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Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man! Season 1

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Episode 1: With Great Power

Hey, so this is my first time writing a Spider-Man Fanfic, so I hope I did a really great job!

Also, I just wanted to let you know that the costume is based on the MCU Spider-Man costume, with the Black streaks that are added in, for the info.

All Characters belong to Marvel!

It was a normal day in New York City, as the streets filled with the usual sounds of traffic, and the trains that come in and out, as a voice was narrating the background.

Narrator: (Narrates in the background) New York City... The Big Apple as they called it, and not exactly a perfect place, but it's home... Oh, you're wondering who's talking while you're sitting down in your laptop, well, my name is Peter Parker! (Looks at taxi driver yelling at the car in front of him) No, not that guy. (Looks at a fat guy eating a hot dog) Okay, absolutely not that guy! Sorry, are you confused? Well... Let help you out... (We see a red figure in the sky) Oh, wait! See that guy swinging up in the sky?

We look to the sky to see a Red and Blue costumed Superhero, with Black Streaks around his arms, chest/back, and feet, as well as the Black lenses covering around the White-eyes of the Mask as the man was shouting out in excitement, shooting out Webs from his wrist as he swung around the city.

Narrator: Okay pause! (Everything freezes, as we turn to the hero) See that guy wearing the costume? That's me! Now you're probably wondering why I'm swinging around New York with Webs while wearing a bright colored costume that looks like something only a superhero would wear? Well, the thing is, I actually am a superhero! Which means whenever I'm wearing that suit, my name isn't Peter Parker... It's now, the one and only, Spider-Man!

Spider-Man: (Everything unfreezes as he shouted out) WOO-HOO! (Swings around Times Square) Alright, this is awesome!

Thug: (Moves to steal a purse) Move it, lady!

Lady: (Gets her purse stolen) No, please!

Thug: (Aims a gun at her) I said move!

Spider-Man: (Hangs upside down underneath a street light as he looks at the thug from behind) Hey, didn't your parents teach you not to rob other people? (The second the thug turned around, he spun his web at him)

Thug: (Gets webbing stuck onto his face the second he saw Spidey) AGH! (Moves around blind)

Spider-Man: (Sees the thug moving around as he got off the street light) Ha, made you look! (Turns the thug upside down using his webs) There, that should hold you there! (Turns to the lady) You alright ma'am?

Lady: (Sees Spider-Man and hugs him) Oh thank you! Thank you so much!

Spider-Man: (Hugs the lady back) Hey, don't stress out about it, it's all good! (Turns around and starts swinging into the next building) Have a nice day!

Narrator: (Sees Spider-Man crawling up on top of a building) I always dreamed of being a Superhero... (Climbs up onto the rooftop, seeing the Avengers Tower) Like the Avengers when they save the day, and here I am! The Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man! (Sees Spider-Man leaping off the building to swing around) But as much as I want to talk about being Spidey, I'd like to talk more about myself as Peter Parker... (We see inside of a house on Queens, looking at a young boy, who was closing his eyes with hands, making a countdown as he sat on the stairs inside of what looks to be his home) I used to live with my parents, Richard and Mary Parker...

Peter: (Uses his hands to close his eyes) Five... Four... Three... Two... One... Ready or not, here I come!

Narrator: (Sees young Peter running around the house, smiling as he looked around) For as long as I remembered them, my Father was a scientist, who often studied spiders in his free time, and we had lived in a suburban house, like any other house in Queens...

Peter: (Sees a pair of shoes underneath the curtain, smiling as he pulled out the curtain) Boo! (Sees a hat stand with a hat on top as the shoes were on the floor) Aw...

Narrator: (Sees Peter moving around the living room) And they were the best, smartest people that I have ever had... (Peter moves past a TV, which showed a screenshot of Oscorp) Considering that my Father had the privilege to work with Norman Osborn, the head CEO of Oscorp. (Moves around the house passing by the pictures of himself and his parents) And they were the best parents that I ever had... (Opens a door, slowly walking inside) That was... (Finds the office, which was a mess) Until one night, everything changed...

Peter: (Walks to the desk, noticing the window opening and closing from the wind) Dad? (Turns to the door) Dad!

Richard: (Walks in the house, hearing his son) Peter? (Walks to the office) Hey, what's up buddy? (Opens the office, finding it being ransacked as he widened his eyes) Oh god...

Peter: (Looks at his Father) Dad, why is your office a mess?

Richard didn't reply as he looked around his office until his only response was picking his Son up from the desk, putting him away from there as he turned to close the window curtains, getting out a drawer to open it, revealing a document as he pulled it out, Mary came inside, seeing the mess as Peter noticed, the tension running around made him scared.

Mary: (Walks inside, noticing Richard grabbing the files) Richard?

Richard: (Puts the files away) Mary, grab Peter, pack up your suitcase, and get in the car, we're leaving!

Mary: (Looks around the office, seeing the mess) Oh god, it's happening, is it?

Richard: (Turns to Mary) Mary, please! Do as I say, and get Peter out!

Peter: (Turns to his Mother) Mom, what's going on?

Mary: (Turns to Peter, picking him up) It's nothing sweetheart! We're just going on a ride!

Narrator: (Sees Mary picking Peter up while Richard erased everything from his chalkboard and took whatever research he had) It all happened at once... (A car was seen driving by an apartment building) One moment, I was just playing hide and seek with my Father... (The parents took Peter out of the car, moving towards the apartment) The next, I was being brought to the people that would be a big deal into my life. (Richard knocked on a door, which then opened, revealing two people, a man, and a woman) My Aunt and Uncle, Benjamin and May Parker.

Ben: (Sees Richard, Mary, and Peter) Richard?

Richard: (Sees Ben) Ben. (Walks inside) We need to talk!

May: (Sees Peter being brought inside) Hey, what's going on?

Peter: (Turns to his Mother) Mom? Am I in trouble?

Mary: (Turns to Peter) No honey, not at all! Why don't you go to the spare bedroom? Mommy and Daddy are going to have an adult talk with your Aunt and Uncle.

Narrator: (Peter is now seen inside the spare bedroom) Time became a blur to me, as I sat on the bed, wondering what was going on as I only heard my family argue, while I just felt the need to go home...

Ben: (Looks at Richard) Richard, you can't be serious!

May: Look, if you and Mary are in trouble, then why don't you call the police?

Richard: The police won't help us May! Nobody can't! Neither can you or Ben.

Ben: Well, at least tell us where you're going!

Richard: We can't tell you that either...

Ben: Well, why not?!

Richard: Because there are people that will cause harm to those who have knowledge of our whereabouts, and if I told you where Mary and I are going, then I'd only place you, May, and Peter at risk! Now I only ask you, just please... Trust me, and promise you'll take care of our Son...

Ben and May turned to each other, feeling a little reluctant until later, we see Ben and Mary at the elevator while Ben and May saw them out, with Peter on their side as they said their goodbyes.

Peter: (Looks at his Father as he saw him knelt before him) Dad, what is happening?

Richard: (Knelt down before Peter, smiling) Hey, it's okay buddy... (Rubbed his son's hair) Your Mother and I have to go on a very long trip, so you're gonna stay here with Aunt May and Uncle Ben for a little while.

Peter: But I wanna go with you.

Richard: I know... (Pulled his son closer, hugging him) But, this is something your Mother and I have to do on our own...

Peter: (Looks at his Father as the hug ended) Will you be back?

Richard: (Pauses, looking at Mary, before turning back to Peter) We... We hope so. (Gets up as Mary took his place)

May: (Walks to Peter, putting her hands on her Nephew's shoulders) Is there anything we can do?

Mary: (Sniffs as she rubbed Peter's hair) Um, Peter likes to eat Grilled Cheese when the cheese is melted on the crust of the sandwich, and he often likes putting his juice box on his lunch box... (Tears flow down onto her cheeks) And, he likes to sleep with a little light on at night...

Richard: (Placed a hand on his Wife's shoulder) Mary, it's time...

Mary: (Gasps as she hugged her son) I love you, Peter! (Kissed his forehead before turning to walk inside of the elevator)

Peter: (Saw his parents entering the elevator) Dad?

Richard: (Walks inside, turning to his son one last time) Be good...

With that said, the elevator door closed between the two groups, as Peter was seen looking out of the window, watching his parents leave in the car on a rainy night.

Narrator: (Peter watches his parents leave from his point of view) And there I was, 4-year-old-old me looking out the window, watching as his parents went on a journey that they never came back from... (Peter places a hand on the window) And I never really knew what was going on then, but when the time passed, I realized that the night they left me with Aunt May and Uncle Ben, would be the last time I'd ever see them again...

11 years later...

An alarm clock went off from a phone, as Peter Parker, who is now 15 years old, put his hand on it to turn it off, he got up, yawning as he grabbed his glasses and put them on.

May: (Is heard in the background) Peter, it's time for school!

Peter: (Gets out of the bed) I know, thanks, Aunt May!

Narrator: (Peter is seen getting dressed) Yeah, that's me now! 15 years old, and a decade after my parents had left me with Aunt May and Uncle Ben...

Ben: (Sits on a table drinking coffee as he saw Peter getting out of his room) Hurry! (Grabs an orange juice and cereal and slides them on the table) Finish these before you leave for the train!

Peter: (Sits on a seat and receives his breakfast) Thanks, Ben!

May: (Washes the dishes) Did you finish your homework?

Peter: (Eats up his cereal) Yes I did May!

Ben: Did you study for your Spanish Test?

Peter: Yes I have Ben! (Drinks his orange juice)

May: And did you finish the science project that you have been working on since last week?

Peter: Yes I did! Guys, I got it under control!

Ben: Just making sure, considering you're going to Midtown High!

Peter: I know! (Finishes his breakfast) See you guys later!

Ben: Whoa, wait! (Gets out a piece of paper and hands it over to his Nephew) Here, your permission form for that field trip to Oscorp.

Peter: (Widened his eyes) Holy Shit!

May: Language!

Peter: Sorry May! (Takes the paper) Thanks for that Ben, I totally need it!

Ben: Hey, it's no problem at all, just get your stuff and catch the train! (Sees Peter going back into his room)

May: (Turns to Ben) Hey, are you sure we should even let Peter go there?

Ben: Of course! (Sips his coffee) Besides, it's only a field trip, what could go wrong?

May: You know it's the place Richard worked at!

Ben: May... (Turns to May) It's been ten years now.

May: I know, I just don't want Peter to have thoughts about his parents abandoning him because they never loved him.

Ben: We never knew what was going on with them. (Gets up, placing hands around her shoulders) And besides, if anything goes wrong, we'll have Peter call us just in case.

May: If you say so.

Ben: Hey... (Places a hand on her cheek) Have I ever done anything that you would doubt on? Especially when it comes to that beautiful ass of yours! (Carries May bridal style)

May: (Gets carried by Ben) Oh! (Giggles as she looked at Ben) You Asshole!

Peter: (Walks in, smirking) Okay, one, gross! Second, what did you say to me about Langauge?

May: Oh lord!

Ben: (Puts May down) Go to school, you smartass!

Peter: (Grabs his skateboard and leaves) Later guys!

Peter is then seen leaving the apartment complex, heading off towards the train, riding on it before making his arrival at his high school.

Narrator: (Sees Peter going to school) Ah, there it is... Midtown School of Science and Technology! A place I like going to!

Flash: (Honks at Peter) Watch out! (Smirks when going at full speed)

Peter: (Sees Flash driving at him) Whoa! (Runs to the other side, seeing Flash in his Audi)

Flash: (Turns to Peter) What's up, Penis Parker? (Laughed it off)

Narrator: (Sees Parker groaning as he headed inside) Well, most of the time, if it wasn't for Flash Thompson, AKA, Midtown's number one douchebag, who also is my rival, and who also, crazy enough as it is, happens to be on Midtown's Academic Decathlon team, which happens to be the same team that I'm on. (Peter goes to his locker) Yay me.

Harry: (Walks over to Parker) Hey Pete!

Peter: (Turns around, seeing his best friend) Harry! (Bro hugs Harry) How's it going?

Harry: (Bro hugged Peter) Oh, you know... Dealing with the old man every day.

Peter: (Raises a brow) Did you have a fight with your Dad again?

Harry: Well, being the son of one of the richest men in New York has it share of drama when it comes to family.

Narrator: (Harry and Peter talk) Oh, and that's my friend Harry Osborn, the son of Norman Osborn! He and I go way back in Elementary school! And we happen to Midtown together, as well as being a part of the Decathlon team.

Harry: So, did Flash pull that car honk stunt again?

Peter: It's nothing Harry, it's fine.

Harry: Are you serious? That guy's a dick!

Peter: Harry, honestly, it's fine! I'm over it.

Harry: Whatever you say, man. (Folded his arms) Hey, did you get your Aunt and Uncle to sign off that permission sheet for the field trip?

Peter: (Holds out the permission form) I have it right here.

Harry: Great! That means I won't have to go on this trip over to my Dad's workplace alone. (Shrugs) Aside, from Gwen of course.

Peter: (Raises a brow) Gwen? W-Wait, Gwen is coming?

Harry: (Turns to Peter) Of course she is Peter, she signed in the permission form, just like you have. (Sees a Blonde) Oh, there she is!

Peter and Harry look over to see a girl with Blonde hair, as well as Pink Streaks, as she was seen talking to some of her friends, smiling in harmony.

Narrator: (Sees Gwen Stacy) Ah, there she is! Gwendolyne Maxine Stacy, AKA, the head team leader of the Midtown Decathlon team, AKA, the Daughter of New York City's Police Captain, and AKA, and I'm so not ashamed to admit it, the most beautiful girl that I have seen...

Gwen: (Is seens standing in front of Peter) Peter?

Peter: (His thoughts were broken as he saw Gwen standing in front of him, widening his eyes) Y-Yeah?

Gwen: (Raises a brow) Are you okay? Because I noticed that you were staring at me for some reason.

Peter: Oh! It's nothing, it's just... I like your hair.

Gwen: Uh... (Smiled a little) Thanks! (Shook her head) Hey, did you get your permission form signed?

Peter: Yeah! (Shows his paper to Gwen) I have it right here.

Gwen: Great! (Takes the paper) I just need to know because I'm collecting them for Mrs. Warren since she's going to be taking charge of the field trip to Oscorp! (Turns to leave) See you tomorrow on the trip, Peter!

Peter: (Waves his hand goodbye) See you later Gwen!

Harry: (Grins as he turned to Peter) So, when are you going to ask her out?

Peter: (Widened his eyes as he turned to Harry) W-What? What do you mean?!

Harry: Oh don't give me that look! I know you like Gwen, why don't you just ask her for a date?

Peter: I don't know! Why don't you do it if you don't think it's a big deal?

Harry: Oh yeah, me, being the Son of a CEO who rarely spends time with his son, and the Daughter of a Police Captain of New York, both Dads whos seem to not like each other in any way possible, yeah! Pretty good combo for a disaster. (Folded his arms) Trust me, I am going to leave that to you!

Peter: (Hears the bell ringing) Oh crap, we're going to be late!

Harry: Yeah, let's go!

Peter: (Puts his board in the locker room, walking with Harry) Hey, are you going to be on the bus with us?

Harry: I wish! But you my Dad, being the one that owns his private building, wants me to be there first with the rest of the class! (Turns to Peter) I mean, do you have any idea who else could have their name on the building?

Peter: Uh... Tony Stark?

Harry: Well, that was six years ago, back when he teamed up with the Avengers to stop that Alien Invasion!

Narrator: (Harry starts walking away while Peter turned to look at a TV, revealing footage of Iron Man and Captain America) It was true... Back when I was only like, 9, Aliens actually appeared from the sky, and then a team known as the Avengers, consisting of Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Black Widow, and Hawkeye! Earth's Mightiest Heroes brought together to fight back the Aliens, in which they did! And funny I should mention this because they're also a part of the lifetime idols I look up to every now and then, but I'll get to that later.

Peter: (Catches up with Harry) Hey, what do you think the trip will be like?

Harry: Meh, just the usual trip back home. (Turns to Peter) You?

Peter: Probably excited!

Harry: And here I thought Tony Stark is your favorite rich man/superhero idol.

Peter: Well, don't get me wrong Harry, but it's just that my Dad worked with your Dad long ago, and I kind of want to see the place that he worked at before he and my Mom... You know...

Harry: (Looks at Peter) Right. (Placed a hand on his shoulder) Well, I'm sure it'll be a piece of cake! (Walks away) Besides, what could happen?

Narrator: What could happen during the trip will be the most amazing thing that will change my life forever, is what could happen, that's what!

The next day, the school bus was seen driving on the streets of Queens on route to Oscorp, as Peter waited for the bus at the bus stop.

Narrator: (Sees Peter waiting) Ah, here I am, the field trip to Oscorp, probably the day my life changed completely.

Peter: (Moves to put a book in his backpack when the bus passed by him, making notice) HEY! (Starts running after the bus) Wait for me!

Narrator: (Sees Peter chasing after the bus) Okay, probably not that part, but don't worry, we'll get to that real soon.

Peter: (Bangs on the bus) Please man! Stop the bus! Can somebody tell to stop the bus?!

Flash: (Turns to the driver) You hear that? He said, "Keep driving"! (Turns to everyone) Everyone on me! I say Penis, you say Parker! Penis!

Students: (All shout in unison) PARKER!

Flash: Penis!

Students: PARKER!

Liz: (Sits next to Gwen, feeling disgusted) Dear god, I thought the 80's passed 3 decades ago...

Gwen: (Looks around) Is everyone just going to encourage this?

Liz: Aren't you paying attention?

Gwen: (Rolls her eyes) Ugh, wait right here! (Gets off her seat, walking to the bus driver) Hey, stop the bus! (Turns to the driver) Can you please stop? He's going to chase us until we reach 47th Street. (Hears the driver groan, making him stop while everyone else starts groaning) Thank you! (Turns back to her seat)

Flash: (Groans as he looked at Gwen) Why to go on killing the moment Gwen!

Gwen: (Turns to Flash) Yeah, well way to go on, "Flashing" your boobies! (Hears everyone laugh at Flash)

Student 1: (Laughs out loud) HA! Good one!

Peter: (Panted as he got on the bus) Thanks! (Felt a paper ball hit him in the face as he turned to the group) Seriously guys? (Sighed as he turned to walk on the bus, looking for a seat) Hey man, can I sit-!

Student 2: (Shook his head) Nope.

Peter: (Sighs) Okay. (Turns to a girl) Hey, can I-!

Cheerleader: (Shook her head) Sit here, and I will slap you!

Peter: Okay... (Sighs)

Narrator: (Sees Peter having difficulty) Wow, looks like I'll be standing for the rest of the trip.

Ned: (Raises his hand up) Hey! Over here!

Narrator: (Peter turns to an Asian kid) Oh wait, there's Ned Leeds! Another one of my best friends!

Peter: (Walks over to Ned, sitting next to him) Hey, thanks for helping me out Ned!

Ned: No problem! (Feels the bus driving as he looked at Peter) So, you have time to help me with my Lego Star Wars set?

Peter: (Nodded) Uh, sure! What kind do you have this time?

Ned: (Smirks) Pick a guess...

Peter: Okay, umm... Is it the Death Star?

Ned: (Shrugs) Ehh, close, but you're very warm.

Peter: Okay, so... Return of the Jedi?

Ned: (Gets out an Emperor Palpatine lego) Bingo!

Peter: (Widened his eyes) What?!

Student 3: (Noticed the Lego) Ugh, lame!

Peter: (Looks at the student, before turning back to Ned) That's awesome, how many pieces?

Ned: Three thousand, eight hundred and three!

Peter: (Scoffs lightly) That's insane!

Ned: I know! (Chuckles) So you wanna start tonight?

Peter: (Nodded) Oh yeah, totally! I'd love to do it!

Ned: Great! So, I would do it at my place, but my mom and dad have this thing going on tonight, so I was thinking of taking this at your place, so-!

Narrator: (Sees Peter and Ned having a friendly chat) Ned Leeds, my best friend since childhood, aside from Harry of course, also go to Midtown together! And if there is one thing that he and I personally enjoy doing the most, it's Star Wars! Especially if it's in Lego! And that was the thing we talked about right before going into Oscorp...

While the bus drove into Manhattan, the Oscorp Tower was standing tall and wide in Midtown, it's Purple Emblen sticking at the top of the building as the man known to be Norman Osborn was seen standing in front of a window, looking out to New York City as he stared at the metropolis wide area, until an assistant has arrived in his office.

Norman: (Stares into the city while his assistant knocked on the door) What is it, Felicia?

Felicia: (Looks at Norman) Mr. Osborn? Doctor Octavius is calling, he says he has an important update on the research project that he is working on.

Norman: (Nodded) Put him through. (Turns to a large screen, which activated as it showed a scientist wearing high tech glasses) So, Doctor, I hear you have some good news, so humor me if you will.

Otto: The Spider is performing at a high standard level! It precedes every expectation that even I could fathom!

Norman: Alright, what exactly can it do right now?

Otto: Its abilities are remarkable! Its' speed, senses, and strength are unlike anything I have ever seen before! With this breakthrough, we could be the first to discover a Cure for Cancer!

Norman: (Nodded) Alright Otto, you have impressed me. (Folded his arms) Now your job is to impress my son's field trip class, they will be here in five minutes, so get the Spider down to the lower levels, and make sure everything is ready for them! (Ends the call as he saw Harry coming in) Ah... (Smiles at his son) Harry, so glad you're here.

Harry: (Looks at his Dad) Yeah, sure you are.

Norman: What's the matter? You don't look very excited.

Harry: Well, to you, this is pretty much another day at work, while for me, I pretty much live here, so if it's all the same, we can both admit that it is just another walk in the park.

Norman: Harry, you really got appreciate the work that I'm doing here! The research that we've been conducting, it is guaranteed to change the lives of everyday citizens!

Harry: Yeah, I'm sure Iron Man would love to hear that speech. (Turns to leave) Now, if you don't mind, I'll be waiting in the back when my class arrives.

Norman: (Raises a brow) Wait a minute, why? The class will be arriving at the front entrance, just like I told you!

Harry: (Turns to his Dad) Look, I know you don't mind showing people in, but I don't feel comfortable inviting all the kids I go to the same class with right into my front doorstep.

Norman: So what? Would you like to trade in the Tower for a Ferrari every single time you flunked out of every private school I ever sent you to?

Harry: Look, Midtown is fine! I like it there, but the rest of the schools, they never were meant for me.

Norman: Of course they were! You're an Osborn... (Placed his hands around his son's shoulders) Don't be ever ashamed of who you are.

Harry: (Looks at his Dad) I'm not ashamed of what I am, it's just...

Norman: (Raises a brow) It's just what?

Harry: (Sighs as he shook his Father's hands off him) Forget it. (Turns to leave) I'll go down and be the tour guide.

Norman: (Sighs as he turned to his assistant) Mrs. Hardy, will you please help bring in the Midtown class? That should make my Son at least feel comfortable when he greets his class.

Felicia: (Nodded) Of course. (Turns to follow Harry) Oh, and I think you have another important call from Doctor Octavius.

Norman: (Raises a brow) Dear god, already? (Groans) Put him on! (Turns to the screen, facing Octavius) What is it now Doctor?

Otto: Mr. Osborn, we have a slight problem! One of the crew members slipped on the floor and broke the glass containing the specimen!

Norman: Don't tell me it's the Spider that you mentioned!

Otto: I'd only be lying if I didn't!

Norman: Shit! (Rubs his face) You have got to be kidding me! (Turns to Octavius) Is it contagious?!

Otto: That's unlikely, but that doesn't mean that it could not bring possible harm to anyone it comes into contact with!

Norman: Goddammit, you had one job to do! (Sighs) Alright, lock down everything in that level! Bring in the Containment Unit, I want that Spider found, but I do not want it coming close to where the students are, a lawsuit is the last thing I need on my hands!

With that said, everything in the experimentation lab has been placed into lockdown, unaware to everyone, the Spider, which is Red and Blue, was seen crawling in the vents, making its way down into the bottom of the Tower as it jumped off into the elevator shafts, and then swung its way into another vent, making a small dent as it crawled into the entrance, right on time for the Midtown field trip class to arrive as Harry and Felicia had been expecting them.

Peter: (Looks inside the building) Whoa, this is crazy!

Ned: (Looks around) I can't believe Harry Osborn actually lives here!

Mrs. Warren: (Comes inside of the building) Alright class, gather around! This is very important that we stick together, and everybody's accounted for! (Sees a hand raising up) Yes?

Michelle: (Holds a book in her hand) Sorry, where you when you were supposed to be on the bus ride?

Mrs. Warren: I was told the bus was getting packed, so I had to drive here by myself. (Points at Michelle) Now if you don't mind, Mrs. Jones, that you put away your book and keep it in your bag for the rest of the trip? (Sees Michelle putting her book away) Thank you!

Felicia: (Sees the students lined up together) Hello, my name is Felicia Hardy, and I will be your tour guide for the field trip. (Points to the direction) Now, if you all wouldn't mind following me down this way-!

Gwen: (Walks over to Peter) Hey, Pete! You brought your camera with you, right?

Peter: Oh! (Gets out his camera) I have it right here!

Gwen: (Smiles) Fantastic! We'll definitely need some good field trip photos for the School Newspaper! (Turns to go back with Liz)

Ned: (Sees Gwen) Was that Gwen Stacy?

Peter: Yeah, she and I are on the Decathlon Team, as well as the same School Newspaper.

Ned: Dude, you should totally ask her out!

Harry: (Walks over to Peter and Ned) That's what I told him yesterday!

Peter: (Turns to Harry, smiling) Harry!

Harry: (Smiling) Peter! (Bro hugs Peter) Good to see you, man!

Peter: Good to see you too! How are you doing?

Harry: (Shrugs) Oh you know... Surviving. (Turns to Ned) Hey, how's it going Ned?

Ned: (Fist bumps Harry) Great, how's it going?

Harry: Great so far! (Sees Michelle) Who's that?

Ned: (Sees Michelle) Oh, that's Michelle! We call her MJ!

Harry: (Turns to MJ, giving off a handshake) Hey MJ, I'm-!

