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Three Days, One Week, and a Lifetime

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"Hi! I'll be with you in just a sec," said Steve, cheerfully polite as he set up a fresh pot of the medium roast to brew before turning back to the register. He was glad he'd spoken before he looked, because the man in front of him was both insanely hot and clearly above Steve's paygrade. "What can I get for you today?"

"What's the highest number of shots you'll put in one drink?" asked the man, glancing up from his phone dismissively, and then again more slowly. He put the device away and leaned on the counter, a slow, easy grin finding its way to his face.

Steve tried very hard not to blush. "Um, Bucky? What do you think?" He might own half the place, but Bucky had been running it for months while Steve finished out his tour of duty, and he wasn't comfortable enough yet to make calls like that on his own.

"I'll do an even dozen if he'll pay for it," said Bucky, shrugging and starting to set up the machine. "Latte or what?"

"Dry cappuccino, please," said the customer, giving Bucky an interested look as well. "And if you're willing to treat me this well every time, I think I'm about to become a regular."

Bucky grinned back with his own brand of flirty charm. "Oh, babe, you ain't seen nothin' yet. Dry 12-shot cap it is. Steve, charge this gentleman for four triples, please."

"You got it," said Steve, relieved to have someone thinking of how to even put such a thing in the register. "Name?"

"Tony," came the reply. "Not that there's a lot of people here to confuse me with."

Steve chuckled wryly, certain he was now pink to the roots of his hair. "Habit, sorry. Anyway, Tony, if you're planning to come back to us, leave your card in the fishbowl and maybe we'll make you one for free one of these days."

Tony laughed delightedly. "That's really not a problem, but I definitely don't mind you having my number," he teased, pulling a card out of his wallet along with some cash.

Steve was about to answer when the bell over the door rang and half a dozen teenagers came tumbling in, full of laughter and jostling to be first in line. "I'll be with you guys in a sec," said Steve, but when he turned back, Tony had left more than enough money to cover the bill, slipped a twenty in the tip jar, and taken himself over to chat with Bucky while his drink was pulled.

Steve would absolutely not be jealous if Bucky got Tony's number first.

"All right, what can I get you kids?" asked Steve, finishing the transaction and setting Tony's change aside so he could clear out the PoS.

He was pleasantly surprised when, after finally helping the last girl decide on an Arnold Palmer, he turned to find Tony waiting with a flirty grin. "I've got your change," said Steve, scooping up the coins and bills.

Tony waved him off. "Keep it," he said, taking a blissful sip of his very large coffee. "You two have earned my eternal devotion." He winked and placed his card on top of the fishbowl, flipping it over so all Steve could see was neat, cramped writing covering the back. "See ya on the flipside, sweets."

"Sweets?" Steve mouthed at Bucky, who just winked, turning to hand over the depth charge he'd been making for one of the kids.

The afternoon rush got well underway after that, and it wasn't until things slowed down for the night that Steve got a chance to go fishing in their fishbowl.

"That's cheating," teased Bucky, busy polishing the giant espresso machine that was his pride and joy.

"Tony left us a note, and told me he wanted me to have his number," said Steve, secure in the rightness of his position. "You're just jealous because I got it first."

"Too right," said Bucky. He came over and slung his bad arm around Steve's waist, still getting used to the new fit of the prosthetic. They'd worked hard to get him into a trial program for some experimental robotics, and it had done wonders for his speed and ego both.

Steve laughed and held the card up so they could both read it.

This is my actual business card, but if you call the number on the front you'll get shuffled around and blown off, and that is not the kind of blowing I'm hoping for here. Text me before you try to call so I know not to block you, and I'd love to hear from either or both of you gorgeous providers of blessed caffeine. TS

Steve's brows knit. "What does he mean, of course it's his actual... Holy shit."

When he flipped the card over, it felt like his heart did the same flip. They'd seen a lot of Stark Industries business cards going into the bowl, they were close to the tower, but he'd never seen one quite like this.

Because this one was Tony fucking Stark's.

"Did you recognize him?" asked Bucky, tightening his hand a little painfully on Steve's hip.

Steve shook his head. "I was fighting with the PoS and trying not to pop a boner at his bedroom eyes." He and Bucky had long ago given up any semblance of straightness or propriety around each other, but that didn't stop Steve from blushing again at the thought of it. "But now that I see it, I see it."

"Yeah, me, too," said Bucky, shaking his head. "So, feel like being a notch on Stark's bedpost?"

Steve smirked. "Only if you come along," he said teasingly. "You know how hot it gets boxes when two keys kiss."

"He's gonna flip his lid when I blow you, then," Bucky murmured into Steve's ear. "Text him and count out the drawer, we'll call once we're closed up and see if he's up for a little three-way."

"If not, you can still blow me," teased Steve right back, turning to give Bucky a soft, familiar kiss. They might both be keys, but they'd also been casual and then not-so-casual lovers since before the army, before Steve's growth spurt, back when he was a skinny Sophomore that no box would take seriously.

Bucky laughed. "I'm counting on it. He got me all hot and bothered with those looks." Bucky's good hand touched Steve's key through his shirt, and they kissed again while Steve returned the gesture. Their designs were similar enough they'd wondered a time or two about having the same box, but double-locked boxes were rarer than rare, so Steve didn't hold out much hope. At this point, he'd much rather keep Bucky than anyone else in the world, so he didn't often worry about dating, let alone finding his box.

He knew Bucky felt the same, so for now, he'd hang onto what he had and worry about the future when it came.

"Go clean something," said Steve, kissing his forehead. "I promise not to fuck Tony Stark without you."

"You say the sweetest things, Stevie." Bucky went back behind the counter while Steve got out his phone, putting Tony into it and then sending a text.

This is Steve from the cafe.

Bucky and I wanted to talk
to you about a date?

Steve also sent along Bucky's number, figuring that would make it seem more sincere.

He went back to the till, losing himself in the easy flow of numbers until the chime of his phone threw off his counting and nearly made him drop a handful of pennies all over the floor.

"Don't be nervous, babe, he thinks you're good enough to eat," said Bucky, winking from where he'd moved to cleaning around the cosy tables and chairs. Bucky had done the place up with comfort in mind, lots of outlets and different kinds of workstations, conversation groups, the square footage sprawling around a U-shaped central island where the cash register and coffee bar gave them a view of the whole place and a wall to their backs. It had a WWII military theme running through the decorations, dusky greens and sepia browns, but nothing too obnoxious despite the shop name - GI Joe.

Steve stuck his tongue out and read the text.

You're fast movers, I like that.

I hope you mean a date with
both of you?

Steve chuckled. "He's up for it," he told Bucky with a grin.

We're closing up now, and
yeah, I mean both of us. Can
we call when we're done?

The reply was instantaneous.


Steve beamed and went back to his counting, with his heart feeling light and cock heavy in his pants. They hadn't double-keyed a hot little box in way too long, and Tony Stark was as hot as they came. He paused for a second and then looked over at Bucky. "Am I being a shitty human for assuming Tony's a sure thing?"

