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Kidnapped By Mew

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Pink fur and blue eyes adorned a floating cat-like creature with a tale longer than its body that floated happily in mid-air, drifting upon the random bursts of wind. A cry of distress only the pink creature could hear startled it from its playful drifting upon the wind. A sense of determination settled into those bright sapphire eyes as it dashed away through the air heading for another similar yet not unlike its self. Mewtwo was about to get a visit from Mew and as playful as Mew tended to be his determination to fix what he had sensed would not be swayed. They were going world hopping. Mew would apologize to Palkia and Arceus later. First he had to deal with whatever called him...

A tall purple pokemon that looked somewhat related to the small pink floating cat that was Mew looked up in irritation as he sensed the imminent arrival of his Legendary progenitor. If he hadn't known his own history he would wonder exactly how the childishly playful pokemon could be his father. Unfortunately he did know his own history and knew that the fault lay with greedy foolish humans who had used some random hairs left behind by Mew to make him. Not only that they had messed with his DNA, trying to make him even stronger in an attempt to turn him into a weapon. They had paid dearly for their audacity once he had discovered the truth. His anger and betrayal had burned so hot that he had very nearly attempted to cleanse the earth of all human kind... until he met Ash. Subsequent events had taught him the value of all life and he had reluctantly accepted his place as a new Legendary pokemon.

[What is it Mew?] Mewtwo asked in irritation as the small pink cat-like pokemon arrived only to giggle and float upside down as he bobbed playfully in front of his larger clone.

"Mew mew meeew!" [I need you to help me go do something and I won't take no for an answer!] Mew said firmly, his telepathic words mirroring his verbal ones. Before the younger purple pokemon could react Mew had grabbed him and teleported them both away across the boundaries of reality.

[Mew!] Mewtwo practically roared telepathically as they landed in a strange chamber with two groups of people and an ominous fluttering veil laced with dangerous power. His telepathic roar of outrage froze the two groups of fighters and drew two of the more powerful humans out of their observation points within the shadows.

"Mew, mew mew. Mew mew mew meeew," [Its time that you started helping out with legendary duties. We allowed you to grow up a bit and while I understand the start of the teenage mood swings you still need to start learning your duties,] Mew scolded as he floated in front of his clone-child. His still couldn't get the stubborn child to play with him and learn his duties in a fun way but this one was turning out to be too important and couldn't wait.

[You said nothing about this before!] Mewtwo protested, glowering darkly at the energetic floating pink cat.

"Mew," [I've asked you to play but you didn't want to learn,] Mew said simply. Mewtwo just glowered in response, unwilling to admit that he might have made a mistake.

"What are they?" Hermione hissed at Remus Lupin, a former teacher at Hogwarts and sole current Werewolf member of the Order of the Phoenix.

[If you do not recognize a pokemon when you see one then you had best stay out of the way, human] Mewtwo spat back telepathically, glaring at a shocked Hermione. Mew bopped him lightly on the head in punishment for his rudeness before looking around to examine where exactly they had landed.

Mew gazed around guilelessly at everyone else until his eyes landed on Luna. The floating pink cat pokemon stared at the strange blond for a long moment before crying out its name and darting to hide behind its enhanced descendant, Mewtwo, shivering in fright.

[What is it?] Mewtwo grumbled, lifting one arm to look underneath and behind himself at the shivering Mew.

"Mew!" [Xatu!] Mew cried. Everyone heard the one word with their ears and the second with their mind. "Mew, mew! Meeew Mew!" [She is a Xatu locked in Foresight! Human minds aren't designed for that!]

Mewtwo growled and used his anger to free the strange girl/pokémon from her current prison. He had understood immediately that Mew was scared of such a transformation being forced upon him. Where a moment before a 14-year old girl stood, there now was a young Xatu beaming at her saviors.

"Luna?" Harry asked worriedly as he moved to touch her.

Mew darted in between them with a scolding cry of his name before his eyes latched onto Harry's green ones before following a line of fallen hair up to the famous scar. Utterly entranced by what he was seeing Mew floated forwards to touch Harry's scar. A flash of green light sparked at the touch, tossing human and pokemon backwards, both were startled but unharmed aside from landing on their butts. Mew quickly floated back into the air even as Harry scrambled back to his feet.

"Mew!" [Watch them!] Mew ordered before teleporting away.

[What am I supposed to do with these humans!?] Mewtwo called after him futilely. He didn't want to watch the stupid humans!

