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you found me

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Strange things often occur late at night, when no other soul is up except for a select few. The night is home to many people. More often to those up to no good, for it is the haunting hour open to anyone willing to who might explore--to find oneself as well as the mysteries that may lay hidden underneath the surface of everyday life.

Officer Namjoon Kim was a newbie placed into the Seoul police force. Fresh out of the academy, ranking first in his class gaining the attention of plenty law enforcements in South Korea. He, however, decided to move to Seoul as a way to find himself, as well as experience a new surrounding. The distance from his hometown in Ilsan was just enough to explore who he was as a person, including the many gifts he held.

The city was filled with booming crowds and automotives, zooming and rippling past one another, never ceasing for anything in their paths. It is easy to get lost in the sea of people in the booming city of Seoul.

Namjoon believed he could make it in the daring city. Day in and day out. Being the good guy for the everyday citizen. Such idealistic, innocent beliefs. Yet being a recent recruit made him easy prey for his fellow officers. As a result, he was now stuck with the night shift, in charge of every task no one else wanted at the station; from arresting drunks roaming the streets, to going on coffee runs at odd hours of the night, etc all being in his jurisdiction. No more, no less.

It was all tedious work, things to keep him busy enough not to complain. To put it simply; he hated it, but he knew there was no going past it. The time would come when he’d have to prove himself, something he would always anticipate. Nighttime, daytime, he would obey his commander in chief like a robot, although he was taught to be more than such in the academy which irked him to the core.

Nonetheless, it was a cool, fall night when the lonesome police officer found himself tidying up a cluttered closet littered with brown boxes of cold cases. One after another, boxes filled with pieces of the forgotten-- the nameless-- people that would never find solace, never find their killer, those who were forever free to roam the earth even after their sinful acts. Guilt, or lack thereof, never leaving their body until their last aching breath.

“They never end,” he murmured sadly to himself, scanning every box quickly before stacking them into neat piles among piles of cartons.

Sighing with a deep frown set on his face as he thought about all of the families left without answers regarding their loved ones, whether or not they are alive or deceased, the pain they must continue to feel with each passing day filled with unknowing dread. His heart ached for all of them, hoping he could be of some assistance in anyway possible.

“We’ll find you, one day. Don't be scared.” He sighed as he carried a few boxes onto his lonely desk beside the room filled with cases, “I have a lot of work ahead of me.” He swiftly opened one up, splaying several worn out, tanned folders filled with pictures, interviews, and information regarding this certain case.

If no one at the station would have him on a case, he would do his own investigating. Namjoon wouldn’t spend his days as a pack mule, catering to the needs of his superiors without a glance of freedom. No, he would make himself useful with his own investigating, even if it killed him.

The sight before him sank into his mind, imprinting into his memory, before he took a random envelope and began his attempt at bringing light to someone who had been left in the dark for far too long.

“Okay, Han River Doe, let’s get it going.” His fingers brushed along every paper, eyes scanning every line of writing describing the circumstances of the cold case.


Male. Presumed to be in his early to mid twenties; 20-25. Black hair, black eyes.

Last seen by friends at a nightclub focused in Gangnam-gu, Seoul.


“They’d be my age,” the realization began to settle. Someone as young as him would never see the daylight again forever shrouded by darkness by a person who had remained in the shadows until that very day. A person who had lived with a death hovering over his shoulder yet felt no remorse.

His heart ached in his chest. How could someone hurt their fellow man? Had they no heart? Humans as a species should respect one another, not end their lives without a grain of remorse. They were all made equal, all made to share the same Earth, to breathe the same air, to be one single entity of humankind.

That was why Namjoon wanted to bring those monsters to justice. To face a judge inside of a courtroom, and hopefully receive the punishment they truly deserve. To take a life would always be one of the worst offences anyone could ever commit. He was dead set on leaving a mark on this world, that was for sure. He would never back out of anything if there was even the slightest chance of making the world a better place. Not just for himself, but for everyone that lived in it, even if it meant putting himself in danger, he would definitely be right at the front lines . Waiting, and hoping, to make a difference.

Before Namjoon could delve deeper into his thoughts, he heard a noise.

