the reigning king of sarcasm could be outdone at being an ass,” Shiro kissed his forehead, an easy feat as he was slightly taller than Adam. As Shiro pulled Adam into his chest he reached around and groped Adam’s ass, “Although I must admit, it is a very nice and plump ass,” Shiro whispered into his ear.

Adam shivered at his words, and the feel of Shiro’s breath on his ear and hands pressing into his behind. Shiro was usually such a salt of the Earth kind of person, showcasing strong morality, judgement, and professionalism. However, whenever he broke out of that façade and gave into his more wanton desires, it drove Adam absolutely crazy. Hearing Shiro whisper sweet nothings into his ear was a huge trigger for him in particular. Adam reached up and pressed his hands against Shiro’s firm chest, composing himself so as not to betray just how much Shiro was getting to him, “Worked up already Takashi?” he asked with a smirk on his face.

“You did say I could do whatever I wanted if I won,” Shiro said in a low and seductive tone. Fuck. Adam would often forget just how much that deep voice got to him. It was true though. The stakes of the race were that the winner could do whatever they wanted. And it was clear that Shiro was in an exhibitionist kind of mood, wanting to do it right here and now in the desert. Of course, even if Adam lost, he knew just how to get what he wanted from Shiro. So either way, he was about to be a winner.

“You’re such a horndog,” Adam said appreciatively, pushing himself off and away from Shiro, “But you have to wait until we get back to our room,” Adam said, turning around and making his way back to his bike.

“What!” Shiro said, clearly irritated at the new restriction being placed on his victory, “Come on Adam, that’s not fair! Besides there’s no one out here.”

“Well that little stunt you pulled wasn’t exactly fair either,” Adam sneered.

“But I..”

Adam quickly cut him off as he leaned against his bike, “You can wait until we get back, can’t you? Unless of course, you suck at that patience you keep preaching about all the time.”

Shiro crossed his arms and scowled, “I’m trying to be motivating based on my personal experiences Adam. I’m not preaching….”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever,” Adam cut in again, waving his hand at Shiro to dismiss him, “If you can’t practice what you preach then I guess we can do it here,” Adam offered, stepping away from his bike.

Adam was pretty sure he saw Shiro’s eyebrow twinge as he marched towards Adam. Shiro grabbed him by the collar of his vest and pulled Adam’s face toward his, “No. Get on your bike and meet me back at our room.”

Adam smiled smugly, looking at Shiro from over the top of his glasses, “But I thought you wanted…”

Shiro pulled Adam forward again, growling into his ear, “Get on your bike and meet me in our room!” Shiro released him and quickly got on his bike, speeding off toward the Garrison.

“Works every time,” Adam chuckled to himself. He knew just which buttons to push to get Shiro to play his game. Adam got back on his bike and adjusted himself, a raging hard-on having emerged in his pants from Shiro’s manhandling. Putting on his helmet and making his way back to the Garrison, he knew there was more of that in store for him back in their room, and he was admittedly very excited for it. He just needed to get his erection under control until then. He didn’t need the other cadets staring at him and knowing what they were about to get up to. The pants he was wearing didn’t exactly hide it well either.


Adam walked into his and Shiro’s shared room, dropping his bike keys and helmet on the console table by the door. It was a relatively small room compared to normal apartments, but it was quite the luxury at the Garrison. It had a small living room, a kitchen past a small dividing wall, and a separate bath and bedroom down a narrow hall. Unlike normal cadets, these rooms were generally reserved for higher ranked cadets like flight officers and lieutenants. Technically only one person was assigned to each room, but Shiro decided to move into Adam’s room with him so they could live together. Shiro still had his room, but it was pretty much never used unless him and Adam had a fight. Or if Shiro decided to try and cook and ending up burning the food, which was usually every time.

“Takashi? Are you here?” Adam called out, kicking off his shoes and leaving them by the door. “You sped off so damn fast I lost track of you.”

“In here,” he heard Shiro reply. Adam looked up, pinpointing the source of Shiro’s voice as coming from the kitchen around the corner. With any luck he wasn’t planning on cooking anything. At best he could make microwave dinners. Although, that would give Adam a few minutes to prep.

