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Carina had never thought that she would end up in this position, in the war. Her back was against a stone wall, her wand had been broken, and the pieces were laying in front of her feet, and there was a Death Eater standing in front of her, with his wand raised at her. "One of the Malfoys," he snarled. Carina wanted to spit in his face, but she knew that it would not, in any way, help her. She wished she had just obeyed her fathers orders, and she had stayed at home, safe, away from the battle. But there was no turning back now. "Should I kill you? Should I turn you over to the Dark Lord himself, or should I tell Lucius that his youngest has died in a terrible accident?" The Death Eater started laughing manically and Carina could feel her body shaking. "You should leave her alone," a voice spoke. Carina looked up, to her side. Her eyes widened in surprise when she saw no one else but Harry Potter, standing there, with his wand pointing at the Death Eater. "The Boy Who Lived, how wonderful of you to turn up! Are you coming to save your girlfriend?" The Death Eater cackled. Harry's yaw clenched and he gripped his wand tighter. "As I said, you should leave her alone," he said. The Death Eater sighed. "There is no fun with you guys, why can't I just torture this little girl? She deserves it!" He yelled, and he fired a spell at Carina.

Carina thought she would never experience the pain of a Crusiatus curse herself, as she had seen the agonising faces the victims of Voldemort had made when he practiced the Curse on them. Pain was raging through her body, and she could not help but scream as loud as she could. It felt like someone was tracing her body with knifes, and cutting every little bit open, like her bones were breaking over and over again, and like someone was hitting her on the head with something hard. Eventually, the pain ebbed away. She heard a muffled scream, but she could not bring herself to look. Tears streamed over her cheeks as she shivered on the cold ground. Her hands were shaking. And then, all of a sudden, someone kneeled next to her. "You shouldn't be here." Harry said softly. He caressed her cheek, and then he picked her up from the ground.

She heard whispers, and eventually she noticed that Harry was carrying her into the Great Hall. "Carina!" Someone yelled. "Relax Daph, she will be fine. We just need to put her on the ground." Someone else said. Someone sniffled and Carina felt that Harry put her down on a bench. Someone knelt in front of her, and she could vaguely work out Daphne Greengrass' features, one of her friends. "Carry? Carry, can you hear me?" Daphne whispered, putting a warm hand on her friends' cheek. Carina's eyes fluttered close and her body grew lump, falling into Daphne's arms. "She needs to lay down," madam Pomfrey appeared next to the small group. "Come on, you can put her here." Harry carefully placed her on a thin matrass. He stepped away, to let Carina's friends kneel down next to her. Daphne was crying softly, stroking Carina's white hair. Astoria was still sitting on the bench, with two Hufflepuffs next to her. Then, a girl with short black hair ran into the Great Hall. Her cheeks were stained with tears and the moment her eyes fell upon Carina, a high-pitched scream left her mouth. "Carry!" She yelled, and she started running towards her. A few people looked up from caring for the wounded, and some looked surprised as they saw the body of the youngest Malfoy child laying on the ground.
The Weasleys entered the Great Hall. George was wounded, and madam Pomfrey gave him a potion. "I'm sorry child, for now I can't do much. There is someone else that needs help." She hurried away, occasionally stopping to see how everyone was holding up, and then kneeling next to a small and fragile body on the ground. "Who is that?" Fred asked. "Carina Malfoy," Harry stepped up in front of them. "She almost got killed by a Death Eater," "A Death Eater? Oh, poor child!" Molly called out. "It's still a Malfoy, mum," Ginny pointed out. "And she's still a child," Molly answered. As their conversation continued, Astoria got up from the bench.

Madam Pomfrey kneeled down next to Carina and whispered a few spells. "Is she going to wake up?" Daphne asked, worry in her voice. "She will be okay, she just needs a lot of rest and some medication. As soon as this is over, I can make sure she gets a treatment in St. Mungo's. Right now, this is all I can do. I'm terribly sorry." Madam Pomfrey got up. Daphne wiped her tears away and grasped her friends' hand. Astoria sat next to Carina, and stroked her cheek. "She will be okay Daph, Carry is a strong girl." The Ravenclaw girl sunk on her knees next to Carina's body, and with her whole body shaking, she started crying. Daphne stroked her back. "Carina's alive Rosy, and she will be fine."

As the war raged on, Voldemort called for a stop, and Harry left the castle. Freds body was carried into the Great Hall, and put down next to Carina's body. Daphne looked up in shock to see the Weasleys crying over Freds body. "This is sick," Astoria spit. She wiped her tears away. "He is going too far. I am not going to sit here, watching everybody die." Molly looked to her side, where the three Slytherin girls were. Her eyes widened in surprise when she saw that Carina was not awake. Could it really be that the young Malfoy had been killed by a Death Eater?