MJ: (Reads a book) Harrison Osborn, I already know who you are.

Harry: Oh? Am I bothering you?

MJ: (Turns to Harry) Not really, except that I don't really associate myself with people that perform animal experimentation. (Closes her book) And by the way, only my friends call me MJ. (Walks with the rest of the class)

Harry: (Raises a brow, looking at MJ) Well, she's... Awkward.

Peter: (Looks at MJ) Yeah, that's kind of her personality really.

Harry: Yeah, and she doesn't really seem to like me that much.

Ned: She's always weird like that, don't worry too much about it...

Soon, the class entered the labs, as scientists were seen working on a number of spiders that were inside of glass boxes while Felicia escorted the class in.

Felicia: (Walks inside of the lab) Currently, there are 35,000 species of spiders around the world, all of them in the Order of Aranae, which is divided into three-!

Peter: (Walks inside, looking at a microscope) Whoa, this is amazing! (Points at the scope) That is the most advanced electron microscope in the Eastern Seaboard! It's unreal!

Flash: (Scoffs) Yeah, just as unreal as to how Thor is the only one that that can lift his Magic Hammer! (He and his friends chuckle)

Harry: (Turns to Flash) Hey leave him alone!

Flash's friend: (Raises a brow) Or what?

Flash: Or else his Father will fire your Father! (His friends chuckle as he turned to Harry) Come on Osborn, we're just having fun here.

Harry: (Looks at Harry) Yeah, being obnoxious douchebags is considered having fun, right!

Mrs. Warren: (Turns to the group) Is there something going on here?

Flash: (Turns to the teacher) Oh, no Mrs. Warren, everything's fine!

Mrs. Warren: It better be, or else the next person that talks will fail this course, and I kid you not! (Sighs) Let's go! (She walks with the class, while Flash and his two friends follow her)

Ned: (Looks at Flash) Man, those guys are jerks!

Peter: Yeah, and one of them is also on the Decathlon Team.

Harry: That never made any sense to me at all, period.

Ned: (Looks around) So, do you know everyone here, Harry?

Harry: Not really. (Looks at Felicia talking about a spider) Except, maybe Felicia... The only thing I know about her is that she's kind of a Cat person.

Gwen: (Noticed a spider missing) Hey, there's fourteen.

Felicia: (Raises a brow, turning to Gwen) Excuse me?

Gwen: (Turns to Felicia) Sorry, but we're only seeing fourteen of them instead of fifteen...

Felicia: Huh... (Walks over to where Gwen is, seeing the glass box empty) Okay, I suppose the researchers are still working on that one...

Peter: (Takes photos of the spiders, when he noticed people in hazmats suits coming in) Whoa, what's going on?

Harry: (Sees the Containment Unit going to the elevator) Huh, that's weird, it's my Dad's Biohazard Unit.

Ned: What are they doing?

Harry: Must be some accident upstairs... (Turns to his friends) It's fine though, nothing bad is gonna happen down here.

Narrator: (Sees Harry, Peter, and Ned walking with the class) Well, it is true that nothing bad is gonna happen... (Sees the spider inside of a web) But that doesn't mean nothing is going to happen!

Gwen: (Turns to her friends) Hey Liz, Sally, you go ahead without me, I'm going to write down some notes.

Sally: (Nodded) Sure thing! (She and Liz leave Gwen alone)

Ned: (Sees Gwen being alone) Hey look Peter!

Peter: (Takes a picture shot) Hm? (Turns to see Gwen)

Harry: Hey, now's your chance dude!

Peter: (Looks at Gwen) Okay, I don't think it's the right time!

Harry: Like sure it isn't! Come on, it won't be that bad-!

Mrs. Warren: (Walks over to Harry) Harry. (Gets Harry's attention) I couldn't help, but notice that you were talking throughout that entire presentation. (Turns to Ned) That goes for you too Ned.

Harry: (Sighs) We're sorry Mrs. Warren, I was just giving off facts about my Dad's tech...

Mrs. Warren: Yes, well if you're through giving off facts, how about we all talk about how we listen... (Gets Harry and Ned over to the class) Now, I don't know what it's like at those fancy private schools Osborn, but in Midtown School of Science and Technology-!

Narrator: (Sees Peter alone as he looked at Gwen) Ah, here you are Parker! Now's your chance...

Peter: (Sighs as he turned to Gwen) Uh, hey Gwen?

Gwen: (Turns to Peter) Hm-mm?

Peter: Um... (Gets out his camera) Can I take your picture? I need one with a student in it.

Gwen: (Widened her eyes) Oh! Um... (Rubs her hair) Yeah, that's actually a great idea! (Looks around) Uh, where do you want me? (Points at the corner next to the glass boxes) Over here?

Peter: (Nodded) Yeah, yeah that's great!

Gwen: (Smiles as she got ready to pose) Don't make me ugly Parker!

Peter: With you? I find it impossible.

Narrator: (Peter is seen taking pictures of Gwen with the glass boxes, unaware of the spider that escaped crawling its way down towards Peter) Yeah, that's it Peter, keep taking those pictures while that spider crawls towards you.

Gwen: (Gets out a book manual, posing) This good?

Peter: (Takes another shot) That's perfect! (The spider crawls towards his hand, not knowing it's above him) You look great!

Gwen: Alright, how about some gag pictures, does that sound good?

Peter: Sure! (The Spider lands onto his hand) Just get creative!

Gwen: Okay, um-!

Liz: (Turns to Gwen) Gwen, let's go!

Gwen: (Turns to Liz) Coming! (Walks over to Liz, turning to Peter) Hope those pictures are worth the money shot!

Peter: (Smiles as he looked at Gwen) They will! Trust me!

Narrator: Okay, and... (The spider moves to bite Peter) Now!

Peter: (Gets his hand bit) Ow! (Grabs his hand while the spider dropped to the floor, crawling its way underneath a table) Ugh... (Looks at his hand, noticing a nasty bite) What the hell?

MJ: (Noticed Peter groaning, as she turned to him) Hey, you alright?

Peter: Uh... (Puts his hand into his hoodie pocket) Yeah! Yeah, it's nothing to worry about!

Mrs. Warren: (Turns to Peter and MJ) Parker, Jones! Let's hit it.

Peter: (Turns to Mrs. Warren) Yes Mrs. Warren!

Narrator: (Peter and MJ leave with the class) And now... (A computer screen was shown, revealing a screenshot of details, including Spider Sense, Spider Strength, jumping, and speed) We wait for the big stuff to happen...

Later at Oscorp, after the field trip ended, Norman was in the upper-level labs as he looked around, his scientists gathered around.

Norman: (Turns to Octavius) So you mean to tell me that you not only found the spider, but it was dead?

Otto: We don't know what happened, sir! Doctor Modell and Doctor Stromm examined it, we have no explanation for the cause of death!

Norman: This is unbelievable!

Max: Mr. Osborn, don't panic! It is a setback indeed, but if we can get a blood sample of the spider, as well as the other fourteen spiders, we could-!

Norman: (Turns to Modell) There's no point in collecting DNA of a spider if the spider is already dead! And the remaining fourteen are useless, they cannot help us! (Sighs)

Stromm: Sir, we are so close to replicating the Parker formula! If you can just give us some more time!

Norman: Time is something we cannot abide by anymore... (Folded his arms) Besides, we have only mere weeks before the military contractors cancel it, and Oscorp becomes dead on a stick!

Max: Well, what do you suggest we should do then?

Norman: I believe it's time we move into Plan B...

Otto: (Widened his glasses) The Goblin Serum.

Stromm: You can't be serious!

Norman: It's the only thing that will save my company.

Max: Norman, be reasonable! We haven't gotten into the proper testing trials yet! We haven't even tested it on a live test subject yet, not even collecting volunteers!

Norman: Alright, fine! I'll be the one that goes first!

Otto: Mr. Osborn, if I may have a suggestion-!

Norman: You're done here Doctor Octavius, I have no need of your services anymore.

Otto: (Widened his expression) What, you're firing me?!

Norman: Consider it a consequence for failure.

Max: Now wait a minute! Norman, this is insane! The Goblin Serum has only received its early test results, but it needs at least 5 years of-!

Norman: If we wait for 5 years, Oscorp will be nothing, but forgotten history! I will not wait much longer, I will test the Goblin Serum, and I want it tested immediately!

Max: (Shook his head) Not with me Norman... You may scare the staff by firing those that don't live up to your expectations like Doctor Octavius, but I will not work with a company that will gladly create dangerous experimentations!

Norman: If you don't want to be here Max, consider yourself fired.

Max: Well you can't fire me, sir. (Rips off his name tag) Because I quit! (Turns to Octavius) Come on Otto, we don't belong here...

Norman: (Watches Max and Otto leave the lab, before turning to Doctor Stromm) You plan on leaving me as well Stromm?

Stromm: (Shook his head) Of course not sir!

Norman: Good, then get to work ASAP! I want to begin test trials tomorrow...

Later, Peter arrived at his home, who seemed to be sweating from his forehead while having a massive headache, caused by the bite, which grew worse as he walked inside of his apartment, seeing May and Ben inside.

May: (Sees Peter getting inside) Peter! Hey, how was the field trip?

Peter: (Walks inside the apartment) It was fine May...

May: (Raises a brow) Hey, weren't you supposed to be at your friend Ned's playing with Legos?

Peter: I was, but I canceled it because I wasn't feeling too good.

Ben: (Looks at Peter, noticing how sweaty he is) Hey, have you been taking the gym today? You look kinda sweaty.

May: (Walks over to Peter, feeling his forehead) Whoa! Your head is hot!

Ben: (Raises a brow) How hot?

May: (Turns to Ben) Like feverous hot, that's how!

Peter: (Shakes May's hand off of his head) It's fine May... (Walks to his room) I just need to go to bed...

Ben: (Turns to Peter) Did you get some pictures at least?

Peter: Uh, just a few... (Opens his door) I gotta crash, everything's okay! (Closes his door)

Ben: (Turns to May, raising a brow) What was that about?

May: (Shook her head) I have no clue.

Narrator: (Sees Peter taking off his shirt, revealing his skinny look) What it's about is me having to deal with one of the worst headaches I had to deal with! (Peter blinked slowly, feeling dizzy as he walked to the bed) Not to mention the dizziness. (Moves to fall onto the bed, but instead fell to the side of it as he grabbed a piece of his blanket) Never did strike a good landing either. (Peter breathed heavily as he covered himself with his blanket) See this moment? Now, you probably saw me as a really skinny dude, but oh man! Just wait until you see what I look like in the morning!

Soon, young Parker fell unconscious, as the afternoon fast-forwarded into the night, which then suddenly fast-forwarded into the morning, as his phone's alarm clock went off, he opened his eyes, getting up off the floor as he turned to look around, seeing himself lying on the floor.

Peter: (Raises a brow) Why am I lying on the ground? (Turns to turn off his alarm, as he went to grab his glasses, putting them on when his vision suddenly changed) Whoa! What the...? (Takes off his glasses, and puts them on, back and forth, revealing a difference between vision) Okay, weird. (Puts his glasses on a shelf as he turned around, looking himself at the mirror, which made his whole expression widen) Whoa!

Peter looked at himself in the mirror, his reflection the same, except he was no longer the skinny kid, but rather, a tough kid, who looked like he was going to the gym, as he looked buff.

Peter: (Widened his eyes as he touched his own chest) What the hell? (Moves his arms around, mirroring his reflection) What? What the...? (Scoffs lightly, making a smile) Dude!

May: (Knocks on the door) Hey, are you feeling kiddo?

Peter: (Looks at himself in the mirror, admiring his new look) I feel great May! (Turns to the door) Real great!

May: (Raises a brow) Well, did you experience any changes at all?

Peter: Oh yeah! (Chuckles) Big, big changes!

May: Then hurry up! You're going to be late for school!

Peter: (Widened his eyes) Oh, right! (Puts on his clothes and gets out into the living room, joining the family) What's up, guys?

Ben: (Raises a brow as he turned to Peter) Hey, what's up buddy? (Looks at Peter) You look... Well!

Peter: Oh yeah! I am so far better than well right now! (Looks around) What time is it?

May: It's like 6:30 in the morning.

Peter: Great! (Grabs his backpack, phone, and earbuds) I'm heading out!

May: Wait, right now?

Ben: You have like another hour and a half before school starts!

Peter: I'm going to see Ned! We'll both take the train to school!

May: Okay, just make sure you make it on time! (Sees Peter making his exit, turning to Ben) Okay, that was fast!

Ben: Yeah, I think it was all the hormones... (Grabbing a cup of coffee) That's really common with Teenagers.

May: You really think it's hormones?

Ben: Well, he doesn't seem to need glasses anymore, so what else is there than hormones?

Peter: (Walks out of the apartment) Holy crap, this is so weird! (Walks in the street, looking for his bite, which also disappeared) Wait, wasn't there a bite on my hand since yesterday?! (Felt a tingling sensation) Whoa. (Stops in the street, rubbing his arms) What's that weird feeling-?!

Taxi Driver: (Drives in the street Peter is walking on) Hey! (Honks his horn, getting Peter's attention) Get out of the way!

Peter: (Sees the taxi driving at full speed) WHOA!

Peter made a jump, a surprise, very high jump over the taxi, everything went in slow motion as Parker made a flip until everything went back to its normal speed, and Peter made a well-performed landing on the ground, his eyes widened as slowly got up off the ground, looking at his hands.

Peter: (Widened his expression as he looked at his hands) What the hell?! (Looks at the taxi as it drove away, before turning to the street) Wait...

Peter slowly walked into the street, until he started jogging, and soon jogging turned into a run and running turned straight into sprinting, as he sprinted down the street, until he made another jump off the ground, which suddenly sent him up high in the air until he landed in an alleyway, making his way to his direction.

Narrator: (Sees Peter jumping in the air) So in the beginning, did I say this was the most amazing thing that happened to me? Well, I take it back, it was the most Spectacular thing that happened to me!

Peter: (Laughs excitedly) Haha! This can't be real! (Makes another jump, which was the same length as the last one) WOO HOO! (Landed on the ground) Whoa! (Sprinted) This is amazing! Yeah! (Jumps once more) YEAH! (Sees a building he is about to crash into) Oh, no, no, no-! (Braced himself for impact) AHH!

Peter made the impact, but instead of face forward slamming onto the wall, he opened his eyes, finding his hands stuck to the brick wall unharmed, as he looked down at the street, noticing how tall the height was as he looked at the wall again.

Peter: Holy...! (Slowly moves his one hand off the wall, looking at it to move his hand up, and then his other forward up, as he began to crawl up on the wall) Oh my god! (Climbs to the top of the roof) Oh my god! Holy-! (Pants as he looked around the city, seeing how tall he is on the roof) I'M KING OF THE WORLD! WOOOOO HOOOOOO! IM ON TOP OF THE WORLD!

Houseowner: (Gets up onto his window, looking out at Peter who keeps shouting at the top of his lungs) Hey, SHUT UP! (Peter turned to his attention) We're all trying to sleep here!

Peter: (Turns to the person in the window) Sorry! (Looks around) Man, I gotta find Ned!

In Ned's House, Ned was seen brushing his teeth while staring at himself from the bathroom mirror when he heard something knocking on his door, as he finished brushing his teeth, turning around to look at his sliding glass door, as he walked towards it, wondering what was knocking on his sliding glass door when Peter's head was seen upside down, facing him.

Peter: (Is seen outside the window upside-down) Ned!

Ned: (Widened his eyes) AHH! (Fell to the floor, being jumpscare) Peter?!

Peter: (Lands on the floor, looking at the window) Ned, can you let me in, please?

Ned: Yeah. (Gets up, and opens the sliding glass door to let Peter) What were you doing on my rooftop?! (Raises a brow after closing the door) How did you get onto my rooftop?!

Peter: (Walks inside) Are your parents home?

Ned: (Shook his head) No, they're at work. (Looks at Peter) Dude, what's up? You're acting really strange right now!

Peter: Okay, um... (Turns to Ned) Ned, I'm going to tell you something about me that I recently just discovered, and no one else, besides you and me can ever know!

Ned: Not even Harry?

Peter: (Shook his head) Not even Harry! Can I trust you?

Ned: (Nodded) Yeah, go ahead and shoot.

Peter: Great! (Blows some air) Okay, where do I begin? Um... (Walks back and forth across Ned's room) Okay, so for most of my life, I was just a normal guy in New York, just going to school, studying for college, all of that stuff, but then yesterday at the Oscorp field trip, something happened to me, something that never really happened to me before, and then this morning, I discovered this, new thing that I have! Like it was something that woke up like a bird inside of an egg, and now! (Turns to Ned) Now I don't know how I feel! I don't know if I should be scared, or excited, or maybe both, but whatever it is, I really do not want it to stop!

Ned: (Widened his eyes) Oh my god, you're Gay, aren't you?

Peter: (Raises a brow) What?!

Ned: Holy crap, this is why you never ask Gwen Stacy out in school! It all makes so much sense now!

Peter: Wait, Ned, this isn't-!

Ned: Hey, it's all good man! Besides, I don't mind that kind of stuff, and there are kids in our school that are gay, lesbian, Bi-!

Peter: Ned, stop! I'm not gay! Alright, this isn't a sexuality talk!

Ned: Oh... (Sat on his bed) Okay, well then what kind of a talk is this?

Peter: I... (Sighs) You know what? It's better if I just show you. (Drops his backpack)

Ned: (Raises a brow) Show me? (Watches Peter as he walked up to the wall) What is it that you have to sho-! (Witnessed Peter crawl up into the wall, widening his eyes) Oh... (Sees Peter crawling on the ceiling) My... (Sees Peter hanging upside down on the ceiling) God!

Peter: (Drops down from the ceiling, landing right in front of Ned) You see what I'm talking about?

Ned: (Stares at Peter, looking very wide-eyed) ...Are you an Avenger?

Peter: What? No! Dude, I just discovered this! How am I supposed to be an Avenger if I just got the ability to climb onto walls with my own hands?!

Ned: I'm sorry, it's just... (Stands up) Holy Shit!

Peter: Whoa, keep your voice down!

Ned: (Walks back and forth in his room) Holy, mother of god!

Peter: Ned, Shh! Be quiet!

Ned: (Turns to Peter) Peter, what the hell was that?!

Peter: Didn't you watch? I was crawling up the wall into the ceiling!

Ned: Yeah, how did you do that?!

Peter: I don't know!

Ned: Wait, scratch that! Can you do more than that?

Peter: Uh, well... (Scratches his head) I can run really fast.

Ned: Like Quicksilver?

Peter: Okay, not that fast!

Ned: (Points out at Peter) Captain America fast?

Peter: (Shrugs) Eh, something like that.

Ned: Holy crap! What else can you do?

Peter: I can jump like really, really insanely high! Like, almost the equivalent of the Hulk's, but more balanced and less messy.

Ned: Are you as strong as the Hulk?

Peter: I don't know. (Gets a grip on the chair's armrest) How am I supposed to know? (Felt something snap) Huh? (Turns to the armrest, finding it crushed in his hand) Whoa! (Turns to Ned) Sorry about that!

Ned: Oh man, this is amazing! (Widened his eyes) Are you a Mutant?

Peter: (Raises a brow) What? No! (Sees his friend tilting) Well, I don't think so... (Moves to a chair) I mean... (Sits on the chair) I don't mind Mutants, but I hope it's not the case.

Ned: Alright, well are you Inhuman then?

Peter: (Shook his head) Well, that's unlikely, because you have to go through Terigenesis for that!

Ned: Did you?

Peter: No!

Ned: Okay, then that means you're a Mutant!

Peter: Not everyone with Superpowers is a Mutant Ned! Seriously, do people always ask Thor if he's a Mutant?

Ned: Well, that's unlikely because he's Asgardian.

Peter: But the rest of the Avengers?

Ned: (Shook his head) No...

Peter: Then stop assuming that I'm a Mutant!

Ned: Well, how do you explain your powers then?

Peter: I don't know man! Last night, all I remember was getting bit by a spider and then-! (Widened his eyes as a flashback of the spider biting into his hand emerged) The spider!

Ned: (Raises a brow) Spider?

Peter: (Turns to Ned) Yesterday at the Field Trip, I was taking pictures when a spider landed on my hand and bite right into it!

Ned: You're saying a spider bit you, and that's how you got your powers?

Peter: Yeah!

Ned: Well, that sounds lame.

Peter: What?! How's that lame?

Ned: Dude, being bit by a Spider, and then suddenly just getting superpowers from it? It doesn't make any sense!

Peter: Well, would it make sense if it was that missing spider from the Oscorp lab? The one that they were experimenting on?

Ned: (Widened his eyes) Oh, okay! Now I see your point. (Gets up) Okay, so what are you going to do now that you have powers?

Peter: I don't know... (Looks at his hands) I haven't really thought of anything on how to use them.

Ned: Dude, you should like, become an Avenger! You'd totally kick some serious ass!

Peter: What? No, I can't do that!

Ned: (Raises a brow) Why not?

Peter: Because I have school to go to!

Ned: Peter, nobody with Powers wants to go to school!

Peter: Well, I can't just ditch school! Besides, I-! (Widened his eyes) Oh god, school! What time is it?!

Ned: (Checks his phone) It's 7:30.

Peter: Oh, man! We missed the train!

Ned: What do you need the train for?

Peter: To get to school! And now I'm going to be late!

Ned: (Folded his arms) Well, I doubt you'll be needing it anymore.

Peter: (Raises a brow) What's that supposed to-! (Widened his eyes) Wait, you're not actually thinking of what I am thinking?

Ned: Well, you can jump really high!

Peter: And how do I carry you?

Ned: Hmm... (Scratched his head, then snapped his fingers) Hey! You know that scene from Empire Strikes Back? The one where the training sequence began?

Peter: Oh you mean the part when Luke had to carry Yoda on his-! (Widened his eyes) Oh dear god, Ned! Please don't even say it!

Suddenly, about 5 minutes out from Midtown, Peter is seen jumping high in the air, with Ned literally riding on his back as he jumped in the air, landing on the ground as he jumped towards the school.

Ned: (Sees the view of Queens from each jump) This is almost like the ride at Disneyland!

Peter: (Grunts as he carried Ned) Yeah, except you're a bit heavy!

Ned: (Turns to Peter) So, you got bit by a Spider, right? Can you like, shoot Organic Webbing?

Peter: Huh, that's not a bad idea! (Lands on a rooftop, seeing the back of the school as it was far away) It's worth a shot! (Jumps in the air, trying to shoot webs out of his hands, but none shot out) Uh, nothing's coming out!

Ned: What, you can't shoot any?!

Peter: No, I just don't think I have any Webs! (Falls down into the dumpster with Ned) AHHHH!

Ned: (Falls down with Peter) AHHHH!

They both fell flat onto the dumpster, crashing down into the pile of garbage, as the two got out of it, crawling their way out of it, and onto solid ground as they both leaned against the dumpster panting.

Ned: (Panted as he looked at a wall) You don't have Organic Webbing.

Peter: (Pants as well) I don't have Organic Webbing.

Ned: (Turns to Peter) You really should work on that.

Peter: Yeah, well... (Gets up off the ground) I'm sure we'll be okay with walking at this point.

Ned: (Gets up off the ground) I guess so... (Starts walking to school with Peter) Hey, where's your backpack?

Peter: My backpack? (Touched his back, noticing he isn't carrying a backpack) Oh man! (Turns to Ned) I must have left it at your house! Why didn't you say something?

Ned: Well, I thought you would put back on after making crawling up my wall.

Peter: (Groans) This is going to be fun to explain Aunt May and Uncle Ben tonight.

Later, Peter and Ned were in the Gym, sitting on the bleachers while everyone else was either playing basketball or making poster decorations for the upcoming pep rally as they sat together having a discussion.

Ned: (Sits next to Peter) So, any quick reflexes?

Peter: (Sits next to Ned while tying his shoes) Well, a taxi driver almost hit me, and that's when I got this tingling feeling in my gut, and then I just jumped over it.

Ned: Cool! Is that some kind of ability to make you full alert?

Peter: Maybe, I haven't thought much about it.

Ned: Alright, that's cool... (Looks at Peter tying his shoes) So, are we gonna talk about the webbing?

Peter: What about the webs?

Ned: Well, I'm only saying this because you don't really shoot Organic Webbing, which would have been really cool in my point of view, but since you don't have any webs to shoot, you should really start finding a way to make webs.

Peter: (Turns to Ned) What for?

Ned: I don't know, swing across building to building! To get around places! Aside from jumping up and down all the time, it would save you from landing in a dumpster the next time you jump.

Peter: Are you saying this because I would do that to go to school? Or are you saying that because you think I'm Superhero material?

Ned: Peter, you have been always saying to me that you always wanted to be a superhero!

Peter: That was when I was in Elementary and Middle School!

Ned: Dude, you have powers! Do you even know the percentage of people getting a rare opportunity like this?

Peter: No, and I don't wanna know! Besides, why do I have to be a hero? There are enough superheroes in the world! I'm just a fifteen-year-old kid trying to go to school! And beyond that, how am I supposed to be one if I don't even have a costume?

Ned: Oh, I can whip you up a costume! (Chuckles) Haha! Whip you up, get it? (Lightly hits Peter by the shoulder) Get it?

Peter: How can you even do that?

Ned: My parents own a clothing store! They not only sell them, they make them! High-quality stuff! They even make unique logos, all I have to do is go over there, make you something colorful, kinda like a Captain America mix, only except yours will be Red and Blue instead of just Blue and Red, and then you can go out there and fight crime!

Peter: Ned, I don't want to have a life of adventure! I just want to live a normal life, to be myself!

Ned: Peter, nobody wants that! Look, it'll be fun! You can be the hero, and I'll be your guy in the chair, easy peasy!

Peter: What are you even talking about? There's no such thing as a guy in a chair!

Harry: (Walks over to Ned and Peter) What about a guy in a chair?

Peter: (Noticed Harry, widened his eyes as he looked at Ned) Uh, well-!

Ned: (Turns to Harry) Peter and I were discussing how each Superhero has a guy in the chair.

Harry: (Raises a brow, tilting his head) What guy in the chair?