Adam stripped off his vest and walked down the hall toward their bathroom, “Fine. I’m gonna take a shower before we get star-Ahhh!” Adam was unable to finish his sentence as Shiro suddenly came up behind him and pushed him against the wall, face first, grabbing his hands and holding them in place. Adam could feel Shiro’s hardness pressing into him, fueling his lust and making him hard as well. Pressed into the wall, Adam could only see Shiro’s face over his shoulder. He could see the dark look in his eyes, and it made Adam shiver with excitement.

Shiro nibbled at Adam’s ear before whispering in a commanding tone, “No shower. Bed. Now.”

“Taka…AGHH!” Once again Adam failed to finish his sentence as Shiro pulled him away from the wall, dragging him into their shared bedroom and pushing him down onto the mattress. Shiro immediately straddled Adam, holding a length of thin black rope in his hands that Adam he hadn’t noticed before. He was finally able to see Shiro in full view as he sat on top of Adam’s lap. Shiro was dressed only in his tight black boxer briefs, his impressive erection visible through the thin fabric, and the rest of his muscular body on full display. Adam couldn’t help but stare at Shiro’s broad frame, his eyes tracing over the incredibly muscular chest all the way down to the thin happy trail that disappeared into the waistband of his briefs. Adam felt his face heat up as Shiro leaned over him, grabbing his hands and pulling them up to the top of the headboard.

“Hold still,” Shiro commanded, tying Adam’s hands together with the rope and looping it through the banister of the headboard to hold them there. Shiro gripped Adam’s hands tight as he tied the rope.

“Why Takashi, I didn’t know you could be so forceful. You’re usually such a wimp in bed,” Adam teased. Shiro was usually so composed and collected. But there was something about seeing him lose his propriety that Adam just loved to see. Teasing him was usually a good way to pull that aggressive side out of him. Shiro pulled particularly hard on the last knot, making Adam grunt out in discomfort, “Agh! That’s a little tight.”

Shiro looked down at Adam, the dark look never leaving his eyes as he smiled smugly, “Don’t even pretend this isn’t what you want. You’re not as subtle as you’d like to think,” Shiro placed his hands on either side of Adam’s head, holding himself just above him, “So if you want me to be rough, that’s exactly what you’re going to get. The rope is just gonna help me with that.”

Adam gulped in response. In that one moment he had completely lost control. He was no longer the one in control, manipulating Shiro to be rough with him. Hell, had he ever been in control? It was a perplexing question that both scared him and set him on fire even more than before. However, there was one small issue with Shiro tying his hands up right at the start.

“Look Takashi, I love rope play as much as the next guy, but, and I don’t mean to criticize, shouldn’t you have taken off my shirt first?” While Shiro was dressed only in his briefs, which were currently straining against his excitement, Adam was still fully dressed with his hands tied to the headboard. That meant that the long sleeve he was wearing couldn’t be taken off without first untying him, or unless Shiro decided to rip it off, which Shiro should know he would kill him for if he did.

Shiro dove in for a heated kiss, teeth nipping at Adam’s bottom lip before plunging his tongue down his throat and exploring the warm cavern of his mouth. Shiro pulled away a moment later, leaving Adam breathless from the unexpected kiss, and wrapping his hand around the bottom of his jaw to make him look him in the eye, “I won, I’ll do what I want,” Shiro said in a firm tone, tossing Adam’s face aside as let go. He reached across the bed and grabbed something off from the bedside table, holding up a condom in his fingers in front of Adam’s face, “Now hold this in your teeth, and don’t drop it. Otherwise I’ll have to punish you,” Adam complied, opening his mouth and gripping the edge of the wrapper with his teeth “Although I doubt you’ll be able to hold onto it for very long. You never can keep your mouth shut,” Shiro taunted. Adam furrowed his brow to convey his annoyance at those words. That was a challenge if he ever heard one, and there was no way he was going to gasp out or drop the condom no matter what.

