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To fix a Multiverse

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Inky grumbled unhappily as he fixed his wounds by brushing his paintbrush over it, the magic closing up the wound and healing it without a trace. The Doodle Sphere was silent as Inky wasn't feeling like creating, not after just getting out of a fight with Nightmare's Gang. The Dark Sanses had been very active lately, hardly giving Ink enough time to recover what had been lost when he was trying to keep them from destroying any more.

Inky sighed tiredly when he finished healing his arm, dropping his small paintbrush on the ground next to him. He looked towards the vast portals of the Doodle Sphere. His creations. His AUs. His pride and joy.

Inky smiled at the sight. All of those AUs were his. He had made them. He had watched them grow into beautiful worlds with their own choices and lives. Different each time. Timelines growing into AUs and AUs growing more timelines. It was gorgeous.

He shuddered suddenly, a sharp pain shooting up his spine. He scowled, his eye lights red as he stood up. It would have been gorgeous if there weren't some people trying to destroy everything. He'd lost too many AUs because of them- Error and the Dark Sanses- and he didn't have enough time to replace/rebuild them. His focus now on making sure they wouldn't destroy any more AUs.

He grabbed his large paintbrush and teleported to an AU where he sensed the destructive and negative presence of Nightmare. Inside he wished for someone to be his friend. Someone who understood his world and helped him. Who would always be by his side through everything without worry of his friend being killed. He couldn't ask that from his creations. Not even Dream. Because they could die.

He was all alone in this. Despite being surrounded by living beings that were his creations, none of them were like him. None of them could be with him.

Inky shook his skull and rushed towards the AU. No time to stray from his goal. He had his creations to protect.

Fate watched as their child suffers from loneliness. They sympathised with him. Even when he possessed the ability to create more friends than anyone else, none of them were like him. They were constantly at risk of death. Nor did they see the world as Ink did.

Fate couldn't punish Error any more. Not with their strings cut from the Destroyer by the others' help. They couldn't make Error stop destroying to keep their child happy. And they hated that. They hated to be ripped of their control.

Fate glared hatefully at Nightmare and Error who were fighting their child, hurting him further. If only their child had someone to help him and be his friend.

Fate brightened up with an idea. They grinned and summoned their strings, reaching out into the Void to another Multiverse. One they had been watching curiously from time to time.

They spotted him. A skeleton in an AU who was similar to their child in every way. From his looks to his smile to his charm. A perfect candidate for their favorite.

Who would be better to be Ink's friend than Ink himself?

Using their strings, they caught the other Ink's Soul- ignoring the way it looked. That could be fixed.

They pulled this new Ink through the Void and into their Multiverse, holding the unconscious skeleton in front of them. So perfect. A best friend and companion for their favorite.

Fate summoned their power to grant this Ink the same powers they had granted their child. An array of colours trailing down from the strings, heading for the skeleton's Soul. The spectre touched the white Soul, going inside of it to grant him the power to create and transform him into a god.

However, before the process could begin, something bright shot out at the strings, cutting their connection to the Soul. They cried out in pain and screamed in rage when the other Multiverse's Ink was taken away from them by another entity.

"Who DARES take my prize?!" Fate screamed at the entity.

Destiny came into view, holding the kidnapped Ink in their arms while glaring hatefully at Fate.

"YOU!!!" Fate screamed at Destiny, their hate boiling around them. "How Dare You!!?"

"How dare ME?! How dare YOU to put another in your strings?!" Destiny screamed at Fate, holding the unconscious skeleton close, his Soul floating in front him now taking on a rainbow shine from the incomplete transformation.

"He shall be my child's companion!" Fate screamed as they tried to take Ink back. Destiny fought them off and kept Ink away from the enraged deity.

"He shall be returned back home!" Destiny protested, trying to encase the skeleton in their magic- white and misty- and send him back where he belonged. The plan didn't go well when Fate's red strings wrapped around the magic, shattering it before it could completely engulf Ink.

"Ink will have his wish! This skeleton will be his friend! That is his fate!"

"He shall be returned home where he belongs! That is his destiny!"

"You think you are stronger than me Destiny?!"

"If it means keeping another away from your cruel hands then yes! I shall be stronger than you!"

As the two deities fought, a thin trail of pink gently wrapped around Ink. The skeleton crying in distraught at the negativity around him. The pink stood, gently pulling Ink away from the negative aura, pulling him into another set of arms.

They smiled down at Ink, gently stroking his skull comfortingly, sending out calming waves to the distraught skeleton. Ink calmed down at the positive feeling, relaxing into the embrace. They smiled wider. An empath. When was the last time they'd seen an empath?

They looked towards the fighting deities and frowned. Those two were no help to the Multiverse. Nor to this skeleton.

They looked down at Ink and smiled, gently touching his Soul with a wisp of pink. Now Ink was touched by them. No one shall touch Ink again, neither Fate nor Destiny. This one shall not be subjected to their whims. What he chose would be his choice alone. And no one shall be able to sway his reasons in any direction.

They gently lowered Ink into the Multiverse in a pacifist AU. They could not send Ink home for they did not possess the power. But they would keep Ink safe from harm. They would keep their friend safe in this dangerous Multiverse. Ink shall be the one to link two sides together. The glue to fix this broken Multiverse.

That was not his Fate.

That was not his Destiny.

But it was his duty, love and Passion. He would make peace with both sides and make them come to a compromise. He would turn the Multiverse into a peaceful place. That was what Ink had done in his Multiverse. And he shall continue his work in this one.

He shall reveal a new side to everyone. Open both their eyes.

It was time to connect two stories together.

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Haven hummed a small tune as he walked along the way back to Snowdin, his pink bunny slippers kicking up some snow as he walked. He readjusted his pink ear muffs, smiling.

Suddenly he caught sight of some brown fabric laying in the snow. Someone had thrown that there. He couldn't believe it. The poor forest. Well. He'd have to pick it up.

Haven approached the fabric with a swing in his step, stopping short when he saw that it wasn't just a heap of fabric.

That was Ink!

What was Ink doing in Snowdin?!

Haven bent down and poked the other, wanting to know why he was sleeping in the cold snow.


Ink shivered, his bones rattling loudly as he cried.

Pain. There was so much pain.

What had happened? One minute he's been happy and the next something had pulled him, choking him and dragging him away from his home. He remembered pain, then sorrow, then there was darkness. Too dark and too cold. He couldn't see or react but he could feel. He'd felt power, so much power before it had turned into anger. Fury from someone else, so much of it that it had hurt his Soul.

Then there'd been warmth. A gentle touch and a gentle voice before he felt himself fall and into something cold.

It was so cold.


Haven frowned when he didn't get an answer. Ink was shivering really badly. He put a hand onto Ink's skull, his eye sockets widening when he noticed just how cold the other was. Not good.

"ink?" Haven called out, feeling very worried for the other. He was probably unconscious.

Haven stood up and slipped off his jacket, wrapping it around the other as he lifted him with blue magic.


It was so cold. The cold biting his bones, almost numbing them. Somehow he knew it was worse when he couldn't feel it. It hurt. It hurt so much.

He felt something. Something... soft and... warm? He tried to get out of whatever he was in. But he couldn't. He couldn't see nor hear. But again... he could feel.

And he felt... Warm.




Haven gently shook Ink's shoulder. The taller skeleton was laying on his couch now. It had been a while and Ink had still not woken up on his own. Haven had also changed his clothes since Ink's had been completely soaked and a warm blanket was laying on top of him, pulled up so high that only his skull poked out.


It was warm. So warm. It feels... safe. Calm.

A sense of fulfilment.

A spark of pink.

'Wake up little one. This is no time to be a lazy bones.'




Ink scrunched his eyes as his consciousness returned. He opened his eyes only to blink and shut his eyes again when light hit his sensitive eyes.

He tried again, this time adjusting to the light. He looked up and saw a ceiling but... not his own. Or any ceiling he recognized.

He blinked confused. His right eye light a yellow five pointed star with a purple heart inside and his left eye a pink heart with a four pointed star inside.

Where was he?


"woah... that's some interesting eye lights you got there." Haven suddenly spoke up. Ink's eye lights were unlike any he had ever seen on the creator.

"though you're not really the creator, are you?" He asked, shifting into Ink's field of view with a large smile.


Ink gasped and sat up quickly in surprise when he heard someone speak beside him. He groaned in pain and held his skull when vertigo hit hard. Maybe he shouldn't have sat up so quickly.

He turned his skull and his eyes widened at the sight of a new Sans. This was not any Sans he'd seen before.

He raised a confused brow at the term this Sans said. "Who?" he asked softly.


This was definitely not the creator. Haven rubbed his back comfortingly.

"please don't puke all over the couch..." Haven requested quietly. It was very hard to get ink and paint out of fabric.

"the creator is the one who created all the aus. his name is ink." Haven explained, sitting down next to the strange skeleton while still rubbing his back.


Ink felt even more confused though he was grateful for the gentle touch. "Puke?"

Why puke? He didn't puke. Scratch that, he rarely puked. But only if he was sick and... he didn't feel really sick. Or had he hit his head too hard and was dreaming all this?

He gasped softly and swallowed nervously when Sans spoke. He shakily pointed to himself. "But... I'm Ink." he said confused and looked around. He didn't recognize this place.