Ned: (Looks at Harry) You know, the guy in the chair! A companion that sits on the computer, and helps the hero from his room.

Harry: (Shook his head) Yeah, I don't think there's such a thing like that man.

Peter: Yeah. (Turns to Ned) So can we drop it, please?

Ned: (Sighs) Fine.

Harry: (Groans as he sat next to his friends) God, what a day.

Peter: (Raises a brow) Hey, what's wrong Harry?

Harry: Oh it's nothing! Just my Dad being Dad as usual.

Ned: What happened?

Harry: I don't know... (Gets out his backpack, putting his clothes in the bag) But I overheard him talking with one of his scientists, something about a Spider.

Peter: (Widened his eyes) A spider you say?

Harry: Yeah, apparently, an accident happened, and then one of the spiders they were experimenting on escaped its confinement, and the crazy thing is... (Turns to Ned and Peter) It happened during the field trip.

Ned: (Widened his eyes) Whoa, seriously? Where is this spider?

Harry: They found it, but strangely enough, they found it dead.

Peter: Really? So, how did it die?

Harry: Honestly, everyone would have thought that it got stepped on, but the doctors said that its entire blood was drained as if it had recently bitten someone so hard, it gave out all of its blood.

Peter: (Looks at Ned) Seriously?

Harry: Yup... (Sighs) I don't know about you, but hey... (Turns to his friends) At least it gives my Dad a reason to get off my back for a while.

Flash: (Is seen playing basketball, as he jumped in the air to block an opposing player, knocking the ball off his hand) Woo! (Pushed the player to the floor, as he looked down at him in victory) Rejected boy!

Liz: (Is seen working on a poster with Gwen and MJ when the ball hit the paint jar, spilling paint all over the poster) Ah! (Looks at the paint, as well as the ball, and then got up to look at Flash) Hey, you did that on purpose Flash!

Flash: (Turns to Liz with a smug look) No, but I should have! Your pep rally poster's too lame anyway.

MJ: Yeah, I'm pretty sure every pep rally poster is lame anyway, but what do the teachers care, right?

Gwen: (Turns to Flash) Seriously, we needed to get these done before the pep rally next Friday!

Flash: Well, you should watch your backs then! Maybe you won't be clumsy to let paint spill all over! (Turns back to the game)

Gwen: (Sighs as she turned to her friends) Alright, let's pick this up, come on.

Harry: (Saw the whole thing unfold) Man, what a dick.

Peter: (Looks at Gwen, and then turns to his friends) I'll be back. (Gets up and walks over to Gwen) Hey, Gwen! Do you need a hand?

Gwen: (Turns to Peter) Uh, no! I think we're fine here.

Peter: You sure? Because I can help anytime.

Flash: (Noticed Peter is seemingly distracted, smirking as he raised the ball up high) Head's up Penis Parker!

Flash threw the ball directly at Peter, who felt the same tingling sensation he had before, and then suddenly to everyone's complete surprise, Peter caught the ball right in his hand, taking those watching back as they had seen the catch Parker had just pulled off.

MJ: (Widened her brow) Whoa.

Harry: (Widened his eyes) Since when did Peter learn how to do that?

Gwen: (Widened her eyes in surprise) Wow! (Looks at Peter) Nice catch!

Peter: (Widened his eyes as he looked at the ball he was holding) Thanks...

Flash: (Looks around, surprised as everyone else was) Uh, okay... (Claps his hand) Nice catching Parker, that was really nice! (Snaps his fingers) Alright, now come on! Give up the ball now.

Peter: (Looks at the ball, turning to Gwen with a smirk) Actually, you know what Flash? (Turns to Flash) I got a better idea! (Twirls the ball with his finger) How about you take it from me?

Flash: (Scoffs) You serious?

Peter: No, really! Come on, one on one match between you and me, all you have to do is grab the ball, and that's it.

Flash: (Grins) Oh, this outta be good! (Walks over to Peter)

Harry: (Looks at the two) What is Peter thinking of doing?

Ned: (Looks at Peter) He's gonna make Flash pee his pants in front of everybody...

Flash: (Looks at Parker) You sure you don't wanna back out right now Parker?

Peter: (Shrugs) Go ahead, take it!

Flash: If you say so. (Moves to grab the ball, only for Parker to a quick back dribble, not getting the ball) Huh?!

Peter: (Moves the ball onto his other hand) What's up, Flash? Ball's right here!

Flash: (Stares at Parker) Okay... (Tries to grab the ball again)

Peter: (Moves the ball onto his right hand again, raising it up high) Come on, Flash! You can do better than that!

Flash: Alright, game over pal-! (Tries to grab the ball, but then Peter jumped, making him stumble around until he was turning to the wall, as he felt the ball hit him on his back) Ugh! (Turns to Parker)

Peter: (Threw the ball at Flash right the back, looking at him with a smirk) What's the wrong Flash? I think your speed's starting to get really, really slow right now, don't you think?

Flash: (Looks at Parker, noticing everyone making the "Oooh" sound) That's it! (Moves towards Parker)

Peter: (Sees Thompson trying to charge at him) RAH! (Moves to throw the ball at Flash, which he didn't, but made the opponent flinch) Thought I was gonna really hit you, did ya? (Everyone laughs as Flash turned his attention to him) Okay, seriously though, take the ball. (Extends the ball to Flash, noticing how hesitant he is) Oh, are you nervous right now? Alright... (Moves his left hand to cover his eyes) How about this? (Fellow students start to exclaim) Alright? How about that? My eyes are closed! (Turns his head around) Ready for you to take it anytime now.

Flash: (Looks at Parker offering the ball to him) Alright... (Moves to touch the ball, as he tried to get it, the ball doesn't take off) Huh? (Tries to pry off the ball off Parker's hand) Jesus Parker!

Basketball Player: Come on Flash, take it!

Peter: (Turns to Flash, grinning) Yeah Flash, go on! Take it!

Liz: (Looks at the whole ordeal that goes on) Oh... My... God... Am I dreaming right now?

MJ: Nope... (Grabs a piece of bubblegum) This is all real.

Flash: (Grunts as he tried pulling the ball off of Parker) Ugh! (Slips backward and fell to the floor, making everyone exclaim)

Peter: (Twirls the ball again, looking down at Thompson) So, what was that you said yesterday in the Field Trip? Something about how unreal it is that Thor is the only one that can lift his Magic Hammer? Well... (Bounced the ball several times) I find this unreal that you can't even get the ball out of my hand! It's like you're Unworthy of it.

Flash: Okay, you know what? (Gets up, backing towards the basketball net) Come on Parker! Let's bring it! Come on!

Peter: (Dribbles the ball back and forth) If you say so!

Parker moved towards the basketball net, as Flash attempted to take the ball from him, Peter shoved him away like as if he was playing Football, knocking Thompson to the floor as Peter jumped high into the air, everything in slow motion as everyone looks at him from various standpoints, Ned and Harry standing next to each other with widened eyes, MJ sitting on the bleachers making a bubblegum, and Gwen standing next to the poster making a shocked face as everything turned back to normal the moment Peter slammed dunked the ball onto the net, as well as causing the glass to shatter unexpectedly, making everyone gasp in surprise, cheerleaders falling onto each other in a pile, the same time as MJ making the gum pop, her eyes widened in surprise as Peter let the glass fall onto him, widening his expression as he looked up at the net, all the glass pieces on the floor as everyone stared at him.

Ned: (Widened his eyes) Whoa!

Peter: (Looks up at the broken glass) Holy Shit!

Coach Wilson: (Was having a chat with Principal Morita when he saw Parker break the glass) What the hell?

Principal Morita: (Turns to Peter) Parker! (Gets Peter's attention) My office!

Stan Lee: (Is seen as the janitor as he saw the glass broke) Oh boy! I hope this doesn't affect my shift!

Later, Peter was seen inside of the principal's office with his Uncle Ben, as they had wrapped up the discussion about the backboard, with them being finished as the two Parkers walked out of the office and into the hallway.

Ben: (Sighs) What was wrong with you?

Peter: (Turns to Uncle Ben) Uncle Ben, please don't get mad, okay? I promise I'll save up money to pay for the backboard-!

Ben: No, don't worry about that! The place I work at can handle that without a problem.

Peter: Yeah, by the way, you never said where you worked at.

Ben: I told you, I work at a very important place as an engineer, but that's not important right now! (Turns to Peter) Now is it true? About what I just heard back there? Did you humiliate that kid?

Peter: Well... (Rubs his arm) Yeah, but to be fairly honest, this guy was really having it coming!

Ben: Oh, did he?

Peter: Yeah, totally!

Ben: Is he that same kid that drives the Audi? The one that almost ran you over in the parking lot, was that the same kid?

Peter: Well, yeah, but-!

Ben: So tell me something, was that stunt you pulled about receiving attention? Or was it just getting even?

Peter: Ben, you know I don't care about the popularity!

Ben: So it was about getting even then?

Peter: Well... Yeah, basically.

Ben: Oh, so you must feel good about yourself, huh? Being the new tough guy in school, that feels pretty good right now?

Peter: What? No, it isn't like that!

Ben: Then what is it about, huh? Because thanks to your show, I had to change shifts at work today, which not affects me, or your Aunt, but it also affects the place I work at!

Peter: Well, why didn't you let Aunt May come here? She could have handled it!

Ben: Your Aunt has a busy schedule today, and has a lot of meetings.

Peter: Yeah, so did you!

Ben: Which I had to get out of, no thanks to you! (Sighs) Look, I don't need to drill you any more than I have to, considering that the Principal has done that more than I have, so don't forget, you have after-school detention, and once it finished, you come straight home by 6:00, okay?

Peter: (Nodded) Okay...

Ben: Okay. (Noticed Gwen going to her locker) Hey, that girl looks familiar... (Turns to Gwen) Isn't she inside that picture on your laptop?

Peter: (Noticed Gwen, widening his eyes) Uh, no! I don't know what you're talking about?

Ben: I'll be damned, that's her! Woo, she's got nice hair!

Peter: (Turns to Ben) Ben, please don't make a big deal out of it!

Ben: Well, it actually is a fact about doing things done will make you feel better.

Peter: How does that suppose to-!

Ben: Hey! You, in the Blonde!

Peter: (Widened his eyes) Ben, what are you doing?!

Ben: (Gets Gwen's attention) Hey, you see my Nephew? He has a picture of you on his computer!

Peter: (Blushes) Ben!

Ben: (Placed a hand on Peter's shoulder, smirking) Good luck getting the girl Pete. (Turns to leave) Remember, be home by six!

Peter: (Watched Ben leaving, sighing as he turned to Gwen) Uh, hey!

Gwen: (Walks over to Peter) Hey... (Looked at Ben) So, you have a picture of me on your computer?

Peter: Well, that's my Uncle! Don't listen to him, he's a serious pathological liar, and he thought you were someone else!

Gwen: (Turns to Peter) So you don't have me on your computer?

Peter: Oh yeah I do. (Widened his eyes) But not in a creepy way! I mean, I have pictures of you on the Decathlon Team, the School Paper, and the Debate Team!

Gwen: (Turns to Peter) Those pictures don't happen to be the same one from the Field Trip yesterday, right?

Peter: (Widened his eyes) Yeah! (Snapped his fingers) Yeah, I-I was just sorting them out for the School Paper for editing when my Uncle saw you on the pics!

Gwen: Oh, good! (Sighs) Great, I thought for a second there that I'd have some weird, creepy, peeping tom flashing photos of me and I was gonna get stalked later on!

Peter: Yeah, that would be weird!

Gwen: (Chuckles with Peter a little) Ah, speaking of Flash, did you get expelled?

Peter: Uh, no! I got three days in Detention, including next Monday.

Gwen: Oh, that's great that you're not expelled for shattering the backboard glass... (Folded her arms around her books) Besides, you're a pretty good photographer, as well as an upstanding member in the Decathlon Team, so we'd be lost without you.

Peter: (Nodded) Thanks... (Stands as Gwen is about to make her leave) Uh, hey! (Turns Gwen's attention to him) You don't have anything else going on inside your schedule, do you?

Gwen: (Tilts her head) No, I'm just at my apartment with my family all day... (Looks at Peter as she walked to him) Why are you asking?

Peter: I... (Sees Ned walking to him from behind Gwen, widening his eyes as he raised his hands in the air, waving at him) I-I was just curious, because... (Sees Ned hiding behind a corner just in time for Gwen to turn around) Because I was wondering if we could hang out! (Gwen turns to him again) Besides just spending it with the Decathlon Team, or being in the School Paper! I thought maybe we could, I don't know, grab some something to eat, maybe grab a cup of coffee sometime...

Gwen: (Raises a brow) A cup of coffee?

Peter: Uh, yeah! I mean, or, we could do other things...

Gwen: Peter Parker, are you asking me out on a date right now?

Peter: (Widened his eyes) Well, if that's not in your mindset, we could just hang out in a friendly way, or-!

Gwen: (Nodded) Uh, yeah!

Peter: (Looks at Gwen) Yeah, what?

Gwen: Yeah, we could, you know... Grab a cup of coffee.

Peter: (Looks at Gwen with excitement) Really?

Gwen: Sure! Or we could do it for Breakfast, either one.

Peter: Uh... (Smiles) Good, that's really good!

Gwen: Cool...

Peter: (Stands around with Gwen while Til Kingdom Come by Coldplay is being played in the background) Well, I mean, not right now!

Gwen: (Nodded) Yeah!

Peter: I mean, I have Detention in about a half an hour, so-!

Gwen: Oh yeah, I understand! Totally! So when do you wanna-?

Peter: Uh, how about Saturday?

Gwen: Saturday? Yeah, we could do Saturday!

Peter: That would be great!

Gwen: Or some... (Circles around) Other time... (Chuckles)

Peter: (Chuckles) Yeah!

Gwen: (Turns to leave, smiling) See you around Parker.

Peter: Yeah... (Waves his hand goodbye, standing by while watching Gwen leave) Yeah, see you! (Watches Gwen turn around and wave at him before turning around, smiling)

Ned: (Gets out of the corner, walking to Peter) Did you do it?

Peter: We have a date this Saturday!

Ned: (Grins) Oh man, that's awesome!

Peter: Yeah! (High fives Ned) High five!

Ned: (High fives Peter) Woo! It's finally happening man!

Peter: I know! (Walks with Ned) I can't believe it!

Ned: (Walks with Peter) Okay, so does this mean you'll have time to hang out later?

Peter: (Turns to Ned) Oh no, I have to be back by Six, or else I'll be in trouble.

Ned: But dude, there's something that we really have to try! Look, there's a wrestling match tonight at Five, and the winner gets $3 Thousand dollars afterward!

Peter: $3 Thousand dollars? That's a lot of money!

Ned: I know, which is why I think you should do it!

Peter: But I can't! Ben will kill me if I don't make it home on time!

Ned: Dude, this is like an opportunity for us, to make some money! Besides, if you don't wanna be a hero, that's fine! At least we could do is some hardcore wrestling.

Peter: But what are we gonna do with $3 Thousand dollars?

Ned: I don't know, save it for use! Like buying an expensive gaming console! I always wanted one of those!

Peter: Ned, those cost like $3 hundred dollars... $3 Thousand is pretty much more than that!

Ned: Come on man! Don't you think it would be cool to have that kind of money?

Peter: (Looks down at the floor) Yeah, it would be pretty cool... (Turns to Ned) Alright, 5 o'clock tonight, right?

Ned: (Nodded) Yeah, that's when it starts!

Peter: Okay, cool! That's about an hour before my deadline. (Nodded) Yeah, let's do it.

Ned: Really?

Peter: Yeah! What could go wrong?

Later, Peter and Ned were seen inside a locker room, with Peter, who is now wearing a Red Sleeveless Hoodie with a Spider Symbol on the chest area, Red Shoes as well as Red Socks, Red and Black Fingerless Gloves, and Blue Sweatpants, as well as a Blue Sweatshirt that is underneath the Hoodie, overlooking a match between two wrestlers, as one of them fell to the ground, crashing right onto a table, smashing it in half while the victor roared in victory, the crowd cheering as the two teenagers watched.

Peter: (Looks at the match) Oh my God, I'm going to die out there!

Ned: You'll be fine! (Turns to Peter, giving him his Red Mask) Here, wear this!

Peter: (Turns to Ned, taking the Mask) Is that a mask?

Ned: Yeah! I thought that would blend in with the wrestlers since they all wear masks.

Peter: I guess... (Puts the Mask on, covering his own face as he looked at Ned) How do I look?

Ned: (Smiles) You look awesome!

Peter: (Turns to look at a mirror) I don't know... It's not that cool like the other costumes.

Ned: Well, it was all that I came up with! At least it'll be better than just wearing spandex.

Peter: Yeah, but I think the mask could look a lot better! (Gets out a set of Googles)

Ned: (Raises a brow) What's that?

Peter: It's the Goggles from our last group project.

Ned: The one from the first week of school?

Peter: Yeah, I kept them afterward because I kind of liked the way they function... (Puts them in the empty sockets of the mask) Okay... (The Goggles activate, as the optic lenses function by making a brow) How do I look now?

Ned: Way better than before!

Referee: (Gets inside) Hey, you two done yet? Your match is about to start!

Peter: (Turns to Ned) Holy Crap, it's time!

Ned: Crap! We need to give you a name!

Peter: I already have a name, it's Peter Parker!

Ned: Not your real name! I meant like a codename! You know, how wrestlers here are called Bone Saw, Crusher Hogan, you need a name, a name that has a ring to it!

Peter: (Turns to the ring) Yeah, I'll figure something out! (Walks away) Wish me luck! (Leaves Ned in the locker while walking to the scene) Alright, what do I call myself? God, this is really hard! (Sighs) Alright, let's see if this works...

Loudspeaker: Will the next contestant enter the arena at this time?

Spokesperson: (Turns to the audience) Who wants more?

Crowd: WE DO!

Spokesperson: (Chuckles as he walks backstage) For the next victim to enter the arena at this time if he could withstand just three minutes in the cage, with Bonesaw Mcgraw, he will win $3 Thousand dollars, shall be handsomely paid to... (Turns to the corner, whispering to Peter) Alright, what's your name kid?

Peter: Uh, yeah! Call me the Human Spider!

Spokesperson: (Takes off his glasses) The Human Spider? That's it? That's the best you got?

Peter: Yeah!

Spokesperson: Oh, good lord, it sucks! (Puts his shades on, turning to the audience with the microphone ready) The sum of $3 Thousand dollars...

Ned: (Walks in the crowd) Excuse me, can I sit down somewhere? (Sees everyone ignoring him) No? Okay... I'll just... (Shrugs) I'll just stand then... That's cool.

Spokesperson: Will be paid to, the terrifying... The deadly... The Amazing SPIDER-MAN!

Spider-Man: (Widened his lenses as everyone started booing at him) What? No! (Turns around) Hey, that guy got my name wrong, it's the Human Spider!

Bodyguard: I don't care, get out there!

Spider-Man: No man! The dude got my name wrong!

Bodyguard: (Turns to push the kid) Get out there, you moron!

Spider-Man: (Gets pushed out of the stage by the bodyguard) Okay, jeez! (Turns to walk to the arena, listening to the booing) Wow, everyone really hates my guts!

Bonesaw Girl 1: (Turns to Spider-Man with a mic on her hand) Bone Saw's gonna eat you up and spit you out, little man!

Bonesaw Girl 2: (Turns to Spider-Man with a mic on her hand) I hope you brought your mommy with you-!

Bonesaw Girl 3:(Turns to Spider-Man with a mic on her hand) We're gonna break you up and smash you up-!

Spider-Man: (Gets popcorn thrown at him) Hey! (Turns up to the people throwing food at him) Hey, is this all necessary?!

Bonesaw Girl 4: (Turns to Spider-Man with a mic on her hand) I'm gonna rip off eight of your feet fingers off one by one-!

Spider-Man: (Sees all the 4 women taunting at him) Okay, can you ladies back up for just a second?

Wrestler: (Defeated as he groans, being rolled down in an ambulance cart) Oh my God! (Gets Spider-Man's attention as he was being watched) Oh, my legs! Oh God, I can't feel my legs!

Crowd: (Shouts in unison) KILL! (Some people hold out signs, which read "KILL HIM") KILL! KILL! KILL! KILL!

Spider-Man: (Looks around at everyone chanting, until he saw Ned standing, seeing him shrug) Oh man, I'm gonna die in here, aren't I? (Looks at the arena) Here goes! (Walks inside, just in time for the cage to start setting up) Huh?! (Turns around, looking at the cage) What the?!

Crowd: (Shouts in unison) CAGE! CAGE! CAGE! CAGE! CAGE!

Spider-Man: (Sees the cage all formed up) Uh, hello? Guys?

Spokesperson: Will the guard please lock the cage doors at this time?

Spider-Man: (Widened his lenses) What?! (Sees the cage being locked from the outside) Hey man, wait! Listen, I didn't sign up for a freaking cage match! I thought this would a regular! Like Rocky! Have you watched Rocky? (Sees the guard leave) Hello? Wait, unlock the thing, man! This is a mistake!

Bonesaw: (Chuckles) Hehehehe! Yes, you have! Because you're stuck here for three minutes with me! You ain't goin' nowhere!

Spider-Man: (Turns to Bonesaw) Hey, listen to me, man! There's been a serious mixup!

Bonesaw: I don't care, runt! All I know is that I have three minutes to have our little "Playtime"! (Hears the bell being rung, as the three-minute timer activated) RAAH! (Charges at the teenager)

Spider-Man: (Sees Bonesaw charging at him) Oh, great! (Leaps from the floor)

Bonesaw: (Slammed himself against the bar poles) UGH! (Fell the floor, making the crowd groan as he got up, looking at Spider-Man, who is now up high on the bars, hanging on there like an actual spider) Hey, what are ya doin' up there?

Spider-Man: (Sticks up high on the bars as he stared down at Bonesaw) Staying away from you, that's what! Hey, that's a cute outfit man, did your husband give it to you?

Bonesaw: (Bangs on the bars) Get yer' scrawny ass down here and fight like a man!

Spider-Man: Nuh-huh dude! I'm staying up here for the next three minutes! You can just stay down there and-!

Bonesaw Girl 1: (Grabs a chair and hands it to Bonesaw) Go get him!

Bonesaw: (Grabs the chair and throws it at the kid) RAH!

Spider-Man: (Widened his eyes) WHOA! (Jumps off the bars, dodging the chair while making a flip) Hey! (Lands on the floor, looking at Bonesaw) That wasn't nice!

Bonesaw: (Charges at Spider-Man again) RAGH, hold still!

Spider-Man: Hey! (Jumps up high in the air, landing on the floor again) What's your problem?

Ned: (Turns to Spider-Man) Come on dude, you gotta fight him!

Spider-Man: (Turns to Ned) What, seriously? This guy's twice my size!

Bonesaw Girl 4: (Hands Bonesaw another chair) Finish him off!

Bonesaw: (Grabs the chair, moves behind Spider-Man) Arrrr...

Spider-Man: (Doesn't notice Bonesaw walking behind him) How am I supposed to beat if he's so big-!

Ned: (Widened his eyes as he saw Bonesaw behind his friend) Peter, behind you!

Spider-Man: Huh? (Turns around, only to be hit by Bonesaw with a chair) AAGH! (Fell to the floor)

Ned: (The crowd cheers while he just groaned) Oh god, this isn't good!

Spider-Man: (Groans, as he tried to get up) I'm starting to think-! (Gets hit by the chair again) OW! (Fell to the floor) Ugh, this was-! (Gets hit by a chair, by the head) UGH! (Moves his head down, but tries getting up) A really-! (Gets hit by the back) OH! (Falls down, groaning as he looked at Ned) A really bad idea!

Crowd: (Chants Bonesaw's name) BONESAW! BONESAW! BONESAW! BONESAW!

Bonesaw: (Moves to grab Spider-Man by the leg) Hehehe!

Spider-Man: (Gets grabbed by the leg) Oh God! (Gets carried and slammed around the bars) AGH! (Gets slammed again) GAH! (Falls on his back) Ugh...

Bonesaw Girl 3: (Gives Bonesaw a crowbar) Kick his fire ass!

Bonesaw: (Grabs the crowbar and turns to Spider-Man, raising it up high) Time to die, Bug! (Moves towards him)

Ned: (Widened his eyes) Peter, now! Hit him!

Spider-Man: (Opens his eyes, widening them when Bonesaw tries to swing a crowbar at him) Whoa! (Kicks him in the stomach)

Bonesaw: (Gets kicked in the stomach) GUH!

Spider-Man: Okay! (Kicks Bonesaw again) You do not! (Kicks again) Swing! (Kicks once more) A crowbar! (Kicks another) At anyone! (Kicks him rapidly) At all! (Kicks him in the face) YAH!

Bonesaw: (Gets kicked in the face) UGH! (Stumbles backward as the crowd grew loud, as he glared at Spider-Man) Why you little Shit! (Tries to swing the crowbar at his opponent again) RAAH!

Spider-Man: (Sees Bonesaw trying to swing the crowbar at him) Oh, come on! (Uses both feet to lift Bonesaw up) What did I just say about not swinging crowbars at people? (Kick throws him against the bar)

Bonesaw: (Gets thrown against the bars) UGH! (Fell to the ground face-forward, defeated)

Referee: (Gets onstage after the cage has been lifted up, kneeling down at Bonesaw) 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! (Slams his hand down on the floor) We have a WINNER!

Ned: (Widened his eyes as the crowd cheered) Holy Shit! (Gets on the arena, running to Spider-Man) Hey, you won the match dude!

Spider-Man: (Widened his eyes as he turned to Ned) Seriously? Did I just win?

Ned: Hell yeah man! You won the match!

Spider-Man: Holy crap! (Gets his hand risen up by the referee) Holy crap!

Spokesperson: (Gets the microphone out) Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for our new champion, SPIDER-MAN!

Ned: (Hears the crowd roaring) Way to go... (Turns to his friend, smirking) Spider-Man.

Spider-Man: (Looks at Ned) Spider-Man... Yeah... (Looks at his hands) Yeah, I'm starting to like it! (Turns to the crowd) HEY, I'M SPIDER-MAN EVERYBODY!