Bucky laughed. "Only you, Steve. You're not, but we'll make sure he knows we'd go for a cuddle and a movie if he's not up for a fuck. Hell, he can come over to our place and experience the most comfortable couch in the world with us if he wants."

Steve laughed. "Yeah, okay, you're right. But you and I are gonna have to take the edge off if that happens."

Bucky chuckled wickedly. "Oh, Stevie, we were gonna do that anyway."

They continued to toss jokes and flirtations back and forth while they got closed up for the day, and soon enough they'd locked themselves in the back office and dialed Tony on speaker.

"You boys all cleaned up for me?" said Tony's voice, liquid and thick like the best espresso Bucky could pull.

Steve laughed. "We're still pretty dirty, but the coffee shop is sparkling." He pulled Bucky in for a kiss; they were on the tiny couch they'd crammed back there, which wasn't really big enough for a nap but did just fine for cuddling and quickies.

Bucky straddled him and purred into the phone on Steve's chest. "We're always a little dirty, though. Did you know me'n'Stevie are together?"

"Jesus," said Stark, huffing out a surprised laugh. "Well, now I have an inappropriate erection in front of my driver, so excuse me while I put the barrier up. Sorry, Happy."

"You say that like I'm not used to it," came the voice in the background.

Steve snorted. "Sorry, we thought you'd be alone. Anyway, I wanted to say... We're not presuming. We can take care of each other, if you just wanna go on a date."

"We liked ya enough t'wait," added Bucky, his enunciation lazy with wanting as he ground down against Steve, rubbing their erections together in a practiced motion.

"Are you taking care of each other right now?" asked Tony, sounding far too scandalized for his reputation. "Without me there to watch?"

Bucky and Steve were both surprised into laughter. "Just a little warm-up," said Steve, blushing all the way down his chest now. "Bucky's in my lap."

"I am absolutely positively a sure thing, but only if you promise to hold that thought until I can get... Shit, where are you?" Tony sounded almost breathless.

"You'd think he'd never seen two keys go at it before," said Bucky teasingly, and then he kissed Steve with intent. "Are you gonna be able to handle it, kitten?"

"Oh, I can handle you both," said Tony, rising to the challenge, his confident purr back in spades. "I'm coming to pick you up, and then I'm taking you back to my penthouse and I'm going to handle you both until none of us can move."

Steve choked on a laugh. "I suppose I can go for that. But... Maybe a date some other time?"

Bucky gave him a wry look. "Stevie's a little old-fashioned, Tony. He'll do the one-night thing if that's all you want, but he'd rather woo you like some fella from the '40s."

"Shut up, I'm allowed to want it all," said Steve, grinning too big to sound offended. "That's what Dr. Wilson's always saying in group."

"Now why would a well-adjusted young man like you be seeing a therapist?" asked Tony, followed by the sound of palm against flesh. "Fuck, sorry, forget-" His words cut off when Bucky and Steve both cracked up laughing.

"Did you not even look at the cafe?" asked Bucky with disbelief. "I have one arm, Tony."

"We're both vets," said Steve, a little more gently. "GI Joe, get it?"

"I... may not have bothered to make the connection beyond hot coffee, hot baristas," said Tony sheepishly. "Sorry about that. My therapist tells me I need to get better about allocating my attention when I'm out in the real world."

"So we're all fucked up," said Bucky cheerfully. "And we're all getting laid, and we're still at the coffee shop, making out in the back office, so get your ass here before I get Steve's dick down my throat."

"Bucky!" Steve tried to protest, but he was laughing too much. "You can suck my dick any day, I wanna see Tony doing it."

"That is a deal," said Tony. There was the whirr of mechanics again and then they heard Tony giving the driver directions back to their little shop. "Happy says 12 minutes, give or take."

Steve shoved at Bucky. "We'll try to keep it in our pants until then, and we should go home, anyway. To someone's home. Threesomes are better in a bed."

"I dunno, that one time in the mess kitchen with that..." Bucky began, licking Steve's hand when it was laid over his mouth.

"That's not our story to tell, Buck," said Steve gently. "We'll see you soon, Tony, I'm gonna hang up and get us ready to go."

"I'm counting the minutes, boys," said Tony, and the connection beeped with the end of the call.

Steve kissed Bucky again, sweet and slow this time, bringing them down off their mischievous high. "I hope he does let us take him out sometime," he confessed. "He seems kinda sweet under the, you know."

"Billionaire hotness?" said Bucky. He rubbed noses with Steve and kissed him again. "Yeah, and it'd be nice to have a fella for us to share. Wonder if he'll let us stay the night?"

"Given when I open, maybe not," said Steve wryly. They got up and straightened their clothes, grabbing jackets and bags and leaving their helmets stowed. Their bikes were parked in the tiny garage they'd built into the shop, sacrificing space big enough for the two big motorcycles, plus a bicycle or two for when they had help.

"If we get to have him more than once, I'm hiring an opener," said Bucky, wrapping himself around Steve from behind and whispering in his ear. "I want to sleep with you both wrapped around me."

"You are such a cuddly fucker," teased Steve. They were waiting by the locked door, hidden in the dark storefront but still visible enough to someone expecting them. "Maybe Tony won't be such an octopus."

"Well, then, he won't be our box to unlock," said Bucky with a shrug. "Still gonna fuck him."

Steve turned and kissed him, long and slow. "I love how you always know what you want," he said softly. "You taught me how to want a lot better than Dr. Wilson ever did."

Bucky kissed him again and then rubbed their noses together. "You taught me it was okay to want more'n a fuck, so fair's fair."

They were still kissing when there was a rap against the door and they both jumped, laughing when they saw it was Tony, looking a little wild-eyed and aroused to have watched them necking. Steve turned the keys and let Bucky be the one to sweep Tony off his feet for the first kiss, locking up before he slipped in for his own first taste of that soft, lush mouth.

"We were just talking about you," said Steve, just a little too honest to be a tease.

"Wondering if you'd really let us date ya," said Bucky with a shrug. "And if you're a cuddler."

Tony looked from one to the other and shook his head, like he had no idea what to make of them. "I guess we'll find out," he said, gesturing for them to join him in his car. "You know where I live, right?"

"Penthouse of the eyesore. It's growing on me, though." Bucky slid into the car first, tugging Tony in after so that he ended up squashed between the two keys, not exactly small but definitely smaller than either of the men bracketing him. It also put him up against Bucky's left side, which Steve figured was as much of a test as it was an offer when Bucky draped his prosthetic arm around Tony's shoulders.

"Is that a robotic arm?" said Tony, twisting around to look at the fingers draped over his shoulder. "Wait, is that one of my prototypes?"

Bucky shrugged. "Dunno, I'm in a study, what's the company again, babe?"

"You know perfectly well it's a Stark prototype," said Steve, rolling his eyes. "He was so excited when he got approved for the trials, he loves this thing." Steve kissed the fingertips affectionately and then, leaning in, kissed Tony again, too.

"Is it really yours, like, personally?" asked Bucky, blushing a little.

Steve smirked. "Worried he won't like where those fingers have been?"

Tony's eyes went wide. "I. You. Seriously? Because I did in fact make this personally, and now I am really regretting not testing it out more intimately before sending it along."

