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Guardians of the Soul

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Chapter 1

Harry stood completely still and in utter shock, as the green jet of magic left Severus Snape’s wand frozen in time and space. The words Kedavra barley having left his mouth the air still permeated with his breathe and the words still echoing off the cold dark night atop the Astronomy Tower.

Harry watch in agonizingly slow motion as Snape’s spell connected with Dumbledore’s chest. No sound nor scream not a single drop of emotion coming from the Professors face as his friend, colleague, confidant and most trusted advisor had just killed him.

Harry saw the body of his Guardian, Protector, Mentor and only remaining family he had left, fall off the Astronomy tower. He watched as Bellatrix, Draco, Snape and the others left the Astronomy Tower in a hurry after Bellatrix shouted Morsmerde and cackled into the still night, and the sky was illuminated with a green skull erupting out of its mouth assaulting the sky above Hogwarts.

As Harry’s breathing slowed and he remembered where he was, he rushed after the party of Death Eaters, running down the stairs two or three at a time. His heart was thundering through his veins, the blood rushing quickly and constantly from his brain to his wand fingers. As he made his way down the stairs he could just barley see them exiting the courtyard.

He emerged from the Astronomy Tower into the Courtyard in front of the building just as he saw Draco Malfoy standing across the open space. He took only half a second to register what was in front of him, the light from the almost partially full moon casting wicked shadows from the gargoyles and statues that lined the courtyard. He saw a slight glimmer of moonlight reflecting off something from the eastern entrance of the Courtyard.

Ginny Weasley and Neville Longbottom ran into the Courtyard to see a very angry and desperate Harry standing at the gateway to the Astronomy tower his wand raised and pointed at a motionless Draco Malfoy across the way. They saw Harry’s eyes go from green to yellow to orange to red to brown to black.

Ginny ran to him and threw herself onto Harry grasping him for dear life as she knew he was about to explode and run off after Draco.

“Harry you musn't!” she cried as tears formed in her mind but her body's lack of feeling was prohibiting them. Draco fled into the night following Belatrix and Snape off into the forest.

She squeezed as hard as she could as the scream that emitted from her Boyfriend’s body echoed across the entire Castle. The hurt, anguish and betrayal flowed through his voice and into every student, teacher, parent, and Auror on the grounds.

Ginny held Harry for what felt like hours letting him scream and cry and convulse in agony as she looked over and saw Professor Dumbledore’s body laying motionless not six inches away from her.

Professor McGonagall ran over with great force, ignoring the three teenagers and stopping at Dumbledore’s body. She reached down a touched his neck and gave her wand a quick flick.

Ginny saw the Horror creep across her Head of House’s face when she realized that Dumbledore was dead. Ginny’s mind went blank for only half a second. Then thoughts of fear, uselessness and pain flowed through her.

Harry’s eyes were completely dry by the time McGonagall arrived unable to speak or even make a noise above a whimper. He got suddenly quite as if McGonagall was the stopgap for Harry’s wall of emotion.

Students from all houses started arriving in the Courtyard in all states of dress. Dean Thomas and his New York Yankees shirt and white pajama pants. Katie Belle wearing a light blue sleeveless nightie and matching baggy pants, crying into her hands. Neville in a rather ostentatious red and yellow nightgown and robes, was stunned into not moving.

As each new student arrived in the Courtyard they quickly became frozen into their own unique form of grief, fear, hatred and anger. The only movement came from Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley.

Harry Potter stumbled out of Ginny’s grasp if only enough to stand on one knee, heavily breathing and eyes blood red. His anger and hatred boiling to the surface. The air around him charged with all the concentrated Magic that was left behind by Dumbledore’s Death.

Harry tapped into that magic and rose on to his feet. Focusing his eyes onto the exit archway that Draco had left several minutes prior. Small Bolts of lightning jutted off from him and Ginny as those around him saw a Emerald green aura radiate from Harry. Anyone that it touched could feel the most intense feeling of Happiness and comfort, the aura spread across the entire Courtyard and engulfed every person except for Ginny.