Crowd: (Everyone goes wild as they all chant the victor's name) SPIDER-MAN! SPIDER-MAN! SPIDER-MAN! SPIDER-MAN!

Everyone continued to chant his name as Spider-Man reigned victorious in the arena...

Later, Ned and Peter, who still has his mask on, were seen sitting on a chair as they waited for the man at the front desk to gather the money they were owed.

Ned: (Smiles at his friend) And you were kicking him in the stomach and everything, and the crowd goes wild, and people were like shouting your name!

Spider-Man: (Chuckles behind the mask) Yeah, that was so cool! I just kicked that guy's ass!

Ned: You kicked a really big guy's ass! And now we get $3 grand!

Spider-Man: I know! This is so awesome!

Assistant: (Gets out of the door) Hey, Mr. Spider-Man? We're ready to deliver your payment. (Goes back inside)

Ned: (Gets up from his chair) Oh man, this is really exciting! We get to have $3 Thousand dollars in our pockets!

Spider-Man: Yeah, $3 Thousand, that's amazing! (Goes inside with Ned, as they walk to the man at the front desk) Hey, the lady said you have our money ready?

Man: (Turns to see Spider-Man, looking at him up and down while counting money) Alright... (Gets out just a single $100 dollar bill and placed it on the desk, with Peter getting the money as he and Ned were seen waiting for more, making him notice) Alright, you're done! Now get outta here.

Spider-Man: (Widened his eyes) W-What? (Grabs the money, raising it in the air) This is a hundred bucks!

Man: (Turns to Spider-Man) Yeah, that's your payment! Now get on out of here, you're wasting my time.

Ned: Hold on, that's unfair! The advertisement said $3 Thousand!

Man: (Turns to Ned) Well, check it again kid! It said $3,000 Grand, for three minutes, and Webhead pinned the guy in two! And for that, I'm giving you a $100, and you're lucky to get even that!

Spider-Man: That's not fair! I earned that money fair and square!

Man: (Turns to Spider-Man) Kid, you're livin' in New York! Life ain't fair around here! Now move along!

Ned: (Sighs) Come on man, let's go...

Peter: (He and Ned take off outside in an alleyway, as he took off his mask in frustration) Man, this is a load of crap!

Ned: Hey, let go of it Peter, we got paid some money.

Peter: (Turns to Ned) But we were promised Three Thousand Dollars! And we only get just a hundred! A hundred bucks for one lousy cage fight that I nearly died inside of!

Ned: Well, do you wanna go through that again?

Peter: No, of course, I don't ever want to go through that again! (Sits down on the stair) This is just stupid to have gone through it only to be paid little because I stayed in for 2 minutes instead of 3!

Ned: Look, man, it isn't much, but at least it's enough to grab some lunch... Perhaps for that date with Gwen on Saturday?

Peter: (Looks at Ned) Yeah, I guess... (Gets up) Alright, let's get out of here... (Noticed it's night time) Hey, what time is it? It looks dark...

Ned: Let me check... (Gets out his phone, widening his eyes) Oh boy!

Peter: (Turns to Ned) What? What is it?

Ned: Peter, you said that you needed to be home by 6:00, right?

Peter: Yeah.

Ned: (Shows his phone to Peter) It's 7:30.

Peter: (Widened his eyes) Oh my God, I'm late! (Turns to run) I gotta run! (Jumps high in the air) See you tomorrow Ned!

Ned: (Sees Peter making a leap) Wait, Peter! (Raises the hundred dollar bill in the air) You forgot the-! (Sees Peter gone) Oh, forget it, he's gone!

Peter: (Jumps on top of a Subway Train) Oh my God, Uncle Ben is gonna kill me! (Gets out his phone, noticing the loaded text messages and missed phone calls he received) Oh, I am so dead!

Soon, Peter managed to reach Queens, as he ran back onto the Apartment, he quickly grabbed a hoodie from the lost and found and put it on to cover up his outfit, as he ran inside of the building, only to see Ben and May already downstairs, just ready to get out.

Peter: (Sees Ben and May) Oh, hey guys...

May: (Sighs as she looked at Peter) Jesus Peter, where the hell were you? We were calling you, texting you, and you didn't even respond!

Peter: I'm sorry, Aunt May, okay? Something came up-!

Ben: Something came up? Really? Something other than just walking home by 6, just as I have told you?!

May: (Folded her arms) Peter, we were scared! Alright? We had no idea where you were, and-! (Noticed Peter's Red Socks and Shoes) Dear lord, what are you wearing?

Peter: (Looked at his feet, turning to May) I'm wearing shoes!

Ben: Those... (Looks at Peter's Red Shoes and Socks) Are very bright shoes, where did you get them?

Peter: I-!

Ben: No what, that's not important! What's important is that you scared your Aunt and I half to death! We gave you a very specific time to come home, and what did we get? No phone call, no text message, not even a damn email! You didn't even respond to us at all, that is very irresponsible of you!

Peter: Look, guys, I'm here, alright? You don't need to worry about it anymore! (Walks to the elevator)

Ben: (Placed a hand on Peter's shoulder) Peter Parker, you listen to me! Are you listening to me?!

Peter: (Turns to Ben) Yeah, yeah! Go ahead, Uncle Ben.

Ben: (Sighs) Look, you're a lot like your Father! Believe it or not, you really are, and that's a good thing! (Peter looks at him) But the thing that I remember about your Father is that he lived by a philosophy, more like a principle really, and he believed that if you could do good things for other people, you have the moral obligations to do just those things, and that's what's at stake here!

Peter: (Nodded) Huh-huh...

Ben: And if there's one meaning behind it, it's Responsibility! Alright? Knowledge is Power, and with Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility! (Placed a hand on his Nephew's shoulder) Great Responsibility Peter, those are the things your old man lived by...

Peter: (Nodded as he looked down at the floor) Yeah, that's just really nice of you to say that Uncle Ben, it's great! Except there's just one thing that has always come to my mind for all my life, and that's the question of where are they? (Turns to Ben) Huh? Where are my parents?

Ben: (Raises a brow) What?

Peter: Where are my parents?! Where's my Dad? Where's my Mom? Where have they been for the past 11 years of my life that I have spent living here when it was their Responsibility to be right where you two are standing and tell me this himself?!

Ben: Peter-!

Peter: No, how dare you?! (Shoves Ben's hand away, backing away from him) How dare you tell me this when it should have been my Father that should be telling me this! (Gets tearful) Instead of just leaving me behind! Abandoned! Scared! And left without telling me a reason why they left and never even bother to come back! (Panted slowly as he looked at Ben, before turning around)

May: (Placed her hands on her chest as she saw Peter turning around) Peter, where are you going?

Peter: (Turns to the door) I'm going out for a walk!

Ben: (Turns to Peter) Peter, come back here! (Sees Peter opening the door) Please-! (Peter slammed the door shut, causing the glass to break)

May: (Gets startled by the glass getting shattered) AH!

Peter: (Turns around, noticing the glass broken as he looked at his Aunt and Uncle) Sorry... (Turns around and leaves)

May: (Gasp as she looks at the broken glass) Dear god...

Ben: (Slowly stepped on a piece, sighing) I should go after him.

May: Ben. (Placed a hand on his shoulder, turning his attention to her) I think maybe it's best that we don't bother him...

Ben: (Turns to May) He's out there at this time of night May, he shouldn't be out alone.

May: He's a teenager Ben! Teenagers go through all kinds of emotional behavior, I think we just have to sit down and let him be for a while...

Ben: I know... (Turns to the door) But somebody's gotta make sure he stays safe... (Turns to May) I'll be back... (Gets out of the door) Peter? Peter, where are you? Let's talk...

Ben continued to call out his Nephew, who doesn't notice him laying on the high levels of their apartment, looking at his Uncle as he searched for him, turning to the night sky as he gave out a big sigh...

Later, Peter was seen inside of a store, looking on his phone as he waited in line, carrying a bottle of Chocolate milk in his hand as he looked over texts from his Uncle, in which he never really replied as another man came in, one with a scorpion tattoo on the back of his neck as he grabbed a load of beer cans and stood behind Peter, who was next in line.

Cashier: (Sees Peter trying to buy a chocolate milk) Alright, that's $2.07.

Peter: (Tries to get the $100 dollar bill, but he couldn't because he realized he didn't have on it) Aw, man!

Cashier: Hurry up kid!

Peter: Sorry! (Sighs as he got out two dollars, and 5 cents) Here you go.

Cashier: (Counted the money) You're two cents off.

Peter: (Raises a brow) What?

Cashier: I said you're two cents off! This is $2.05, the Milk is $2.07!

Peter: (Sighs) Dude, I'm not really in a mood tonight, so can we just-!

Cashier: Look kid, you can either pay the amount of cash that reads on the cash register, or you can buzz off! Store policy, so are you gonna pay or what? You're holding up the line here!

Peter: Come on, I don't have two more cents on me!

Cashier: If you can't afford your milk, then just step aside! What? You didn't get enough milk money from daddy today?

Peter: Dude, please! Be smart about this, we're talking two cents here! You're freaking out over two cents! Now I had a really rough night, and I really would like to purchase this milk, please!

Cashier: Yeah, well I missed the part where that's my problem!Step aside kid! You're holding up the line!

Peter: Fine! (Gives the milk back) Take your stupid milk! (Turns to leave)

Cashier: Thank you! (Sighs as he sees the man, only for him to push some items off the counter) Hey! (Glares at him) Really? (Scoffs) God dammit! (Bends down underneath) I'm really sick and-!

As the Cashier picked the things up, the man with the scorpion tattoo moved to open the cash register, in which Peter came to notice as the man took the cash out of the register, who turns to look at the teenager, until he grabbed the chocolate milk and threw it at him, which Peter caught in his hand.

Man: (Smirks) Thanks for the distraction kid! (Turns to leave)

Peter: (Looks at the milk, until he left) Heh.

Cashier: (Gets up, mumbling when he noticed the cash register was empty) Son of a-! (Bangs on the counter, and got out of the store when the man responsible for stealing his money was seen running) HEY! Somebody stop that guy! He stole my money! (Noticed Peter) Hey kid! Aren't you gonna help?

Peter: (Looks at the cashier) Sorry, I missed the part where that's my problem!

Cashier: Oh for god sake! (Runs around in the street while Peter walked the opposite direction) Someone! Help me out, that guy stole my money! (Uncle Ben was seen walking in the same area when he took notice of the robbery) Hey, hey! Stop that man! He stole my cash!

Man: (Runs on the sidewalk Ben is on when he tripped and fell over) Ugh! (Slipped out his gun, sliding across the ground between him and Ben, as he got up to reach it)

Ben: (Sees the man running for his gun) HEY!

Ben made a move on the man, grabbing his gun, as they made a struggle over it, until the man shot Ben, which Peter had heard, making him turn around, as Ben widened his eyes, and fell to the ground, while the thief/shooter ran off, as bystanders took notice and walked over to Ben, noticing his injury.

Police Officer: (Noticed people gathering around) Hey, everyone back up! (Walks over to Ben, noticing a bullet wound) Oh shit! (Gets out his radio) All units, we have a 10-10, shots fired! 10-5, shots fired! (Sees the thief get inside of the car) I have eyes on the suspect! Suspect is heading south onto-!

Peter: (The cop talks on the radio as he saw people gathering around) What's going on? (Walks in the crowd) Excuse me, pardon me!

Police Officer: (Continues talking on his radio) I have a wounded civilian with a gunshot wound, requesting an immediate emergency unit, over!

Peter: (Walks in front of the cop, until he noticed Ben bleeding on the pavement) Ben?

Police Officer: (Turns to Peter) Hey, kid! You need to back up-!

Peter: Wait, that's my Uncle! (Crawls onto his knees) That's my Uncle! (Turns to Ben) Ben! Ben!

Ben: (Groans as he noticed Peter) Peter?

Peter: Oh god! (Turns to the Officer) What happened?!

Police Officer: There was a shooter, he shot the guy right where he stood. (Looks at Peter) Listen, I just called in the paramedics, they're on their way! (Noticed the bystanders getting closer) Hey! (Turns to the crowd) Stay back!

Peter: (Turns back to Ben) Hey, you hear that Uncle Ben? There's an ambulance coming, just stay with me! (Grabbed his Uncle's hands) Please, just hang in there! Don't go!

Ben: (Groans in pain as he looked at Peter) Peter...

Peter: (Tears start to show up as he looked at his Uncle) I'm here Uncle Ben! I'm right here, don't go!

Ben: (Looks at Peter) Peter! (Tries to say something else, until he gave out his last breath, closing his eyes)

Peter: (Saw Ben closing his eyes, not even breathing) Ben? (Moves his Uncle's chest) Ben, open your eyes! (Tears start going down) Ben, wake up! Uncle Ben please! (Tries to open them open) Uncle Ben please, open your eyes, talk to me! Please! (Hugged him) Please, don't go! Please, I don't want you to go, please! Please come back! Ben! (Whimpered) Oh god, Ben!

Police Radio: (A woman's voice is heard) 10-88, I have reports of units chasing after the suspect. (Peter raised his head up, turning to the Officer) The suspect is in a vehicle, the license plate number is AMS-2065, all units beware of the license plate number-!

Peter didn't need to hear any more info, as he started to leave the scene, running towards the alley as he ripped the hoodie covering his costume off, and then put on his Mask, donning the Spider-Man persona once more as he started to jump really high in the air, onto a rooftop as he saw police cruisers chasing after a vehicle.

Spider-Man: (Sees the vehicle being chased) I'm not going to make it to him! (Turns to grab his phone)

Ned: (Is seen on his computer playing a game when he got a call, which read Peter as he answered) I know, you forgot the $100 dollar bill-!

Spider-Man: (Runs) Ned, are you on the computer right now?!

Ned: (Raises a brow) Yeah, why?

Spider-Man: I need you to track down a license plate for me! It's really important that you do that!

Ned: (Widened his eyes) Wait, does this mean I get to be the guy in the chair?

Spider-Man: Yes, you get to be the guy in the chair, now track it down!

Ned: Oh yeah! (Exclaims) I'm the guy in the chair!

Spider-Man: Ned!

Ned: (Nodded) Right, sorry! (Gets out of the game) What's the license plate number?

Spider-Man: (Jumps onto a wall and climbs on it) It's AMS-2065, I need it tracked right now!

Ned: Alright. (Types the number onto the computer, and tracks it down from the geo map) Alright, it's currently driving at a high speed on Grand Central Parkway!

Spider-Man: Good, let me know when anything changes!

Ned: Peter, I don't understand! I thought you didn't wanna do the Superhero stuff? And I'm actually hacking into a police network, this is kind of-!

Spider-Man: Ned, the guy I'm after killed, my Uncle! He killed Uncle Ben and I can't let him get away with it! I need you to keep tracking him, okay?

Ned: (Widened his eyes, as he looked at the map) Roger... I'll let you know when anything changes.

Spider-Man: Thanks!

Ned: Peter... What are you doing if you're not chasing after the guy that killed your uncle?

Spider-Man: (Lands onto the rooftop of Midtown School of Science and Technology) Just doing a personal project that really helps me out! (Gets inside of his science class) Alright, come on! (Gets out a textbook) Okay... Okay, that should work! (Gets out some fluids, and placed two liquids together) Okay, okay, please don't get slow on me, I don't have time for this! (Grabs a pencil and stuck it on the liquid, pulling it to be caught in some kind of web) YES! (Sighs) Alright, time for the web shooters!

Back with the chase, police cars were seen driving after the car, as the man that killed Uncle Ben had begun shooting at the cops tailing him.

Man: (Shoots at the cruisers) Leave me alone, you stupid ass cops!

Ned: (Tracks the car onto the New York State Pavilion) Peter, the cops are about to lose him, what are you doing?

Spider-Man: (Gets out of the school) Something really important! (Sighs) Okay... First time's for everything! (Activates the Web shooter, only for webs to spray all over the place) Oh, no! Don't you go crazy on me right now! Come on! (Shoots a second time, shooting a solid Tonsile Web) YES! (Grabs the web) Alright... Here goes! (Jumps off the school) WOO HOO! (Jumps in the air, shooting more webs to swing around the Borough) That's more like it!

Asian Officer: (Chases after the suspect) All Units, this is Watanabe! I got lead on the suspect, 10-6! Suspect is

Man: (Shoots at the car) Take this, Bitch! (Shoots at the tires)

Yuri: (Crashes onto a tree) Ugh!

Man: (Smirks) Oh yeah! (Sees Spider-Man suddenly land on the hood, making him widened his eyes) WHOA!

Spider-Man: (Angrily swung his arm at the front windshield) RAH! (Broke the glass)

Man: (Felt the glass shatter in front of him) Oh, Christ! (Swerves around the car, until he crashed right onto a gate, next to an old abandoned warehouse as he got out of the car coughing) What the hell? (Turns to his car, noticing Spider-Man is gone) What the hell was that?

Yuri: (Gets out her gun) FREEZE! (Shoots at the thief)

Thief: (Nearly got shot) Ugh! (Runs inside of the warehouse) Bitch!

George: (Drives on the spot, seeing Watanabe as he got out of the car) Detective! Where is he?

Yuri: (Turns to George) Captain! (Pointed at the warehouse) He went that way! Along with someone else!

George: Is the suspect associated with someone?

Yuri: No... (Turns to the building) I don't think so...

George: (Sees other police officers arriving) Alright, everyone, fall in! The suspect is inside that warehouse!

Police started to go inside, while the suspect himself started to walk inside with his gun ready, unaware of the Webhead lurking in the shadows as he walked prepared.

Spider-Man: (Jumps in front of him and hit in the face) RAH!

Man: (Gets hit in the face) UGH! (Turns to shoot at Spider-Man)

Spider-Man: (Jumped on the ceiling, avoiding gunfire as he used his webs to take the gun out of the man's hands) RAH!

Man: (Gets his gun taken away) Ugh! (Looks at the kid) Whoa, listen! Leave me alone man, I was just minding my business, just give me a chance!

Spider-Man: (Walks angrily towards him) Did you give that guy a chance? The man you shot in cold blood? Did you bother to give him a chance?! (Grabs him and lifted him against the wall) ANSWER ME!

Suddenly, the light shined through, as Spider-Man got a good look at his face, which revealed to be the same man with the Scorpion tattoo on his neck...

Man: (In a flashback as he gave Peter a Chocolate milk) Thanks for the distraction kid!

Spider-Man: (Widened his eyes) No... (Lets him go) It can't be you...

Man: (Scoffs as he gave a smirk) See ya! (Grabs a knife and swung it at him, but got his hand caught, and his wrist broken) AGH! (Stumbles backward, dropping the knife) OW! (Gripped his wrist, turning to the man responsible) Asshole! You broke my wrist! Mother-! (Trips) Ah! (Falls back into the window, shattering it) AHHH!

Spider-Man: (Widened his eyes) Oh crap!

George: (Sees the man falling from the window) Oh Shit!

Man: (Fell onto a car face forward) GUH!

George: (Looks up at the window, seeing Spider-Man, before turning back to the man) Let's look at him!

Yuri: (Runs over to the suspect, pulling him over to see that he had an injury on his head, recognizing him) Well, I'll be damned! That's responsible for the previous robberies!

George: (Turns to Yuri) Mac Gargan? That's him?

Yuri: Yeah... (Moves to check his neck for a pulse) And to our surprise, he's still breathing.

George: (Turns to look at Spider-Man, only to see that he is gone) No thanks to our little this guy.

Yuri: (Turns to George) Who was that?

George: I don't know... (Turns around) But something tells me that we're gonna be seeing a lot more of him soon...

The Police move to place Gargan in handcuffs, while Peter is seen holding on to one of the Pavillion pillars, taking off his mask as he breathed out air, looking at the man that he had let go at the store...

Peter: (Panted as he looked straight at Gargan) What have I done?

Back in Oscorp, Harry was seen in the living room, watching some TV when his father came in, checking on him.

Norman: (Turns to Harry) Harry, how's it going?

Harry: (Watches the TV) Nothing much, just watching the TV

Norman: Really? What are you watching?

Harry: What do you care? Aren't you too busy to hang around with your Son?

Norman: I may be a busy man Harry. (Turns to sit on the chair across from his son) But that doesn't mean I care about you and your well being... Now, I know we haven't really had been getting some quality time together, and I would say that it's because of the meetings, but to be honest, that would be just a sorry ass excuse of myself to even bother, because the truth is, I haven't been the same after your Mother passed away...

Harry: (Makes a brow) Okay, that is probably the one thing that you have just admitted to now...

Norman: Yeah, well, that's because I'm your Dad Harry, and I know I haven't been paying the utmost close attention to you, but I want to be there for you... I want to be there when you graduate from High School, I wanna be there when you graduate from College, I want to be the kind of Dad that wants to know more about their Son... (Placed a hand on Harry's hand) I want to be just like any other Father in the world Harry, and I know I don't seem like it, but I wish to have these talks from time to time...

Harry: (Looks at his Dad, seeming to be interested in the topic when he widened his eyes) Oh my God...

Norman: Harry, please! You have to believe me-!

Harry: No, not you, the TV! (Dials the volume up high as the TV started to show the news)

News: (Is seen on Queens, displaying a picture of Ben) -A tragedy has occurred tonight in Queens, as a 55-year-old male, Benjamin Parker, husband of May Parker, age 53, was just walking out in the streets when a burglar ran out after robbing a convenience store and shot him in the chest dead! (Shows a photo of Mac Gargan) Police say that the suspect responsible was Mac Gargan, who had been wanted for multiple strings of burglaries in the past month, has been caught after a car chase, and is now placed in police custody! Witnesses say that G

Harry: (Looks at the footage) Oh my God, that's Peter's Uncle!

Norman: (Raises a brow) Peter?

Harry: (Turns to his father) Yeah! Peter, Peter Parker, he's my friend that goes to Midtown!

Norman: Parker? (Placed a hand on his chin) Parker, that sounds awfully familiar.

Harry: Well, it should because his Dad actually worked close to you once.

Norman: Parker... (Widened his eyes as he turned to Harry) Wait, are you talking about Richard Parker?

Harry: If it rings a bell, yeah.

Norman: And you're friends with his son?

Harry: Oh yeah! We've been friends for like, years! (Folded his arms) Why are you curious now?

Norman: I...-!

Stromm: (Contacts Norman) Mr. Osborn! We're ready to begin testing whenever you are!

Norman: Right, I'm on my way! (Turns to Harry) Harry, I deeply apologize, I gotta go-!

Harry: (Nodded) It's fine! Besides, I gotta call Peter anyways, check how he's doing! (Turns to leave)

Norman: (Nodded) Right...

Norman left the living room, walking in the elevator to arrive at the lab, as Stromm was seen waiting for him as the CEO walked in.

Stromm: (Looks at Norman) Mr. Osborn, I really advise you to reconsider this!

Norman: (Walks inside) Is it all in here?

Stromm: Yes!

Norman: Good. (Takes his shirt off) Let's get this over with!

Stromm: Sir, please! The performance enhancers aren't ready! (Norman takes out an enhancer tube) The data just doesn't justify the test!

Norman: Yeah, well I don't give a damn about the data! (Placed the tube on the machine to scan it) We need this done in order to save Oscorp!

Stromm: Mr. Osborn, I have to ask you for the last time, we can't do this! It's too great of a risk!

Norman: Don't be a coward! (Takes the tube out after it was finished being scanned) Risks are part of Laboratory Science! And sometimes, you just have to do things yourself! (Sighs as he looked at the tube) 40,000 years of evolution, and we never tapped our true vastness of human potential, and I don't mean superpowers. (Turns to Stromm) I mean the potential of evolutionary intelligence! (Drinks a cup of whiskey) Ugh! (Finished his own drink as he threw it to the ground) Alright, let's start! Open the cage.

Stromm: (Opens the biohazard cell) I really think this is a bad idea...

Norman: (Walks inside of the cell, and placed himself on the table) Yeah, well if you keep complaining, I'll have to fire your ass just to shut you up. (Felt the locks tighten up) God, I didn't realize this would be cold.

Stromm: (Walks out of the cell and worked on the control panel) Alright, starting in 5... 4... 3... 2... (Turns to the tube, which was still on the machine) 1...

It began to activate, as the tube emptied out its liquid, turning it into gas as they appear from underneath the vents that Osborn is inside of, as the green gas lit up the chamber, his skeletal readings that are shown in the monitor were seen to be increasing, until his heart rate starting to beep rapidly, and sounds of screaming pain were heard as Stromm turned to the cell, noticing his boss hyperventilating himself.

Stromm: (Widened his eyes) Oh my god! Mr. Osborn! (Turns to the panel) Oh god, what have I done?!

Stromm turned off the test immediately, but then suddenly, there was a monstrous sound coming from the chamber, as metal was heard being crushed, and that was proven when a piece of the lock that held Osborn was thrown out towards the glass, shattering it while Stromm ducked down, hitting the computers as everything began to malfunction, as Stromm looked up to see something... Not Norman Osborn, but something else, a creature whose skin is Green as the Hulk, but has Horns grown out of his skull, as his eyes glowed in a menacing Yellow Hue, as everything switched to the beast's point of view, as he looked down at Stromm...

Stromm: (Is seen in in the Monster's POV as he is scared) Oh dear god, what is that thing?! (The beast moves towards him) No, stay back! Stay the hell away from me! STAY BACK! (Tries to crawl away, only for his leg to be entrapped by its hand) AHH! (Gets hung upside down as he looked at the creature) Let me go! Please, just let me go! (Everything is seen on a wall, as shadows of himself and the creature are seen as the beast raised its claws up) No, no! Please! NOOO-!

Those were the doctor's last words, as blood was seen splattered onto the wall where the shadows were seen on...

The next fateful day, Peter was seen walking in his school, silent as students he passed by stared at him, word of his Uncle Ben being killed the night as he walked silently to his locker, as Flash was seen walking towards him.

Flash: (Walks towards Peter) Parker! Hey Parker, you got time to talk?

Peter: (Puts stuff in his locker as he groaned) Flash, I am so not in the mood right now.

