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That's Pretty Wild

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“We have to leave for the venue in two hours.” Namjoon murmured as he walked into the hotel room, eyes glued to the paper one of their PDs had given him when he went down for breakfast. Being the leader came with the daunting task of having to get all of the boys prepared and it wasn’t the most...easy of tasks.

Firstly, he had to dodge the small bottle of hotel lotion Yoongi chucked his way when he tried to shake his hyung awake. He chuckled and all but yanked the blanket off, darting away when Yoongi lurched up to smack him, nearly toppling out of the bed as a result.

“I hate you.” He grumbled, looking up through messy bangs. Namjoon only smiled in response and pointed his thumb behind him.

“Love you too, throw some clothes on and meet me in Jimin’s room. Taehyung and Jungkook are already there.” Namjoon responded after leaning down to kiss Yoongi’s cheek as a small apology for waking him. As he closed the door, he grinned when he heard something thunk against the hard steel as soon as it was shut. Probably a shoe.

Next was Hoseok.

He scanned the keycard he had, surprised when he found the other rapper wandering around in his room with a toothbrush protruding from his mouth, eyes glued to his phone screen. Namjoon tilted his head, nearly snorting when he saw Hoseok try to shuffle into his sweatpants with only one hand.

“Are you...alright? What’s got you so distracted, Hobi?” Namjoon inquired, gently plucking the phone from Hoseok’s hand so he could focus on dressing. It appeared to be a story of some sort, if the way it was written was anything to go by. A brow went up when Namjoon recognized their own names within the paragraphs.

“Are you reading fanfiction?” Namjoon inquired incredulously. Hoseok’s cheeks went red and he hurriedly took the phone from the taller man’s hands. Namjoon crossed his arms, stepping to the side and blocking Hoseok when the older man tried to sneak past him. Hoseok huffed and scratched the back of his head, embarrassed.

“W-Well, yeah. Jimin-issi was reading it the other day with Tae and Kook so I asked what was so interesting and they sent me the link. I started reading it last night after the first concert.” He admitted, cheeks a couple shades darker than minutes before.

“Is that what they were gasping about in the dressing room last night?” Namjoon’s arms dropped when he remembered the three youngest members huddled together after they had their makeup and hair done. Jungkook and Taehyung were peering over Jimin’s shoulders, reading the fic from the man’s cracked screen.

“Mhm. It’s pretty cool, Joon. We’ve got powers and stuff. I got fire powers! How badass is that!” Hoseok exclaimed, making an exaggerated ‘fwoosh’ motion with his hand. Namjoon shook his head, gently dragging Hoseok with him into the hallway.

He expected as much from the Maknae Line to be huddled around some weird story about them, but he figured it wasn’t so bad if they’d roped Hoseok into it as well. The man in question had begun reading once more as Namjoon dragged him along to Jin’s room.

The oldest idol was sound asleep, an RJ mask shielding his eyes from the harsh sunlight in the room. Namjoon hoped the jet lag hadn’t gotten to him worse than usual. Gently, he shook the older man until he heard a sleepy grumble. Jin rolled away from him but Namjoon chuckled and leaned down to kiss his head and cheeks repeatedly until Jin groaned in annoyance, swatting at him half heartedly until he huffed and turned his head, catching his lips with one of the kisses.

“You’re the worst.” He muttered, peeking from underneath his mask. Namjoon flashed him a smile as he sat up, rubbing his eyes before he reluctantly made his way to the bathroom to wash his face and brush his teeth. Hoseok didn’t pay the interaction much mind, muttering to himself about cliffhangers as he continued reading.

“What’s his deal?” Jin inquired when he got back, watching the dancer’s leg bounce anxiously as his eyes scanned the screen. Namjoon shook his head, tapping Hoseok so he would get up.

“He’s reading some fanfic the Maknae’s sent him.” He responded. Realization seemed to hit Jin’s face and he nearly knocked Hoseok over trying to peer over his shoulder.

“What chapter are you on?”

“Chapter 8, it’s the Tae chapter.”

“Ohh! I read that one before bed. You’re going to be so surprised when-”

“Shhhh! Don’t spoil it for me!” Hoseok hissed, quickening his pace so the oldest wouldn’t ruin the chapter for him. Namjoon watched them, taken back by how many of them knew about this fanfic. He’d be lying if he said he wasn’t a little curious himself.

