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Lesson One

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There’s something beautiful about it, Namjoon thinks. Looking at it with a more emotional outlook, a more in depth look. He thinks it’s almost magical, perhaps others would laugh and point out the scientific side of it. He doesn’t care though, right now, staring at it- he thinks what he thinks. 

His brows furrow, tilting his head to get a better angle as he stares down so enraptured in his train of thoughts there’s a multitude of things that Namjoon doesn’t notice. For one, he doesn’t hear the front door open. He doesn’t hear the footsteps- he doesn’t even hear his bedroom door open. 

“Hey! I just ran like- what the fuck are you doing!?” Screeches the most annoying motherfucker in the universe. Namjoon jumps, rushing to grab the towel from his bed and wrap it around his exposed bottom half. 

Namjoon stares back with a flaming face and unhealthy heart rate at his unfortunate best friend and even more unfortunate roommate. “Have you ever heard of knocking you asshole! Get out, get out!” Namjoon kicks at the nosey, the unlovable Jung Hoseok which effectively causes his towel to drop and his poor lil’ guy to flop around. 

Hoseok groans and covers his eyes, his backpack dropped carelessly on the floor outside of Namjoon’s room. “Why are you staring at your sperm!”

”I was analyzing it!”

”For what!? You can’t masturbate in the shower like a normal fucking person, who leaves their sperm on the bed?” 

Namjoon grabs at his brown hair, pulling it hard- his dick still out and open for Hoseok to see. “That clogs the drains you bitch, no wonder why we had plumbing issues last spring.” He says, ignoring the last comment.

Hoseok sighs dramatically and goes to pick up his backpack from the floor at the same time Namjoon goes to get his towel from in front of him. It’s funny, Namjoon learned his whole life that well, life itself fucking sucks there’s challenges and struggles and every one is different so there’s not much universal advice that actually and truly works. Yet no one ever told Namjoon that life drains the life from you and yet here he is, having his life slowly drained from him.

All he did was try to wrap up a great meat beat session. 

It’s within the few seconds that Hoseok is bent to retrieve his backpack and Namjoon is about to retrieve his towel to cover his exposed penis that in walks another unwelcomed guest. To be fair, Hoseok is technically not unwelcomed since he happens to live there, but it’s all semantics. 

“Seok babe, I don’t think there’s- what the fuck is going on?” Namjoon could practically hear Hoseok gulp as he slowly rises back up and he himself can feel all the blood rush to his face as he assesses the surrounding situation. He looks down at his still exposed self, takes note of the position and proximity Hoseok was mere moments ago. Then, he looks at one Min Yoongi, the poor boyfriend who’s chose the worst time to walk into the hallway. 

“I can explain-“ 

“It’s not like-

Namjoon and Hoseok speak at the same time before moving their eyes to each other and narrowing them. Namjoon rolls his eyes as he quickly snatched the towel and ties it around his waist. Hoseok flips his backpack so it’s properly on before turning around quickly to face his boyfriend. Namjoon doesn’t even need to see Hoseok to know the face he’s making. 

(It’s the pout, it’s always the pout) 

“Baby.” He tries. 

Yoongi looks at both of them once more before closing his eyes for a few seconds and takes a deep breath. “Honestly? I don’t want to know, I’m going to go get some food since you’re both too incompetent to food shop and neither one of you look me in the eye for the rest of the night.” 

They say absolutely nothing as Yoongi retreats back towards the living room area to exit the apartment. Namjoon is in a stupor and him nor Hoseok can think of anything to do, the only words spoken are Yoongi’s distant “Smells like someone busted a nut in here too what the fu-“ the rest of the sentence gets cut off at the door opens the closes and Namjoon may faint. 

It’s only Monday and this might be the most interesting start of a week Namjoon ever experienced in his life. Hoseok huffs before retreating into his room and Namjoon slowly steps back and closes the door, making to finally clean his bad and throw some pants on like normal people do after they relieve themselves. It isn’t his fault, really. All he did was get captivated by the fact that while he watched a video by the title of Two Twinks Get Fucked By Their Manly Boss he released possible living beings into his bed.

Namjoon frowns as he takes his soiled sheets and puts them into the laundry basket, one of those guys could have been a doctor, poor things.

In all honestly, the situation could fairly and truthfully be boiled down to one thing: boredom. 

Being one of the chefs in a restaurant that’s growing in popularity in a booming city should be enough to make sure he’s never bored. New recipes, perfecting and reinventing the old, the communication with people everywhere- it’s some of Namjoon’s favorite things. Next to making Instagram worthy dishes, A plus shit. However, when it’s the same people besides customers and dishes that are doing so well as they are, things begin to fall in a loop. And fell into a loop, Namjoon has. A loop of working Tuesday through Saturday, a loop of suffering (in jealousy) with his best friend and his boyfriend filling up their apartment with that love bullshit or whatever. A loop of Namjoon, himself having absolutely no one to do that love bullshit with. So yea, he’s been getting bored lately. Perhaps he’s not been handling it in the best way possible but he tries.

If anyone can say anything about Namjoon, saying he tries, might be the first thing out of their mouths. 

Here’s the thing, he isn’t new to this in any way, shape, or form. He’s just not. He’ll be turning twenty-six in seven months- he’s practically ready to retire and start collecting government elderly checks and complain about the kids running around near his house. He lost his virginity early, admittedly he was sixteen and thought he was the coolest kid in school. 

(He absolutely wasn’t, he technically didn’t even stick it in correctly, he even cried afterward and told his mother everything and was grounded for three months).

So what Namjoon doesn’t currently understand and what he hasn’t understood for the last nine months is: What went wrong. After him and his ex split, things were fine, they weren’t serious and he thought nothing of it when they decided to be friends again not that that properly worked out. However, the first weekend he decided to go out to get some action after that- nothing happened. A fluke, is what Hoseok said and they laughed it off and agreed to go back out when their jobs and schedule permit. So they went, and the only action Namjoon got that weekend was getting a drink thrown in his face - he did not say that girl had bad breath he just offered gum three times, there’s a difference- so he decided to take a one month break. Yet, when that month went up- absolutely nothing. For some reason nothing works; he’s tried clubs, he’s tried getting set up through Hoseok and nothing fell through.

Namjoon shivers when he remembers he even tried tinder.

Through the torturous dry spell he’s been enduring, there’s been one constant and that’s Park Jimin. 

Park fucking Jimin, the newish waiter at the restaurant and the fault of his inner turmoil. He’s beautiful, sexy, cute, full of life and Namjoon can’t even lie, he’s been pining after that one for about two months.

Jimin began working at the restaurant two months ago. 

However, his attempts to befriend Jimin have, pretty much worked out just fine. His attempts  to ask Jimin out and get married under the the Seoul moon, that right there is what’s not working out so well. Really, it’s not working out at all.

So, in short through the last few months Namjoon has become a wandering lonely party of one considering his two closest friends are dating eachother and his other friend, Taehyung, is currently on an adventure of self discovery and revolutionizing himself so he’s in England for another month. They all told him that going to an English speaking country without being able to speak English is a bad idea, but Taehyung is a wild and unruly animal, not able to be held down by the plights of logistics and common thinking. All of this right here is the cause of his ongoing and stressful boredom with life. 

Namjoon wipes his hands on the black apron tied tightly around his waist, the fish in front of him is sizzling nicely as he adds the rest of the seasoning. “Incoming, Julius is here.” He hears one of the chefs, Mark, says just as he’s moving the fish from the pan to a plate to garnish it. 

“Aw fuck, he was here three weeks ago why’s he so obsessed?” Namjoon questions, allowing one of the food handlers to take his garnished fish plate away and onto a silver platter they use to present the food to customer. 

“I think he’s actually here to enjoy the food, he seems to really like it you all should be proud.” Namjoons heart clenches when Jimin’s voice could be heard through the kitchen, he turns to the left where Jimin is holding a tray of bibimbap with the restaurant’s original spicy sauce.

Jimin has that bright smile on his face, the one that makes Namjoons heart do the thing and then makes his dick do the other thing. “Thank you and hopefully, otherwise he’s the worst food critic ever. He tries to be low key but we’re gonna notice the only old white guy who’s sitting all alone in the whole place.” 

“What happens one day if there’s two old white guys sitting alone in here?” Chef Daniel questions, he’s taking something out of the oven and Namjoon moves out his way as he stares at Jimin who’s walking back out onto the floor with the food. 

“Then whoever we seeing eating our food with a disgusted look on his face yet finishing the whole plate then ordering more is Julius.” The head chef, Minho says and they all laugh. 

Namjoon reads one of the overhead screens that displays orders and starts off on a pasta dish that he could make with his eyes closed. “Guys.” Minho says 

There’s a female ahem and Namjoon smiles.

”Guys and Adora.” He corrects. “I’ve decided the restaurant should be closed to the public on the day of me and Ara’s wedding not that it’s a day off for any of you since if you’re not in attendance I’ll personally bake you alive like one of our pie’s.” 

“Are pie’s alive?” Adora speaks up and the kitchen has more laughter echoing inside. 

“I mean, kinda” Namjoon says as he stirs the pasta sauce and grabs a disposable spoon to taste his work. 


”Well, fruits are alive right so I guess pies are just their mushed up guts, delicious dead bodies.” He explains in sincere thought and Minho wacks him with a dirty spatula. 

“Shut up, back to what I was saying, me and Ara have decided that for this wedding the cake can’t come from anywhere but here and I’m tasking all six of you with the duty of that cake.” He explains with a proud smile, already so confident in his team of chefs. Namjoon admires him so much. 

“We’ll make you proud chef.” The sous chef Jiho says. They all make noises of agreement as Namjoon’s pasta finishes cooking and he drains the water before adding the special sauce. 

“Totally lied before.” Jimin says, rushing back into the kitchen with a tray of half eaten chicken. “Julius doesn’t like the kitchen, claims it’s too dry.” 

“Fuck he say?” Daniel questions and Namjoon doesn’t really need to guess who cooked it. 

Jimin raises both his hands in defense after setting down the tray of chicken. “Don’t shoot the messenger, he wants the chicken remade and he wants a complimentary lobster dish.”

Minho makes a sound and Namjoon groans as he passes the pasta to a different food runner. “The lobster dish is the same thing he had here last time, this guy is doing this on purpose.” 

Namjoon cuts a piece of the uneaten half of chicken and takes a bite, chewing it slowly and swallowing. He shakes his head and snorts, “It’s delicious Daniel, that guy thinks we’re dumb.” He takes another bite and Adora fake gags while working on a dessert dish. 

“I wonder how he has any merit” Jimin speaks up and Namjoon’s eyes widen. Jimin is still in the kitchen and Namjoon is eating the left over food of a guest. Maybe this is why he hasn’t gotten any action in five months. 

“He barely does, the last article be posted on Naver about that seafood place in south Gangnam only had, like, six hundred views.” Minho says with a sigh as he personally takes the job of starting the lobster dish. 

“I curse whoever taught him Korean.” 

“He’s lived here for thirty years Namjoon that’s before you were even born, back when you were swimming in your dad.” Daniel says and Namjoon chokes, the words a too harsh reminder of the little event that happened the previous day with Hoseok, Yoongi and himself.

”I heard,” Jimin starts and automatically gets Namjoon’s attention while gathering multiple plates onto a large platter “that he had an affair with Lee Bo Hee.” 

Minho barks a laugh and claps his hands. “I rebuke the spread of that rumor, no way that old grump could woo a goddess such as Lee Bo Hee.” Jimin shrugs with a smile and walks away, walks away in all his glorious devine beauty. 

Namjoon needs a smoke break, he doesn’t even smoke. 

“Ah, anyway are we all bringing guests to the wedding?” Adora chimes from the small walk in pantry that houses a large bulk of their spices and other non perishables. 

This makes Namjoon pause for a moment in panic, it’s a wedding. A wedding is a hot spot for dates, crushes and hook-up’s all of which is no longer up his alley which means in four months when everyone is cozying up to someone he’s going to be the perpetual loner in the corner. So alone, that perhaps whatever higher power is up there will take mercy on him and give him the power of teleportation. So, while couples are on the floor slow dancing he can zap himself back to his apartment and snuggle up with the todoroki pillow only Yoongi knows exists. 

“I want to bring Sungwoon.” Daniel says and the kitchen erupts at the constant on and off again couple. 

“Aren’t you guys broken up right now?” Adora asks as she retreats from the pantry with two hands full of spices. 

Daniel simply shrugs as he he chops up a plate of firm tofu. “He gets like this all the time but don’t worry, he’ll move back in by the end of the week.”

”I don’t know how you’re always so sure.” Namjoon says while watching the overhead screen pop up with new orders and starting on the soup. 

“Once you fall in real love with someone, you just always are sure.” Daniel answers and well, that was that. 

When Namjoon gets home later that night Yoongi and Hoseok are listening to music in the kitchen and making what smells like pre cooked pizza. He sighs, he never minds cooking for them but they never allow him; always using the excuse that he works for ten hours at a restaurant and he doesn’t need to do more cooking when he’s off. He walks right past, into his room to shower off the smell of the restaurant. Namjoon doesn’t even move when the fire alarm goes off and Hoseok is screaming for Yoongi to take the batteries out. It’s when Namjoon is in the middle of getting dressed that Hoseok knocks on his door (he’s learning) to come out and eat with them. He throws on a hoodie forgoing a shirt underneath and properly drying his hair just to walk right out there with them. They have a large sectional couch in the living room yet Yoongi and Hoseok are squeezed together tightly in the corner and Namjoon fucking hates them. He purposely takes a large slice before plopping on the couch far from their side. 

“How was work?” Yoongi asks after wiping crumbs from his mouth with Hoseok’s napkin. 

Namjoon grunts around a bite of pizza chewing quickly and swallowing to answer. “It was any day, Julius popped by to scam us and I’m expected to bring a date to Minho’s wedding.” He says, voice dropping with satire.

”Well, duh.” Hoseok says with a mouth full of pizza. “It’s common sense to bring a date to a wedding no one goes there alone.” 

Namjoon rolls his eyes as he takes another bite and thinks for a bit while finishing it. “I kinda reached the point where I accepted I’m going to die as a lonely cat lady.” 

“That’s just impossible.” Yoongi says while reaching forward to the coffee table for the television remote. “You’re not a lady if anything you’re going to die a lonely cat man but not to worry, Hoseok and myself could be your date. See, most people would have one and you’d have two. You’re extra special Joonie.”

”I don’t know what’s more offending you offering to make me bring friends as a date like this is a middle school dance or you assuming I can’t get a date by the time for the wedding.” Namjoon says before finishing off the rest of his pizza. 

Hoseok snorts and runs his fingers through Yoongi’s frizzy hair. “Let’s be honest Yoongi was only offering us up for the free wedding booze.” 

“Way to pour salt on an open wound.” 

The talk halts for just a few moments as Yoongi switches through the channels to find something interesting to watch before he stops on some random news broadcast. Namjoon is about to ask what the deal is and when he goes to look at Yoongi the latter has an interesting facial expression. 


“Uh,” It’s Hoseok that speaks up, he didn’t hear them speak to eachother so this must be that weird couple mind reading those two have going on. “There’s actually two up and coming weddings.” 

“Who’s the other?”


Namjoon nearly drops the plate of pizza.

His ex, one he dated for two years, the one he nearly moved in with the first person he said I love you to and really and truly meant it, is getting married. “Please say sike.” 

“I’m sorry Joon, you know I still follow him on Instagram and I saw the post. I wanted to tell you sooner but I figured that was kind of a shitty thing to say while you’re working.” Hoseok explains and well, he has a good point. 

Namjoon puts the plate on the coffee table and leans back into the couch, he can feel Hoseok and Yoongi looking at him but he doesn’t turn to face them. He isn’t sure how he feels, it sucks, yea. Knowing someone you were in love with has found another, another they love so much that they decided to sign their life to them. Something Kino couldn’t commit to Namjoon which was the cause of their break up. At the same time, he can’t be mad. They’ve been split for as long as they dated and that’s enough time to have moved on, which he did technically. He did date someone for a few months, who happens to be the last person he dated. Now sure he’s going through a dry spell but he can’t deny not having crushes lately, obviously since Jimin is well.. Jimin. So, Namjoon supposed he can’t be jealous necessarily- not of the happiness that Kino has found. Maybe he’s jealous of the fact that Kino has managed to find something in the first place. 

He throws his head back and groans, loudly while kicking his feet against the couch like a toddler going through a tantrum. “Why me!? What wicked witch cursed me without me realizing?” 

“Could’ve been that old lady who you ran into and spilled that coffee on.” Hoseok humors, though his actions are opposite from his words because he moves over Yoongi and towards Namjoon then massages his shoulders.

”Wasn’t my fault.” Namjoon says, voice muffled since he’s now leaning half his face into Hoseok’s side. “She was legally blind but never wore her glasses, her grandson wasn’t even mad at me.”

”That’s because he wanted her dead for the inheritance.” 

“Yoongi shut up.” 

In an attempt to hit Hoseok with a throw pillow Yoongi misses and it hits Namjoon’s side. He isn’t sure but it seems like a metaphor. “It’s me isn’t it, it has to be me. Even Jimin just hasn’t noticed my presence.” 

“You guys speak every day.” Hoseok says, rubbing his hand in circles on Namjoon’s back.

”Yea but, we don’t speak we just.. work speak.” Namjoon explains and Hoseok huffs out a small laugh.  

“You just need to allow yourself some time Namjoon, before Hoseok I wasn’t with anyone for like six months and look at us, three years later and shit.” Yoongi says and Namjoon peaks up and sees the wide smile on Hoseok’s face. He wants to die. 

“Six months is nothing, if I don’t get a date by Minho’s wedding that would bring me to over a year. It’s not even about sex anymore, I just miss like, romance you know.” Namjoon quietly rants. His friends don’t say anything so instead the silence is filled by a news report going on. 

They don’t really speak about the subject for the rest of the night, choosing to find something actually interesting to watch as a distraction. 

They actually tip toe around the subject for a few days. Namjoon is just going through the loop again, work, Jimin, work and dealing with his two roommates. Which, is still technically one but Yoongi helps buy food and he’s constantly there, so much so that Namjoon wonders what the point is of still paying rent at his smaller apartment on the other side of the city. Whenever he asks Hoseok and Yoongi both just say it’s complicated so Namjoon never be pushes. He gets a break from wedding talk in general since Minho is on a culinary trip for a few days and Yoongi nor Hoseok would dare to bring up Kino. 

It’s Sunday, one of Namjoon’s days off when he realizes just how bad he is at choosing his friends. He’s lounging on the couch, watching an episode of Queer Eye when Hoseok barrels into the apartment with a look akin to that of a child on Christmas morning. Before he gets a chance to ask what’s happening, Hoseok is already on the couch and shoving his phone in Namjoon’s face. 

“What’s this?” Namjoon questions Hoseok, staring at his best friends’ phone. The screen displayed is some sort of cheap looking promotion on an Instagram story. Graphic design is their passion. “Dr. J’s Love Class?” Namjoon reads out. 

Hoseok snorts and snatches his phone back then pockets the device in his hoodie before sitting properly on the couch next to Namjoon. “Do you see where I’m going with this?” 

Namjoon blinks. “No.” 

Hoseok groans and runs his hand through his hair, he looks absolutely exasperated which has Namjoon beyond confused, more than he was when Hoseok randomly barreled into their apartment. He shifts in the couch, and Namjoon is not the happiest boy in the land when Hoseok grabs him by the shoulders and literally shakes him. “This is it! A sign from God!” 

“I thought you were an atheist”

”I’ve seen the light, that’s besides the point. Joon, I think you should take this class! Get this, this guy right- Dr. J he holds seminars for lonely losers like you to find dates” Hoseok explains excitedly, practically bouncing up and down with his hands still on Namjoon’s shoulders. 

He pushes his friend away, dusting off fake dirt from his shoulders before scowling at the intruder sitting on the couch. “That sounds like a dumb scam I would never ever in a million years- “

”I already signed you up for a week of lessons.” 

“You piece of-“

”And I paid using your card, you’ve got to change your security code from one-two-three-four.” Hoseok explains without a hint of shame, Namjoon on the other hand is utterly and completely disrespected. He stands up, beginning to pace around like a mad man. 

“A few things, one I’m not a lonely loser” He kind of is but it’s only okay when he calls himself that, he may be lonely but he still has his prid. “I have work and friends I don’t need no man or woman. Secondly, obviously a fucking scam! Who charges people to give out relationship advice, thirdly I want all my money back by Thursday.” He rants, ending off by picking up a throw pillow and chucking it at Hoseok’s head for good measure. 

Hoseok sits back in the couch, making himself comfortable by throwing his arms over the back of Namjoon’s couch. “I have a few rebuttals, number one you’re a liar you’re crushing so hard on that kid from the restaurant it’s not even funny, you want a hook up or relationship but you lost your mojo and that’s okay. Also, I would charge people too if I had the magic touch, this guy got people to marry Joon.” More marriage talk, just what he wants “Last thing, I’ll get Yoongi to pay you Thursday this phone bill does not pay itself.” 

Namjoon groans and plops back on the sofa, causing Hoseok’s body to bounce slightly from the motion as if the motherfucker wasn’t bouncing from mischief as it is. Namjoon doesn’t need this, he hasn’t lost his mojo, he’s been cursed by a witch and he thinks that’s the best explanation. So what if he has a coworker crush everyone gets that, it doesn’t mean shit. Maybe Yoongi was right, Namjoon does need a bit more time. He just needs to keep going with the flow of life, see where the wind takes him. Go with the current of the universe’s river- 

“Ah, here it is!” Hoseok says, shoving his phone back in Namjoon’s face. He takes it but not without throwing a certain rude look at Hoseok first. 

He looks down at Hoseok’s screen and, “wow-uh, who’s this?”

The shit eating grin on Hoseok’s face deserves to be smacked off. “That’s J, aka Jungkook. The teacher of the dating class. This is his main instagram.”  

Namjoon stares down at the photo for a little while longer. And yet again, wow. “You know, maybe I should do something a little extra to get a date with Jimin. What’s the worst that can happen?” 