Flash: Hey, listen, I just wanna-! (Moves to grab Parker, only for him to be grabbed by the collar and then slammed against the lockers as he was lifted up) Whoa!

Peter: (Glared at Flash) I said I'M NOT IN THE MOOD! (Thompson's eyes widened as he stared at him, slowly putting him down) Alright?

Flash: Dude, relax! I only came by to apologize! (Peter lets go of him) I heard about your Uncle, so I just wanted to say I'm sorry... Alright?

Peter only nodded slowly as he closed his locker, and ventured down the hallway, walking near Gwen, who saw Peter as she walked to him.

Gwen: (Walks in front of Peter) Peter! (Moved to hug him, taking Parker by surprise) I'm... I"m so sorry... I don't know what to say...

Peter: (Slowly hugged Gwen back) You don't have to say anything... (Let's go of the hug as he walked away) It's fine...

Later, Peter was seen in his apartment, as police were seen informing his Aunt May about the suspect they apprehended last night, as her eyes were as tearful as Peter's was right now...

Quaid: (Is seen with May) The charges against Gargan is pretty high, Mrs. Parker, so you can rest assured that he'll be facing life in prison once he faces trial.

Police: (Turns to Quaid) Frank, we're done here, let's go.

Quaid: (Nodded as he turned to May) Contact us if you need any more info...

May: (Nodded) Hmm-mm, thank you... (Placed her hands on her mouth as the police left)

Peter: (Walks over to May) May? About Ben-!

May: (Shook her head) No, no don't Peter, it's not your fault. (Turns to her Nephew) This is not on you... It was on that man that took him from us...

Peter: (Sits next to May) But that doesn't mean everything won't be the same again...

May: I know... (Placed a hand around his shoulder) So we'll have to adjust living on without him... (Takes a deep breath as she started to get off the table) Sorry, I just... (Turns to Peter) I need to be alone for a while, is that okay?

Peter: (Nodded) Sure... (Sees her going into her room and closing it, as he walked out of his apartment, sighing as he rubbed his head when he noticed Harry and Ned walking to him) Hey guys...

Harry: (Walks to Peter) Peter! (Hugs Peter) Hey, we're so sorry about what happened... (Breaks up the hug) I didn't know what to get you, so I just... (Brought an Oreo cookie cup) Got you a snack eat...

Peter: (Chuckles as he took the Oreo) Thanks, I'll uh... I'll make sure to eat these sometime...

Harry: (Folded his arms) Hey, is there any way we can do? I mean, I can have my Dad pay for the Funeral arrangements, but I meant with you-!

Peter: (Nodded) It's fine... (Looks at Harry) It's all good man, you don't have to do anything else...

Harry: Alright... (Turns to leave) Well, I'll be seeing you then...

Ned: (Watched Harry leave as he turned to Peter) So... How are you?

Peter: (Turns to Ned) What do you think?

Ned: Sorry! Bad choice of words, my bad... (Sees Peter walking inside of the restroom) Look man... (Follows Peter inside, as he looked at him) Last night was really, really crappy, but you got the guy that hurt your Uncle, man! At least, you don't have to-!

Peter: (Leans against the wall, sitting down) I let him go...

Ned: (Raises a brow) What?

Peter: (Pulled his knees closer) Last night, at the store... I saw him take the money out of the register, and I let him get away with it... (Tears start welling up) And then, he ended up shooting Ben in the chest... All because of me...

Ned: (Looks at Peter) Peter... You can't mean that-!

Peter: I do! (Gets up) You were right... I have superpowers! And I could have used them to stop Gargan, or otherwise... (Leaned himself against the wall) Otherwise, Ben would still be alive today, and we'd be back in the apartment back to normal...

Ned: Peter, I'm really sorry about Ben... He was a great guy...

Peter: (Turns to Ned) Remember, yesterday morning when you told me that I could be a Superhero?

Ned: (Nodded) Yeah, what about it?

Peter: I wanna do it...

Ned: You wanna do it?

Peter: Yes I do, and I need your help with that.

Ned: (Nodded) Sweet, so I'll be the guy in the chair again?

Peter: (Sighs) You can always be the guy in the chair.

Ned: Great! I mean, are you sure?

Peter: I have the power to do things most people can't, and when I don't use them, people get hurt because of me... (Folded his arms) Just like what happened to Ben was on me...

Ned: So, you're going in the game?

Peter: I think it's about time that New York is introduced to its new hero on the block because Spider-Man's open for business!

Ned: That's just great! Okay, I'll need to get my computer all set up! (Turns to leave) I'll text you!

Peter: (Nodded) Got ya...

Peter walked back to his apartment, as he opened the door, he walked inside of the living room, only to see a man wearing a black leather coat, black cargo pants, and appears to be bald, dark-skinned as Peter took immediate notice.

Peter: (Raises a brow) Uh, excuse me, what are you-?

?: (Stares at the window) Forgive me, I was dropping by to share my condolences when the door was unlocked... (Folded his arms) Your Uncle was a great man I have ever worked with... Shame he had to go away this soon, especially by this tragedy...

Peter: (Looks at the man) I'm sorry... Who are you supposed to be?

?: Just... (Turns around looking at Parker, as he is wearing an eyepatch) An old man paying off his respects... (Walks to him) You must be Peter Parker... Ben told me a lot about you.

Peter: (Nodded) Yeah, you must be one of Ben's coworkers, right?

?: I'm his boss.

Peter: (Widened his eyes) Oh! So, you must be...?

Fury: Fury. (Extends his hand, offering a handshake) Call me Fury.

Peter: (Nodded) Right... (Extended his hand to Fury, making a handshake) Nice to meet you, Fury.

Fury: Nice meeting you too kid... (Turns to leave) I'll go ahead and be out of your way now...

Peter: Okay...

Fury: (Turns to Peter) Oh, and if I have any word of advice... (Peter turns to his attention) Keep both eyes, open. (Turns to leave, shutting the door behind him)

Peter: (Raises a brow) Okay... (Turns to go to his room) That was weird.

Back in Oscorp, Harry was just arriving back when he noticed an ambulance carting away someone, who has a rag covering him as it was placed in the vehicle, taking notice as he walked inside.

Harry: (Noticed the ambulance) Hey, what's going on?

Oscorp Employee: (Turns to Harry) There was some kind of freak accident in one of the labs... Stromm was found dead inside.

Harry: (Widened his eyes) Whoa, how did it happen?

Oscorp Employee: We don't know, we just found him like that when his body was discovered.

Harry: (Turns to go inside) Oh god, my Dad was working with him! (Turns to the elevator, and once he got to his floor, he walked inside of the living room) DAD? (Looks around the floor) DAD?!

Norman: Right here Harry...

Harry turned to see his Father standing in front of the window, with no shirt on, and his pants seemingly partly ripped off as he stared at the window, his son making his approach.

Harry: (Walks to his Father) Dad? Why don't you have a shirt on?

Stromm: (Is seen in a flashback) NOOOOO!

Norman: (Stares at the window) Harry... What time is it?

Harry: It's like, 5 in a half... (Raises a brow) Dad, are you okay?

Norman: (Looked at his hand) I feel better son... In fact... (Turns to Harry with a smile) I never felt so better!

Okay, so this is my first shot at making a Spidey Fanfic, so let me know your thoughts on the review section! What do you guys think of this? Did I do a good job so far? I like to know so therefore I could try making an improvement later in the future.

I hope you guys enjoyed it as well as you have a nice day, and you guys just stay tuned for more Spider-Man!


Chapter Text


Episode 2: Comes Great Responsibility

All Characters belong to Marvel!

Also, I should put in a cast list of characters in this fic, just for the hell of it.

Peter Parker/Spider-Man played by Tom Holland.

Gwen Stacy played by Dove Cameron. (I saw her voiceover performance of the character, and honestly, I think she would kill it in live action)

MJ/Michelle Jones played by Zendaya.

Ned Leeds played by Jacob Batalon.

May Parker played by Marisa Tomei.

Ben Parker played by John Stamos. (No offense, but to hell with Maguire!)

Norman Osborn played by Kevin Bacon.

Harry Osborn played by Dylan Minnette.

George Stacy played by Sean Bean

Yuri Watanabe played by Oliva Munn.

Wilson Fisk/Kingpin played by Vincent D'Onofrio.

Tony Stark played by Robert Downey Jr.

Stan Lee played by... Well, Stan Lee.

I'll add more cast members in the future, but for now, just enjoy the Episode!

It was a clear day in Queens, as Spider-Man was seen swinging around Town with his Webs.

Narrator: (Sees Spider-Man swinging around the city) I know I already said this, but my name is Peter Parker! And it's been two weeks since I first became Spider-Man! (Sees Spidey making a jump flip) Some people may think being a Superhero is simple, but the truth is, being one can be really hard sometimes, and especially when you're carrying a Secret Identity.

Spider-Man: (Moves to shoot more Webs when he suddenly depleted his last supply) What?! (Falls down onto a dumpster) AHHHH!

Narrator: (Sees Spidey drop onto a dumpster) That, and the part where you find out you have a limited amount of Webs you can shoot, which leads to our next part of the story.

Peter: (Runs towards his school) HEY! WAIT PLEASE, I'M LATE FOR CLASS! WAIT! (Ran up to the entrance, only for the janitor to shut it closed, locking him from the outside as he turned to the worker) Hey, come on man! I'm late!

Janitor: (Turns to Peter) Sorry kid, but it's part of the job! (Turns to leave)

Narrator: (Sees Peter groaning) Yeah, I learned that lesson the hard way.

Peter: (Leaned against the door) Seriously?

Narrator: (Sees Peter climbing up a wall) Turns out that keeping a Secret Identity can really affect your personal life. (Peeks his head out into the window, looking at the class) Especially when you're really trying hard not being late to class!

Mr. Harrington: (Turns to a piece of paper while leaning against his desk) Alright, I'm going to call row, so you all know the drill! Say your name so I can hear you. (Checks the row) Elizabeth Allan.

Liz: (Raises her hand up) Here!

Mr. Harrington: Sally Avril.

Sally: (Raises her hand up) Here!

Mr. Harrington: Jake Constantine.

Jake: (Raises his hand up) Here!

Peter: (Go gets his phone and starts texting Ned) Ned, turn left to the window!

Mr. Harrington: Hector Cervantez.

Hector: (Raises his hand up) Here!

Ned: (Checks his phone, seeing the message) The window? (Turns to the window, seeing Peter peek his head as he widened his eyes) What the-?!

Peter: Shh! (Points at his phone)

Mr. Harrington: Jason Ionello.

Jason: (Raises his hand up) Here!

Ned: (Turns to his phone, texting Peter) Dude, WTF are you doing?

Peter: (Texts Ned) I'm trying to get to class!

Mr. Harrington: Amelia Hopkins.

Amelia: (Raises her hand) Here!

Mr. Harrington: Michelle Jones.

MJ: (Raises her hand) Hey.

Peter: I really do not want to be late! I need a distraction!

Ned: What am I supposed to do?!

Mr. Harrington: Carl King.

Carl: (Raises his hand) Yo!

Peter: Just make up something!

Mr. Harrington: Ned Leeds.

Ned: (Turns to Harrington) HERE! (Everyone turns to him, seeing him shout) I'm here!

Mr. Harrington: (Sees Ned) Yes, I can see that well Ned. (Unknown to him or anyone else besides Ned, Peter was seen opening up the window behind him) I just don't see the reason why you have to yell.

Ned: Sorry sir! (Sees Peter climbing inside) I was listening to music loudly, I had no clue that I was speaking so loudly.

Mr. Harrington: (He and no one else saw Peter climbing on the ceiling) Okay, well I suggest you keep it on a low volume from now on, alright Ned?

Ned: (Nodded) Ditto!

Mr. Harrington: Alright then, now if there are no more interruptions... (Checks the row) Laurie Lynton.

Laurie: (Raise her hand) Here!

Mr. Harrington: Cindy Moon.

Cindy: (Raises her hand) Here!

Mr. Harrington: (Sees Peter's name) Peter Parker.

Peter: (Jumped from the ceiling and landed on his desk next to Ned) Here! (Panting)

Mr. Harrington: (Turns to Peter, noticing how sweaty he is) My gosh, Peter, did you take a run or something?

Peter: Yeah! (Nodded) Something like that!

Mr. Harrington: Okay then... (Turns back to the clipboard) Paul Patterson.

Paul: (Raises his hand) Here!

Peter: (Turns to Ned) Dude, thank you so much for helping me out!

Ned: (Turns to Peter) Dude, where were you?

Peter: I was late!

Ned: How could you be late?! You're-!

Peter: Shh!

Ned: (Nodded as he whispered) You're Spider-Man! You could have easily gone ahead and swung here with no trouble at all!

Peter: I know, I just had to deal with a mugger.

Ned: And a mugger kept you from getting here?

Peter: He had a gun! I had to be careful!

Ned: And how come you didn't use the Webs?

Peter: I ran out.

Ned: You ran out?!

Peter: Hey, I didn't know I could run out! This is a first for me!

Ned: (Sniffs his nose) Ugh! Did you fall inside of a dumpster?

Peter: (Nodded slowly) Hmm-mm.

Ned: (Covers his nose) Oh, god you smell!

Peter: Yeah, you don't need to tell me.

Later, Peter and Ned met each other in the cafeteria at lunch as they discussed the previous setback involving the Web Shooters.

Peter: (Sits next to Ned) And then the minute I pressed it, no webs came out! I just fell over just 100 in the air before landing in the dumpster!

Ned: (Sits next to Peter) I didn't know you could survive a drop that high.

Peter: Neither did I, but I don't really wanna push the limit on that.

Ned: Dude, you should work on the Web Shooter problem, especially if you need to get somewhere.

Peter: Yeah, I'll make sure to figure out the Web Shooter inventory before I go out being Spider-Man again.

Ned: (Looks at the TV) Speaking of which, check out the screen!

Trish: (Is seen on Trish Talk as the studio displays an image of Spider-Man) -Reports of a Spider-Man in the Queens Borough, as he was seen apprehending a mugger just last night-!

Peter: (Widened his eyes) I made the news?!

Ned: (Nodded) Hell yeah!

Trish: -As the question remains as to who is Spider-Man? What are his intentions? And most importantly, who is behind the mask? (Shows a man, sitting on his desk as he looked was seen on the screen) We now go live to J. Jonah Jameson, current head publisher of the Daily Bugle, and also the man who is known to publish his most trended article, Spider-Man: Threat or Menace?

Peter: (Raises a brow) Threat or Menace?!

Trish: Mr. Jameson is also an outspoken advocate against Spider-Man, despite his recent appearance.

Jameson: (Nodded as he was seen on screen) Happy to be here Trish.

Trish: Mr. Jameson, your article on Spider-Man is rather an interesting read, but some people may find this, myself included, rather odd, considering that witnesses that have seen Spider-Man in action to be a hero of sorts.

Jameson: Well, I must say those think that are sorely mistaken! Spider-Man acts like he's Robin Hood, but deep down, I know for a fact that he's a menace!

Trish: And how do you believe that?

Jameson: Because he always appears whenever the crime happens! One moment, you're getting beat up by a loan shark, the next, Spider-Man just happens to swing on around the corner, and he saves the day!

Trish: So, you're saying that the heroics are nothing, but a sham?

Jameson: Exactly Mrs. Walker, that is exactly my point! And to add a note to this, Spider-Man also leaves around a trail of property damage wherever he goes! Like the time he had made on that car's hood and grill! That must cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars to pay!

Peter: Well, how you try stopping a car from crashing onto a transit bus with your bare hands, and see how you like it!

Ned: (Looks at the news) Oh man, this is bad.

Peter: You think? Spider-Man is supposed to be a hero, not some kind of bad guy!

MJ: (Sat on the same table with Peter and Ned) And why do you care so much about it?

Peter: (Widened his eyes when he saw MJ sitting down) B-Because... (Turns to Ned, before turning back to MJ) Because this will put a bad image on him! You know? Because Spider-man's a hero!

MJ: And how do you know that? (Drinks a Gatorade)

Peter: Because... (Shrugged) He saved me! From a group of muggers, when I was walking home late.

MJ: Hmm-mm.

Peter: And honestly, if he was a bad guy, then what would be the point of helping me out when he could just beat me up with the rest of the muggers?

MJ: What does that say about Triple J?

Peter: That he's assuming too much about him, that's what! He doesn't even know what he's talking about.

MJ: Well, you can't really do anything about it, because one, he's head of a newspaper company, and two, you're not Spider-Man, are you?

Peter: (Widened his expression awkwardly) No, I certainly am not! I honestly don't know why you would think something like that.

Ned: Yeah, I don't know either, Peter's too skinny.

Peter: Really skinny.

Ned: Very skinny.

Peter: I am such, a fragile human being.

MJ: Yeah, my thoughts exactly.

Ned: (Turns to MJ) What, do you think Spider-Man's a menace too?

MJ: Honestly, I don't know what to say about Spidey. (Smirks) Heh, see that? I just made a new nickname for him! (Gets out her phone) That's definitely gonna trend real quick!

Peter: But do you think he's a hero or menace?

MJ: As I said, I don't know what to say about him. (Turns to Peter after posting) But, if what you say about him is true, then he should prove it.

Ned: Prove what?

MJ: That, he's a hero! And if he wants to be called that, then he should do things that would make people feel positive about him, like, I don't know... Saving a cat out of a tree? Getting people out of burning buildings, and... (Peter and Ned continue listening) ...Yeah, I got nothing else to point out. (Gets out a book) But yeah, you two get the point.

Harry: (Walks over to Peter and Ned) Hey guys!

Peter: (Turns to Harry) Hey Harry!

Ned: (Turns to Harry) Sup man?

Harry: Nothing much. (Sits in between Peter and Ned as he saw MJ) Hey MJ.

MJ: (Reads her book) Only my friends call me MJ, and you're not my friend.

Harry: Oh come on, are you seriously gonna hold a grudge on me? You don't even know me!

MJ: Uh, let's see... Last name, Osborn, known for animal experimentation. (Turns to give Harry a fake smile) Yeah, I already know plenty enough, thank you very much.

Harry: Yeah, that's my Dad by the way, so blame him!

Ned: That's a little funny, considering nobody knows who Spider-Man is, right?

MJ: (Rolls her eyes) Whatever.

Harry: (Turns to Peter and Ned) Speaking of which, I should talk to you about my Old Man.

Peter: (Raises a brow) You guys get into another fight?

Harry: Not really, but there was some freaky accident after school the other day, and then he started acting weird.

Ned: How weird?

Harry: Like, he hasn't been showing up more recently ever since an accident at one of his labs.

Peter: Well, your Dad probably has another one of those meetings.

Harry: I guess, but something tells me its something more than just that...

At Oscorp, Norman was seen in his room, staring at a window until a call was heard from his desk, as he went away from the window and turned to answer the call, as the screen was turned on, revealing none other than the military contractor for his company.

Norman: (Sees the General) General Slocum, what brings you to my time?

Slocum: (Is seen on the screen) Don't act polite Osborn! We've been waiting patiently for you to demonstrate your technologies to help improve the Government!

Norman: Apologies General, there was an incident.

Slocum: What kind of an incident? What happened?

Norman: I-!

Goblin: (Is seen in a memory) RAHH!

Norman: (Rubbed his head) I, am not sure... But whatever happened, it resulted in the death of one of my best leading scientists.

Slocum: So you're telling me that your research has been going nowhere, considering a fatality in your report? Mr. Osborn, Secretary Thaddeus Ross has placed me in charge of this project to ensure the program of an army of Enhanced beings that are similarly strong as to the Avengers! And you said that it would work!

Norman: And it will! General, we are this close to perfecting the same Erskine Super Soldier formula that Captain America has gone through, I just need some more time, and support-!

Slocum: For one thing Osborn, you have never had my support in this program, and for another, we have given you plenty of time until now.

Norman: General, please! You can't do this!

Slocum: But I can, Doctor Osborn, and for many reasons since I have received a report from one of the early test subjects that were found displaying the following symptoms, such as violence, aggression, and insanity. (Folded his arms) Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to prepare for a test run from Aerospace in a few days, so feel free to start placing in a resume for a job at Mcdonald's. (Chuckled as he ended the call)

Norman: (Sighs as he turned back to the window) Damn...

Norman went back to stare at the window, looking over Manhattan when memory flashes of a monster were seen as he gripped his head in pain.

Norman: (Groans as he received a headache) What the hell...

Stromm: (Is seen in a flashback) STAY BACK!

Norman: (Panted as he walked to the bathroom) God...

Stromm: (Is seen hanging upside down in the memory) Let me go! Please, just let me go!

Norman: (Turns to the sink and turned on the faucet) Jesus, what the hell's wrong with me?

Norman began to rinse his face off with water, wiping himself off as he rubbed his eyes to look at himself in the mirror, but instead of himself, there was a beast standing before him, its eyes glowing Yellow, and its skin Green, its Horns sticking out like a Goblin as it stared Norman back with hate.

Norman: (Widened his eyes in surprised) What the-?!

Goblin: (Roars) RAHHH! (Moves his hand towards Norman, breaking the glass)

Norman: (Jumped back) AHH!

Norman fell to the floor, staring at the mirror, which turned out to have not been cracked open, as he panted like crazy, as if he was out of breath, as he just stared out into a blank space.

Slocum: (Is seen in a flashback) I have received a report from one of the early test subjects that were found displaying the following symptoms...

Norman: (Stares into a blank space while eerie music settled in the background) Hehehehe...

Slocum: Such as violence...

Norman: (Starts laughing manically while slamming his fist onto the ground) Hehehehehehehe!

Slocum: Aggression...

Norman: (Bangs his fist on the floor) Hahahahahahaha!

Slocum: And insanity...

Norman: (Leaned his head against the floor, his expression looking quite crazy as he just laughed) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Norman did nothing, but laugh the entire time as the water faucet continued to run its water, his laughter echoing the room, as his shadow began to show off a figure of a Goblin...

Back in school, Peter was seen walking in the halls when he started to encounter Gwen once more in the area.

Gwen: (Sees Peter) Peter!

Peter: (Noticed Gwen, widening his expression) Gwen! (Turns to Gwen) Hey, how are you?

Gwen: Oh, just dealing with school, but you already know I don't mind. (Folded her arms) But, how are you with everything that's happened?

Peter: You know... (Rubbed his head) I still feel sad at times, but you know... (Turns to Gwen) I found a way that makes me feel better because, in a way, it would make Ben proud of me, so... (Shrugged) Yeah, so far, so good.

Gwen: I'm glad! (Raises a curious brow) Just, what kind of thing did you find?

Spider-Man: (Is seen swinging around Queens) WOOO!

Peter: (Rubbed his head) Just... Some studying hard in school, because he said something like, With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility, something to live by.

Gwen: (Nodded) Yeah, that sounds a lot to live by. (Smiled) Speaking of which, you don't happen to be a fan of Iron Man, don't you?

Narrator: PAUSE! (Everything freezes) Yeah, I'm so, so sorry to interrupt this, but I really need to tell you, I am a major Iron Man fan! No bullshit! And believe it or not, I actually got to meet him once! (Time travels back in time in Queens) It was sometime around months after it was first revealed that Tony Stark and Iron Man were the same person, as well as the same time as there was some commotion involving some guy named Hammer, and another creepy dude, who I think called himself Whiplash. (Young Peter was seen standing his ground, wearing an Iron Man Mask while everyone else was running away) I was just dropping by with my Uncle and Aunt on one of the Stark Expos when there were Robots that began to go nuts! (A Hammer Drone was seen targeting Peter, as he started to raises his hand up, while the Drone was raising its gun up at him) And I would have been toast if it weren't for this special moment.

Suddenly, Iron Man was seen landing behind Peter, as he raised his hand at the Drone, and shot at it, disabling it as it went down onto the ground, while the armored hero turned to the young Parker.

Iron Man: (Looks at Peter) Nice work kid. (Turns to fly away)

Narrator: (Sees young Peter staring at Iron Man) Yeah, that was probably one of the best moments of my entire life! (Travels back into the present) Unfortunately, because I was wearing an Iron Man mask, nobody would believe me, so yeah, funny how luck can have its limits.

Peter: (Everything unfroze as he nodded his head) Oh, hell yeah! The guy's really awesome!

Gwen: Good, because I got you a treat! Tony Stark is having another Stark Expo tomorrow, and Midtown's Decathlon Team just got invited to experience it.

Peter: (Widened his eyes) Oh crap, really?!

Gwen: (Nodded) Hmm-mm.

Peter: (Smiled) Gwen, thank you! I really appreciate this! What time-?

Gwen: Morning, an hour before school starts, so I'd suggest you start sleeping early tonight.

Peter: Thanks Gwen, you have no idea how much this means to me!

Gwen: (Smiled) Hey, no problem! (Turns to leave) I'll see you around tomorrow.

Peter: Great! See ya! (Turns to leave school as the bell rang)

Ned: (Turns to see Peter) Hey, did you hear about the Stark Expo?

Peter: Yeah, we're going to meet Iron Man, dude!

Ned: Yeah! That's really exciting!

Peter: I know! This is going to be awesome tomorrow!

Ned: Wait, so does this mean we're not doing the Spider-Man thing today?

Peter: (Raises a brow) What? No, we're still gonna do that. (Folded his arms) Besides, Spider-Man needs public support from what that nutjob, Jameson has to say about me!

Ned: That's really great because I got everything set up! Police scanners, GPS locations, web cameras, everything!

Peter: Awesome!

Ned: Wait, did you fix that Web Shooter problem?

Peter: Yup! (Cracks his fingers) Let's get to work!

Elsewhere, there was a convention going on, a party for the wealthy, as people around had cups of wine in their hands, a fat, bald man was seen sitting on a chair, while another, his assistant, was sitting next to him as they seemingly enjoyed the party.

?: (Turns to the bald man) So, this is a nice time, Mr. Fisk.

Fisk: (Drinks a sip of wine) More boring for me really... (Turns to his assistant) Wesley, about our business-!

Wesley: Don't be alarmed, the cocaine and meth operations are at a steady level.

Fisk: And the gun operation?

Wesley: We are about to have a huge deal with one of our buyers.

