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The Return: Part Two

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"Sir, we just received word that the Lucian alliance are coming to attack Earth."

"Again? Send a message to the Pegasus galaxy telling them to send back a few ships to aid in the defence" Landry said.

Over the past few months, Earth had been attacked by Lucian alliance ships multiple times. Each time, more ships came.

"I don't know sir, I'll send the message now" Walter said as he left the room.

The General went back to working on his computer.

Meanwhile in a small room, "How much longer is this going to take?"

"You know you're not aloud to leave until the team has gone through every line of your code to make sure you're not going to kill everyone"

"Eli, you know I'd never hurt anyone"

" I know Ginn, but they need to be sure" Eli said. He got up and left the room, the bulkhead door sealed shut behind him. Ginn looked up at the mirror in the wall, she knew there was someone sitting behind it watching her. She shuddered, slowly she fell to sleep.

Since the crew of the Destiny arrived home Amanda and Ginn were quarantined until a team of scientists had gone through all of the lines of code in their nanites, the rest of the crew were aloud to go back to their families.


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"It worked!" Rodney yelled, carefully holding the zero point module in his hands, staring at it like a proud father.

"We did it!" Zalenka exclaimed, standing behind a console in the corner.

"About time!" John said as he walked into the room.
They were in the control room of the Z.P.M facility.
"How long did you say it would take you? Two weeks? It's been a month, what have you been doing Rodney?" John continued, annoyed because he wasn't aloud to go on any missions without Rodney and Teyla, she'd gone to help the Athosians getting organised.

"I'm sorry, the Ancients had really complicated security systems with very strict DNA locks. Which is probably why it took the Wraith a few years." Rodney explained.

"Well lucky for us, we have a perfect opportunity to test it out. The SGC told us the Lucian alliance are going to try and attack Earth again. Pack it up, we're going to the Apollo." John said, turning to the door.

"But we still need to run some tests to make sure it doesn't blow up when we connect it up." Rodney began to argue.

John turned to him and said, "You can test it on the way, now hurry up. You have five minutes." He turned back to the door and left before Rodney had a chance to argue another point.

On the Apollo, John walked onto the bridge where Sam was waiting. "Is he ready yet?" She asked.

"Almost, he wants to double check all the equipment he got together." John said.

"We haven't got time. Beam them up!" She said to a technician sitting at one of the consoles. "Ok let's go, we can't afford anymore delays." The Apollo jumped to hyperspace.

"Looks like you ran out of time" Radek said smiling, after he and Rodney had realised what had just happened.

"Ha Ha, very funny" Rodney said sarcastically as they got to work, testing the Z.P.M.


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His eyes opened. He winced. He had the worst migrane imaginable, and his whole body ached. Drenched in sweat, he shivered, feeling like he was frozen. The intense pain all over his body grew, dark rings under his eyes grew darker, and sank deeper into his skull. He began to murmur to himself as he fully woke up. Looking around, he saw his friends, weaker than him, they hadn't survived the process. But he couldn't decide if he was the one that was lucky, or them. He began to try and piece things together. Find out what happened to him. Taking in his surroundings, he thought it looked strange. It was a mix of three familiar styles of architecture. He knew the different types of people that used each style, but in his condition, he could only name one. Wraith. But he remembered that this wasn't his first time, once his head cleared, he would know what to do. How to get away. If he could hold on for long enough. An intense pounding began hammering at his skull, like someone was beating his ear drums with a stick. His ears adjusted and he realised it was an army of footsteps heading straight for him. It stopped. He looked up, straight into the faces of his enemy. They stood, watching him. He screamed, the pain surrounding his body continued to grow. The door to his cell melted away, as the barrier between them disappeared, he felt a sudden urge. An animal instinct taking over his body. His limitited energy building up in his weak muscles. He turned and leaped towards the nearest soldier. At the soldiers wrist. He grabbed the right arm of his foe and sank his teeth into it. The other soldiers pulled him away and beat him with their weapons. He was angry at himself, he missed the target. It would've given him the power to kill the guards and cleared his head. His vision blurred. He'd exhausted the last of his energy, he could feel himself slipping away. His eyes closed, he could feel the beating of his heart slow down. He sensed the soldiers move closer, they grabbed his arms and began to drag him away. He felt his heart stop. He exhaled, he wouldn't be needing any more oxygen. The pain around his body stopped and he felt his mind slowly drift away, into the darkness. Forgetting who he was, where he was and all his memories faded away.