"Where am I?" he asked the new Sans, his voice a higher pitch in fear and confusion.


Haven tilted his skull in confusion. This was not the creator Ink but he did say his name was Ink.

"hm.." Haven hummed thoughtfully. "are you from an au?" He asked finally, coming to the conclusion that this Ink had to be from an AU if he wasn't the Ink he knew.


"AU...?" Ink asked confused before he nodded. "Y-yeah. Ink!Tale." he answered shakily, his hand going down to his lap as he looked at this new Sans.

Did the Multiverse form a new AU? Wait... that couldn't be it. If so he would have known. And how had he gotten here in the first place? He hadn't made a portal.

Wait.... portal.

Ink looked around frantically. "W-where's my brush?" he asked, slightly panicked.


That proved his assumptions right. This was not an outcode. Haven patted his back comfortingly. Ink looked so confused.

Haven flinched slightly when the other seemed to panic.

"brush? i haven't seen a brush. can't you just summon it?" Haven asked.


Ink's breathing hitched as he looked around frantically. "N-no. I-" he stopped himself when he remembered. His brush always disappeared into...

"Where are my clothes? T-the sash." he asked the strange Sans.


Haven tilted his head again. This Sans sure was weird. He wondered why Ink hadn't given him the same powers as Ink himself had.

"oh. they were soaked so i hung them up to dry and dressed you in new ones to make sure you wouldn't get sick. they're already dry and laying on the table. right there." Haven explained, pointing at the coffee table right next to the couch. He really asked himself why Ink hadn't seen them.


Ink looked towards the table, seeing his clothes and sash laid out perfectly. How had he not seen that? He shook his skull and reached out for his sash. He had been confused and dazed. Maybe he just hadn't seen them.

He reached into a leather pouch attached to the sash and let out a relieved sigh. He pulled out a thin wooden brush that had a gold band and silky looking bristles. There was a star symbol engraved on the wooden tip and a wavy heart design on the gold band.

He put the brush back in its pouch before realizing his mistake. He turned towards Sans with an apologetic frown. "I'm sorry. I've been rude. I didn't even ask your name or properly introduced myself." he said before reaching a hand out towards the skeleton.

"I'm Ink!Sans from Ink!Tale. But everyone calls me Ink. What's your name?" he asked politely with a wide smile.


He watched the Sans take out a paintbrush which wasn't at all like the one Ink used. It was much smaller and more delicate.

"it's fine. i'm haven from haventale." He introduced himself and shook Ink's hand, smiling. It wasn't like he had introduced himself so he couldn't really blame the other. Ink had been dazed and they both had been confused.


Ink smiled at Haven as he shook his hand. So this was a new AU. He hadn't heard of HavenTale before.

"Hello there. Um... the Creator? Who has the same name as mine?" Ink started slowly. "Can you... tell me anything?"


"well... there are aus as you know. lots of them. that wasn't always like that. ink is the god of creation and can create aus. he created all of the aus except the original one..." Haven started to explain.




Haven sighed when the Sans went outside. That had been hard to explain. He pulled out his phone and called Ink, wanting to tell him that a lookalike of him was running around Haventale.


Ink looked blankly at the snow covered ground of this AU, his hands shoved in his pockets of his shorts. He had changed earlier before going outside, not bothered by the cold anymore. A new Multiverse. That was the only explanation.

There was already an Ink here. And other AUs. Hundreds, thousands of them. Much more than his measly tiny Multiverse.

From what Haven told him, this AU- hell all the AUs had been created by Ink. Thus his title as the Creator. But then there were bad Sanses who destroyed AUs like Error and Nightmare.

He wanted to believe it. But it felt like he was missing something.

Ink stopped when he found a lone flower bud in a plain flower pot. Somehow that gained his interest and he walked over to it.


Haven sighed as he hung up. Ink was going to come soon. As soon as he could anyways which could still take a few days. He slowly trudged to the kitchen and looked into the fridge. Papyrus was at Undyne's and he couldn't cook all that well. He didn't want to blow up the house again. He should probably call his dad to make some food if there wasn't anything in the fridge. He scanned the fridge's contents and when he didn't find anything but cold air and a ketchup bottle, he called his dad.

"hi, dad." Haven greeted Gaster when he picked up after the third ring.

"Hello. What is it?" Gaster asked.

"could you come down and cook something?" Haven asked. After receiving an affirmative and Gaster hanging up, he looked up at the door between his and Papyrus' room. Gaster went out of his room and went to the kitchen to make food while Haven sat on the couch.


Ink looked at the flower sadly. Poor thing. It didn't bloom like the other flowers he'd seen in this AU. And it was small too.

Ink reached a hand into his pockets and pulled out his brush and a bottle of blue paint from his sash. He saw a discarded watering can and smiled. Perfect.

Dipping his brush into the paint, he swirled it around the top of the opening and watched as it turned into liquid and soon he had a full can of water.

He put both items away and picked up the watering can, tipping it over the flower, slowly letting down a rain of water before setting it back down. He frowned in thought. Something was missing. Oh yeah!

He gently nudged the pot into the sunlight from its position under a shaded area. He stood up and nodded, feeling satisfied. That should do it.

Ink looked around and frowned. Oh yeah. He was still stuck here. Ink sighed sadly and began walking towards the middle of the town. He saw a bench where he could sit and think. Hopefully Haven wouldn't be too worried if he stayed there for a while.

The town was busy yet calm. Monsters were walking around with happy faces and easy air. It brought a smile to Ink's face and a calm hum to his Soul. He soon got to the bench and wiped away the snow before sitting down to stare at his surroundings.

It was... oddly peaceful in this town. Much more peaceful than any AU he'd seen, he realized. Maybe being stuck here wouldn't be so bad. At least until he could find his way back. He wondered if this world's Ink could send him back home.


Haven looked around for Ink, a small bag with sandwiches in it in his hand. He hadn't seen the other eat and the was sure the Sans was hungry. He walked through Snowdin, eventually spotting Ink sitting on a bench.

"hi!" Haven called out with a wave and a bright smile.


Ink jumped in surprise when someone called for him and looked up to see Haven. He smiled back with a small "Hi." He'd been too distracted to notice the other skeleton walking towards him. He should probably get his guard up. He didn't trust this strange AU let alone this Multiverse.


"my dad made something to eat for you." Haven explained, offering the small bag to Ink.

"here you go." He added.


"Oh." he said in surprise, taking the bag from Haven. He looked up at Haven and smiled, this time a little wider. "Thank you."

He pulled out what appeared to be a sandwich and took a bite and chewed before swallowing. Wow. That was actually good. And he hadn't realized how hungry he actually was. He took another bite to try and get rid of his hunger.


"you're welcome." Haven responded with a smile, watching Ink a bit as he ate. He sat down on the bench after a bit, looking at the various monsters passing them.

".. what's your au like?" Haven asked after a bit, glancing over to Ink.


Ink swallowed down his first sandwich and frowned in thought as he took out another.

"Well," he said softly, looking down at the food in his hands. "It's kind of like yours. It is mostly Snowdin and everyone there can create and is very creative."

Ink leaned back to stare upwards with a small, sad smile. "Monsters thrive on creativity. Some sing. Others dance. Some draw. Others write. There's no shortage of creative works there. Everyone loves to have fun and being with each other. Though...." he trailed off suddenly and frowned. "I'm the only one who can bring my works to reality. I wouldn't call it a good thing. Monsters kind of... got jealous and a little upset. Tried to get me to make a weapon to break our barrier."


"the first part sounded really cool. though that was really mean of them..." Haven replied, frowning slightly. A random monster passed them and put a flower crown on each of their skulls. The shorter Sans chuckled.

"thanks." Haven called after the monster, not caring that they probably didn't hear him.


Ink blinked in confusion when someone put a flower crown on his skull. He raised a hand to it in confusion, just short of touching it.

"Is this normal in your AU?" he asked, turning towards Haven curiously.


"yeah. every time we see someone look down or even just frown, we place a flower crown on their head." Haven explained. He opened his jacket, showing off the collection of flower crowns he had made for that day.


Ink smiled at the admittedly hilarious sight and chuckled. "That's good." he said and looked back at the passing monsters with a sad smile. "Your AU is so... peaceful. And happy. Now I know they're supportive too. We could have used a system like yours to get everyone's hopes up."

He looked back down at his sandwich, his eyes downcast. "Don't be too upset with the monsters in my world. They just want to be free. I just happened to possess a magic that could be useful in their freedom. If only I succeeded though."


Haven frowned slightly and pulled out a flower crown, placing it on top of Ink's head. He gave his shoulder a small pat.

"don't beat yourself up about it. it's in the past." He explained.


Ink looked at the newest crown in surprise before smiling at Haven, the flower crown a little big on him and slid down one side of his skull. His Soul was beating calmly in his chest, absorbing the comfort the skeleton beside him provided.

"Thanks." he said to the other skeleton. "It had been a while since then. I've... moved on from that. Though I do what I can to help."

He remembered his sandwich and took a bite. The sandwich tasting better now than before. Probably because he felt easier now that he had someone to talk to.


"that's good." Haven said with a smile and leaned back a bit, staring up.

"it might take a while for the creator to come. he's been really busy lately." Haven mentioned.


