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From my seat on a blanket covering the hard ground, I took in the scene around me and grinned in spite of myself. Jacob and I were camping. Really camping, with tents and sleeping bags and even a roaring camp fire to roast hot dogs over. I told him that the idea of me hacking through the woods and sleeping on the ground was preposterous but he wouldn't take no for an answer. Now that we were here I didn't want to be anywhere else.

It has been three weeks since that day at my house when I decided to throw caution to the wind and try to be happy with Jacob. It hasn't always been easy, but I haven't cried in at least a week and it's starting to feel more natural. We have spent nearly every moment together but since that night our touches have been more cautious and discrete. Camping alone with Jake would definitely be more difficult if Charlie had any idea that Jake and I had moved beyond platonic hugs and kisses on the cheek.

A rustling in the grass caught my attention then and I turned my face to smile at Jake. Jacob dropped to his hands and knees and crawled towards me slowly. I grinned at the sight of my werewolf acting cat-like but the smart ass remark that I planned on making died in my throat as he emitted a low growl. His eyes were locked with mine in an intense gaze that sent shivers down my spine. I pulled my eyes away and raked them down over his body. As usual he was dressed in only a pair of sweatpants, and as he crawled in my direction the light from the camp fire glinted off of the tight muscles on his shoulders and back.

"Don't move." He growled in a barely audible voice. Before I could respond he took off into the forest and out of the circle of light that the campfire provided.

"J-Jake??" I stuttered in a confused voice.

His low chuckle startled me as it drifted out of the darkness to my right. Then he was silent again. I stared into the forest trying to see him but my human eyes were useless in the dim light.

"I'm not over there, silly." His voice spoke from behind me now.

I spun around and reached for him but met only air and empty space.

"Jake, what are you doing?" I asked with mild concern coloring my words.

"Watching you." He said gently from right behind me. He was so close that I could feel his hot breath on my neck. I grinned and turned towards him once again. Much to my surprise he wasn't there.

"Stop trying so hard. Just close your eyes and listen." He breathed into my other ear. I didn't bother turning towards him this time. I just closed my eyes and did as I was told.

The sounds of the forest swelled into my awareness now. Somewhere far off to my right an owl hooted softly. The crackling of the fire sounded like a symphony in the otherwise still night. Off to my left I heard a twig snap and I squeezed my eyes shut tighter to listen. Something moved through the forest on the other side of the tent that Jake had set up when he brought us out here earlier in the afternoon.

With my eyes closed, it seemed like all of my senses were on alert. The cool breeze that blew through the trees ruffled the hairs on my arm and caused me to shiver. I tilted my face into the wind and felt its gentle caress on my face. The smells of yesterday's rain and the ever present moss spun around my nose in a delicate dance.

As I sat there trying to pick out the different nuances of the forest at night, I missed his approach. Suddenly, a pair of warm hands wound their way around my waist from behind just as a set of warm lips pressed against the side of my neck. I opened my eyes and smiled down at his arms as they caressed my stomach. Before my hands could reach behind me to pull his kneeling form closer, one of his hands eased my arms back down into my lap in front of me.

"Shh, just close your eyes and feel." He whispered, his breath tickling the hairs on the back of my neck. Again I did as I was told and within moments his fingers swept my hair to the side and his lips were back on my neck, trailing a line of kisses from my ear down to the strap of my tank top. His right hand slid under my shirt and traced along my stomach as his left ran through my hair and pushed it over my left shoulder. He brought his lips back down to the side of my neck and I hissed as I felt his teeth graze my flesh lightly. His fingers slid off of my stomach and he reached to push the strap of my shirt down my arm to expose my shoulder. His mouth hurried to claim the newly exposed skin on my shoulder and I gasped and pressed my back more tightly against his bare chest. I felt his lips pull up into a grin against the back of my neck and he reached around to push my hair to the other side. Just as he had before, he pushed the strap off of my arm and claimed my other shoulder with his kisses.

"Jake," I began shakily.

"Shhh." He repeated, "Just feel."