Hoseok just smiles as he takes his phone back, “Please, nothing! Which is why this is a great idea. Nothing can be more simple and easy than taking a few classes from practically a super model and scoring a date with a cutie in the process.” 

Well, maybe this situation really isn’t as bad as it sounds. Sure, he’s out of around seventy five bucks but it’s worth a shot. Namjoon, once again, feels over how cursed he must be considering no one in the universe is as affected by a pretty face as he is. 

He sighs, nibbling on his bottom lip as he reels over the situation. “Just one week?” 

“Just one week.” Hoseok reassures, “It starts at eight everyday so it won’t interfere with work and the classes are in the university art room so it’ll feel like you’re right back in school.” 

Namjoon sighs again. “I haven’t taken an art class since grade school. Hoseok, I didn’t even go to regular university I went to culinary school. ” 

“Great, a perfect reminder of what could have been.” 

Namjoon shakes his head. “Just because you decided to become an artist doesn’t mean we all wanted to and you have to chauffeur me because I refuse to allow anyone to see my car at the university.” 

“The post-it prank was hilarious Namjoon, you’re just sensitive.” 

Namjoon stands up and begins to make his way to his bedroom not without a loud “fuck you.” Thrown to Hoseok of course  


“I’m listening Namjoon, you’re just speaking too fast.” Taehyung drags, the Skype calling lags a bit and causes the screen to freeze once more which furthers Namjoon’s current frustration. 

He sighs, shifting his laptop up his bed like that could possibly do anything to help fix the shitty WiFi on both his and Taehyung’s ends. “So yea, now I have to take this stupid class and it’s all Hoseok’s fault.” 

“Hm.” Taehyung sounds as he plays with the strings of his hoodie. He shrugs before sighing and looking at the camera with a cheeky smile. “I hate to say it but I’m team Seok.” 

His jaw drops. “I’m disgusted, betrayed, I feel stabbed in the back. Everyone is team Hoseok yet no one is team Namjoon. You all ask what I’m doing but none of you ask how I’m doing.” 

“As soon as I answered the Skype call the first thing I said was ‘hey Joon how are you doing’” Taehyung deadpans and Namjoon waves him off.

”Whatever, still hurt. Why are you betraying I met you before Hoseok, I took you in when you were a fragile fifteen year old boy.” 

Taehyung smiles though the screen freezes on it for a moment and Namjoon takes it upon himself to take a screenshot. “You met me first because you caught me stealing from Hoseok’s locker.” 

“Besides the point.” He quips. 

“I just think if you’re so against this phase of lack of romance as you call, you should be more open to trying different things. In my eyes there’s not much of a difference in taking some low key class than there is in paying to do one of those speed dating things.” Taehyung explains and yea, Namjoon supposed he sort of makes sense but that doesn’t be mean he can shake the weird feeling he has about this. 

“I guess you’re right, it’s just not something you hear about everyday so that’s what is throwing me off.” 

Taehyung shrugs. “That’s why you shouldn’t feel embarrassed, this is such a rare thing that there’s no point in fretting and besides, it’s just a week of lessons. Just to get you and your dick back on your feet.” 

Namjoon smiles and flips Taehyung off to which the latter mimics with instantly. “Yea, it’s whatever I guess.” 

“Well, Its nearly dinner time here so I’m gonna get going and you should sleep.” 

“Eat well!” Namjoon calls out while Taehyung presses a kiss into his hand and throws it out to the camera. 

Namjoon had noticed two things at once. Both of which involving Taehyung and himself being horribly wrong. This class was not low key, at all. When Hoseok dropped him off and he walked to the art building across from the music building he remembers well he hadn’t noticed anyone walking around him. Namjoon took this as a sign of this place being not as popular as he was afraid of it being, wrong. Very wrong. As soon as he stepped into the designated art room the air left his lungs as he noticed the place was packed. People of all shapes and sizes and even different ethnicities sitting in there. Too afraid of doing a head count, Namjoon guesses there’s around thirty or more people and that’s that, he decides to take a seat way in the back. 

The second thing that he noticed Taehyung and him were wrong about is that there is a very big difference in doing some speed dating event and taking a class on said dating. The latter is currently requiring him to sit in a room of people to listen about all he’s been doing wrong the last nine months, like he’s finally having to admit defeat. The first, is just a five minute chat with different people. No stress, no need to feel like a teenager learning about sex for the first time again. There’s no sign of the man of the hour, so the people around Namjoon are just engaging in measly chatter that he has no interest in listening to.

He chooses to look around the room itself for the time being, paint easels are pushed to one side of the room and there’s a chain and lock around a closet on the left side of the room. He guesses that is where they keep the students’ work while this thing goes on at night. Namjoon has no idea how this Jungkook guy received the green light to use the classroom like this but he guesses he must have some heavy connections.  

The chatter stops at the sound of the classroom door opening and Namjoon holds his breath. When Jungkook walks in everyone starts to clap and wolf whistle, making him laugh and half bow in different directions of the room. He’s holding a stack of papers in his hands that he drops down onto the podium before walking to stand front and center in the room and Namjoon uses this chance to actually and really stare at him. He’s lean for one, not skinny and lean but muscular and lean. Jungkook is wearing a silk black button up, fitted perfectly with dark jeans, he’s good looking, in the photo of an author at the back of a novel way, but good looking nonetheless. Even better in real life than on instagram. 

He has such an interesting face that Namjoon catches himself staring almost too intensely. His features are hard and prominent yet there’s still a softness there, like he was able to shed nearly all of his baby looks but there’s still that small bit clinging and giving him a youthful edge. He looks so much better than he did online, such a feat. 

His legs are long, so long that from his ankles up are like a journey, one that Namjoon travels along for miles and miles cruising through the plains of his muscular thighs and thick calves. He’s beautiful, Namjoon’s thoughts wrap up, he’s just beautiful. 

“Hello everyone.” Namjoon didn’t expect that voice, maybe something deeper but he’s not complaining. Jungkook’s voice is soft yet demanding of attention and attention he has, all eyes are on him watching his every move like if they miss something it will ruin everything. “Welcome to this week’s lessons.” 

Namjoon grips at his knees and leans in as if it makes him closer to Jungkook. “If you’re new here I’m Jeon Jungkook and this is my love class. If you’re old here, well, this week may be your last because after this lesson things will be forced to fall into place for you.” He says with a smile and Namjoon wants to snort, he’s sure Jungkook says that every other few weeks.

But damn is that a pretty smile. 

“This week’s theme..” Jungkook starts before walking towards the chalkboard in the front and writing on it. In neat English the word Forgiveness is placed onto it and right under is the Korean. “Forgiveness! See, does anyone want to guess where I’m going with this?” 

No one raises their hand and Namjoon doesn’t even think about it, he doesn’t know at all. The word seems so random and just out there.   “Hm, tough crowd.” He smiles, before walking over to the podium and grabbing a stack of papers. He places them on the desk of some older woman and tells everyone to take on and pass it down. Namjoon wants to groan because this is seeming more and more like a real class, which, he supposes it sort of is.  

When it gets to Namjoon who’s sitting on a chair in the back of the second row he examines it with squinted eyes. It’s a list of things, all under the header of forgiveness and Namjoon feels a bit dizzy by how absolutely serious this whole thing sort of is. 

“See, one of the biggest issues people have when it comes to trying to enter a new relationship or even rekindling an old flame is not giving them the chance to forgive themselves.” Jungkook explains, while pacing the front of the class room. His slacks are tight and they fit around his bottom side so well that it would be a crime punishable by law if Namjoon didn’t stare. Just a little.

”So, what do you guys think that means?” Jungkook asks, his eyes scanning the room to prey on someone and Namjoon can’t avoid eye contact because he just has the prettiest eye shape, one that can compare to Jimin’s and Namjoon is a man who appreciates pretty things. 

“You in the back.” Jungkook says and fuck. 

“I think..” Namjoon trails off, looking around at the eyes that are starting to fall on him, then looking back to the eyes that matter. “You’re saying we should forgive ourselves for sucking at this shit.” 

The room chuckles and Namjoon watches as Jungkook’s smiles grows bigger and more genuine before he lets out a laugh of his own. “Actually, that’s sort of correct. I do want you all to forgive yourselves for sucking at this shit.” 

He strolls back to the podium and leans against it, clasping his hands on the top. “Forgive yourselves for awkward encounters with prospective lovers, forgive yourselves for failed past relationships, forgive yourselves for not getting out there sooner and having to take a class on how to do it again.” 

The room laughs again and Namjoon finds himself joining, he can feel tension easing from his muscles as he gets more comfortable in the presence of the room and in the presence of Jungkook. 

“If you can’t do that then you’ll find yourselves stuck in a constant cycle of repeating these mistakes in fear of having to reach out and figure out a way to change because let’s face it, doing the same shit over is way easier than looking at yourself and explaining to yourself what you’re doing wrong, forgiving yourself, and fixing it.” Jungkook explains and yea, he really has Namjoons attention at this point. 

“That’s what I really want to tackle this week.” He finishes and everyone claps, Namjoon must have missed the part in the flier where they all have to clap but he ignores it.

As Jungkook continues to speak Namjoon’s interest in the way he speaks and what he speaks about continues to grow. He’s good, Namjoon gives him that. He either knows exactly what he’s talking about or he’s the best bullshitter in the world, so good that the shit he says actually ends up working. An hour flies by at the speed of light and while everyone is packing up and heading out with loud thank you’s thrown in Jungkook’s direction Namjoon finds himself still sat in his seat in pure shock. It made sense, a lot, no- everything Jungkook said made sense and Namjoon found a few of his own issues floating within Jungkook’s words along with solutions he never even thought of. He continues to stay seated as the last of people walk out and he doesn’t consider anything of it until Jungkook comes near and him and clears his throat. 

Namjoon smiles up sheeplishly before quickly standing and smoothing himself out. He holds his hand out to Jungkook and the latter stares for just a moment before taking it into his own and shaking it. “Today was very educational.” Namjoon says and Jungkook nods in gratitude. 

“I try to be, what’s your name you’re new here.” He points out, looking at Namjoon with his head tiled slightly, analyzing him and Namjoon shifts in slight discomfort. 

“I’m Kim Namjoon I’m a lonely loser.” He freezes, eyes wide and his breath caught in his throat. He hadn’t meant that, he didn’t mean to say that and that was totally the fault of his bad habit of being extremely honest in the worst of moments. 

Jungkook doesn’t seem necessarily taken aback, instead he actually laughs and shakes his head. “Nah I’m sure you’re not, you seem kind. Why are you here?” 

Namjoon swallows and sneakily wipes his sweaty hands on his legs. “I uhm, have had bad luck for the last nine months or so..and there’s this person at my job I really want to ask out so.. my friend signed me up here in an effort to help and here I am.” 

“Here you are.” Jungkook murmurs and looks at Namjoon silently for a minute before clasping his hands together. “I don’t usually do this but, tell me about this person and your job.” 

Namjoon is unsure for a moment, not wanting to talk about something like this with someone who’s technically a stranger but in the end he supposed he has nothing to really lose. “I work as a chef at Delizio, the restaurant across from Line store. He’s a waiter, very pretty and kind and I just really wanna ask him out but, my luck doesn’t exist.” 

Jungkook hums, for just a moment Namjoon is worried that Jungkook is going to react negatively to Jimin being a boy. He’s dealt with homophobia before, sadly it’s unavoidable, not as common in such a big city but it’s there, hiding out in the corners along with other scary toxic things the world just can’t seem to shake. He’s lucky to be surrounded by allies and members of the LGBT but, it doesn’t change the slight fear he can get around strangers. This isn’t the case with Jungkook though, he just seems to be genuinely in thought and he snaps his fingers and smiles at Namjoon after a bit longer of silence. 

“You guys work the same hours?” Jungkook asks and Namjoon considers the answer. 

“Pretty much, I work from six in the morning until five in the afternoon and he’s usually there from noon to night so no matter what I always see him.” He answers, leaning against the wall as Jungkook sits in one of the chairs near him. 

“The ball is basically right in the court, I’m sure you have each other’s numbers, no?”

Namjoon shakes his head with a huff. “Nope, never got there. It hasn’t been necessary it’s not like we can cover each other’s shifts.” He remarks. 

Jungkook hums and taps the tip of his fingers against the chair directly in front of him. “You just need to get out of the coworker only zone-“

”I think he knows.” 


”I think he knows I like him, all my friends say I’m obvious and I do know I’ve kind of always been obvious. I’m bad at hiding things, so I think he knows.” Namjoon says fast, another bad habit of his. 

Jungkook smiles like this is the best news ever. “Perfect, so the ball really is in the court, seems there’s just some obstacles you need to get past.” 

“I suppose.”

”Here, give me your phone.” Jungkook requests and Namjoon’s stomach flips but he ignores it. He takes his phone out of his back pocket and unlocks it, handing the device to Jungkook who opens the phone app and starts adding himself as a new contact. 

“What’s this for?” Namjoon asks when Jungkook locks his phone and hands it back to Namjoon. 

“Again, I really don’t usually do this but I feel like this is something that could be solved so easily. I’m gonna come up for something you can do and text you.” Jungkook holds his own phone up and on his lock screen Namjoon could see he texted himself from his phone. 

Namjoon’s face gets a little warm, damn heaters on in the middle of August. He pockets his phone again and ignores the FaceTime requests that he knows is coming from Hoseok who’s probably been waiting outside for atleast fifteen minutes. “Thanks man.” Is all the he can come up with to say. 

Jungkook shakes his head and stands back up, stretching his arms up a bit. “It’s no problem, by the way do I know you from somewhere like, do you think we follow eachother on instagram you’re so crazy familiar.” 

Namjoon doesn’t put any thought into it before saying no. “I actually only found your Instagram through my friend who signed me up so yea, I’ve never seen you before.” 

Jungkook hums yet he still looks confused, he stands there for a moment before walking back to the front of the room and gathering his papers. “Well it was nice meeting you, I’ll try and get back to you as soon as I can. You’ll still be here tomorrow night, right?” 

Namjoon nods as he walks himself to the front door. “Yea, I did technically pay out of my own pocket for this.” 

Jungkook snorts as he straightens out the podium to the original position before the class he started. “Fair point, good night Kim Namjoon.” 

“Goodnight Dr. J.” 

Namjoon feels a bit dazed during the walk to Hoseok’s car. That wasn’t what he expected at all however, he can’t possibly say he’s disappointed. If anything he’s beyond suprised and oddly enough, filled with no regrets. He refuses to give Hoseok any satisfaction though, so when his best friend asks how it went Namjoon just answers with alright and that’s all.

Jungkook doesn’t text him that night, or the morning. Not that Namjoon really expected him to. Seeing Jimin the next day was weird, for lack of better wording. Like, hey, I’m currently taking a class to try and snag a date with you type of weird. It’s not that Jimin would ever expect that anyway, so Namjoon takes Jungkook’s words from the night before and he forgives himself. He forgives himself for taking such unexpected and odd measures to try and fulfill his craving for romance and an excitement that could only be filled with a special type of person entering his life. It works, actually. He ends up feeling anxiety leave his system as he continues to cook and fuck around with the other chefs. It’s the first day since he met Jimin that he went a day ogling Jimin without feeling like an utter creep. Towards the end of his shift, he went outside to catch some fresh air and Daniel was outside, the latter on his lunch break. 

He’s staring off to the side, and is more silent than Namjoon has ever seen him be. It’s getting darker, the air humid from rainfall earlier in the morning and the stickiness makes Namjoon feel as uncomfortable as the silence. He wants to say something, but he feels like if he does he’ll be intruding on some sort of zone that Daniel has put himself in out here.

Daniel was normal throughout the day, so right now Namjoon is a little loss for words. He reaches out to tap his shoulder, trying to see if he can bring his friend and coworker back down to earth, back to the real world. Daniel jumps slightly, as if he really thought he was totally alone in some quiet place and not on the side of the restaurant building where the gutter is dripping loudly onto the floor and cars and loud speaking could be heard all throughout the place.

“Are you okay? Kinda zoned out for a while.” Namjoon says softly, shuffling closer to Daniel who’s arms are wrapped tightly around his waist. 

“I know you’re older than me, but I need to tell you something.” Daniel chooses to say instead and Namjoon can do nothing but nod his head in acknowledgment. 

“Love.” He says, his tone dripping in disgust like the word itself is some acidic poison. “Isn’t galloping in the fields happily, love is confusing and fucking stupid and a fucking struggle but it’s just always there, latching onto you and never willing to let go.” 

Namjoon swallows, nodding his head slowly not like he understands, but just to let Daniel know he was heard. Daniel sighs and pushes the sleeves of his black work shirt up past hi elbows before patting Namjoons chest twice and going back outside. He is utterly confused as he was left to stand alone outside, with no view besides the brick wall of the boutique that’s neighboring the Delizio. He goes back inside after texting Hoseok he doesn’t need dinner, Jimin is in the kitchen when he gets back, giving some sort of instructions to Adora who nods along with pursed lips. Jimin walks away after giving Adora a high five, when he passes Namjoon he gives him a smile and a nod to which he replies with a matching smile promptly. 

When Namjoon retreats to the kitchen he notices Daniel’s energy is right back to what it normally is as he and the sous chef bicker over something that doesn’t have that much importance. “It’s dark chocolate not milk chocolate on the outside!”

”You imbecile, it’s milk chocolate on the outside, dark chocolate on the inside mixed in with the strawberry syrup!” 

Namjoon and Adora share a look while the two continue to go at it, they both definitely know the answer but decide that listening to the two is much more entertaining. Namjoon is too busy laughing at the mess going on in the kitchen while he prepares one of their famous lobster dishes that he nearly doesn’t notice what’s going on right in his line of sight. 

Namjoon wishes he never noticed. 

Right across the restaurant floor, in a straight line from the kitchen and Namjoon’s center station at the kitchen is Park Jimin, that’s not the issue, seeing Jimin is never an issue. No, the problem is watching Jimin flirt and yea, Jimin is extremely kind and he does smile a lot but this isn’t the same thing. Sat that very table is a man who seems just as old as Minho, early thirties he’s looking up at Jimin in a way that Namjoon hopes he could have gotten across the many times that he looked up at Jimin himself. The man is playing with his tie, loosening it as he speaks slowly to Jimin and Jimin is standing to the opposite side of the mans booth, angled in a way that Namjoon can see them both oh so perfectly. Namjoon thinking he didn’t look like a creep today just completely went down the toilet as he continues to stare while Jimin toys with his long earring, as Jimin leans in multiple times to softly bat the man’s arm. 

Maybe Namjoon is panicking. 

He places the lobster in the pot and asks Adora to watch over it while he goes to the bathroom. His intentions are to go, gather his thoughts, remove himself from this stupid jealousy and splash some cold water on his face. His intentions are to go in the bathroom and put on his big boy pants. The last thing Namjoon would ever do in this situation is open his phone and text Jungkook Jimin is flirting with a customer and I’m beyond jealous pls help me before I faint and they call  an ambulance.

That would be a level of embarrassing that not even Namjoon could stoop to. Too bad he did, too bad it doesn’t hit him until Jungkook texts back a few minutes later that he has a plan and Namjoon should meet him after class. He contemplates drowning himself in one of the toilets. They’re clean, as clean as public toilets can get. There’s a lot of space too, enough for Namjoon to bend down and try to drown himself. He keeps staring between his phone and the toilet, keeps rereading the messages and weighing out the pros and cons of dying right now. The universe has different plans however because a customer walks in and scares Namjoon half to death. The man gives him a weird look before shaking his head and moving to a urinal. Namjoon washes his hands, just so it doesn’t seem like he used the bathroom then went back to work with unwashed hands. 

When he returns the man is no longer sat at the booth and Jimin is no longer standing their flirting with the man like he just found his soulmate. Oh fuck, Namjoon blinks, working on autopilot as he moves to finish up the dish. Oh fuck, he really hopes that Jimin didn’t find his soulmate just now because that would be some fuck shit that Namjoon just isn’t really prepared for. He doesn’t even know if he believes in soulmates. 

When Jimin walks into the kitchen to grab another plate of food Namjoon tries hard, so hard to ignore the permanent little grin plastered on Jimin’s face. 

He burns the lobster. 

Namjoon is practically twitching in Hoseok’s car on the way to the university art building. The other doesn’t notice, too busy singing along to some bad song blasting through the car speakers. For a few hours, Namjoon wasn’t so sure as to why he was so nervous. Then it hit him in the shower after work and before he and Hoseok came out. For the longest time, Namjoon just suffered with a huge gap between him and his romance life but now, after seeing the thing with Jimin he feels like he racing against time. He doesn’t own Jimin and of course Jimin is under no obgligation to some how wait for Namjoon and not flirt with hot men in suits. But, that doesn’t mean Namjoon is going to stop trying whatsoever.

He gets to the room a bit earlier than the previous night, there’s still a lot of people in there though, around fifteen or so, this time Namjoon doesn’t sit all the way in the back but closer to the front on the far left side so that he’s still not pulling much attention. Jungkook isn’t in the room yet just like yesterday but this time on top of the podium he could see another stack of white papers, suggesting that Jungkook is somewhere around. As more people filter in the conversations get slightly more louder and Namjoon’s ear focuses on some things, especially two woman who are speaking right behind him. 

“Still haven’t tried it?” A girl asks, the one who’s sat directly behind Namjoon, she kicking at his chair lightly but frequently enough to start to irritate him. 

Another girl, the one across from the person behind Namjoon scoffs and he can hear the shuffling through some bag or purse. “Hell no, he’s so intimidating. I still struggle with making eye contact with him during sessions and answering questions.” 

Jungkook? Surely they can’t be speaking about Jungkook, he’s extremely attractive so Namjoon understands how that can be overwhelming for some people but to call him intimidating? Too harsh a word, that youthfulness to Jungkook’s features and the way he carries himself softens him far too much to consider him intimidating. 

But what does Namjoon know, they only met once. 

The girl behind him laughs just as her foot taps his chair and he huffs, lost to her ears though. “How hard could it be? He’d probably be so flattered you’re taking this class to ask him out.”

Oh, that’s cute. 

Suddenly the chatter behind him halts and he swallows, realizing what had happened. Slowly Namjoon turns around, face without a doubt slightly red. He takes his phone out in a panic, unlocking the device and displaying nothing but his home screen. “New Line collection, called BT21 or something, s’cute.” 

