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In It Together

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ch. 1. prologue


Sarah Black's pov

A smile spread across my face as i walked down the the short ramp of my home when i saw my young son playing in the dirt. While my daughters sat off to the side next to one another talking amongst themselves .

Said boy looked up big brown eyes landing on me as i made my way to him. He smiled back and jumped up closing the distance between us in three small leaps.

"Mommy! Look i dug another hole for bugs to live in." He said excitingly bouncing up and down.

I look behind him at the hole the size of his little hand. I feel a small frown grace my lips 'better fill that in later might trip over it like I did last time.'  I think then look down to see pouting lips.

"You don't like it mommy?" he said  looking down at bare feet.

I fake gasp like the thought was unheard of "no I love it Jacob. But you remember last time when you made a home for bugs" I say my voice fading from mock surprise to soft  Chastisement.

He looks up and nods. The smile that appeared at the compliment turning back to a pout. "Sorry mommy" he says

"It's OK baby next time build it in the backyard away from the house so no one gets hurt Okay" I say laying a hand on long silky strands of hair  braided into one long ponytail.

"OK!" He exclaims suddenly happy again.

I smile for a second then a thought hit me. Like the reason I'm out here. "Oh!" I said making the two girls and boy jump. "Dinner's ready. Come in and wash up." I say as explanation to the sudden scare.

-----time skip-----*after dinner*

Jacob's POV

I ran to put my dishes in the sink. In a rush to go back outside Nearly falling on my face trying to run to the door.

"Hold it Jacob!" I instantly freeze at the deep voice that belongs to billy black . my Pa. I turn around to look up at my father. He has a small smile on his face. 'Phew! thought I was in trouble there' I sigh mentally. "Where do you think you're running off to?" he says amusement in his voice.

I blink. "Going outside" I say like its the most obvious thing in the world.

"Oh no your not its getting dark out and your bed time is soon" he says pointing towards the window. A contiplative look on his face. "In an hour actually". 'Oh man' I think looking out the window. It was pretty dark outside. And while im not scared of the dark i dont like it either. A pout makes an appearance on my face for the third time that day. with a exaggerated sigh i slowly make my way to the living room. I flop down on the couch a protesting creak sounding at the sudden though little weight. Turning the TV on I sit back and watch Disney channel until my bed time comes around.

-----1 hour later-----

"Jacob" says a gentle voice. I screw my eyes tighter and rolled over mumbling for the person to go away and to shut up. I then open my eyes at realizing I was asleep in the first place. I sit up stiffly and stretch my arms above my head. Looking to my left I see Rebecca sitting beside me her mouth forming a deep frown.

"Even sleeping you're mean" she says eyes squinted as if she was was making a particularly interesting observation.

I glare at her and she glares back but I ignore her and look around me. No lights were on only light from the TV allowing me to see. Oh yeah, I remember Rachel announced that she was heading to bed her eyes drooping. Thats the last thing I remember before dozing off.

Rebecca rolls her eyes seeing me deep in thought. I go back to glaring at her 'what does she want anyways' I think not realizing I said it out loud. an annoyed look crosses her face. Oh boy here she goes.

"Well I was waking you up to go to bed and to tell you im going off to bed. but never mind i'll just let you sleep in the dark by yourself and let you wake up scared and alone!" She says her face turned upwards and arms crossed over her chest.

"Hey! I'm not scared of the dark i-" "Just dont like it same thing Jake. are you coming or not?" She says mockingly. I dont know what's crawled into her pants but she seems angry she usually doesn't anger quickly. I look at her face for an reason as to why she is cranky. Aaaaaand i found it. Bags under her eyes. She's sleepy. She gets upset easily when she is tired and I'm just keeping her up. So swallowing my pride for the time being. I nod to answer her question.