Only half an hour later, Voldemort returned to the castle. Astoria went outside, together with Rossalyn, and the other two Hufflepuffs. "Harry Potter is dead," the Dark Lord drawled with a big grin. Ginny let out a scream, and she wanted to run, but her father stopped her. Astoria heard footsteps and then a familiar face appeared next to her. She grabbed Draco's hand. Should she tell him about his little sister? It became silent, and then Lucius called for Draco. Astoria felt Draco tense next to her, but she knew that she couldn't stop him from going, so she let go of his hand. He took a deep, shuddering breath, and started walking over the destroyed courtyard. The moment Voldemort carefully hugged Draco, Astoria felt almost all the air leave her lungs. What was happening?

Before she knew it, Voldemort was gone, and Harry was standing in the middle of the courtyard. His two best friends rushed to his side, and then everyone started yelling, crying and laughing. Astoria turned around, to go back to the Great Hall, but was stopped by none other than Narcissa Malfoy. "Astoria, where is she?" The woman asked, her eyes filled with fear and concern. "Carina is inside-" Astoria started, but she didn't get to finish her sentence, as then Daphne walked out of the building, with next to her a pale Carina. As soon as Carina saw her mother, she practically flew into her arms. "Mother," she whimpered, crying softly as her mother stroked her head softly. "We are going home Carina." Narcissa whispered, and then the two Disapparated, leaving the two Greengrass sisters behind. Daphne sighed. "We should go home too Astoria. Mother and father must be worried," Daphne grabbed her sisters arm, and Disapparated.

Hogwarts was left alone and empty, as many more disappeared from the grounds. Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley took their time leaving, walking over the big bridge. They walked in silence. Harry's thoughts were with Draco's younger sister, who had disappeared from the Great Hall after the battle, together with her family. He had seen the looks on their faces, and he knew that nobody would be hearing anything from the Malfoy family anytime soon.

Harry Potter had been right. Apart from the rubbish the Daily Prophet was spilling about the so called Death Eater family, nothing was heard from the Malfoy family. They had hid themselves in the Malfoy Manor, leaving only Andromeda Tonks to be able to reach them. The only one who corresponded with the outside world was Carina Malfoy, but she only wrote letters to a group of secluded people. And so it happened that Carina, Pansy, Blaise, Daphne and Astoria ended up meeting in Muggle London, where they sat in a restaurant. "That foul woman sure seems like she hates us." Carina sneered, as she threw the Daily Prophet on the table, with on the first page an article from Rita Skeeter.

'Malfoy family, ex- Death Eaters, why are they hiding?'

It said, on the front page. "For the record, we are not hiding," Carina said. Her blue eyes flickered with anger as she finished her tea. "We know that Carry, but the rest of the world doesn't." Daphne placed a hand on her arm. "I know we deserve the hate, we did horrid things after all, but nobody understands that we didn't have a choice. Voldemort was going to kill our parents." Pansy took up the newspaper and opened it. "Look, an exclusice interview with the Saviour," she snickered. "I, Rita Skeeter, have had the perfect chance to stumble upon Harry Potter himself. He answered all my questions about the war, and even told me things about the Malfoy family." Astoria read out loud. " 'Lucius Malfoy is the only guilty man in the Malfoy family. Narcissa had no choice, and neither did their children, who were forced to do Voldemorts bidding.' " "It also says that Harry has a thing for you, Carina. Rita apparently believes that Harry Potter is in love with you, as he defended you and Draco," Blaise laughed lightly. Carina grunted. "Potter does not have a thing for me." She simply stated. Astoria sipped from her coffee. "He did safe you from a Death Eater and carried you all the way to the Great Hall." "Every sane person would do that." Carina said. Daphne shook her head. "You know that's not true. Except some of the Slytherins, most people do not like to get involved with the Malfoy family." Carina bit her lip. "Daphne is right Carina. Maybe he does have a thing for you." Pansy said. "It doesn't matter. Potter and I could never be together," without waiting for a response, Carina took her cloak and hastily left the restaurant, before Disapparating in the middle of the street. Daphne got up. "I think we should leave the subject be. Come on Ria, we should go. Pansy, Blaise," the couple smiled at the two sisters as they left.

It didn't take very long before Carina had enough of the lies and the rumours. Now, she couldn't even go outside anymore without another vicious article being placed in the Daily Prophet. Draco had regained some of his confidence, and Astoria and he had been corresponding regularly. Pansy and Blaise had been visiting, just like Daphne, who saw it as her mission to make sure Carina would gain some confidence.

"I can't take it anymore," Carina explained as she carried her bag outside. Daphne followed her. "But you cannot just disappear." She sputtered. "I can, actually. I'm going to Norway, where no one knows me, and no one knows about the war. I can't be here any longer." "And do your parents know?" Narcissa and Lucius had left the Manor to visit St. Mungo's, and Draco and Astoria were not at home either. "I will write them a letter," she simply stated as she pulled her blonde hair back into a ponytail. "Alright," Daphne sighed, "just be careful, okay?" Carina looked at her and nodded. "I will Daph. Come on, give me one last hug before I go." The two girls embraced lovingly. "I'm going to miss you." Daphne said softly. Carina smiled. "I will miss you too. I'll send you a letter as soon as I've got a place to stay." Daphne grinned. "You better. Otherwise I'll come and find you." With a small wave, Carina turned around and grabbed the Portkey in front of her. "Goodbye," Daphne whispered.