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Let sleeping dragons lie

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Ash should I wait for you before starting the movie? Is it movie night tonight? Yes! Sean are you sure? yes Ash that you don't realize that were in a different month to begin with secondly you've put on enough weight so your clothes are fitting you a bit more snug that they use to and third but not least you hair has grown so long it now reaches your lower back. she looks at herself, starts to stretch and run her hand through her hair. You're right but this only happened because you choose to spend a few months here on your private island she said pointing her finger in his face. Please don't try to pin this on me, I offered to send you to Vernon's place and you complained about having to do more training and the heat. But i still trained with you tirelessly! Ash that was four months ago, we finished training in the winter were now touching in spring. and if that'snot enough to convince you i took up gardening and i have my first sprout pushing out of the earth ( points towards a open window were you can see a spot that has been circled of with bricks surrounding a sprout pushing up from the earth). I still blame you, you're way too laid back for one of the ascend beings.

I have been saying the same thing to him for years and he never listens to me, said a voice from the door? Speak of the devil and he shall appear, Vernon it has been too long to what do i owe this pleasure? Please spare me the pleasantries we're here on business Sean. We? Vernon which we are you talking about? Vernon steps aside to show that they is indeed someone standing behind him. Hello Alex it is good to see you, how are the kids doing I haven't been to visit them yet. They're doing good the girls are going off to college next year and little Caleb's wing are starting to come through. That's wonderful I'll have to get presents when I come around next. They would like that but enough about family, we actually came on business (hands over a very thick looking file).


White boy I miss having you here, Tina is wonderful company but there is a limit to the amount of black clothes i want in my wardrobe! I miss you too Mercedes, but this is for the best. I finally found somewhere that I don't have to worry about locker checks, slushies, hate calls or dumpster tosses. Do you know how much money I am saving now that I don't have to send as many clothes to the dry cleaners Mercedes? For once I just want to be a normal teenage kid trying to make it through high school and besides it's not like I'm gone forever we still have the weekends and holidays to make up for all the retail shopping that we have missed out on. White boy you know I'm happy for you it's just just that i miss having my friend here. I know Mercedes and i promise to make it up to you this weekend, I saw something in Banana Republic it just screamed your name at me. You didn't have to do that for me Kurt! But what Kind of friend Would I be if i Couldn't get my best diva something every once in awhile? Anyways have to go Mercedes am heading into History class so will talk to you when I'm back in my room. Hugs and kisses ( makes funny kissing sound over the phone before hanging up).


(The Door to the house is pushed open with such a force that it hits the wall with a loud) David we do not slam doors in this house, what has gotten into you as of late David? Dad it's nothing! it cant be nothing you were suspended for breaking a kids arm not to mention the kid isn't half your size! what were you thinking, do you have any idea the kind of trouble you caused? They wanted to expel you i had to beg them to keep you, ( takes a deep breath) just go to your room, I'll decide your punishment later. But dad you cant do that! Go to your room, the last part is said in a low growl and when he looks at his father he sees that his eyes have a slight change to their color. ( he slowly walks up the stairs to his room and lays down on his bed and shut his eyes) Do you have any idea the stress that your causing your father? Leave me alone! I can't, you and I are the same being two pieces to the same coin. One can not exist with out the other. But if you thing that your hurting your father have a look at what your doing to your self. What are you talking about Mathias? (He open his eyes to see only dark clouds on a distant horizon from where he sat) Whats going on, whats happening? When you first became aware of my existing i explained that we are one being and this is a place where we may commune among each other but what i didn't tell you is that this is the place where our mate may connect with us on a deeper level.

I had hoped you would have realized the connection when you met the person but you didn't. There was someone on the other side but now they have left and the distance has grown so weak I can barely sense them anymore and your all to blame ( a wolf turns and looks at him). Do you think I don't see what goes on outside. We are the same being your memories are my memories, your pain is my pain and in that sense I suffer more than you ( with that he lifted up his paw to show a deep black vein spreading slowly all over his belly). What caused this ( he stepped forward to touch it)? don't touch it Mathias snaps lowering himself back to the grass. this is the end result of all you did to our mate I have contained the affliction within myself so as to keep you safe. The connection is so frail i hardly feel anyone on the other end anymore. You shouldn't hurt yourself like this David your father loves you very much no matter who you love (with that they grassy slopes fade away only to show that he's back in his room). I must have fallen asleep. I'll deal with it tomorrow and he turns back over in his sleep.


Sean if you don't mind me asking, why are we taking your private jet? Why not just fly there ourselves or teleport? That's true we could have done that but if we did any of those we would have alerted unwanted parties to what we are doing. Make no mistake we are going to address these groups that are causing issues in the area but trust me when i say this those two are the most difficult to deal with especially if they decide to put up a fight and trust they can put up a fight the likes of which you have never seen before. So for Now Just sit back, sleep, eat or whatever you want to do. It's a long trip to Ohio.