Shiro moved off Adam and unbuckled Adam’s belt, pulling down his pants and leaving him in his dark purple briefs. Adam could only watch as Shiro tossed the pants aside and climbed down on top of him, his face right in front of Adam’s clothed erection. The dark playful look on his face drove Adam crazy, making him desperate for Shiro to do anything to him. He lifted his hips up to indicate what he wanted Shiro to do, but he just ignored him, pushing Adam’s hips back onto the mattress and holding them there. Shiro leaned forward and lifted Adam’s shirt up to kiss and suck at his tight, muscular stomach. He traced his tongue along the crevice of each muscle, making Adam writhe under him. He squirmed, trying to press his dick against Shiro’s chest to gain some kind of friction on his dick, but Shiro’s grip on his hips was incredibly firm.

Shiro looked up at Adam, moving to nip and lick at his belly button, “Mmmm,” Adam fidgeted. It was one of Adam’s weak spots, and Shiro obviously didn’t have any intention of playing fair tonight. He wanted him to drop that condom. It was a bit of a catch. On one hand, Adam wanted to see what this punishment would entail, but on the other, he didn’t want to give Shiro the satisfaction of another victory.

“Not enough?” Shiro teased, “Well I can think of another spot that you like even more,” Shiro moved up, grabbing Adam’s long sleeve shirt and pushing It up to expose his chest. Adam had a slimmer frame than Shiro did, but he still had a firm muscular chest that Shiro loved to tease. Shiro zeroed in on one of Adam’s nipples, running his tongue over it to make it hard. He sucked at it, nipping at the hard bud before going in to bite it with some mild force.

“Mmnnmmmnmnn,” Adam groaned through clenched teeth, a mixture of pain and pleasure running through him. He bucked his hips up, feeling Shiro’s hard cock rub against his own hardness.

Shiro smiled, moving to the other nipple, “See? You like it when I tease you here, right?” He nibbled at it, keeping his eyes fixed on Adam’s flushed face. He found it amusing to see Adam struggle so hard to keep his composure. Shiro reached down and grabbed Adam’s clothed erection, giving it a firm squeeze.

“MMhhhppp,” Adam whined. He didn’t know how much more of this teasing he could take. Adam admittedly liked to be played with before being ploughed into the mattress, but Shiro hadn’t even started stretching him out yet. There was no way he was going to be able to keep his sanity for much longer if Shiro continued to tease him like this. But this was Shiro’s game now. And when he got like this, there was no telling what he was going to do. Gone were the boundaries and filters that made up Shiro’s calm and collected personality. When he gave in to lust and desire, he became a savage in bed. Adam might as well have a sex demon lying on top of him right now.

“What’s wrong babe? You’re usually moaning a lot more right about now,” Shiro asked, feigning a playful innocence. Oh yeah, definitely a demon. This was just getting cruel at this point, “Oh, of course. I haven’t gotten your other favorite spot,” Adam went wide eyed with realization as Shiro sat up and pulled his shirt up even more, exposing Adam’s smooth armpits to the cool air.

Shiro ran his fingers across his armpit in a slow, grazing motion. “MMMM! MMNMNNN!” Adam twisted like crazy, his body only being held down by the weight of Shiro sitting on top of him. His underarm was his most sensitive spot. Instead of being tickled, waves of sensation coursed through his body. In this moment, he regretted ever telling Shiro about how sensitive he was there. The condom slipped slightly from his teeth as his breathing become ragged. He gripped it tighter, trying desperately to keep himself under control. Shiro ran his thumb across Adam’s left armpit, before moving in to run his tongue over the right one, “AAHHHH!” Adam finally cried out, dropping the condom on his chest.

Shiro stopped to look up at Adam’s flushed face, “There’s your voice,” he continued to lick at Adam’s underarm, breathing in his scent as he did, “Mmmmm. You smell so good.”

“Takashi. Ahh. You’re so, ahhh, dirty,” Adam moaned out as Shiro had his way with him.

Shiro stopped and brought himself face to face with his lover, giving him a deep and passionate kiss. Adam let Shiro take control of the kiss, having been teased into submission. Shiro nipped at his bottom lip before pulling away, “Oh, don’t forget that you’re going to be punished for opening your big mouth again. In fact, why don’t we put that mouth to better use.”