The green aura flowed around all of Ginny’s body and pulsed in a beautiful blue and yellow color around Ginny, and seemed to be pulling out a deer red aura from Ginny, This aura started out small and slowly expanded to match Harry’s.

The two aura’s blended harmoniously into a quiet and soothing Maroon color. Ginny felt a huge wave of emotion radiating off Harry. She felt the emptiness and hatred so strongly and it could only be worse for Harry.

Harry started to move towards the Archway that Draco had left from, but as his first foot left the ground his entire body collapsed, only to be caught by Ginny. As both teenagers fell to the ground their Aura’s connected and fully merged, two large feathery Wings emerged from their backs, both radiating Emerald and Ruby. The wings wrapped around Harry and Ginny creating an almost egg like shield that surrounded them and Dumbledore’s body. Just at that moment both Harry and Ginny passed out with their hands touching sprawled out next to Dumbledore.

McGonagall ran to the barrier and smashed her hands against it. Bouncing off ineffectually, she muttered, “Fucking Hell” She smashed the barrier several more time creating bruises across both her arms. It would not budge.

The Aurors quickly arrived on scene and saw McGonagall staring helplessly at the two teens and their previous Headmaster, unable to enter said Barrier, a single tear fell from her unwavering expression.

“Why Albus? What did you do?” McGonagall shouted across the Courtyard at no one.

Harry and Ginny suddenly found themselves sitting on a bench that reminded them of Kings Cross. Except everything else was… different. The entire world they were in was white. A few signs hung from the dark brown lamp posts that was a few feet away.

Harry looked around taking in the almost surrealness of the world he had been brought to. He reached without thinking and grabbed Ginny’s hand and laced his fingers through hers.

Ginny was in shock, she has no idea what was going on. The last thing she remembered was seeing Harry in the courtyard in front of the Astronomy Tower pointing his wand at Draco Malfoy, with no regard for anything else in the world. Then she appeared in this strange almost train station.

Both of them were caught off guard as they heard a small cough. Harry spun around and reached for his wand, realizing it wasn’t anywhere to be found. He quickly relaxed as he saw the sound came from his late Headmaster.

Dumbledore was wearing his usual grey robes albeit much cleaner and more crisp. “Harry how are you my boy?”

Harry was in disbelief he shook his head and his free hand went to his head. “I can assure you Harry that I am really here and that I am also not long for even this world.” Dumbledore said with such calm and authority that he always commanded.

Ginny’s breath hitched and she turned slowly as she heard Dumbledore’s voice. A wave of grief and sadness rushed over her as she remember seeing her Headmasters body lying beneath Harry’s feet.

“Professor, wha-aat haappened…?” Harry stuttered out trying not to start crying again. “I thought you trusted Snape?”

“Harry… you must understand the whole situation. I still trust Severus and I implore that you do as well.”

“NOO I WILL NOT HE KILLED YOU!!!” Harry screamed and his veins began to bulge slightly remember the sight of Snape firing of the curse that killed his mentor.

Ginny could feel his pulse raising quickly through his hand. ”Harry” she whispered, “Maybe we should just hear him out….” She looked at him with tear stained eyes. She lightly squeezed her boyfriends hand and felt him relax if only for a few seconds.

“Harry I don’t have much time, please there are few things you must know. The Horcrux we found tonight is one of many that Tom made. Another was the ring that you saw a few days ago in my office.” He glanced at Ginny, “Another was the Diary that you and Ginny killed in your second year. When Severus and I destroyed the ring the magical backlash was enormous and I was cursed by a rather well hidden trap. Severus help me contain the curse for the better part of this year. However I could feel it getting stronger as if it was feeding off something.”

He stopped for a moment and raised his black almost decrepit hand.” I think the soul fragment imbedded in self in my hand and was feeding off your magic” Harry’s face dropped, his shoulders slunk low and he let out a whimper, just one.

Ginny reached up and rubbed his shoulder and her other hand around his waist trying to comfort him. “I was killing you?” Harry said with very short breaths.

