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The Story of My Life

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“Hello, Dear Internet Friends! It’s ya’ boi, Avatar-Aang! Let me tell you, today’s been a day. Let’s start up front; my job as a barista is no easy task. Our manager announced a new ‘Unicorn Frappuccino’ that the company’s going to release for a limited time. Well, little did we know, that specific drink was a huge must-have amongst trendsetters and other ‘hip’ kids nowadays. It must’ve been for show because I, for one, did not enjoy the look and taste one bit. I ended up giving the rest of mine to Sokka. Oh! For those new to the vlog, Sokka’s my friend and partner at the establishment!” I smile at the camera, only hoping I didn’t look too goofy or anything. I mean, that’d just be embarrassing!

It’s not like I hadn’t embarrassed myself before though. For one of my vlogs, Sokka and I taste tested some really disgusting foods and I ended up puking into the garbage can beside me. Definitely not the attention grabber but still did great for my channel! How rude of me, I didn't even introduce myself! I’m Aang. Just some twenty-year-old living here in Las Angeles. I’m currently staying in an apartment with Sokka and work part-time at a Moonbucks. My dream in life is to entertain those around me! That’s why I took to ViewTube; there’s a whole world out there of endless opportunities!

“Anyway, let’s just say Sokka and I were covered in pink powder all throughout the day ever since our first five drinks! When we got back to the apartment, Sokka ran and gone into the Shower to wash up the residue! It was hilarious. Although being a huge mess, we gained lots of recognition within the first hour alone, so I guess it did pay off. If you want to look into working as a barista, be cautious! It’s a pretty difficult task, but you do get free drinks!... That is if no one’s looking!” I smiled and retrieve something from my backpack,

“Here’s the list of ingredients that were used to make these drinks. It’s a lot, huh? Imagine having to learn how to make this in thirty minutes! Yep, you heard me. Everyone was rushing around, prepping for the incoming customers coming that day. Did I enjoy myself? Yeah! I can’t say the same for everyone though. Sokka seemed pretty pissed by the time we were taking the bus back to our place. Our friend, Suki, was obviously tired but continued to smile through the pain. Speaking of, Sokka has a huge crush on her! That’s the only reason why he works at Moonbucks!”

“I can hear you, Aang!” I gasp as I turn to look towards the direction of the voice, knowing it’s Sokka’s.

“That’s my cue! See you later, Team Avatar! Make sure to like, comment and subscribe!” I finished, reaching out to turn off the camera. Sokka walked in, pink staining his hair. It did NOT suit him and I wanted to say that, but it was too funny. I grin and wave at him. He rolls his eyes and resumes to whatever he had in mind. I, however, was going to edit and upload my video! If I’m honest, each time I make a video, I do feel somewhat nervous. I’m not a terribly small channel. Heck, I have one hundred thousand subscribers!... But that’s what makes me nervous. Although I really love to reach out and express myself, I worry that someone’s not going to like me.

Luckily, Sokka’s sister helps me through that anxiety. She’s veryyy nice and caring! Fact is, she’s younger than Sokka, but is way more mature and collected. He’d be lying if he said he wasn’t jealous, but who wouldn’t be? I mean, I’m not speaking for myself. I’m totally happy about where I am in my life. Not only are we doing great at Moonbucks, but the revenue I get off Viewtube alone pays a month’s worth of our rent! We’re in a stable spot in our lives and it’s like nothing could go wrong!...

“Uh, dude. You might have just jinxed us.” I look towards Sokka who had been watching me edit the entire time. I must’ve said that last part out loud.

“Sorry, I was just thinking.” He snorts and goes back to using his phone. Did you know Sokka’s a very well known user on InstaSnap? It’s so cool! I mean, he only has five thousand follows (not to brag, but it’s because of me!), but I still think it’s pretty cool. He usually posts pics of himself and our friend group! I tried to get into InstaSnap due to popular demand, but I rarely use it because I’m more invested with ViewTube. Sokka offered to run the account for me but I wouldn’t want it to be a hassle.

Oh my! I must’ve been going off for a bit, the video’s complete! This means all I have to do is upload it… Before I do that, I’ll have Sokka watch it! Yeah, just so I get confirmation that it’s good or not. He obliges and takes my laptop out of my hands. So far, he’s chuckling. His smile’s pretty big too. Throughout the video, he’d either laugh or snicker. It’s a good sign!!!

“Not bad. You know, I’m surprised you don’t have a million subs.”

“Well, I wouldn’t say my content is that good, but thanks!” Sokka shakes his head, disagreeing I assume.

“Whatever. Just upload it already! Your fans have been waiting for a week! Believe me, my DMs are FLOODED.” I didn’t doubt that at all. So, I guess I really should get this thing on the road! I just had to add in a title… Oh, yes, ‘UNICORN FRAPPUCCINO SUCKS’ would be intriguing, but I don’t clickbait. I should probably settle with ‘Storytime: Moonbucks Insight’. Oooh! It has a really nice ring to it too. I’m such a genius!

“And… Done!”