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The first time Souji's mom takes him to bed, he is twelve. She frames it as a reward, for being such a good boy, getting high grades, keeping the apartment clean- for taking care of himself so well when she and his father are busy. They're always so busy. 

Mrs. Seta leads him by the hand to her bedroom, and tells him to lay down while she gives him a present for being the perfect son, and it's not until her hand lays on his crotch that Souji feels panic, instead of vague confusion mixed with joy that he's getting so much attention.

"M-mother?" His voice cracks, telling that he's still in the middle of puberty, he's so young and he doesn't understand what's happening. In theory, he knew, has heard other boys talk about sex, and he's touched himself before, curious about the sensations and what the big deal was about- but he's never once thought about it being another person, much less his mother.

Souji is anxious, worried that he'll be in trouble as his body reacts to the touches. Tears come to his eyes, but he doesn't realise he's crying until his mother kisses the corners of his eyes, and reassures him he's okay, that she loves him and is rewarding him. She hasn't kissed him in what feels like years (what might have been years) and its intoxicating in a completely different way, and helps him calm down. He sniffles as her hand pauses, clicking the buttons on his jeans open, but he can't notice anything past that because suddenly, her mouth is over his, swallowing his surprised noise. He's never been kissed at all more than a peck, and it's not long before he's wriggling, trying to breathe. She pulls back to let him, and Souji is grateful.

"Th-thank you- Mother, what are-"

"You can call me Mommy right now, Souji, since we're alone." It's a reply he didn't expect, but it's instant, and he barely gets it out before her mouth is back on his. 

Her hands push his jeans down, past his hips with little difficulty, but Souji isn't aware of it, he's too busy trying to adjust to a tongue in his mouth. It had pushed against his lips, as if asking nicely to come in, and he can't tell his mother 'no', he's a good boy, and always does as he's told. 

It's not until air hits his cock that he jerks his mouth away with a whine, but his mother just laughs as her slender fingers wrap around his dick and jerk it gently. It's mistaken for excitement, and that's alright with him, because he doesn't have a right to tell his mother to stop, even though he wants to. It's all to much- he isn't going to last, and the only thing he's more afraid of than telling her 'no' is to disappoint. 

"Souji, look at me." 

His eyes snap up to his mothers face, from where they'd been squeezed shut. His whole body shudders as she squeezes him lightly, but the smile on her face pushes back his negative feelings once more. Mrs. Seta's free hand reaches out and pushes his bangs back from his face, so she can see it all, and he has to fight to keep still.

"Don't worry, you're a good boy," she says, so warm that it makes Souji's toes curl with happiness-it's been so long since either of his parents spoke to him like that, "This is a gift for you, you can cum whenever you want."

Soft whimpers leave him again as she resumes stroking his dick, and the knowledge that he's allowed to do this helps him relax. The anxiety has lessened, and he relaxes, going so far as to tentatively give a small thrust of his hips up into her hand. She laughs again, warm and quiet, and Souji gives a small smile, which prompts his mother to lean down and kiss him again. 

He doesn't last much longer, not with the soft affections, and the warmsafehappy approval of his mother, and he cums over her hand and on his own chest with a soft call of 'm-mommy!', the loudest noise he's made by far. Soui's chest heaves as he watches his mother remove her hand from him, hands coming to her lips to lick them clean. It seems dirty, and he doesn't like it, and suddenly the worry is back that he did something wrong. Her eyes are on him, and they're not warm anymore- or maybe they are, but it's something unfamiliar and not the same as before.

"M-mom- mother?" he asks quietly, back to a nervous but perfect son, even as his breathing struggles to get back to normal, and he tries his best to not start crying. He's so confused, and he doesn't know what he did to earn this... gift.

"You were a very good boy for me, Souji," his mother reassures him, hand stroking through his hair again, soft and comforting. He realises he's shaking. "Mommy loves you very much, we did this because you've been very good. Don't tell your father, he didn't think you deserved a reward, but I know my good boy needed to know how loved he is. Do you understand, Souji?"

He blinks, managing to get his breathing more under control. He feels warm again- His mother loves him, and this was okay, he'd done okay. Souji leans against his mothers hand in his hair, and contains his wince as her other hand ( the dirty one) comes to rest on his cheek.

"Yes, moth- Mommy," he replies, and then, "Would- would father get mad if-"

She cuts him off before he can even finish the thought, "Yes, he'll be very mad, and we'll both get in trouble. You don't want that, do you baby?"

"No." He can't hide the shudder- he hates making either of his parents angry, but especially his father. "I'll be good, I won't tell him."

It's worth it when a smile breaks her face, and he finds himself offering a small one back, as she leans in to peck him on the lips again.

"Good boy."