Ink looked at Haven in confusion, swallowing the sandwich in his mouth before asking. "Busy protecting AUs? You mentioned that."


Haven nodded, looking at Ink.


"yeah. error, nightmare and the dark sanses have been awfully active lately." He explained, rubbing his eye lights a bit. He was sleepy already.


Ink nodded in understanding and finished his sandwich, swallowing it down before speaking. "Yeah, you mentioned them too. Why though?" he asked curiously.


"they destroy aus..." Haven answered gravely, looking up when another flower crown was placed on his head. He smiled again and shouted a loud thanks.


Ink felt the harsh emotions coming off of Haven and leaned away slightly, looking at him warily though he hid his reaction from the other. The emotions tampered off into something milder when someone placed a flower crown on Haven's skull. Okay.... that was... odd.

Ink wanted to ask more. Why did they destroy AUs? What was their goal? Their reason? Why were they doing this?

Despite his questions, he shut his mouth and didn't ask. Best to just wait for the answers to come. They always did.

So Ink nodded in understanding, offering him a small smile. "Don't worry. I'm sure your Ink will fix everything."


"i hope so..." Haven muttered. He knew he should have more faith in Inky but lately he hadn't been doing that much of a good job. He was constantly fighting with Error, Nightmare and his gang and there hadn't been new AUs for a while. Additionally he was neglecting all the people he normally used to visit at least once a week, including Haven. He knew it was a bit stupid to feel sad about that but he could have at least replied to his messages.


Ink felt his Soul growing heavy from Haven's emotions and took a deep calming breath. He looked at Haven with a sad smile. The other looked so bothered. Maybe it had to do with this world's Ink being busy fighting the Dark Sanses.

Ink suddenly had an idea and pulls out his paintbrush and red paint from his sash. He dipped the brush in the paint and began painting in his hand. "Hey, you gotta have faith in the Creator. He's the protector right? It's his job to protect the AUs from harm."

Ink continued to paint something in his hand as he spoke calmly to Haven, not looking at the other skeleton and instead focusing on the item he was painting.

"Sure he may be busy at times but that doesn't mean he doesn't care. He's doing so much to try and protect the AUs including yours. So don't be sad."

He returned his paintbrush into its pouch and handed Haven his creation. A big red flower that sparkled under the light and was the size of his hand. He gave Haven a reassuring smile. "I'm sure he's trying his best. You gotta have faith in him. After all, what good is a protector without the faith and trust from those he protects?"


Haven nodded, flushing a bit in embarrassment.

"you're right..." Haven agreed though he still didn't seem to like it. There was no way to change that though.

His eye sockets widened when he saw the flower and he took it gently, worry forgotten as his eye lights sparkled. He loved flowers. That flower was so pretty...

"wow." He breathed out, mesmerised.


Ink smiled proudly when he saw and felt the change in mood. "Glad you like it." he said and turned back to look at the town.

"You don't have to like everything Haven. But just understanding is enough. I'm sure your Ink will appreciate that."


"okay.." Haven let out a small sigh before a smile slipped onto his face. Ink would probably have time for him soon. He placed the flower onto his skull where it was secure in the nest of flower crowns.

"thanks." Haven thanked Ink. Man. It was sure confusing with two skeletons having the same name.

"say... do you have any nickname that i can call you?" Haven asked. "because it's kind of confusing with two inks." He explained.


"A nickname?" Ink raised a brow at Haven before humming in thought. "I've always been called Ink. Maybe when I meet the Creator then we'll think of a new nickname. But for now...."

A spark of pink flashed in his eye lights.

Ink turned towards Haven with a gentle smile. "Call me Vigour."


"that's a cool nickname." Haven said, smiling brightly.

"well then. nice to meet you, vigour." Haven greeted, holding out his hand for the other to shake.


Vigour took Haven's hand and shook it happily. "Same here."

Vigour looked back towards the sky and frowned. "It's pretty late." he noted, rubbing his eyes and yawning.


Haven smiled. He looked up too, smile brightening at the thought of sleep.

"yeah. we should probably head back. do you want to sleep on the couch or in the inn?" Haven asked, looking up at Vigour.


Vigour looked towards Haven and thought for a moment.

"This place is new to me. You wouldn't mind if I sleep on the couch do you?" Vigour asked uncertainly.


"not at all." Haven replied, smiling.

"you can have the couch." He added. He just hoped that Vigour wouldn't mind his enthusiastic dad.


Vigour smiled thankfully at Haven and stood up. "Thanks Haven. I'm glad I met you."


Haven smiled at Vigour. The skeleton really was something. He had a feeling that he would accomplish big things with his kindness and passion.

Chapter Text

Ink jumped through a portal into Haventale. He had managed to wound Nightmare quite a bit and the dark Sanses and Error had run away, leaving him with a bit of time to check up on what Haven had told him. If there really was another person like him, that would be amazing.

Then he would have someone to help him create AUs and fend off the dark Sanses and Error.

"Hello, Haven!" Ink called out when he spotted the skeleton. He was currently talking with someone and looked up, waving and smiling brightly, clearly happy to see him. The person he was talking too looked a lot like Ink.


Vigour had been talking with Haven when someone jumped into the room they were in and he jumped in surprise, staring at the newcomer.

Vigour's eyes widened when he saw Ink. Haven had been right. Not only had Ink the same name as him, he looked like him. Except for a few differences. Ink's eye lights seemed to change shape and colour every time he blinked. He wore a slightly different coloured pallet in his sash and he had a large paintbrush strapped to his back. Vigour could also see something like black tattoos on Ink's neck, probably trailing to his body too.

The same face but... different.

Vigour raised a hand and waved shyly. "Hello there. I'm guessing you're Ink?"


Ink looked at the one who looked like him but also not curiously before a wide smile took over his face.

"Yeah. I'm Ink." Ink replied, smiling brightly as he approached the other skeleton. He couldn't wait to tell this skeleton about all of his creations and create something with him. He was sure the other was very creative. He held out his hand for the other to shake.

Haven watched them and took a few steps back, not wanting to be in the way.


Vigour smiled back just as brightly and shook his hand. He could feel excitement radiating off of Ink making he himself a little excited. It was contagious. Well, at least to him.

"Well, nice to meet you. I'm Vigour." he said politely with a bright smile.

"Haven told me a lot about you! And he's been real kind to me since I arrived!" he added when he realized that Haven had taken a few steps back. It honestly upset him a bit. He didn't want anyone to be left out. Besides, Haven had treated him so well these past few days. The least he could do was put a good word to Ink.


Ink shook his hand with a bright smile. He could see the other look a bit excited. Yes! He was as pumped as him.

"Nice to meet you too." Ink responded. He wondered why this Ink called himself Vigour.. Maybe because he had a vigourious creativity?! That would be awesome!

Haven flushed slightly when the attention was directed at him. He seemed to act a bit differently around Ink than normal. He seemed awed and like he didn't feel himself worthy of Ink's presence.

"i did what i could..." Haven mumbled quietly.


Vigour smiled and let go of Ink's hand, turning his skull to look at Haven with a gentle smile when he spoke.

"Well, I still thank you. If you hadn't saved me I would've been iced." he winked at the subtle pun. Okay, puns weren't his forte. But he tried. He could feel something coming off of Haven, beyond Ink's enthusiasm. But he couldn't identify what. He was an empath, not a mind reader.


Haven chuckled slightly, his reaction much more mellow than when Vigour normally made puns. He looked away after a second.

Ink tilted his head slightly, not getting why Haven was laughing a bit. Then it clicked and he frowned slightly. He didn't really like puns despite being a Sans. He had to deal with too many and after a while they got boring and annoying.


Vigour smiled when Haven chuckled, a little sad when he didn't laugh as much as he normally did and how he acted. What was wrong? Why was he acting that way? He hadn't acted like that before.

His smile fell slightly when the air went a little heavy. A quick glance with his eyes shows that Ink was frowning. Okay, not a pun lover. Noted.

He tried to remedy the situation by changing the subject subtly. "Anyways, you look like you got something on your mind earlier Ink." he says with a smile. "Whatever it was you were really excited. Care to share?" 'hey that rhymes', he realized.


"Sure. I was just thinking about how awesome it is to have another creator around." Ink explained with a bright smile. He was really happy about that fact. They could go to the doodle sphere and create something awesome. He now had someone to bounce off his ideas!

Haven frowned slightly. He didn't think that Vigour was a creator. Was this a misunderstanding? He didn't dare to speak up though.


"Creator?" Vigour said confused before realizing what Ink meant. He raised his arms in a placating manner as he smiled nervously. "Oh no! I don't... I'm not sure I can create like you."


Ink tilted his skull in confusion, his earlier enthusiasm disappearing.

"You can't create universes?" Ink asked.

Haven took a step back. No matter how much he was friends with Ink, he didn't want to be near him when he was upset or dare he say angry...


Vigour shook his skull apologetically, something pink sparking inside his pouch. "I'm sorry. I can create but... not anything living."


Ink sighed. It had been too good to be true. He could feel a headache forming and was ready to fall over.

If this had been any other skeleton, Haven would have put a flower crown on his head already but he didn't dare to.


Vigour now felt bad for this skeleton. "Hey, even if I can't create that doesn't mean we can't be friends." he said, trying to amend things.