Adam felt his breath get heavy as Shiro got off him, finally pulling his briefs down to expose his very impressive length. Adam was drunk on lust, wanting nothing more than to wrap his lips around Shiro and finally make him start to moan. Almost as if he could read his mind, Shiro sat down on Adam’s chest, the tip of his cock standing at attention right in front of his lips.

“Well?” Shiro said expectantly. Adam stuck his tongue out, licking at his slit and tasting Shiro’s precum. Shiro pulled back from him, “Wait. One more thing,” Shiro grabbed Adam’s glasses, pulling them off and putting them on himself, “There, now keep going.”

Adam breathed out in excitement. Shiro looked so incredibly hot in his glasses. Another thing that kinda pissed him off was that he didn’t wear glasses all the time. Although if he did, then Adam probably wouldn’t be able to control himself around Shiro. It was already a chore as it was. Shiro’s bright personality and incredibly sexy body made him irresistible as it was. Putting glasses on that would just turn him into a walking sex god, because eye candy was too weak a term to describe how hot Shiro would look. And sitting here now with no clothes on, and his large, hard cock pointing Adam in the face, Adam might as well have been in heaven right now. However, Shiro putting on Adam’s glasses also meant one more thing, and that was that Shiro could be as rough with him as he wanted without worrying about bending or breaking his glasses. And once again, Adam found himself both scared and excited at the idea of what was coming.

Shiro rocked his hips forward again, letting Adam go down on him. Adam licked and sucked at his tip, making obscene slurping sounds as he did so. Adam savored the taste, working the pink head so he could make Shiro start to lose control.

“Ahhh. That’s it,” Shiro moaned, leaning down to grab Adam’s head and run his hands through his hair. Shiro pulled his head forward, pushing about half his length down Adam’s throat.

“MMmmhhh,” Adam moaned around Shiro’s cock. Normally he would use his hands while giving a blowjob, but since Shiro had them tied to the bed he had no choice but to compensate by vigorously sucking and bobbing his head to take more of him into his mouth. Adam moaned, sending vibrations through Shiro’s cock and making him groan.

“Oh my god Adam. You’re so much more energetic than usual,” Shiro moaned. He grabbed Adam by the back of the head and shoved even more of himself into the wet heat of Adam’s mouth, effectively face fucking him, “MMmm yeah. There’s a lot to work with, so take it down your throat!”

Hearing Shiro talk dirty like that drove Adam crazy. That was the final straw. Once Shiro started spouting out dirty talk like that, it meant that there were no restrictions anymore. Adam never knew just how much words could affect him until he had heard them coming out of Shiro’s mouth. They seemed to have power of Adam, making him more insatiable as he felt the head of Shiro’s cock stab the back of his throat. Adam gagged, determined to take as much of him down as he could.

Shiro was beginning to turn into a moaning mess, inflating Adam’s ego and giving him back a feeling of control. He swirled his tongue around his cock, bobbing his head to taste Shiro as much as he could, responding to whatever made Shiro moan louder, “Fuck! God Adam, that’s it! Keep sucking my cock!’

Adam could barely handle it anymore. He was getting so impossibly turned on by sucking Shiro’s dick that he wanted nothing more than to reach down and touch himself. He was so hard he could practically feel himself staining his briefs with the precum leaking from the head of his cock. But with his hands bound, all he could do was thrust his hips up and suck Shiro with extra gusto. Loud moans came pouring out of Adam, washing over Shiro’s cock and sending extra waves of pleasure over him.

“Oh, fuck Adam!” Shiro dropped his hands down on to the bed, holding himself up and thrusting down into Adam’s mouth. Adam’s eyes began to tear up in response to the massive length being forced in and out of him, almost gagging it, “Oh yes, Adam! You love it don’t you?! You love taking my cock down your throat!” Shiro’s moans were getting louder, which meant he was getting close to release.

Adam’s eyes screwed shut in determination and desperate need, because it was true, he absolutely did love it. The taste, the force, the absolute savage nature in which Shiro let himself go and treated Adam like a sex toy for his pleasure alone. All he could do in response was to suck as hard as he could, turning his mouth into a wet vacuum for Shiro’s cock.

