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"I love you, Sebastian!" - Raester (original story)

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(Since Michael Winchester has the same first name as Michael Lightspade, his nickname will be Mikey)


Sebastian woke up to his 6 AM alarm he set last night and he groaned lightly as he slowly sat up. "Baby? What time is it?" Christian mumbled as he sat up next to Sebastian, Sebastian grinned like an idiot when he saw his hickey he gave his husband last night. "It's 6:02 babe, how did you sleep?" Sebastian asked his tired angel and Christian glares at him with his dark blue eyes. "I told you not to set the alarm t--" Sebastian cut Christian of with a deep kiss that took Christian by surprise. "I got you up at this time because I know how much love morning sex." Sebastian said against Christian's neck, causing Christian to shiver in delight as his husband continued kissing his chest. Christian was moaning softly and quietly because their son was in the other room sleeping. Sebastian snapped his hands to cover the walls with a soundproof spell so he could hear Christian moaned because it sounded heavenly, Christian's cock seemed to like the idea as Sebastian pulled his husband's checkered pants with one pull and it smacked against his stomach. Christian moaned as it did and Sebastian grinned, he loved his angel, they began to have sex.

2 kinky hours later

Mikey woke up to mama at his door. "Good morning handsome, it's your first day of school today. Your father has cooked you a good luck breakfast!" Christian said with a smile as Mikey jumped out his bed and ran to the living room because he loved his father's cooking. "Ohh hello son, mama tell you I made breakfast then?" Sebastian chuckled as his son nodded his head eagerly, diving into his breakfast. Christian walked in to see his son shovelling his food down his throat like no tomorrow, he giggled as he walked towards his husband with a smile. Sebastian smiled back, kissing his check lightly as they watched their son. "I'll be back, I have to apply makeup." Christian said as he walked out the room and Sebastian started to clean the the dirty dishes when his son finished his breakfast. Mikey hugged his father's back to say thank you and skipped to his room to change. Sebastian loved his small family and speaking of which, the front door swung open to see Michael and Titan walk in. Sebastian hugged them instantly as Titan walked to the bathroom to greet Christian. "Where's my favourite nephew?" Michael grinned as Sebastian laughed happily. "He's changing so give him a minute." Michael nodded as he updated Sebastian about their mother, what a bitch she was. Mikey walked in the room with his best attire as he saw his uncle and he ran over to him. Hugging him tightly as Michael laughed at his eager nephew. "Woah I'm here Mikey, I'm not going anywhere!" Michael says stupidly forgetting that he hasn't seen him in 3 months and Mikey scowled at his uncle furiously. "Sorry.... I know you missed us but you must understand we had to because no one can be around a pregnant omega for the first 3 months, you know that and I'm an alpha, I had to protect Titan. I'm sorry buddy please don't be made at me." Michael explained to the sad looking alpha and Mikey nodded to say he understands. Sebastian looked at his brother with a smile. "How is Titan and the baby?" He asked Michael as the omegas walked in, linking arms. "We're fine Sebastian, thanks for asking." Titan said as Mikey slowly approached him with a worried look and he heard his fiancé lowly growl at the scared alpha. Titan rolled his eyes at him and pulled Mikey in for a hug, Mikey hugged back with a smile. "I've missed you my darling." Titan said as Mikey let go of him and smiled. "I missed you to uncle to be!" Mikey said and everyone in the room awed. Michael broke out of his alpha mod when he saw Mikey walked away from his mated omega and Mikey grabbed his school bag, smiled at everyone and walked out.