Mew returned moments later with a struggling, cursing Potions Master, griped like a puppy by the back of his robes. Mew giggled before dropped Snape in a heap between the two opposing groups of humans only to dart forwards past the Death Eaters. Everyone was shocked when he used PSYCHIC to grab Voldemort and float the man over to just one side of the erstwhile spy.

"Xatu! Xaatu," {Make sure it doesn't hurt Harry! He's important,} Luna cried, telling Mew something that no one else could understand. Mew nodded his understanding and grabbed Harry too, levitating him out of reach of his dismayed allies and friends.

"Hey!" Harry protested, struggling and flailing a bit, wanting to stand on his own two feet. He was gently placed next to Snape before they were both caged into place with carefully placed BARRIERs.

{What exactly are we doing?] Mewtwo asked in obvious irritation.

Mew ignored him to focus on the cursing Dark Lord in his psychic grip. Humming Mew went looking for the connections that the sliver of soul animating the captive body had with the other pieces. A sharp twist of psychic power yanked the other pieces into the room, along with a cry of pain from both Voldemort and Harry. Seeing this Dumbledore finally moved to intervene, his wand raised with deadly spells on his lips ready to be cast and obliterate his targets.

Mewtwo briefly scanned the mind of the distracted approaching wizard and didn't like what he found. Suddenly furious on behalf of the three wizards Mew was working on Mewtwo transferred the most important information to Mew. He quickly tossed Dumbledore roughly away from the vulnerable trapped wizards as he moved between them and the old man, glaring hatefully at the liar of a so-called Light Lord.

"Mew!" Mew growled in angry irritation and adjusted what he had been planning to do now that he had more accurate information on the situation. This naughty Dark Lord needed a spanking for what all he had done. However, the majority of his wrongs and his insanity lay at the feet of Dumbledore via the cursed book on banned soul magicks he had Slughorn deliver to a young Tom Riddle.

[He does not deserve aid,] Mewtwo growled at those who tried to help the Headmaster back to his feet.

"What are you doing to Harry!?" Ron demanded belligerently.

"Xatu!" Luna cried in fury before flapping over to her schoolmate and starting to attack him with both her wings and beak, angry at his greedy hypocrisy. She had known that he and Hermione were spies for Dumbledore but could do nothing that wouldn't put Harry in even greater danger without outside help. Now that she was a pokemon again she could happily set the light idiots straight. If she had any say they wouldn't touch Harry again, nor would they continue using him to fight their stupid war.

Mew ignored the increasingly creative insults that Luna aimed at most of the Light side in favor of very carefully piecing the soul of one Tom Marvolo Riddle back together. The free floating diary piece went in first, slotting into place and supporting both the straining magic and magically created body. The next one was ripped from the ring and slipped into its slot even as Mew handed the, now clean yet still enchanted, ring to Harry. Still focusing to practically the exclusion of all else Mew fit each piece back into place one by one, leaving only the one in Harry's scar untouched. When Mew turned to remove the one from Nagini, however, he paused. The serpent would not survive the removal, not without Mew replacing the power with something else.

[What is it?] Mewtwo asked, eyeing the various groups of humans maliciously except for the three trapped by Mew.

"Mew mew mew. Mew mew meeeew," [I need to decide what to turn the serpent into. Without the change she won't survive the soul shard removal,] Mew admitted. By this point his erstwhile patient was groaning and practically insensate from his soul being pieced back together bit by bit. Even in his helpless state he knew he could never again attempt to split his soul. He finally understood what an abomination splitting his soul was and knew that his soul would never again stand for such mistreatment.

[And the piece in the youth?] Mewtwo asked carefully.

"Mew? Mew mew mew mew mew mew?" [Why? Has the great and mighty Mewtwo taken pity upon a lowly human?] Mew asked with a teasing giggle.

[He... was hurt like I was but differently, all three of the ones you have were, but the younger human... reminds me of Ash,] Mewtwo admitted with difficulty. Mew looked at him with understanding before turning to consider his three captive humans and one equally captive snake.

"Mewwww mew mew mew meeeew?" [Are you willing to help watch over these three if we take them home with us?] Mew asked speculatively, eyeing the trio of wizards and serpent with sudden intense interest.

[Yes,] Mewtwo admitted softly as he looked over the three very different wizards. [My only requirement is that they become roughly the same age and must remain together for at least a year, no permanent separation before the year is up and it must be a full year spent in one another's actual company. No staying in separate rooms and never looking at each other or refusing interaction. Depending upon how they do with each other and how they treat their eventual pokemon I see little issue.]

"Mew!" [If Ash gets in trouble again we can leave him with them for a while!] Mew giggled happily.

[I'm not certain that would be wise. Harry has a similar knack for being unexpectedly drawn into trouble,] Mewtwo pointed out dryly.