The girls say nothing so he turns back around, mortified. The girl behind him continues to kick at his chair though this time it seems an awful lot like it’s being done on purpose. Jungkook walks in around the time the room is pretty filled, nearly every seat taken again and Namjoon eyes the other feeling a creeping curiosity through him. Jungkook is wearing a white button up that’s tucked perfectly into dark slacks and Namjoon wonders if dark clothing is his thing. He doesn’t even know how old Jungkook is, hopefully older than Namjoon if he’s giving out relationship advice like this. He wonders if Jungkook is actually in a relationship himself, unfortunately for the girl behind him; because how else could Jungkook be so confident in his words if he wasn’t in a ten year committed relationship at the very least. 

“So, I know it’s only been a day but have any of you already applied what we talked about last night to your life today?” Jungkook questions, his back leaning against the front side of podium as he clasps his hands together.

Namjoon wants to answer since he technically had, earlier back in the restaurant but he doesn’t raise his hand. Jungkook looks at him for a moment but doesn’t call on him, instead he’s choosing a gentleman across the room who answers with no, he hasn’t gotten the chance to yet. Jungkook goes on a spiel after receiving this answer, like it was the very thing he was waiting for to be said and Namjoon listens to every word. He’s found himself getting more enraptured in the way Jungkook speaks and how he carries himself than he isn’t in the lesson himself. It’s interesting, to see the type of confidence that Jungkook carries himself with he’s just so sure and Namjoon envies that more than he wishes he did. 

Namjoon has only ever been truly sure about three things: He loves his parents, He loves cooking, He loves his best friends. After that the everything goes downhill, he doesn’t know what his type really is. He’s not sure if he wants to continue to work at the Delizio forever or branch off to his own restaurant one day, he doesn’t even know what he wants to eat after this. In all, Namjoon doesn’t know how well he truly even knows himself beyond his passion for his career but no one’s personality should be built around their job. Jungkook seems so different though, he seems to put thought into everything and know exactly what his stance is and how to communicate that. No one who lacks confidence in themselves speaks the way Jungkook does. 

So yea, perhaps Namjoon is a bit jealous of this stranger. Sue him. 

“That’s why being in love is easy, but dealing with the feelings that come with love aren’t. Love isn’t just one simple thing it’s a mixture of a lot of emotions. So, if you ever backed out of letting yourself be in love with someone you need to forgive yourself because it’s not the easiest thing to process and it’s natural to be scared.” Jungkook says, having Namjoon a bit lost since he zoned out for a while.

The words do spark something in Namjoon, first its the memory of what Daniel had told him earlier on thet day. Love isn’t galloping in the fields happily, love is confusing and fucking stupid and a fucking struggle but it’s always there, latching onto you and never willing to let go. 

Namjoon sinks back into his chair, lowering his head in thought. The realization hits him a bit like a truck, a speeding truck. Going by these words Namjoon wonders if he’s ever actually and truly been in love, because he doesn’t recall ever feeling the struggle they speak of. When Namjoon told Kino he loved him he wasn’t confused, it never felt like a struggle, it just made him feel weightless. He also was never scared, because he doesn’t think he remembers ever feeling a burst and mixture of different emotions. Love to Namjoon has always been easy he’s always known who he loved and why he loved them and that was that. Maybe he’s broken. 

Its only day two, but Namjoon will admit, that perhaps Hoseok and Taehyung were right and this class was a good idea to go through. By the time the lesson wraps up he’s practically vibrating in his seat, waiting on hearing what Jungkook is going to tell him about situation: Jimin. Just like yesterday, though this time with intent, Namjoon remains seated as everyone filters out of the room and offers their gratitude towards Jungkook. The girl that has a crush on him says a bit more, and Namjoon watches as Jungkook smiles brightly at the words and ducks his head down as if he’s shy. When it’s just the two of them, Namjoon stands up quickly, walking towards where Jungkook is leaning against the podium and staring at him with squinted eyes. 



Jungkook quickly pulls his phone out and unlocks it, opening up his notes app. Namjoon heard the two screenshots that Jungkook takes and watches as he sends the images to Namjoon’s phone. When he gets the texts, he unlocks it and stares down at the words Jungkook had typed up. “Read it out loud.” 

Namjoon looks at Jungkook warily for a moment, before unnecessarily clearing his throat and reading the words presented to him. “Operation Namjoon and Jimin, phase one, step back a bit and give Jimin the chance to notice you.” When he finishes reading out the sentence he looks at Jungkook and Jungkook must see how confused he obviously is. 

“You say you’re obvious, well you need to get out of that. Only for a bit, if Jimin thinks you have a crush on him and he’s not sure how he feels about that it may be a bit scary. Spend a few days trying to not seem so..well, however you seem when you’re crushing on someone. Give him the chance to reach out to you and that’s when you know for sure he cares enough.” Jungkook explains, all proud of himself like he’s written the gospel. 

Shit, maybe he did. 

Namjoon just nods but doesn’t say anything, choosing to look back at his phone and read out the next sentence typed out. “Phase two, when Jimin reaches out offer the chance to hang out alone, show him who you are outside the setting of work.” 

“That one is a bit self explanatory I feel.” Jungkook says and Namjoon nods his head in agreement but he bites his lip, apprehensive.

”Why should I bank so hard on him ever reaching out?” He questions, letting his phone hang loosely in his hand for a moment as he looks at Jungkook who has his eyebrows furrowed as if Namjoon questioning his expertise is the most offensive thing he’s ever heard. 

“Because he will.”

”Oh, right okay.” 

“Are you questioning me?”

”Not at all, you’re misunderstanding what I’m saying.” Namjoon drawls, holding Jungkook’s eye contact. 

The latter sighs and rolls his eyes, moving his hand to urge Namjoon to continue reading which he does. “Phase three, leap of faith time. You’ve definitely caught each other’s interests by now and passed the mile stone of hanging out as friends. Time to ask Jimin out.” 

Jungkook doesn’t say anything so Namjoon doesn’t say anything, too busy rereading everything on the paper instead because he’s not sure if this is really what he expected. He’s not necessarily disappointed, but he fails to understand Jungkook’s confidence in this whole plan, it just seems that this is something that looks better on paper than it is going through with the actions.

“Penny for your thoughts?” Jungkook inquires, quietly like if he speaks any louder he’ll interrupt something.

Namjoon reels over how to voice his concern, not wanting to offend Jungkook at all because regardless of anything he’s very grateful the other is going the extra mile for him. “This just seems too easy, like unrealistic you know.” 

Jungkook nods and sighs, stretching a hand out to pat Namjoon’s arm. “It’s not, think about it Namjoon if you went to work tomorrow would you straight up be able to ask him if he would like to hang out with you privately.”

He frowns. “Well, no.” 

“Could you ask him on a date by the end of the week?” 

Namjoon shuffles his feet. “Definitely not.”

”Do you think you could easily seem less like what I assume is a school girl around him?” 

Namjoon narrows his eyes and crosses his arms over his chest. “What makes you think I’m the school girl type when I have a crush.” 

Jungkook matches his stance and tilts his head to the side. “You scream I’m tall and broad but I cry watching cartoon movies.”

Namjoon gasps from the offensive accusation. “Like that’s such a bad thing! They purposely pull heart strings to touch kids’ emotions and shit it’s like scientifically proven.”

”You’re projecting, Namjoon.” 

He relaxes his stance and steps back, maybe that girl was right when she said that Jungkook was intimidating. Taking a deep breath he looks at Jungkook who has a sudden big smile on his face with his hands held together over the podium, the bastard knows. 

“Alright, when do I start?” 

The smile on Jungkook’s face turns into a shit eating grin. “In this house we start once the plan is set, so, tomorrow.” 

“So I just like..ignore him?”

”No, but distance yourself a bit, give him space. Try not to stare or dote on him, try not to initiate too much communication. Give him the chance to see you without the crush in the way.” 

Namjoon just nods in understanding, looking around the room as he collects his thoughts and talks himself into preparing for following through with phase one tomorrow. Jungkook is beginning to clean up the podium when something sparks in his mind and he clears his throat to get the others attention. Jungkook gives him a hum in acknowledgment but doesn’t look up, too busy stuffing the papers into a briefcase that was laying on the side of the podium. 

“Why are you doing this? It seems far beyond what I payed and far beyond what you do for other people.” Namjoon questions and Jungkook pauses, hands pauses mid air as he was just about put the briefcase strap over his shoulder. 

“Sometimes I have feelings about things, and I have a huge feeling about this and that it’ll work out. I’ve done something like this before and the couple I helped out are now married.” Ah, so what Hoseok said was true. “Call me.. Cupid.” 

Namjoon snorts and Jungkook looks at him, questioning the sound. “Sorry, but Cupid? I thought Dr. J’s love class was bad.” 

Jungkook blushes and that takes Namjoon back a bit, quite a bit. “I’m here to make single people not single, not come up with good names for what I do.” 

“Sorry Cupid, no mean to disrespect, tell Aphrodite I said what’s up.” Namjoon words come out faster than his brain can process them and Jungkook stares at him without a hint of humor. 

“That was awful.”

”I’ve done better.”

”Please vacate the premises or I’ll be forced to call the pun police.” 

Namjoon was just about to start walking but he puases in that action and stares at Jungkook. “The pun police? What are you, forty?” 

“If you don’t go I’ll charge you an extra twenty.” 

Namjoon laughs and walks away quickly, he doesn’t miss the chuckles that Jungkook heaves when he’s out of the classroom door however. 

When he gets in Hoseok’s car and Hoseok asks him how it went, this time Namjoon says it went really good but he doesn’t go in detail about the Jimin plan, deciding it’s better to bring it up another time. He does tell Taehyung though, during a late night Skype session long after he got home when Hoseok and Yoongi had already went to bed. He didn’t intend on telling Taehyung when he opened the Skype call, but the honest word vomit happened again and Namjoon couldn’t help himself after Taehyung said to tell him everything about his first two classes. 

Taehyung seems apprehensive to say something after Namjoon finishes telling him everything and he tilts his head at the look on Taehyung’s face, knowing that the younger is reeling over his next words carefully. “What?” Namjoon pushes. 

“I just..Okay, there’s a difference in taking a class to help boost your confidence in the dating field and having a step by step plan to follow for asking someone out. I just feel those things should come natural, this could lead to trouble.” Taehyung says and Namjoon’s heart sinks a bit. 

He shakes his head quickly, waving his arm around as if he’s pushing Taehyung’s words out of the space around him. “Nonsense, if it doesn’t work it doesn’t work and Jimin’s never going to find out. You’re the one who said if I want to get back out there I should be willing to take extra steps.” 

Taehyung leans back against his computer chair, holding his mug of what Namjoon presumes to be tea closer to his chest. Ever since Taehyung landed in London he’s been sending Namjoon photos of all the tea he drinks, stereotypical fucker that one. “Fair, I said that yea but I didn’t think this would be one of those steps. I don’t know I just can’t shake the bad feeling.”

”Well Jungkook says he has a good feeling and he’s the expert.” 

Taehyung meets him with a look and Namjoon groans. “Coming from the man who was close to backing out of these lessons you seem to suddenly have a lot of faith after only two days.”

”It be like that sometimes.” Namjoon says in English and Taehyung laughs, rolling his eyes as he places the mug on the table his laptop is sat on. 

“You sound like my roommate, anyway whatever. I’ll leave you to this one I hope it all goes well though, last thing I want is for you to really lose hope you know.” Taehyung assures him and Namjoon nods with a tight lipped smile, giving a thumbs up to Taehyung.

”Don’t worry, I’m really trying to not get my hopes up too much so if it doesn’t work out it won’t suck as much.” 

“It’ll suck either way, you’ve always been the type to act like a school girl during your crushes.” Taehyung says and Namjoon nearly chokes. 

“Oh for fucks sake.” 

Surprisingly, phase one starts without a hitch, in Namjoon’s opinion. Whenever Jimin enters the kitchen, Namjoon busies himself with his work as he talks to the chefs and gives everyone that bright smile he always has. Namjoon doesn’t stare (when Jimin can notice him, that is) and he makes sure to never keep eye contact for more than two seconds. He doesn’t think that anything really changed, though, it’s not really possible for him to be sure about that because it isn’t like him and Jimin have ever had a deep conversation regardless, not enough for him to know Jimin any better than the basic things that he does know. Which isn’t a lot, Namjoon sighs.

He texts Jungkook periodically through the first day of phase one. Asking him if what he’s doing is good enough, if he should change anything and so on but Jungkook keeps giving him words of encouragement, saying that from what he’s hearing so far Namjoon is doing well. He tries not to take it too far though, not wanting to cross the line of being toxic by completely ignoring Jimin so he does try to speak up sparingly every few hours or so. 

When he gets home that day he spills everything to Hoseok, Yoongi is at work which makes the air easier because he has a feeling Yoongi and Taehyung are going to be on the same page about the situation. Luckily for him, Hoseok is for once, team Namjoon. 

“I think it has a bit of a romantic feel to it, yanno? I can’t speak for Jimin but I would be flattered if someone went to this extent because they were so afraid of asking me out.” Hoseok says around a mouthful of lucky charms.

“Thank you!” Namjoon tells him, confidence flowing through his body. “Thank you, see this is exactly what I was hoping to hear.”

”I’m glad I can be of service, are you going to the class tonight?” Hoseok questions, placing his emptied cereal bowl on the coffee table and Namjoon just knows for a fact that when Yoongi gets home he’s going to kill Hoseok for that. 

“Well yea, why wouldn’t I?” Namjoon questions, kicking his feet up on the coffee table and eyeing Hoseok. 

The latter shrugs as he rubs his stomach. “Seems kinda arbitrary since you already have the aid of the teacher himself at your service now.” He explains and Namjoon just frowns. 

“Well it’s not arbitrary, I have reasons. Just because Jungkook has this plan set up for me doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t learn more about the things he has to teach.” He tells his friend, right before stealing the remote from the other side of Hoseok and switching the channel. 

The latter doesn’t fight over it, just kicks his foot to the side and hitting Namjoon’s leg. “I guess that’s fair, I wanna meet this guy.” 

“Ah!” Namjoon exclaims, then lowers the volume on the television. “I was looking at his Instagram and most of his photos are tagged in Ulsan, I wonder if he lives there and takes the four hour trip daily to get up here for the classes isn’t that weird?” 

Hoseok nods his head and hums in agreement. “Yea, it reminds me of when Yoongi and me were long distance. Maybe Jungkook’s partner lives up here.” 

Namjoon’s bites his lower lip and gives Hoseok a quizzical look. “How are you so sure he has a partner?”

”He’s never said anything? I mean I’m not sure, it just makes sense you know.” He says and Namjoon nods because yea, he guess it does makes sense he just forgot about the fact that Jungkook might be out there in love with someone. It’s just oddly weird to think about. “We should get going soon.”

Hoseok checks the time on his phone and groans. “Sure you don’t want to take your car? I want to wait here for Yoongi he should be back any minute.” 

“No fuck you, being my driver is apart of your punishment for going behind my back in the first place.” Namjoon says as he and Hoseok stand to go put their shoes on. 

“Should I still be punished if things are working out for you in the end?”

”You technically committed credit card fraud, Hoseok. You’re lucky I don’t take you to the police.” Namjoon tells him with a shove towards his arm. 

The class that night was just like the previous two except this time, Namjoon didn’t stick around to speak to Jungkook. He didn’t leave quick either, waiting until there was only a handful of people left before standing and giving Jungkook a big smile, which he reciprocated automatically. Jungkook did text him late that night though, a simple text telling him good luck for tomorrow. Namjoon replied with a quick thanks and locked his phone, laying back in his bed while staring up at his rotating ceiling fan. The last thing Namjoon thought before falling asleep that night was that Jungkook is nice, and he likes nice. 

The next few days go by relatively smoothly, Namjoon’s thing with Jimin holds up well and Jungkook always asks for updates on what’s happening. They speak a lot, always about Jimin, the plan and classes, yet the conversation flows easy and it’s never too weird. Namjoon thinks he owes that to Jungkook, just for him being such a good conversationalist. When Saturday rolls around, there’s a bit of a switch in things sadly. It hits Namjoon, while he’s listening to Jimin and Adora laugh about some ridiculous thing that a customer did out on the floor- that he’s not sure if anything actually changed. Jimin doesn’t seem to have noticed Namjoon’s attempts at distancing himself, he never reaches out or particularly makes any sort of comment on the subject and when Namjoon thinks about this his confidence deflated by quite a lot. 

At first, he considers trying to take drastic measures but he throws away that idea quickly, not wanting to the very thing that could cause which is step into official asshole territory. So, for the second time in a moment of sheer panic, he texts Namjoon.

To: Dr. Jungkook 4:32pm

hey man I don’t think this thing is working

nothings changing

From: Dr. Jungkook 4:41pm

hm how sure are you

To: Dr. Jungkook 4:54 pm 

like as sure as the first pregnant woman

From: Dr. Jungkook 4:57 pm

im not sure how sure that is but

call me  

Jungkook takes his break after reading Jungkook’s last text, standing on the side of the restaurant as he usually does, this time with some discomfort since the weather is so humid. Jungkook picks up on the second ring, like his phone was in his hands and he was just waiting for the call. “Hello.”

”Hey so tell me what’s going on.” Jungkook says, his voice sounds a bit coarse and Namjoon could hear some shuffling on the other end. 

“Did I wake you up or distract you from something?” Namjoon questions, his ears tuning in on some more shuffling on Jungkook’s end and he hears a low ‘keep sleeping okay?’

Ah, so he really does have a partner, whom he speaks just so gently to. Namjoon has a bit of a stomach ache. 

“No, no don’t worry you have my attention, what’s going on?” Jungkook asks more firmly this time and the background noise is gone. 

Namjoon picks at a loose thread on the bottom of his apron while he worries his upper lip and glances at the small space between the restaurant and the neighboring store towards the busy loud street. “I just don’t feel like anything really changed with Jimin? I realized it today while cooking, I just feel he hasn’t noticed any change in the air between us either.” 

Jungkook huffs and goes mute for a few seconds, Namjoon allows the street chatter and speeding cars fill the space of silence between them. “There’s one thing I can think of, a bit of a classic.” 

“I’m all ears.” 

“How opposed are you to clichè’s?” Jungkook presses, causing Namjoon to raise an eyebrow that he can’t see. “Because I’m a man of them myself.” 

“I’m not sure where you’re going with this.” Namjoon says honestly, sinking down onto a crate that’s placed near the wall. 

“Listen, do you work tomorrow?” Jungkook asks and Namjoon could hear background noise again, this time the sound of running water. He wonders if Jungkook is about to shower. 

Namjoon swallows and stands back up, wiping his pants of the minuscule broken grains of rice that were on the crate. “No, I’m off Sunday’s and Monday’s.” 

“Tuesday then, Tuesday I’m going to come in around whatever time you take your lunch break.” Jungkook announces, his voice is beginning to echo, like he closed the bathroom door. 

“For what? Will you tell me after class tonight.” Once the words leave his mouth he feels a chill. Tomorrow, is technically supposed to be his last nights of classes but Namjoon isn’t sure he’s anywhere near ready to stop them. He’s learned a lot which was the point, this week or so has been so filled with learning and action that Namjoon never thought he was near doing but it’s all thanks to Jungkook. He doesn’t want to stop classes but he also doesn’t want to pay for another week of them (and possibly a week after that) because as Hoseok would say, at that point it would be arbitrary. Namjoon can’t even say his ceaseless state of lugubrious loneliness is still in exsistence since he’s met Jungkook. And that just has to count for something. 

Jungkook chuckles though Namjoon is confused to why. “No, you’ll find out on Tuesday, you’re such a kid.” 

He scoffs. “You don’t know me I’m the epitome of adulthood I file my taxes.” 

“Congratulations you won’t be thrown in state prison with maximum security and no chance of bail.” Jungkook deadpans, that damn water still running in the background. 

He smiles, twisting his fingers around the bottom of his apron. “That’s not fair, I’m sure I’d only get like, medium security, minimum if I’m lucky.” 

Jungkook hung up. 

Namjoon furrows his eyebrows, checking his phone and seeing if there was some mistake, if the connection got weird. But no, Jungkook hung up. 

Later on that night when Taehyung texts Namjoon for updates and he tells his friend everything, Taehyung just sends back three paragraphs of laughing emojis without ever explaining himself. Namjoon fidgets all throughout class that night, then class the next night and by the time work rolls around on Tuesday he’s just about ready to explode. Him and Jungkook haven’t spoken since the phone conversation the other day, Namjoon had answered questions through classes, trying to do the most to capture Jungkook’s attention (since the two may not meet much, or ever, after operation Jimin). Namjoon never even tries to bring it up, though, but he promises that he will today. No matter what Jungkook’s whole plan is he’s going to bring up whether or not he can attend more classes. It’s part of the reason why he’s tweaking out so much today, Jimin too of course.

Jungkook finally texts Namjoon a little after noon about what time he’s taking his lunch and Namjoon promptly tells him he’s going at three. He pockets his phone after answering, previously standing in the pantry he pulls out the Panko bread crumbs he needed to get regardless. When he goes to return to his station, Daniel is staring at him with a pointed look. “Hm interesting, what’s got you texting away?” 

Namjoon is taking aback, frowning as he organizes around his station and trying his hardest to ignore Jimin who just walked in to grab a few more dishes. “What are you talking about? I sent one text.” 

“Yea but you been checking your phone periodically.” Daniel points out, lightly shoving a finger in Namjoon’s chest. “You’re never on your phone Minho always says we need to start following your lead.” 

“I’ve just been a little preoccupied with something, it’s nothing really.” Namjoon says, its the truth so atleast he has that. 

Daniel says nothing else, just stares at Namjoon a little longer before smiling and moving back to his station. He’s off his case for now but knowing Daniel, this topic is going to make a return before he knows it. It doesn’t help now, having someone in the kitchen suspicious of what he’s been doing lately, he’s still struggling with not feeling some sort of guilt whenever Jimin’s here about having a practical coach show him at to creep into Jimin’s heart. As Jungkook taught him this week, he needs to forgive himself which he’s in the process of so he gets those thoughts out of his head and continues with his work. 