Fisk: Excellent, then it is no problem at all.

Wesley: Well, if I am being honest sir... The buyer is looking for something... Exotic.

Fisk: (Raises a brow) Define exotic for me.

Wesley: Well, what they're interested in is not something out of the normal shipment, but rather something uniquely exquisite, something most in this kind of business would love to have, something that's one of a kind. (Leaned forward) And I am not talking about the kind that you can just simply make from scratch, I am talking about the kind that only an Avenger, would use.

Fisk: (Raises a brow) I'm sorry, which Avenger are you referring to?

Host: (Gets a microphone) Thank you, everyone, for coming! You all are such genuine guests, but it is my proud duty, to represent to you, my Guest of Honor, Tony Stark!

Suddenly, Tony appeared on the stage, taking everyone to make loud claps of applause as he gladly took the microphone from the host, turning to his fellow guests.

Tony: (Turns to the guests) Thanks for having me everyone, it's really good to be here, staring at all the lovely ladies here, am I right? (Everyone laughs at his joke) Right, well, it's really great being here! (Turns to the host) Tom, thanks for having me, you have a nice party here.

Wesley: (Stares at Stark) You asked which Avenger I was referring to... (Folded his arms) Well, take a wild guess.

Fisk: (Sees Stark, before turning to Wesley) You serious?

Wesley: That's what the buyer told me.

Fisk: Well, he's going to be disappointed, because I don't have any of those kinds of weapons in my arsenal.

Wesley: If I may add, this buyer is willing to give out about $50 million dollars from this kind of sale!

Fisk: And I doubt Stark would ever bother making deals with weapons! He doesn't do that anymore.

Wesley: Well, if my inside man is right, Stark is unveiling one of his new suits tomorrow at one of his Expos at Central Park, so if we were to hire someone with special expertise, let's say, had a personal history with Stark, get the suit for us, then it won't be a problem.

Fisk: Do you realize what this is going to be? You're asking me to cross uncharted territory here!

Wesley: Well, I don't see any other options, considering our friend with the Horns keeps running amok in our operations at Hell's Kitchen, and besides... It'd be nice having something like that in our disposal to deal with him once and for all.

Fisk: Hmm... (Rubs his chin) I suppose so... (Turns to Wesley) Alright, start searching for one of Stark's personal enemies, see if one of them is available.

Wesley: I'm glad you said that.

Later, Spider-Man was seen standing on a rooftop, as he looked over New York, The Rock Show by the Blink-182 was played in the background.

Spider-Man: (Uses his headphones) Ned, can you hear me?

Ned: (Is seen in his room, on his computer looking over the city cameras) Go for Ned.

Spider-Man: Awesome! Listen, MJ was right about something at lunch today.

Ned: (Raises a brow) Wait, we're actually taking advice from MJ?

Spider-Man: Well, she's kind of awkward, but she's got a point though! If I want to prove that Spider-Man isn't a threat, then I should start to mean it!

Ned: Okay, so how long do you want to do this?

Spider-Man: Probably until it starts getting late at night. (Knelt down in an acrobatic position) So, do you have anything I can go for?

Ned: Checking... (Spotted a red dot on the map) Okay, I got something! Car chase located on Forest Hills, going from Jewel Avenue to Yellowstone Boulevard.

Spider-Man: Car chase? (Nodded) Yeah, I think I can do a car chase.

And so, he went ahead with the car chase, as the police were chasing after two suspects in a car, when Spider-Man arrived, landing in front of the criminal's front hood.

Spider-Man: (Landed in front of the car's hood) Hey guys!

Thug: (Widened his eyes, seeing Spider-Man in the window) AHH! (Swerves over, hitting a wall)

Spider-Man: (Got flung over in the air when the car crashed) AHHH! (Fell on a car) UGH!

Ned: (Sees Peter in his house, rubbing his arm) So, that didn't go well.

Peter: (Groans as he rubbed his arm) Yeah, but at least those guys got caught by the cops, so that's the least of my worries.

Police Scanner: (Is seen on Ned's desk) All units, we have a possible 10-20 in progress, 10-5, robbery in progress, over.

Peter: (Turns to the Scanner) Oh, robbery! Perfect! (Turns to put his mask on)

Ned: (Turns to Peter) Hey, did you have time to find out whether or not, you're bulletproof?

Spider-Man: Uh... (Turns to Ned with a thumbs up) I hope so!

Robber: (Is seen robbing a restaurant) Get down! (Shoots his shotgun at the ceiling, making everyone shout) Nobody move! (Turns to the store owner) Hurry up and put the money in the bag! (Suddenly got kicked by Spider-Man, who jumped out into the window) AGH! (Fell to the floor)

Spider-Man: (Lands on the floor) Hey, you got a permit for that weapon?

Robber: (Gets out a knife and swung it at him) RAGH!

Spider-Man: (Moved his hand up, getting cut) AH! (Spiderwebs the guy) Seriously man?!

Store Owner: (Gets up, slowly) You alright?

Spider-Man: (Grabs a napkin, holding his wound) Yeah, just doing fine. (Turns to leave) Have a nice day!

Ned: (Is seen sitting on his desk) So, not bulletproof?

Spider-Man: No. (Groans as he webbed the napkin on his hand) Absolutely not!

Ned: Well, not everybody is Luke Cage man.

Spider-Man: Anything else?

Ned: Uh... (Looks at his computer) Oh, hey! An ambulance is having an issue with traffic, and the injured is having a heart failure, so they won't make it to Metro General on time!

Spider-Man: On my way! (Later is seen putting an elderly man on a wheelchair) Hey, you just take it, easy man! (Turns to a nurse) Hey, this guy is the guy you were expecting?

Nurse: (Walks to the man) Hey, yes it is! (Turns to Spider-Man) Thanks so much!

Spider-Man: Hey, no problem! (Swings into the air)

CBC News: (Is seen displaying images of Spider-Man) It appears to be that Spider-Man is displaying a lot of heroics lately since he was seen saving the life of a man experiencing a heart attack when the ambulance was stuck in a traffic jam-!

Fox News: (Shows a picture of Spidey in a fire) Spider-Man has just saved three people stuck inside of a fire at approximately 4:42 PM, bystanders have immediately given thanks to the masked hero-!

Channel 5 News: (Shows Spider-Man swinging) Looks like New York City has received another hero down the block, as Spider-Man is living up to his name-!

CNN: (Shows a picture of Spider-Man) Just one question that is on our minds, who is the man behind the mask? Who is Spider-Man?

Ned: (Sees the news, smiling) Hey, you're doing it, man! People are starting to love you!

Spider-Man: (Jumped onto a crane) Well, nice to know some people are appreciated.

Ned: Maybe Triple J will start to change his mind about you!

Spider-Man: (Hangs upside down, holding onto a web while looking a big screen) Yeah, I'm starting to doubt that.

Ned: Why would you say that?

Spider-Man: (Sees Jameson on the screen) You may wanna turn to the Daily Bugle on this.

Jameson: (Is seen on the Daily Bugle) Now, I know that there is a lot of commotion about these so-called, "Heroics, but make no mistake! Spider-Man is a menace to this city! And he is a fraudulent punk wanting nothing more than attention to live up to!

Ned: (Sees the Bugle) Man, that is bull! He's still talking crap?

Spider-Man: Yeah, this can't get any worse!

Jameson: (Is with George Stacy with him) Now, before I get into that, I'd like to introduce Captain George Stacy! New York's finest police captain this town has ever seen!

George: (Is seen with Jonah) Glad to be here Jonah.

Jameson: (Turns to George) Now, your job is to bring justice to those that do wrong, correct? So how come I am not hearing anyone in your department talking about putting handcuffs on that Wall-Crawling Menace?!

George: Well, you're correct, Jonah, it is indeed my job to bring those committing a crime to justice, and from what I've heard, apparently, so is Spider-Man's.

Ned: Okay, this guy's on our side.

Spider-Man: (Sighs in relief) Thank you!

George: But, what Spider-Man is doing is an act of Vigilantism.

Spider-Man: (Widened his eyes) Wait, what?!

George: And therefore, I am putting out a warrant against this so-called, Spider-Man, and anyone who sees him must immediately call 911 because Spider-Man is no hero, he is a vigilante. (Folded his arms) And that is all that I am going to say. (Turns to leave) Thank you for having.

Jameson: (Turns to the cameras) Now you see that? Now that is real heroism right there! Not some masked threat that lurks-!

Spider-Man: (Groans) Come on, you got to be kidding!

Ned: (Leans against his chair) Sorry man, at least we tried.

Spider-Man: (Sighs) Yeah, I guess.

Ned: So, do you wanna call it a night?

Spider-Man: Yeah, let's call this a night.

Ned: Alright. (Shuts his laptop off, as well as turning off the Police Scanner) See you tomorrow dude.

Spider-Man: Later Ned. (Turns to climb up the wall as their call ended, only to receive a phone call from May, which he answered) Hey May.

May: (Is seen watching TV) Hey Peter, how are you doing?

Spider-Man: (Walks on the roof) Doing okay, just heading home right now.

May: (Raises a brow) Oh, so does this mean you're not going on that date with Gwen Stacy tonight.

Narrator: (Sees Spidey widened his eyes as time froze) Date? Wait a minute...

Flashback, last week.

Gwen: (Texts Peter) Hey, how are you?

Peter: (Texts Gwen) Okay... We just finished the funeral.

Gwen: I'm so sorry for what happened.

Peter: It's fine, but can we postpone our date to like, a week from now?

Gwen: Totally! It's no problem at all.

Peter: Great! What time?

Gwen: Try 6:30, at that restaurant on Thompson Ave? Good Times Cafe?

Peter: Cool! See you on Wednesday! ;)

Gwen: :)

Flashback ends.

Narrator: (Sees Spidey on his phone reading the time, which read 6:25) Shit!

Spider-Man: (Widened his eyes) Oh! Right! Thanks for reminding me May! (Jumps off the roof) I gotta go!

May: Alright, be back home before 9.

Spider-Man: Okay, Bye! (Ends the call) Crap, how the hell could I forget?! (Jumps onto a subway train heading to Sunnyside when he got a call from Gwen) Crap! (Answers the call) Hey, how's it going?

Gwen: (Is seen walking in the restaurant) Hey, I'm here at the place! Are you on your way right now?

Spider-Man: Yeah, I'm almost there! (Train horns are honking)

Gwen: (Hears the train running in the background, raising a brow) Hey, where are you? Are you riding the train?

Spider-Man: Yes! (Rides on top of the train, arriving at his destination at Queens) Yes, I am, actually!

Gwen: Are you gonna make it on time?

Spider-Man: Oh yeah! (Jumps off the train, shooting off webs) Totally! Don't worry about it!

Gwen: (Nodded as she held out two fingers, signaling a table for two) Alright, well I'm gonna find us a table, so I'll shout out when I see you.

Spider-Man: Great! See you soon! (Swings to Sunnyside) Come on, don't be late! Please, don't be late!

He arrived at the destination, landing in an alleyway as Peter quickly changed back into his regular clothes, putting his Spider-Man costume back into his backpack as he walked inside of the restaurant, looking around while Gwen took notice.

Gwen: (Raises her hand up) Peter!

Peter: (Noticed Gwen) Hey! (Walks to the table, sitting down while smiling) Hey, it's great to see you!

Gwen: (Looks at Peter, smiling as he was sitting in front of her) Yeah, it's good to see you too! How are you?

Peter: Great! What about you?

Gwen: Okay, just getting around. (Looks around) So, have you ever been to this place before?

Peter: Uh, a few times, but I often take food from Mr. Dilmore's deli.

Gwen: The where the Pizza Hut is?

Peter: Yeah, that one! You go there for lunch too?

Gwen: Breakfast, actually.

Peter: (Made a surprised brow) Wow, he actually serves breakfast?

Gwen: Oh yeah, he's always served breakfast and lunch.

Peter: I thought he always served lunch.

Gwen: Well, you've just got proven wrong.

Peter: Heh, serves me right then.

Gwen: Hehehe, ah, this is nice.

Peter: Yeah, I'm glad we're hanging out.

Stan Lee: (Is seen as a waiter, who comes to Peter and Gwen) How can I help you two tonight?

Peter: (Turns to Stan) Oh yeah, I'll have Chicken Tenders with a side of fries, along with a Sprite with no ice.

Stan Lee: Alright. (Checks the order, and turns to Gwen) And what will you be having tonight miss?

Gwen: I'll have, tonight's special, with a Root Beer.

Stan Lee: Tonight's special, huh? (Grins) Excelsior! (Turns to leave) I'll get your order right on it!

Peter: (Turns to Gwen) So, Gwen, do you mind if I asked you a question?

Gwen: (Nodded) Yeah, shoot.

Peter: So... (Twirled his fingers) What do you think about Spider-Man?

Gwen: (Widened her eyes) What do I think of Spider-Man? Um... (Rubs her arm) Gosh, I honestly don't know what to say...

Peter: Well, you can think of something, right? Anything about him? About what he does?

Gwen: If I'm being honest here, I think what he does is okay it's just...

Peter: (Raises a brow) It's just what?

Gwen: (Shrugs) I think he needs a new costume.

Peter: (Widened his eyes) Seriously?

Gwen: (Nodded) Yeah! I mean, if you look at his costume, it's just nothing, but a onesie really! So let me tell you, he definitely, is in dire need of an upgrade!

Peter: I, I don't know. (Shrugs) I think it looks fine.

Gwen: I don't know, it's just that the outfit is really in bad taste.

Peter: (Raises a brow) Is that another reason why everyone's complaining about Spider-Man?

George: (Walks to the two) What about Spider-Man?

Peter: (Turns to see George, widening his eyes) Captain Stacy?!

Gwen: (Turns to see her dad, widening her eyes) Dad?!

Peter: (Turns to Gwen) Dad?!

Narrator: (Everything freeze) Hold up, did I mention that Gwen Stacy's Dad happened to be one of New York's finest officers in the city? Yup, the same guy that's trying to arrest me for being Spider-Man, and possibly for dating his Daughter right in front him, so yeah! (Chuckles) Just my luck, right?

George: (Nodded as time unfroze) Yeah, nice seeing you Gwen. (Turns to Peter) But do I know you?

Peter: (Turns to George) Uh... (Shook his head) Nope! I'm a total stranger, not even famous.

George: Then how come you knew my name?

Peter: Well, I saw you on the news, with J. Jonah Jameson, about Spider-Man.

George: Right... (Raises a brow) Who are you?

Gwen: That, is Peter Parker, who goes to the same school as I do, and is in the Decathlon Team, School Paper, and currently, my boyfriend.

George: Oh, is that right? (Turns to Peter) Well, it's a pleasure meeting you, Peter.

Peter: (Nodded as he shook hands with George) Yeah, nice meeting you too, sir.

George: (Turns to Gwen) I apologize, was I interrupting your date?

Gwen: Uh, yeah you are actually, just what are you doing here?

George: I was just grabbing some takeout when I saw you with Peter, who was asking you about Spider-Man. (Turns to sit on a stool) Which makes me curious though, what do you think of him?

Peter: (Shrugs) I, I don't know, what about you? You haven't really answered your thoughts about Spidey.

George: Spidey, huh? Is that one of those nicknames they call him?

Gwen: (Nodded) Yeah, my friend, MJ picked it out.

George: Right. (Folded his arms) Well, to answer your question, Mr. Parker, I think that Spider-Man is a vigilante who believes that working above the law is alright, and he's also assaulting civilians wherever he goes.

Peter: (Raises a brow) Assaulting? Is that the right word you put it?

George: Well, just last week, Spider-Man was found pushing a man out of the window, who just landed face forward onto the car.

Peter: Last time I heard, that man was not only alive but was also the same man that killed my Uncle.

George: Point is, he has no right to do that! It's not his job, it's the job for the police.

Peter: Really? Because, you don't seem to mind Tony Stark flying around in his Suit, or Thor using his magic hammer against bad guys.

George: That's because we all know who they are! But Spider-Man? Nobody has a single clue to who or what he is! The Avengers are smart and well trained, but Spider-Man is not only clumsy, but he's also reckless! Although he leaves clues every now and then, that doesn't mean that he's also dangerous.

Peter: Says the same guy who made the Hulk.

Gwen: (Noticed a conversation between Peter and her Dad becoming an argument) Guys...

George: Alright, what do you think about him, huh? What do you think of Spider-Man?

Peter: Me? Honestly, I think the guy is just trying to help out!

George; You think so?

Peter: Yeah! I mean, I saw that video, with him stopping a car from crashing into a transit bus, and I think that most people would say that he was, you know... Providing a public service.

George: Well, I have to say that most people would be wrong because what Spider-Man did was a good cause, but he did put in a lot of damage on that car.

Peter: Well, what if that's the problem though? I mean, what if that was like, his first time ever doing it?

George: Well, that just proves my point about how clumsy he is!

Peter: And those guys having a car chase earlier today? How come they weren't arrested?

George: (Scoffs) Oh, trust me! If I wanted them off the streets, they'd be off!

Peter: So why weren't they?

Gwen: (Laughs nervously) Haha! Hey, so where are those drinks, huh?

Stan Lee: (Comes in with the Root Beer and Sprite) Sorry about that, here you go!

Peter: (Receives his drink) Thank you.

Stan Lee: (Turns to George) I'm sorry, but aren't ya with these kids?

George: I'm about to leave soon. (Turns to Peter) And to answer your question is because those men in that car were leading us to people that ran the entire operations running in New York, people who worked for men like Wilson Fisk, and it was a six-month strategy until Spider-Man came and ruined it. I mean, you have learned a thing about strategy, right? Coordinated attack?

Peter: (Nods slowly) Yeah, I have learned that word and its definition.

George: Then you should know that Spider-Man needs to be out of the streets.

Peter: Well, how was he supposed to know if you were making a move on them?

George: Oh for god's sakes! Whose side are you on here?

Peter: Hey, I'm not about choosing sides, I'm just saying because I watched a video on the internet-!

George: Oh, here we go! A video on the internet! Here it is, folks! Cased closed!

Gwen: (Sighs) Oh boy.

Peter: Well, all I'm saying is, that he looks like he's trying to help!

George: That's not what Jameson says.

Peter: So what? You're gonna believe what some guy on the internet says, huh?

George: At least they have a point about Spider-Man.

Peter: Well, with all due respect sir, but that would just make you look like a complete hypocrite!

Gwen: Hey guys! (Gets their attention) Hey, it's kinda getting a little too wild in here, so maybe we should like, call it a night on this conversation before it goes any further?

George: (Sighs) Fine. (Turns to leave) For the record, he's one of a kind.

Gwen: (Turns to Peter) That was dramatic.

Peter: (Rubs his head) Yeah, sorry about that!

Gwen: (Raises a brow) Just to be curious, why does it matter whether or not Spider-Man is an issue?

Peter: Well, uh...

Gwen: (Sighs) You know what? Maybe we should call this another time. (Gets up) Besides, my Dad's probably gonna be in a mood, so I should be there when he calms down.

Peter: Oh, Gwen, I'm sorry! I didn't mean!

Gwen: Oh, it's cool! Besides, I can convince him you mean well. (Turns to leave) I'll see you tomorrow at the Expo!

Peter: Yeah, see ya! (Sighs as Gwen left, hitting himself on the head) Stupid!

Stan Lee: (Walks to Peter, noticing the whole ordeal) Well, that went well.

Peter: You don't say...

Stan Lee: So uh... Do you need that Tonight's Special canceled?

Later, somewhere in New York, a man held in a straightjacket was seen inside of a van as he was driven somewhere, being guarded by two SWAT team members when the Prison truck made its stop, making the man confused by this action.

?: (In a straightjacket, raising a brow) Why we stop?

SWAT: (Gets the man up) Let's go Vanko.

Vanko: (Gets escorted out of the truck) Have we arrived at the Raft yet?

SWAT: You're not going to the Raft. (Turns to Vanko) Mr. Fisk would personally like to see you.

Vanko looked up to see Fisk Tower, standing right up in the air, as he was then sent up into the personal chambers of Wilson Fisk, AKA the Kingpin, as he was walked down by the two corrupt SWAT agents, having his straightjacket taken off.

Fisk: (Sees Vanko) Thank you, gentlemen, you may leave now. (Sees the two left, leaving him and Vanko in the room) Tell me... Do you know who I am?

Vanko: (Nodded) Wilson Fisk... I've heard a lot about you and your reputation.

Fisk: Then you should know that I have a job for you.

Vanko: (Folded his arms) Let me guess, does it involve a dance with the Devil of Hell's Kitchen I've heard so much about?

Fisk: He is... An annoyance, indeed, but it's not about that, this one's a different job, one you would find preferably most, entertaining. (Turns on his computer, showing off Tony Stark) You and Tony Stark have a history together, correct?

Vanko: (Buried his hand into a fist, glaring at the picture of Stark) Nothing in this world would please me more other than to see Stark's head on a spike.

Fisk: And that leads me to the job. (Shows photos of the Stark Expo) There is a Stark Expo going on tomorrow at Central Park, and rumor has it that Stark is unveiling a new prototype suit of his, and the reason why I'm telling you this because I want that prototype. (Turns to the pictures) I find his technology something that will help my business, and unfortunately, I don't have any of that at my current disposal. (Gets out a switch, revealing Vanko's Whiplashes) But, if you get me that suit, I'll pay you over $10 Million in cash, starting with the first half right now, and the next after you retrieve it. (Turns to Vanko) Do we have a deal?

Vanko: (Looks at his Whiplashes, as well as his suit) I'm gonna need some upgrades... (Turns to Fisk) As well as some armed explosives.

Fisk: (Nodded in approval) Consider it done.

Later the next day, Peter was seen at the Stark Expo with his fellow Midtown Students, as they walked around Central Park, having been decorated with the Stark/Iron Man logos all over the street.

Mr. Harrington: (Turns to the class) Alright class, now remember! This is a field trip, and you're free to roam around freely at your own domain, but make sure to come right back here afterward, but that is if you want to get left behind of course. (Turns to leave) Now have fun!

Gwen: (Turns to the group) One more thing! We're supposed to pair up into a group of two during the occasion, so find a partner, and we'll see you around! (Turns to walk around with Liz)

Harry: (Turns to Peter) Hey, I'm sorry about the date with Gwen last night.

Peter: It's all good Harry, I just, didn't expect her Dad to be there!

Harry: Well, New York's a big place, but you just happen to run into people you never expect to meet.

MJ: (Turns to Harry) Hey Osborn, you're it.

Harry: (Turns to MJ) What?

MJ: I'm your partner today.

Harry: But, I thought you hated me?

MJ: Well, I don't have anyone else to go to, so today's your lucky day.

Ned: (Nodded) It's fine Harry, I'll go with Peter!

Harry: (Nodded) Right. (Turns to leave with MJ) So, where do you wanna go?

MJ: (Shrugged) Point me to where an Avenger is, and that's where we'll go to.

Harry: Heh, fine by me!

Ned: (Turns to Peter) You met up with Gwen's Dad?!

Peter: (Rubbing his head) Yeah, I did.

Ned: Oh damn! That sucked... (Raises a brow) Did you tell him you're Spider-Man?

Peter: (Raises a brow) No! Why would I do that?!

Ned: Sorry, my bad!

Peter: (Sighs) It's cool.

Ned: (Looks around the expo) Holy crap, this is really exciting!

Peter: (Grinned) Yeah, having to be here is fun!

Ned: Yeah, and then maybe Spider-Man and Iron Man should, you know... (Winked) Meet up sometime.

Peter: (Turns to Ned) What? No way!

Ned: Oh come on, it'll be awesome!

Peter: Ned, I'm here to be Peter Parker, not Spider-Man!

Ned: Dude, it would totally help your rep against that bozo from the Daily Bugle!

Peter: Yeah, well, how am I supposed to-? (Bumps into someone) Ugh! Sorry man, I didn't-! (Turns to see Jameson, widening his eyes) Whoa!

Jameson: (Turns to Peter) Watch where you're going, kid! I'm about to report the news here! (Turns to the cameraman) Ready?

Cameraman: (Sets the live feed) I'm all set boss.

Jameson: (Turns to the camera) Greetings fellow New Yorkers! I'm here live at one of Iron Man's finest Stark Expos! A true hero at best! Unlike that Wall Crawling Menace that is known as Spider-Man!

Ned: (Looks at Jameson at awe) Oh, my, god! Is he seriously doing this to berate Spidey?

Peter: (Shook his head) Come on man, let's just enjoy the expo.

They walked around the park, while Happy Hogan, Tony's personal driver, was seen walking around the park as he was on the phone talking to Tony.

Happy: (Is on the phone) Hey boss, everything's all set up out here, so where are you?

Tony: (Getting one of his suits ready) Just deciding what I'm gonna wear for my breakout scenery.

Happy: Well, can you please hurry up? Everybody's wondering where the Iron Man is!

Tony: And if they want Iron Man, then they'll get Iron Man! (Goes to put on one of his suits) Just make sure to introduce the prototype.

Happy: (Sighs) Got it, boss!

While everyone else was enjoying the party, Vanko was seen walking around in a Trench Coat, as he looked around for any sign of Stark.

Vanko: (Looks around) It's crowded, but I don't see Stark anywhere.

Wesley: (Is heard on his comlink) Keep a good lookout, he's bound to appear anytime soon.

Vanko: As long as I get Stark, you get your Suit.

Wesley: Whatever works for you. (Ends the call)

Happy: (Gets another call) Wait, what do you mean the speaker called in sick? Why now? Well, who's gonna do it then? (Raises a brow) Me?! Hell no! I shouldn't even-! (The caller ended) Hello? H-Hello? Damn! (Turns to the stage) Oh, god this is gonna suck. (Gets out the microphone) Hey, everyone? Can I have your attention? (Gets the audience's attention) Hey look, I know that many of you came here to see the Invincible Iron Man, but he's running a bit late right now, so everyone just relax! He'll be here shortly-!

Ned: (Looks at Happy) This guy doesn't know how to give speeches.

Peter: (Shrugs) I'd say he's... Shy.

Liz: (Turns to Gwen) Hey Gwen, I'm going to use the restroom, is that okay?

