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Nico made sure her parents were distracted shortly before she sent the message. 

She kept her conversations,  rants and complaints with him a secret from everybody and she liked it that way. Ever since she lost her sister and her friends drifted apart all she had was him. Besides her parents would probably force down the classic warnings about talking with strangers online. Nico knew this wasn't some creep or scam. This was a kid who had nearly the exact same experiences and was just as lonely as her.

Sister Grimm: How are you dealing with the small minded sports obsessed alpha males whose torture is finally being made clear to your parents?  Only positive outcome is them pulling you out of the legal hell known as High School.  But that's the most unlikely thing for any reasonable parent.  By the way is Perfect doing anything for the upcoming barely supervised  event of teenagers being all over each other. Or has she deemed you worthy of her time?

He went through isolation and bullying for being different.  For being quirky and just himself.  She wished he went to her school.

Chaos:  No she hasn't it's mostly just complaints and lectures from her. Seriously we  drifted apart and suddenly I'm not her sibling anymore. And I wish my mom could home school me. She could be the one educator that actually cares about me. But seriously my parents are now nearly suffocating me with their concern and over protectiveness.  Now I want to actually go out on that night and do something.  I don't know what. Rebellious? Fun? Dance?

Nico smiled before replying and playing the audio from when he sent over a recording of him beat boxing. It was one of the most entertaining things she ever heard.  She played it now and then when she was alone or needed a laugh.

Sister Grimm:  Just going to make an educated guess for when you get there how your gonna try and do this to get a girl to dance with you. Or maybe illustrate you asking her out. And maybe you should. But possibly finally take my tips for finally standing out from them? Or standing up for yourself. 

Chaos: When my dad finally gets on in late at night he'll most likely have a heart attack seeing a white haired version of his son dressed in black drawing. And no. Not going to use my skill set to get a date. Besides I only wish I could have you there at the stupid dance.  Or actually seeing you.

That's when he logged off and she sighed.  That did sound nice but she wondered if he lived even close to her. If they would actually hit it off.

It was all speculation and wishes.  She hoped next time they could actually bring up the idea of them meeting face to face. Or that he would discuss the aftermath of the dance.  All she could do was wait till he got back online.