"You can ask for it any way you want it, Tony," purred Bucky, looking pleased as a cat in the cream. No one but Steve had ever really liked the new hand, but to Steve it was something worth loving with how it made his lover feel whole again.

"Do you two actually fuck?" blurted Tony, looking from one to the other.

Steve laughed. "Mostly not, but we both like a little fingering with our blowjobs." He was blushing, but he'd learned to be forthright about sex, especially with someone new. "He's fucked me a few times, though, it's okay."

"Hey, you fucked me first, punk," retorted Bucky. "I don't like it much, Stevie's hung like a horse and I get impatient."

"You love being played with, though," said Steve, licking his lips. "God and I could eat his ass all day if he'd let me." He turned his attention back to Tony. "Or yours, if you want. We're both real big on pleasing our lovers."

"I can just kiss you and touch you while he licks you out," offered Bucky. His fingers were a little awkward, but he managed a caress over Tony's shoulder and up to his cheek. "Or put my fingers in you, if you want."

"I may not survive tonight," said Tony with a shaky laugh. "You two are something else, and I say that with the authority of a man famous for his bedroom conquests."

"I know gay couples like us are rare," Steve started, but he was cut off by another kiss from Tony, this one far more heated than he'd expected.

"You two aren't just going to double-key me and leave," said Tony. He turned and pulled Bucky into a kiss that looked as hot from the outside as Steve's had felt on the inside. "You actually want me."

"You're gorgeous and smart and you don't mind that we're together," said Bucky, stroking Tony's cheek with his right hand this time. "Of course we want you."

"Plus you're even more addicted to caffeine than we are," said Steve teasingly. "That takes a special sort of man."

The car came to a stop, and Steve looked up to find they were in a parking garage, right by the elevator.

"End of the line, boys," said Tony cheerfully. "Last chance to back out."

"We're here until you kick us to the curb, sweetheart," said Bucky, all charm and warmth as he dipped his head to steal one more kiss. "Stevie'll have to go open the shop in the morning, though, hope you can loan him a t-shirt so he's not doin' the walk of shame."

"Like any of our customers would notice." The door next to Steve opened and he slipped out, snagging their bags as he went and leaving Bucky to charm Tony. "Um, hi. Steve. Steve Rogers," he said, holding a hand out to shake.

The driver looked surprised, then grinned. "Happy Hogan," he replied, shaking Steve's hand with a firm grip. "You two own that coffee shop?"

"Yeah, we saved up and got a VA loan," said Steve. "Bucky got things going while I finished out my tour, so we're doing real well now. We get a lot of Stark Industries people in from the tower." They both glanced toward the interior of the car, where the two men were still cuddled up.

"So the logo with the dogtags?" asked Happy, leading the question as politely as anyone ever did.

Steve chuckled. "Yeah, we're gay every way for each other, but we haven't given up hope on finding a box to keep up with us." He rubbed the back of his neck, feeling shy about it despite the open declaration of two key-stamped dogtags dangling over a coffee cup plastered all over the shop. "We're gonna do the whole place up with rainbows next month for Pride."

Happy shrugged. "Mr. Stark's always bringing home two keys, but you're the first couple he's found."

Steve's shocked laugh brought Tony's face peeking out of the car. "Are you scandalizing him before I get the chance, Happy? What have I told you about warning off my dates."

"A drive four blocks to your bed isn't a date," said Happy dryly. "I just want to make sure they know what they're getting into."

Tony slid out and Bucky followed, a sly grin on his face. "Oh, we know just who we're gettin' into, don't worry." Bucky slung his prosthetic arm back over Tony's shoulder and held out his right hand for shaking. "Bucky Barnes, Mr. Hogan."

"We'll earn a real date," said Steve, not entirely sure that was true but willing to fake confidence for Tony's sake. "Tonight's just, you know, proving we're worth his million-dollar time." He hefted the bags to one shoulder and put his arm around Tony, too, an unmistakeable claim.

Happy's brows went up, and he nodded. "Tony, don't break their hearts," he said, closing the back door and opening the driver's side back up. "What time do you need me tomorrow?"

"Stevie here opens up at six, so 5:30?" said Bucky, a challenge in his tone.

"You got it," said Happy, sliding in and closing the door. He drove off, leaving the three of them alone in the parking garage in front of a very fancy-looking elevator. The doors opened in silent and slightly creepy invitation, but they went when Tony tugged them along.

"Do you seriously work that many hours?" said Tony, looking from one to the other. He hadn't pressed a single button, but the elevator started moving anyway. "Don't you have a bunch of hot baby baristas to work for you or something?"

"I usually take time off after the morning rush," said Steve with a shrug. "It's fine for now. Once I'm all settled in, we'll hire and fill in the schedule."

"Steve's only been back with us for a coupla months," said Bucky. "I sometimes get other vets to help out, but they've all got better jobs now. We give good references."

"We're between people after the last one got a job with you," said Steve with a grin. "She was one of the specialists in our unit, but now she's got a cushy office job. She says it's a much better kind of boring than sitting in a perch for hours, trying not to give your position away."

"Were you a specialist, too?" asked Tony. His hand, which had been on Steve's lower back, slid downward to cup Steve's ass instead.

"Bucky was a sniper. I was more of a grunt," said Steve with a shrug.

"Shut the fuck up, Steve," said Bucky with a snort. "He was the best of us, he knew tactics and strategy and he could just, I dunno, get the feel of a situation and get us all to follow his crazy plans and they almost always worked."

"Not always, though," said Steve, staring off into the distance, gritting his teeth. Now was really not the time to think about the mistake that had cost Bucky his arm, had ended both their careers, in a way. Without Bucky by his side, Steve hadn't worked as well, so when his time came up he left instead of reenlisting like they'd wanted him to.

"Shut up, punk," said Bucky, flicking him with one finger.

"Jerk," shot Steve back, turning to kiss the cool metal. "Anyway, I was a Captain and Bucky was my Sergeant, and that's pretty much all we can tell you."

"Well, since I don't want you to have to kill me or trigger any of our PTSD, how about we order a pizza and drink some of my exceptionally good scotch and fuck?" said Tony, with just enough flippancy that Steve could tell he'd sensed the landmine he'd almost stepped on.

"That's a really good plan," said Steve, kissing him softly.

"We'll eat pizza and then eat you up," added Bucky with a wink. The elevator door opened onto a beautiful penthouse, all sleek lines and nothing to distract from the amazing view of the city. "Wow, this is beautiful, Tony."

"Well, mi casa es su casa, especially if you'll talk to me about my arm while we eat," said Tony. "J, order us some pizza, will you?"

"Of course, sir," said a cultured British voice. "What would your guests like on it?"

"Pepperoni and extra cheese," said Bucky, though he'd gone still, glancing around for the person attached to the voice.

"That works for me," said Steve, stepping over to cradle Bucky from behind, to ground him. "Where are you, anyway?"

"Oh," said Tony, laughing. "JARVIS is my house AI, you know, like Alexa but not a piece of shit. J, this is Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes, owners of that fabulous coffee shop I found today."

"Twelve shots in one drink," said the voice reproachfully. "I do recall, sir."

