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One Hellaious Time

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The night or was it day? It was so hard to tell when you're so far underground that no one can hear you scream. It's so hot and miserable with rampant crime and corruption. People always talk about how bad they have it well that's nothing compared to what awaits them on the other side. I should know, a sinner like me ended up here years ago at the hands of a Russian mobster or should I say monster. It's been an adjustment that's for sure just trying to survive and come out on top but hey I'm still here in this messed up place. Citizens are exterminated to make room for more, all being shoved in like an overstuffed suitcase.


I take a drag from the cheap brand of cigarettes I just bought at corner store that sells nothing but drugs galore. It's a druggies paradise, where you just walk in and get whatever you want and be on your merry way. Good thing I only smoke, I don't need my senses dulled from useless trips in a place where shit goes south at the flip of a switch. Inhaling the smoke fills my lungs, making them burn slightly from the smoke that's being held in. Slowly like some sort of dragon the smoke is blown out through my nostrils. “This place is really something you know…..” I stare off in the distance at all the porn shops, bars, drug stores, strip joints, weapons shops, and a few other things that might be a grocery shop. There is wreckage everywhere with trash, debris, blood, and questionable pieces that line the street. This was hell…. Literally but it was not all bad.


There is a tug to my right arm, I look down to see my little brother with his ear pinned back looking up at me with puppy dog eyes. His brown canine like ears almost blend into his short brown wild hair. His wild fluffy brown tail is wrapped loosely around his leg. I raise an eyebrow at him in question. In the most sweetest voice the young boy can do he tries to ask for something. “ Brother can I…”




“ But you didn't let me finish…” He whines as he tries to open his mouth once again.


“ No…”


“ At least let me…”


“ No…” I see his frustration mounting as his sweet loveable tacktick does not work and he lets out an huff of air. His ears perk back up and he tries to give me a cocky grin. Ah I know what he is going to try next, I've known him his whole life and can read him like a book. I just wait for the little mischievous maker to start his next move.


“ Well if you don't give me one I'm going to tell Mom on you.” He crosses his arms and his smile gets even bigger.


“ Go right ahead, you don't even know who our mom is. Plus don't know if she is down here like we are kido.” I watch as his smile drops and his ears go down to his head again. His voice wavers a bit when he speaks again.


“C-come on bro if y-you love me you would let me have one!” Ah the ever begging trick, if that didn't work he would try to sneak one away from his big brother when he was not looking. He had to give his younger brother credit he is always determined and stubborn.


“ It's because I love you that I'm not going to give you one.” I inhale a lung full only to blow it down in the younger ones face who begins a series of coughing fits from the smoke. I smirk evilly down at the little brat who still has his ears back glaring at me with a puffed up tail. I chuckle a little as I'm reminded of a pissed off kitten rather than a wolf like me. He opens his mouth about to yell at me when a noise to my left behind me catches my attention. I quickly throw my hand over the boy’s mouth and take off down the nearest alleyway hiding behind a dumpster. My black ears twitch and flicker side to side on high alert. I scanned down both ends of the alley way when a muffled and struggling pup gets my attention. I let him go making him drop onto his rear where he is glaring up at me.


“ You big butthead you didn't have to do that!” He sticks his tongue out at me as he fixes his clothes and stands dusting off any grime from the fall.


I turn to him with a finger over my lips. “Ssssshhhhhh…” I turn back to scan the area we just came from when I hear an annoyed voice from behind.


“ Brooo! You didn't have to…”


Turning lightening fast that there is a chance I gave myself whiplash I fix my brother with a look that conveys don't try me. “ I said be quiet!” I hiss out then turn back in time to see a figure with a scythe at the end of the alley way. I reach inside of my coat around my waist pulling out my revolver. Exterminators……I can feel my brother against my back quaking in fear. He knows something is wrong when I tense up and raise my revolver at chest level.


“Bro I'm scared….,” He whimpers out in a whisper to me and in no time the creatures mix match eyes are boring down in our direction. There is a sickening pointed grin on its face. There is blood splattered on its clawed hands, its fingers are wrapped around a menacing looking scythe. There is no hair nor fur on its body only dark grey skin with onyx ram like horns at the top of the beings head. The creatures eyes glow a hellish red as it takes off at an unearthly speed towards us.


“It will be alright!” I peek over my shoulder before I raise and take aim at the creature. I whisper under my breath before I fire, “I won't let anything happen to you again.”