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Funky Happenings with the Fox Family

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davidwymack has added exyllent, damnwilds, and 7 others to the group

davidwymack: I made this so I can get announcements to all of you quicker but I have a feeling I will live to regret it

naughtygayweedcrime: h

naughtygayweedcrime: hewwo??

davidwymack: god dammit I knew you were gonna say that but I really hoped you wouldnt

thebetterminyard has left the group

dumbfool has added thebetterminyard to the group

damnwilds: no freshman?

davidwymack: what, you think I want a murder on my hands? They havent earned it yet.

bibiceps: haha sweet that means we can say swears

bibiceps: shit

bibiceps: damn

bibiceps: hell

itsyaboyd: no wait neil is here

dumbfool: fuck

itsyaboyd: who taught him that

itsyaboyd: was it andrew

dumbfool: oh you know

thebetterminyard: why am I here

thebetterminyard has left the group

dumbfool has added thebetterminyard to the group

thebetterminyard: neil

dumbfool: :))

naughtygayweedcrime: wow I've never seen neil OR andrew type this much

dumbfool has left the group

thebetterminyard has added dumbfool to the group

thebetterminyard: if I have to suffer so do you

exyllent: didnt coach say this was for announcements and important things

davidwymack: yes

naughtygayweedcrime: yes but counterargument:

naughtygayweedcrime: did anyone really plan on listening to that

exyllent: yes

bibiceps: no

exyllent has left the group

naughtygayweedcrime has added exyllent to the group

naughtygayweedcrime: like did u rlly think that would work tho

exyllent: no but I sure was hoping

knifelesbian: off topic but I made a bunch of cakes last night bc u know 3am mood but there is literally no way I can eat all of this do u guys want some

knifelesbian: wait stupid question of course u do

damnwilds: speaking of cake

damnwilds: matt is a cake

damnwilds: a god damn BEEF cake

itsyaboyd: aw babe

itsyaboyd: u all think I'm the beef cake but andrew is fuckin stacked

itsyaboyd: the beefiest cake

thebetterminyard has left the group

itsyaboyd has added thebetterminyard to the group

itsyaboyd: u cant leave andrew u gotta accept ur beefcakeyness

thebetterminyard: sometimes I wake up and im like damn I rlly dont think today will be that bad but god I was wrong huh

dumbfool has changed thebetterminyard's name to thebeefiestcake

thebeefiestcake: not you too,,,

dumbfool: listen

dumbfool: I've seen how much you can lift

dumbfool: or we can call you quadzilla

thebeefiestcake: absolutely not

thebeefiestcake: how do I change my name

dumbfool: oh you know

thebeefiestcake: neil

thebeefiestcake: neil I will tell them all about that time you burned aarons hoodie bc u thought it was mine when you stole it and you were too awkward to give it back to him

dumbfool has changed thebeefiestcake's name to thebetterminyard

thestraightminyard: wait what

dumbfool: hzuh

dumbfool has left the group

thestraightminyard has added dumbfool to the group

thestraightminyard: u can leave the group but u cant fuckin leave the truth

thestraightminyard: bruh I literally know where you live anyway??

thestraightminyard: like what did you think that would accomplish

naughtygayweedcrime: damn keeping up w the kardashians whom?

naughtygayweedcrime: they have NOTHING on this minyard mess

bibiceps: hey so are we all just going to collectively ignore quadzilla or what

dumbfool: god I hope so

itsyaboyd: absolutely not

itsyaboyd: neil

itsyaboyd: neil. quadzilla?

dumbfool has left the group

itsyaboyd has added dumbfool to the group

dumbfool: lord grant me strength so I can break matts beautiful face

itsyaboyd: okay but am I really any worse than kevin "barefoot in public bathroom" day?

exyllent: HEY

exyllent: it was ONE time

exyllent: and I was in a HURRY

bibiceps: wait he what

bibiceps: he fucking WHAT

exyllent: listen I didnt think it was "roast kevin" day but I guess you're all a bunch of fake bitches

exyllent: fine well roast me all you want but I hope you all realize that I have dirt on ALL of you

exyllent: except renee, the only valid one here

knifelesbian: what can I say I really am just the best one here

bibiceps: oh 100% can confirm

knifelesbian: I also have dirt on (actually) everyone here so really who's the real winner

exyllent: if you have dirt on everyone then stop exposing me and expose someone else instead ://

knifelesbian: :)

knifelesbian: one time aaron got really drunk and I heard him say "why am I dating neil I dont even like him?"

thestraightminyard has left the group

knifelesbian has added thestraightminyard to the group

knifelesbian: oh but you cant leave, not before I expose everyone else >:3c

naughtygayweedcrime: h

naughtygayweedcrime: did renee just do a furry emoticon

knifelesbian: awfully bold of you to furshame me when I've seen your internet history :/

knifelesbian: all the single furries 10 hour loop? cmon nicky ://

naughtygayweedcrime: liSTEN,,

naughtygayweedcrime: I didnt come here to get bullied

naughtygayweedcrime: home of phobia....

bibiceps: are you really even a true gay if you listen to furries over our queen beyonce?

dumbfool: yeah nicky get woke

dumbfool: allison did I use that correctly

itsyaboyd: not even close little dude but it was a good try

naughtygayweedcrime: did I rlly just see neil say woke

naughtygayweedcrime: what a surreal timeline we live in

dumbfool: allison is trying to teach me how to meme so I can get hip

naughtygayweedcrime: bless your poor soul

davidwymack: sometimes I regret living

davidwymack has muted exyllent, damnwilds, + 7 others for 30 minutes