"I survived the board meeting, didn't I?" said Tony, waving off the concern. "Anyway, just get a lot of pizza and the usual on the side."

"Of course, sir."

Steve watched as Tony argued with his AI, finding himself totally smitten with the casual way they interacted. "You're sure you don't just have a butler in a box somewhere?" he asked, nuzzling Bucky's hair aside and kissing along his neck.

Tony turned and stuttered to a stop again, eyes going wide and dark at the sight of the two of them entwined and affectionate. "I'm really sure about every part of tonight. JARVIS, Happy's gonna be here at 5:30 to take Steve to work."

"Shall I wake you at a specific time, Mr. Rogers?" asked JARVIS politely.

"Oh, um, my phone's set to go off with plenty of time. I usually eat at work." Steve nibbled on Bucky's ear. "Don't let Tony keep Bucky past ten, okay?"

"I shall endeavor not to," replied JARVIS.

"There you go, now you can't get too distracted having your alone time with him," teased Steve.

Bucky laughed, a little shaky but genuine, going soft and warm in Steve's arms again. "I can't go makin' my fellas jealous of each other on the first day," he said, twisting around to kiss Steve properly. They both held out a hand to Tony, inviting him in, asking him to join in their affection.

Not all the boxes they'd taken to bed knew what to make of that affection, but Tony glowed with happiness when it was turned on him. Steve let Bucky kiss and pet him while he divested all three of them of their jackets, and stole Tony's tie as well. He plastered himself to Tony's back and stole Bucky's mouth for a kiss of his own before turning Tony's head with gentle touches until they, too, could share kisses.

"You two," said Tony, shaking his head and then giving him a searing hot kiss. "Death of me."

"No such thing as death by sweetness," purred Bucky, looking smug as anything. "But we can make you forget your own name."

"Can we shower first, though?" asked Steve. Talking about morning had made him realize how long of a day it had been, and he didn't want to smell like stale coffee for his first time with a man like Tony Stark.

"Of course," said Tony. He was relaxed against Steve and letting Bucky touch him all over with both hands. Bucky said he sometimes felt stuff from the arm, and even if it was just in his head they both loved the idea of it. It seemed like Tony did, too, never shying away from the metal, turning to kiss it when it cupped his cheek, and then the other hand, too, with equal passion. "I want to see you two naked like that with me. I've got a big shower."

"I just bet you do," teased Steve. He slid his hands down Tony's front to tease over the bulge in his pants, feeling the fine fabric slip under his fingers, finding the shape of Tony's cock. He couldn't wait to taste him everywhere, and to that end he trailed his mouth over Tony's neck and under his collar, inhaling the scent of him and licking salt from his skin. "You're so beautiful, baby."

"J, how long until pizza?" asked Tony, sounding breathless.

"The app estimates thirty-six minutes, sir," replied JARVIS. "The doorman will accept it for you, should you be indisposed when it arrives."

"Bless you, J," said Tony. "Shower, now." They let him go and followed his very fine ass back into the depths of the apartment, through a bedroom full of more giant windows and some amazing art, and on into a very impressive bathroom with a giant multi-headed shower and separate, sunken bathtub.

"Oh, we have got t'cuddle in that tub another time," said Bucky covetously. He still got cold sometimes, even when the temperature said he shouldn't be, and Steve knew he couldn't get much of a bath in the tiny tub in their place. He used the therapy baths at the VA when he could, but it wasn't the same. "I am in love with you for your bathroom, Tony."

Tony barked out a laugh. "That's a first," he said, hands going to his cuffs. "JARVIS, a nice warm shower for my boys."

There was no verbal response, but the shower started up. Steve stripped off his clothes with military efficiency, getting down to nothing in under ten seconds. He shook his pants out since he didn't have an extra pair and left the rest in a pile, ignoring Tony's hungry stare in favor of getting under that inviting spray. Bucky was only a few seconds behind, having long-ago mastered the one-handed button fly, and Tony was still staring when the two men kissed under the warm water. Their actual keys were safely locked away in military-issue dogtag cases, info on the outside and keys nestled inside, but otherwise they were both naked and unashamed.

"I have died and gone to heaven," said Tony, making short work of his own clothing without ever taking his eyes off of the two of them.

"Oh, sweetheart," said Bucky with a slow, sweet grin. "You ain't even at the pearly gates yet."

Tony joined them in the shower and slid himself shamelessly between them, this time with his back to Bucky and face tilted up demandingly for Steve to kiss. "So I'm guessing it'll take you all of three minutes to wash up, what will we do with the other thirty?"

"Blowjobs," said Steve, going pink because he'd pretty much blurted it out, but he powered through his embarrassment. "I want to suck you and see your mouth on my cock, or eat your ass while Bucky sucks you off."

"Stevie's real orally fixated," said Bucky, mouthing along the wet skin of Tony's neck and shoulder. "I've always loved using my hands, but he's got a mouth to die for."

"I am going to design you the best arm ever," said Tony, seemingly half to himself until he said more loudly, "J, make sure all the specs on Bucky's arm are in my workshop tomorrow, pull the newest data and anything he gives us permission for from tonight."

"You don't hafta do that, dollface," said Bucky, using his robotic hand to turn Tony's face toward his for a kiss. "It's already so much better, I'm so lucky to have your tech as a part of me."

"Can I take a few scans before you go, anyway?" asked Tony plaintively. "They don't let me do as much as I want to with that division, something about 'sensitive confidentiality' and a 'poor bedside manner.'"

"As long as you don't take it back, you can look all you want," said Bucky, kissing him again. "But not until after we make you feel good, okay?"

"Just let us take care of you for a while, Tony," added Steve. He found a bottle that looked like soap and, after Tony's nod, got his hands all sudsy and started running them over Tony's body. He shared the foam so they could all wash each other, everything slippery and sensual even though the soap washed away too fast under the warm spray. They shampooed each other, too, making Bucky kneel so Steve and Tony could both play with his hair and Tony insisting on some kind of fancy conditioner, too, which Bucky only allowed because he was sucking kisses along Tony's hipbones and didn't want to stop before he'd had his taste.

Steve took that opportunity to kneel down behind Tony and explore his back and thighs and that glorious ass, pert and round and just begging for some attention. Steve knew the moment that Bucky started in on Tony's cock, and he gave their box a second to adjust before putting his own mouth to work. He parted Tony's cheeks, making sure to support him in case his knees gave out, and then licked over the pink hole once, twice, before burying his face in Tony's ass and indulging himself.

Both of their mouths were too busy for words but Tony made up for it, letting them take some of his weight as he started to moan and babble, hips stuttering forward and back like he couldn't decide which pleasure to chase from moment to moment. "Fuck, your tongue, christ, both of your mouths, god, and the hand is warm now, too, should put something in to regulate temp and, fuck, yes, dexterity, responsiveness, s-sterility, drag coefficient between the joints is too high except on the pinky, JARVIS make a note of that."