“Oh my god Adam! I’m gonna….I’m gonna fucking cum!” Shiro moaned, sweat beginning to drip down his body.

Adam was sure he had never heard Shiro speak this dirty with such fervor before, and god was it doing things to his body. All he wanted to do was pull his hands free and stroke his own dick until he was cumming on Shiro’s ass. His natural instinct was to pull his hands down toward his own release, the ropes digging into his wrists as he squirmed desperately. He was practically on the verge of release just from imagining Shiro shooting in his mouth. Adam braced himself, ready to take everything Shiro had to give him.

“Adam! I’m…I’m cumming!” Shiro cried out. Adam’s body was burning up hotter than he ever thought possible from just giving a blowjob. Feeling Shiro’s cock literally pulse against his tongue while ropes of cum shot down his throat made him shiver and moan with satisfaction while Shiro cried out his name. If Adam’s mouth wasn’t so full of his huge cock, he would have been begging for release too. But Shiro had taken away Adam’s ability to speak and move during this whole ordeal. That sparked a small need for revenge, making Adam hollow out his cheeks and suck as hard as he could, never stopping as he swallowed gulp after gulp of cum.

Shiro cried out, the overwhelming feeling of ecstasy crashing through him at Adam’s ministrations, “Oh fuck! Aaaaaadam! Holy…fuck!” Shiro had turned into a grunting and gasping mess, reaching up to grasp the head board so he could have something to grip and still hold himself up as he rode out his orgasm. After about a minute of overstimulation, he pulled himself out of Adam’s mouth with a wet pop, collapsing on top of Adam.

“What the hell got into you?” Shiro gasped into his neck, his breathing heavy from what was no doubt one of the best orgasms he had ever had, “I came so much. It was like you were trying to suck the life out of me.”

Adam scoffed a small laugh, sending vibrations through Shiro’s chest. Shiro leaned his head up to look at him, a dazed look in his eye and his cheeks flushed with embarrassment as the things he said and did were starting to sink into his sober mind. Adam probably looked the same, his face red and breathing ragged from the most intense blowjob he had ever given. “Well it’s not like you gave me much choice mister winner. Besides, you know I’m allergic to nuts. I can’t do that for you all the time.”

Shiro laughed lightly, resting his head on Adam’s chest, “God. You know I hate that joke. And you’re only allergic to peanuts.”

“Then why do you always laugh?” Adam teased. Shiro leaned forward and caught Adam’s lips in a passionate kiss, tasting himself on Adam’s tongue as he explored his mouth. He wrapped his arm around Adam’s waist, pulling his body closer. This time it was a much more tender kiss, both of them giving into the pleasure without taking control from the other.

Shiro pulled away from the kiss, looking at Adam with a blissful expression, “Because I love you,” he finally answered. Shiro ran his hand across Adam’s chest, moving it down until he was cupping Adam’s still clothed erection. Adam hissed at having some long-awaited contact, “Now why don’t I reward you for being such a good boy?” Shiro asked, smiling smugly as he called him ‘good boy’.

Normally Adam would have a smartass response for that, but he was too desperate for what Shiro was offering to do so. Shiro got up before taking off Adam’s glasses and putting them back on his face, then moving down so that his face was level with Adam’s crotch. He rested on his stomach, grabbing Adam’s waist as he placed his mouth over the clothed erection. Shiro licked and mouthed at Adam’s hardness, pressing his face into it with enthusiasm. Shiro could taste the precum that had leaked through Adam’s briefs as he sucked at the head.

“Takashi,” Adam gasped, “Please. I’m dying up here.”

“Hahaha. Okay. I think I’ve teased you enough for one day. Besides, you asked so nicely,” Shiro sat up and finally pulled off Adam’s briefs. Adam let out a light moan at the relief of being freed from his fabric prison. Shiro leaned back in, taking Adam’s sizable cock in his hand and licking at the head. Adam wasn’t as big as Shiro, but he was still quite an impressive length and girth that most people would be jealous of. The head was normally a bright pink that contrasted Adam’s beautifully tan brown skin, but right now it was bright red, telling him just how neglected and strained Adam’s cock had been. Shiro sucked at the head, tasting all the precum that had built up and coated it during Shiro’s dominating actions earlier, “MMMmmm. You taste so good,” Shiro sighed with satisfaction.