Gwen: (Nodded) Yeah, go ahead. (Turns to look at Happy)

Ned: (Noticed an Avengers Lego set) Holy shit, an Avengers Lego set! (Turns to Peter) Hey, you know how much-?

Peter: (Nodded, seeing Gwen alone) Yeah, go right on.

Ned: Sweet! (Giggles in excitement while leaving Peter)

Peter: (Turns to Gwen) Uh, hey Gwen?

Gwen: (Turns to Peter) Oh, hey Peter!

Peter: (Rubs his head) So about last night, with your Dad-!

Gwen: (Shook her head) Hey, it's no problem at all! I didn't expect him to be there, that's all.

Peter: I just didn't want anything bad to go wrong last night, and to make it terrible.

Gwen: Trust me, when it comes to my Dad, he's always the one that makes it terrible. (Folded her arms) But last night wasn't as bad really, it was rather... Interesting.

Peter: How?

Gwen: Normally when it comes to hanging out with other students, it would normally be me and dad doing the grunt work, but you and him? You took my spot that night, and went toe to toe with him!

Peter: And it doesn't freak you out?

Gwen: Eh, it wasn't too bad, but honestly, I was more worried about him placing cuffs on you than how our night would have gone.

Peter: (Raises a brow) Wait... Is that another reason why you choose to end the night?

Gwen: (Shrugs) Well... That I thought would freak you out.

Peter: Not really, I-! (AC/DC is now playing in the background) Wait... Is that AC/DC?

Happy: (Hears Thunderstruck by AC/DC playing as he looked up and sees Iron Man in the sky) Oh thank god! (Points at Iron Man) Hey, everybody look! It's him! That's the Iron Man!

Suddenly, everyone started to give a round of applause as Iron Man made it to the stage, landing as he got out of his suit, walking to Happy.

Tony: (Turns to Happy) Wow, you do not good at making speeches.

Happy: (Hands the mic to Tony) Well, you're the one that's normally good at talking to people!

Tony: (Takes the mic) Well, at least you tried. (Puts the mic up as he turned to the audience) Hey, hey, hey! How's the weather in New York City? (Everyone cheers for him while he smiled) My, it's good to be back!

Flash: (Stands on a chair) BLOW SOMETHING UP!

Tony: Blow something up? I already did that.

Peter: (Smiled while looking at Tony) Wow, it's really Tony Stark!

Gwen: (Nodded) Yeah! At least his suit isn't in bad taste.

Peter: (Turns to Gwen) You seriously aren't letting this go, aren't you?

Gwen: (Shook her head) Show me a new suit, and I'll consider retiring.

Tony: (Continues talking to the audience, making them laugh and cheer) I'm not saying that Uncle Sam should kick back on a lawn chair, sipping on ice tea, because I haven't come across someone on this Earth that is man enough to come toe to toe with me on my big day! (Hears people chanting his name) Oh hey! Don't do that, this isn't about me, nor is it about you. (Folded his hands behind his back) It's actually about legacy! It's about what we choose to leave behind for generations upon generations, and that's why, I am proud to introduce the new advancement that Stark Industries has come to develop in recent years, the Iron Man Mark 47!

Tony activated a switch, which revealed another Iron Man suit, one with its normal Red and Yellow shading, but has a Silver coloring added as a third, located on the chest area as Vanko took notice of the suit immediately while people cheered and clapped their hands.

Wesley: (Is on Comms) You're a go! You know your lines?

Vanko: (Nodded) I know that I'm not allowed to say my client's name in public, that's for sure. (Puts on his mask)

Wesley: Then get the job done.

Suddenly, Vanko put on his Mask, activating his Whiplashes, burning out the trench coat underneath to reveal armor similar to the Iron Man tech, as he lashed out at the stage, taking everyone by surprise as he nearly cut Tony in half.

Peter: (Widened his eyes) Get down! (Pulled Gwen to the ground)

Gwen: (Widened her eyes as she was pulled to the ground, with the whiplash nearly hitting her) AHH!

Tony: (Ducked down to avoid getting cut in half, as he got up to see Vanko in his armor) Vanko!

Whiplash: (Walks to Tony) TONY STARK! You and I need to talk!

Flash: (Hides in the tent with Ned as he looked at Whiplash) Holy shit, we're so dead!

Whiplash: (Whipped at Tony once more, aiming at one of his suits) RAH!

Harry: (Looks at Whiplash while standing next to MJ) That's not good!

Gwen: (Gets up, looking at Whiplash) We need to get out of here! Peter, I-! (Turns to Peter, noticing that he vanished) Peter?!

Flash: (Noticed Peter running off) Where does Penis think he's going?!

Ned: (Sees Peter running off) Uh... (Turns to Flash) Being... A coward?

Tony: (Turns to Whiplash, as he was on the floor) Hey, Vanko! It's been a while, like, 8 years ago now?

Whiplash: (Walks to Stark) Too long has it been since I have been in chains, but no more! (Raises one of his lashes up) Because now, I have the chance at getting rid of you once and for all! (Moves to make the swing, only for something to hold him back) Ugh! (Turns to the whiplash, seeing a web holding it) What the hell?!

Spider-Man: (Grunts as he held the whiplash away from Stark) Hey, the bad guy convention center at Coney Island called! They want their Iron Man wannabe from 2010 back!

Gwen: (Seeing Spider-Man save Tony) Holy cow, he's strong!

Liz: (Pulls Gwen out) Gwen, let's get outta here!

Flash: (Widened his eyes) Holy shit, it's Spider-Man!

Ned: (Smiled) Yeah, go Spider-Man!

Jameson: (Sees Spider-Man) It's him! (Grabs a microphone) Get out of here, you Web-Headed menace! No one wants you here, you-! (Gets webbed in the mouth) GMM!

Spider-Man: (Turns to Jameson after webbing his mouth) Hey, would you be quiet, please? The adults are talking!

Whiplash: (Thrown his second Whiplash at Spidey) RAH!

Spider-Man: (Sees Whiplash trying to hit him) Whoa! (Jumps away from Whiplash)

Whiplash: (Takes the webs off his weapons, contacting Wesly) What is this? You said Iron Man was only attending!

Wesley: (Is inside of a limo, looking at live footage between Spider-Man and Whiplash) That is only an inconvenience! Just deal with him and take the suit!

Whiplash: Alright, but not because you told me to! (Turns to Spider-Man)

Spider-Man: (Gets up, turning to Whiplash) Hey, who was that you were talking to?

Whiplash: None of your damn business, that's what. (Swung his Whiplashes around) Now move along if you know what's good for you.

Spider-Man: And miss out on the party? (Dodges a swing, making a flip) Now, where's the fun in that?

Whiplash: (Glares at Spidey) Have it your way. (Swung at him several times)

Spider-Man: (Makes several flips while avoiding getting hit by the Whiplashes) Whoa! Didn't your mom tell you not play with dangerous-! (Nearly got cut by the neck) Ah! Sharp, Electrical toys?!

Whiplash: They are not toys, they are Whiplashes!

Spider-Man: Seriously? (Ducked down, shooting two webs past Whiplash) Have you not heard of a practical joke before? (Pulls on the webs to slide across the ground to kick Whiplash by the stomach) YAH!

Whiplash: (Gets kicked by the stomach) GUH! (Knelt on the ground, holding his stomach) Ugh...

Spider-Man: (Turns to Whiplash) Okay, had enough yet?

Whiplash: (Swung his Lashes at Spidey) YAH!

Spider-Man: (Gets tied around by one of the whiplashes) Agh! (Grunts) Okay, I guess not!

Whiplash: (Turns to Spider-Man) I have no time for this! (Swung Spider-Man onto a tree) RAH!

Spider-Man: (Gets slammed onto a tree) UGH! (Gets slammed onto another tree) OW! Hey, that's not fair! (Gets swung to the ground) Oh god! (Gets slammed to the ground) GAH! (Laid on the ground, groaning) Ugh...

MJ: (Gets her phone out, recording the whole fight) Ooh, that's gotta hurt.

Whiplash: (Turns to stand above Spider-Man) You idiot... I offered you a chance to walk away. (Raises his Whiplashes up high) You should have taken it when you had the chance! (Suddenly gets hit by proton blasts) AGH! (Fell over, rolling on the ground)

Iron Man: (Is seen flying in the air) Hey, why don't you pick on someone your own size? I'm right here!

Jameson: (Rips off the webbing as he saw Iron Man in the sky) Oh hell yeah! That's it Iron Man, send Spider-Man crawling back to his hole!

Iron Man: (Lands on the ground) Wow, that guy's definitely not a nutjob. (Turns to Spidey as he got on his feet) You okay kid?

Spider-Man: (Groans as he got on his feet) Yeah, I'm all good! (Turns to Iron Man) Hey, I gotta say, I'm a huge fan-!

Iron Man: (Tilts his head while looking at Spidey's outfit) Is that your costume?

Spider-Man: (Looks at his outfit) Y-Yeah. (Turns to Iron Man) Why?

Iron Man: Oh man, it needs an upgrade! Because I gotta tell ya, that is seriously a very poor taste!

Spider-Man: Really?

Iron Man: Yeah, I can actually feel the taste just, pouring onto my tongue right now, and I feel like I want to vomit.

Spider-Man: (Sighs while facepalming himself) You know, you're actually the 2nd person to say that to me.

Iron Man: Seriously? Who's the 1st?

Whiplash: (Gets on his feet, glaring at Iron Man) STARK! (Gets the heroes' attention) We're not done yet! (Swung his lashes out upon several civilians) RAH!

Ned: (Sees Whiplash attacking him and Flash) Oh god! (Gets down)

Flash: (Gets down on the ground to avoid getting cut) AH, OH MY GOD!

Liz: (Is about to leave with Gwen until one of the whips blocked their path) AHH!

Gwen: (Widened her eyes) Liz, get down!

Harry: (Sees MJ about to be attacked) MJ, look out! (Pulled her and himself onto the back of a counter)

MJ: (Gets pulled into the back of the counter, just in time to be nearly sliced in half) AHH! (Fell onto the floor, with Harry on top of her) Ugh!

Harry: (Looks at MJ) You okay?

MJ: (Nodded, looking at Harry) I'm fine, you can stop flirting with me now!

Harry: (Raises a brow) I wasn't-! (Sighs) Alright!

Spider-Man: (Looks at his friends being in danger) Holy crap! (Turns to Iron Man) Uh, Mr. Stark, the civilians!

Iron Man: (Looks at Whiplash) Yeah, you don't need to tell me, I can hear the screaming and cries for help! (Turns to Spider-Man) Hey, if you're out here trying to prove to me and everyone else that you're a hero, now's your chance! Take the civilians out of the danger zone while I deal with Whiplash!

Spider-Man: (Nodded) Okay, I'll be right back! (Swings his way onto the area) Okay, I can do this, I can do this!

Flash: (Noticed a trail of gasoline being lit in flames) Oh god, this isn't connected to a hot dog stand, is it?!

Ned: (Widened his eyes as the trail led to a gasoline tank) Oh shit!

Spider-Man: HANG ON! (Lands on the ground, using his Web Shooters to get Ned and Flash out of there) NGH!

Ned/Flash: (Gets pulled by Spider-Man as the tank blew up) AHHH! (Fell onto the ground in front of Spidey) Gah/Ugh!

Spider-Man: (Turns to the two) You guys alright?

Flash: (Turns to Spidey) Holy shit, that was awesome!

Spider-Man: I know, get out of here!

Ned: (Turns to leave with Flash) You rock Spider-Man!

Harry: (Moves with MJ) Come on, let's get out of here!

MJ: (Runs with Harry until Whiplash moved to attack Harry) Harry, look out!

Spider-Man: (Jumps in the air, seeing MJ and Harry about to get attacked) Harry! (Shot out a web and swung towards the two)

MJ/Harry: (Gets picked up by Spidey just in time to avoid getting hurt) AGH!

Spider-Man: (Lands on the ground as he turned to the two) Alright, you're safe! Now get to the streets!

Harry: (Turns to Spidey) Wait, where's Peter? Where is he?!

Spider-Man: Uh, P-Peter's fine! I got him out, and his friend Ned, they're both fine!

MJ: (Raises a brow) You actually know Peter Parker?

Spider-Man: (Turns to MJ) Well, yeah! (Winked) Cool guy! (Turns to the battle) Now get out of here!

Iron Man: (Shoots at Whiplash several times) So tell me, how did you get out? Give one of the guards a quick BJ on the way?

Whiplash: (Deflects the shots Iron Man gave him) I was sent by another powerful man, looking after your tech, so I came here to do the job!

Iron Man: Really? (Sees Whiplash swing at him, moving his arm to get it caught, wrapped around his limb) And who exactly is this, so-called powerful man I should call? The current head of the Prostitution ring?

Whiplash: After all these years, and you're still a man who talks too much! (Pulls on his whips, pulling Iron Man backward to slam him on the ground)

Wesley: (Continues to see the battle unfold) Dammit Vanko, this has gone for far too long! Do you want the money, or not?!

Whiplash: (Shrugged) Looks like today's your lucky day Stark. (Moves to throw Iron Man across Central Park)

Iron Man: (Gets thrown across the park) AHHH!

Mr. Harrington: (Sees Gwen and Liz trapped) Gwen, Liz! (Runs to them, only to bump into Jameson) Ugh!

Jameson: (Turns to Harrington) Watch where you're going, pal!

Mr. Harrington: (Turns to Jameson) Oh, I'm so sorry-! (Sees Whiplash about to attack them) AHH!

Spider-Man: (Moves to pull both Jameson and Harrington away from Whiplashes attacks) I got you!

Harrington/Jameson: (Gets pulled away by Spidey) AHH! (Suddenly gets stuck on a web tied between two trees) Ah!/Gah!

Spider-Man: (Lands on the grass, turning to the two) Hey, you guys alright?

Jameson: (Turns to see Spider-Man) Spider-Man! (Struggles to get out) Get us out of this thing!

Spider-Man: (Raises a brow) Seriously? Not even a thank you?

Jameson: (Glared at Spidey) Don't act all coy with me, punk! I know your intentions, and this was your plan all the long! Tie me onto a web just so you can humiliate me!

Spider-Man: Uh... (Shrugged) You're welcome, I guess? (Turns to leave) Weirdo.

Jameson: (Sees Spider-Man leave) MENACE!

Yuri: (Is at the crime scene when George arrives) Captain!

George: (Turns to Yuri) Where is she, Yuri? Where's my daughter?!

Yuri: She's still in the danger zone! But so far, she's okay as long as she and her friend don't get into the crossfire!

George: (Looks through a pair of binoculars, seeing his daughter with Liz) Okay. (Gives the binoculars to Yuri) I'm going in Detective!

Yuri: (Widened her eyes) Captain-!

George: (Turns to the force) And no one makes a move until I say so!

Whiplash: (Walks to the suit when Spider-Man jumps in front of him) Get out of the way, bug.

Spider-Man: (Turns to Whiplash) You didn't seem to ask the pedestrians that question!

George: (Hides behind a corner, seeing Spider-Man) Spider-Man...

Whiplash: They were in the way, so I push them out of my way. (Points at the Mark 42) Now if you don't mind, I'll be leaving with that suit over there.

Spider-Man: (Turns to look at the suit) Wait... (Turns to Whiplash) All of this just so you can take one of Stark's new suits?!

Whiplash: I get paid $10 Million for it.

Spider-Man: Why?! Don't you already have a suit of mass destruction in your wake?

Whiplash: As I told you before, none of your damn business, now move!

Spider-Man: Yeah, I don't think so! (Gets into a fighting pose, unaware that Whiplash is looking at Gwen and Liz) You'll have to get past me first!

Whiplash: (Grins while seeing a parked car) If you say so. (Moves to swing at the car) NGH!

Spider-Man; (Dodged the swing) Whoa! (Lands on the ground, noticing him aiming at a car) Hey, you missed!

Whiplash: True. (Picks the car up) But I never intended for you. (Throws it at Gwen and Liz)

Spider-Man: (Sees the car being thrown at Liz and Gwen, widening his eyes) Oh god, Gwen! (Swung towards the two)

Liz: (Sees a car falling towards her and Gwen) Oh my god, Gwen!

George: (Widened his eyes, fearing for his daughter's safety) GWEN! (Runs for her)

Gwen: (Sees the car falling right them) AHH! (Raises her hands up)

Spider-Man: (Lands in front of the two to catch the car) GUH! (Slides backward a little, as he carried the car with all of his weight) Ngh!

Gwen: (Slowly puts her arms down, seeing Spider-Man saved her and Liz's life) Spider-Man!

Spider-Man: (Looks at Gwen) Hi!

Gwen: (Waved a little) Hi...

George: (Pulls his gun out, slowly walking to Spider-Man) ...You got that handled?

Spider-Man: (Nodded slowly) Yeah, now get them out of there!

George: (Nodded as he put his gun away, turning to Gwen) Gwen! (Extended his hand to her) Come on!

Gwen: (Turns to her dad, grabbing his hand) Dad! (Leaves with Liz and her Father)

Spider-Man: (Puts the car down) Ugh! (Panted) Damn, that was heavy!

Whiplash: (Moves to the suit, looking at Spider-Man) Nice workout bug, but I win this round! (Touched the suit, only to be electrified) AHHH! (Shook as he was electrified, until he dropped to the ground) Ugh...

Spider-Man: (Widened his eyes) Holy shit!

Iron Man: (Flew into the area) Nice work, kid.

Spider-Man: (Looks down at Whiplash) Uh, thanks! (Turns to Iron Man) What just happened?!

Iron Man: Oh, that was just a safety protocol, just in case someone without clear access to my hardware attempted to steal one my suits. (Looks down at Vanko) Don't worry, they all live through it.

Yuri: (Runs through the park) All units move forward!

Spider-Man: Uh, okay... (Turns to look around) You got it from here, right?

Tony: (Removed his mask) Yeah, I can handle it from here, you're all good kid.

Spider-Man: (Turns to Iron Man) Thanks!

Spider-Man made his leave, while police made their arrival, Wesley was still in his limo, looking over the footage as he witnessed Whiplash being defeated.

Wesley: (Looks at the live footage) God dammit. (Turns to make a phone call)

Fisk: (Gets a call, as he answered) We have the suit yet?

Wesley: We don't, and we never will due to the failure of our asset.

Fisk: Are you shitting me?! (Threw a glass at the wall, shattering it) What the hell happened?!

Wesley: Iron Man defeated Mr. Vanko with a little help. (Looks at the screen, revealing Spider-Man) A little, Spider help.

Fisk: (Raises a brow) You mean to tell me that we have been screwed with by a mere Spider?!

Wesley: Not the ordinary, it's the one you sometimes would see on the news. (Shuts the laptop) They call him, Spider-Man.

Fisk: (Sighs) Goddammit! (Groans)

Wesley: Well, this makes a problem for us.

Fisk: Is there anyone else looking to buy weapons?!

Wesley: Well, there's this company located in San Francisco, a CEO of Pym Particles by the name of Darren Cross. (Turns to look out the window) He's interested in purchasing our weapons for "Scientific Research" for that Yellowjacket Project of his, and he's willing to buy them for the highest bidder.

Fisk: (Facepalmed himself) Alright, when can we sell the weapons?

Wesley: Tomorrow morning, by the earliest.

Fisk: Alright... (Wipes the sweat off his head while turning to a laptop) I want the location remote, somewhere nothing wrong can go wrong!

Wesley: Understood.

Fisk: And Wesley! (Looks at a picture of Spider-Man) I want more detail about this, Spider-Man, no matter how small or big, bring to me.

Wesley: (Nodded) That can be arranged. (Ends the call)

Later at night, Slocum and a group of military men were seen at a testing ground, as they looked at one of their volunteers making a test run on what appears to be a jetpack operated by a suit.

Scientist: (Turns to Slocum) This is bound to be similarly greater as the one Tony Stark uses! It'll be great for combat uses.

Slocum: (Folded his arms) As long as I get to see Osborn losing his company, I'll be satisfied either way.

Loudspeaker: Begining in five, four, three, two, one!

Soon, the test volunteer has started to fly up into the air, activating the jetpack as everyone looked at him with Pride.

Volunteer: (Smiled) Hey, this is some good shit!

Scientist: (Turns to Slocum) So, what do you think?

Slocum: (Folded his arms) It'll do. (Turns to the scientist) Contact Secretary Ross, tell him that-!

Goblin: (Is heard in the background) HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Slocum: (Suddenly hears disturbing laughter in the background) What the hell?

Volunteer: (Raises a brow) Hey, what the hell is that thing?

Slocum: (Turns to the volunteer) What thing?

Volunteer: I don't know, but it ain't the-?! (Widened his eyes) Oh my god! Oh my-!

Suddenly, a tanker was thrown at the volunteer, killing him in an instant as the tanker exploded upon impact, as everyone widened their expressions)

Slocum: (Widened his eyes) Holy shit!

Soldier: (Contacts the general) General! There's something out here! It's-! (Gets pulled away) AHH!

Slocum: (Turns to run) Everybody, move!

Slocum moved into a spare hiding place, while everyone was heard panicking, until a sound of a monstrous beast was heard, as well as shouts of pain, gunfire, until everything literally died down, as he hid in the room, holding out his gun aimed at the door, until it was kicked open, taking him by surprise as the beast, which was the same one that previously killed Stromm, as it began walking to Slocum.

Slocum: (Widened his eyes at the beast) Jesus! (Shoots at the beast, only to have his arm cut) AGAH! (Gripped his wound while kneeling down)

Goblin: (Looks down at Slocum) Look at you... Such an ungrateful brute, who cares nothing about the science, nor the patience!

Slocum: (Looks at the Goblin) What the hell are you?! (Gets picked up) Ngh!

Goblin: (Glares at Slocum) I, am... (His eyes glowed in a Yellow, firey look) HELL!

Slocum watched as the beast ignited himself in flames making him scream in terror until he was killed without warning, as an explosion suddenly blew up the testing ground, engulfing everyone and everything, including what seems to be the Goblin inside...

Later the next morning, Midtown was buzzing full of the news of what had happened the day before, as everyone's #1 topic was all about Spider-Man after what he did at Central Park.

Jason: (Is seen on School TV news, displaying an image of the Central Park attack) Yesterday, Midtown's Academic Decathlon had made an achievement! Not only in their skills of knowledge, but also in their skills of survival!

Betty: (Nodded as she sat next to Jason) That's right Jason! Yesterday on what was supposed to be a normal field trip was turn into a fight for their own lives!

Hector: (Is seen on the TV) There was Sally screaming, Cindy screaming, and electric whiplashes!

Flash: (Is also seen on the TV) It was insane! Like, S##t went down today!

Mr. Harrington: (Is seen having a cup of coffee while wearing a towel) The important thing is that we made it out alive, and it's nice to be grateful for the save... (Shook his head while noticing a Daily Bugle logo) Unlike some people that is.

Gwen: (Sighs as she was seen sitting on the back of an ambulance, wearing a towel) Spider-Man... Saved my life... (Scoffs) And I don't care what that blowhard at the Daily Bugle has to say, what Spider-Man has done... (Rubs her hair) That's a debt that I can never repay...

Jason: Well, thankfully, no one was injured, all thanks to the Spider-Man!

Betty/Jason: (Shows an image of Spider-Man) Thank you Spider-Man.

Ned: (Looks at the news with Peter) Holy shit, you're famous, dude!

Peter: (Smiles while hushing Ned) Shh, I know!

Ned: (Turns to Peter) How crazy does it feel? To know that you're famous, and no one ever knows it?

Peter: I'm starting to get the hang of it.

Ned: (Widened his eyes) Oh, can we tell everyone?

Peter: (Shook his head) No, no!

Ned: Why not? Tony Stark doesn't keep a secret on being Iron Man, why should you?

Peter: No! Absolutely not! I mean, not with Aunt May with what she's gone through! Okay? She doesn't need that on her conscious.

Ned: (Nodded) Right. (Grabs his bag) Okay, so now what?

Peter: (Shrugs) Now, I guess we continue business as usual.

Harry: (Walks over to Ned and Peter) Hey, that was some crazy shit yesterday, right?!

Ned: (Turns to Harry) Yeah, I heard Spider-Man saved you!

Harry: (Nodded) Yeah, he did! I heard he also saved you guys too.

Peter: (Folded his arms) Well, you gotta give the guy a credit some time. (Raises a brow) Hey, how are you doing by the way?

Harry: I'm doing well, although my Dad failed to notice.

Ned: Why?

Harry: I don't know! I come home after that, and he wasn't there, no one seen him around.

Peter: That's weird.

MJ: (Walks over to the three) Hey Losers. (Gets their attention) Looks like you were right about Spidey after all.

Peter: (Turns to MJ) You believe us now?

MJ: I think I'm starting to like his style. (Folded her arms) Although, he needs a new suit because that outfit is a bad taste!

Harry: Oh, no shit!

Peter: (Widened his eyes, seeing Harry) You too?!

Harry: (Raises a brow) What? Don't you think his outfit's a bad taste?

Ned: (Widened his eyes) A BAD TASTE?!

Peter: Okay, I think we should be going! (Gets Ned) Come on Ned!

Ned: (Groans as he walked with Peter) A bad taste?!

Peter: I know.

Ned: I'm the one that picked that outfit!

Peter: I know, don't worry about it!

MJ: (Sees the two leaving) That was weird.

Harry: Yeah. (Turns to leave) See you around MJ.

MJ: (Sees Harry leave) Harry, wait! (Gets his attention) Listen, yesterday at Central Park... I like to thank you for having my back.

Harry: (Turns to MJ, nodding) Hey, it's no problem at all! I'm just happy to help out.

MJ: (Smiled a little) Thanks... (Looks at Harry) FYI, I still hate you for Animal Experimentation.

Harry: (Raises a brow) Wha-?

MJ: Yeah. (Turns to leave) See you around Osborn!

Harry: (Scoffs, staring at MJ before turning around, smirking) She likes me...

While everyone was walking, Peter walked with Ned until he spotted Gwen once more.

Peter: (Widened his eyes) Gwen! (Turns to Ned) Hey Ned, I'll catch up.