"Look!" he said suddenly, pulling out his brush and pulls out a bottle of paint. He dipped the brush and painted the air. After a moment of painting, he reached a hand under his creation and caught a small rainbow flower crown. He showed it off to Ink. "See? I can still create. Just not whole AUs like you can."


Ink nodded, still looking a bit sad. Vigour would still be able to help him a small bit.

"Well then. Would you like to come with me?" Ink asked, holding out his hand for the other.


Vigour sighed in relief though he could still feel a little sadness coming from Ink. He looked at the hand and then back to Ink before giving a small smile, one that didn't reach his eyes.

"Well, it's not like I have anywhere to go." he joked with a grin and took the offered hand. "Sure."


Ink smiled slightly. He was really glad that the other hadn't declined his offer. He opened a portal to the doodle sphere and lead Vigour through.

Haven took Vigour's hand and held him back for a second, handing him a small pot with a beautiful, tiny, pink flower in it. It was the plant Vigour had watered when he had first come to the AU.


Vigour followed Ink to the portal before pausing when Haven stopped him.

He looked at the flower in surprise before he smiled. He reached a hand out which was glowing spectre and touched the flower. It glowed for a bit before its stem began crawling up Vigour's arm before settling on his upper arm in a nice little band.

Vigour smiled at Haven and gave the skeleton the flower crown he'd made. "Thanks Haven. I hope to see you soon."


Haven watched, mesmerised at what he was seeing. That looked so cool. He smiled brightly when Vigour gave him the flower crown and hugged the other tightly. He had no idea whether he would see the other ever again.

"you'll accomplish great things, vigour." Haven whispered quietly, only for the other to hear.


Vigour looked at Haven in surprise when he was hugged before smiling softly and hugged back just as tight, closing his eyes and smiling brightly.

"I hope so Haven." he whispered to Haven softly and pulled away. "You're a great friend."


"thanks. you too..." Haven responded, looking a bit sad.

"good luck out there." Haven mumbled quietly, pulling away reluctantly. He smiled sadly.

"goodbye." He said as he stepped back a bit.

Ink was getting a bit impatient.


Vigour looked back at Haven sadly as he walked towards the portal where Ink was waiting impatiently. "Bye..."

Vigour looked at Ink and smiled apologetically. "Sorry. But it's proper to give a friend a goodbye. You'll never know when they'll... you know."

Vigour looked away and headed towards the portal, hiding his sad look as he mumbled. "There's always a chance that when you leave, it'll be the last time you'll see them."


Haven waved, looking away when Vigour voiced his fears.

Ink nodded and lead the way through the portal. He had no idea what Vigour meant though. He never got too close to anyone because he was afraid he would lose them.


Vigour followed the Creator through the portal, his Soul aching for his friend. He'd miss Haven. The other had been so nice to him.

Vigour's eyes widened in shock at what he was seeing. This place.... he had no words. It was a vast place with an island in the middle where they were standing. It seemed like the only solid land in this place. All those papers... they were portals. He could see other worlds. Other AUs. There were... so many of them.

Vigour didn't know if he should be amazed, or overwhelmed.


"this-" Ink exclaimed, turning around as he spread his hands wide to point at everything. "- is the doodle sphere." He explained, looking incredibly proud.


Vigour looked around, spinning slowly on this small island as he took everything in. There was no end it seemed. It just went on and on, he could see more beyond the horizon. Paper like portals showing worlds beyond what he could imagine.

"You.... you made all this?" he asked curiously, looking amazed at the sight. "All of these... worlds? Haven.... wasn't kidding when he said you made everything."


"Yeah. I did." Ink stated proudly, smiling.

"It took a while but it was worth it." Ink explained. A sharp bolt of pain ripped down his spine, making him wince hard.


Vigour smiled back at Ink before his face turned into worried shock when the other looked pained. Something hard slamming into his Soul coming from Ink and he rushed towards the Creator.

"Ink?!" he called worriedly, stopping a feet away from the skeleton. "Ink what's wrong??!"


"Ju-just... those bastards are destroying my AUs again..." Ink explained shakily. He straightened up, tears in his eye sockets as he used his brush to open a portal.


"Ink wait!" Vigour called out before the Creator could leave. Those bastards? Did Ink mean Error and the Dark Sanses that Haven mentioned? Did destroying AUs cause pain to Ink?


Ink looked over, his eye lights seeming oddly glazed as if he was in deep pain.

"Yes?" He asked quietly, swaying a bit. They were hurting more than one AU. Three of them. His children were screaming for him to save them...


Vigour's eyes went small at Ink's condition. His Soul throbbing from second hand pain coming from Ink making it difficult to breathe.

"Can I help?" he asked softly. He couldn't stand watching someone suffer. Especially his friend. "You don't look well enough to fight Error."


"I'm fine. Just stay here and don't worry about me." Ink gasped out. He had to do something about this. He hopped through the portal to fight Error, wincing slightly.


Vigour reached a hand out to try and stop Ink, stepping a few feet towards him but the latter had jumped through the portal before Vigour could say anything. He paused and slowly lowered his arm to his side watching where the portal used to be.

He looked around the Doodle Sphere, his footsteps loud in this vast place. He turned this way and that but he couldn't see Ink from any of the portals.

He sighed and rubbed the back of his neck. "Ink said to stay here." he said to himself as he looked around. "Not much to do."

He spotted a lone tree near the edge of the island and walked towards it, failing to notice the wisps of white on the ground near the edge of the island. "Maybe I could just lay here and draw someth-iiiiiiinnnngggg!!!"

The ground under his feet crumbled away and soon he felt himself falling down into the vast world of the Doodle Sphere, the wind rushing past him and fluttering his clothes. It was scarier than any time he'd free fallen. Because this time he didn't think he could slow down or even survive!

He screamed fearfully as he fell, thinking he might get lost in this void. As luck would have it or just coincidence, a paper like portal floated below him a few feet down. He descended quickly before falling through the portal to an AU.


Cross walked around an Underswap copy. He really didn't like the fact that the others hadn't taken him with them on the mission. He was definitely not pouting as he kicked a snowpoff, his eye lights glowing a bit brighter in agitation. He looked over when suddenly a portal opened and someone flew out of it, crashing into him, knocking him to the floor.

Cross groaned in pain and quickly pushed the other off, his eye lights shrinking when he saw who it was. Ink.

Cross summoned his sword and charged towards the creator with a scream.


Vigour grunted in pain when he collided with something, hard. He felt himself being pushed and onto the snow covered ground- another Snowdin area. He groaned in pain, holding his throbbing skull with closed eyes. What was it with him falling into AUs? At least he was alive.

He didn't have time to be grateful when he heard a loud scream and pain shooting up his arm. He screamed in pain and used his legs to push whoever it was off of him.

He looked down and saw a large sword stabbing through his arm. His clothes now stained with red blood. He grabbed the handle to try and pull it out but it wouldn't budge. He breathed heavily in fear as he tried to remove it but it was stuck deep through his bones and into the ground.


Cross stared down at Ink who was stuck to the ground, his sword in his arm. Huh... Normally it took more to down the other.

"Hope you'll burn in hell, Ink." Cross hissed as he raised another sword high, ready to crush the creator's skull.


Vigour looked up with a gasp at the new skeleton, his eye lights shaking as the latter raised another sword high.

He'd die. Oh stars he was going to die!

He raised his free hand over his skull and curled up as best he could in his injured state.

"Wait! Please don't kill me! Please!!!" he cried out loudly in desperation, tears dotting the corners of his eyes in fear.


Cross looked down confusedly. Ink wouldn't cry for mercy, would he? He noticed that there were tears in the skeleton's eye sockets, his eye lights different than Ink's. He also had a flower on his arm. This was not Ink.

Cross was shocked. He had almost killed an innocen- He gasped as he suddenly toppled over, the weight of his raised sword making him fall in his shocked state.


Vigour looked towards the skeleton fearfully when he didn't die to felt any pain- other than his arm that is. Had he... decided to spare him?

He gasped in shock when the other fell onto the snow, the sword falling just missing his leg. That... would have made him lose a limb.

"Oh no!" he exclaimed with wide eyes. "Are you okay?"

Okay, maybe he shouldn't ask that from someone who had tried to kill him! But this skeleton could have injured himself. And... he did spare Vigour's ass so that was something.


Cross stared at his sword, cursing it mentally as it had almost sliced off his leg. He looked up when the Ink duplicate asked whether he was alright and smiled weakly.

"I should be asking you that, buddy..." He replied, dismissing his two swords.

"I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you. I thought you were Ink." Cross explained as he jumped up and dusted himself off. He held out a hand to help the Sans up.


Vigour relaxed when the swords vanished. He smiled up at the skeleton, his hand going up to his injured arm to try and stop the bleeding. He could feel blood running down his arm and staining the white snow.

His eyes widened slightly when the other mentioned Ink. Why would he want to kill Ink? Vigour didn't dare ask. That question would be answered later.

"It's cool. I probably startled you when I literally fell for you." he winked at the pun, wincing at the pain shooting up his arm. He looked up at the skeleton with one eye open, the other closed in pain. "Self defence right?"


Cross frowned in concern when he saw that the other was clearly in pain. He decided to check this weird Sans. He blushed brightly when the other said that and let out an embarrassed noise, hiding his face.

