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The Investigation Thieves

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Akira stepped into Leblanc- Wait. We all know this story. The phantom thieves stop kamoshida, madarame, and others while gaining more members. But the question has to be asked, what if the investigation team were the phantom thieves?

Yu left the coffee shop that his uncle ran and headed toward the train station. What was that app last night? Narukami had seen a mysterious app and had a weird dream about some twin wardens and a guy with a long nose. The twins didn’t exactly give their names, which was weird. They were both tall. One had darker hair and wore a hat, the other had light hair and had a nice dress on.

Yu stepped out of the train station and felt rain drops. He ran under a roof and saw a girl in a hood. She took her hood off, revealing dark brown hair in twin tails. She looked over at him, curious as to why he was staring. Yu quickly looked away. “Hey, you need a ride?” A voice said. Yu looked at the source of the voice, a man in his car.
“Sure, thanks” the girl said, walking over and getting into the car.
“How about you?” The man looked at Yu, who shook his head and looked at his phone. The man drove off.

“THAT BASTARD!” A voice yelled, chasing after the car and stopping in front of Yu. His blonde hair behind him.
“What?” Yu asked.
“That damn Moron! He thinks of that school of his damn castle! It’s why we call him King Moron! Mr. Morooka!” The boy yelled.
“Kinshiro Morooka! He’s a homeroom teacher for second years! I swear he’s a perv!” The boy yelled again.

The two began walking to Shujin Academy, but once they turned into the alley way. “What... you’ve gotta be shitting me!” The boy said. He took a step back to get a full scale view of what was infront of him.

A giant castle, where the school should’ve been.