“No Harry, Tom was killing me he was also trying to kill you. When Severus help me contain the curse he and I took an Unbreakable Vow that If I asked him to kill me should the opportunity arise that he would do so no questions.” Harry tensed up and Ginny gasped. “I had to ensure that everything would be taken care of. I still feel good coming from Draco. I couldn’t let him do something that he couldn't walk away from.”

“But Professor Dra….” Dumbledore cut him off.

“I don’t have much time left let me finish.” His breath was getting shallower and his knees were starting to give out. “I need you to find the other Horcrux’s, You alone must defeat Voldemort.”

He turned to Ginny, “Mrs Weasley, you also have a very important role in all of this. The same protection granted to Harry from Lily Potter, I see now is being fueled by your Love for Harry. I don’t know what it means but as long as both of you love each other you both will be protected, but not immune.”

Dumbledore fell to his knee his body was shaking heavily. “You are the Chosen One Harry, I’ve known since you were a boy. I know you can do this. Use the Order to help you, they will listen to you.”

The professor feel to the floor. He propped his head on using his elbows.”I have one last request please go see Carter Belle…” He took his final breath, “ He will know what It’s about, I must leave you now for my last great adventure Farewell…..”

His body collapsed onto the white floor, Harry screamed and feel to his knees. Ginny’s tears running down her face into her hands. She grabbed for her boyfriend and tried to hold him as he shrunk down to the ground, crying.

The world around them faded and Ginny found herself in a not so comfortable bed. The smell of antiseptic and blood permeated the air. She realized she was in the Hospital Wing and Madam Pomfrey was bustling about.

Ginny’s eyes fluttered open and saw Ron Weasley sitting next to her reading The Daily Prophet. She bolted strait up, “Harry?” her heart began to race.

Ron nearly jumped out of his chair as his sister went from sleeping peacefully to fully animated. “Blimey Ginny, you don’t need to scare a bloke like that. Just relax Harry’s sleeping.” He pointed to the bed not 2 feet from hers. “Couldn’t get either of you to two to stay apart for more than two minutes. It was bloody weird, the only thing we could do is move your beds near each other.”

Ginny reached her hand up and grabbed Harry’s hand that she had apparently been holding while she slept. Feeling the contact of his skin in her hand made her relax and she laid back down in the bed.

“Ron, what happened? I can’t remember anything after Dinner last night.” Worry and fear crept into the 15 year olds eyes.

Hermione’s voice piped up which made Ginny jump just a few inches but soon calmed down, “Dumbledore’s dead, seems Draco was able to fix the Vanishing Cabinet after all and let in some Death Eaters. McGonagall found you and Harry encased in some kind of cocoon surrounding Dumbledore’s body. From what Katie and Neville said, you and Harry created the cocoon. I wish I got there sooner. They say it was quite a powerful and romantic display of magic.” The young witch blushed a little.

Ginny looked over and saw Hermione holding Harry’s other hand on the other side of the bed. Her eyes were red and had a few light streaks from where she had been crying. Harry was laying on his back. His robes were missing, his blue turtleneck was torn in many places. Dried blood was on his arms and legs. His jeans were ripped at the knee. A few bruises here and there. So really a pretty normal trip to the Hospital wing. “Is he ok?” Ginny rolled onto her side to face Harry switching the hand that was holding Harry.

“We don’t know, he was conscious for only a minute a few days ago.” Hermione said.

“Days?!” Ginny exclaimed

Ron pipped up, “Yeah Ginny, it’s been three days. Had us all worried ya did. Even mum and dad came.” He stood up to go take a seat next to Hermione. “Charlie and Bill are on their way as well, wouldn’t be…”

His voice was cut off by the door slamming wide open, “Oh Ginny dear!” came the ever familiar voice of Mrs Weasley. “Had us all worried ya did.” She rushed over to her and grabbed her face and gave her a kiss and a small hug.

“Mum… stop I’m not six anymore.” Ginny said shrugging her overprotective mother off her, “I am fine, Harry was the one that went with Dumbledore to kill the Horcrux….” As the words left her mouth she realized her mistake, but it was too late.




Came the simultaneous responses from Mrs Weasley, Hermione and Ron.

