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Not just Coffee

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Andrew doesn’t only paint in coffee. It’s a shocking development for all the Foxes when they see what he’s painted for Renee. For Neil, after a lot of prying. It took them weeks to get him to open up about the piece of art hanging in his living room, and even then he just confirms that- yes, Andrew uses actual paint sometimes. No, he won’t show them what he painted.


Neil’s surprised it takes them a week to try and weasle paintings out of him.


“Come on Neil,” they’d say, “we wanna support him too!”


“You mean you want a freebie,” he’d retort.


He still brought it up to Andrew later that weekend.


“The Foxes keep asking me to beg paintings out of you,” he says one night while the two sit together in the park.


Andrew raises a brow slowly, minutely, “Why would they do that.”


“They weren’t lying when they said they love your stuff, i’m pretty sure Wymack has to keep note of how many tables we have with how many times they’ve tried to sneak off with one of them.”


“That’s stupid.”


“I think it’s….charming. Or something. It’s nice to see them want things.”


Andrew’s quiet for a long while and Neil thinks that’s the end of that. Then he says, “Who's asking.”


Neil looks up from their swaying feet with surprise, “All of them, Allison mostly, sometimes Matt gives moon eyes whenever he sees what you’ve already done. I’ve heard him and Dan talking about it before.”


Andrew just hums, and Neil knows that that’s truly the end of it.


That is until the lunch rush the day after. Neil’s manning the register when he spots the familiar blonde head of hair. He feels himself smile and his heart race in silly anticipation while he works through the customers until Andrew’s in front of him.


“Here,” is all he says as he shoves a rectangle something at Neil and just turns and walks away. Not ordering a thing.


Neil blinks after him but can’t dwell on it for too long, the customers after Andrew don’t allow him a moments reprieve.


It’s only after they’ve closed for the day does Neil remember the rectangle. It feels like a punch when he turns it over and sees what it is.


It’s very obviously not for him.


“Hey Matt,” he says, feeling a grin pull his mouth.


“Neil?” Matt pokes his head out from the back.


“I’ve got something for you.” Neil sees the curious surprise and wonder on Matt’s face as he  steps out from the back and to Neil.


Neil holds out the rectangle and Matt’s jaw drops.


“Neil! What is this!” the absolute delight in Matt’s face makes Neil laugh.


“It’s a painting.”


“I can see that!! Where’d you get it!?”


“Andrew came in earlier, I didn’t get a chance to look until now.”


“Andrew?” Matt’s eyes widen even more as he looks at what is now clearly a canvas rectangle.


Neil nods, “Yeah, he came in and just threw that at me and left without a word.”


Matt can’t help but laugh, his eyes seeming to fill with grateful tears. “Well damn.”


“Think Dan’ll let you hang it up?” Neil teases.


Matt laughs more and wipes his eyes, “Oh hell yeah, this is...this is amazing it’s….I don’t even know.”

“It’s you. Sunflowers in a boxer’s glove? Can’t get more Matt than that.” Neil smiles. Matt nods, sniffles and nods some more.


“Matt loved the painting,” Neil mentions later, when it’s just him and Andrew. A cigarette between them on Neil’s balcony.


Andrew just looks at him. Unimpressed and uncaring, “I don’t care.”


“Of course you don’t” Neil grins, knowing that regardless of what he says. He does. His shoulders ease just a bit, seeming like the cat that got the canary. He had nothing to worry about anyways. The Foxes love him. Neil knows they do.