Steve worked his tongue all around Tony's rim, sucking and kissing and dipping at the center without going inside yet, a part of him warmed and amused at Tony's brain still going while his body was clearly on its own path. He shifted his grip to spread Tony even wider, thumbs slipping inward to spread his pretty hole and show him the pinkest center he'd ever seen. He dipped his head forward again for a kiss, then slipped his tongue inside a little at a time, teasing his way into Tony's body and moaning at how good it felt.

Tony's brain must have skipped a beat at that because he moaned, too, and then started in on another line of chatter. "Energy efficiency, fuck, fuck, inserting, shit, flexible, what if I used flexible materials to control the angle and d-depth, forget adamantium or vibranium, fuck, squid beaks, that's, that's the track I need to follow." He ended up listing a bunch of names of compounds or chemicals or materials, Steve wasn't really sure, especially with most of his attention taken up by the sweet grasp of Tony's hole around his tongue, the way everything was slick and wet and hot.

Steve lost himself in that for a while, letting the white noise of the shower and his own heartbeat drown out Tony's talking and just using his tongue in all his favorite ways. He shamelessly shifted Tony's hips to this angle and that so he could lick wherever he wanted, and then licked Bucky's hand when those sleek metal fingers ventured back behind Tony's balls. Steve used his mouth to guide one inside and followed it with his tongue and that was the thing that finally set Tony off, got his brain to go offline while he came down Bucky's throat.

Between them, they got Tony lowered into the cradle between their laps, trading kisses between the three of them. "You did so good, dollface," purred Bucky, lips dripping with come and smugness.

Steve licked Bucky's nose. "You were delicious, sweet thing," he said, giving Tony a kiss of his own and hoping he didn't mind where Steve's mouth had just been.

"You have weird tastes, but I have absolutely no objection to a repeat performance," said Tony, sounding half-drunk with pleasure. "Who can I blow first?"

"You should suck Stevie's cock, he can take care of me if you get too tired," said Bucky, transparently sly. "Stevie loves to suck me, and this way you can decide if he's too big t'fuck you later."

"Not that fucking is a requirement," added Steve. "We just want to feel good."

"Fucking is absolutely a requirement," said Tony with a laugh, sliding down and pushing Steve back so he could get at Steve's dick. "JARVIS, rainshower."

The water switched from the rinsing sprays to a soft rain pattering from hundreds of invisible pipes in the ceiling, and Steve sighed in pure pleasure. He let Tony position him so he was comfortable, then smirked. "Bucky, come fuck my mouth, pizza'll be here sooner than we can both get off."

"So demanding," said Bucky with a laugh. "Tony wanted to watch, you know."

"Tony is perfectly happy with this arrangement," said the man in question. He was nuzzling at Steve's cock, making little happy noises of appreciation that went straight to Steve's balls and maybe even warmed something higher up. "Fuck, Bucky wasn't kidding about big."

Bucky laughed and Steve hid his face behind one hand.

"Stevie got his growth spurt there even younger than the rest, you shoulda seen him," said Bucky, standing up and moving so he was straddling the both of them, careful in the slippery shower. "Skinny kid with a giant salami between his legs, and the spunk to match."

"I can swallow it," said Tony teasingly.

Steve snorted, hiding his face in Bucky's hip instead. "He means I used to have too much swagger for my size, and I got in fights. I hate bullies." He started kissing Bucky's hips, scraping his teeth the way Bucky liked when he wanted to go off sooner instead of drawing things out. They'd both have another go in them after a break for pizza, so this little warm-up was mostly to make sure no one was too riled up to enjoy taking the long way around once they got into a bed.

"Our Stevie's still a punk," said Bucky, casually including Tony in the proprietary pronoun. "Shut up and suck, both of you."

Tony surprised Steve by going along with the order, his mouth hot and knowing, the goatee a tickle different than Bucky's scruff, softer and more focused when it brushed against his balls. Steve bit Bucky's hip again but made it up by swallowing Bucky down right after, his cock a familiar shape, the taste and weight of it grounding Steve in the moment.

Steve let his eyes fall shut and concentrated on the mix of pleasures, the meditative joy of sucking Bucky off like he had a hundred times, of letting Bucky fuck his mouth, but this time with the added luxury of a very talented mouth on his own cock. The position meant he couldn't thrust much, himself, which was something of a relief since he had no idea how Tony would take it. If Tony could take it, though he squirmed inwardly at the thought; he knew he'd been an unpleasant surprise for a lover or two before he learned how to deal with his own size.

Tony, it seemed, had no problem whatsoever with his size. He used his mouth and hands, the scratch of his beard and the swirl of his tongue, stimulating every part of Steve he pleased and getting him close embarrassingly fast. Steve had always loved being stretched this way, suspended between two lovers and at their mercy, in a way that was decidedly against the key stereotype, and he let himself sink into it completely.

"Fuck, that's it, Stevie, let go for us." Bucky's voice was raspy with desire, thick with the triumph of getting Steve to relax into things. "We'll get Tony like this, too, the both of you so sweet for me."

Steve mmed around the cock in his mouth, eyes shut and face turned up into the thrusts, into the warm water pattering all around them, clean and gentle. He let himself float on pleasure, let the sensations run together until he was one continuous loop of wanting and wanted, until he couldn't hold back any longer and felt his balls drawing up, his whole body tensing.

"He's gonna come," said Bucky, hand tightening on Steve's hair, hips working faster, rubbing his cock against Steve's tongue just the way he liked best. "Me, too."

Tony didn't even hesitate, and that's all it took for Steve to get past the point of no return and come in that sexy, smart mouth. Bucky came just as Steve was sliding down into afterglow, filling Steve's mouth up and letting him swallow, milking himself for every last drop. "That's it, that's my good boys," said Bucky, stepping away. "Fuck, you two are beautiful."

Steve looked down at Tony, still curled like a kitten and pressing little kisses to his shaft. "Tony, god, look at you."

Tony looked up, then slid up Steve's body for a kiss, sharing the taste of Bucky and himself, familiar in his own mouth but new from Tony's. "I am so keeping you two," he said, sounding cocky despite the flicker of doubt in his coffee-brown eyes.

Steve kissed that doubt away. "Yeah, you are," he assured him, shifting to hold him close, purring a little himself when Bucky helped them both up so they could cuddle without anyone's knees against the hard floor.

"I told ya," said Bucky, snuggling into Tony's back, arm glistening like a sculpture where it wrapped around them both. "Steve likes to woo his fellas."

"So do you, jerk," said Steve, tugging Tony closer. "Watch out or I won't share."

"Don't even think about it, punk. Tony's his own box, he'll open up for me, won't ya, dollface?" Bucky started kissing up Tony's neck, headed for his mouth.

"The pizza has arrived," announced JARVIS, breaking the moment and making all three of them laugh. "Shall I have the doorman bring it up?"

"Give us five to put on some pants, J," said Tony, looking pleased as punch. "We'll eat in the living room."

"Very good, sir," said JARVIS, sounding somehow less tart than he had before, and more approving.

"Your AI's a voyeur," said Bucky, shaking his head. "Can you turn the shower off, uh, J?"

The shower slowed and stopped, and a door in the wall slid back to reveal a stack of fluffy towels.