Ginny sighed visibly, “Yeah and he was bloody brilliant! Makes me proud and honored to be his girlfriend.” A few tears started to form in the corners of her eyes.

“I like the sound of that.” came a small almost whisper from Harry. Everyone in the room turned their eyes on him. Ginny froze for a few seconds before leaping out of her bed on top of him, smothering him in a huge hug. Her hair flopping messily over his face.

Hermione let go of his hand, “Harry! Welcome back.” she beamed at him and subconsciously grabbed Ron’s hand and laced in between hers.

“Oh my dear! Harry you has us all worried. Are you in pain?” Mrs Weasley said in her very motherly-like way.

“Hey mate, don’t you go doing shit like that again without taking me with ya.” Ron said his voice calming as he realized that Hermione had grabbed his hand.

“Ronald Weasley!”

“Language Ron!” The two oldest women in the room accosted him.

Harry started to shift up so he could sit up in the bed. “Ginny! Not that I don’t love the attention, because I do. It’s your heavy and I can’t breathe.”

The room burst into laughter, even Ginny snickered as she raised herself up a few feet off of Harry, “Are you saying that I am fat Harry Potter.” her smirk went to a grin.

“Uhh no, no no no not at all Gin.” Harry went all red and his voice stumbling over the word.

Both Ron and Hermione were doubled over in laughter Mrs Weasley had a rare grin on her face.

“I’d never. I love your body it’s fucking fantastic.” Harry said trying to force a smile as he lay under his girlfriend who had positioned herself to straddle Harry. She had pressed her hips up against his. He could feel heat building up through his groin and legs.

Mrs Weasley gasped, “Young man you better watch your tone, that’s my only daughter your talking about.”

Ginny blushed and reached down slowly as Harry tried to formulate a response and kissed Harry’s lips. Their lips connected and the world around Ginny began to fade away. Their lips fought over dominance as to who was kissing who. Harry reached up and ran one of his hands through her messy hair right up to her face. His other hand wrapped around her back and pulled her further against him.

Ginny pulled both of her hands and gripped Harry’s face and she began to squirm just a bit as she felt the embrace of her boyfriend. Her lips parted slightly and her tongue sought entrance into Harry’s mouth. Which he graciously permitted, his own tongue reached out and met hers. They kissed for what felt like hours.

“GINEVRA WEASLEY!! You get off that boy right this minute!” Mrs Weasley yelled.

The two teens didn’t seem to care or even notice anyone else in the room. As they were about to break the kiss a red and green aura began to appear around the two.

Mrs Weasley, Ron and Hermione all backed up suddenly as this new light began to radiate out from Ginny and Harry. As their kiss deepened the aura expanded.

As the red and green auras washed over the three onlookers they felt a overwhelming sense of calm and happiness. It only lasted for a few moments because as soon as they broke the Kiss the aura’s receded back into the pair.


“Wow” Harry and Ginny both said out of breath. Ginny fell down in the bed landing next to Harry and put her head on his chest and draped her arm across his chest.

Ron was the first to respond, “Bloody hell that was Wicked. That’s my Sister Harry but WOW.”

Mrs Weasley was speechless she pulled her hands up to cover her mouth. A single tear formed and she relaxed. She had understood what had just happened and was likely the only one in the room that did.

Hermione began to cry just a little, “That was… that was.” She was having trouble forcing the words out, overwhelmed by Harry and Ginny’s love for each other. “That was so fucking powerful.

Harry and Ginny both looked stunned as the whole room stared at Hermione. Two grins appeared on the happy couple lying in the Hospital bed together.

Ron turned quickly, shocked that Hermione had just swore in front of him. He quickly grabbed her face and turned it towards him and with the most Gryffindor courage he could mused kissed Hermione as well.

She was taken by surprise as she had not expected her Best friend to suddenly kiss her. She stood still for only a moment before leaning into the kiss herself. A wonderful warmth and comfort washed over her as her brain realized that the man she loved and had feelings for had finally kissed her. Since second year Hermione had a pseudo-crush on Ron. Now he was kissing her in a very public display of affection. Their kiss only lasted a few seconds but as it ended Hermione had a huge smile on her now blood red face.