Its a little after three when Jungkook walks in, Namjoon is sitting at a booth in the center, a perfect view of the front door and around a lot of the restaurant where Jimin may be. He’s following Jungkook directions that were sent to him just a few minutes before he walked in, be in plain sight. Jungkook looks towards the table Namjoon said he would be at, smiling and strutting over in all that confidence that never seems to leave Jungkook. He’s wearing something far more casual than his nightly seminar attire, ripped jeans and a black shirt. Simple, yet just as fitting for Jungkook as those silk shirts and slacks are, oh does Namjoon envy him. 

When Jungkook sits right across from him, having told the restaurant host that he’s got a table, he folds his hands over the table and leans in. “Okay, So first things first show me who Jimin is.” 

Namjoon is confused until he remembers that it isn’t like Jungkook had ever seen Jimin before, it’s not even like Namjoon had ever described him to Jungkook before. “There’s only two boys on the floor, guess who?” 

Jungkook slowly pushes himself back, eyes raking the large room and settling on Jimin’s exact spot, where he’s laughing with a table of elder woman near the window booth. “Right there with no doubt.” 

Namjoon balls up a napkin and throws it at Jungkook who knocks it away from his face with quickness. “No fair, how’d you guess?” 

He shrugs, letting his back fall lazily against the booth and stretching his legs out so that the toe of his sneakers hits against Namjoon’s leg. “Easy, I know nothing of your past relationships but that boy right there screams your type. I can’t see you going for the other one.” 

Namjoon looks towards his right, where the other male waiter, Han, is cleaning a table of leftover dishes. Namjoon thinks that Han’s body is pretty similar to Jungkook’s. He doesn’t say anything about it though, just shrugs and sits back the way Jungkook is. “So what’s happening next.” 

“We’re going to flirt.” 

Namjoon shoots up quickly and he can feel the way the muscles contract on his face into a look of utter and consuming shock. “What!?” 

“Or atleast look like it, relax, we just need to get Jimin to see you with someone who can be a romantical interest so that he’s reminded you could be one.” Jungkook explains coolly.

”No! He’ll just assume I’m in a relationship then I really lose any chance with him!” Namjoon whisper screams before covering his face with his hands. 

Namjoon feels thin fingers wrap around his wrists, pulling his hands from his face slowly and he doesn’t fight against it, Jungkook is smiling, he’s nice. Namjoon loves nice. “How about this.” Jungkook starts off and Namjoon gives him his exasperated attention.

”If Jimin asks if we’re dating then the plan continues you say no, and we’ll have a perfect transition into phase one. If Jimin never asks, then..I’m sorry but maybe it is possible he just doesn’t see you in a romantic light and I give you another week of classes, for free.” Namjoon’s eats really perk up at the last words and he thinks about it. The classes are necessary and he likes the learning, the classes are fun. He likes the classes.

”Deal.” Namjoon agrees and holds Jungkook’s hand out to shake it. When Jimin begins to walk by, Jungkook retracts his hand and puts his elbow on the table, then after placing his head in his palm he smiles at Namjoon. 

Namjoon scrunched up his nose. “What you are doing?” 

“Trying to look dreamily into your eyes.” He says, continuing to stare up at Namjoon and smile. 

He can’t help but to laugh. Jungkook signs and lifts himself back up. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Namjoon says in between laughter, wiping a fake tear from his eyes for the dramatics. “That was so lame who does that?” 

“Couples in love!” 

“In love with being wierdo’s.” 

This time it’s Jungkook who covers his face with his hands. “You’re so impossible to work with, my worst client ever.” 

Namjoon’s stomach burns. “I thought you only did this for one other person, the one who got married.” He brings up, tapping his finger against the table. 

“Nah, there’s one other but it’s  more complicated than you think.” Jungkook says and Namjoon just nods like he understands, though he definitely doesn’t. 

From the kitchen, flames get high on one of the stove and Namjoon can see Daniel grilling up one of their beef chunks. He turns away, already so used to the scene since he does it himself nearly twenty times a week. When he goes back to speak to Jungkook the other is staring at the kitchen, still watching the flames dance up in the air as the smell of well seasoned meat travels through the area. Jungkook swallows and Namjoon supposes he must be hungry. “Ah you came here for lunch technically.” 

Jungkook twitches from the sudden words, looking at Namjoon with his full attention. “What’s that?” He asks, when Namjoon takes out three containers of tupprware. 

“I cooked a lot last night but Yoongi didn’t eat because he felt sick, so I brought leftovers over here, to share.” Namjoon says, unwrapping the napkin covered silverware on the table and Jungkook does the same. 

“Who’s Yoongi?” Jungkook asks, taking a container from Namjoon’s hands and flipping the lid in order to dig in. 

“Oh!” Namjoon says around a chunk of crab meat. “He’s my best friend slash roommates boyfriend, he’s in our house so much that he’s practically the third roommate.” 

“Oh wow, this is delicious. You’re a chef so I didn’t expect any less but this is so good Namjoon.” Jungkook says, eating the food fast and in big bites. Namjoon beams. 

“Thank you, here you’ve got sauce around your lips.” He says, passing Jungkook a napkin, the other takes it but chooses to lick the sauce around his mouth instead and Namjoon feels weird, maybe he’s eating too fast too. “So uh.. do you live alone?”

Namjoon still has never found out the reason why Jungkook is in Ulsan so much, so he figures this is as good a tiny as any to fit this into some conversation. “I actually do, I recently moved out of my older brother’s apartment.” 

“Older brother?” 

“Yea, his name is Jin he’s one of the art professors at the university which is how I have access to that classroom.” Jungkook explains and Namjoon finds himself smiling. He’s always wondered about that but never expected the answer to be kind of, well, cute. 

Namjoon taps his fingers against the table in thought, Jungkook is still staring intently at him though this time with a little less passion than before. He’s not sure how to do this, not sure if it makes more sense to continue with natural conversation or try to be a little extra and actually seem like real genuine flirting. This is all so weird. 

“Oh, he’s looking.” Jungkook says, his eyes glancing up behind Namjoon every few seconds to see what Namjoon presumes is Jimin. 

“Really?” Namjoon questions in a low voice, as if the subject of their stakeout could hear him anyway.  

Jungkook nods but says nothing, his next action is what surprises Namjoon the most. Leaning his left arm out, he lets the fingers on that arm dance across Namjoon’s right hand. Namjoon is shocked,he doesn’t pull his hand from the intimate contact but he’s staring at Jungkook with that wild and confused look again, his technical teacher sighs but he also doesn’t stop the movement. 

“Nothing says flirting like hand to hand contact, stop freaking out so much you need to relax! This isn’t even real it makes me wonder how you’ll ever handle doing something like this with Jimin.” Jungkook exclaims and Namjoon knows he’s exaggerating for the sake of getting things through his head. Still, Jungkook’s words give him a sense of discomfort. 

“Is he still looking?” Namjoon chooses to reply with, casting his eyes around the restaurant in search for his crush.

His eyes land on Jimin’s back, where he can be seen in the kitchen gathering something from Minho’s station then he turns to walk back out onto the floor and Namjoon moves his face quickly, looking back at Jungkook. “We’ve piqued his interest, I’m sure of that now I’ll back off a bit so we don’t breach looking like an actual couple territory.” Jungkook says. 

Namjoon’s hand goes cold as Jungkook’s dancing fingers end their show and go back to lay on his lap. “Why do you think Jimin is my type?” 

Jungkook has another mouthful of food when Namjoon presents the question, he swallows then lays his head in the palm of his hand with the arm that’s on the table. This time, it doesn’t seem like he’s doing it to flirt but it actually seems more like a habit to him. “Jimin has a good build, but something about him seems..softer, sweeter. It could be his smile I don’t know but something about you just seems so much like you like the softer things in life.” 

“Hm, maybe.” 

Jungkook laughs to himself, like he just remembered some inside joke and shakes his head. “Anyway, Namjoon how old are you?” 

Namjoon takes another bite of food as Jungkook asks this, he settles down the fork and quirks his head to the side. “Why?”

”I can’t know my best students age?” 

“I’m your best?”

”Under technicalities.” Is Jungkook’s reply and Namjoon snorts. 

“I’m twenty-five, what about you?” He inquires, the need to know more about Jungkook aching. How weird. 

Jungkook scratches the back of his head and he looks nervous before sighing and dropping the hand. “I’m twenty-four.” 

Namjoon must have heard wrong, maybe he has something in his ear because no way in this universe is Jungkook younger than him. “Come again?” He gasps, leaning forward so he can eye Jungkook better as if trying to see the age magically appear on his forehead to confirm the truth. 

“Uhm, yea I get that a lot but it doesn’t mean I’m not good at what I do.” And Namjoon supposes it’s fair. “Besides you got me by a year, that’s nothing.” 

He supposes Jungkook’s right but hearing the fact that he’s younger in anyway is still slightly weird, seeing as to how Jungkook just seems to have all of his shit together and he got it wrapped up by twenty four while Namjoon is well, still trying. “Is this the only job you do?” He questions, picking at the food once again. 

Jungkook shakes his head, his eyes folllwing something behind Namjoon and he leans in again, Jimin must be somewhere near by. “No, I work with troubled children during the day at  the Yang Sun School.”

”you have a degree in psychology.” 

Jungkook nods with a prideful smile and Namjoon finds himself matching the smile. “Yea, I’ve always been in love with the human psyche and helping one’s in need. Working with kids wasn’t my original plan but it pays well and I’ve learned to enjoy myself.” 

Namjoon finds himself laughing at Jungkook’s words and when the other looks at him confusedly he shakes his head. “It’s just funny, you’re like a dream guy that people make up to get their parents off their backs. Handsome, charming, works with children? It’s hilarious.” 

Jungkook’s lips quirk. “You think I’m handsome and charming?” 

Flustered, Namjoon grabs a napkin to wipe at the most likely invisible crumbs on his face. “Well it helps, for your jobs. It’s only natural, like how I’m a chef and I’m good with my hands.” Namjoon’s words catch up with him and his face grows hot. 


They don’t continue the conversation because Namjoon’s phone begins to sound in a loud alarm and he sighs, packing the empty Tupperware containers back up. “I guess that’s  that, I’ve got to get back to work.” 

“Right let me help.” Jungkook says, finishing the food leftover in is container before handing it to Namjoon along with the silverware so he can dump it off in the kitchen. 

“Thank you by the way.” Namjoon says, as he holds all of the dishes against his chest. “For coming today.” 

Jungkook waves him off as he stands awkwardly near the table, one hand propped up on it. “It’s nothing, this was the easiest way to complete phase one.” 

Namjoon wasn’t just talking about Operation Jimin. 

They say their goodbyes and Namjoon goes to the employee lockers to put his apron back on and grab a new pair of latex gloves. When he returns to the kitchen, Jimin is there, laughing at something Minho is yelling at Daniel for. They don’t acknowledge each other for at first, Namjoon already starting on a new dish while Jimin helps set up a few trays of the same dessert. It’s not until Namjoon is placing chicken into the oven a few minutes later that Jimin walks over to him, a small tentative smile on his face, the smile that seems so permanently stuck on him. 

“Hey, dating on the job?” Jimin says, and Namjoon turns his entire body to face the other quickly. His heart is racing and he’s not sure if he’s imagining the sweat already coming from his pores or not. 

“Excuse me?”

”That guy you were eating with, are you dating him?” 

Namjoon could faint, he could faint.

The transition into phase two did not happen smoothly, but it happened quickly. It firstly started off with peer pressure and bullying, in Namjoon’s opinion. Hoseok yelled at him for an entire day that he can’t put it off. He then promptly went to ask Jungkook when he should start phase two and the conversation was quick. Jungkook asked if he told Jimin they weren’t dating, Namjoon said yes as he did so right after Jimin asked. Jungkook then said, then what the fuck we go into battle tomorrow. That “tomorrow” was actually two days ago and Namjoon’s a bit of a chicken, sue him. He still hasn’t asked Jungkook if he can attend more classes, preferably for free, but for some reason the more Namjoon and Jungkook text the less of an urge he has to attend the classes. He reasons once again, that it must be because he has the teacher himself constantly. 

Namjoon is terrified of asking Jimin to hang out, just them. Jungkook keeps saying that Namjoon can’t make it seem like he’s asking him out on a date; Namjoon still doesn’t know what the fuck that means because how do you ask someone, as an adult, to hang out with them privately and not make it seem like a date. So, unbeknownst to Jungkook, he’s been watching YouTube videos created by girls in their teens on how to ask your crush to hang out. Namjoon think he’s learned quite a lot, he’s even learned how to do a fifteen minute makeup look when his crush randomly asks to hang out. He’s not sure when he’ll use that skill set yet, but having it is what’s important. 

He was so close to asking Jimin the day before, just trying to spit the words right out his mouth but sadly, it didn’t quite work out because Jimin ended up going home early after throwing up in the employee’s bathroom. That has to be a metaphor for something but Namjoon tries to not think too hard about it because he’s afraid he’ll cry. Surprisingly, his crush is present at work today looking as good as new. Minho asks multiple times if Jimin is okay and if he wants to go home all he has to do is say the word, but Jimin is stubborn and persistent in his stance that he can make it through this shift just fine and he ate something bad yesterday. Namjoon is nothing, if not a gentleman so he thinks that holding off on asking Jimin to hang out is in the best interest for him (and for Namjoon admittedly, but Jungkook would kill him if he said that). 

The final asking Jimin out came at an unsuspecting moment, the words just flew from Namjoon’s mouth like the word vomit that he’s so used to. Mostly everyone stayed overtime on Friday, after catering to a large amount of customers sparked by a parade that went on outside. Jimin is cleaning up one of the main booths just as Namjoon is finally leaving and it hits him, right in the guts.

No, it literally hit him in the guts, as Jimin turned to bring a basin of dishes to the kitchen sink Namjoon was about to walk out, however not getting a good perception of where each other was walking the corner of the basin Jimin was holding hit Namjoon’s stomach hard and he gasps, reeling over to hold his stomach as Jimin immediately dropped the basin back on the table to be at his aid. 

“Are you okay!? Namjoon I am so so sorry.” Jimin says, placing a hand on Namjoon’s back then another on his arm, trying to pull the arm away so he can inspect the damage. Namjoon isn’t sure how well internal bleeding shows up externally. 

“I think I’ll surive.” He replies coarsely, slowly standing up while clutching at his throbbing stomach. “Shit.”

Jimin steps back to give him some space and nods, still looking so unsure. “I’m so sorry this is so embarrassing holy shit, I’m sorry.”

”Jimin it’s fine really.”

Jimi shakes his head, his fingers rubbing at his  temples. “Imagine if you were a customer I hate myself, I wouldn’t be able to make that up.” 

“Well thank god I’m not a customer and you can make it up, me a drink after work tomorrow or something.” The words basically came out on their own accord, perhaps it was the universe pulling them from Namjoon’s body.

”Hm, deal! Pick any place you want and we’ll go.” Jimin agreeing so quickly didn’t register in Namjoon’s mind until he was nodding his head but not saying anything, but that’s because he can’t. He’s been stunned into silence. 

When Namjoon leaves the restaurant for the night, he’s in a state of bewilderment. It’s odd, Namjoon doesn’t want to make it deep or think about it too much but, it’s odd. When he returns to the apartment, Yoongi and Hoseok are wide awake and messing around in the living room but he doesn’t open his mouth about what happened, not just yet atleast. Taehyung and him have an overdo Skype call and yet, Namjoon waits on opening up his laptop and calling his friend. What does happen though, is as soon as he’s finished with his shower, before even getting dressed he texts Jungkook absolutely everything that happened that night. Even the unnecessary details like how work was and if his stomach is okay (it’s a little better). He’s happy to have made such a great friend in Jungkook despite the incredibly odd circumstances with which they met. 

Eventually, he does tell Hoseok and Yoongi about what happened, they were bound to find out regardless so it was just a matter of when and better sooner than later. Hoseok is in awe when Namjoon explains how things been going, in pure disbelief that Jungkook’s plan has worked for two phases so far. “You shouldn’t be so shocked, you’re the one who forced me into it.” 

“Well, thank the universe I did.” Is Hoseok’s reply and yea, Namjoon agrees thank the universe and all that. 

The only problem, that Namjoon dwelled over all night and all morning before Jimin came in was well, where the hell do they go. A lot of the nicest bars and clubs are just too intimate and expensive for two friends ? To hang out with each other for the first time. The solution came to him in the form of Yoongi coming to the restaurant to get an early lunch for him and his photography partner. Namjoon didn’t get much of a chance to speak with him but the few words they shared was enough for Namjoon’s mind to work again. Yoongi had walked into the Kitchen for a quick hello, perfectly welcomed because he knows Minho, but he did have to put on a pair of latex gloves and a mask. 

“Working hard Joonie?” Yoongi teases, taking a peak at the salmon Namjoon is cooking before getting his wandering hand smacked away. 

“Always, I’m going to permanently ban you from ever coming back here again it’s a distraction and a health risk.” Namjoon says, throwing a look at Minho without any real bite behind it. 

“Don’t get your panties in a twist I’m leaving, we have to drive down to the river soon to get some stock photos for the up and coming fall travel pamphlets.” Yoongi says, already peeling his latex gloves off. 

Namjoon nods and adds spicy sauce to the steaming salmon. “I’ll see you at the apartment later?” 

Yoongi groans and Namjoon looks up, watching as the elder has a mini tantrum. “No, I picked up a five hour shift at the bar.” He says after taking his mask off and throwing it away. “But I’ll see you in the morning or late if you’re still up.” He says before walking away with the bag of food in hand.

Namjoon doesn’t consider it for the first few seconds, his mind too preoccupied with the up and coming orders along with finishing the salmon that his mind doesn’t comprehend the ingenious idea. When Jimin comes in that day he looks sheepish and asks how Namjoon’s stomach feels, he assured him that he’s perfectly fine and it’s not even bruised. For a moment, he gets terrified at the thought of Jimin forgetting about what he said last night or not ever have meaning it. He’s basically shaking in anticipation as Jimin hustles around to get prepared for his shift, then he turns to Namjoon with expecting eyes. “Do you know anywhere to hang out tonight? I’d invite you to one of the parties at my university, but I figured you’re kind of past that since I’m a senior and I am too.” 

For a moment Jimin gets this look on his face like he may have offended Namjoon but he shakes his head with a smile, reassuring him. “I know where! This bar my friend works at, don’t worry the moment I graduated I stopped going to college parties.” So that’s half true, Namjoon went to culinary school so parties there didn’t really exist, but he definitely piggy backed off of Hoseok and Taehyung’s regular college fun. 

Jimin nods and shoots Namjoon a thumbs up before he wraps an apron around his waist and Namjoon watches with a dry mouth as Jimin nimble fingers work the strings around his narrow waistline. “Cool, I’ll talk to you later.” 

“Cool.” He repeats, he doesn’t know why.

Namjoon weighs the pros and the cons of invited Jimin to the place that Yoongi works at. On the bad side, he knows for a fact Yoongi will watch like a hawk and he doesn’t need an adult chaperoning him and another adults hangout. On the pro side however, ever since Namjoon began phase one he’s been walking on thin ice with a chance at fucking up happening any moment. So yes, having Yoongi there and in their would seem too much like a chaperoning thing but Namjoon having someone else there, someone with a more official tie to what’s going on is less like chaperoning and more like- mentoring, Namjoon digs that. 

To: Dr. Jungkook 2:16 pm

from a bro to a bro

will you go out with me tonight to mentor me on my hangout with jimin 

just hide out somewhere so you can scope what I’m doing right and wrong

From: Dr. Jungkook 2:19 pm

I don’t like it when you call me bro


thought you’d never ask :D

send me the address



Work being exceptionally busy that day helped to calm any nerves Namjoon had about the night, which unexpectedly enough, weren’t that bad. He’s taking this as a good sign, he’s getting more comfortable with Jimin and with Jimin related things which is helping to erase the nervousness he’s always dealt with surrounding the other. Namjoon mentally gives himself a huge pat on the back when after his long shift and the return to his locker, he notice a change of clothes he forgot he packed early in the morning in preparation for tonight. Jimin was taking a while to meet Namjoon after work, which wasn’t a problem because the longer Jimin took to finish up whatever it was he was doing, the more time Namjoon had to fix himself up and attempt to look as good as possible. No, it’s not a date but this is technically a predate, a practice date and presentation matter always. From the employee bathroom he could hear Jimin’s voice filtering through the locker room and he steps out, small sports bag of stuff hanging off one shoulder.

When he steps all the way out Jimin eyes him for a moment longer than usual which causes Namjoon’s confidence to soar to a level it hasn’t been, ever. “So, I was thinking I’d drive us to the bar then I’ll drop you back home whenever your ready.” 

Jimin pauses in loosening the sweater he wore during work today. “What? No you drink, I’m fine taking the train home. I’m worried though, are you sure you should be planning on driving?” 

Yes, Namjoon is positive. He’s not at all against having a drink or two but Namjoon is a lightweight, and Jimin definitely doesn’t need to see him drunk yet. “

”I’m not planning on drinking much, not in that mood. The bar is just cool, has a nice ambience it’s  like the only bar in the world where you can just sit and really relax.” Namjoon explains truthfully and Jimin doesn’t push the subject anymore, just saying he trusts him. 

The ride to the bar is silent but not awkward, Namjoon lets the radio softly fill up the silence as he travels through the city streets, swerving through the still busy roads and groups of people ready to enjoy the night life just as they are. The bar isn’t at all that busy when they get there, the night still too young especially since this bar is more used for people to come to after a wild night out to regroup and drink just a bit more before finally going home and crashing. Jimin is looking around the cool tone lights shining through the place while Namjoon searches around for a familiar face. Jungkook hasn’t texted him about being there yet, but Namjoon has no doubts that the younger is either already in the building or just about to get there. 

Jimin chooses to sit at the bar stool and Namjoon is having mixed feelings about that since it’s definitely less intimate than sitting at the booths, which would be awkward. Sadly though, they’d be in direct view of Yoongi who’s bound to come out at any moment.  Namjoon will now have two men watching him, the one he was originally afraid of and the one he needs. If he didn’t feel like a child before well, he very much so feels like one now. 