Mew ignored him as the pink floating feline started the changes that Nagini would need. First a very careful PSYCHIC to knock out the serpent. Once the serpent was as insensate as her master Mew cried out in command as he expended power to both capture the soul shard and force Nagini into a new species of serpent. A second cry of power moved the shard back into Voldemort, sealing it and the others into proper place, forcing a revision of his features from serpent-human monster hybrid back into a young Tom Marvolo Riddle.

"What did you do?" Harry asked swallowing hard. He stared at the newly minted Seviper and the changed Dark Lord, recognizing the unconscious form from his unwilling adventure in second year.

Mew turned to face his two awake yet contained captives and studied them. He easily noticed the way that Snape stood protectively behind him, ready to grab the younger wizard out of the way or otherwise shield him.

"Mew. Mew mew mew," [Give the ring to the dark man. Dark man turn the ring three times thinking of one lost to the grave,] Mew instructed placidly, his look allowing no room for argument.

Puzzled, both wizards obeyed. Severus gasped in shock, ignoring the murmur of everyone else in the room to focus on the apparition in front of him. Lily Potter nee Evans stood in front of him.

"You shouldn't have done that, Sev," Lily growled.

"Lily?" Severus choked out.

"Mew! Mew mew mew meeeew mewww meeewww mew?" [Enough! Do you give them over into our care or do you wish for them to be human sacrifices as intended by your Dumbledore-man?] Mew demanded. Mew knew that Lily Potter was the only one who could actually speak for the three wizards in this matter with the various debts and magics involved. He also knew that she was not as nice and forgiving as she was regularly made out to be. He would not allow her to wound these three wizards further if he could help it.

"Dumbledore knows best," Lily said stubbornly. The murmur of outrage that came from the Dark side was no less shocking than the murmur of approval from most of the Light side.

"Mew," [So be it,] Mew said in disgust. Snatching up the ring Mew pulsed psychic power and shattered the resurrection stone. This action dragged a cry of despair from Dumbledore and a cry of pain from Lily's ghost as she was roughly returned to her rest.

[Even I know that no parent worth their own skin would ever willingly allow their offspring to be butchered as a live sacrifice. She has forfeited her rights,} Mewtwo said in absolute disgust.

Severus growled angrily - a human sacrifice - oh, no - not on his watch! Had the old coot forgotten who he, Severus Snape, actually is? It certainly seemed to be the case. Without second though he used a stronger dull form of Sectumsempra to fling Dumbledore against the arc of the veil. It wouldn't kill him... yet - but he would allow no one to harm the brat. Whatever feelings he may have once harbored for Lily turned to ashes.

It didn't matter if the brat was Potter 2.0 - he wouldn't allow anyone to kill a child or a teenager on his watch.

Severus wasn't a Slytherin for nothing - he may have been forced to swear vows in regard to Harry, but Dumbledore hadn't listened too closely to his exact wording. His Slytherin cunning had turned them around into something other than what had been intended. Regardless of whether or not he was bound to Harry he was no longer bound to the old coot after that fateful night. Severus knew that he would always be dark, it was in his nature... not that someone like Dumbledore would ever be able to understand it.

Severus clutched desperately at Harry, bringing him into a backwards hug against his chest. He silently agreed with the assessment of the pokemon as his mental image of a perfect Lily was finally shattered once and for all. He also admitted to himself that it wasn't entirely Lily or Dumbledore he had been protecting the imp for. He had quietly become fond of the brat and was now forced to admit to himself he was protecting Harry for himself. As selfish as that might have been with a war going on he really didn't care. Severus was dark but there were very few people who he truly cared for and somehow Harry had become one of them.

[Stripped of modifying magics down to her pure self... this Lily person wasn't much. It is quite surprising that she birthed this world's Ash... I think I will enjoy watching the chaos when Ash and Harry eventually take an adventure together,] Mewtwo practically smirked.

"Mew mew mew mew," [They have to heal first but I agree,] Mew practically purred happily. "Mew mew mew mew." [You take them back and I'll finish up here.]

Mewtwo silently nodded collecting the three wizards and one Seviper before teleporting out of the room.

Mew turned to look at them all, his body language going instantly from playful to gloating evil. Xatu-Luna noticed and instantly made her way to stand under where Mew was floating.

"Mew mew mew... Mew mew mew," [You hurt your world's Ashy-boy... You will be punished,] Mew declared evilly before exerting his power with a piercing cry. Every non-pokemon passed out only to later wake tied up in their underwear hanging from the Ministry Atrium's ceiling, unable to lie ever again.