Cross pouted and checked the other, wanting to make sure that he wasn't dying because that was an awful lot of blood.


Ink!Tale Sans (Vigour)

LV : 1
HP : 35/500
EXP : 0
ATK : 20
DEF : 5

* D3-F-57-4-1N-7-Y-3 PASSION TOUCHED
*Skeleton from another Multiverse. Dragged here by F473 for the Creator. D3571NY wants him returned home. Can't go home.
*Is confused and hurt.
*W11L 54V3 7H3 MUL71V3R53

Vigour felt himself being Checked and sat still. He wondered what his Check read. He never knew what it says. Hopefully something that wouldn't get him killed by this skeleton. Or anyone else for that matter.


"Shit..." Cross cursed quietly. He hadn't thought his attack would have chipped away so much of his HP and 'from another multiverse'? Yeah. He definitely had some questions. At least this showed him that this wasn't Inky.

Cross opened a portal to the hideout quickly.

"Come with me, Vigour. I'm really sorry that I did this to you and I didn't mean to and I'm sure you don't trust me but you have to go through here and let me patch you up because I wanna make up for what I did and I'm-" Cross rambled, visibly panicking. There were tears in his eye sockets and his emotions were running wild. The one that overshadowed all of them though.. was anxiety.


"Hey hey," Vigour quickly said, moving his uninjured hand to make a placating gesture to the skeleton. His Soul beating quickly from this skeleton's anxiety. Out of all of the emotions he could feel, anxiety was the third worst. The worst being anger and second worst was hatred.

"It's alright. You didn't hurt me that badly." he said in reassurance and stood up shakily. He grinned at the skeleton, his hand grabbing his injured arm. He felt something under his clothing that wasn't pain and hummed. "I think you did gave me a hole. Hole-ly shit."


Cross looked the other over, his eye lights tiny pinpricks when they landed on the injury.

He choked out a laugh at the pun, tears rolling down his cheek bones.

"'m so sorry..." Cross apologised.


Vigour took a few steps closer to the skeleton and gave him a reassuring smile. He would wipe away the tears but he didn't want to risk getting blood on the skeleton. "It's alright. Besides, it probably got so low because I had a rough time coming here."

He used his free hand to count, mostly to make a pun. "I fell into an AU twice, one hitting someone in the face- you, and the other almost turned me into a skele-cicle. Thinking about it, the thought chilled me to the bone." he grinned at his pun, hoping it'd ease this skeleton's worry.


Cross let out a chuckle, still crying slightly. He wiped his cheek bones with a weak smile.

"Thanks... You're pretty punny." Cross mumbled, looking a bit sheepish.

"You're almost as good at comforting as Nightmare." He complimented the other before flinching slightly. He hadn't been supposed to say that...


Vigour smiled when he managed to cheer up the other skeleton. His smile fell slightly when he heard that. Nightmare. The leader of the Dark Sanses. He wanted to ask but when he saw that flinch, he decided not to.

This opened up a new side of things. Why would a Dark Sans- he had to be one right?- spare him? That was odd. It went against everything he had heard about them from Haven and Ink.

He put his smile back on and winked- deciding to ignore his curiosity. "Glad you think so. This person must be very good then. Or better than me. I'm not sure. Haven't met him." he shrugged playfully.


Cross nodded. Nightmare was great and really nice. To his gang and Error anyways.

"Oh.. Um... Would you please follow me. We still gotta patch that up..." Cross reminded the other, pointing at the portal.


Vigour nodded and walked towards the portal, pausing just before entering as he waited for the skeleton.

Which reminded him. He turned towards the other and asked. "By the way, didn't get your name."


"Oh. Sorry. How rude of me. I'm Cross." He introduced himself but made no move to shake Vigour's hand. He didn't like physical contact with strangers. It usually resulted in pain...

He hopped through the portal, landing in the living room of the hideout. Everyone except Error was there. Nightmare, Killer, Dust and Horror.

"Hi guys." Cross greeted with a smile though it was apparent for the others that he had recently cried.


Nightmare and Killer looked up from the couch where they had been patching up their injuries after their latest battle with Ink. They heard Cross and wanted to greet him back only to tense up when they saw that the younger had been crying recently.

"What happened?!" Killer exclaimed, standing up and ready to run towards Cross.

"Who hurt you?" Nightmare asked grimly. If any of the Star Sanses so much as touched Cross....


Dust and Horror watched from the couch where the former was fixing up the latter's tibia. They were both busy and couldn't really stop now that they were almost done so they stayed in the background and watched. Nightmare and Killer got this one.

"I'm fine." Cross explained. "Just... made a stupid mistake..." He added, looking down as self-loathing attacked his Soul again.


"Mistake?" Killer raised a brow questioningly.

Before any of them could say anything else, Vigour jumped through the portal, landing on his feet shakily.

The skeleton winced in pain, gripping his bleeding arm tightly as he hissed. "Damn, probably shouldn't have jumped."

He looked up and widened his eyes when he saw the other skeleton, all of them looking at him with wide eyes. They all looked frozen in shock at the sight of him. He grinned shyly and waved. "Hi."

That seemed to snap them out of whatever trance they were in as Killer quickly grabbed Cross by the arm, holding him protectively while Nightmare jumped up and poised his sharp tentacles at Vigour. Both of them radiating malice.

"INK!" Nightmare screamed loudly. The air went thick with anger, fear and hatred.

Vigour looked at the sharp point just a few inches away from his skull. "Not again." he squeaked softly.

Chapter Text

The air was tense and heavy as the skeletons all glared at Vigour. Nightmare glared hatefully at the skeleton, his eye glowing brightly and his tentacles now sharp weapons ready to pierce his skull, radiating malice and hatred. Vigour looked at the weapon of death just a few inches away from his skull fearfully. Why did it have to be him?

"I don't know how you managed to convince Cross to take you here," Nightmare growled out lowly. "but you won't leave alive Creator."


Cross struggled in Killer's hold.

"STOP!! He didn't do anything wrong!" Cross shouted, pulling at his arm to try to escape Killer's grip.

Dust stopped patching up Horror and jumped up, bones at the ready while Horror scooted away from the confrontation a bit, his tibia hurting too much to walk or even stand.


Killer kept his grip on Cross, summoning his blasters pointing at the Creator. His eye socket blank with rage. If Ink had forced Cross to eat something that caused him to act like this, then Killer would show him how he got his namesake.

Nightmare growled lowly at Ink, turning his skull to look at Cross. "What the hell do you mean? It's Ink! He has done too many wrongs!"

Vigour started to tremble in fear when bones and blasters were added to the 'deadly weapons poised ready to kill him' list. He couldn't move or speak to defend himself. The air was thick and his Soul felt heavy and tight from it all. Fear added to the mix had him silent, staring at the weapons with small shaking eye lights. Sometimes being him sucks. Especially in this situation.


"That's not Ink!" Cross shouted, still struggling. By then his arm started hurting and tears were in his eye sockets as his ulna creaked with the force Killer used to hold him.

Dust pulled out a knife and pointed it at Vigour, ready to throw it at a moment's notice.


Killer noticed how he was hurting Cross and switched tactics. He wrapped his arm around Cross's middle and hugged him close, not letting him go. His eyes trained on Ink.

"What do you mean 'that's not Ink'?" Nightmare growled lowly at Cross. He was so close to unleashing his anger on Ink.

Okay, now there was a knife added to the list. Vigour now felt like his life was on the line here. And it was now in the hands of Cross, who had tried to kill him too. Somehow the thought didn't seem reassuring.


"I mean that this is not Ink! He's not even from our multiverse! And he has an AU!" Cross shouted, trying to push Killer's arm away from him.

Dust frowned, glaring at Ink though he didn't say anything.


Nightmare narrowed his eye at Cross in disbelief before Checking Ink. His eye widened at what he's reading.

Ink!Tale Sans (Vigour)
LV : 1
HP : 30/500
EXP : 0
ATK : 20
DEF : 5

* D3-F-57-4-1N-7-Y-3 PASSION TOUCHED
*Skeleton from another Multiverse. Dragged here by F473 for the Creator. D3571NY wants him returned home. Can't go home.
*Is hurt and terrified.
*W11L 54V3 7H3 MUL71V3R53

Nightmare relaxed slightly and lowers his tentacles though he still kept them sharp and ready.

"Stand down boys. 's just a look alike." he commanded, though he kept glaring at Vigour waiting for his next move.

Killer frowned but obeyed and dismissed his blasters.


Cross sighed in relief and stopped struggling, relaxing slightly against Killer.


Dust pocketed his knife and dismissed his bones though he kept his hand in his pocket just in case.


Killer relaxed his grip and let go of Cross though he kept an eye on the younger. This skeleton might not be Ink but that didn't mean he was not a threat. Killer would be dead before he let his gang mates get hurt under his watch.

Despite having his life no longer on the line, Vigour still didn't move. He couldn't move. He was shaking so badly, sending sharp pain up his injured arm- not that he reacted. His legs were weak and numb and his mind blank with fear. He wanted to fall down but he couldn't. He couldn't move. He couldn't speak.

Nightmare raised a brow at the Ink lookalike. "Well? Got anything to say?" he said harshly.


As soon as Cross was free, he tried to move in front of Vigour. The other looked so extremely scared.

