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A Different Side to Barba

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What the hell am I doing? Maddox thought to herself as she got dressed to leave. She never stayed the night. This wasn’t a relationship. It was convenient. She had known Jesse for years so maybe it was a little more than convenience... they were definitely friends. Friends that fucked, because that was the best word for what they did. It wasn’t intimate. “Hey Maddox, what are you doing tomorrow?” Jesse asked, pulling on his pants. “During the day?” She questioned, turning to face him. “No, the evening.” He replied. “I could come over.” Maddox said. “No. I’ll pick you up. I need to stop by a friends if you don’t mind coming with me.” He smiled. “What time?” She asked. “Six.” Jesse replied. “Ok.” Maddox said and headed home.

The next day flew by. It was Saturday but she had so much work to do she had gone into the office that morning. The amount of stress she was under to get this ad campaign put together was probably the reason she kept finding herself in Jesse’s bed. Hopefully we won’t stay at his friends long... or maybe... no... bad Maddox, she thought, regaining her focus on her work. When she finally got home she showered, put on a sundress and styled her shoulder length blond hair straight. After putting on a little make up, she looked at herself in the mirror. She was pretty, short but fit, smart, had a good sense of humor, enjoyed sex... still she hadn’t been in an actual relationship in years. Too busy, she thought. Work occupied so much of her time. Thank goodness for Jesse, otherwise she’d never get laid.

He was late, but that was typical, it was six thirty before she heard a knock at her door. “Sorry.” He said, not waiting for a response as he took her hand, almost dragging her out of her home. “Who do you know who lives here?” She asked as she followed him past a security desk, the guard merely nodding their direction. “A friend I’ve known since high school.” He replied as they got on the elevator. Maddox met Jesse in college, well when she was in college. He was an art professor... still was an art professor. She hadn’t been his student, they met through mutual friends but he was a good ten years older than her. Jesse was tall and slender, muscular but slender, dark brown hair that he kept a little long, long enough to fall into his eyes anyway, brown eyes, and tattoos. Lots of tattoos, well placed, all hand drawn by him, covering most of his arms and some of his back and chest. It was like he was his own canvas, a continual work in progress, and he was talented.

“Jesse, come in.” The friend from high school said, gesturing both of them into his apartment. “Raf, this is Maddox. Maddox, this is Rafael.” Jesse said introducing them. Maddox smiled and shook Rafael’s hand when he extended it. “She’s cute.” Rafael smirked as he let her hand go and made his way to his bar. “Do you prefer whiskey or rum?” Rafael asked as he poured whiskey into two glasses, a third sitting empty. “Rum.” She replied. He smiled to himself, almost like he had known her answer, and then topped the three drinks off with coke. Jesse pulled her to the couch and Rafael handed her the drink as he sat on her other side. They were both close, like really close, and then it dawned on her why Jesse wanted her to go with him to stop by his friends. I’ve got to stop telling him the crazy thoughts that go through my head. Maddox looked at Rafael. He was attractive, more so than Jesse, at least in her opinion. She watched as he licked his lower lip, his eyes scanning her. Fuck it, she thought as she downed the drink.

Maddox turned her head to look at Jesse. He smiled and pressed his lips to hers, his hand reaching behind to the back of her head. Maddox lost herself in the kiss, feeling Rafael’s hand lightly graze her body, tugging the strap of her dress down and then his mouth on her nipple, tonguing ever so softly. “Do I need some sort of safe word?” Maddox asked, panting slightly as she pulled away from Jesse’s lips. “How about stop.” Rafael smirked as he stood, extending his hand to her. She took it and both her and Jesse stood, following him to a bedroom. “Lay on your back.” Rafael said. Maddox complied. Jesse pulled her so that her head was hanging off the bed while Rafael slipped the other strap of her dress down as his tongue started it’s path downward. Jesse pressed his tip against her lips about the same time Rafael shifted her to remove her underwear. Her mouth opened when she felt his tongue and Jesse pushed himself in.