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Jack lay on his bed in the Atlantis. The past few weeks had been stressful. He'd been pressured by the SGC to provide results from the Z.P.M facility. Colonel Caldwell had found that the second superhive on the planet Mitchell went missing had been destroyed and the other had left, taking Mitchell and his men.

But the best part was that the Wraith were really weakened by the loss of the facility. They had lost their leaders that lived in the facility and some Wraith were trying to take control, which meant there was chaos. And it also meant that they were easily pushing the Wraith further back, into the corner of the galaxy, cutting off their food supply.

But Jack was thinking about something. Rodney had brought it up a few days ago, it was only meant as a joke to make people paranoid, but Jack realised it could be true. The Wraith never used shields, they'd never had the technology for it, but the two powerful superhives had them. Gaining a large supply of Z.P.M's won't suddenly give them the ability to have shields. Someone had to have given them the technology, which meant that someone was helping the Wraith. Rodney had just said that they probably just figured it out from the database of the facility, but Jack had Radek check. There is no mention of shields in the database. Radek had told him that the Wraith could have just deleted it from the database. But why would they do that? They'd have no reason to delete it.

Jack was worried. This could mean that there is another bad guy out there, powerful enough to influence the Wraith...


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Five Ha'taks dropped out of hyperspace, only the Odyssey stood in their way. They closed in on the single ship and dealt heavy damage. The Odyssey also doing damage, was already breaking through the shields of the nearest ship. It didn't take long for them to take out one of the Ha'taks, but the others were about to disable the Odyssey's beam weapons.  Then suddenly, another hyperspace window opened.

"Rodney, we're going to need the Z.P.M. connected as soon as possible!" Sam shouted through the radio, as she sat on the bridge of the Apollo.

" Connecting Z.P.M now!" Rodney said as he entered a command into his tablet.

The Apollo closed in behind the Ha'taks and used the amplified beam weapons to easily destroy a Ha'tak. The three remaining Ha'taks turned away from the Odyssey and went for the Apollo. But by the time they'd turned around the Apollo had already destroyed another one. The final two ships began to fire on the Apollo, but with its strengthened shields they struggled to do enough damage in time. They were quickly destroyed.

"It worked Rodney!" John said, sitting at the console next to Sam.

" Apollo, this is the SGC, we need you to report to the briefing room immediately" A voice said over the radio.

" But I need to get back to Pegasus and finish a few tests, and then adjust the settings of the facility for mass production of more Z.P.M's" Rodney said into his radio as he packed some of his equipment back into its case. Before he could think of another reason Rodney was beamed out of his makeshift Z.P.M lab.


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General Landry sat at the end of the table in the briefing room. John, Rodney and Sam were already there, waiting for him. "I really need to get back to the facility, I..." Rodney was interrupted.

"I have already given the Atlantis orders to dispatch another science team to get the Z.P.M. facility fully operational." General Landry explained.

"But it would go faster if I was..." Rodney attempted to argue again, and was interrupted.

" We have a more important job for you here, once you have finished you will be aloud to go back to the Pegasus galaxy and help with the facility" Landry said.

"What job could possibly be more important than upgrading our fleet with Z.P.M power and possibly getting the planetary shield operational?" Rodney continued to argue.

"There are another seven Ha'taks on their way, it will take them five hours to get here" Landry explained.

"The Apollo could take care of them easily" John said, finally taking part in the conversation.

"Yes, it probably could, but we're going to use this opportunity to test a new weapon, if it fails then the Apollo can deal with the ships." Landry said.

"What new weapon?" Sam asked.

"The PBWDN" Landry answered, everyone looked confused, "It's the planetary beam weapon defence network." Landry continued, Rodney was the only one who looked like he understood," It's a network of small satellites in orbit that are powered by Mark III naquadah generators, each is armed with a single automated beam weapon, which is a cross between Asgard and Ancient technology."

"Don't they have shields? Because they'll be pretty easy to destroy." Rodney said.

"The team of scientists working on them said that with shields the generator wouldn't be able to power the weapon. So instead, they will be protected by the planetary shield once it is operational." Landry finished explaining.

"Then what do I do?" Rodney asked.

"Well the automated targeting system isn't working properly and the team of scientists don't know what's happening " Landry answered.

"Oh ok, I'll get working on it then" Rodney said, as he stood up and left the room.

"What should we do General?" Sam asked.

" I need you to be ready to take out the Ha'taks in case something goes wrong" Landry replied.

