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Specimen Origins

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Patrick had just finished cutting out the last of his cooky kid’s decorations.

”God, what a waste my life is,” Patrick sighed. “Spending the last of my years cutting out stupid decorations for kids. If there was only a way for me to get back at the world for my current state...without hurting anyone too bad.”

As Patrick thought, he suddenly felt a tightness in his chest.

”Oh no,” He gripped his chest as his eyes with wide with pain and realization, “heart...attack!” With no fanfare, he keeled over, dead.

”Hey Patrick, you here?” Toby walked into Patrick’s workshop. “The boss wanted to know if you were done with the cutouts.”

As he entered the shop, Toby was shocked to find it complete empty, with none of Patrick’s previous cutouts in sight.

”That’s strange, Patrick would is never the kind of guy to slack off on the job, especially this close to the due time.” Toby looked at the cardboard sheet, and saw the objects Patrick was cutting out. “A ghost, pepper, octopus, etc, etc.”

After a few more minutes of calling for Patrick and looking for his cutouts, Toby decided it was time to go.

”I hope you’re okay, Patrick,” Toby sighed. “I hope the boss will be merciful for you not-“ Toby was cutoff by one of Patrick’s cutouts shooting out of the wall on what looked like a spring lock. “Jesus!” Toby jumped. “The fuck?”

It was the Pepper. Peter the Pepper, more specifically.

”Man, that really startled me!” Toby gripped his chest as his breathing returned to normal. “Well...that was weird, but I guess I better get out of here.”

With that, he left with no fanfare, leaving the cutout of Peter the Pepper to shed a single tear. To Beatrice, however, it might as well have been a fish lure.

”It’” Beatrice walked towards the sea.

That’s when she, made herself known by breaking the surface of the water.

”Hello,” The siren greeted. “You’re so beautiful.”

“Thanks...” Beatrice’s eyes have long since glazed over, having completely fallen in love with the siren.

”Please,” the siren held out her hand, “join me.”

”Of love...” Beatrice said as she walked into the water.

Adam was trying to catch his breath, he was about to make the biggest decision of his life. “You can do this, Adam,” he assured himself.