Feel I did as his fingers traced their way down my sides and came to rest on my waist. He sat back and hesitated for just a moment before hooking his fingers around the hem of my shirt and pulling it up over my head. As I felt the cool breeze blowing across my bare chest, the idea to go without a bra seemed even more scandalous than it had when I'd made the decision earlier this morning. I felt rather than heard his sharp intake of breath as soon as he realized my state of undress. His hot hands squeezed my waist and he leaned forward slightly to press his bare chest against my equally bare back. The feeling of his hot chest on my back was indescribable and before I could gather my thoughts, his hands slid their way up and cupped my breasts. I let out my breath in a hiss and leaned my head back to rest on his chest. His fingers moved slowly, hesitantly, until both of his thumbs flicked over my erect nipples.

"God, Bells." he whispered into my neck. "You're perfect." Before I could respond he flicked his thumb across my nipple again and squeezed my breast gently. His other hand began a leisurely journey down my middle. He paused to tickle my side gently before reaching down to set his hand on top of my thigh. The heat radiating from his palm felt even warmer than usual as it seeped through the thin fabric of my denim shorts. His mouth continued its exploration of my neck and shoulders and made me certain that if I was standing, my knees would be weak. My skin burned under his as he lowered his chin to rest on my shoulder.

His breath was slow and rhythmic in my ear as his fingers crept their way up to rest just beside the zipper on my shorts. The cold breeze assaulted my bare chest when he removed the hand that had been caressing my breast, but the cold was quickly replaced with heat as he reached down and pressed against my center through the fabric of my shorts.

I moaned and squeezed my legs together, trapping his fingers between them. He chuckled and slid his body down onto the forest floor behind me. He scooted up close against my back so that I was reclining against his chest between his outstretched legs. He trailed his fingers up my thigh starting at my knee. As he got closer and closer, he dipped his fingers between my clenched legs and pushed them apart gently. I took a deep breath to try to calm myself and let my knees fall open to rest on his.

He pressed a kiss to the top of my head and then trailed his fingers back up to the waistband of my shorts. With agonizing slowness he unhooked the button and slid down the zipper. I started to move to get up but he wrapped an arm around my waist to stop me. With his other hand he very gently dipped his fingers down inside my shorts and caressed me through the fabric of my panties. I moaned again and arched my hips into his hand. He pressed harder on top of the damp fabric and began to draw circles slowly over my aching core.

"Jake, please..." I groaned as I ground my hips up into his hand. I felt his body shake with a chuckle as he leaned down to press his lips to the spot that I loved just below my ear. My body ached with need as his fingers traced and caressed my body through the very thin fabric of my panties. I squirmed under his hands and accidently ground my behind back against his erection. He and I both gasped as I felt just how much of an effect this was having on his own body. He moaned and thrust his hips against me gently, pressing his hard need against my back and making my own core burn with lust.

With a sudden flick of his wrist, Jacob's fingers slipped under the fabric of my panties and up inside of me. I gasped and squirmed away but feeling his desire against my back gave me the courage to push my hips off of the ground and into his palm. He slid his one finger in and out slowly before inserting a second finger as deeply as he could.

"God, Jake.." I moaned as I reached up behind my head to tangle my fingers in his hair. He leaned forward and flicked his tongue over my ear lobe before drawing it into his mouth and nipping at it gently. His lips and tongue continued on a journey up and down my neck as his fingers worked their magic between my legs.

"You like that?" He murmured into my ear as he slid his fingers between my slick folds.

"Umm..." was all I managed to choke out before I felt his thumb slid over my small bundle of nerves. My hips jerked involuntarily and then came down hard against his erection that was taxing the fabric of his sweatpants. He moaned and threw his head back as his arm wrapped even more tightly around my waist and held me still against him.

His thumb flicked over the bundle of nerves again and then he slid his fingers out and began to rub them over it in earnest. The thin fluid of my arousal made his fingers slide over my flesh effortlessly and I clenched my fingers even more tightly in his hair. The pressure built between my legs to impossible levels before one final flick of his finger rocketed me over the edge. His arm clenched my waist against him tightly while I road out the waves of my orgasm. My hips thrust into his hand slower and slower until I collapsed back against him and let my hands fall from his hair down to my sides.

After just a few minutes Jacob slid out from behind and stood up, pulling me up with him. I wobbled a bit and he smirked and wrapped his arms around my waist to hold me steady.

"Ready for some smores?" He asked innocently as he handed me my tank top and zipped up my shorts.

I slid my tank top back on and smoothed the fabric over my stomach.

"I'm ready for something, all right," I said with a wicked grin, "but smores will do for now."