Sam and John stood up and left, they were beamed back to the Apollo where they began making a few minor repairs.


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"They're still looking, they haven't found anything yet, they're already  halfway through" Eli said, trying to comfort Ginn.

"You can stop trying to cheer me up, we both know they'll never let me or Amanda out. If I'm lucky they'll send me into that virtual reality and this body will be destroyed" Ginn said as she lay back down on her uncomfortable bed.

There was a sudden blue/green flash in the corner of the containment room.

"I can help you with that" A familiar voice came from the same corner.

"How did you..." Eli couldn't finish the sentence.

"I can't explain too much, I'm really busy at the moment, but I have a software update for you, a bit of a medical breakthrough" Soturi said looking at Ginn.

Before either of them could say anything, Soturi pulled some kind of computer chip from his pocket and grabbed Ginn's arm, he put the chip in the palm of her hand and held it shut. "It's an update that allows the Nanites to replace themselves with living organic cells, the replaced nanites will shut down and leave the body. You won't feel a thing, other than your muscles being a little weaker." Soturi explained.

He opened Ginn's hand and the chip was gone. Soturi stood up and smiled as he was beamed back out of the room. Ginn and Eli looked at each other, Ginn lifted her hand and they watched some metallic, silver dust begin to fall from her fingers.

Amanda was stood in another room, similar to Ginn's room, with Rush, they were looking at something in his notepad when there was another flash of light from the corner. Soturi walked up to amanda and placed another chip in her hand, he explained the same things he said to Ginn and Eli. Then he stepped back and was beamed away again.

Rodney was in a lab in the SGC working with Sam, who had decided to beam down to help get the satellite system online, she had put John in control of the Apollo. Landry was standing in the door, he'd just asked for how long it would take but neither of them had even noticed he was in the room. He was about to raise his voice when there was another flash and Soturi appeared between him and Rodney and Sam. "Who the hell are you?" Landry asked, he was about to reach for the alarm.

Rodney and Sam turned around and instantly stood up staring at Soturi.

"Sorry, I forgot we have never actually met. I'm Soturi" he replied, trying to look as friendly as possible.

Landry moved his hand away from the alarm and instead went for a handshake. "Welcome to the SGC, I've heard all about the things you've done for the crew of the Destiny and I want to thank you for saving us from certain death at the hands of the wraith." Landry said as he violently shook Soturi's hand.

"Well I'm sorry but I can't stay long, I'm sending almost every ship I have out to search for a special element. I'm going with them. I came to say goodbye, for now and to give you this..." Soturi explained, handing Landry a piece of paper with a stargate address written on. "It's something you may find useful, a gift" Soturi said.

"What element are you looking for then?" Rodney asked, interested.

"It's rare in this cluster of galaxies, but further out I know there are worlds rich with it. It's called Vostronium." Soturi answered.

"What's so important about it that you have to send most of your ships out searching for it?" Rodney questioned, Sam elbowed him for asking too many questions.

Soturi smiled, "It's the key to building virtually indestructible ships." Soturi replied, Everyone in the room suddenly got more interested, "As much as I'd hate to admit it, the technology was inspired by the Wraith. Similar to the way their ships can regenerate their hulls, the technology is basically a system of mechanical veins throughout the entire ship full of nanites. If the hull is damaged, the veins will be damaged and the Nanites will be released to replicate and fill in the damage done."

"That's a great idea" Landry said.

"But it won't work" Rodney butted in, "Nanites don't work in the vacuum of space, any damage on the outside of the ship wouldn't be repaired."

"That's what the element is for, it blocks any effects of the harsh environment of space and is more dense so it's stronger." Soturi said, "I'm already running late, I have to go now, Bye."

Before anyone could say anything else, he was beamed away.

"It's a Pegasus address" Sam said, taking a closer look at the note.

"Rodney, looks like you've got another mission before you can get back to the facility" Landry said.

Rodney rolled his eyes and went back to working on his computer, Sam turned and went to sit next to him.

"You have one hour left" Landry said as he turned and left.


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He began to regain consciousness, his memories slipping back from the void. His eyes opened, suddenly seeing clearer than he'd seen in a very long time. Realising the huge mistakes he'd made in the past, regretting most of the decisions he'd made. He took in his surroundings, familiar, but not in a good way. It was darker than he remembered, and colder, much colder. He sat up and looked around his cell, blood marks were across the wall to the far side. He wondered what happened here...'Oh', he remembered. He looked away, looking for any guards. Nobody there. He knew he had to get out, reaching in his boot he hoped he remembered correctly. Yes. He pulled the knife out. Struggling to his feet, he looked for the weak spot across the hall. He aimed. He threw. He hit his mark, the door melted open.