“Don’t know why I did that, I am sorry Hermione if…” He was cut off again, why can’t he ever be allowed to finish his thoughts. As Hermione grabbed his face in a similar fashion to how Ginny had moments ago and slammed her lips against his.

She had very little experience snogging however the young witch gave into her bodies desires and assaulted Ron’s lips. She loved the softness of his lower lip. She pulled it carefully into her mouth as a low growl came from Rons throat. She felt his tongue trying to gain access to her mouth and was confused, but living in the moment parted her pink puckering lips and was pleasant surprised by the sensation of having another person tongue in her mouth.

She loved kissing, how had she been so against something that felt so good. She finally opened her eyes and was met by the two most beautiful brown eyes. They were staring into her soul and felt the like melting. Finally they broke their kiss and returned back to the world of the living.

“Wow” Ron whispered as he slowly backed away from Hermione feeling like he was on cloud nine.

Hermione didn’t say anything she straightened her robes and wore the biggest smile she had ever had.

Harry and Ginny were both smiling at their two best friends, “About bloody time!” Harry commented.

Ginny hit in him the shoulder, “Be nice.” Ginny’s face showed a big grin and she laid her head back on Harry’s chest.

“Your not going to let Ron forget this are you.” Harry whispered into Ginny’s ear causing a slight shiver.


Hermione looked over towards Harry, “What was that red and green light that came from you and Ginny?”

“Red and Green what?” Harry responded confusedly. “There was no light.”

“Bloody hell there wasn’t mate, you and Ginny had this aura that filled the room and made me all tingly inside filled me happiness.” Ron replied. “I don’t think I’d have had the courage to Kiss you if that hadn’t happened.” He turned to face Hermione.

“Well I think you, Harry, and Ginny might be bonded.” Mrs Weasley said as she began to start crying.

The four teenagers turned towards the elder witch whom had all but been forgotten to be in the room, “Bonded?” They all said in unison.

“Yes bonded. Oh I just can’t believe it.” She rushed over and gave Harry and Ginny a combined hug. “Oh dears come here I am so happy for you.”

“What do you mean by bonded Mrs Weasley?” Hermione said with the peak of curiosity.

The elder witch let go of her daughter and boyfriend. “Well it’s very rare, I can’t remember hearing about a bonded pair in the last century, but it doesn’t surprise me that Harry would be. Your such a powerful Wizard Harry.” She wiped away a tear that had formed. “Sit down you two.” she said gesturing towards her son and Hermione.

“There are a few kinds of bonds but I’ll just tell you what I know. Bonded pairs are when two witch and wizards are meant to be perfect matches. It is said that every witch or wizard has a perfect match somewhere out there. However there are almost six Billion people living on Earth that the chances are VERY rare that you will ever find your mate in your lifetime. That being said.”

Harry straightened himself up in the and Ginny rolled over him so she could listen to her mother talk.

“Bonded pairs if they meet are said to be be able to share their magic with each other, feel each others emotions even in some rare cases read each other’s thoughts. Now almost every Bonded pair I can remember has been responsible for doing Amazing things, because one of the biggest changes is the increase in their Magic.”

Hermione and Ginny both gasped, “Wicked” Ron said Harry just nodded like he already knew that part.

“The other part of a bonded pair and this is the hardest part for me to get over, is. According to our Laws, once a bond is formed the witch and wizard are Legally married and thus declared of Age.” Mrs Weasley’s voice cracked and started to cry.

Harry’s jaw dropped and his eye got real wide as he heard that he might now be married. His heart flickered for only a moment but then realized there wasn’t a witch he had met that he would rather be with than Ginny. He pulled her as close to him as possible.

Ginny was in shock. I am married im only 16. But it’s Harry. I love Harry and would do anything for him. He’s my rock my guardian angel. She looked up into his eyes as she felt his grip around her tighten. “I’ll always be there for you… love” She said losing confidence as she said the word love.

Harry nodded and reached down to kiss her again. He took her lips into his only for a moment as those around them saw sparks flying around the room from their brief but emotion kiss.