“Aghh. You’re always so…agh…dirty when you -Ahhh- do this,” Adam said through broken moans and gasps. Feeling the heat of Shiro’s mouth and tongue run across his shaft put him in a state of indescribable ecstasy. Adam looked down at Shiro through lidded eyes, seeing him hungrily devour his cock while making obscene slurping sounds. The sight of Shiro sucking his cock with such eagerness and determination was almost enough to make Adam cum right then and there.

Shiro pulled himself off Adam’s dick, a small trail of saliva running between his lips and the head of his cock. Shiro went down, licking at Adam’s balls with fervor. The taste and musky scent coming off of Adam was beginning to turn Shiro on all over again. He sucked on one of Adam’s balls, Adam giving a satisfied sigh in response.

“Ahh. That’s nice Takashi, but I really need you to AAGGHH!” Adam broke out into a surprised moan as Shiro brought has hand up to tease Adam’s hole, pressing one finger in right away. The stretch caught Adam off guard, and Shiro’s finger were incredibly long and thick. Shiro’s finger felt slick too, allowing it to slide right inside of Adam easily. Shiro must have set their bottle of lube at the foot of the bed for just this kind of situation. Shiro really was a damn sex demon.

Shiro switched over to suck on Adam’s other ball, pushing into Adam with his finger and searching around for his sweet spot. Adam felt like his whole body was on fire. He hadn’t cum yet, or even had anything extremely stimulating happen to him, but he was burning up. The way Shiro had teased and used him set Adam on edge, and now everything he did made Adam feel like he was losing his damn mind.

“Fuck. Takashi. Please…I need more,” Adam gasped out in wanton desire. Adam rarely gave into the need to beg, but he needed release like he had never needed it before. Shiro laughed, seeming to take great joy in Adam’s desperate and needy state. He grabbed Adam’s cock and gave it a firm squeeze, slapping it against his face before running his tongue over it from base to tip, treating it like a giant lollipop. “Aghhhh! Why are you, agggghhh, so mean to me?” Adam sobbed, the sensation not enough to make him cum, but strong enough to make him feel like he was being overstimulated.

“Do you want to cum baby?” Shiro asked, sliding in a second finger inside Adam and running his lips over the head of his dick, making him gasp out his response quickly.

“Yes! Fuck me, yes!” Adam threw his hips down, trying to fuck himself on Shiro’s fingers. Shiro lightly stroked Adam’s cock, and Adam hoped his rocking would create some additional friction to get him off.

Shiro squeezed particularly hard, making Adam cry out as tears began to well up in his eyes again from all the overwhelming pleasure. “Was that an answer or a response to how good you feel?”

“Fucking!.... Takashi…. I need to cum!” Adam yelled out, both in irritation and distress. This was practically torture at this point, and he couldn’t take much more of it.

“Okay, I can do that for you. Hang on baby,” Shiro said, his words both a promise and a warning.

He lifted Adam’s hips up, plunging his fingers as deep into Adam as he could with one hand, while stroking Adam’s rock hard dick with the other.

“AGGHHH! Ahhh! AGGHH!” Adam yelled out in a series of nonstop moans and gasps. His cock finally getting the stimulation he’d been needing. Adam was usually loud in bed, but this was starting to reach a new level. His mind started to blank out, giving himself over completely to the pleasure that was hitting him like a train. If he could think properly, he would be thinking about how crazy it was that Shiro was bringing him to the edge with only a hanjob and two fingers. FUCK! Make that three fingers.

“Come on baby, give me that cum! I want to see you lose it and cum all over yourself,” Shiro encouraged him, thrusting into him with as much force as he could muster. Adam thrusted back as much as he could, trying to get Shiro to find that sweet spot that he knew could make him cum faster than anything. As Shiro’s broad fingers grazed his prostate, Adam screamed out in pleasure, his whole body vibrating at the sensation.