It’s Yoongi who he spots first, his friend comes out with a pitcher of beer ready to hand to three people at a booth right across from the bar when their eyes meet. Jimin is scanning the drink menu when Yoongi sees them and he looks between Namjoon and Jimin a couple of times, he doesn’t say anything or make any dramatic movement - but there’s a smirk, a simple little smirk and that has Namjoon on edge almost automatically.

“Any recommendations?” Jimin’s voice flows through Namjoon’s ears, slightly muffled from the low chatter of the place, the music and the television displaying some type of crime show. 

“The cinnamon cashew milk drink, it’s so good it’s nuts.” Namjoon can’t stop himself before the joke comes out and he mentally kicks himself, then throws his body off a cliff. 

Jimin stares at him for just a moment before bursting out in laughter and slapping Namjoon’s shoulder. “I can’t believe how lame you are, that was so bad.” 

He’s about to respond, a profusive apology to tumble out of his lips but Yoongi walks to them before he gets anything out, a notepad in his hand and the smirk still on his lips. “Hello, can I get you guys anything.” 

“Hmm” Jimin mumbles, turning his head as he looks at Yoongi. “Wait you guys are friends! I’ve seen you at the restaurant a lot.” 

Namjoon internally groans, trying his hardest to stare at Yoongi intently, his eyes going big and basically begging the elder to not do anything that could potentially embarrass Namjoon throughout the night. “You caught me! I’m his best friend’s boyfriend.” Yoongi says, before throwing a casual look to Namjoon, well what would be casual to anyone else but Namjoon knows it’s a look of him wanting an explanation later. 

“Lucky for me.” Namjoon says with a faux smile, a look for Yoongi to read as yes, he will explain later. The other definitely picks up on it quickly, before scribbling down a man order Namjoon already knows is for him before looking back at Jimin. 

“So what can I get for you..Jimin?” He questions, purposely pretending to not be sure on his name definitely just to vex Namjoon. 

“Ah, the cashew milk drink please.” Jimin says and throws a wink at Namjoon which he prays Yoongi didn’t catch. The elder just nods his head as he scribbles it down before leaving, promising to return with the drinks soon. 

After prompting him to talk about his school, a writing major- sexy. Jimin goes on a spiel about classes and his current professors, during which Namjoon’s phone begins to vibrate out of control. He doesn’t check on it until Yoongi brings out their drinks using them both occupied with sipping their designated beverages, a light beer Namjoon, as an excuse to check his phone. 

Dr. Jungkook 10:08pm 

I’m in a booth adjacent from the bar by the bathrooms 

gotta make sure jimin doesn’t see me or its over 

this is so weird wow like,

check your phone 



He sighs, taking another gulp of his beer as he casually looks over his shoulder, towards where the bathroom are where sure enough a tuff of familiar brown hair is sitting perfectly stationary at a booth behind him. Jungkook smiles with a wink, before putting his hood over his head and turning his face to the side so that he’s by no longer recognizable. Namjoon realizes that perhaps this wasn’t the best idea in the world and he sort of wants to run away. He turns his focus back to Jimin, then asks the student more questions about his home life and how he thinks about working at the restaurant. The questions are boring and beyond unoriginal but for some reason, despite not having the burning feel of anxiety in his stomach, Namjoon is struggling to find a way to connect with Jimin right now. It could be anything, though his biggest guest is that his brain isn’t working up to speed with the whole stress of being watched like prey by two people, by two hawks. This definitely, was not the best idea and Namjoon admits he may have gone in over his head. 

“What about you?” Jimin prompts, right after taking a long sip from the cashew drink he seems to be enjoying so much. “What do you like to do besides cook.”

Namjoon shrugs, struggling to stop himself from looking over his shoulder again to eye Jungkook. “I just like to go with the flow, cooking in itself is so orderly and there’s a lot of rules to follow. As much as I love it, when I don’t need to do it I just go with the flow of things to give myself a break from the well ordered life style being a chef comes with.” 

“I get that! It’s why I actually like working at the restaurant, business is so interesting and always fun to analyze but sometimes I want a break from that. Working the restaurant floor is so hectic, so I honestly enjoy my time there and you’re all great too.”  Jimin says, and Namjoon smiles glad to see that the restaurant is a place that Jimin enjoys being at so much. 

It slows down though, the conversation slows down and Namjoon is loosing his mind. He doesn’t know how to keep Jimin’s interest, how to ignite some sort of spark to help get him into phase three. The conversation remains too casual and Namjoon is at a consistent loss for words and questions, trying his hardest to come up with things but accidentally thinking to ask the same questions he asked a few minutes ago. His phone is buzzing and he knows it’s Jungkook, without a doubt the younger is sensing whatever is going on.

Instead of opening his phone again right there, Namjoon excuses himself to the bathroom and walks right past Jungkook with a loud clear of his throat. He can hear the cupid boy follow him in, and as soon as the door closes he turns around in the small bathroom with wild eyes and paces. 

“What the fuck! This is so weird since when do I suck so bad at talking to people!?” Namjoon questions, hands resting high on his hips.

”Well, to be fair I don’t think human communication has ever been your fortè to begin with.” Jungkook tries and Namjoon growls. “Kidding kidding, but tell me what’s happening because watching you two talk for thirty seconds then look around for one minute is slowly killing me.” 

Something bangs the bathroom door, which frightens both Namjoon and Jungkook causing them to jump. They hear laughter from the other end, indicating some people are in front of the bathroom area and messing around. Namjoon sighs in relief and looks at Jungkook. “What if he comes here to check on me? We can’t stand here like this it’s too risky.” 

“You’re not wrong but where do we..” Jungkook’s voice trails off as he looks towards one of the stalls, the very last and biggest one in the row of other stalls and urinals. 

“No-No, ew!” 

Jungkook just rolls his eyes and grabs Namjoon’s hand, leading him to the stall and closing then locking the door behind them. “Ssh, we have to be quick anyway so just tell me why you’re not speaking.”

”it’s not that we aren’t I just don’t know what to say! I don’t..” He doesn’t feel anything but something about saying that out loud is really scary. He swallows it down, then looks into the eyes of Jungkook who’s standing so close. “I don’t know it’s just awkward.” 

Jungkook gives him a comforting smile, then pats the side of Namjoon’s arm. “You just have to relax.” Namjoon is relaxed. “Maybe don’t be afraid to talk about yourself for a bit so that Jimin can see if he relates to you with anything, it’ll spark something.” Namjoon doesn’t feel comfortable telling Jimin his whole life story, it doesn’t feel right, atleast not now. 

“Alright.” He says for conversation sake and to rush this, leaving Jimin out there alone for too long is just as bad as being a shit conversationalist after getting Jimin to take him out in the first place. 

Jungkook just nods like the world will work itself out and Namjoon can’t help but to laugh softly at the look of excitement and faith in the younger’s face. He unlocks the door, opening it to step outside which was a mistake. There’s a man in there using the urinal, one who must have been quiet as a mouse because Namjoon didn’t hear him come in at all, though to be fair he was a bit distracted. The man eyes then cautiously, watching in confusion as both of them stand in the door way of the stall in silence and Namjoon can’t see Jungkook’s face as he’s in front of him but he can imagine the wide eyes. The man makes a face, then shakes his head as he finishes before leaving without even washing his hands. 

“Oh god please we need to leave, that guy definitely thinks we just fucked.” Jungkook says, rushing out of the bathroom and leaving first, probably to bring less attention to them.

He leaves Namjoon standing in the bathroom with a burning face and a burning feeling in the core of his stomach.  

The night doesn’t last much longer beyond that, they decide after finishing those drinks that they should probably just go home. Neither one pays, Yoongi claiming it’s on the house as long as Namjoon drives him back the apartment. He couldn’t say yes fast enough, because having Yoongi in the car just makes it that much less awkward rather than forcing Jimin into a confined space with his socially inept self. When he drops Jimin off, the guy actually seems to still be in great spirit which confuses Namjoon, he says a kind goodbye to both Namjoon and Yoongi which confuses him so much as he watches Jimin trot into his building. It makes him think that it might just be possible Jimin doesn’t hate him for life after tonight. 

“So, wanna tell me what the fuck?” Yoongi speaks up, snapping Namjoon out of his reverie as he slides himself into the front see by stepping over the center console. “And don’t try to hide the fact that Jungkook guy was there because I see everything.” 

“I just- like, I just didn’t know where we should go tonight and when you mentioned having work I offered going there so fast because it’s the most familiar and comfortable place for me.” Namjoon explains, pulling out it the apartment car lot and back onto the main road. 

“And Jungkook?” Yoongi yawns, stretching his arms over his head as he lowers down the window and lets the cooling night air brush against his hand. 

“Right well he was there as like, a mentor, to help watch over things.” He explains, lowering his own window to feel the cool air and hopefully his bad personally traits will fall out the window. 

Yoongi taps his hand against the passenger door a few times and as soon as Namjoon goes to tell him to quit it he speaks up with his own words. “I feel like you speak more to Jungkook than you do to Jimin.” 

“Well duh, like any student and teacher talk the most. It’s all about the learning process.” 


Yoongi says nothing else and Namjoon appreciates that, when they get to the apartment they go their separate ways. Yoongi sliding into Hoseok’s bedroom and Namjoon going into the bathroom to wash up and make himself comfortable before bed. He thinks about how the night went, thinks about Jimin’s reaction to everything. Namjoon is no socicology expert, but all things considered it does seem possible Jimin’s night wasn’t as awkward and shitty as Namjoon had previously thought. He seemed to be calm during the night, truly relaxed after the long day at work and Namjoon smiles to himself in the shower, maybe he was exaggerating earlier. 

It comes naturally, he’s alone in the shower after a long day, his roommate(s) are tucked away in the apartment elsewhere so it just happens naturally. He leans his back against the shower wall, allowing the warm water to run down his body, easing him from any left over tension as he slides a hand from his chest to his groin. He gets hard fast and he hisses as he wraps a hand fully around his length, biting down hard on his bottom lip at the feeling of bliss that comes from relieving yourself. Maybe closing his eyes to enjoy it was the mistake, the first thing his brain imagines are fingers. Not his of course, but fingers that belong to another person touching his body as he squeezes himself and begins to work his hand in an up and down motion, a nice pace not too fast for a quick finish but not too slow as to torturing himself. The next thing his imagination conjures up are eyes, eyes that are far too familiar and far too warm. 

They’re not Jimin’s. 

They're not Jimin’s eyes or hands but Namjoon is getting so turned on he tries not to dwell on the reality of the situation, choosing to lose himself in the pleasure. His mind continues to work against him as a complete body comes into view. A lean muscular one, one with a good height and always confidence stance.  Imaginary hands working his cock with him and Namjoon groans, just as he and his invisible lover work the head together, squeezing and pulling and making his knees go weak. Imagining the person was one thing, because as he was working himself over the edge he never had to deep the situation since it was mostly in his head, it isn’t until Namjoon comes that he moans it out, bracing one hand on the wall in front of him while the other quickens the pace over his cock until he’s finally clenching then releasing over the shower wall and onto the shower floor. Then he comes with a shout, a poisonous shout that burns his tongue. “Jungkook!” 

There’s a loud knock on the bathroom door right then and there and Namjoon freezes, eyes wide as he stands under the shower water with uneven breaths and a warm face. “U-uh, Namjoon..hey buddy I have to use the shower too.” It’s Yoongi, poor thing probably waited outside for a few minutes just so he can jump right back in after his own long day of work. 

Yoongi heard, he may not have heard everything but there’s not a doubt in Namjoon’s mind that he heard the shout of Jungkook’s name. “I’ll be right out!” Namjoon calls back, his body filling with so much shame that he wants to hide under his covers and never return, never to see the light of day again. 

He cleans up any residue with quickness before he wraps a towel around himself and vacates the bathroom without looking Yoongi in the eye at all. He just moaned Jungkook’s name while masturbating, he just imagined Jungkook while masturbating. Namjoon sits on his bed in shock, getting the sheets wet with his still soaked body. He doesn’t know what came over him, he’s never seen Jungkook like.. that before. Namjoon grips the towel tightly and closes his eyes, as if he’s purging his mind of anything Jungkook and sexual, of anything Jungkook and non platonic. He chalks it up to a fluke, his horny mind just picturing an attractive person that Namjoon doesn’t consider a sibling. Besides, Jungkook is single Namjoon knows that for sure now which is probably why his mind just chose Jungkook so quickly. It should’ve been Jimin, at the very least. It’s been Jimin for weeks. It’s okay though, it’s okay because Jungkook is attractive and his mind was confused and that’s all there is to it. Nothing else matters as hopefully Yoongi keeps that between them.   

Luckily for him, they decide to take a small break before phase three so things aren’t too rushed. Namjoon doesn’t see Jungkook for three days but that’s not the worst thing in the world considering after the shower fiasco he could use nothing more than a break from a physical reminder of what Jungkook is. Namjoon didn’t know when he would see Jungkook next until the younger texted him, asking him to attend another week of classes free of charge. Namjoon should say no, he should. The classes aren’t necessary anymore, he feels bad for going for free when that is one of Jungkook’s source of income, also he knows the bullying he’s going to face from Hoseok and Yoongi and he doesn’t know if it’s worth it. However, Namjoon decides for Jungkook it very much is worth it and after only a few minutes of leaving him on read Namjoon replies that he will definitely be in attendance this week. 

When Namjoon is getting ready to leave on the first day of Jungkook’s new round of classes Hoseok is standing in the door way, a small frown on his face and Namjoon sighs already knowing what’s to come. “Yes?”

”You’re trying to look presentable, you never did when you had that first week of those classes.” He says casually, strolling over to take a seat on Namjoon’s bed.

Namjoon shrugs as he fixes the sweatshirt in the mirror, the weather getting cooler by the day and it’s necessary to have another layer to cover up. “I was just bored, sorry for trying to look like and adult.” 

Hoseok throws his head back and laughs, leaning over to grab one of Namjoon’s pillows and holds it close to his chest. Namjoon walks around the bed and subtly kicks the todoroki pillow so that it’s completely out of sight. “You’re the worst, I’m just trying to point things out for you.”

”I don’t know what you’re getting at.” He plays dumb. 

Hoseok hums and nods his head, in clear mockery like he absolutely knows what game Namjoon is playing at, which to be fair he probably does. “I’m saying that maybe just maybe you’re showing up to these classes again just for Jungkook.” 

“Of course it’s just for Jungkook, he’s the one teaching the lessons.” 

“You know what I mean.” Hoseok says and Namjoon does. “Just, stop overthinking things okay.” 

“Okay, now get out I hate it when you’re in here when I leave.” Namjoon says, slapping Hoseok’s shoulder and pushing him off the of bed. His best friend laughs as he gets up and heads out of Namjoons room first. 

“Have a good night, Joon.” 

“I’ll try.” He will. 

The class was packed that night, probably more so than it was every night that Namjoon went the other week. Different from before too, Jungkook was actually already inside of the classroom, smiling and talking with some of his students. Namjoon spots the girls from those weeks ago, the one who has a crush on Jungkook and her annoying ass friend. Namjoon decides to sit behind the annoying one and when him and Jungkook make eye contact for the first time that night, for the first time in three days they smile at each other. Jungkook mouths something quickly but Namjoon couldn’t catch what he was saying. He doesn’t get a chance to ask Jungkook to clarify himself because the psychologist begins class right away after that, giving everyone and introduction to his lesson about congratulating yourself when you do right in a relationship or the road to a relationship. Every time the girls in front of him say something about Jungkook while Jungkook speaks he kicks the back of the annoying girls chair. She’s being rude, that’s why. 

When the class ends Namjoon waits behind for everyone to leave, just as he did so many times before, Jungkook walks over to him slowly, sitting on the chair right before Namjoon, just as he did the first time they met. “Did you like it?

Namjoon nods. “Very much so, it was really eloquent the topic seemed broad at first but when you went in detail.. your words always floor me.” The honesty feels like a breath of fresh beautiful scented air. 

“Thank you, Namjoon.” Jungkook says with a creased smile, he looks down at his lap and plays with his thumbs, not much sound but the low hum of the automatic air blowing through the class. 

“What did you mouth to me, by the way? Before class started I didn’t catch it.” He questions. Leaning back against his chair while using the back of Jungkook’s to push himself. 

“Ah!” Jungkook looks at him a sweet grin. “I asked if you missed me.” 

Something’s off and Namjoon doesn’t realize it  until he’s Skyping with Taehyung. He’s already stressed out after the younger says he won’t be coming back home for another month. After Namjoon’s child like anger gets talked down they change the subject, from work to Minho’s wedding to Yoongi finally getting his own apartment key that day; then finally Jungkook, Jimin, and the plan. He’s telling Taehyung just about everything, leaving out the shower mistake because well, no. When he gets to explaining about Jungkook cancelling class the day before and tonight, then sending out a mass text of him giving people refunds for the cancellations is when the feeling settles in Namjoon’s stomach. It’s an unpleasant burning feeling and he absolutely hates it, Taehyung suggests the possibility that Jungkook could be sick and as far as Namjoon knows that’s an issue. 

Jungkook hasn’t really spoken to him and he could be sick out there with not much help. Namjoon reasons that his brother must be so busy as a professor, and Jungkook lives alone. So he’s worried, that’s not an issue it’s perfectly okay for a friend to be worried about another. Taehyung and him hang up, Namjoon was struggling to talk casually thought the turmoil that is his thoughts. What if Jungkook is dead in a ditch somewhere? No, that’s impossible otherwise he wouldn’t be able to cancel class think Namjoon. 

He reels over what the best thing to do is for most of that night until he wakes up Sunday with an idea. While Namjoon and ideas do not always work out, he sort of has high hopes for this one. Namjoon unlocks his phone and stares down at god’s gift to the world, the universe’s kiss to keep us with blessings. 

Social media. 

Namjoon opens up Snapchat and spreads his fingers onto the initial screen so that the map opens up. He spots Jungkook’s avatar quickly, having had the youngers Snapchat for a while which he mainly uses to take pictures at the gym and promote his class. He zooms in on Jungkook until the detailed street shows and Namjoon huffs in acknowledgement and gets up to get ready. The motive of his dedication is pure worry and the need to check up on his friend. Logically, it would technically make more sense for him to just wait a few more hours, it’s only ten and there’s actually no gaurentee that Jungkook is even awake, even if he’s sick.

Namjoon ends up moving even faster, just at the prospect of Jungkook being sick and alone on a Monday morning. He’s always been a worrier, it’s not his fault. It’s why he was upset when Taehyung says his return is being delayed, Namjoon has the same amount of worry for all of his friends- it’s natural. When Hoseok asks where he’s going so early on a Monday while Namjoon is sitting in the kitchen quickly downing a bowl of cereal. He’s fully dressed and he brushed his hair, a miracle for all but too much of a suspicion to Hoseok. 

“Nowhere, I’m not going anywhere.” Namjoon says while putting the empty bowl of cereal in the sink. He then grabs his phone and promptly leaves the apartment and well yes, Namjoon can admit that probably wasn’t the best idea. 

He begins to speed walk down the hallway and towards the elevator to defend himself from the chance of Hoseok possibly following him. 

He drives towards the area Snapchat displayed slowly, a bit of morning traffic backing up the streets, probably from some political campaign that is going on today. The radio is humming out some soft love song and Namjoon turns up the sound, finding himself enjoying the crooning of the female and male duet song. He continues the drive to the location but slows once he gets near the street, he pulls over into a parking space between two stores and near a rice shop. When he looks down the street he smiles in satisfaction, there’s only one apartment complex on the street, surrounded by a lot of stores and a fancy motel. It’s like things are just unfolding just for him.

He walks straight to the apartment complex, the lobby is pretty quiet and there’s not much going around even for it already being eleven. Namjoon just supposes that it’s a college based apartment so a lot of people are actually still sleeping. When he gets inside he goes towards a waiting area and takes out his phone, calling Jungkook number. The first try Jungkook doesn’t answer but Namjoon tries again and on the third ring Jungkook’s groggy voice filters in. “Hello?” Shit, he woke him up. 

“Hey uh, let me up?” Namjoon says, he’s smiling excited to hear the surprise in Jungkook’s voice. 

“Uhm.” He doesn’t get a surprised Jungkook. “What the fuck are you talking about?”

”I..uh.” He didn’t think this through, he really did not think this through and Namjoon is now realizing that he’s a bit of a fucking idiot. “I’m at your apartment complex, in the lobby, I been worried about you lately so I decided to do a surprise check up?

Jungkook is shuffling around in the other end and then he hears the younger cough loudly. Which means, he may have been sick. “You’re not at my apartment complex lobby because you have to be buzzed through or have a key card.” 

Namjoon doesn’t breath for atleast half a minute, “I’m sorry..what did you just say?” 

“Oh my god Namjoon you fool, where are you?” Jungkook sounds exasperated and Namjoon feels like he needs to be out in a coma. 

“I..I’m.. I’m at the apartment complex on Sanyeo, by the rice shop.” Namjoon tells him, standing up then pacing around the lobby while some elderly passerby’s stare at him. 

There’s a beat, then Jungkook starts laughing in a way that Namjoon never heard him laugh. It’s high pitched and squeaky, something that you don’t normally hear coming from a grown adult. “You dumbass! You’re at Jin’s complex oh my god, how did you even?” 

Namjoon groans into his hands while Jungkook’s laughter continues, there’s a clattering sound then Jungkook’s voice gets distant for just a moment and supposes the phone fell. “Wow,” He takes a deep breath. “Wow, okay I’ll send you my actual address and then you text me when you actually get here.”

Namjoon says nothing, he just hangs up with a the ringing of Jungkook’s insistent laughter being the last thing he hears. He stares at the lobby, in pure shock and barely blinking. Namjoon takes a slow stroll to his car, barely looking anywhere but right ahead of him. When he gets to his car, he yells, loudly. Possibly scaring the shit out of the few people close enough to actual hear the scream. 