He wandered through the halls, this wasn't right, it was different. It wasn't like these places normally were, he knew his way around, but he couldn't find out what he was remembering wrong. He kept wandering around, trying to find a way out, ducking out the way of any soldiers walking around. Searching for hours.

It took six hours to find a way out, another eight to find his one way home. He dialed in the coordinates, and watched the lights come on. He pressed the final button and.... the lights suddenly turned off. He tried again. And again. Nothing. He remembered the rumors of the destruction of his home, so he decided to go somewhere else. He dialed it in and stepped into the light.

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"They're here" Landry said over the radio.

"Great, because we are ready" Rodney replied.

"Apollo is in position" John said.

The seven Ha'taks approached the seemingly undefended planet. The closer they got the slower they went, certain that a ship would appear any minute. "Rodney, why aren't the satellites firing?" John said, breaking the silence.

"I don't know", he checked his laptop, "Oh crap, the buffers not charging"

"Fix it" Landry ordered.

"I'm trying.." Rodney said, violently typing at his computer.

"They're getting too close!" Landry shouted.

"I..I just need to...." Rodney said, stopping before he could finish the sentence again.

"That's it, I'm moving in" John said, "Get us in position now" he ordered one of the crew sitting next to him.

"WAIT!" Rodney said.

The satellite network began to fire on the Ha'taks, taking them by surprise. Five satellites each attacked a Ha'tak, it wasn't long until there were two left. They were also quickly destroyed, but not before they had a chance to take out three satellites.

"It worked!" Rodney said.

He began to gather some of his things together.
"We should get going so we can get the facility fully operational as soon as..." Rodney started.

"Rodney, you're not going anywhere." Landry said as he entered the lab. John not far behind him. "What? But..." Rodney started to argue.

"Our salvage crews are in the process of recovering some wreckage of Atlantis. I want you and Radek to look through it and salvage any useful tech, and maybe even recover parts of the ancient database." Landry explained. John, standing behind him, rolled his eyes. He knew it would mean that he wouldn't be able to go on any missions for even longer. "In the meantime, John, your team will be continuing it's missions, just without Rodney. Jack will find you a replacement when you get back, until Rodney has finished." Landry said, turning round to face John as he turned and left, with Sam leaving behind him.
Rodney left to go to the hangar at area 51, where the salvaged wreckage was beamed. Radek was waiting for him with a team of engineers and a small crane.

The rubble resembled the midsection of a tower.
John and Sam boarded the Apollo and headed back to Pegasus. Before they departed, the SGC received a transmission saying the team of scientists working in the facility had successfully created a second Z.P.M which was on its way to the Atlantis, to be fitted properly onto another battle cruiser.


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"Concrete, concrete and look! More concrete!" Rodney said sarcastically as he looked through a small pile of rubble.

"Rodney, I know you'd rather be at the facility, but if we do find anything here you are the most qualified to repair or salvage it" Radek said, instantly regretting it.

Rodney turned to face him with a huge smile, opening his mouth to say something, but he was interrupted by something. "Radek, Rodney, its been a while" A voice came from the door.

Rodney turned and smiled at the person the voice came from, "Carson!", He waved him over, "What are you doing here?"

"Well, ever since Atlantis brought us back, I've been working at Area 51 with my own team trying to perfect the retro-virus. But due to recent events, we've been disbanded and I am waiting to be reassigned." He explained.

"In that case, why don't you help us out with sorting through all this worthless crap?" Rodney said.

"OK, I'll go and look around the huge pile and see if anything catches my eye"

"That should take him a while" Rodney said with a grin, as Carson turned his back and started to walk around the side of the heap of rubbish.

"I think I've found something!" Carson shouted, from behind the mountain of rubble.

Rodney and Radek, both jumped to their feet and rushed towards where the voice was coming from. When they arrived they saw Carson holding a few crystals in his hands, some cracked, others with fragments missing and a few that appeared to be intact.

"But how did you find all these so fast?"  Rodney said.

"What's that in your other hand?" Radek asked.

Carson lifted his other hand to show them his find, it was a small device that appeared to be in one piece, but none of the three of them had ever seen it before.