Dust plopped down onto the couch again and helped Horror patch up his tibia.


Vigour tried to move, lifting his leg to try and walk but he ended up falling onto his hands and knees instead. He cried out in pain when the action caused his injured arm to sting.


Cross kneeled down in front of Vigour and helped him sit up.

"Easy." Cross warned.


Vigour trembled as he let Cross move him into a sitting position.

Nightmare watched in interest at the action. Interesting. Vigour acted nothing like Ink. This still required more information


"Are you okay?" Cross asked, sitting down next to Vigour.


Vigour took a few deep shaky breaths, coughing a few times as he tried not to pass out.

He barely heard Cross voice and was torn between shaking his skull and nodding. He opted to shake his skull. He felt sick.


"Hey..." Cross murmured, rubbing Vigour's back gently.

"Guys get the healing gel." He called out, taking Vigour's hand and squeezing it reassuringly, his expression one of concern.

"It's gonna be okay. Just hang in there..." He mumbled. He couldn't let Vigour dust because of him!


Vigour closed his eyes and tried to calm down, his Soul taking whatever bit of comfort he could take from Cross. He trembled endlessly, his Soul too shaky to be healthy. He closed his eyes, tears dotting them from fear.

He blinked when something was given to him. He followed the arm to see a skeleton with black tear marks handing him what appears to be a gel. The other looked at him with an unreadable expression.


Cross unscrewed the top of the jar of healing gel and scooped up a decent amount of it, figuring that Vigour either didn't know how to use it or couldn't.

"This might hurt a bit.." Cross warned before applying the healing gel to the wound.


Vigour lowered what he could to expose the wound and hissed in pain when Cross applied the gel. He watched with one eye as the other gently rubbed it on his wound where he could see a hole where the sword had pierced through the bone.

Killer whistled at the mark looking impressed. "You made that? Hole-ly shit."

Vigour chuckled, wincing in pain. "That's what I said."


"I didn't think my sword would go through his bone like a hole-puncher through paper." Cross whined, sounding slightly distressed.

"When I hit one of you with my sword, nothing like that happens..." Cross reasoned with a frown as he finished putting the healing gel onto Vigour.


Vigour chuckled despite the pain and looked at Cross. "Nice comparison." he winced and let out a soft sigh when the pain was more bearable.

Killer frowned at Cross and Vigour. "Cross, our bones are used to those type of treatment. So is Inky."

"Well nice to know I'm as fragile as a butterfly." Vigour joked with a strained smile. "Too bad I'm not as graceful as one."


Cross smiled slightly.

"I thought he was Inky..." Cross admitted, looking away with a frown.


"Well then you've just shown that you're capable of handling yourself." Nightmare said as he walked closer, pausing when the Ink lookalike scooted back. He resisted the urge to smile at that. Vigour may not be Inky but he sure looked like him. "If he had been Inky then you had just shown that you can take care of it yourself."


"Thanks, Nightmare..." Cross replied, looking up at the other with a happy smile. He had proven himself.... Wow.

Dust stood up when he had finally fixed up Horror's leg and walked over to the others while the taller skeleton was still stuck on the couch.


Vigour looked between each of the skeletons in confusion. He had so many questions. So many things he needed to know. But he didn't know where to start. Ink or Haven hadn't been lying when they said that Nightmare and his gang were bad. But he hadn't seen any of that violence they were known for. If anything it looked to be that the 'senseless violence' they were labeled with was more 'self defense' than anything.

Vigour smiled at them and waved his slightly bloodied hand. "Hey. Haven't properly introduced myself. I'm Vigour. I would shake your hand but sadly I think you'd be bloody mad if I did."

Nightmare chuckled softly despite himself. "You're definitely not Inky. He's not a pun lover." he said. Nightmare didn't offer his name. That would be too much of a risk.

"Nice to meet you Vigour." Killer said politely and smirked. "Would be better if you hadn't looked like Inky."

Vigour chuckled softly. "Yeah. That would have saved me from personal trauma." He didn't look offended when the dark skeleton or the other hadn't given their names. They probably didn't trust him. He could understand that.


Cross chuckled at the pun, smiling at Vigour.

"hi." Dust greeted indifferently. He wasn't really in the mood for puns. He was patched up but his whole body was still hurting. Being thrown into a tree did that to you...

Horror waved from where he was still stuck on the couch.


Vigour smiled but looked away after a moment. The air still felt tense and heavy, and he hated that. He hated how constricting it felt. Only this time he doubted this could be fixed with a flower crown.

Nightmare looked down at the newcomer. "From your Check, it said that you're from another Multiverse. Care to explain?"

Vigour looked up at the dark skeleton with wide eyes and looked back down. "I'm not sure how to explain it."

"Just try." Nightmare said flatly.


Cross perked up slightly. He really wanted to know this. How had Vigour managed to travel through multiverses?


Vigour looked down sadly and frowned, trying to remember what happened. "Well... I don't know how to explain it. One minute I was in my AU, happy and heading towards the shop for some art supplies that they had on sale. Then... I felt like I was being choked by something."

Nightmare tensed at that. That sounded too familiar.

"It felt strong and I was dragged out of my AU somehow. Dragged into the darkness. It was... so cold." Vigour shivered when he remembered how the darkness felt on his bones. "I passed out after that. Woke up in HavenTale in this... other Multiverse."

Nightmare growled lowly in anger, his hands clenching into fists. He knew this story. It felt too familiar. And now he knew why.


Cross flinched when he heard that. Chocked... Did that...? He shoved the thought aside.

"Are you okay now?" Cross asked worriedly, checking the other's neck for any marks.


Vigour gave Cross a small smile, one that didn't reach his eyes, looking almost fragile. He tilted his head to let Cross check his neck. "I'm okay now. It was unpleasant but it's not there anymore. That feeling."

Killer noticed how angered Nightmare looked. "What's wrong?"

Nightmare growled lowly causing Vigour to flinch. "It looks like Fate decided to screw over someone else. This time from another Multiverse."


Cross froze up, his eye sockets widening.

"W-what...?" He asked shakily, looking up at Nightmare with fear in his eye sockets.

Dust's eye lights vanished completely, only leaving hollow, unnerving eye sockets.

Horror flinched slightly, looking horrified.


Killer froze at that. His grin frozen on his face.

Vigour looked between all of them in confusion. "Fate...?" he asked tentatively. "Fate is real here?"

Right, different Multiverse. It probably had different rules.

Nightmare stalked closer to Vigour with a glare. Vigour scooted backwards in fear but Nightmare kept coming closer.

"Whoa whoa wait-!" Vigour raised his arms up in fear, freezing when his Soul was pulled out.


Cross's eye lights dimmed rapidly and then disappeared. He jumped up over to Vigour, giving him a tight hug.

Dust felt sick to his non-existent stomach. Wasn't one victim enough...?


Killer took deep shaky breaths, looking at Vigour sadly. Poor guy. He didn't deserve this. No one did.

Nightmare frowned at what he was seeing. A white upside down monster Soul but it had a rainbow shine to it, like an opal. Looking closer he could see faint red strings attached to the Soul alongside something white and wispy. Red strings. Those were Fate's strings. But they looked off. Incomplete. And they seemed to be fighting with that white wispy glow.

But there was something else. A bright pink glow surrounds the Soul. Nightmare could feel its power. It didn't belong on Vigour's Soul.

"Fate dragged you here." Nightmare said grimly. "In your Check; it said that something brought you here for the Creator- Ink. But something else wants you home, I'm not sure what."

Vigour looked up at the dark skeleton in shock and confusion, his arm going around Cross hugging him back. He could feel the air going thick and tense with fear. But for what? He felt so confused.

Nightmare kneeled down to look at the Soul better. "I think Fate wanted to create another Creator for Ink, thus that rainbow shine. But the process never completed. Something else fought Fate, fought to bring you back home. Both lost when something eventually got you." Nightmare explained, telling everyone his theory. He knew how Fate worked. He'd seen it work and he'd seen what it had done to Error. What it did to everyone and anyone that caught its eye.

"Passion." he said softly, looking at the pink glow. "Passion won and took you from Fate and that other entity."


Cross relaxed slightly when Vigour hugged back. He listened to the explanation but his eye sockets stayed dark. At the end he looked up at Vigour.

"Passion?" He asked quietly. He had never heard of that entity.

Dust looked deeply unsettled.

"maybe we should call error?" Dust suggested.


"And what can he do?" Killer asked Dust with a frown. "Error couldn't escape from Fate's strings. It was us who eventually loosened it enough from him to break free and that was with Destiny's help. Even then it took us years to do it. What makes you think he can free another?"

Vigour looked so confused. He didn't know what was happening around him. He didn't understand. He stayed silent however. His hand going up to gently rub Cross' skull soothingly. He felt like he'd get an answer.

Nightmare sighed softly. "Killer's right. Error can't free another. But maybe we should call him anyway. We might get some insight of what's going on and how to free Vigour from Fate."

Nightmare smiled softly at Vigour, his Soul sympathising with the Ink lookalike. "Don't worry. Passion isn't the type to hurt others nor control them, not like any other entity I've heard about. You will not be harmed by it."


Dust shrugged. He had no idea.

Cross sighed softly when Vigour petted his skull gently and looked up at the other, his eye lights finally back.

