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My Heroine Academia

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"Bring this value and put it in place of X, then you solve for...."

Kirishima looked out of the window of his dorm room. Hmm, it was getting pretty dark out with the sun setting. Bakugo and Midoriya would usually be training at this time, but here the blonde was instead, tutoring him for the third time that week. Kirishima wasn't really paying attention though. Todoroki and Bakugo got their hero license a few weeks ago, and tomorrow the interns finally have their first joint assignment. You can't expect him to pay attention to math at a time like this. Speaking of math, Bakugo's been explaining something for a while now...

"Shitty hair"

"Y-yes!" Kirishima scrambled to find his barings.

"Now that I've explained this to you for the third fucking time, do you finally understand it?" Uh-oh, Bakugo sounded annoyed.


"Are you lying to me?"


Kirishima half expected an errant explosion sent his way, but was surprised to find Bakugo sigh heavily and slump back against the leg of his bed.

The Rabbit Hero Miruko had picked him to intern under her as soon as he'd gotten his lisence, and tomorrow would actually be his first time out on an assignment. Maybe he was nervous?

"Hey Bro, you excited for tomorrow?" Kirishima tried softly.

"Don't patronise me shitty hair, mind your own business" was Bakugo's gruff response. It didn't have any bite.
They sat in comfortable silence for a while before Bakugo spoke up again. "You damn intern kids got so much experience under your belts while I was busy getting my stupid lisence", he started, his voice rising, "I might be starting out, but don't you DARE treat me like some newbie! I'm not dead weight just because I started out late, got it?"

So that's what's been eating at him. He actually thought anyone would look down on him after all he went through to get his lisence? "Of course not dude! In fact, I'm excited to be going out on an assignment with the smartest kid in class," Bakugo looked away at that, "who also happens to be my best friend and the one person I made combo moves with. If there's anyone who'll kill it out there tomorrow, it's gonna be you." Okay, Bakugo was definitely not looking his way anymore. He folded up Kirishima's notebook and threw it at him.

"God, you're so annoying! Read your fucking notes you flunk, I'm going to bed!" Bakugo got up to leave and moved quickly to the door, murmuring "Could you be any less cringey?" Right before slamming it shut, "Not a fucking word about the combo moves, got it shitty hair?" Kirishima threw a swift salute from where he still sat. A curt nod and *bam* went his door. And he was gone.

Kirishima went over everything he knew again. Other than him and Bakugo, joining them were Midoriya (also under Miruko), Uravity and Froppy under Ryuko, and Serophane and Earphone Jack under temporary internship with Lock Rock. Eraserhead would also be there. They'd all be meeting up at Ryoko's office. As far as he knew, it would be some sort of a rescue operation. They sought help from this many interns, so he could only guess the rescue would be large scale.

At the end of it though, he was excited Bakugo was going to experience his first field work after getting his lisence, that too with Kirishima. He's sure Midoriya was excited to have his childhood friend interning with him under the same hero too. Miruko did remind him of both Midoriya and Bakugo combined.