There was a faint thud, echoing throughout the room. Thud after thud, hauntingly echoing throughout the solemn office in the dead of night. Namjoon could do nothing but stop, staring blankly into the paperwork that lay in front of him as he waited and listened. Listening for another sound and waiting for someone, or something, to come forward from the shadows which shrouded the entire room with a blanket of black.

Hearing things go bump in the night was not an uncommon occurrence. Most would simply brush it off as an animal; a raccoon, likely looking for food, or something as simple as another person going about their business.

Not everything was as it seemed, however, with unknown forces laying underneath one's everyday life. Lurking in the shadows, hoping for someone to acknowledge its presence.

Kim Namjoon was someone special, someone who could witness what lay hidden right before others eyes. For he had a gift unlike any average person.

Ever since he was a young boy, he knew he was different. He knew when to speak and when to act, because he held a power only he would ever come to know. A secret so surreal, even his sister, his parents, and his friends would never truly believe possible. Never grasp such power that came with his special gift.

While most officers generate ideas regarding a case by investigating and gathering much needed information, inferring, and by processing any available evidence such as DNA samples. Namjoon had his own way of solving cases.

Namjoon Kim, however impossible it may seem, was a medium. A clairvoyant to be exact. A man that is not mentally unstable-- no, not all-- he is simply capable of seeing phenomenon in a visual way, by touching or being near objects related to a person that has since passed.

A person in question that may or may not be related to the cold case spread out on his desk.

A person, or rather, thing , has since sprung out from obscurity. The entity loomed over a corner of his office directly across from his desk, making its presence become known as the grey shadow like figure slowly slinked towards him. It was but a glob of nothing at first. Nothing too frightening--no-- it was rather silly, really. Like a see through cloud, hovering in its it's sad little corner, sluggishly hovered towards Namjoons direction. The room grew darker and heavier with every movement, Namjoon waiting, completely stilled in his seat. He did not dare more a finger, uncertain of the entities capabilities.

He had seen all sorts of shapes and figures take form right before his eyes, a common occurrence for as far as he could remember. Sometimes said creations would evaporate before he could ever react. This time, however, the clump of ashen grey took no specific shape, simply there and rather… poofy. No face appeared, no hint to what exactly it was other than an oddly shaped ball, sphere, or glob.

The most common occurrence Namjoon ever faced was that of spirits. From creatures, such as dogs, to even humans.

Yet a glowing glob was all too new.

As it neared, Namjoon stood from his desk and called out to the lump. “I can help you. But, I need to know if you're going to harm me?”

His voice was as steady as he could make it, awaiting its response, but there was nothing. The lump of shadows simply halted right above his desk, inches from Namjoons chest. It hovered lightly similar to a delicate piece of cotton falling in the air with no purpose at all. Namjoon was all too confused, eyebrows scrunched together and mouth slightly agape. “Um… Are you going to--”

As he was ready to speak once more, the cloud fell and crashed from its spot onto a file that was littered across Namjoons desk, disappearing into a mass of fog. Swirling and curling in the air for a moment before it, too, vanished into nothingness, leaving Namjoon completely and utterly…


The man looked around the empty room, astonished from the recent activity, only to be greeted to nothing out of the ordinary. The sullen feeling that draped over the room had all but disappeared since the orb vanished into thin air. Namjoon should feel relaxed, his skin shouldn’t feel cold and prickly, but his body and mind is filled with anxiety.

What was that thing?

What did it want?

Would he see it again?

Taking a breath to steady his increasing heart rate, the man took it upon himself to grab the file the orb had crash landed on.

His hands shook and felt like ice as he opened the file.

Instantly, he was greeted to none other than a face. A beautiful face with plump lips, delicately curved out cupid’s bow, dark almond eyes, and broad shoulders. His body shook, a sudden shiver coursing through his spine at a familiar wave of emotions rushing into him all at once. Sadness, bountiful and weeping behind his eyes. Anger coursing through his veins in a fiery flame. And, above all, confusion, nervousness, a feeling of uncertainty that made his shoulders sag in fear.

Kim SeokJin , it read.

The Han River Doe.

The spirit of a murdered man had called out to him. A man who had been dead for over 25 years had made himself present to Namjoon.

A call to help filled his ears. Namjoon had been called to help find the once forgotten man.