"I'm sure you'll be okay..." Cross reassured the other, shooting him a quick smile.

Horror frowned in the background, wincing when he tried to put weight onto his injured tibia. That probably wasn't the best idea...


Nightmare nodded and stood up. "In any case, he should rest. I'll try and call Error."

Killer nodded and stood up, walking towards them and offering a hand. "Come on. I'll show you the guest room."


Cross let Vigour go and backed up a bit. Nightmare was right. It would be best if Vigour rested some. He seemed a bit overwhelmed by everything.

Dust walked over to Horror when he noticed that the other was trying to stand up and made him sit down again.


Vigour hesitantly took the skeleton's hand and let himself be pulled up. He stumbled slightly when the shock and fear of what happened still in his system. Yet he felt okay.

Killer used both hands to hold Vigour, making sure the other didn't fall over.

"Easy. You're probably in shock right now." he said softly. He knew what shock looked like. They probably sent this poor skeleton into shock. "Let's go. You need time to think."

Vigour nodded in agreement as he let this skeleton lead him down the hallway. If this was shock then he hated it. He couldn't think. Maybe these past few days, hell this past hour had been too much.

Nightmare left towards his bedroom to try and contact Error. They needed all the help they could get. He wouldn't let an innocent be trapped in Fate's strings. No matter if they looked like Ink. Vigour didn't deserve to be dragged into their mess.


Cross plopped down on a couch with a sigh, sinking into the cushions. He still felt a small bit bad for what he had done to Vigour.

"What are we going to do now?" He asked, voicing the question that had bothered him for a small while now.


Killer walked back to the living room- having just finished leading a very mentally unstable skeleton to the guest room- just in time to hear Cross say that. He sighed tiredly and sat down on the sofa, his eyes returning but he looked tired.

"I'm not sure Cross." he admitted softly. "I'm not sure."


Cross looked up when Killer came around. He had no idea either.

"Do you need a hug?" Cross asked Killer who looked really tired. He didn't want to admit it but he really wanted a hug too.

"well.. at least we're on the same page. i got no idea either..." Dust admitted, closing his eye sockets.


Killer shrugged. "If you want a hug sure. I just...." he rubbed his skull with a sigh. "Why Fate? What do they want with another Ink?"

Nightmare walked in after calling Error and heard that. "Fate took Vigour for Ink." he informed and sat down beside Dust who was still patching up Horror. "Most likely to make another Creator."

"Why?!" Killer growled out. "Isn't one Creator enough?! That bastard managed to single handedly flip the balance! We just got it fixed! And now Fate wants to create another Inky?!"


Cross hugged Killer tightly, closing his eye sockets.

"I'm worried for Vigour. I doubt that a transformation into a creator feels nice..." Cross said. His eye sockets widened slightly when he noticed something. Nightmare had said that something was fighting Fate's strings.

"W-what if Fate is still out there, trying to get a hold of Vigour?" Cross pointed out, looking horrified.


Killer hugged back, growling slightly at Cross' words. He hated that thought. If Fate was out there still trying to get Vigour, they would have a lot of trouble.

"I'm just happy Fate didn't succeed. Another Creator." Killer shuddered at the thought. They would not get any rest at all if that happened.

Nightmare sighed softly, looking so troubled and tired. "They could very well still be out there. And they're trying to get Vigour."

Nightmare looked up at his gang, a thought came to his mind when he thought about Ink's lookalike from another Multiverse. "I think we don't need to worry about one thing. Vigour will not be like Inky. Even if Fate did succeed, I doubt Vigour would turn out like Inky did."


Dust shivered slightly at that prospect. He didn't want to think about it. Horror growled slightly.

"You're right. Vigour is really nice." Cross agreed, cuddling into Killer with a soft sigh. He looked up at Nightmare.

"Do you need a hug too?" He asked, his eye lights a bit brighter at the thought of helping Nightmare.


"Not only that, Vigour may look like Ink but he's nothing like him." Nightmare added and nodded when Cross asked. To be honest, he didn't need a hug but Cross looked like he wanted to so Nightmare let him.

"Fate wanted an Ink but they didn't account for how different they'll be." Killer said in agreement. "Vigour isn't just nice. He's sensitive, funny, calm and adaptable. He did so well considering he had been dragged out of his AU into a new Multiverse, attacked twice and who knows what else he had to go through."

"But Fate is still a problem." Nightmare said lowly, his eye glowing brightly in anger. "It won't stop until it gets Vigour. No matter how different he may be, Fate wants him. And it's not just Fate that wants him it seems."


Cross smiled and hugged Nightmare, looking up at him happily.

"That's true." Cross agreed, glancing over at Killer.

"maybe we should keep an eye on him?" Dust suggested.


"To make sure Fate doesn't get to him or to make sure he won't be like Inky?" Killer asked Dust with a raised brow.


"i guess both... though i can't really see vigour being like inky." Dust responded, frowning slightly.


Killer nodded. "Yeah, neither do I."

Nightmare sighed, his arm going around Cross and pulling him close. "We still don't know what Fate has planned for Vigour."

Before anyone else could say anything, a glitching portal opened up and the Destroyer stepped through.


Cross hugged Nightmare tighter, smiling. He felt safe. He looked up when Error stepped through the portal.

"Hi, Error." Cross greeted with a small wave. Dust's eye lights brightened a bit when he saw the destroyer.

"Hey." Horror greeted.


"Error!" Killer greeted with a smile.

Nightmare looked at the Destroyer with a small nod. "Hello Error."

Said skeleton nodded back politely, error signs flashing about on his body, but there was a gleam in his eyes that showed he was not here for small talk.

He looked towards Nightmare. "YoU SAid tHaT ThERE's aNoTHEr INkY?" he asked. His voice rising and falling rapidly.


"Yeah! His name is Vigour!" Cross responded, still smiling.

"he isn't really an inky. he looks similar to him but he doesn't behave like him at all and he isn't a creator either." Dust explained.


"ViGoUR?" Error raised a brow at that name. Vigour... A name related to passion. Odd... he had assumed the Ink lookalike would get a name similar to creativity. "yOu aLSo MeNTiOnEd tHAT hE's bEEn ToUCHEd bY fATe."

Nightmare nodded before his face turned grim. "Not just Fate. From his Check, three entities want him. One of them is Fate, he's been dragged here for Ink it seems. The other we don't know yet. And the last one is Passion who had managed to touch Vigour."

Error narrowed his eyes at the new information. "wHy?"

"That's the thing," Killer started. "-other than Fate wanting him for Ink, we aren't su-"



Cross's head snapped into the direction of the sound. That was definitely Vigour. He twisted out of Nightmare's arms and quickly ran down the hallway.

Horror was about to jump up but Dust held him back, not wanting him to injure his leg further.


Killer tensed and wasted no time to jump off the couch and run after Cross. What's wrong?! "Vigour!!!" he called out loudly.

Nightmare quickly ran after them with Error following behind.

Error was the first to reach the guest room, sliding to a stop before his eyes widened at what he was seeing.

An Ink, no, Vigour, was being pulled by glowing red strings towards what appeared to be a tear in space leading towards nothing. The strings wrapped around Vigour's neck, arms, ribs and legs. The skeleton holding onto the bed with his life.

Vigour didn't know what was going on. One moment he was sitting on the bed thinking and the next there was a tear in space right beside him with things pulling him and choking him. He looked up when he heard someone and his shaking eye lights met the multi-coloured eyes of a tall, dark, glitching skeleton.


Cross stumbled into the room, panting heavily. He stared at Vigour, horrified at what he was seeing. Fate's strings were choking him, pulling him into a gaping abyss. He tried to run towards the other and help him, tears in his eye sockets.

They couldn't let another be taken by Fate.


Vigour whimpered fearfully as his grip began to slip. "HELP!"

Error snapped out of his shock and summoned his own strings, wrapping around Vigour's arms and tried to pull him back. Nightmare used his tentacles and did the same, his feet slipping on the floor. Killer grabbed into Nightmare and helped pull him back.

They couldn't let another get dragged by Fate's strings.

Vigour grabbed onto the strings and black tentacles. But whatever is dragging him kept pulling him back. He could feel himself being dragged towards the tear.

He teared up in fear, his Soul pounding loudly in his skull.


Cross didn't know what to do! If he held onto Vigour, he would be pulled into the tear but he couldn't let the other be taken away!

He held onto Killer, trying to help him keep Nightmare from slipping away.

Vigour looked so incredibly frightened. That face burned itself into the memories of everyone present.


Everyone pulled hard to try and keep the skeleton from being dragged by Fate's strings. But no matter how hard they pulled, no matter how strong they were, Fate was stronger.

"This Skeleton Shall Be Returned To My Child!!!"

With another harsh pull, everyone's strength was outmatched. Error's strings and Nightmare tentacles couldn't hold on and snapped off or slipped out of their grip. They fell backwards and watched in horror as Vigour was pulled into the tear.

Vigour reached a hand out at them but there was nothing he could hold on to. He stared fearfully into their eyes before he was pulled into the gaping abyss, leaving no trace.

The tear disappeared, with Vigour in it.

Chapter Text

Red huffed in annoyance as he trudged down the path to his sentry station. He tried to keep up his edgy appearance, scowling.

