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Summer Nights

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 Josh checked his schedule again, making sure he was heading in the right direction. He looked up, watching the room numbers get smaller. 234, 232, 230....

"Hey Josh!"

He flinched upon feeling someone clap his shoulder, but relaxed when he saw it was just Charlie. "Hey, Charlie," Josh smiled.

"What class are you looking for?" She snatched the paper out of Josh's hand, skimming the six classes listed. "Mythology?"

"I like Percy Jackson, so I thought why not." Josh explained.

"Real myths are filled with all kinds of rated-R stuff, Josh. Are you sure your innocent, precious little mind won't implode from all the bad stuff?" Charlie laughed. "That room is at the end of the hall, by the way. I have to go downstairs. Don't get too off course."

"Okay. Bye," Josh said as he gave her a hug.

Charlie muttered in his ear, "Seriously though, mythology?"

He laughed, before leaving her and following her instructions. He walked into the class and raised his eyebrows at the music playing. It was rap music, but the heavy kind. The kind where it was loud and unpleasant to Josh. Oh, boy. The bell rang just as Josh took his seat, and the teacher stood up to introduce herself as Mrs. Brown. They went over the syllabus of course, and then did several ice breakers.

Josh wished teachers stopped trying to make them friends. Somehow, they kept mentioning how they wanted their students to make friends and not talk to the same people for the whole semester; but wouldn't that just make their students talk even more during class (which would lead to long speeches from the teachers saying how their students needed to work harder and that college won't be as easy as high school and that professors don't care about their students and how they won't be babying their students, blah, blah, blah... the whole spiel is branded into Josh's head).

Mrs. Brown went on to explain what the units would be, and how they wouldn't just be studying Greek and Roman mythology, but also mythology from other cultures. She said how their first project would be a group project, and she would be picking the groups.

Josh mentally groaned. Why couldn't they just let him do the work alone? 

"Alright, let me go over attendance, then. Your groups will be picked by Tuesday next week, and the project will start on Friday or Monday." Mrs. Brown said, peering at her computer.


Finally, mythology ended, and the bell rang. Josh headed to fifth hour, which was Calculus. Nice, he thought. Calculus calmed him. It was seriously so much fun. After Calc was Accounting, which seemed nice too.

Josh entered his Calc class, taking a seat in the front, but at the end of the row. He pulled out his phone and sent a quick text to Charlie.


Charlie <3

What class do you have right now?

music!! its great so far but idk lets see how it goes

i hear the teacher can be a jerk sometimes


Calc. I'm excited.

ur not human wtf


The bell rang then, so Josh put his phone in his bag. The teacher was a nice lady named Mrs. Houten. She was already better than Mrs. Brown (Mrs. Houten didn't play loud rap music). Mrs. Houten also had them do an icebreaker, but it was only one, and she didn't start her assignments with a group project. She just pulled up Lesson 1.1, and they started.

Calculus went by the fastest, Josh already heading to sixth hour Accounting. He had that class with Charlie, and her boyfriend, Marcus. Personally, Josh didn't like Marcus. He swore a lot and smoked and hung out with the bad boys from school. But he never commented anything to Charlie. As long as she was happy, then Josh didn't mind.

He entered the class, and there was Marcus with Charlie. They were laughing about something.

"Hey Charlie, Marcus." Josh greeted politely.

"Josh," Marcus said in acknowledgment. Charlie hugged Josh, asking how Calc was.

"Fun," Josh smiled.

Marcus raised an eyebrow, but said nothing. The three of them sat together at the round tables that were in the accounting classroom. "You like Calc?" Marcus asked.

"I do, yes," Josh admitted shyly. He was kind of scared of Marcus. Josh wasn't short, he was a solid 5'8", but Marcus was... so tall. It intimidated him.

"Hm," was all Marcus said, and then the class was starting. Like in every other class today, they did some ice breakers. As the class went on, Josh got to know Marcus more, and slowly the intimidation disappeared. He wasn't really that bad, and he was quite protective of Charlie. Not in the "You look at her once and I'll smash your teeth in", more in the "If you hurt my girlfriend purposefully I will smash your teeth in".

Only once during the class did some of the seniors give Josh a hard time, but Marcus gave them one hard glare and stood, rising to his full size; the seniors left Josh alone for the rest of the time.

Finally, finally school was over. The bell rang, and Josh, Charlie, and Marcus gathered their things.

"You want a ride home, Josh?" Charlie offered. They were neighbors, which was how Josh knew her since before the first day of school.

"Yes, please," Josh said.

Marcus followed them out to the parking lot. He had his own car, so he didn't need to ride with them. Before leaving, Marcus turned to Josh and said, "Hey man, if anyone treats you like those... uh, jerks did in accounting, just tell me and I'll beat their as- I mean, I'll beat the hell outta em."

Charlie must've told him Josh's aversion to swear words. It touched Josh that Marcus was avoiding strong words to not make Josh uncomfortable.

Josh smiled. "Thanks Marcus. Will do."

Marcus and Charlie shared a passionate goodbye kiss (which Josh avoided by slipping into Charlie's car), and then Charlie was getting in too and they were off.

"How was your first day?" Charlie asked.

"It was fine. Marcus' really nice, by the way," he commented.

Charlie smiled. "Mm-hmm."

That's the conversation they shared the rest of the ride, falling into a comfortable silence.