He drives to Jungkook’s real apartment way slower than the drive to his brothers apartment. It’s not traffic this time that holds Namjoon back, but impending doom. He’s going to have to look Jungkook in the eye and admit not only how he managed to get that original address in the first place but also deal with how he hadn’t thought this through and ended up at the wrong place. This went from Namjoon trying to come off as the Best Buddy Ever to him just coming off as the Biggest Loser Ever

He makes sure to triple check Jungkook’s text, just to be absolutely positive that this is in fact his apartment and all three times everything checks out just fine. He walks inside, but it stopped by a large locked glass door and following Jungkook’s texted instructions, he calls him again. Jungkook picks up on the second ring, this time sounding way more awake than earlier. “Sure you're here?” 

Namjoon rolls his eyes as if Jungkook can see. “Yes, please let me up so I can check on you and also face humiliation sooner rather than later.” 

Jungkook chuckles. “Right, there should be numbers one to ten on the left side of the button panel, go to four and press thirteen.” Namjoon follows instructions and there’s a loud buzz followed by a light over the the glass door flashing green and Namjoon is able to pass right through. 

“Now just come on up, I’ll be waiting for you.” Jungkook says before hanging up and Namjoon swallows, willing his mind to now dwell on anything at all. 

The apartment complex is nice, it’s not as upscale and reserved as his brothers but it’s very nice for someone at Jungkook’s age. It’s spacious and far more bustling than the last one, there’s avant garde art pieces aligning on the wall that lead towards the elevator he’s about to take. When he gets on there’s a young girl inside already, she looks up at him with big eyes and he smiles and gives her a small wave, she shuffles away a bit but he doesn’t get offended, he’s a stranger if anything he’s glad she’s well taught. 

The door opens on the fourth floor and they both get out, the young girl running down the hall to an already open door where there’s an older woman waiting for her. Namjoon reads the number signs and sees he has to walk past the girls door to get to Jungkook’s, he does, bowing down in respect towards the young girl and older woman still standing in the door way as the grandmother yells about something Namjoon doesn’t care enough to dissect. When he gets to door thirteen he braces himself for a few moments before knocking loud and clearly, stepping back a bit so he won’t be too uncomfortably close to Jungkook when the door opens. There’s a few seconds of nothing and Namjoon tells himself no way he’s in the wrong place, luckily he’s not, before he can face a mental turmoil and before his heart starts racing- Jungkook opens the door. 

For lack of better wording, Namjoon is motherfucking shocked, this is earth shattering. It’s unbelievable, never in Namjoon’s many years of living on this earth had he ever thought he’d see this. He blinks a few times, the shock not dissipating nor is the vision in front of him. 

It’s real, it’s real and the amazement of it is nearly brining Namjoon to a consternation- he’s utterly perplexed. The shock hits Namjoon in the core so hard that his stomach aches from the feeling. 

Jungkook is wearing color. 

Jungkook opens the door wider and steps to the side, motioning with his head for Namjoon to enter which he does, sliding his shoes off right at the door when he gets in. Jungkook’s apartment is nice, it’s as big as Hoseok's and his own, yet Jungkook shares this space by himself. The floors are surprisingly carpeted, stopping only at the polished limestone floor that covers the kitchen, he supposes Jungkook does get payed well at the children’s school. Although he makes a lot of money with the classes, Namjoon can’t see him paying for all of this on mainly that. 

“So, mind telling me like..everything?” Jungkook says, kicking Namjoon’s shoes over so they don’t sit directly in front of the door. “Follow me.” 

Namjoon walks behind Jungkook while playing with his hands, not yet ready to spill the beans on evertything. Jungkook leads him to the living room area, sitting on the large couch while Namjoon chooses to take the love seat adjacent from it and looks at Jungkook. The younger is sat there, one leg propped up on the couch while he looks right back at Namjoon.

“So.” Namjoon starts, leaning into the comfortable seat as the atmosphere gets more awkward, or maybe that’s just him. “I’m a good friend.” 


”And you kept cancelling class and not really speaking with me.”

”I see.”

Namjoon begins to scratch at the couch a bit, giving his body something to do to relieve himself of all the nerves gathering up. “So I decided to pay you a surprise visit so that I can check up on you, but I didn't know where you lived so I stalked you on the Snapchat map..”

Jungkook licks his lip as he furrows his brows at Namjoon, who’s melting under the gaze. “You stalked my Snapchat.. instead of texting me for my address?” 

Namjoon pauses in his scratching and looks away from Jungkook, feeling the shame and embarrassment wash over his body. He just truly, truly does not think things through. “I.. was afraid you wouldn’t give it to me or not even answer me.”

”So you thought, stalking me was going to make me want to see you?” Jungkook asks carefully and Namjoon exhales heavily. 

“I’m a good friend I was worried and I thought a surprise would be-“ Don’t say cute, don’t say cute. “Cu..ool. Cool.” 

 “I mean, shit Namjoon you really have me at a loss for words.” Jungkook says then massages his arm and Namjoon tries at a smile but decides that could be the single most awkward thing he could do right now. “Thank you? Yea thank you know no one really went to the wrong side of town for me before so it’s cool. By the way I wasn’t avoiding you or anything, life has been testy lately so..” 

Namjoon looks at Jungkook and he realizes that Jungkook does look tired, less full of child like excitement than usually and he frowns; he then reaches across to pat Jungkook’s knee. “What’s going on?” 

Jungkook shakes his head, then pushes loose fringe back against his hair, he looks soft. That’s what’s the most shocking about Jungkook today, he just looks so purely soft and Namjoon has never seen him like this before. 

“Just stress.”

”But stress about what?” Namjoon pushes then bites his lip, he doesn’t want to push too hard, but he came here to help Jungkook and he’s not leaving until he can do so I whatever way possible. 

“Life Namjoon, we’re adults right?” That’s it, Jungkook got snappy just then and Namjoon frowns because that makes him feel awful when all he’s trying to do is just help his friend. That’s all he wants to do. 

“Look I know you didn’t ask for me, but I tried hard to get to you because that’s all I do, try. I’m really worried about you and I don’t even get why but I am. Please cooperate instead of being a dick.” Namjoon says but he regrets it, especially when Jungkook looks a bit shocked at the words.

“What did you call me?”

Namjoon shakes his head and raises his hands in defense. “I don’t mean it in the genuinely mean way, I mean it in the friend way!” 

“That’s not the fucking tone you said it with!” 

“Well maybe you’re tone deaf then!” Namjoon shouts, crossing his arms over his chest and crosses his left leg over the right like what he just said was so revolutionary that no one can touch him now. 

“That’s- are you...Namjoon that’s not what tone deaf means.” Okay, so maybe Jungkook can touch him. 

Namjoon sheepishly relaxes his pose before pouting and looking away. “I... it was like a pun.” 

“No you definitely just forgot what tone deaf means.” Jungkook just leans over and places his right hand on Namjoon’s shoulder. “And it’s okay, it’s okay to be honest.” 

Namjoon sighs. “You’re right, you’re right Jungkook I’m sorry.” 

Jungkook rubs his temples and leans back into the couch. He’s silent for a few minutes and Namjoon allows it, but he continues to watch Jungkook as the younger looks like he wants to go right to sleep, right there on the couch. His purple sweatshirt is too big, the sleeves puffy around his hand as they envelope them and Namjoon wants to maybe get Jungkook a hot drink and watch as he uses the long sleeves to protect himself from the hot mug. Namjoon just wants to make sure Jungkook is okay. 

“Life’s just really tough.” He speaks up after another few minutes of silence, his hand hanging over the chair as he stares up at ghe ceiling, a pretty wooden fan as something to look at. 

“I’m sorry for trying to force you to speak right now. If you don’t want to that’s- well that’s just fine and I can go no harm.” Namjoon tells him quietly, whispering because it just seems like speaking at a normal volume could make the room shatter. 

Jungkook shakes his head as he lowers it down, looking at Namjoon again but this time much more softer. Jungkook is just so soft today, he’s soft and Namjoon loves soft. “I just.. don’t want to bother you with my orobelems that you’ll have no solutions for, it’s not worth it, making you feel useless.” 

 “I’m here to give you an ear, sometimes ranting is enough to help and then that’s enough to make me feel like I did something good for you here.” Namjoon says and Jungkook doesn’t reply quickly. 

He actually doesn’t reply for a few minutes and Namjoon is so close to throwing in the towel, offering to leave and then try again another day. Jungkook begins to speak though, and nothing in the room, maybe nothing in the whole country would be enough to distract Namjoon from Jungkook’s speaking and his habit of licking lips excessively. Or his habit of biting his nails in between his words, the slight stutter he get sometimes then gives a sheepish smile in apology before continuing right back with whatever he was saying. 

Jungkook is just so soft. 

“I was adopted, not even born in Korea that’s crazy to me. My birth parents were though they lived in America for school, but they were young and afraid of what their parents would do so through my birth mothers aunt they managed to sneak my mother to Korea without her parents knowing so she could give birth, then my birth aunt gave me up to an amazing family who I love. Eventually, because of hospital documents my birth mothers parents found out and disowned her, her aunt was pretty helpless because she didn’t have the money they did and she had three kids of her own.” Jungkook is speaking slowly and quietly, his words feel like spring air and Namjoon bets he would taste like spring, fresh, sweet, soft.

”My adopted parents did everything in their power to keep me happy and make sure I could want for nothing, which they succeeded. They gave birth before me, Jin, but after complications decided adoption was better than to risk a miscarriage through another pregnancy. One thing though, is that they never wanted me involved in the drama with my birth family but when I turned fourteen, I rebelled and used all the resources I had to track down my birth mother, my father was a loss cause as he married after college to another woman but..” He trails off and Namjoon decides to sit next to him on the couch, close enough so they could feel each other’s warmth but not close enough to touch.

”I found my mom because she was living in Korea again and she was so excited to meet me.” He smiles widely and Namjoon feels  himself mimicking the smile. “We met and talked for hours, she loves me a lot you know? I love her too, just as much as I love my adopted family. So for a year we met in secret and I would use my allowance to pay for our travel and food but I never thought anything weird about it. Being with her so much I started to feel disconnected with my adopted family. It caused me so much stress, and I didn’t take it well so I Uhm, grew a fascination?”

”With?” Namjoon prompts, feeling himself at the edge of his seat with every work Jungkook speaks. 

“Fire.” Jungkook answers with a penitent look upon his face. “I would burn paper, wood, set small fires in the bathroom tub- anything. It grew into a slight addiction and it was because my mind was so muddled with dealing with the relationship with my family, my mother, at the time I wanted to know my father so ..yea I fucked up. Once, I was burning a small stack of dried leaves in the bathroom tub and Jin saw me, he must’ve been worried because he told my parents and they took me to therapy. That’s when I originally fell in love with psychology, I enjoyed going to my sessions and speaking about different steps to take to help me out and such. Because of it, I couldn’t see my mom as much anymore and when I was eighteen she was hit by a car.” 

Jungkook sighs, his leg shaking up and down and Namjoon puts a hand down in order to relax him, it works he believes because slowly Jungkook’s leg stops and he continues with the story. “She survived but her left leg is permanently fucked. Then everything blew up, they found out I’ve been seeing my mom for years and lying so much, we also found out she dropped out of college after her family abandoned her and she hadn’t paid any debt in all those years.” 

“I had a major relapse and I uhm, I set a house on fire.” Jungkook shivers and Namjoon doesn’t feel any ounce of judgement in himself, he just moves himself closer. “The therapy got more advanced from then and my parents were so mad, god Namjoon the way my dad yelled at me I just- I cried for hours and hours. They had the money but they had to pay for all of the damages caused, it was an abandoned house but the property was still owned by a landlord. I felt so awful I..I don’t even know, then on top of that I had my mom to worry about. She had no money, no college degree, a fucked up leg. I started working at my therapists office and I fell in love for the first time at nineteen, the guy was a secretary on another floor and he- inspired me a lot. Really helped me figure out what to do for the rest of my life.” Namjoon’s stomach clenches. 

“I began to use my checks to help pay back my parents, even though they kept refusing the money then I used what was left over to help pay for my birth mothers living expenses and anything else. Eventually my parents began taking the money I paid them and used it along with their own for my classes and education, they were proud when I picked up psychology. The fire addiction stopped, because slowly I stopped feeling like I was burning so much on the inside.” 

“You never stopped helping your mom huh?” Namjoon asks, even though he already knows the answer. 

Jungkook shakes his head, confirming that he never stopped. “That’s why I started the classes, I was good at relationships and dissecting them and I can be good at advice. My ex and I split, and afterwards I began pulling a lot of partners then writing down everything that worked and didn’t work. The money I make off the classes all goes to my mom.” 

“Does your family know?” Namjoon asks, his fingers tentatively tracing patterns on Jungkook’s hand. He does this to Hoseok a lot, it’s normal. It’s normal. 

“Yea, they were against it- Jin still is but, yea they know now. The issue lately, is that my mother picked up gambling and she lost so much Namjoon she just-“ Jungkook pinches the bridge of his nose and stares down at his lap. “How can she be like this? I’ve done everything for years to keep her up and she goes and does this, I’ve been so stressed Namjoon I just..I don’t know what to do about her. I think, I’m going to send her away.” 

Namjoon inhales, his hand moving on it’s own accord and grabbing Jungkook’s. “Jungkook, what do you mean?”

”I’m a therapist but I can’t, I can’t fix the woman who birthed me but she needs help Namjoon. After years of wandering aimlessly she’s been lost, in her own mind for too long and she’s so... she needs good help Namjoon and I can’t-“ Namjoon sees it happening before Jungkook reacts, he watches as the tears roll down his cheeks then Jungkook rapidly wipes them away as if they’re acidic. 

Soft things shouldn’t cry. 

He holds Jungkook tightly then, wrapping his arms around Jungkook’s narrow shoulders and puts his face in the crevice of Jungkook’s neck. Feeling the warmth and smelling the sweetest smell. Jungkook’s body shakes from the tears for just a few minutes, laying against Namjoon’s chest as he continues to wipe them away. Namjoon says nothing, just rubs Jungkook’s back and offers soothing hums into his ear, it seems to work in relaxing the younger though because after a few more minutes he’s controlling himself and leaning away, his face red and puffy but still- still just Jungkook. 

“I’m sorry life is just, it’s so hard Namjoon and I should know all of this. I’m a fucking therapist but sometimes, sometimes I forget? Sometimes I over analyze and under analyze, sometimes I don’t think I’m good enough for my job.” He admits and Namjoon feels his heart shatter, the pieces being kicked away one by one and he shouldn’t feel like this. The emotions shouldn’t be this strong. 

“I don’t know much about psychology and I don’t know the ins and outs of your profession but what I do know, is that you’re amazing at your job. A therapist is supposed to help Jungkook and that’s all you’ve done. You’ve helped me, you’ve helped your birth mother, you even helped your family by trying for them, trying to be a better you even when life was shitting on you the most.” Namjoon says sincerely, one arm still wrapped around Jungkook’s shoulders. 

“I just told you my whole life story and cried, god how did we get here?” Jungkook blurts out with a loud unattractive sniff and Namjoon chuckles.  

“From me trying to stalk you via Snapchat.”

Jungkook quiets down for a few minutes, he’s not looking at Namjoon but he’s also not moving, just staring into space and Namjoon grows tense as he waits for Jungkook to do something again. The younger shifts back, laying in a more comfortable position in Namjoon’s arm and he gulps. 

“I just want things to work out, not just for me, but for everyone.” 

“Jungkook, I’m sure the world is going to work out just fine for you, it would never ruin its sweetest gift.” 

The words come out too fast, from a place Namjoon doesn’t even think he could pinpoint. Jungkook seems shocked, he can see his eyes widen and the way his bottom jaw drops a bit from the words. He’s panicking then, and Namjoon plus panicking has never been a good thing. It equals word vomit and moments of honesty he sometimes wishes he could take right back. Namjoon is awkward and weird and he doesn’t always choose the best course of actions in situations. He doesn’t think. He moves too fast, he moves on instinct and he just doesn’t think. 

Namjoon definitley wasn’t thinking when he pressed a chaste kiss to Jungkook’s lips. 

Namjoon should be worried about Jungkook’s response, instead he’s the most worried about Jungkook's lack of a response. Jungkook does nothing, he doesn’t kiss back, he doesn’t say anything about the kiss, he does absolutely nothing. He just completely brushes past it and asks if Namjoon wants anything to eat after that emotional fest. Perplexed but admittedly hungry, Namjoon says yes and that’s exactly what they do. They sit and eat leftover BBQ and talk casually about anything and everything. About Namjoon’s coworkers, Yoongi and Hoseok, about Jin. Namjoon isn’t even given the time to reel over the fact that he fucking kissed Jungkook, things just become so normal that Namjoon knows he’ll fuck up the obvious faux ambiance they set up if he mentions anything. 

He doesn’t like Jungkook, not like that. Namjoon is a good friend and Jungkook was in need of being comfort so that’s what Namjoon did. People casually and platonically kiss all the time, he can’t even count the number of times Hoseok or Taehyung presses a kiss to his forehead, cheeks, or temples in times of distress. They never kissed his lips, but Namjoon doesn’t care. He doesn’t reel over it it’s fine, everyone is different. 

Namjoon goes back home in the afternoon, after watching a movie with Jungkook and slipping out when the younger fell asleep. He doesn’t say anything to Hoseok or Yoongi, avoiding all of their eye contact and questions. “I had to do something for Minho, but I’m tired now so I’m gonna nap for a bit.” Is all Namjoon says to get them off his case, they don’t believe him; that much is obvious. It doesn’t matter though, because he slips in the room and really does fall right asleep, blaming the melted goo that is his brain on how easily he fell asleep. When Namjoon wakes up the first time it’s well past midnight and when he checks his phone and sees no texts or anything from Jungkook he frowns. 

Namjoon showers and eats, joining Hoseok in the living room. Yoongi is no where to be seen and before Namjoon can say something Hoseok speaks up, lowering the volume on the television while doing so. “He’s at the bar, mind telling me where you were today? No bullshit.” 

Namjoon sighs, placing the bowl of noodles down and swallowing what he already had in his mouth. “I was with Jungkook today, he hasn’t been doing well and I was worried so I went to go check on him.” 

“Oh.” Hoseok says, placing both his legs on the couch and wrapping his arms around them. “Why didn’t you say anything?” 

Because Jungkook is soft, he’s too soft. 

Namjoon shrugs. “I didn’t want any of you snooping too much, just wanted to keep things low key.” He says, not that his words are a good testament of what actually happened. 

“Are you sure that’s all there is to it?” Hoseok questions and Namjoon doesn’t put on some show, he doesn’t ask Hoseok what he means, he doesn’t even attempt to deny any possibility to the question. 

“I don’t know Hoseok, I don’t know yet. I’m afraid to ask myself.” Is what he says and Hoseok pats him on the back, right before standing up and stretching his arms out. 

“I’m going to bed, okay? But I just really want you to remember something.”  

“What’s that?” 

“Don’t try hard for things you don’t really want, put that energy into things you do want.” Hoseok says, the words are an enigma to Namjoon but he doesn’t ask for a clarification or more context. He just watches Hoseok’s back retreat down the hall and into his bedroom. 

Jungkook texts him the next morning, a few hours after Namjoon had woken up. He stares down at his phone in confusion, another feeling burning at his chest but he doesn’t know how to pinpoint what it is. Hey! Thanks for comforting me yesterday, you’re an amazing friendJoonie, really. Lets go through with phase 3!! You deserve that date with Jinin. 

Namjoon continues to stare at the text, reading it over and over again to figure out what about it is irritating him so much, but he can’t seem to find the answer. He thinks he’s going crazy, trying to give himself some type of thing to worry about because it’s a day off and he has nothing to do and he’s bored. Bored Namjoon rarely makes smart decisions, which is a perfect explanation as to why his mind is trying to trick him into believing there’s something wrong with Jungkook’s text. That’s all. 

Phase three was the hardest phase out of all of them. Not because Namjoon was nervous for Jimin’s answer, not because he didn’t know how to present the question, but because this time- for some reason, Namjoon’s heart wasn’t in it. He caught Jimin outside after his shift on Tuesday, standing beneath a store front as the rain falls along with cold early October air moving through. Jimin is still as beautiful as ever, he blonde now and when Namjoon saw he said Jimin looked like an angel but it wasn’t with the same feelings or impact as it would have been if he said that a year ago. Jimin is scrolling through his phone and taking photos of the rain drops sliding down the restaurant building when Namjoon taps his shoulder. He turns around, smiling in earnest when he sees its Namjoon, and Namjoon’s heart clenches. Not in the way it usually does for Jimin but in another way, a way he doesn’t fully understand. 

“I wanted to ask you something.” He starts off with saying, keeping his hands in his pocket as he holds eye contact with Jimin. This is wrong. 

“What’s up?” Jimin replies, putting his phone into his pocket and staring back at Namjoon with his arms crossed over his chest. 

“Uhm, we never really got a better chance to hang out and I was wondering if you’d like to get dinner with me?” He says, so casually and just so different from the ways he spoke to Jimin not too long ago.

Jimin doesn’t say anything for a second and Namjoon doesn’t even feel himself get nervous. “That sounds amazing Namjoon, pick me up Thursday at ten?”

”sounds perfect.” 

Then that was that, he spent two months pining after Jimin. He took an entire class to see how to confront Jimin better, he took on the help of an actual psychologist to figure out how to ask Jimin out- and that was that. This may have been the most anticlimactic moment of Namjoon’s entire life and yet, for some reason, he doesn’t even care.

It’s not Jimin’s fault, it could never be. Jimin isn’t soft, kind, he’s so intuned in the world around him and has such a clear grasp at how to deal with the people who confront him. Jimin is good, he’s perfect but Namjoon can’t think that right now. He’s swimming through the ocea of his mind and can in no way shape or form find and bring back those old thoughts for Jimin that he had those months ago. 

Hoseok and Yoongi say they’re happy for him yet they don’t celebrate it the way they would have when this first started- if it were to still be the way things were back then, Namjoon understands that because he feels the change in the air too, but has no way of figuring out how to describe it. Jungkook is the most ecstatic, sending Namjoon a bunch of heart eye emojis and constant texts of him saying he knew it would all work out in the end. Namjoon wants to ask, then why does he feel like this? He doesn’t though, he just texts back thanking Jungkook for everything and granting him permission to come to his apartment the day of the date and calm down any nerves Namjoon may have. Nerves Namjoon knows he won’t get.

