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Game of Mass Destruction: Origins

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“Mr President how are you going to save the country from financial ruin?”

“I’m going to make a game show full of robots and death. Good for business. Good for science.”

“Who’s going to take care of the show while you perform your duty?”

“First Lady of course, unless you want to volunteer.”

To the world, she was Harley Quinn – the psychopathic First Lady to the world’s most dangerous President Joker. The day he was sworn in as president was the day that people referred to as the death of America. Being the man, she adored, she disagreed of course, she saw it as a birth of a new era.

She forgot who Harleen Quinzel was. All memories of her former life gone.

President Joker had set his first lady a very special task. One she could not afford to mess up. She accepted the honours of being the host for his new TV show, Game of Mass Destruction. The premise seemed simple: 20 people fighting one thousand flesh-eating robots. The winning pair wins two billion dollars and the survivors got their points converted into cash prizes… on the condition that they survive.

What the hell the military were doing, she had no idea.

Dialling President Joker at the White House, she was surprised at how quick he picked up the phone. “What’s the matter?”

She could hear fiddling pages through the phone. “What’s with all the military? Where are all the robots?”

“They’re on the island of course! Now run along, the show is about to start.”

“How do you want me to do this?”

“Just do what you normally do. Improvise. Now if you must excuse me, I have a very important meeting with Vice President Superman!”

He hung up.

All she had about the show was the handbook that The Joker had made for her. Flicking through the pages as she made her way to the studio, her eyes widened at the point system. Licking her lips, she memorized the words as she took a seat outside the main studio.  

A guy holding a microphone wearing a horse mask opened the doors. He introduced himself as the director, but he gave no name. Not one member of this crew had name tags on, nor did they show their face.


They said nothing back to her. Harley got out her gun. “You people lack manners. If I talk to you I expect an answer. I demand respect as First Lady of the United States.”

“GOOD EVENING!” the men shrieked in unison.

Harley put her gun away. “That’s better. By the way, where are all the women in the workforce?”

“Only men have been assigned.”

She bit her lips. “That’s lame.”

“Now’s the perfect time to do something about that,” the Director said. “You are the First Lady after all.”

“So when can I go in?”

“As soon as the contestants are ready. They’re being dropped off as we speak.”

Harley decided to read more of the handbook as she waited for the contestants to arrive. After gazing at the point system, she found pictures of all the contestants at the back. The ten unfortunate pairs were an eclectic mix. There were couples, friends, relatives, friends and it was interesting how the contestants chosen were all paired up with somebody they knew.

Three married couples, and they all had kids at home. They wouldn’t dare defy President Joker when their lives are at risk.

She remembered President Joker going on about the complicated progress of nominating contestants for the show. Anyone considered a legal adult was eligible to be nominated – even if they lived outside of the USA.

A random lottery selected ten people to take part in the show, whilst the production team which included President Joker himself paired the chosen ten up with someone they knew that had also been nominated. If that wasn’t possible they would be paired with either their next-of-kin or their partner by default.

Harley closed the book. She knew what to do. She crossed her legs. “Why is it so quiet?” Leaning back against the wall she heard screams coming from the other side.

“That means they’re ready!”

Harley stood up. “Time to open the door.”

She was just as nervous as the contestants at the back, but she didn’t show it. She had also been thrown in the deep end, but she had to act calm. What the hell would they think if they saw the fearless Harley Quinn shivering like a nervous wreck.

The time for the game to start. Kicking the door down she was greeted with mortified faces. In the other corner of the room was a robot chewing on a hairy leg. Harley strolled over towards it with a camera crew and military circulating her every move. She gave the robot a good pat on the head and wrapped her around its neck.

Giggling, Harley gazed at the camera. “Welcome to the Game of Mass Destruction!”