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It's a Small Universe

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Huhui had been reasonably terrified when they had discovered a human had been assigned to work with them on the financial records. Meeting a human for the first time had been as shocking and intimidating as the stories say. She was almost twice their height and covered in muscle that they knew could crush them with little effort. She looked them directly in the eye and bared her teeth when they met and Huhui flattened their ears and ducked their head in deference.

She was surprisingly easy to work with, though unsettling. She had the focus and silence of a stalking mieraih once she started working and Huhui had to pause their efforts quite often to check that she was not stalking them instead of account inaccuracies.

Huhui had been at work for several hours when the human suddenly stood, using her momentum to shove her seat backwards. Huhui scrambled out of their own seat as she stretched to her full height and held her arms out to emphasize her size and… opened her mouth wide and showed all of her teeth. By the gods Huhui was going to die, she was threatening them.

They keened and flattened their ears and body against the floor, holding out their forward set of arms in the ‘please don’t kill me’ position. Everything was quiet for a long, long moment and Huhui dared to peek up at the human. She was crouched in front of him, her brow furrowed.

“Hey, you alright?” She spoke softly.

“You’re… you’re not angry?” Huhui let an ear flick forwards hopefully.

“Oh shit, I forgot about the yawning thing. I’m sorry man. I wasn’t trying to threaten you, humans yawn and stretch if they stay still too long.” The human held out a hand. “Lemme help you up.”

Huhui let their ears swing forward and put their hand into hers, their fingers tiny against hers. She gently pulled them to their feet and eyed them in a curious manner.

“Hey, sorry if this is rude… but… do you want to ride on my shoulders while I run down the hallway?”

Huhui blinked several times before flicking their whiskers forward in excitement and bouncing on both sets of hind legs. “It would be everything I have ever dreamed of!”