She huffs and gets off the couch and I follow. She walks to the TV squinting to find the off button using the light illuminating from the TV. She finds it and turns off the television. We walk down the hall in the dark stopping at my door. I say a quick goodnight to Rebecca before going in and closing my door behind me. I quickly plug in my night light and climb into my bed. I snuggle into my covers and close my eyes ready to sleep. I yawn as I try to drift back to blissful sleep when I hear a sound. At first I ignore it. But it just grows louder the more I try to ignore it. Giving up on sleep at the moment I sit up in my bed and look around upon seeing nothing that could be making the annoying sound I get and look for the source. I stop at the window. At this point hadn't I been curious I would have went back to bed seeing as we live in a place surrounded by wildlife it could just be a deer or something.... Right?

I go to the window and peek out. I search for a while before my eyes land on something. 'What the? Is that?..... A little boy?'. Squinting to better see i come to the conclusion that yes it is a little boy. He was pal in the moonlight and had dark hair. Wait was he NAKED!!. Well there's something black and furry wrapped around his waist. What's the point it covers NOTHING. Glaring at the figure facing the forest I open the window quietly intent on climbing out. I climb on the window sill and dangle my legs over the side and jump down. The little boy jumps and spins around to face the did sudden noise. Wide Shockingly blue eyes that seem to glow land on me. I gulp as a shiver runs down my spin suddenly very lost for words I stand there looking back at a the boy equally wide eyed.

"Wha?- who? Wh- what are you doing?" I say my voice quivering.

The boy cocks his head his hands rubbing one another nervously. "I was looking for my friend she ran away." He says tears gathering in his eyes.

I dont know why but the sight made me want to hold him and make him feel better. But i dont even know him. Didnt i come out here to give him a piece of my mind?  By the looks of him he's around seven. And a bit on the skinny side. He is currently looking at me with sad tear filled eyes. shaking slightly.

I walk towards him but stop when a frightened look crosses his face. "I won't hurt you I promise" I reassure him. "Where are your parents?" I ask wondering if they even knew their child was missing.

A pained look over takes his pale face. My chest constricts. But before I can take it back he looks away and whispers "kami-sama took them away. Th-thats what akaiame-sensei told me?" He says. His little hands rubbing at each other.

Kami what now?

And who's akaiame huh say?

Before I can ask what that means he starts talking again. "Is this your house?". He asks reminding me why I'm out here. I look back at my house absent mindedly and nod. I look back at the boy shying away from me. he makes a move as if to leave. leave. i dont want him to leave yet!. I just wanna help. So without thinking I reach forward and grab his wrist and a electric tangle shoots up my arm causing a much more violent shiver then before when I met his eyes. Meanwhile he yelps and jumps in surprise.

What. Was. That?!

I stare wide eyed at him. Immediately letting him go. The hand that was holding his instantly flying to my chest where my heart was now hammering against my ribcage as if it were trying to break free. I look at him and see him doing the same but instead of shock there's wonder on his face.

"Are you ok?" The words come out before I can even think them.

"Hai" he says with a nod. So does that means yes then?. He confuses me.

"Do you know what that was?" I ask still kinda shaky from the experience.

Instead of talking he shakes his head. We stand there for a while in a slightly awkward silence. Me completely forgetting I'm supposed to be in bed right now. And him......I don't know.

"You never said your name. I'm sorry if I disturbed you while you were sleeping" I looked up at the question..... Or statement? Whatever.

"Jacob. And its ok i was just wondering what you were doing." Lies! "What's your name?" I say with a blush. Huh. And its ok. OK. The whole reason I'm out here is because its NOT OK!.

"Aidzuki. You looked pretty mad though" he said blinking at me. Suspicion showing through his eyes.

I blush again "yeah this is kinda my house. Sorry" I say looking away wrapping my arms around myself. It's kinda cold outside. with a start I realize the I was talking to a very much naked boy. " you want some clothes its cold out" I say still not looking at him.

From the corner of my eye I see red seep into his cheeks. "Hai" he stammered out. So I reach out and grab his hand again. Why? I dont know. I only feel a tingle this time so I dont let go. Besides. It feels kinda nice.

I lead him to my window and stop. Do I bring him inside? Thank god I didnt need to think long on it.

