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Yòsei no Tsubasa: The Chunin Exams

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Yòsei no Tsubasa: the Chunin exams

Chapter 1

Sakura’s P.O.V

I laughed softly as Haku handed both my boys their asses. He had stopped by to help us train and I was enjoying it far too much. We had agreed it would be Naruto and Sasuke vs Haku and I with both Shikamaru and Zabuza acting as referee as Asuma and Kakashi had been called away from training along with the rest of the rookie nine’s sensei’s so all of our former classmates where at our training grounds today either training on their own or just catching up. Seeing the two boys get up scowling caused me to fall into another fit of giggles as Sasuke shot me a glare and disappeared from sight. Smirking at how far he had progressed with his Rinnegan in the last few weeks. He had complete control over his ability to teleport and trade matter, but I was still faster. Shrinking down as he tried to grab me I smirked and quickly struck him in my shrunken form oblivious to the stares of our classmates as I sent Sasuke flying into Naruto once more.

“Damn it! Sakura!” Naruto shouted as he pushed his all but brother off of only to be sucked under ground like Sasuke had been in our bell test. This caused me to break concentration and fall to the ground laughing so hard that my stomach hurt.

“Alright I think we can say that Haku and Sakura win this round,” Shikamaru called as Haku appeared in front of Naruto and cancelled the earth Jutsu allowing the blonde to escape and pout, only to be pulled over to his boyfriend.

Smirking I slowly got up and smiled as Zabuza ruffled my hair calling out to the rest of rookie nine, “Enough sitting around this is a training ground so if you are here you can train. Ino, and the other girl you both will be joining Sakura in our training. “He called out causing Ino to groan and try to protest loudly well Hinata got incredibly pale as both Kiba and Shino attempted to get her to not panic.

“But today is our day off!” Ino tried to argue only to get an unimpressed look from my guard.

“No, your instructors are in a meeting to decided whether you lot deserve to enter the Chunin exam and so Haku and myself have volunteered to train you for today, so you are better prepared and able to actually survive this test,” Zabuza replied his face dark and unhappy with the blonde he had taken on as a student.

“and I will be taking the boys with me, minus that of Shikamaru Sasuke and Naruto, to teach you how to strike faster and how to intelligently gather information.” Haku said coming over to me and passing me back my fan that I had lost early in the spar. The two groups formed around the Jounin grumbling as they did so. Soon the two groups split off to focus on their training, leaving me feeling excited to see what Zabuza had in store for us today.

Shikamaru’s P.O.V

I sighed at Ino’s behavior, despite having already worked with the man for an entire month her attitude had not improved one bit. Even when the man had gone to talk to her father, Inoichi, her attitude still did not improve though her training resolve did. It was still incredibly frustrating to deal with her attitude especially since Asuma and Kakashi had started doing joint training sessions and she was constantly trying to break up Sakura and Sasuke.

“Shika?” Naruto called looking up at me with a soft smile Sasuke beside him.

“Hey; you guys ready to get to work?” I asked taking Naruto’s hand. We had planned to finish work on the new Uchiha compound that would be safely located within the Nara forest, with my father’s permission. Kakashi would be moving in with his team along with Zabuza and Haku. The main building was almost done and all we had left were the two side manors.

“Of course. With those clones of yours we should be able to start moving in tonight,” Sasuke stated as we headed out of the training grounds and to my family’s compound. The walk was mostly peaceful as Naruto stayed tucked away at my sides to dissuade most of the villagers from jeering at him. Especially since it would risk upsetting two prominent clan heirs if they tried to do anything.

Arriving at the clan compound the Nara Guards greeted us politely as we entered none of them showing any hostility towards Naruto as Minato had been such a close friend with my father and they all knew who the blonde’s father was. According to my own parents Kushina and Minato were regularly seen in the compound escaping from their daily lives in the sanctity of the Nara house hold. “Are you guys excited about the Chunin exams?” Naruto asked smiling as we moved further into the forest surrounding my home and towards the new buildings.

I rolled my eyes at my blonde fondly before replying, “mah…. It is going to be so troublesome…” I said as we arrived at the mostly finished construction site. So far, the smaller buildings that would be for Kakashi, Zabuza, and Haku were finished and just needed to be furnished. Most of the finishing’s would be coming from the house that team 7 had been occupying in the Uchiha districts. Once they had moved in they would sell the land to the village and use the money to by the rest of the supplies they would need. For now, the basics would work as well as what my parents were giving them.

“You think everything is troublesome Nara,” Sasuke snarked back causing me to shoot him a glare and Naruto to giggle as we got to work. It took us until the evening but finally everything was finished. the main house was built and thanks to Naruto’s endless clones everything had already been moved in. Sensing my parents, I turned to them and smiled as my father gave an impressed whistle.

“Wow, I thought it would have taken you much longer to get this project finished,” my father commented as Naruto gave him a bright smile as his clones disappeared from existence the work finally finished.

“Nope! We work pretty hard, plus there was hundreds of helping hands!” Naruto smiled causing Shikaku to chuckle and ruffle the blonde’s hair as the rest of the small family that team 7 had created arrived at their new homes.

Kakashi’s P.O.V

He smiled as his students gathered around their newly made dinner table. He was proud of them for finish the new manor that they were now occupying. They had accomplished so much since they showed their true colours in the land of waves. I could admit I had truly failed them in the beginning; I had misjudged them. I had assumed that what they presented was true and had taken them completely at face value, especially Sakura. Looking over at my pink haired student I sighed. Gently I placed a hand on her head, gently ruffling her long hair causing the young girl to look up at me in confusion.

“Kakashi-sensei?” She asked innocently, and I just simply smiled; she just smiled back at me and did not comment about me strange actions. They reminded me so much of my own team. Sasuke so much like myself in how he and Naruto butted heads, yet they are basically brothers, much like Obito and I. Sakura was so similar to Rin. She was head strong and just as strong physically, yet she was still delicate. A true princess, she was very poised and so completely talented.

“This all looks delicious,” I commented as Naruto and Yoshino finished cooking dinner for us and we all sat down to eat.

“Thank you, Kakashi-san. Naruto is a dream to have in the kitchen and I feel secure in knowing my son will not starve with him,” Yoshino teased the blonde and her son. The two blushed, but I could see the young Nara smiling as he gently took my Otōto’s hand and squeezed it under the table before we all began eating. I was surprised at how content I was, it had been so long since I had sat down for dinner with others instead of hiding alone by myself in my small flat that I had been in since the death of Minato and Kushina. Silently looking around the room I vowed to myself that never again; I would never loose those I loved again. I would protect these people with my life.