He flinched slightly when he heard a weird sound like someone falling down from somewhere. He took a step back, raising his arms defensively when suddenly a skeleton fell from the sky, landing in a snow heap.

"what the fuck... what is this weather?!" Red grumbled to himself, looking up to see if there were any more skeletons falling from the ceiling. Apparently not.

He glared at the skeleton and approached them carefully.


Vigour didn't know where he was. It was too dark. Too cold. Too.... tense. He didn't belong here.

Wake up. You're in danger.




Vigour clenched his eyes, struggling to open them. He was... in the snow. Again. Perfect. Like he wasn't cold enough.

He groaned softly, pushing himself off the snow covered ground with his hands. His skull pounding and his body sore. His head hurt too much to open his eyes. Where was he? What had happened?

A spark of pink destroyed faint strands of red and white attached to Vigour's neck before disappearing without a trace.


Red raised a brow ridge as he saw that weird red string and white mist get destroyed by something pink. That was weird. He shook the feeling off and glared at the other skeleton.

"what are you doing in my area?" Red growled, scowling deeply.


Vigour heard that growling voice and cursed internally. Great. Not only was he in pain, he was also in a violent place. Fan-fucking-tastic.

He forced his eyes open and looked up, seeing an UnderFell Sans. Oh no. Please tell him that this one wasn't as violent as his UnderFell. It took him forever to make that place manageable.

"I'm.... I'm just passing through." he said before shaking his skull. Fuck it. His skull hurt too much to think straight. "Scratch that I'm just falling through. Look I don't mean any harm. I don't even know how I got here."


Red tilted his head slightly. The skeleton had a crack on his skull and seemed to be too out of it to lie. He huffed, cursing his hatred for violence and crouched down next to the other, the scowl giving way to concern as he lowered his defensive shield.

"do you need a hand?" Red asked worriedly.

"that crack looks painful..." He added.


Vigour blinked up at the Sans with a grimace. His vision kept blurring up repeatedly, kind of reminded of a pulsing sensation. Though this time in his skull, eyes and caused his vision to blur. "What crack?"


"you got a crack in your skull. right here." Red explained, pointing to a place on his skull.

"let me help you up." Red mumbled and grabbed Vigour under his arms, pulling him up.


Vigour let himself be pulled up by this world's Sans and put a hand to his skull. He flinched at the sharp pain and pulled his hand back. The white bone now stained with a little bit of blood, most likely from the crack Sans had mentioned.

Vigour frowned as he tried to stand, his legs were also in pain as he shook. "Thanks." he mumbled softly.

"Sorry, forgot to introduce myself." he said and gave Sans a small fragile smile. "I'm Vigour, from Ink!Tale. And you are?" he asked. He left out the part where he was from another Multiverse. That was not important right now. And saved him the trouble of explaining. He could explain later when his skull didn't feel like it was going to split in two.


"i'm red from underfell-8." Red replied as he shook Vigour's hand.

"but i doubt that you can handle walking right now. care for a teleport?" Red suggested, supporting the other skeleton slightly. They were easy prey outside.


Vigour nodded after shaking Red's hand. "Anything if it means sitting down soon." he said as he held the side of his skull. The ground was honestly spinning right now. "My name is Vigour. Not Vertigo."


Red chuckled slightly but he still looked very worried as he slung his arms around Vigour, not wanting him to collapse when they landed.

Red teleported them to his living room.


Vigour braced himself for a 'port and grabbed onto Red once they landed. He looked at the ground shakily, trying not to puke.

He took a deep breath and got his lunch under control.


"you okay?" Red asked, sounding alarmed. He quickly guided the other to the couch and helped him sit down, walking to the kitchen quickly to get the other skeleton a glass of water. He really didn't want to leave Vigour alone but he also didn't want him to throw up on the new carpet.

He quickly ran back with a glass of water in his hands and handed it to Vigour.


Vigour took the offered glass with a grateful smile. At least he knew now that Red was not like his UF Sans. That was something he was eternally grateful for.

"Thanks. I'm okay now." he said looking up at Red.


"that's good." Red replied with a relieved smile.

"um.. would you mind me sitting down next to you?" Red asked, remembering that he hated people being near him when he was injured because it made him feel weak and vulnerable. He really hoped he wasn't making Vigour uncomfortable with his presence...


Vigour shook his skull. "Not at all." he replied.


Red smiled slightly and sat down, sighing.

"soo... do you wanna talk about why you fell outta the sky like a ripe apple?" Red asked quietly, his voice slipping a bit into an accent.


Vigour chuckled softly before he frowned and looked down. "I.... honestly have no clue."

He put a hand to his skull where the crack is, his face filled with confusion and pain. "I.. don't remember."


"oh.." Red replied quietly, his eye lights fixing on that crack.

"do you want me to heal that up for you?" He asked, pointing at the crack. Maybe the other had hit his skull too hard and now had amnesia or something..


Vigour looked up at Red in surprise. Usually UnderFell monsters never offered help like that. Especially to a stranger. "You... would do that?"


Red tilted his skull slightly when Vigour stared at him. He rubbed the back of his skull nervously.

"o-of course i would... i know how much head wounds hurt." He explained, unconsciously brushing over a nasty scar on his skull.


Vigour winced at the sight of the scar and nodded in understanding. That was right. No matter the Multiverse it seemed, UnderFell Sans always had a crack one way or another.

"Alright, if you want." Vigour said softly before smiling up at Red. "Thank you."


"no problem." Red responded, biting his tongue in concentration as he summoned a pretty strong (for an Unferfell Sans) green glow around his hands. He kneeled on the couch and placed his hands on top of the other skeleton's skull, closing his eye sockets in concentration.


Vigour winced a bit when healing magic and Red's hands touched the crack on his skull but soon relaxed. He smiled up at Red as the latter healed his wound to the best of his abilities.


Red winced slightly when his magic drained to dangerous levels, the crack completely gone. He pulled back, trembling slightly because of the magic loss.


"Whoa hey you okay there?" Vigour said in concern when Red flinched and shook. His skull wasn't hurting anymore but he didn't want Red to exert himself because of him.


"just a bit dizzy..." Red mumbled, his eye sockets flickering slightly, a clear sign of either distress or magical exhaustion. He should really go eat something.


Vigour looked at Red in worried concern before he nodded.

"Alright. Thanks for-" he was cut off with a gasp and hunched over the couch. His hands going up to his skull in pain as he clenched his eye sockets shut. His head pounding painfully as flashes of memories flickered through his mind.


Red gasped as he noticed that Vigour seemed to be in pain.

"what's wrong?" He asked, rubbing the other skeleton's back gently.


Vigour couldn't hear the UnderFell skeleton. His mind only seeing what had happened, his memories.

He remembered Cross.

He remembered meeting the others.

He remembered about Fate and what Nightmare had said.

He remembered being pulled by those... vicious choking strings into....

Vigour's hands went to his neck with a gasp as his eyes went small. He came back to reality panting and shaking heavily.


"hey. calm down." Red said in a warning tone. He looped his arms around the other to make sure he wouldn't be able to move and frowned up at him.


"I'm...." Vigour stuttered before regaining his mind, his body trembling. His finger trailed over his neck, feeling the phantom pains of those strings. "I'm fine."


"you're obviously not okay." Red argued though he only sounded worried.

"do you need something to eat? anything at all?" He asked Vigour.


Vigour blinked at Red before giving him a small smile, his hand lowering from his neck.

"Thanks. But you shouldn't waste food on me. I know how sparse food is." he said gently.


Red chuckled softly.

"naw. that was a few months ago. alphys managed to grow some edible plants and since my bro's the second in command we get some of it. if you want something to eat, just ask." Red explained, grinning. The plants were completely tasteless but held a lot of magical energy.


Vigour smiled at that but looked down after a moment. He hadn't eaten anything since he had been in HavenTale. And dropping in and out of AUs, plus what had happened earlier, he could use the strength and HP. But still, this was UnderFell. They needed all the food they could get. Especially if they got into a fight which Vigour knew was fairly common.

"If... if you want to. Maybe something small. I don't need that much food." he says, looking at Red and giving him a small smile.


Red smiled back and stood up.

"be right back." He called over his shoulder as he walked to the kitchen, leaving Vigour alone with his thoughts.


Vigour watched as Red left for the kitchen, sighing softly in exhaustion when the skeleton was out of sight.

The colourful skeleton looked down at his hands- which were sitting on his lap- with an unreadable expression. He narrowed his eyes at them in thought. He was thinking about what Nightmare had said earlier before he was taken to UnderFell.

Dragged here by Fate for the Creator. For Ink. Fate had dragged him from his own Multiverse for Ink. A lot of trouble for one person. But why? What were Fate's intentions for doing that? Why Ink? Why him? Was it because he was Ink from another Multiverse? Was it to make another Creator? Clearly that plan had failed.

Someone else wanted him other than Fate. Someone wanted to send him home. But again, clearly that hadn't worked. Is that why he kept jumping into AUs? Fate and that other entity were fighting over him to send him to two different places?

And then there was Passion. What were their intentions? What was their goal with him?

This Multiverse. This place. What did it want with him? Why was he still here?

This was too confusing. Too many questions. No answers. He needed answers. He wanted answers.

His Soul pulsed with pink for a moment, his iris' sparking the same colour as they narrowed with determination.

And he'd get his answers one way or another.