"It's a warmer," said Tony, striding over to grab towels for all of them that turned out to be as warm as if they'd just come out of the dryer, and softer than any Steve had ever used. "I'm a very spoiled man."

"I'm definitely in love with your bathroom," said Bucky, shaking his head and spraying droplets of water everywhere. "But I admit, I love your mouth more."

"You have no idea," said Steve with a laugh. They got dry and the keys put their jeans back on, both of them going commando for now while Tony put on silk pyjama pants and a Metallica t-shirt. "But are we gonna have to sign an NDA or something?"

"What the fuck?" said Tony, head snapping up.

"He means for the stuff you said," Bucky clarified quickly. "I'm pretty sure you made at least one scientific discovery while we were in the shower there."

Tony relaxed, shaking his head, cheeks suspiciously pink. "No, I... no. It's fine. JARVIS, did you get everything?"

"Yes, sir. I believe the bit about squid beaks and non-Newtonian fluids was the most relevant, but I've transcribed the, ah, spoken portions of the conversation to your lab notes."

"Wow, Steve, you made a computer blush," said Bucky, slinging his arm around Tony and kissing him. "We don't kiss and tell, Tony."

"And we'd be proud to be your keys," added Steve, coming over for a kiss of his own. "If you want, I mean."

"Er, Mr. Stark?" came a tentative voice from the living room.

Steve waved them off and went to see who it was, damp and half-naked and totally shameless as he grinned disarmingly at the uniformed doorman. "Is that our pizza?" asked Steve, moving double-time to help with the bags and boxes.

"Uh, yes, sir," The man's face was turning beet red and he couldn't seem to tear his eyes away from Steve's naked chest, which Steve figured was the right reaction to distract him from anything else he might not be meant to see. "JARVIS, am I supposed to tip him?"

"No, Mr. Rogers, Mr. Brookes is fairly compensated for his time," said the AI. "Mr. Stark sees to it."

"I see you've got my back, there, J," said Tony, emerging with Bucky in tow, his arm mostly covered in a long-sleeved shirt that stretched tight across his muscular torso.

Brookes' eyes went even wider and he nodded. "I, I'm good, thanks. If that's all, Mr. Stark?"

"We're good, go on. They'll be staying the night, so no one in or out until whatever ungodly hour Steve here goes to work." Tony came and mugged shamelessly until Steve leaned down and gave him a relatively chaste kiss.

"Uh, Happy's coming for me at 5:30," said Steve. "Won't he be down in the garage again?"

"I'll be off by then, anyway," said Brookes. "I'll make sure you're not bothered up here." He couldn't seem to decide where to look now, and nearly ran into the doorframe on his way out.

"I thought your conquests were infamous," teased Bucky, stripping the shirt off as soon as the doors were closed.

Tony ogled him much more shamelessly than the doorman had. "They are, but they're usually headed home with Happy by the time I get around to pizza," he replied shamelessly.

Steve snorted. "Well, we'll just feel exceptional all around, then." He started opening boxes and bags, finding soda and cheese sticks, salads and four pizzas, two clearly for him and Bucky, plus cheesy bread, garlic bread, chicken wings, and six kinds of dipping sauce. "If this is your usual, I have no idea how you're so," he gestured to Tony's trim frame, "you."

"Sir eats the leftovers for days," said JARVIS disapprovingly. "He also doesn't sleep enough."

"Traitor," said Tony, giving the ceiling a grumpy look. "If you like them better than me, I can always install you on their piece of shit register, you know."

Bucky nearly snorted the Coke he'd been drinking. "Don't listen to him, JARVIS. You just want us to take good care of him."

"Which we intend to do, as much as he lets us," added Steve, passing over a wad of napkins.

Bucky chuckled and mopped up his chest, unselfconscious about his scars and arm in a way he never was around new people, a way that had taken weeks to get with Steve. Steve thought Tony's own scars had something to do with that, the marks of torture and surgery and pain that he was keeping covered even now, but only made him stronger to them. Steve didn't have any of his own; he'd stayed unwounded for his whole tour, minus a mishap or two that didn't leave much of a mark. Guys that let themselves get wounded enough to scar didn't last long in the field.

All of Steve's scars were harder to see.

"So, what do you need to measure on the arm, anyway?" asked Bucky, gesturing to it with his good hand. "It's worlds better than the last thing I had, I don't know how they hooked it up but it actually moves for me like I want it to, mostly."

"Mostly," said Tony with a huff. "Well, someday we'll make it better than 'mostly,' but for today I just want to get JARVIS to scan it, um, possibly down in my workshop."

"Only if I get to see, too," said Steve, practically bouncing on the balls of his feet at the thought of actually going into Tony Stark's personal workspace. "I'm dying to see where you work, kitten."

Tony got that pink look again. "Really? It's pretty boring down there if you don't have a degree in engineering."

"Stevie's an artist, he thinks the stuff you build is beautiful," said Bucky, moving his arm, using it to get some pizza, though the control wasn't fine enough to eat with, really.

"You're gorgeous, too," said Steve, wondering just how puppy-besotted his face looked right now. "I can wait if I have to, I know you're not gonna go all Frankenstein on my boyfriend, but I really do want to see."

"Yeah, of course," said Tony, waving his hand dismissively. "Uh, there might actually be an NDA involved, though, J?"

"You haven't got anything too proprietary out in plain view at the moment," said the AI, "if you'll allow me to save and close your virtual workspaces."

"Only if you promise not to mix them up again," said Tony, his mouth quirking.

Steve could swear he heard a very quiet mutter of, "That was one time."

He covered it up by grabbing pizza and cheesy bread for himself, ignoring the salad because he'd had one for lunch a lifetime ago, before he'd met Tony Stark and gotten a taste of all the best parts of him, from his ass to his beautiful brain. He flopped onto the couch by Bucky, a conspicuously Tony-sized space between them, and took a big bite of gooey cheese.

Tony brought his plate over and plopped between them, wriggling adorably until he was comfortably cradled between the two keys. "So, you guys know I'm a box," said Tony, before stuffing his own mouth with pizza.

"It's a pretty famous fact about you," teased Bucky. "Plus, we're both obviously keys." He tapped his dogtags with his metal finger. "Three keys would be a bit much, even for us."

"I'm not that into one-nighters," said Steve, blushing a little because they'd been propositioned, once, but ended up refusing on the grounds that they really did want more than a fling. "Plus, we really do both have hope of a box or two that'll put up with us, someday."

"Let us take care of them in bed and out," added Bucky. "Sweet pretty thing."

"Boxist," said Tony with a snort.

"You're a sweet pretty thing," said Bucky, nudging him with a shoulder since both his hands were busy. "And you like us taking care of you."

"We don't mean, like, a house-box," said Steve, feeling his cheeks even pinker now. "We like independent men, we just want someone to be ours, you know?"

"Yeah," said Tony softly. "I know." He gave them a wry look. "Well, I don't show my box off to just anyone, so I'm afraid that'll have to be a future heartbreak."

"Oh, dollface," said Bucky, leaning in to steal a kiss. "We wouldn't leave ya over that."

Steve turned Tony's face for a kiss of his own. "We'll adore you as long as you'll let us, kitten."