Minho’s wedding is just a month and a half away and the idea of it being Jimin on his arm for that event just doesn’t seem right.

Thursday comes too quickly, and Namjoon feels like shit when Jimin tells him that he’s excited for their dinner that night. He works slow, taking forty minutes to cook things that usually take thirty and he doesn’t know why. It’s like time has been moving against him lately and it’s up to Namjoon to stop it, to slow it down and take control. He can’t, obviously so he supposes everything has a flaw and his incapability of controlling time like the god of clocks is his harmartia, he supposes. Daniel asks Namjoon multiple times during the day if he’s okay or if he needs to go down and sit and Namjoon replies multiple times that he’s fine- just stressed. Namjoon still isn’t even sure what the cause of that stress is.

What certainly doesn’t help that stress is the speed at which the time is moving, because while he may not control it someone else does and wow, do they fucking hate Namjoon. Things move way too fast, no matter how many orders he took on his own, no matter how hard he tried to cook slow and take an early lunch nothing worked. One moment, Namjoon was clocking in and ready to make time his own, the next moment he’s clocking out and starting the drive to his apartment. 

Time, what would Namjoon do if he had more time before this? What would Namjoon do if he had more time before phase three even started, before phase three and after the episode he and Jungkook had back at Jungkook’s apartment.

Namjoon grips at the steering wheel tightens when he remember right then and there that softness is waiting for him at his own apartment. Let in by Hoseok and Yoongi right before they went their own separate ways. He hopes Hoseok didn’t say anything odd to Jungkook, he doesn’t have to worry about Yoongi but sometimes Hoseok gets ahead of himself. Equally, he hopes Jungkook hadn’t said anything that clued Hoseok on to something, again, he highly doubts the likelihood of Jungkook saying anything- since he never brings up shit himself regardless.

It doesn’t matter though, because Hoseok had better just be safe than sorry so during a large portion of the car ride- he prays to whatever higher being exist; please do not allow him to be an embarrassment to his friends once again this week. Hoseok would knock on wood, given the opportunity.

When he gets to his apartment he hangs his sweater over the coat rack besides the front door and toes his shoes off. The living room lights are on but it’s quiet overall and Namjoon steps farther in. “Jungkook?” He calls out, slowly trailing down the hallway. 

“In here!” Jungkook shouts back and the audacity of him to hide away in Namjoon’s bedroom without permission. 

Jungkook is sat on the center of Namjoon’s bed, legs crossed like a child and he’s staring at a photo in his hands. Namjoon knows exactly what photo that is, one of Taehyung, Hoseok and himself coming down the street in ridiculous outfits that they thought to be high fashion at the time. He smiles, sitting on the corner of the bed as he reaches his arm out to politely take the photo back from Jungkook’s hands. The other takes a moment to comply, then he’s handing over the photograph with a smile. This is the first time Namjoon has seen him since the apartment fiasco, it feels odd. 

“Snooping around?” Namjoon questions while standing up, placing the photograph back on his T.V stand, it’s proper home. 

“You took a while to get here.” Jungkook says and Namjoon wants to shout that it was on purpose. “You know, I wish I had more friends growing up.” 

“You didn’t?” Namjoon questions, worried he missed some part of Jungkook's story the other day. 

“I can’t complain, I lost a lot after we graduated from college and went to our separate careers.” Jungkook says, stretching out on Namjoon’s pillows and making himself at home. Namjoon doesn’t mind. “I just wish I had close ones like you.” 

“My friends can be your friends too.” Namjoon says, this time it wasn’t word vomit nor was it him shouting things to the sky without thinking. Namjoon thought first before saying it, then he said it as absolutely genuine as possible.   

Jungkook exhales and smiles, pushing Namjoon away with his foot causing him to laugh again. “Go get ready, you have an important night.” 

The smile drops from Namjoon’s face and Jungkook noticed but said nothing, choosing to stare at him instead. He grips the outfit he planned for tonight then retreats to the bathroom to start with a shower. The water is refreshing and he stays in there for far longer than necessary but Jungkook isn’t banging on the door for him to hurry up so Namjoon figures it’s not too bad. Namjoon stares at himself in the mirror afterwards, it’s still foggy and he tries his best to clear it with a rag. This is what you waited for so long for. Jungkook got you the opportunity you haven’t had in months. You liked Jimin. You like Jimin. 

He blow dry’s his hair then gets dressed, pulling on the actually well planned outfit on. Jungkook does end up knocking on the bathroom, just to tell Namjoon he needs to hurry up because time is money and Namjoon tells him to shut up and that that phrase isn’t relevant to the situation. When he steps out, Jungkook is in the hallway to check him out. He looks Namjoon up and down, before twirling his fingers and Namjoon takes that as to spin around which he does right after. Jungkook’s nodding his head when they face again, a cheeky smile upon his features and Namjoon is sick of Jungkook being able to look to fucking, well, cute. 

“You look so good.” Jungkook says. “Your look screams that you tried without trying. A really common thing in men our age for the sake of coming off as real without showing off all the nasty bits yet.” 

Namjoon stares. “That was an interesting sentiment and definitely some spicy discourse, but I think it could wait Dr. J.” 

Jungkook gags. “Jin made that name up, I never even got my doctorate!” 

Namjoon just laughs and pushes Jungkook slightly, so he could go back to his room but Jungkook catches his wrist and holds in place. “What the fuck?” 

“For the love of god, Namjoon What is that!?” Jungkook asks in disbelief and Namjoon follows his line of vision to his wrist. 

He smiles, staring at the jewelry adorning his hand. “This cool hipster bracelet I stole from Hoseok’s room. Jealous?” 

Jungkook chokes and drops Namjoons hand then jumps back like it’s poisonous. “Oh my god.”


”Namjoon! You asshole those are anal beads, you’re wearing Hoseok’s anal beads!”

Namjoon gapes, lik a fish out of water- he stares between the bracelet, used lightly, and Jungkook hoping for him to crack a smile and say he that as kidding. Jungkook does not. 

“Shit!” Namjoon says, tearing the sex toy from his wrists and throwing it on the ground. “It was just sitting on his dresser who does that shit?” 

Jungkook looks beyond disgusted as he stares at Namjoon. “I can’t believe you didn’t realize what it was, that’s what you get for snooping around other people’s rooms.” 

Namjoons groans as he walks back into his room, deciding to select from his own collection of jewelry to adorn his wrist. “I wasn’t snooping, I was peeking. You don’t know me.” I want you to. 

“I rebuke that,we’ve spoken almost everyday for about two months.” Jungkook says and Namjoon knows, he knows.

He slides on a silver band that his mother got for him when he first moved into the apartment with Hoseok, she said to consider it a house warming gift and Namjoon had to hold her while she cried for an hour before finally leaving. She only lives an hour away, so he’ll forever be confused as to why she was so emotional that day. Nevertheless, he’s wearing his mothers bracelet that he considers good luck, too bad he still doesn’t feel lucky. Jungkook is standing by the door way as he stares at Namjoon, then he walks over and straightens out the black long sleeve Namjoon is wearing. “You look good.” He says and Namjoon wants to tell him he doesn’t feel good, but again he remains silent. 

“So, this is it. I’m excited.” Namjoon lies, he’s not excited because the what next is burning through his mind. For so long, Jimin has been the link between Namjoon and Jungkook’s communication and now that the plan is all completed. What’s next. He could just be dramatic right now, because while one side of his brain is going on a rampage from anxiety the other side of his brain is telling him that Jungkook is his friend, a real friend. 

Jungkook clicks his tongue. “I’m excited for you, I’m gonna go now okay? I was just here to see if you were going to need me before this but- I’m proud Namjoon, you seem composed. Sure you’re not freaking out on the inside?” Yes, yes he is. 

“Totally okay, if there was an Olympic game for being okay I would get gold. The audience would cheer and freak out and throw flowers on me then later that night I’d be given the chance to choose from fifteen virgins, I wouldn’t do it though because that’s a fucked up way to take someone’s virginity.” Namjoon says and Jungkook blinks.

”Right, virginity shouldn’t be a prize.” 


Namjoon feels himself not comfortable with continuing to look at Jungkook so he looks away, busting himself with spraying on perfume. “Namjoon, did you know rambling could be a sign of stress? The ranting is a reflection of clustered and unorganized thoughts. That or it could be a distraction.” Namjoon, too often forgets Jungkook’s career. 

“I’m fine, really! I’m ready to go you’re not staying in here right? Because no offense-“

”I already saw the Todoroki pillow.” 

He curses the sun and the moon. 

Namjoon just walks past Jungkook, out into the hallway and towards the front door. He here’s the sound of the bedroom door shutting and footsteps following behind him. While Namjoon goes to put on his nicest pairs of shoes, Jungkook is putting on his sneakers that Namjoon presumes he wore here. “Don’t worry, I’m going home but please text me all night.” 

Namjoon nods his head and turns the lights off at the same time Jungkook opens the front door. “You first.” He says, a gentleman as he always tries to be. 

Jungkook nods and head and smiles briefly, walking out into the main corridor and standing there for Namjoon. When he shuts the door all the way there’s a pang in his chest, he can’t pinpoint what it is or why it is. All he knows is that it aches really fucking badly. They go their separate ways, Namjoon goes down the staircase because it leads straight into the tenant parking lot and Jungkook takes the elevator that leads to the door on the Main Street where guests park. His fingers are shaking as he gets in his car, sitting there for a minute even after the car roared to life. Something’s not right, something is off and he doesn’t like it. The drive to Jimin’s apartment is quick, the university apartments only a bit away- he could’ve walked if not for the restaurant being so far and also, chivalry. 

Jimin is bright and kind, just as he always is. He looks good too, very good. He’s in a fitted outfit, with chunky black shoes like he’s about to feature in Seoul Fashion Week. Jimin looks good and Namjoon looks good but he just can’t manage to feel good. They make idle chatter in the car, just bringing up whatever the radio talks about and work. By the time Namjoon is pulling into the restaurant he’s sweating- a lot. It’s very cool outside and he shouldn’t even be hot, let alone sweating through his shirt and he’s just glad he wore black. The hostess guides them towards a small table near center, and Jimin takes his seat first followed by Namjoon who nearly fall when his lack of perception disabled him from realizing the exact location of the chair, if not for quick reflexes he would have made a complete mockery of himself. Wouldn’t be the first time. 

Okay so maybe he’s nervous, that’s the only explanation for his current emotional shit show. The only issue is that something’s telling him it’s not Jimin that’s making him nervous and that’s where the confusion is. “See anything you like?” Namjoon asks to save from an awkward silence, pointing towards the menu in Jimin’s hands with a nod of his head. 

“Yea, I love tuna so I might get this dish here.” Jimin answers, turning the menu around and showing Namjoon a photo of a well grilled Tuna on a dish of vegetables. He could do better but it’s fine. 

“Ah, I’m thinking the pasta-I’m sure its not as good as ours.” He says, the joke is forced and his laughter is that of a middle aged father, Namjoon is sweating even more. 

Jimin chuckles, out of the fact that he’s simply polite of course. “I’m sure it’s not, Julius loves our pasta.” 

Namjoon genuinely laughs at this, the creeping anxiety is gone for a fleeting moment and it returns when a waitress comes asking what she can start them off with. They skip the appetizers, deciding to go for the main course and when Namjoon goes to grab Jimin’s menu to hand to the waitress something is off. There’s no spark. There’s no racing heartbeat, no dry swallow from the pressure of being so close to Jimin, it’s all gone. Namjoon feels like utter and complete shit when the walls start to crumble and the truth behind it, the elephant in the room begins to roar it’s ugly head. The anxiety has made a full coarse run through his body and is burning in the pit of his stomach. 

It burns Namjoon like the fires Jungkook loves so much and the fire that Jungkook makes him feel. 

Because that’s the issue, if it can be called one. The crush he had on Jimin was just that, a crush. However, Jungkook makes him feel. Jungkook makes him think. When Namjoon turned to Jungkook as nothing more than an attractive person to teach him how to get other atttractive people, things took a turn and Jungkook became a friend, an inspiration for Namjoon. He’s more than a crush because while Namjoon likes Jimin, he likes likes likes Jungkook and that’s some serious shit right there. Too serious for this dinner to be taking place, too serious for Namjoon to make Jimin go along the ride when he has no place in it. It’s not fair to him and Namjoon is an asshole. Namjoon is an asshole who likes his teacher and wants to cook for him and keep kissing him, because Jungkook is so soft and Namjoon wants to be by his side. He fucked up. 

“What?” Jimin questions and Namjoon’s eyes widen and he grips tightly at the beautiful table cloth, eyeing Jimin in fear. That’s not what he wanted to say. 

“Jimin I-“ It’s coming the word vomit, the moment of pure honesty Namjoon finds himself falling into over and over again. 

“Namjoon, are you okay?” No. 

“I fucked up? I fucked up so hard and I’m so sorry Jimin. I- I had a fat school girl crush on you! There I said it. I hadn’t gotten a date in nine months, I was lonely but you’re so bright and beautiful so of course I got a crush on you but.. but I fucked up. I took a class on how to get a fucking date! I took this class and the stupid teacher right? Jungkook well he’s dumb and pretty and smart and I like him so much Jimin. He created a step by step on how I can possibly get a date with you because I was and am such a fucking loser.” Namjoon is shaking, he’s too coward to even look Jimin in the eye. 

“So in this whole process of trying to get my foolish self a date with you, I fell for Jungkook and Jimin I fell so fucking hard and I’m so sorry. I respect you so much and you’re still so amazing but it’s just the way my feelings are and the way my brain is and I’m sorry! I’m sorry I’m so fucked up I’m sorry I did this to you and I just- I fucked up.” 

When he finishes the rant and finally looks at Jimin, he’s not shocked to see the other has barely moved and is staring at him with his jaw to the floor. Namjoon can’t read his emotions past that but he can read his own and for one thing, they’re fucked. Getting that off of his chest, letting it loose felt so good he can’t believe it and yet- he feels like the biggest piece of shit for forcing Jimin through this without realizing how he was really feeling. Jimin doesn’t get the chance to speak up about what just happened because there’s another voice joining the conversation and if Namjoon didn’t want to die before then he definitely wants to die, ten times, now. 

”What the fuck Namjoon!” Jungkook yells, causing people who weren’t already staring at their table to definitely stare now. There he is, in all his beautiful glory standing there as if the mention of his name magically conjured Jungkook up. The shock that Namjoon faces is so severe, he actually cries. 

Namjoon begins crying. 

“What are you doing here! What the fuck at you!” Namjoon counters, wiping at his eyes before the tears become even more obvious. 

Jungkook is staring at him with a red face and crossed arms. “No, you! I’ve been present during every single one of your phases and you think I wouldn’t be here during the date? Namjoon you fool I fucking texted you don’t be shocked if I show up on your date.” Jungkook counters and to be fair, yes, Namjoon does recall this text. His voice is growing in volumne though and there’s a man in all black walking towards them. 

“I don’t know what you want me to say, I said it-“ 

“Excuse me, either you quiet down and take a seat or exit the restaurant, if I ask again I won’t be this nice.” The man says and Jungkook purses his lip, he looks between Namjoon and poor Jimin who’s still sitting in shock then he walks away. Namjoon watches Jungkook’s retreating back and he breaks. 

Going off pure adrenaline, Namjoon takes out his wallet and throws a copious amount of money and his car keys on the table. “This should cover all the food and you can take my car to go home, Jimin I’m so sorry.” 

Jimin just slowly nods (mouth still open) and Namjoon rushes past the security guy and out the doors, rushing towards where he can see Jungkook walking down the side walk towards the restaurant parking lot. “Jungkook!” 

The other doesn’t turn around, he just walks quicker and Namjoon huffs before making a run for it, Jungkook is one step ahead because while he runs to catch up with Jungkook, Jungkook runs to get away from Namjoon. He’s struggling to breathe as they make a half circle around the restaurant where Namjoon finally catches up with Jungkook near the dumpsters. “Are you crazy? You can’t do that! Who chases someone in the dark what the fuck Namjoon! Who are you tonight!?”

Jungkook spits out his words out of breath and with a hand on his hip. “You-“ Namjoon takes a deep breath, running after Jungkook wasn’t as romantic as he thought it would be. “You won’t let me speak to you.” 

“I wonder why? You’re being irrational you- you fucking took someone out on a date you’re first date in nearly a year and you ruin it by thinking you have some crush on me! You don’t, you just think you do because you spend all your time with me!” Jungkook shouts, hands raising in exasperation. 

Namjoons mouth opens then closes, what was at first nervousness, then anxiety, then relief is now pure anger. The joy of all the things Jungkook makes him feel. “That psychology degree? Yea take it and shove it up your ass!” Jungkook gasps. 

Excuse me?”

”Yea, you heard me! You think you got a grasp on me when you’re fucking wrong! I don’t like you because I spend all time with you, I spend all my time with you because I like you! You’re beautiful and smart, funny. You make me feel inferior yet simultaneously equal to you and that’s so fucking cool Jungkook and I never felt like this. I feel so consumed by you, I traveled half way through the city because I was worried about you! Your name is the first I look for on my phone through the day. I like you bitch!” Namjoon rants, stepping closer to Jungkook who just stands helplessly and like a lost child. 

Jungkook closes his eyes. “You just called me a bitch.” 

“Is that all you caught?” 

“No it just uh, really jumped out on me.”

”That was agressive.” Namjoon says sheeplishly, shoving a hand in his pocket. “Sorry.” 

Jungkook sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose, Namjoon can hear him quietly counting and he knows Jungkook is collecting his thoughts, he stands patiently. The adrenaline has went it’s course and the realization of what just happened all hits Namjoon at once. It’s possible he just ruined his chance at a friendship with Jimin, it’s possible he just ruined absolutely everything with Jungkook. It all came out, everything happened so fast that he couldn’t even think through- not that he regularly does think through. It hurts though, watching Jungkook seem to struggle with something to say in return to Namjoon while it seems the latter has a million and one things he would like to share with him. 

 “When you kissed me I told myself you’re just friendly, you were just so sweet and you wanted to comfort me since I did lay all that shit on you at once.” Jungkook says, Namjoon opens his mouth to deny this and Jungkook holds his hand up. “Wait, just..let me say this. The first time I saw you I was automatically attracted but then I knew how to draw a line since you were one of my clients. The day I went to the Delizio to help you get a reaction from Jimin is the day I..ended up liking you. Namjoon, you have no idea what it’s like helping someone you like try and get with another person. I spent so many days trying my hardest to train myself to stop feeling things. I thought after tonight, the feelings would stop but your ass just had to drop a bomb at the worst time so excuse me for being so shocked that I needed space from you. “ 

“You like me back?” 

“Is that- is that all you took for that?” 

“It kinda just jumped out on me.”

Jungkook stares at him for just a moment before laughing and shaking his head, Namjoon can see the way Jungkook’s body just looks lighter- like a weight was taken off his shoulders. He feels that same exact way. “I think I liked you for weeks but I didn’t want to accept it. I thought I owed something to Jimin, Hoseok and Yoongi definitely know I like you.” 

“Yea well you do owe something to Jimin, and that’s an apology.” Jungkook tells him while walking closer, and Namjoon bares his teeth in embarrassment. 

“I sorta gave him my car.” 


”Uh..yea.” namjoon admits, shufflig his right foot a bit in nervousness. “I kind of payed for the food we didn’t eat then gave him my car and ran out here.” He admits.

”you’re a fool, a complete fool.” Jungkook says, moving closer. “You’re so impulsive, you’re so puzzling. I swear you’re still thirteen.” 

“You have a crush on a thirteen year old?”

”Just kiss me before I change my mind.” 

Namjoon can’t help the shit eating grin that comes over his face as he moves in and grabs Jungkook’s small face in his hands. He tilts his head as he leans in and when he kisses Jungkook he swears sparks fly and the world stops spinning just to give them this moment forever. Jungkook, for the first time, moves his lips back against Namjoon’s. He bites at Jungkook’s bottom lip and the other groans, moving even closer so that there’s no space between the front of their bodies. He presses his tongue into Jungkook’s mouth, slowly and but passionately. Feeling, licking, and taking. He takes, takes, takes and Jungkook gives, gives, gives. 

When they break apart for air Namjoon places his forehead against Jungkook’s and holds the other close. “ wanna like, come back to mine?” 

“And what would the reason be?” Jungkook asks, playing with Namjoon’s hair while his other hand is gripping tightly at Namjoon’s side. 

“Wanna suck your dick dry.” 

Jungkook groans and reaches into his jean pocket to pull out his car keys. He presses the button and they hear a car beep twice behind them. “Let’s go.” 

They decide to go to Jungkook’s since his apartment is closer and they aren’t sure when Hoseok and Yoongi will return. When they get in the apartment Jungkook is taking the lead this time, boxing Namjoon in as he moves his lips against his neck and grips the front of his jeans, hard. Namjoon is moaning his back against Jungkook’s hallway wall as the younger is grinding and rubbing against him while they kiss like neither one of them have ever kissed. Jungkook grabs his hand and leads him to his bedroom where Namjoon switches the gear and pushes Jungkook back on the large bed. “Take your pants off.” He rasps as he removes his own jeans. 

Jungkook follows suit, peeling off his jeans and unbottoning his shirt as well. He throws his jeans on the floor next to Namjoon’s and sits on the bed in nothing but black underwear and an unbuttoned sky blue shirt. Namjoon’s mouth is watering at the sight, Jungkook is fucking glorious and Namjoon wants to make him feel exactly how he looks. He kneels on the ground in between Jungkook’s legs and rubs his hands up and down the latter’s firm thighs. “First thing I thought about you, even before the first class, was you’re so beautiful.” 

Jungkook throws his head back when Namjoons fingers peel down his underwear and his cock hits against his stomach, the cool air against it probably driving him insane and Namjoon can feel his own straining in his boxers. Jungkook’s hard and Namjoon licks the head, the other’s thighs jerking and he needs to hold them down so that he can put his head in between them and give a better lick at Jungkook’s core. “Fuck, Joon- do that again.” Jungkook moans when Namjoon licks at the underside of his dick. 