Ron and Hermione were stunned, they were still holding hands sitting in their chairs next to Harry’s bed.


“Congrats mate!” Hermione and Ron said rather timidly.

“You will have to check at the Ministry of Magic, Magical Contracts department to be sure. However I am fairly sure about this the signs are all their. The magical release, the emotional connection, that barrier you put up around Dumbledore was really powerful. It took McGonagall and Flitwick almost two hours to bring it down with the help of the rest of the staff, and you two were unconscious.”

Just as she finished her thought the group was alerted by the sounds of the large double doors swinging open. Madam Pomfrey walked in, “Ok ok, visiting time is over, oh Mrs Weasley I did not know you were coming till later.”

“I just couldn’t wait any longer it’s been three days and not a word.” She stood up and walked over to her daughter, “Ginny take it easy ok?” She said with a bit of fear and worry. She hugged her daughter and kissed her forehead. Then turned to look at Harry, he was still groggy from all the potion and sleep over the past few days.

“Harry get some rest ok? You can surely save the wizarding world in a few days but now take care of yourself and Ginny.” She beamed at her presumptive son-in-law a few tears streaked across her face. “I’ll be back around dinner time with some food.”

Harry sit up rather sluggishly and adjusted so that Ginny could still but snuggled into his chest “Mrs Weasley thank you…. For everything that you have done for me these past six years. You are the mother that I never had. I wish nothing more than just to be a 16 year old boy, play Quidditch, learn magic, take my N.E.W.T.S. and be normal.” he coughed a bit.

Ginny could feel that he was straining too much. “Babe just relax. You have been through alot.” She smiled softly lookup up at him. She just stared into his emerald green eyes with such love and longing.

Mrs Weasley nodded and walked toward Madam Pomfrey, “We should probably let them be” She whispered to the matron. Who nodded and walked Mrs Weasley to the door and returned momentarily.

“Mr Potter and Mrs…” She looked like she was going to Weasley but then confused she bit her tongue.

“Potter is fine.” Ginny responded with quite amount of emotion behind it. Harry looked down with the most love and happiness he had ever had.

“You sure babe? I mean your mom could be wrong.”

“Do you want her to be wrong?” Ginny asked timidly recoiling just a bit.

“Absolutely fucking not!” He said emphatically and with enough confidence that would stun a Gryphon. Not missing a beat he turned to Hermione, “ I will not watch my language, this is the best news I’ve heard since I learned I was a wizard.”

Hermione smiled back at him and looked down at the ground, “Harry I could not be happier for you.”

“Nor I mate, I know she’s my sister, my ONLY SISTER.” Ron said putting emphasis on the only sister. He turned to Hermione, and they shared a look as he stared into her brown eyes. His heart began to fill with this unexplainable heat.

He smiled and turned back to his best friend and sister, “I think my girlfriend…” He said very hesitant and with love, “and I are going to let you two rest for a bit. We’ll be back in a few hours.” He turned to look at Hermione as he finished.

She nodded and had a huge grin across her face. “Harry Ginny please get some rest we love you both and will do whatever is needed to make sure you don’t face this by yourself.” She stood up and held a hand out to Ron, “I am going to look in bonds and try and get you some more information. Sleep now, save the world tomorrow.” She winked and marched Ron out of the room.

As they exited the door to the Hospital Wing, Hermione turned towards Ron, “Girlfriend?” she said hesitantly.

Ron’s shoulders fell and he looked scared.”Yeah... only if you’d call me your boyfriend.” He stood up straight mustering all of his remaining Gryffindor courage looking directly into her eyes.

She walked up so she was only inches from him, standing on her tiptoes she took his lips into hers. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the warmth and sweet taste of his mouth and lips. He let out a small growl. She pulled away and returned back to the ground. Turned and took his hand and lead him away towards the Great Hall.

Ron smiled and said, “Was that a yes?”

She turned around smacked him on the shoulder,” I’ll take that as a yes.” As he stood still for a moment after registering that his new Girlfriend just hit him. He nodded seamingly to himself and ran after her taking her hand in his.


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