Shaking his head, they walked into Jimin’s room, and Namjoon immediately felt the shift in mood.

Jungkook was on the floor holding up his phone while Jimin sat on the chair behind him, his head on top of his while Tae leaned against their left side, head on Jungkook’s shoulder. All three of the youngest boys looked visibly upset and Yoongi silently came over with a box of tissues, setting it in Jungkook’s lap.

“What...what’s going on, guys?” Namjoon asked hesitantly when he saw how teary eyed the boys were. Yoongi plopped down on Jimin’s bed, ringed fingers popping the tap open for the coke in his hand as he hummed.

“They’re reading the latest couple of chapters.”

Namjoon felt his brow twitch slightly.

“Aish, don’t scare me like that! Is it really that good that you’re crying?” He inquired, watching Jimin sniff slightly. The three looked at him, cheeks flushed and eyes red and he didn’t need them to give him an answer. With a small sigh, Namjoon knelt down, taking the tissues out of Jungkook’s lap and going through all three of them, wiping their eyes and pressing a small kiss to their foreheads.

“You’re alright. I’m glad you’re all enjoying the read, but we have to get ready for the show. C’mon, get those shoes on.” Namjoon clapped and the three reluctantly shuffled to their feet, looking around for the shoes in question.


Namjoon nearly leapt out of his skin when Hoseok all but crashed into him, showing him his phone. His eyes widened as he read the few lines that confirmed that yes, he did have some sort of powers to do with probability. A small, fond smile came to his face. It was probably because of the God of Destruction nickname the boys and Army had given him. At least it seemed like he had a good handle on his powers in writing.

“He’s so late.” Yoongi hummed from the corner. Hoseok pouted at him.

“What chapter are you on?”

“I’m caught up.”

“How?! You got sent the first chapter at the same time as me!”

“I read fast.” Yoongi shrugged, watching as Jin snickered beside him.

“So, which one of you wants to give me a small summary of what everyone’s reading, since I’m the odd man out?” Namjoon hummed. Jungkook raised his hand in a flash, bouncing on the bed as he started.

“Okay so we’re like...these things called Sensates, and that means we have some kind of telepathic link with one another. We’ve all got these cool power and stuff and I’m a fucking fighter with crystal powers! How badass is that?”

“Language. What’s everyone else’s jobs and powers?” Namjoon continued.

“I’m a barista! I’ve got lightning powers!” Jimin chimed, running a hand through his hair.

“DJ and rapper, shadow powers.” Yoongi added, rolling his shoulders as he tossed his can in the garbage. Namjoon nodded and pointed to Taehyung. He grinned.

“Hacker. I have two powers like you, Joonie. I have water and ice powers. Jimin called me a waterbender.” Tae seemed especially proud. Namjoon nodded, looking over to Hoseok who had gasped at something he was reading. Jungkook tapped his shoulder and Hoseok looked up, smiling.

“Right, you already know I have fire powers, but I’m a thief, too.”

“Alright, so we have a thief, a hacker, fighter, a barista, a DJ and-”

“I’m an intern at a law firm. My powers are obviously the best out of all of them.” Jin puffed his chest out, smiling proudly. Namjoon cocked a brow and Jin made a series of exaggerated hand gestures.

“Force fields can be used for offence and defense. How awesome is that?”

“Wait, the crystals and stuff can be used for defense too!” Jungkook huffed. Jin rolled his eyes and Tae frowned.

“Same with my ice and water, hyung.”

“Yeah, but your ice can be broken.”

“So can your fields!”

Namjoon sighed as the boys began bickering on whose powers were better than whose. He checked his watch and clicked his tongue, clapping to get their attention.

“Alright, alright. You guys can bicker later. We need to head down so we can go to the venue. I’ll turn the lights out.” He informed the rowdy boys. The arguing died down for a moment before it started up again as the boys filtered out of the room. Namjoon shook his head as they walked down the hall, grabbing all of the keycards off of the table and sliding them into his pocket.

He made his way to the door, glancing over his shoulder into the empty room.

“Probability powers, huh?” He mused, a small dimpled smile coming to his face as he snapped his fingers.

One by one, all the lights in the room went out on their own and Namjoon, satisfied, turned to exit the room, stuffing both of his hands in his pockets as he took long strides to meet up with the other boys.

“That’s pretty wild, huh?” He chuckled to himself as he slid into the elevator with the other six boys.