"Even if you can't unlock me?" asked Tony, looking from one to the other. "Seriously?"

"Why not? I can't unlock Stevie, but we're together 'til the end of the line," said Bucky with a shrug.

Steve leaned in to kiss Bucky right there in front of Tony's face, messy and hot and loving. "'Til the end of the line, ya jerk."

"That is still stupidly hot," said Tony.

They broke apart and then both kissed one of his cheeks before leaning back to eat pizza. "Anyway, we haven't even gotten you into bed," said Steve slyly. "You might not like us on dry land."

"Who knows, maybe you'll decide Steve's cold feet are too much for you." Bucky winked at him.

Steve huffed. "Your arm is like a fucking block of ice when you leave it out of the blankets," he retorted, the argument worn and comfortable, easy between them.

"Yeah, but I'm gonna fix the arm thing," teased Tony, settling into it like he belonged there. "I can't do a thing about your feet."

Steve huffed. "Two against one is so unfair," he mock-pouted, then ruined it by stuffing an entire cheese stick into his mouth.

He was already ready to fight to keep Tony there between them, and they hadn't even been on a date.

Steve was in deep trouble, and from the look of things, Bucky wasn't faring any better.

They bantered their way through enough pizza to keep them going, and then Steve insisted on putting the leftovers away, directed by JARVIS when Tony refused to let a guest go out of his way. He noted there was food for breakfast, too, so he told JARVIS to rat Tony out in the morning so Bucky could cook for him. He figured it was important to stay on his lover's AI's good side if he wanted to keep being let back into the tower.

When he got back to the living room, there was nothing but a trail of clothing leading to the bedroom, which Steve picked up and brought with him, draping everything over a chair and then crawling naked to join the two men already entwined on the bed. "No fair starting without me, you're gonna have him all to yourself in the morning," said Steve.

"You were being boring," said Tony, but he rolled over so he was facing Steve instead of Bucky. "Bucky let me play with him."

Steve looked from one to the other, then shook his head. "He let you look at the arm, you mean." He kissed Tony's hair and nose and mouth. "We need to turn your brain off again, kitten."

"That's what I said." Bucky grinned. "But I let him toy with me and talk to himself, it's sexy when he talks science."

"That's... you're not wrong," said Steve, kissing away whatever protest Tony looked like he was going to make. "You're very sexy when you get to talking about stuff I don't understand."

"So, we've got a kind of important question for ya," said Bucky, arms wrapping around Tony while Steve snuggled close to him.

"Is this about STIs? Because I get tested weekly and I'm clean," said Tony defensively.

Steve shook his head. "We're clean, too, and we'll be safe when we need to be, if we fuck," said Steve. "We want to make sure we don't trigger you, baby. Bucky and me, we know each other, but neither of us knows how not to hurt you." He put his hand very gently over the scars on Tony's chest. "Can I touch you here?"

Tony's eyes went wide and his breath caught, and Steve started to pull away. "No, I mean, yes. Yes, god, you two, yes. I don't like, um, no breath play, not even choking on your cock, and if J tells you my heart rate's off you have to stop and let me calm down, but that's. Um."

Steve kissed him softly, and Bucky's right hand joined Steve's on Tony's chest.

"We're gonna take good care of ya, dollface," said Bucky. "We learned the hard way with each other."

"Neither of us likes the cold," said Steve. "Bucky, there's not much you can do to set him off now that you're friends with his arm, but sometimes I don't like the dark."

"Neither of us likes the dark, Stevie," said Bucky gently. "Those nightlights are for both of us."

Tony made a soft noise and kissed Steve fiercely, then squirmed until Bucky kissed him, too. "J, make sure the lights never go below 10%, and keep the room above.. 68? Is that too cold?"

"That's perfect, Tony," said Steve, feeling warm to his toes now. "We'll make sure you can always breathe for us, and we'll all keep each other safe."

The kissing, when it started again, was sweet and slow, passed between the three of them smoothly, so no one went too long without someone's lips on theirs. Hands began to move over skin both smooth and scarred, and Steve found out that Tony had sensitive nipples but loved kisses over his sternum more, especially right below the worst of the scar tissue where he had more sensation. Tony found the right way to manipulate Bucky's hand to get the touches they both wanted without frustrating either of them, and Bucky showed Tony the way to get Steve's brain to start shutting down.

"He's got a little box in him, our Stevie does," said Bucky, full of love and pride. "He don't show it to everyone, but you already helped me get him off like that once."

"It isn't a box trait," said Steve, but his heart wasn't in it. "I just like to float sometimes, knowing we both feel good and nothing else matters 'cos you've got me."

Tony sighed softly. "I don't get to do that much, but it's really good when it happens."

He was rewarded with sweet kisses, the two keys passing him from mouth to mouth over and over until he moaned. "We'll do it for you when we can, kitten," promised Steve, though of course he knew it wasn't that easy for guys like them.

"We'll build up to it," said Bucky, meaning the trust as well as learning each other's bodies and the ways to turn the volume up on sensation and down on things that required thought. "I think you'll need a little more than he does."

Tony sighed into the kisses. "You guys are already working up to it," he admitted, melted between them into a pliant puddle. "You take good care of me."

"Told ya," said Bucky with a tease. "It's not a key thing."

"It's just an us thing," said Steve. "What do you want tonight, Tony? Just more mouths, hands, what? Bucky could finger you, he's really good now."

"Or we can fuck you," said Bucky, shooting Steve an amused look. "One after the other, maybe, I can warm you up for Stevie's big dick."

Tony shivered, his hands moving down to stroke both their erections curiously, weighing his options. "I really, really like Bucky's idea," he admitted. "If you'll still, you know."

"Respect that you're a grown-ass man who wants what he wants?" said Bucky with a grin.

"Of course we will," said Steve. "Can I eat you out again first, though?"

Tony cracked up.

"What?" said Steve, almost pouting despite the dextrous tease of Tony's hand on his cock.

"No one in the history of ever has given me puppy eyes about rimming," said Tony through his laughter. "Fuck, you are something else, Steve."

"You get used to it," said Bucky with a fake put-upon sigh. "I told ya, he's real oral, our Stevie."

Steve huffed. "I just really like it, okay?"

Tony pulled him down for a kiss as sweet as peaches and cream. "I really liked it, too, Steve. You can lick me, and Bucky can finger me, and I'll try not to make too many breakthroughs in science while you play with my keyhole."

Steve let out a little noise of want. "You're so fucking dirty, Tony, wanting both of us picking your lock," he said. "We'll make sure you enjoy every second of us."

"You'll get keyed until we've unlocked every part of ya, dollface," murmured Bucky, nibbling at Tony's ear. "And you can do what you want with both of us, too, you're not just some toybox."

"That's not what TMZ said." Tony's tone was flippant but Steve felt a fierce protectiveness rise up.

"They're just jealous," drawled Bucky. "They'll never see you like this."

"They'll never get to taste you everywhere," said Steve, giving Tony a licking, greedy kiss. He started his way down Tony's body, tasting the warmth of clean skin and the beginnings of desire, which he knew was his imagination but coated his tongue anyway, thick like salted caramel in the back of his throat.

