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The Return: Part Two

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"Sir, we just received word that the Lucian alliance are coming to attack Earth."

"Again? Send a message to the Pegasus galaxy telling them to send back a few ships to aid in the defence" Landry said.

Over the past few months, Earth had been attacked by Lucian alliance ships multiple times. Each time, more ships came.

"I don't know sir, I'll send the message now" Walter said as he left the room.

The General went back to working on his computer.

Meanwhile in a small room, "How much longer is this going to take?"

"You know you're not aloud to leave until the team has gone through every line of your code to make sure you're not going to kill everyone"

"Eli, you know I'd never hurt anyone"

" I know Ginn, but they need to be sure" Eli said. He got up and left the room, the bulkhead door sealed shut behind him. Ginn looked up at the mirror in the wall, she knew there was someone sitting behind it watching her. She shuddered, slowly she fell to sleep.

Since the crew of the Destiny arrived home Amanda and Ginn were quarantined until a team of scientists had gone through all of the lines of code in their nanites, the rest of the crew were aloud to go back to their families.