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Orochi teleported as one in front of the PRT building, tossing aside their telescopes and drawing various weapons. Soon, they began their assault. Suddenly, they were all inside the lobby, and then there were more, and more, as all eight continued teleporting.

The PRT soldiers were gunned down, or brought down by knife blade, while more Orochi forced the doors open and threw any civilians and non-armored employees out into the street- literally throwing.

Alarms began to blare, and shutters began to close, until Orochi appeared at each window and dropped a grenade. Then, the Orochi gathered at the elevators. They were tinker-tech constructions, built to withstand conventional weapons and attempts to force them open.

However, as one Orochi drew out a very colorful and complex-looking bomb that had been kept in a specialized case, and attached it to the elevator doors with some putty, the PRT would realize that not all of Orochi's weapons were 'conventional'.

They teleported back outside as one, and watched as a massive fireball engulfed the lobby, the impact of the bomb blasting glass from windows and obliterating almost the entire first floor of the building. For a moment, the eight gangsters wondered if Bakuda had gone overboard and cost them the mission- how would they rescue Lung if the entire PRT building were to collapse?

But soon, the smoke cleared, and the building was still standing. Teleporting back in, the Orochi left clones behind to provide covering fire- more PRT were swarming out of the building's other exits. Some were wounded from the explosions, but others were fresh.

The real Orochi stopped at the elevator, looking up and down the elevator shaft. Unlike some other gangs, the ABB didn't have anyone who could do any real hacking, and so the PRT building's layout was something of a mystery.

They would just have to search all of it.

The Orochi began moving up and down the shaft, planting more mines- some conventional, some were Bakuda-made, -on the closed elevator doors. They would soon get access to the entire building. Teleporting back into the lobby, they detonated the shaft, sending a rumbling wave through the entire building.

"Stand down!" a boy shouted.

One of the Orochi turned their head in time to teleport behind the flying teenager collided with him- the clone burst into ash from the impact, but Aegis, leader of the Wards, didn't seem troubled in the slightest by this. Whipping around, he circled the room at high speed in his flight. The other Wards began making themselves present as well, more armored PRT rushing out of other exits.

One Orochi dodged under an ice beam from one of Kid Win's ray-gun devices, and tossed over what Bakuda had simply labeled "for other tinkers". The small device beeped, and then exploded in three different ways. The child screamed as he was dragged towards the epicenter, his hoverboard, armor, and guns shuddering and coming apart as tiny pieces of them were pulled towards the center of the bomb, while electrical pulses spread out around him.

Another found himself suddenly terrified, fleeing for his life in the face of an armored knight, but he was grabbed by one of his brothers, who forced the effect to stop by tossing a grenade at Gallant and making him focus on a different task than using his powers, namely, running from the bomb before it went off.

The Orochi quickly found that their plans of shooting any of the Wards or PRT became very difficult when Vista forced their bullets to curve along improbable angles and smash into each other, or redirect harmlessly towards the scorched walls.

It was chaos. Pure and simple.

But as much as Orochi enjoyed it, they had a mission.

"Roku, Nana, Hachi!" Ichi shouted, "You three will hold back the Wards!"

"Yes!" came a simultaneous grunt from the three. The other five, knowing what that meant, teleported into the shaft, and then began going to work on the rest of the building.

Soon, their radios crackled to life, "Prison cells are deep below!" one of the Orochis shouted, "Ignore the upper levels!"

"Everyone." Ichi said, "Break out Lung, under any circumstances. Our other copies are second priority. But an opportunity has presented itself." Ichi didn't bother fighting most of them as he teleported his way through the offices. Where the most soldiers were clustered, he knew, was where the PRT's commanding officers would be. The PRT dared to hold his leader captive? Then he would pay his revenge upon their leader.

He teleported over them, and left his clones to cause chaos behind him.

The armored guards were standing in front of a large door, which was protected by a shutter. Ichi pulled the pin on his grenade, and then teleported four times in as many moments, before returning to his first spot, and throwing the grenade. His clones all dropped their own, and explosions ripped through the hall, and even tore through the shutters.

Containment foam sprayers activated, to put out the flames of the explosion, and to contain him, but he didn't give it the time. He teleported to right outside the shutter, looking inside, and seeing an obese woman sitting in the chair on the other side. He teleported into the room, letting the hall fill with containment foam.

He was behind her already, his knife drawn to slit her throat-

Piggot didn't even turn her chair, having simply brought her pistol up from where held it in her lap, and firing three times behind her.

Ichi fell to the ground, dead, but the soldiers inside weren't taking any chances, coating him in containment foam.

"God damn it all." Piggot muttered.

"Oni Lee?" Lung said, looking up at someone wearing one of his own steel masks looking down at him through a heavily reinforced window.

Suddenly, the man was next to Lung, "We call ourselves Orochi, now, Lung." Oni Lee- or Orochi, he supposed, said. "Please begin ramping up."

"Wait-" already the alarm systems were activating, foam sprayers emerging from compartments in the walls and splattering everything in the cell with the quickly-expanding substance.

"Damn it!" Orochi growled, before thumbing at his bag, but it was too late, foam had engulfed them both.

The three who had been fighting the Wards escaped without much issue, once they saw their comrades return from the elevator shaft. To their disappointment, Lung was not among them, and one of their own was gone, although several more Oni Lee in prison uniforms had come with them.

"We have failed." Shi said.

"Then we go." They teleported away, and the Wards let them go, bloodied and exhausted.

In the end, the attack had been a failure. They had lost Ichi and San, but had freed six more copies from their less secure prisons- after all, the PRT could simply neutralize Oni Lees by blinding them, and they were not heartless enough to do so permanently- as such, it had been a simple matter of breaking in, destroying their cuffs and chains, and breaking off their helmets.

The Orochi were not pleased. They would have to resort to Bakuda's plan, then, and hold the city itself captive with terror.

"I want them Birdcaged." Piggot growled.

She was, of course, referring to the seven Oni Lee in containment and Lung. Tonight had been a travesty. Good men, far too many, were dead and would need to be replaced. There was a massive amount of damage spread through the entirety of the PRT building.

"It shouldn't be an issue." the Chief Director said on the other end of the call, "Oni Lee technically didn't have three strikes according to the rules- but with destruction on this level, it shouldn't be hard to push it through."

"And I want a kill order on the twelve Oni Lee at large. And Bakuda." she was sick and tired of the ABB, and tonight had pushed that patience beyond the brink, as far as she was concerned.

"That... would a bit harder to push through-" BOOM "-what was that?"

"Damn." Piggot muttered, "I have a guess."

Already, her phone was buzzing with messages, "Bakuda bombs." Piggot said, staring down at the device, "Going off all over my city. The casualty count is already in the dozens, not counting the dozens of PRT who already died today." she snarled.

Chief Director Costa-Brown frowned, "Piggot." she said sharply.

"...Sorry, Chief Director. I respectfully repeat my request. I believe that Bakuda and Oni Lee- all versions of him, deserve either death or the Birdcage."

"...I'll see what I can do. In the meantime, good luck. I'll see about diverting more support to the ENE branch in the meantime."

"Thank you."