"I'll stay right here in case hoshi-chan comes back" he says. I nod long past the confusion of his seemingly made up words. climbing through the window I almost fall when my foot catches but make it in without getting hurt.

I run to my small closet and rummage through my clothes looking for something to fit him. He's so small. Five minutes later I poke my head out my window to make sure the aidzuki was still there. When I confirmed that he was I hopped back out.

"Uh. Here you go aidzuki." I say handing him a plain light red T-shirt and night pants.

"Arigatō Jacob" he says bowing slightly. While he puts on my clothes I ask "arigato?. What does that mean?" I say scratching my arm.

Pulling up the pants he answers "it means thanks in Japanese" he said like I should know that.

"Oooooh." I reply slightly confused. So he was speaking Japanese. Why?. I decide not to ask though as a rustling sound comes from the bushes a couple feet away. Out of reflex i stand in front of the small kid. Even though I'm kinda scared myself. Out jumps a weird colored bunny from the bush. It was a mixture of purples, pinks, blues, and black. With a giant dark yellow patch shaped like a star. What the?

"Hoshi-chan!!" Aidzuki yells out. running and picking it up as two ears pop out of his hair. I asked this alot tonight. but what?. He nuzzles into its back and sets it back on the ground after kissing between its ears when it starts to struggle. Then he smiles wide. Warmth spreads through my vains at his cute smile a smile of my own replacing my confused expression.

"Hoshi-chan look I made a friend. He gave me cloths. Look!!" He says excitedly pulling on the red fabric of the shirt. Is he...... Talking to it?

"Huh?" Slips past my lips. Things are so weird right now. (Oh Jake if only you knew who you are. What you are.) they both pause and look at me. black beady eyes and large blue eyes stare at me.

"is something wrong jake-kun?" Aidzuki asks big blue orbs blinking. Without thinking I blurt "yes! No! I mean-" I take a breath and explain"what are you? where did you come from?" I said then pointed at the bunny "and why is it like that?" I ask questions quickly not waiting long enough for him to answers.

The bunny and aidzuki share a look before he makes a thinking face and start to explain. "I'm a tsuki okami. Moon wolf. Thats what sensai said. and we are from Kakusareta kūkan no ryōiki. Hidden space realm. I was sent here cause one of our own betray us and lead danger into our realm causing a war. Most of the realm was destroyed along with those with in it including jiji-sama" a sad look returns to the little face "ba-chan and akaiame-sensei made a potion that would bring me and hoshi-chan here. there were bright light and loud sounds. We landed on a beach but then everything went black. that was eight months ago" he finishes a single tear going down his face.

I was shocked. my eyes were wide open and my mouth gaped like a fish's. Space!?!. Is he an alian!?! is he here for my brains? Wait i think that's zombies? A sob breaks through my thoughts and i see aidzuki hugging himself crying. I walk over and embrace him. My body was on auto pilot as my brain tried to process the information given to me just now. My hand rubbed up and down aidzuki's back as said boy quietly cried. This is all to much for me. Wait?!

"Where have you been staying while here then?" I'm surprised how calm that came out despite the shock.

"I-in a c-c-cave on the be-each" he says through hiccups "I have t-*sniffle* to if someone see's me I might get hurt I cannot control my ears and tail and hide them yet so I have to stay hidden until I learn" he says as if he were reciting something. Tail. I didnt see a tail.  Wait the fury black belt. that thing was a tail.

"what do you eat zuki?" I ask. I didnt wanna ask about it since it was established he wasn't from here.

"Whatever I can catch" he says quietly. Sniffling and Wiping his nose on the bottom of his shirt.

"I'll bring some food tomorrow to the beach. OK?" All he manages is a small nod. "Thank you jacob-kun" he looks up and smiles at jacob. "You're a nice friend."

Third person pov

The next couple of years Jacob brings food to the beach and sits and talks to aidzuki whenever he can. Though when he can't zuki visits Jacob at night and they sit on his bed and talk and Jacob would show him things he's never seen before. And zuki would teach Jake Japanese some nights. Both boys grew closer over the years. Having no idea what the future hold for them. Together.