The most she knew about the man between her legs was his name and that he was extremely talented with his tongue. It wasn’t long before she was moaning against Jesse as he thrust in and out of her mouth. She could feel the tension building within her when his fingers push inside her, and she couldn’t hold back any longer. Her body wriggled against him but he held her in place, causing her to grip his hair tightly as he gave her a few extra licks. Jesse helped her sit up on the bed in front of him, caressing her neck as she did. She watched Rafael strip as she leaned against Jesse, eyes widening slightly when his boxer briefs came off, and then climbed on his knees on the bed. “Crawl to me.” He ordered, pointing to the bed in front of him. Maddox looked up at Jesse who nodded. She felt like she should find this demeaning, off putting, but instead it seemed to excite her. What is wrong with me, she thought as she crawled to him while maintaining eye contact. He gripped her hair and held her head in place, forcing her to keep looking at him. “Open.” He demanded. Who the fuck is this guy? she thought, obediently opening her mouth. She felt Jesse behind her, slowly pushing into her, as Rafael continued to hold her head still. She noticed the corners of his lips pull up slightly before he slid himself in. They both seemed to be in rhythm with each other as they pushed into her and she assumed they had done this before. Jesse’s thumb pushed into her backside but that wasn’t a surprise to her, he always did that when they were in this position. She had expected Jesse to finish but instead he pulled out and pulled her back toward him by her hips. Smiling as he kissed her forehead and rested his hands on her shoulders.

“Come here.” Rafael said as he rolled a condom on. He had moved and was standing between his bed and the wall. Maddox made her way to him with Jesse following not far behind. She stood facing him, her forehead barely reaching his chin. She felt Jesse behind her as she waited for Rafael’s instructions. Instead of saying anything, Rafael lifted her, lined her up, and slowly lowered her onto him. Maddox had to wrap her arms around his neck to keep her balance as he thrust into her. She could feel Jesse behind her and then something cold and Jesse’s hands on her. “Wait.” She panted. They both stopped. Maddox looked at Jesse over her shoulder and then back at Rafael. “You want us to stop?” Rafael asked, leaning his head down slightly to look at her. I must be really screwed up, she thought. “No. Keep going.” She said, taking a deep breath. “Try to relax.” Rafael whispered in her ear as she felt Jesse slowly push into her. She hadn’t really known what to expect, despite having been curious, this was a first. It started slightly uncomfortable but she tried to relax and the more they thrust, the better it felt. Soon she was close to climaxing again. Her head tilted back against Jesse as Rafael grunted into her shoulder. “Fuck.” She panted, gripping the back of Jesse’s hair with one hand and Rafael’s with the other. Her body convulsed between them but they kept their pace, Jesse’s muscles tightening shortly after, thrusting a few last times before pushing her hard into Rafael’s chest. Rafael’s hands moved closer to her butt so he could support her better as Jesse moved to dispose of the condom he had on. Maddox had thought he’d pump a few more times and release himself but instead Rafael moved them back to the bed his hands gripping her legs as he continued to thrust. “My god.” She moaned as another orgasm approached and this with just him inside her, it usually took more than that for her. He waited until she finished bucking against him before he allowed his own release.

He laid next to her while he caught his breath... they caught their breath... and then went to dispose of the condom. “You ok?” Jesse asked with a mischievous grin on his face. “I am.” She smiled, rolling her eyes when he tossed her underwear to her. Rafael emerged from the bathroom in loose pajama pants and a t-shirt. “We’ll head out.” Jesse said taking Maddox’s hand and pulling her toward him. “I’m glad you stopped by. It was nice to meet you Maddox.” He more smirked than smiled. “You too.” She smiled back as Jesse dragged her to the door.

“You could have told me.” Maddox said as they walked down the hall to the elevator. “You said you’d talk yourself out of it if you knew it was coming.” He smiled. “I’m not telling you anymore of my fantasies.” She said, smiling as she shook her head. “That seems a bit counter intuitive if you enjoyed yourself. You did enjoy yourself?” He asked, slightly concerned he may have overstepped. “Oh, I had fun.” She assured him.