“There it is,” Shiro said with glee, curling his fingers to hammer into that spot over and over again.

“AAHHHH! TAKA! I’m..! AHHH!” Shiro was unrelenting, pressing into Adam with incredibly force and speed while squeezing and stroking Adam’s cock in tune with his thrusts. Adam was practically riding Shiro’s fingers at this point, about to fly off the handle at any second. “Takashi! I’M…! I…I…!” Adam’s vision went white, his back arching off the bed as his orgasm tore through his body. Shiro continued to stroke Adam through it, feeling his cock pulse in his hand as rope after rope of cum shot across Adam’s stomach, one shot even reaching all the way up to his chest. Adam’s mouth hung open in a silent cry, trying to bury his face into the side of his arm so that he had somewhere to steady himself. As the last strand of cum shot out of him he finally let out a loud groan of satisfaction, setting his body back down onto the bed. Adam panted, his breathing incredibly heavy from the mindblowing orgasm that just ripped his soul from his body. Shiro slowly pulled his fingers out of Adam before finally letting go of his cock. Adam whimpered into the side of his arm, trapped in that orgasmic high and disappointed at the loss of contact.

“Ohhh. Oh my god,” Adam gasped, finally starting to get back his ability to think. Shiro moved up, licking up some of the cum on Adam’s stomach before sitting up and untying his hands. Adam’s arms fell limply to his sides as they were released, feeling like jelly after being held up for so long. Shiro settled himself on top of Adam, placing a chaste kiss to his lips and smiling down at him. Adam was a panting mess, sweat making his bangs stick his forehead, and a glazed over look in his eyes, “That was…..the hardest…… you ever made me cum,” Adam breathed out.

Shiro settled himself back into the crook of Adam’s neck, as Adam’s arms came up to wrap themselves around him and hold him there. Adam’s whole body was shivering, his breathing heavy and uneven as Shiro lay on top of him. Shiro smiled in satisfaction, lightly kissing him on the neck, incredibly pleased at the knowledge that he had satisfied his lover.

Adam was stunned. His wrists and jaw were sore, his arms were exhausted from being held up, and his body felt absolutely worn out. And it was the best damn feeling in the whole fucking world. Adam still couldn’t believe Shiro was able to pull that out of him. He had made him cum with only his fingers like some kind of freaking teenage prom date. But if it had been anybody else, Adam doubted they would have been able to pull off what Shiro just did. The fire between them was electric, their bodies seeming to fit together and set each other ablaze with just a touch. As Adam sighed in content, he suddenly noticed the hard-on that was pressing into his thigh.

“Um, Takashi, what is that?” he asked, pushing his thigh up against Shiro’s hardness to emphasize his question.

Shiro pushed himself onto his elbows above Adam, a light blush and look of embarrassment on his face, having reverted back to his puppy like innocence, “Well, uh, you were so loud and really sexy when you were fucking yourself on my fingers. And then seeing you cum like that… it got me excited all over again.”

“Takashi, I don’t know if I have another round in me,” Adam admitted. Sure, he was a bit of horndog, but there was only so much he could take at once. Contrary to what others may believe, Adam was incredibly sensitive, both physically and emotionally. Of course, it wasn’t his emotional state he was worried about right now.

Shiro made a pouty face, “Awww, that’s too bad baby,” Shiro said, running his thumb over one of Adam’s nipples, “Because there’s something you seem to have forgotten.”

“And…what’s that?” Adam asked with excited hesitance. Shiro held up his hand, showing Adam the discarded condom that he had dropped earlier. Shiro must have grabbed it when he laid on top of him. As Adam looked at the condom wrapper in Shiro’s hand with wide eyes, Shiro leaned down and whispered in his ear, “I won the race. Remember?” Adam gulped, Shiro’s breath hot on his ear. Shiro was definitely going to kill him. Adam braced himself for the long night ahead of him, grabbing Shiro and pulling him in for a fiery kiss that he made sure to take charge of. If he was going to die having sex, and that was pretty much the direction this was heading since Shiro had way too much stamina for his own good, he was going to put up more of a fight and make Shiro work for it.