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Naked to the bone the dream comes alive

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It was friday night, you and Tim were suppose to go out to dinner and then a movie, but since he had been called in for some unexpected work, your plans had to be pushed back. You had complained a little at first, since he had been working quite a lot lately and barely had time to see you. He explained that the up coming weeks would be really busy and he was sorry that you had to suffer for it and he begged for you to understand.

He texted you:

"Hey lovely, I'm sorry to do this to you, you know how much I wanted to be with you tonight. I love you always. I'll call you later."

You sighed and went to the bedroom to change, putting on a tattered t-shirt that had drained in color since you had washed it too any times and a pair of old grey sweat pants that used to belong to Tim and threw yourself flat on the bed. Calling your girlfriend and complained a little that your man was a jerk and begged her to come over to drink some beers and talk. Feeling somewhat guilty for not spending that much time with her anymore and hoped she didn't feel offended, but she happily said yes and was at your place about 30 minutes later. She had a bottle of vodka with her, seeing it was friday night she of course insisted on you sharing it.

"How are things?" she asked and hugged you "Is he an ass to you?"

You laughed.

"Oh my god, no. Absolutely not, but he has to work. Again...!"

She started mixing you a drink as she listen with sympathetic eyes. She was the only one you had told that the guy you were involved with happened to be Tim Curry and she also knew he was very busy occasionally.

"I know, sweetie" she said "But try to put him out of your mind tonight, don't let the fact that he had to work ruin tonight"

You smiled and accepted the drink she handed you.

"No, you're right. Cheers"


As the hours passed, one of your guy friends came over with his girlfriend and a second very pretty girl, you guessed somehow were involved in their equation. And you had called two other friends. So the seven of you huddled in your smal apartment, talking and playing drinking games as the vodka slowly emptied from the bottle.
About one in the morning you got a text from Tim again, he was at his place and wondering where you were since you had told him you would stay at his house that weekend.
You replied him in a short text, saying you were at home and had some friends over.
5 minutes later he texted back, asking if he could come over cause he missed you very much.


You answered the door and he was standing there, soaking wet from the heavy rain and with a single pink gerbera daisy in his hand and he looked more beautiful than you remembered. Fueled by your alhocolic state and the sheer joy of seeing him again, you lunged in his arms, bombarding him with sloppy, frantic kisses.

"You're here!" you practically screamed.

He laughed, completely caught off guard by your intoxicated personality and you feverish kissing of his face. He held you tight and felt his stomach grew warmer by your affection.

"And you're drunk" he grinned.

You gave him a big smile as you squirmed and tried to look innocent and cute.

"Sometimes..!" you winked.

He stepped further in your hallway as he removed his jacket. Shaking off the water and hung it on the coat rack.

"I'm not disturbing anything, am I?"

"Never! Come meet my friends!" you said and grabbed his hand.


Your friends "Second girlfriend" had been giving you playful, seductive looks all evening, lingering in your presence, touching you and always happened to go out for a smoke when you did. Her name was Tali and even though you had told her you weren't available, she didn't care. You had even confronted her on the balcony, asking her what she possible could see in you, seeing you were dressed as a slob with no make up.
She just locked eyes with you and said that your exterior didn't matter and it was something behind your brown eyes that turned her on.

It made you feel very flattered and secretly intrigued by her. It had been several years since you'd been with a girl and he beauty was undeniable.
Also you really liked blonde girls...
But nothing had really happened between the two of you, even though she smelled like rasberries and had the reddest luscious lips.

And now as Tim came back from a smoke, she was sitting beside you on the couch with one hand on your thigh.
She knew perfectly well that he was with you, but she wanted to play. She had wanted to play all evening.

Your face lit up as he made his way to the couch and you felt her move closer as if to indicate that the game was on and he had competition.
Tim sat down, clearly aware of the tension, caging you between himself and her and for a second or two you played with the idea of you three togehter.
You grabbed your beer and got up to change the music on the stereo and she followed, and when you turned you almost bumped into her and she kissed you, once to test you and she tasted just as sweet as she smelled. Her mouth lingered by yours as your eyes fell on Tim, sitting on the couch, bemused and entertained at the same time.

"What are you doing?" you whispered "You know I can't..."

She stepped in closer, placing one hand on your shoulder and traced her hand down your arm and when she reached your hand, interlocked her fingers with yours. Dipping her head to the crook of your neck, she inhaled slowly and carefully tasted you with her tongue as her lips closed on your skin.

You wanted her lips to be Tim's lips, so you closed your eyes for a second and found yourself humming slightly with pleasure. You watched as Tim raised his eyebrows and grinned contently, licking his lips as he put the beer bottle to his mouth.

Without breaking eye contact with him you slowly allowed her to kiss you once more, innocently and tentatively as your tongues touched. She traced her hands up along your side, cupping your breasts and you flinched by the obvious strange sensation of having someone else's hands on you that weren't Tim's and took a step back.

"You are very sexy and I really like you, but you know I can't..."

She smirked.

"I just wanted to taste you a little, no biggie"

She gave you a quick kiss on your lips and turned, walking to the kitchen where the rest of your friends had gathered.



It was four in the morning and most of your friends had left. Tali was the only one still there. Sitting crossed legged on the couch, she was truly a sight for sore eyes and your interest in her had grown over the course of the evening. You had kissed alot more during the night and you had even given Tim permission to taste her lips as you all had been in the kitchen, just coming back from a smoke.

You moved to stand infront of her and reached out your hand.

"Do you want me to go?" she asked in a sultry voice.

You shook your head. Slowly.

"Do you wanna fuck?" she asked.

You nodded.

You turned to Tim sitting on the bed and gave him a sly smile. He knew what you wanted. You had talked about it during the night and he was ok with it.

Tali took your hand and stood up. She held you gaze as you took a step back towards the bed, and then another one. She smiled again and her lips glisten beautifully even in the dim light.

"You wanna join us?" you asked as you sat down beside Tim on the edge of the bed. Placing one hand on his thigh.

He pushed the hair back behind your ear and gave your neck a soft kiss, sending shivers up and down your spine as you cocked your head to the side, needing his lips on you.
Touching him, you could already feel he was hard and you squeezed him gently. Eliciting a quiet moan as his hips bucked.

Tali bit her lip, smiling as she straddled your knee, placing a confident hand on your cheek and carded her fingers through your hair.
You scooted up the bed and turned to Tim, placing a finger on his lips.

"Are you up for this?"

His eyes twinkled and he smiled. Nodding gently. His compliance made your heart speed up and you got up on your knees.

"Good, but I have two rules for you to obey"

"Of course" he whispered.

"Your face doesn't go nowhere near hers and your tongue doesn't leave your mouth when you are with her, understood?"

"Yes ma'am".

"I have some rules myself" he said with an mischievous smile.

"Oh yeah. What?

He inhaled and was about to speak, looking at both of you with anticipation and lust. The he said;

"No, by the way, I don't" he grinned.