Steve could hear them kissing and feel Tony relaxing all over again, and he was pretty proud of them all for managing to keep the thread of personal connection going when Tony's instincts kept trying to snap it. Steve wanted him so badly, not just for a fuck but for their own, and he was pretty sure Bucky was just as attached. He remembered what Happy said about breaking their hearts and sucked a mark over Tony's heart instead, leaving something on his chest that wasn't a scar.

Tony moaned, and fingers skidded over Steve's shoulder and arm, callused and warm and so very curious. "Killing me," gasped Tony, the follow-up swallowed into Bucky's kisses.

"We like you alive," countered Bucky, and then he added, softer, "I like ya."

"You're so great, Tony," said Steve, but it was a little spoiled when he latched onto Tony's nipple right after, sucking and licking. He tried a bite, but only once because Tony didn't seem to like that and Steve was really okay with sticking to pure pleasure. He sucked an apology and kissed the little nub, then kissed over and down, lavishing attention on Tony's sternum before moving on to the other nipple.

Tony had gone still at Bucky's bland declaration, but it didn't last, and Steve added it to the pile of things he needed to hear more often. Steve knew his big hands were a turn-on for most boxes, so he used them to caress over Tony's skin, feeling how soft it was where it wasn't scarred, and even those were a lot softer than Bucky's. He told himself to ask Tony about what he used on them, wanting to watch Bucky's face as someone rubbed ointment or lotion into his shoulder where it ached.

Steve made a lot of mental notes about their future while he was trying to keep the present from overwhelming him too fast, but finally he just buried his face in Tony's stomach and breathed.

Tony went still again, but Bucky just eased them through it, petting Steve's hair. "That's it, Stevie," he crooned, and then to Tony he added, "He just gets like this sometimes, overwhelmed by how much he wants to take care of his lovers. He'll be so good to you once he's ready, just touch him until he gets going again."

"He's so beautiful, Bucky," said Tony, his voice soft and his hands gentle as he stroked over Steve's body and hair and face. "I've never had a key like him."

"He ain't like no one I've ever met," agreed Bucky. "He just cares so much, our Stevie."

Steve pressed a soft kiss to Tony's stomach to show he was listening, but he let himself drown in the smell and feel of it instead of trying to participate, let himself trust in Bucky at least and Tony almost as much.

"I have no idea how two guys like you let yourselves end up in this bed with a guy like me," said Tony.

Steve bit him.

Tony yelped and laughed. "Jesus, yes, okay, no dissing the lovers, got it." There were sounds like kissing and Tony's fingers shook a little where they stroked Steve's cheek and brushed at his eyelashes. "It's hard to find a key like you who'll share a box, I guess."

"You're not wrong," said Bucky with that wry note to his voice that made Steve picture the grin on his face, the way he'd look leaning in for a soft kiss before continuing. "It's hard to find a sweet box who'll let us share him, too. A lot of 'em try to get between us in the bad way."

Steve sighed happily when Tony replied, "Guess we'll have to hold onto each other, then."

There were more kissing noises, and Steve turned his face into Tony's palm before moving down, spreading his thighs and brushing his eyelashes over the thin skin there, brushing his mouth, every caress gentle except for the implacable grip of his hands keeping Tony from hiding from them. Not that Tony resisted for a moment, clearly comfortable being spread open and on display.

"That's such a pretty sight," said Bucky. "Look how happy you are, my boys."

Steve glanced up in time to see the surprise on Tony's face and the grin that split it afterward. "Yeah, I am," he agreed, tracing his fingers over Bucky's chest, shoulders, both arms, not bothering to avoid or pay special attention to the difference between them.

Things went fuzzy for Steve after that, warm and soft in the best of ways as he licked and licked, helping Bucky's fingers get into place for a long tease, then licking Bucky shamelessly while he fucked into Tony just because they let him. When they rolled over so Tony could ride on top, Steve ended up curled into Bucky's chest where he could kiss them both whenever they wanted, petting up and down Tony's back while he moved, hot and wanton on Bucky's cock.

Steve couldn't remember when he'd been allowed to drift like this for so long with anyone else there, and he was eager to give Tony anything he wanted by the time Bucky came inside him. Tony slid a condom onto Steve while Bucky was disposing of his own, and he found himself cradled between the two of them, Tony splayed out on the bottom again while Bucky snuggled up behind Steve, his soft cock pressing into Steve's ass like a reminder of what they were sharing.

Tony was tight and hot and slippery around him, and Steve kissed him like an apology because he knew there was no way he'd last in this state. "I promise I'll suck you off after," he murmured shyly, melting a little when Bucky bit the back of his neck.

"He doesn't need you to last forever, Stevie," said Bucky.

Tony arched up. "It's a lot, just having you in me after him," admitted Tony. "It's good, but I can't take an hour of you, too."

Steve wasn't sure it had really been an hour, but he took them at their word and started moving, rolling his hips for deep, slow thrusts before his instincts took over and he sped up, chasing his own pleasure as much as Tony's. Everything was tensing up, chasing away the fog and replacing it with heat, a spring inside him that wound tighter with every slide of his cock into Tony's grasping heat, every slip of Tony's tongue along his mouth, every shift of Bucky's body along his back.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" Steve chanted, gasping and letting go, feeling Bucky hold him, feeling Tony hold him, too, the two of them keeping him safe while he found his release. He felt like his whole body was tingly with the aftershocks of it, and he pulled out and wrapped his mouth around Tony's cock before he even thought about it, sucking greedily for a final treat now that his own body's needs were seen to.

"Fuck, Steve, your, fuck, perceived heat differentials," babbled Tony, and Steve was vaguely aware that he'd been speaking science at them this whole time, even when he'd been so blissed during the fingering that he could barely form words.

"Feels good, that hot mouth, your hot dick," purred Bucky, sliding up to cradle Tony, stiff metal fingers tangling sweetly into Steve's hair with just enough tug to keep Steve in the moment.

"Really, fuck, oral," said Tony, shoving his hips up and tongue into Bucky's mouth. "Even instruments can suffer from perception issues with thermodynamics, fuck, that's the problem, it's not objective, nothing dissipates the heat, fuck, fuck, Steve!"

Steve swallowed it when he came, happy as he'd ever been. He was the one that got up and got a warm cloth to clean them up, because that's what made him happy, and he was surprised to find himself cradled in the coveted middle spot when he was done, Bucky at his back and Tony playing the littlest spoon.

"Never leaving," said Steve on a yawn.

Bucky chuckled. "That's not what you're gonna say in the morning when I try to keep ya here, punk."

Tony huffed. "Less talk of leaving, more talk of how awesome I am."

Steve let out a shameless purr and snuggled just a little deeper into their cuddle. "Best box we've ever had," he murmured, losing the end of it on a yawn and then kissing Tony's messy hair.

Bucky chuckled, hand curling into Tony gently. "He's not wrong. You're perfect for us, dollface."

Tony relaxed in Steve's arms. "I like keys who know when to take orders from their box."

There was something tentative at the end but Bucky just mmed and said, "Ours."

"Ours," echoed Steve, drifting off to sleep feeling very content indeed.