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Home Is Where The Haught Is

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Waverly stared down at the pregnancy test, and the six others that were carefully and neatly placed on the counter. She couldn’t believe her eyes. It finally happened. She and Nicole had been trying for a baby for a while now and it finally happened.


They had decided about six months ago that they wanted to have a baby. They had been married for two years. They had gotten married after a long battle with Bulshar. The curse had ended and they were finally free to live their normal lives. Nicole was Sheriff and Waverly couldn’t be more proud. About three months after the curse had ended Nicole had proposed. It was the most Haught thing Waverly had ever witnessed. She was driving down the road from the homestead leading into town when she was pulled over by Nicole. Once she stepped out of the vehicle, she turned around to see Nicole knelt down on the gravel road. Of course Waverly had said yes because Nicole was her soulmate, the love of her life. Waverly had taken up Nicole's last name, so know they're known as Waverly and Nicole Haught.


And now, two years later, they were finally going to start their family. Waverly took a deep breath and stood up, picking up the pregnancy tests and placing them into a plastic ziplock bag. She then washed her hands and left the bathroom. She needed to figure out a cute way to tell Nicole, she really cannot wait to see Nicole’s reaction. It’s going to be the most adorable thing in this world.


She put the tests away in her bedside table and sat on the edge of her bed. She laid back and placed a hand on her abdomen. Her last round of IVF was only three weeks prior so she guessed she wasn't even a month into the pregnancy, so she didn’t have a bump just yet, but it still excited her to know that there is a life growing inside of her. A small baby Earp-Haught.

As they had decided to go down the path of IVF it took a little while for the fertilized egg to take to the lining of Waverly’s womb. Six months of trying to be exact. Even though it was discouraging each month when Waverly’s period came which was a tell tale sign that the eggs didn’t take, they refused to give up. Earp’s don’t give up. Though this time, Waverly’s period didnt come, and that’s when she used every test she had in the house, all of which came back positive.


Waverly figured out how she wanted to tell Nicole and quickly got to work. She drove into town and bought the supplies that she needed for her project, oh how Waverly loved her little projects. It only took her about an hour before she was back at the small home she and Nicole shared. She had moved in with Nicole and Calamity Jane once they had gotten married. It was the first big step that they had taken with each other excluding their actual marriage. They figured that they no longer had to stay at the homestead because they no longer needed to be protected. It was also a good idea for them to move out because it meant that there was enough room for Wynonna to raise Alice without tripping over two fully grown adults and a cat. One the curse was over, Wynonna did everything in her power to get Alice back home where she belonged. She was three now, and she was as lively as ever, just like her momma.


Waverly smiled as she looked down at her final product before setting it in a small box, tying a ribbon around it. She smiled and wrote ‘Nicole’ on the tag before setting the box on the table out of the way. Now she had to occupy herself for another hour or so until Nicole got home from work.




Nicole walked through the door to their small home and smiled when she inhaled the beautiful scent of triple chocolate caramel cookies. She loved when Waves baked, and she especially loved it after a double shift.


“I’m home!” Nicole called out as she pulled off her gloves, tucking them into her pocket and hanging up her jacket by the door.


She placed her keys in the small ceramic dish by the door, one of Wavely’s crafts. The house was full of them, from small wonky knitted blankets to misshapen ceramic dishes. Even though they weren’t perfect in looks and shape, they were still perfect to Nicole. It’s what made their home theirs.


She kicked off her boots and placed then neatly next to the door before padding though the house.


“Baby?” Nicole called out as she followed sweet smell of cookies.


As she walked into the kitchen she saw the box sealed with a purple ribbon and raised her eyebrows. She was sure it wasn’t anyone’s birthday. She inspected the box closer and saw that the tag said her name.


This is mine? Oh crap, did I forget an anniversary? Haught, you dipshit.


Slowly, she reached out and pulled on the ribbon before taking the top off. She frowned as she was a stuffed teddy bear. The bear was wearing a shirt but Nicole couldn’t make out the words in the low light of the kitchen. She picked up the bear, holding it close to her face as she read the words out loud.


‘My Mommy is the Sheriff.’


Nicole’s eyebrows furrowed as she looked at the bear over and over. Her heart was beating one hundred miles an hour. She looked back to the box it came in and a small zip lock bag was under the tissue. Placing the bear down she picked up the plastic bag and gasped softly, almost choking on her own saliva. It was the bag that contained the six pregnancy tests.


“Surprise.” Waverly spoke up. She was stood behind Nicole and was waiting for the perfect moment to make her presence known.


Nicole spun on her heels when she heard Waverly, a huge ass grin on her face, to which Waverly giggled. She loved seeing her wife smile like that. It made her stomach do flips and her heart flutter.


“You’re pregnant?” Nicole asked as she approached the brunette.


“We’re pregnant. We’re gonna be mommies.” Waverly smiled widely.


“We are having a baby. A little human. A small human being.” Nicole said, in complete euphoria.


She had never felt this excited in her life. She let out a loud laugh as she quickly swooped Waverly up, spinning around before setting her down gently, as if the slightest thing could break her.


Waverly pulled Nicole into a soft and loving kiss, their lips fitting together perfectly after years of practise, she placed her hand on Nicole’s jawline, softly caressing her cheek.


“This is the beginning of parenthood, get ready for the bumpy ride.” Waverly mumbled with a small chuckle.