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I Would Give The Stars Above

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The first lesson with Tara is more than a little awkward. They're both frazzled and blushing, even though Willow isn't quite sure why. In her nervousness, she declines pluvia incorrectly and drops her pen approximately seventeen-thousand times. Tara's eyes continue to be blue, very blue. 

They get ice cream afterwards, and Willow insists on paying, seeing as Tara is tutoring her for free and all (are angels real? demons are, and gods, so it's not like it's completely impossible or anything). Tara orders strawberry, and Willow chooses chocolate chip. The sun is hot, and Willow ends up with sticky ice cream soup all over her hands.

She is mortified. Tara is kind enough to laugh at all of her terrible jokes though, so she ends of waving goodbye with a completely on-top-of-the-world feeling.



After that, they fall into a sort of rhythm. 

They meet in the library at half past eleven, and always sit near the window at the back. They study Latin until lunchtime when they walk outside together, laughing at cheesy jokes and complaining about either the heat or the bugs. They travel to the edge of town, usually find a nice tree with plenty of shade, and eat their sandwiches. They have spirited debates over the superiority of their lunches- and really, one day, Tara'll just have to understand how much better peanut butter and banana is than peanut butter and honey.

They wade in the creek to cool off, and occasionally climb trees afterwards. Willow is truly, truly awful at climbing but Tara says she's getting better.

They talk about music-Tara loves The Yardbirds, and Willow really likes Mozart- and lend each other their favorite albums. They talk about movies, books, traveling, aspirations, and the weather. They tell each other funny stories and sad stories and happy stories. They discuss their dreams. They braid each other's hair.

They never talk about boys. Willow is confused, and thinks that they might be kinda gay. She stops being confused one evening in mid-July, when she and Tara sneak out into the woods together to catch fireflies. They're laughing and blushing and then Tara kisses her, right on the mouth.

She feels certain that they're all-the-way-gay, actually, because she kisses Tara back.