He does just that again, then again. Finally he’s sucking down Jungkook’s length as far as he can go without gagging. Jungkook moans loudly and leans in, gripping at Namjoon’s hair as he sucks the head of Jungkook’s cock with tears in his eyes from the previous deep throating. “I’m going to come.” 

Namjoon moans around Jungkook in acknowledgement, which causes the other to moan in pleasure and really this just turned into one big moaning fest. Namjoon hopes that the walls are thick. Jungkook finally orgasms when Namjoon sucks his length back down again, he swallows because his mother didn’t raise a bitch. 

The younger is breathing heavily as he lays back against the bed, one handed resting on his stomach as Namjoon uses his own shirt to wipe the residue from around his mouth and continues to swallow to help balance out the salty sour taste. “Let me return the favor.”

Namjoon raises himself and sits on the corner of Jungkook’s bed, shaking his head while drawing patterns on Jungkook’s legs. “Nah there’s something else.”


“Well you know I’m a chef, so I like to taste things.” 

Jungkook leans up, using his elbows to prop himself while he gives Namjoon a look of bewilderment. “Are you..are you asking to eat my ass?”

Namjoon just rolls his eyes and groans. “I was trying to be sexy and you’re being difficult. Yes that’s what I want.” 

Jungkook shakes his head and sits up all the way, his beautiful long and bare legs crossed. “Then why didn’t you just say that.”


“Say it.”

Namjoon grips the sheets as he leans down, practically roaring like a lion. “I would like to eat your ass Jungkook!”  

They have a great night. 

His apology to Jimin does not go as he expected it to go. Jimin returns Namjoon’s car to his apartment early the next morning, before either one of them go to work. Jimin is waiting outside, leaning against Namjoon’s car with a big smile on his face and swinging the keys in his hands. To say Namjoon is confused would be the understatement of the century. He walks close to Jimin who’s staring at him with an interesting look and lots of humor. “Hey um, if you hate me-“ 

“I fucking love you!” Jimin shouts, throwing the keys into Namjoon’s hand. 

He pauses, furrowing his eyes brows at Jimin with his mouth agape. “I’m..sorry?” 

“I mean yea, no offense? You’re actually so dumb.” Namjoon gets that a lot. “If you would have asked me out months ago I’d probably say yes without all the..extra stuff, but! You and Jungkook inspired me to write, my double major is creative writing and you finally sparked an inspiration for my senior project. You basically saved my life.” Jimin says excitedly and Namjoon is still beyond perplexed. 

“So you- you want to write and show people how beyond stupid I’ve been for the past few months and how it ended up with me falling in love?” Namjoon gulps and his eyes widen at the words, it’s too soon. Maybe, but the slip up meant something just not something he’s prepared to heavily think about at six in the morning. 

“Yes! With your consent..”

“I..yea. I came down here prepared to apologize for you, please forgive me I’m not having the best time processing things right now.”

Jimin waves his hand. “You did embarrass me, but you also embarrassed yourself so it’s all forgiven. Friends?” Jimin holds out a hand Namjoon takes it with a smile. 


“Also every day we work at the same time for the next month you have to drive me.” 


They shake on it and Namjoon laughs, the situation is one he’ll probably never forget, not that he could ever want to. 

Taehyung’s return happens the following Sunday and it’s a complete surprise to everyone. A literal surprise, Jungkook and Namjoon were with Hoseok and Yoongi in their aparment. (All Hoseok’s idea since he says now that Namjoon is with someone they approve it makes for great family hang outs). Taehyung texted the groupchat “come pick me up Incheon.” While Namjoon was in the middle of making lunch and that’s kind of exactly what happened. When they reunite with Taehyung there’s a lot of tears and a lot of hugs and the feeling of love and weightlessness Namjoon has is a feeling that he never wants to go away. With Jungkook on his arm and all his friends together, it may never go away.

Yoongi is driving them back to the apartment when Taehyung turns around in the passenger seat and smiles hugely at Jungkook who smiles back. Their interaction at the airport wasn’t limited and awkward and Namjoon just knew Taehyung was bound to do something soon. “I’ve heard a lot about you, Jungkook.” 

“He’s jet lagged don’t listen to him.” Namjoon says, narrowing his eyes at Taehyung who just winks.

”Good things I hope.” Jungkook smiles, one hand reaching down to intertwine his fingers with Namjoon’s who’s squished in between him and Hoseok. 

“Only the best, Yoongi told me he heard Namjoon moan your name while he was getting off in the shower.” Taehyung says cheekily and Namjoon gasps, Hoseok and Yoongi burst out in laughter, and he can feel Jungkook stare at him but he refuses to look. 

“Is that true?” 


“Yes!” Yoongi shouts from the driver’s seat. “It was so weird, by then I kind of figured that Namjoon was more focused on Jungkook than Jimin.” Yea to be fair, Namjoon should’ve accepted he likes Jungkook at that moment too but that’s besides the point. 

He expects Jungkook to crack up laughing like the rest of his group of friends, he doesn’t though, he just sighs and grips Namjoon’s hand tighter and leans his head on his shoulder. They coo and Namjoon can feel his face burning, a long with his chest, along with his crotch. When things settle down and they get closer to the apartment Namjoon leans in close to whisper in Jungkook’s ear, his impulsiveness taking over once again. “Hey, are you my boyfriend?” 

Jungkook stills for a moment then relaxes and Namjoon could see the small smile on his lips. “Yea.” He whispers right back. “Yea, I’d like that a lot.” 

“Great because it is was getting awkward since I considered you my boyfriend since our first kiss last week.” At this Jungkook actually laughs and Namjoon catches Taehyung’s wink in the rear mirror. 

For dinner that night, much to Namjoon’s arguing, they decide to go to the Delizio so Taehyung could tell them all about his adventures in England and they could fill Taehyung in on anything else he could’ve missed happening. Namjoon and Jungkook are arguing over which appetizer to get, Namjoon thinks he knows better thank you very much, when they hear Hoseok say a loud hello to someone. It’s Jimin, standing at their table with a tablet meant to type in orders to feed directly to the screens in the kitchen. “Hello guys!” Jimin says with a bright smile. “Came here out of all the restaurants in the city?”

Namjoon laughs and rolls his eyes. “Our friend Taehyung returned from overseas! They all forced me here.”

Jimin’s eyes follow where Taehyung is sat and Namjoon watches it happen. He watches the way Jimin’s eyes linger on Taehyung with parted lips. He then watches the way Taehyung stares back at Jimin like the world is a whole new place. Namjoon covers his face with his hands and sinks down in his seat murmuring for Jungkook to order for him. Jungkook, the shit he is, orders the appetizer that Namjoon argued against and he can’t even be too mad right now. When Taehyung kicks his legs and calls out his name Namjoon just feels it, he feels everything before it even happens. 

“Namjoon!” Taehyung says again, and Namjoon peaks between his fingers and everyone is staring at him expectedly. 

“Oh god.”

”Namjoon how mad, okay keep it real with me, how mad would you be if I proposed to Jimin tonight and asked if he’s ready to adopt a cute little baby tomorrow. Preferably a child with bad vision so I can pass down my glasses and it’ll be an important part of our family. Then as technology advances I’d get Jimin pregnant and we’d have a happy and large family. ” Taehyung rants and Yoongi gags, he understands. 

“I- not mad at all Taehyung.” 


It’s not a surprise to any of them when Taehyung holds them back after dinner because he followed Jimin to the side of the restaurant, when he returns to the front where they were all waiting for him with a huge smile, Namjoon says he’s not sure he wants to know just yet- but hey, he’s happy for them and whatever is about to happen. 

The realization strikes Namjoon after a full day of work, after he’s showered and is relaxed. He texts Jungkook good luck on his class tonight, full of nerves as if Jungkook could read his mind through his texts. Namjoon then barrels into the living room where Hoseok and Yoongi are sucking each other’s faces on the couch. He physically pulls them apart much to their chagrin, and stands before them with a hand on his hip. 

“The fuck?” Yoongi says, rubbing the back of his head where Namjoon pulled at his hair. 

“I have an issue!” Namjoon says then sits on the coffee table so that he directly right in front of them. 

“What could be so important you physically pulled us off each other like an animal.” Hoseok deadpans as he wraps an arm around Yoongi’s shoulders then pulls him into his side. 

“You’re the animals! Also, Jungkook and I have never been on a date! Like what the fuck, I never took him out on a date things have been moving too fast and I’m worried.” Namjoon says exasperated. Yoongi just stares at him for just a moment before laughing. 

“You’re an idiot!” He says, “you’re literally his boyfriend things are just fine you’re freaking yourself out for nothing.” 

“You’re worried about asking Jungkook out on a date!? Damn, way to move back in time Namjoon.” Yoongi and Hoseok burst out laughing and Namjoon stands, not without kicking Hoseok’s shin for good measure. 

 Namjoon walks away, retreating back to his bedroom. “I don’t need this mockery. I’m about to go to Taehyung’s place.”

”Tough luck, he’s been with Jimin all day haven’t you got his Snapchat’s?” Yoongi says and Namjoon curses, he’s definitely gotten the  thirteen snapchats filled with photos of Taehyung and Jimin walking around the city like they own it. 

So, it’s the next day that Namjoon decides to go to Jungkook’s apartment unannounced. A surprise, with the intention of asking Jungkook out to a real and proper date. He’s getting ready and tries to not feel the deja vu of visitng Jungkook’s place without saying anything. Sue him, Jungkook is his baby now so things should hopefully be different. He drives to Jungkook’s apartment in the afternoon and when he buzzed to be let up Jungkook’s coarse voice calls through asking who it is, this time the deja vu is way too real because he doesn’t sound well. 

“’s me I have something to ask.” Namjoon says, tentatively with his hand splayed against the wall.

”’re the worst, come up.” A buzzing sound is heard and when the light over the door goes green Namjoon wastes no time with rushing up to Jungkook’s apartment door. He expects Jungkook to open up the door and kiss in in greeting like usual, but he gets no Jungkook and he gets no kisses. Instead he gets someone tall and handsome, staring at Namjoon like he just committed some heinous crime. 

“Move Jin.” Jungkook’s voice comes through, the man, Jin is being pushed over by Jungkook who comes into view and grabs Namjoon by the hand, pulling him into the apartment with a smile. Jungkook’s nose is red and his voice still sounds raspy, also nasally. The copious amount of tissue and DayQuil on the dining room table is also pretty good indication that this time; Jungkook actually is sick. 

“So this is him.” Jin says, coming around and standing before them with his eyes still fixated on Namjoon, he doesn’t seem particularly impressed or anything and Namjoon feels himself melting under the heavy gaze. “Interesting.” 

“Shut up, don’t be annoying.” Jungkook says, turning his head and looking at Namjoon. “Ignore him he’s not actually intimidating, he’s still trying to force this protective big brother role to scare you but the reality of the situation is that he once cried for two hours and didn’t leave the room after losing a video game competition.”

Jin deflates and his hard gaze softens, “Shut up Jungkook, I was sixteen.” 

“He was twenty-three.” 

Jin signs and flicks Jungkook’s arm before turning his body to Namjoon and holding his hand out for a shake. Namjoon grabs his hand and nods his head. “It’s nice to meet you I’m Seokjin, but everyone calls me Jin. I came over to grab breakfast with Jungkook but, he opened the door looking as sick as a dog so we’ve been cooped up here all day.” 

“I’m Namjoon, it’s uhm, really nice to meet you too I’ve heard a lot about you. I’m surprised we haven’t met sooner.” Namjoon says, his heart racing a little when he feels Jungkook’s hand grabbing his own, a warmth automatically flooding his chest and replacing the anxiousness if meeting Jungkook’s older brother for the first time. 

“Me too, but I’ve been busy. I recently became a professor at a community college along with the university so I’ve really have my plate full. I hope you’re taking good care of Jungkook.” 

“It’s me taking good care of him.” Jungkook says with a little laugh and Namjoon bumps his hip against Jungkook’s. “Jin you should go though, I promise around next week the three of us can grab dinner.”

Jin rolls his eyes but it seems he was one step ahead because he was already reaching for his shoes. “My little brother gets in a relationship and wants nothing to do with me, a pity.” 

“Yea, yea. Thanks for today, I love you.” Jungkook says, grabbing a green jacket from over the couch and handing it to Jin. 

“Feel better kid.” He says, reaching over and shuffling Jungkook’s already messy hair as if he was a child. “It was nice meeting you Namjoon, I hope you’re a good one.” 

I hope I am too. “Nice meeting you too, have a good night.” 

When Jin leaves Jungkook throws himself haphazardly onto the couch and Namjoon follows him, sitting at the end of the couch and rubbing Jungkook’s back. “How you feeling baby?” 

“Like shit, but better than this morning I think it’s only going to last a day. I hope, I can’t call off again at the school I’m supposed to have a meeting with a group of kids who haven’t been doing well lately.” Jungkook answers as he flips himself over, throwing his legs over Namjoon’s thighs. 

Namjoon hums and moves his hands down to Jungkook’s feet, massaging the left one and Jungkook smiles. “I’m sorry, I hope you get better.” 

“Hey um, I told Jin since he was here but now that you’re here I just want to say I spoke with my mom. She’s okay for seeking treatment with the gambling addiction, I’m going to take her to the center in Busan in two weeks.” Jungkook says quietly, twiddling his thumbs as Namjoon continues to massage him and relieve him of the tension and stress Jungkook doesn’t deserve to have. 

“I’m so happy, everything going to work out I told you. Told you the world wouldn’t ruin the sweetest gift.” 

Jungkook’s smile grows and he closes his eyes as Namjoon massages his right foot. “Need to stop talking like that Namjoon, I’m gonna say the L word soon.” 

“Yea? Me too.” He tells him truthfully, all that matters is that it’s in the air around them, they can both feel it brewing, feel it ready to come out and reveal itself. Not just yet and that’s okay, Namjoon knows the time will come soon where he tells Jungkook exactly how he feels. 

“That reminds me, what did you come here to tell me.” 

“Ah, about that.” 

Jungkook puts his feet in Namjoon’s face when he tells him he’s been freaking out about asking Jungkook out on a real and actual date.  Jungkook then reiterated exactly what Hoseok and Yoongi said, but in the end he agrees that they deserve one after all this time- after all the pining and all the denial of feelings and after the explosion that resulted in what they finally became. They go out a few days later, when Jungkook feels so much better and they’re free from work. Namjoon takes him to a field and says “no, I’m not going to kill you.” all three times that Jungkook asks. When they get there, Namjoon asks Jungkook to closes his eyes as he runs out from the drivers seat. He pulls everything he brought out of the trunk of his car and sets it up neatly on the ground before rushing back to the car and getting Jungkook. 

The latter looks at the seen before him and gives Namjoon a huge smile before pressing a soft kiss to his lips. Jungkook needs to be forever the softness in Namjoon’s life. “A picnic? Namjoon you’re so cheesy god I..I like you so much. I like this so much you’re so amazing you try so hard.” 

Namjoon’s chest clenches and he pulls Jungkook in for another kiss, this one deeper and with the passion they’ve always had between them. “I’m glad you like it, come eat I made those dumplings you like.” 

“You don’t need to tell me twice.” 

So they sit and eat, they talk about anything and everything there is to talk about from the start of what made them them to the bits and pieces of Namjoon’s life he hasn’t told Jungkook yet. Jungkook says he wants to know everything about Namjoon, everything he could possibly remember about himself, Jungkook says he wants to know and store it in a special room in his brain, the Namjoon Room. Jungkook jokes that it’s a bit messy in there but it’s his favorite room in his entire head and Namjoon grabs him and kisses him so deeply they both become breathless and stare at eachother while the sun sets. In this moment, staring at Jungkook with the sunlight going away and the sky changing colors he realizes that he’s in love. He doesn’t say it thought, preferring to show it instead. 

“Let me make love to you.” Namjoon says the cheesy statement, ready to reach a milestone they haven’t yet and Jungkook sucks in a breath, wrapping his arms around Namjoon’s shoulders and putting their foreheads together. 

“We don’t have stuff.”

”says you.” 

“Please tell me you didn’t pack lube and condoms with our food Joon.” 

Instead of a proper reply, Namjoon just chuckles and kisses Jungkook deeper, licking into his mouth and rubbing his hand on the crotch of Jungkook’s slacks. It doesn’t take much hand action for Jungkook to begin getting hard, it doesn’t take any action at all for Namjoon to get hard, the site of Jungkook moaning and squirming is enough to have him leaking in his pants. Namjoon pushes their dishes out of the way so that a Jungkook could properly lay down on the blanket, while Namjoon leans over him, working him through his pants and spreading kisses on his cheek and necks. “Off- take..take my pants off.” Jungkook rasps and Namjoon wastes no time in doing what he’s told. 

He unbuttons Jungkook’s slacks and simultaneously pulls them down along with his black underwear, leaving them on the edge of the blanket. Jungkook sits up and takes his own shirt off, moaning loudly because in that moment Namjoon decides its time to start jerking Jungkook’s cock while unbuttoning his own pants and sliding them down. With Jungkook fully naked and Namjoon in nothing in a shirt the rolls are switched and Jungkook gets on top, grinding his cock down against Namjoon’s while alternating kisses on his chest and lips. Just pressing kisses on any inch of Namjoon’s skin he could get to. 

“Where’s the stuff?” Jungkook asks, slowing his movements because they’re both working a bit too quickly and neither one wants a release just yet. 

Namjoon leans up, wrapping an arm around Jungkook’s lower back to keep him in place because he’s still sat on his lap. He reaches into the bag of stuff he brought and pulls out to small packets, presenting them to Jungkook with a smile. “Always come prepared.” 

“You’re incorrigible.” Jungkook says and kisses Namjoon once again before grabbing the lube from his hand. “Now watch.” 

Jungkook gets off of Namjoon, turning around so his ass is in there air and Namjoon bites his bottom lip so hard he nearly bleeds. He pours the lube on his fingers and spreads some over his divine backside. Namjoon watches as Jungkook fingers himself to perfection, little moans here and there that cause Namjoon to leak all over his hand, the one moving up and down his own length because the show that Jungkook is putting on is just too good. 

He feels himself becoming delirious as Jungkook rocks back on four fingers, his hand working in out and stretching himself open and it’s all for Namjoon- that thought alone nearly causes him to orgasm. Suddenly Jungkook stops and he’s turning around, cheeks red and eyes blown wide and Namjoon doesn’t believe there’s a more beautiful sight in the world. “Come here.” He says, leaning over Jungkook who’s back on his back, he grabs the packet and squeezes out whatever is left onto his hand, working the lubricant on himself so that there’s no chance of Jungkook being in pain. 

“Tell me when.” Namjoon asks after he pulls one of Jungkook’s legs over his shoulder, the other says nothing he just shimmy’s down against Namjoon and he takes this as a green light. When he presses himself inside of Jungkook’s warmth they both gasp, the feeling so intense on both ends that they can do nothing for about thirty seconds besides trying to control their breaths and staring at each other. 

“Move.” Jungkook rasps and Namjoon does just that, gripping Jungkook’s slim waist as he pulls out then pushes back in and they both groan loudly, Jungkook’s arms coming up to wrap around Namjoon’s chest and their proximity just makes everything that much better. Namjoon starts off with slow shallow thrusts until Jungkook is begging and cursing for more, he grips at Jungkook’s hips when he fucks into him harder and faster, the younger’s body being jolted by the movements. 

He fucks Jungkook with everything he has, he fucks Jungkook for all the confusion he made him feel. He fucks Jungkook for all the help he’s been to him for the last few months. He fucks Jungkook for all the raw love that Jungkook fills him with, he fucks Jungkook good. 

“I’m-Joon, there! There don’t stop!” Jungkook shouts and that’s when Namjoon knows he’s grazing against his prostate so that’s what he continues to do, slide against that spot in Jungkook over and over with alternating speed so as Jungkook moves his hand rapidly against his own length. Suprisingly, Namjoon comes first, moaning and biting down on Jungkook’s neck with the force of the orgasm. Jungkook follows soon after, sperm hitting Namjoon and his own stomachs as they pant heavily. 

After a few more moments Namjoon pulls out and Jungkook whines at the loss, without much care he throws the tied condom into the bag and Jungkook wrinkles his nose. “That was gross.” He judges, then proceeds to use the blanket in order to clean the come off of his body. 

“That was fucking great, why didn’t we do this sooner? Blow jobs and ass eating can only take you so far.” Namjoon says as he begins to dress himself alongside Jungkook. 

Jungkook pouts as he stands to slide his underwear back up. “Don’t front, you love when I eat your ass remember when you cried.” 

Namjoon decides the conversation should just end there. 

When they finish getting dressed and throw everything back in the trunk, they decide to still sit on the grass, just for a little- just to watch the world with eachother. 

“When I couldn’t control my pyromania, I once left a class early because the urge grew too strong and I went by some old gas station and burned a stack of papers.” Jungkook speaks quietly, his hand wrapped tightly around Namjoon’s wrist. As if if he lets go Namjoon would disappear, but Namjoon’s pretty sure as long as Jungkook has him he won’t go anywhere. “When I watched it burn I wondered what the fire would feel like, if you felt it inside yourself. I didn’t want to hurt myself, but I just wanted to know what a fire really feels like.” 

Namjoon nods, his thumb rubbing circles on Jungkook’s hand. “Did you ever find out what a fire feels like?” 

Jungkook leans his head against Namjoon’s shoulder. “Yea I did, being with you, feeling what you make me feel. This is what I think a fire feels like.” 

Namjoon’s heart grows three sizes and he thinks he might cry. “You know right? I don’t have to say it.” 

Jungkooks hand lets go of his wrists and instead he hugs Namjoon. “Yea, I know. Trust me, I know and I think you do too.” 

Namjoon does know. 

“You know, this reminds me of something.” Namjoon says, turning his face so that him and Jungkook are staring at eachother. “I have another date for us.” 

“Hm, what is it?” Jungkook asks before pressing a random and sweet kiss against Namjoon’s temple. 

“The head chef and my friend Minho, he’s getting married and I want you to be there with me.” 

“Of course baby, when’s the wedding?” 

Namjoon blushes. “Tomorrow.”