Ned: (Nodded) Okay. (Turns to leave)

Peter: (Turns to Gwen) Gwen!

Gwen: (Turns to Peter) Hey! Are you alright?

Peter: (Nodded) I could ask the same for you.

Gwen: (Sighs) Yeah, you were right... Spider-Man is a hero, and New York is lucky to have him around!

Peter: So, does this mean your Dad won't like-?

Gwen: (Shook her head) He's still committed to that vigilante act, but in a way, I think he was glad when he showed up yesterday at a nick of timing.

Peter: (Nodded) Well, at least he knows what Spider-Man's here for.

Gwen: Yeah.

Peter: (Looks at Gwen) Hey, so do you wanna like, go to a movie sometime?

Gwen: (Nodded) Sure, I'd-!

?: Gwen!

They both turned around, seeing another kid standing in between them, as he looked at Gwen.

Gwen: (Widened her eyes) Eddie!

Eddie: (Looks at Gwen) It's... It's been a while.

Gwen: (Nodded) Yes, it has...

Peter: (Turns to Gwen) Who's this guy?

Gwen: (Turns to Peter) Oh, Peter, this is Eddie Brock. (Turns to Eddie) Who I thought was transferred to San Francisco.

Eddie: My old man flaked out, so my mom decided it's better we stay here.

Gwen: (Nodded) Good for you then.

Eddie: (Nodded) So... Do you wanna talk sometime?

Gwen: Later, when we get the chance.

Eddie: Okay. (Turns to Peter) Nice meeting you, uh...

Peter: It's Peter.

Eddie: Peter, right! (Snaps his fingers) Got it! (Turns to leave)

Peter: (Turns to Gwen) So, you two have a history together?

Gwen: (Turns to Peter) He's... My ex-boyfriend.

Peter: (Widened his eyes) Yikes!

Gwen: Yeah... (Rubs her hair) Awkward, right?

Peter: Are you okay?

Gwen: (Nodded) Yeah, yeah! (Walks away) I just need some time to think about to things.

Peter: (Nodded) Right, well, I hope things work out okay! (Turns around) "I hope things work out okay"? (Smacks his head) Stupid!

Later, Peter went back to the apartment, upon seeing an Orange Audi on the way, as he looked at it briefly, until walking back inside, up to his apartment as he walked inside.

Peter: (Walks inside) Hey May!

May: (Turns to Peter) Hey Peter, how was your day?

Peter: Oh, it was fine. (Turns to grab a Capri-Sun out of the fridge) Hey, did you notice this crazy car parked outside-?

Peter turned around, only to find Tony Stark, sitting in his apartment with his Aunt, making him completely surprised by this encounter.

Peter: (Widened his eyes) M-Mr. Stark?

Tony: (Turns to see Peter) Hello, Mr. Parker.

Peter: Um... (Takes his earbuds off) W-What are you doing-? (Smiled) Hey, I'm um, um, um, Peter!

Tony: Tony.

Peter: (Folded his arms) What are you, what are you doing here?

Tony: Well, it's about time, you got my emails... (Winked) Right?

Peter: (Slowly nods) Yeah, yeah, about the...

May: (Raises a brow) You didn't tell me about the grant.

Peter: The grant! Yes! The grant-?

Tony: The September Foundation! Remember, when you applied?

Peter: Yeah?

Tony: I approved! (Moves to drink his coffee) So now we're in business.

May: (Looks at the two) Peter, you didn't tell me anything, what's up with that? Are we keeping secrets now?

Peter: I, I just know how much you love surprises, so I thought I would let you know... (Turns back to Tony) Anyway, what did I apply for exactly?

Tony: (Points out at Peter) That is why I'm here! To hash it out

Peter: Hash it out, alright then.

Tony: (Turns to May) You know, it's so hard to believe that you are somebody's Aunt, I mean, it is incredible!

May: (Smiled a little) Well, we all come in shapes and sizes, you know.

Tony: Yeah, and your meatloaf today, whew! That was exceptional-!

Peter: Okay, can I stop you there?

Tony: (Turns to Peter) Yeah.

Peter: Does this grant have like, money involved, or-?

Tony: Well, it's pretty well funded.

Peter: Yeah?

Tony: I mean, look who you're talking to.

Peter: (Nodded) Yeah, wow!

Tony: (Turns to May) You mind if I get five minutes alone with him?

May: (Turns to Tony, nodding) Sure!

Later, they both went into his room, as Tony moved to spit out the meatloaf out of his mouth into the garbage can as he turned to Parker.

Tony: (Turns to Peter) As walnuts, meatloaves go, that wasn't bad. (Turns to look around) Hello, what do we have here? Retro tech, huh? (Points them out) What is this, thrift store? Salvation Army?

Peter: (Folded his arms) Uh, the garbage aisle.

Tony: (Turns to Peter) You're a dumpster diver?

Peter: Yeah, there was-! (Shook his head) Anyway, look! I definitely did not apply for your grant-!

Tony: Uh-huh! Me first! (Looks at Peter) Just a first question of the rhetorical variety... (Gets out his phone, showing holographic images of Spider-Man) That's you, right?

Peter: (Widened his eyes) Uh, n-no! I mean-!

Tony: (Shows footage of Spider-Man fighting against Whiplash) Wow, you got some pretty hefty moves! (Shows an image of Spider-Man holding a car) And look at this, three thousand pounds! That is mad skills right there buddy-!

Peter: Uh, that's all on Youtube, right? (Walks around) Because you know that's all fake! Most of it is pretty fake, all done on a computer! (Doesn't notice Tony looking around) You know, it's that video-!

Tony: (Nodded as he looked up at the ceiling) Yeah, yeah, yeah! You mean those UFOs over Phoenix?

Peter: Yeah, exactly!

Tony: (Grabs a stick and hit the ceiling panel, revealing the Spidey suit) Oh, what do we have here?

Peter: (Widened his eyes) Oh! (Moved to push the costume back into a closet, as he turned around, looking at Tony) Uh, it's a... (Blows some air)

Tony: (Turns to Peter) So, you're the Crime Fighting Spider... (Raised a brow) Or the Spider-ling. (Tilts his head) Spider-Boy?

Peter: (Folded his arms) It's Spider-Man.

Tony: (Points out at the outfit) Not in that Onesie, you're not.

Peter: Hey, the outfit isn't a onesie, and the colors are supposed to look cool!

Tony: Oh no, the colors are great!

Peter: Oh?

Tony: Yeah, it's the outfit itself, it is totally outdated.

Peter: (Groans) You know, I was having a really good day today, you know Mr. Stark. (Walks past Tony, unaware as he got out his suit) Didn't miss my train, this perfectly good DVD player sitting there, and Algebra Test. (Bangs his pencil on his desk) Nailed it.

Tony: (Looks at the outfit, before looking at Peter) Who else knows? Anybody?

Peter: (Turns to Tony) Just one of my best friends, but that's it! No one else.

Tony: So, not even your unusually attractive Aunt?

Peter: No! (Shook his head) No, no, no, no! If she knew, she'd freak out if she found out, and then I would freak out!

Tony: (Looks at the web vial) You know what I think is really cool? This Webbing. (Throws Peter the vial, which he caught with his hand) The tensile strength is off the charts! Who manufactured it?

Peter: I did. (Threw the vial at the closet)

Tony: (Looks at the suit) Climbing walls, how are you doing that? Adhesive gloves?

Peter: (Looks out the window) It's a long story, I was-!

Tony: (Noticed the goggles) Lordy! (Gets Parker's attention) Can you even see in these? (Puts the goggles on)

Peter: (Turns to Tony) Yes, yes! I can-!

Tony: (Uses the goggles) Whoa!

Peter: (Takes the suit away from Tony) I can't-! (Puts it in his closet, turning back to Tony) I can see in those, okay? It's just that when whatever happened, happened, it's like my senses are dialed to 11! I have this thing called a Spidey sense-!

Tony: (Raises a brow) Spidey sense?

Peter: And I need those goggles on because they help me with my senses because I have no control of my input, so they kind of help me focus.

Tony: (Folded his arms) Any reason why you're doing any of this? Because I don't see a reason why some 14-year-old kid should be running around in a onesie playing superhero.

Peter: First off, I'm 15! (Sighs as he sat on his bed) Second of all, the reason why I'm doing it is that... (Rubs his head) For one thing, I've been me, my whole life, and I had these powers for only two weeks now.

Tony: (Nodded) Yeah, that explains a lot. (Twirled his hand) Continue.

Peter: I read books, I build computers, and yeah, I'd love to play football! But I couldn't then, so I really shouldn't do it now!

Tony: Right, because you're different.

Peter: Exactly, but I can't tell anybody that, so I'm not... (Sighs) Look, when you can do the things that I can, but you don't... (Gets Tony's attention) And then when the bad things happen, they happen because of you.

Tony: (Looks at Peter) So, you want to look for the little guy, you want to do your part, make the World a better place, all that, right?

Peter: (Nodded) Yeah, yeah, yeah! Just looking out for the little guy, it's what it is.

Tony: (Sighs as he got on his feet, standing in front of Peter) I'm gonna sit here, so you move the leg.

Peter: (Nodded) Right. (Scoots over)

Tony: (Sits next to Peter, putting a hand on his back) First off, let me just say how much I want to thank you for the assist yesterday at Central Park, I couldn't have done it without you.

Peter: (Nodded) Just doing my part in making the World a better place.

Tony: Right, well second of all, you are in dire need of an Upgrade.

Peter: (Raises a brow) Come on, I like the suit!

Tony: Yeah, well you're going to like this one a lot more. (Gets out a suitcase)

Peter: (Raises a brow) What's this?

Tony: Oh... (Gets the access codes activated) Just a little thank you gift I like to give for that help yesterday.

Peter: (Looks at the suitcase) What is it?

Tony: (Turns to Peter) Why don't you open it and find out?

Peter: (Looks at the suitcase) Okay...

Peter moved to unlock the suitcase, which suddenly sprang upwards, as it revealed a Red and Blue Suit, with the mask having a Black and White Pupil, small Black Faded streaks shaped like webs going around the Red areas, as well as a Black Stripe on the chest and arms, taking Peter by surprise as he stared at the suit.

Peter: (Widened his eyes, looking at suit) Whoa!

Tony: You like it?

Peter: Oh my god! (Turns to Tony) This is for me?!

Tony: (Nodded) 100% guilty as charged.

Peter: (Turns to the suit) This is the coolest thing I've ever seen!

Tony: Huh-uh.

Peter: This is insane! (Turns to Tony) Does this mean I get to keep it?

Tony: Oh yeah, it's yours, kid! Just don't go too crazy with it!

Peter: Sweet! (Sees Tony leaving) Oh wait, does this mean that I'm like an Avenger now?

Tony: (Turns to Peter) Yeah, we haven't gotten to that stage yet, but we'll keep in touch. (Turns to leave) Have fun.

Peter: (Shuts the door as he looked at the suit) Oh man!

Soon, Peter tried on the new suit, as he looked himself in the mirror, seeing the neat outfit that he was wearing, all very superhero looking as he finally puts on his mask, turning the Spider-Man persona on as he opened the window, looking at New York with promise.

Spider-Man: (In his new Red and Blue advanced suit as he jumped out, swinging around Queens) WOO HOO!

Tony: (Looks up at the sky, seeing Spider-Man in the new suit) Make us proud kid. (Gets a phone call, as he moved to answer) What up?

Fury: (Is seen at an unknown location contacting Stark) Get in touch with the Parker kid yet?

Tony: (Walks to his Audi) Oh, kid's one of a kind. (Gets in his car) Although, I don't see the reason why you had to send me to talk to him instead of just sending Romanoff to spy on him.

Fury: For starters, he helped you out, so I figured this was a low key touch there.

Tony: (Starts the car) Mind telling me why he's important to you though?

Fury: (Folded his arms) That's classified.

Tony: Of course it is. (Starts driving) Well, he's pretty good to go, nothing wrong here.

Fury: I'll see about that. (Turns to a monitor) And one more thing...

Tony: Yeah?

Fury: Did you seriously make him a new suit?

Tony: Well, you have to admit Director... (Shrugged) That outfit was seriously outdated. (Ends the call)

Fury: (Sighs while rolling his one eye) I swear to god if it turns out to be another Iron Suit...

Later, Harry was seen back in his home, looking around until he heard disturbing laughter going around the house, making him wonder what the noise was.

Goblin: (Is heard in the background) HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Harry: (Continues hearing the Goblin laugh) Dad? (Hears the laughter dying out) Dad, what the hell is that? (Turns to his room) Dad? (Sees his father on the ground) DAD! (Runs to him) Dad, are you alright?!

Norman: (Groans as he opened his eyes, seeing his son) Harry?

Harry: (Looks at Norman) Dad, what happened?! How come you don't have a shirt on? (Noticed how dirty his feet was) And how come your feet are dirty?!

Norman: (Looks at his feet, seeing the dirt left in there) I don't know... (Rubs his head) I can't remember what happened.

Harry: Nothing?

Norman: No, nothing.

Harry: (Raises a brow) Do you need to see a doctor or something?

Norman: (Shook his head) No, no! I don't need to see a doctor! I probably had too much to drink last night, that's all.

Harry: (Rolls his eyes) Sure you did. (Turns to leave) Well, I'll be in my room.

Norman: (Nodded, seeing his son leave) Okay...

Norman moved to get on his feet, as he turned to a glass reflection, revealing a Green Goblin, making him jump out of fright, as he looked around, seeing nothing, no beast in the penthouse as he looked at the reflection once more, seeing his normal human face as he stared at himself, before turning to leave to his chambers...

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Chapter Text

Episode 3: Shock and Awe

All characters belong to Marvel!

Mark Hamil as Otto Octavius/Doctor Octopus

Bookem Woodbine as Herman Schultz/Shocker

Nicholas Hamilton as Eddie Brock (He was the bully from the 2017 IT horror film)

Phineas Mason as Michael Chernus

Clark Gregg as Phil Coulson


It was night time at New York City, as Spider-Man was seen swinging around the Midtown area, making all kinds of cool flips.

Narrator: (Sees Spider-Man in the air) When people turn to look up at the sky, they expect to see certain kinds of people... The kind in a suit of Armor, and the kind that wields a Magic Hammer and a Red Cape. (Sees Spider-Man landing on a rooftop) But this isn't their story... It's mine! (Spidey jumps in the air) And it's only getting started!

Spider-Man: (Swings in the air) How far am I Ned?

Ned: (Sits on a desk, looking at his computer while talking to Spidey via comlink) Dude, you just past it!

Spider-Man: (Widened his eyes) What?!

Ned: 6th Ave and W 38th! You just missed it!

Spider-Man: Crap! (Swings to a building to run straight on it, and then leaps off to swing his way to the destination) Okay, am I back on course?

Ned: Do you see smoke and fire coming your way?

Spider-Man: (Sees smoke from the distance) Yeah, I see it!

Ned: Then you're right on track!

As Spidey made his way into the area, the street was filled with activity, as people, civilians and emergency personnel alike gathered around while a fire was set on an apartment building.

Police: (Turns to the pedestrians) Everybody back up! This area isn't safe!

Yuri: (Is seen inside of a police car, stopping as she turned to Frank) Hey!

Police Officer: (Turns to see Yuri) Detective! Good thing you came!

Yuri: (Turns to the building) Any idea what happened?

Police Officer: We don't know, the landlord said it happened before anyone could even know!

Yuri: (Looks at the fire) Are there anyone else inside?

Police Officer: Just three people, they're trapped in there!

Mother: (Walks around the crowd) Cynthia?! Cynthia, where are you?! Has anyone seen my daughter?!

Yuri: (Turns to the Mother) Ma'am, you need to get back, this area's not safe!

Pedestrian: LOOK! (Points at the sky) Up in the sky!

Spider-Man: (Everybody looks up at him as he jumped inside the building) Everybody just relax, I got this!

Police Officer: (Looks at Spidey jumping inside) Who the hell was that?

Yuri: (Looks at the hero) Our Vigilante friend Captain Stacy keeps mentioning about...

Spider-Man: (Is inside the burning building) Holy crap it's hot in here!

Ned: Well, hurry up! There are three people in there, and you only got like two minutes before there's an explosion that occurs!

Spider-Man: How do you know that?

Ned: Well, that's what happens in every movie!

Spider-Man: Does this look like a movie right now?!

Ned: I don't know Peter, just don't freaking die, alright?!

Ned's Mom: (Turns to open the door) Ned?

Ned: (Sees his mom coming in) Oh god! (Shuts the laptop, turning to his mom) Hey mom!

Ned's Mom: (Raises a brow) Who are you talking to?

Ned: Just a friend, that's all.

Ned's Mom: How come you're talking so dramatic?

Ned: Well... (Rubs his head) We're, playing a game?

Ned's Mom: What kind of game are you playing?

Spider-Man: Ned, there's fire everywhere man! (Unknowingly gets the Leeds family's attention) Ned, where are you?!

Ned: (Smiled nervously) It's really an intense video game.

Man: (Is heard in the background) Someone! Somebody, help! I'm stuck!

Spider-Man: (Runs to the source) Hang on, I'm coming!

Seconds pass by, as people looked at the fire, until one moment, a man was seen flying out the window, landing on a web that Spidey made just for him, as well as a woman, who just landed on the same web that Spider-Man produced as everyone watched.

Man: (Struggles in webs while everyone looks at him and his neighbor) What the hell's happening?!

Yuri: (Looks at the civilians) He got them out.

Frank: Not all of them! There's still one more!

Spider-Man: (Looks around, feeling the intensity of the heat) Okay, things are really starting to warm up in here!

Cynthia: (Looks around) Mom? (Holds a stuffed teddy pair) Mommy?

Spider-Man: (Sees everything about to blow) Oh crap!

Soon, a set of explosions was heard as everyone gave out gasps until a big boom was made, but Spider-Man was jumping through the window with the little girl in his arms just in time as they narrowly escaped, making everyone look up as the hero made his landing.

Spider-Man: (Lands on a police cruiser) Whoa! (Turns to look around) Hey, whose kid is this?

Mother: (Sees her daughter with Spider-Man) Cynthia!

Cynthia: (Turns to her mother) Mommy! (Gets hugged by her mom)

Spider-Man: (Gave out a breath of relief) That was a close one! (Turns to everyone) Hey, good job everybody! That was some really nice work back there!

Yuri: (Walks to Spider-Man) Hey. (Gets his attention) Nice look.

Spider-Man: (Turns to Yuri) Hey, you like the suit?

Yuri: It's better than the last one you had. (Gets out her gun, aiming at Spider-Man) Now hands in the air!

Spider-Man: (Widened his eyes as he saw the cop aiming a gun at him) Whoa, do you know what you're doing with that?!

Yuri: I'm NYPD, I know how to use it!

Spider-Man: Okay, you heard about that time at Central Park, right? The time I teamed up with Iron Man?

Yuri: Tony Stark is an Avenger, while you are a wanted Vigilante! So as far as I'm concerned, you're still under arrest!

Spider-Man: Okay! (Raises his hands up) Okay, you got me! I'm all yours!

Yuri: Smart move! (Turns to Frank) Frank, call Captain Stacy, tell him-!

Spider-Man: (Shoots his Web Shooter at Yuri) Made you look!

Yuri: (Gets her gun taken away) Ngh!

Spider-Man: (Makes a backflip) Listen, I'm here to help you guys out, so whenever you guys are ready to not shoot at me... (Turns around and jumps in the air) Let's talk!

Yuri: (Sees Spider-Man leaving) Dammit!

Ned: (Sees the whole thing on TV while picking up the earpiece) Man, that was so close!

Spider-Man: Tell me about it! (Swings in the air) By the way, where did you go?

Ned: My mom came in, so I had to make an excuse.

Spider-Man: Yeah, I can relate. (Lands on a wall) You know, I gotta give to Mr. Stark, he really did a good job on this suit!

Ned: (Sits on a desk, looking at his computer while talking to Spidey via comlink) Yeah, that one looks a lot better than the one you had before. (Folded his arms) By the way, I still cannot believe Tony Stark gave you that suit! And he knows who you are?!

Spider-Man: (Climbs up on the wall) Yeah, but he's pretty okay with me running around with it.

Ned: But he doesn't like, have any issues or anything?

Spider-Man: Well, he wouldn't have given me the suit if he didn't like the idea of a 15-year-old running around the City, or otherwise, we wouldn't be talking about it right now.

Ned: So, does this mean you're an Avenger now?

Spider-Man: No, but Mr. Stark said that he would keep in touch, so maybe in due time... (Stops to look around the City) I might get to become one someday.

Ned: Man, that would be so cool! I mean, I'm still a little mad that you ditched the suit I gave you before, but then again, that wasn't really a popular suit to most people. (Smiled) Besides, yours looks a lot better than the last one!

Spider-Man: You and me both!

Ned: (Checks the time) You wanna call it a night dude?

Spider-Man: Yeah, let's do it, besides I need to get back to Aunt May before she finds out I'm not home.

Ned: Right, well good night then!

Spider-Man: Night dude!

Spider-Man began to head back into Queens, as he headed into the apartment, he looked inside the window, seeing Aunt May walking in the kitchen, while he slowly opened it up to crawl inside his room, as he kicked the window shut, he slowly climbed up the ceiling, taking off his mask as Peter Parker began shooting his web at his door, slowly closing it shut until he leaped down, and made one last push before closing it completely as he gave out a sigh of relief.

Peter: (Sighs) That was easy. (Heard the door knock behind him) AHH! (Fell to the floor)

May: (Heard Peter falling on the floor) Peter, are you alright?

Peter: (Gets up) Yeah, everything's fine May!

May: Can I come in? (Turns the knob)

Peter: (Widened his eyes) NO! (Webs the door shut) No, not really!

May: (Raises a brow as she cannot open the door) Why not?

Peter: Uhh... (Pressed the spidey symbol on his chest, making his suit take off like a hoodie) I'm changing clothes right now!

May: (Blinks as she nodded) Alright, well just try not to trip over your clothes!

Peter: (Puts on his clothes as he put the suit away) Okay May! (Kicked the suit underneath his bed as he turned to open the door, walking in the kitchen) Hey!

May: (Turns to Peter) Hey, you alright? You've been in your room in forever!

Peter: (Sits on the table) Yeah, I just... (Shrugged) Thought I study, you know? (Smells something) What's that smell?

May: Oh, that must be the meatloaf that I'm cooking!

Peter: (Raises a brow) Smells like something's burning.

May: Really? (Turns to open the oven, revealing smoke coming out of it) Oh, god!

Peter: (Sees the smoke coming out of the oven) There's no fire going on, is there?

May: (Takes the burnt meatloaf out of the oven) No, but the meatloaf didn't really luck out! (Puts it on the burner, sighing) Well, I guess there's no meatloaf tonight!

Peter: So what now?

May: Well, I say we go to dinner... (Folded her arms, shrugging) Wanna try Thai food?

Peter: (Nodded) Sure, Thai sounds nice!

Later, the Parkers went into a restaurant called "Prachya Thai", as they sat on a table eating Thai food together.

May: (Eats some Thai with Peter) This is really good, don't you think?

Peter: (Used a chopstick to move around larb) Yeah, I guess.

May: (Raises a brow) What's the matter? I thought you loved larb?

Peter: I still do!

May: Well, what's wrong? Is it too larby? (Widened her eyes) Not larby enough? (Sees Peter continuing to poke at his larb) Okay, how many times do I have to say larb before you talk to me? You know I larb you.

Peter: (Shook his head) It's nothing May, I'm just tired from studying at the Library.

May: (Sighs) You sure it's not about Uncle Ben?

Peter: No! (Sees May raising a brow) Okay, just a little.

May: (Placed her chopsticks on the table) I know it is hard without him around anymore, and I know because it's hard for me too... (Placed a hand on her nephew's hand) But we can get through it as long as we use our instincts.

Peter: (Stares at his larb) I just... (Turns to May) I just wish I could have done more to help...

May: I know, but sometimes there are things that we cannot control or foresee, and as difficult as it may be, we just have to get through it the best we can...

Peter: (Nodded) I guess...

May: And listen, you can tell me anything! Whatever's going on, if you have something, I can listen! Whatever it is, I can understand, it wouldn't be any problem at all! All you have to do is talk to me, and that's it.

Peter: (Looks at May) Well, I-!

Patron: (Sees the TV) Hey, can you turn the TV up? I like to hear some Spidey news!

Spectrum News: (The TV is turned up as he reported Spider-Man in a fire) -Reports of Spider-Man appearing at a scene of a fire, as he was seen resisting arrest from Detective Yuriko Watanabe of the Midtown Police Department! (Displays a footage of Spider-Man webbing Yuri's gun off her hand) Before resisting arrest, however, Spider-Man was seen rescuing three of the building's occupants from the flames, leaving two entrapped in what appears to be Spider Webs.

Pedestrian: (Was seen being interviewed) Man, I don't know about this Spider-Guy, but he's bad news! He made two people stuck on webs so thick, even the Fire Department's having a hard time getting them out!

May: (Looks at the TV before turning to Peter) If you see something like that happening, you turn and you run the other way.

Peter: (Nodded) Uh, yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah, of course!

May: A fire that was caused by Spider-Man, dear lord!

Peter: (Raises a brow) Wait, y-you think Spider-Man caused the fire?

May: I don't know, but I don't really know Spider-Man a lot either, so who knows who he is, right?

Peter: Well, maybe he's a guy that just wants to help people.

May: Well, I'll just have to see for myself... (Widened her eyes) Oh, speaking of helping... (Gets out an F.E.A.S.T. pamphlet) You know the F.E.A.S.T. shelters stationed here in New York?

Peter: The one in Chinatown? What about it?

May: Well, it's funny that you mention Chinatown because that's the place where I work at, and considering how you're interested in helping people, I thought it would be a great idea if you would join me.

Peter: (Widened his eyes) A job at F.E.A.S.T?

May: Well, to be honest, it's more like a volunteering exercise for you, but you could help those who aren't economically equipped at the moment-!

Peter: (Scoffs) May, I appreciate this, but I have school work-!

May: That you can do during F.E.A.S.T! Besides, it's only a single hour job, and you can be there as long as you like! I mean, it's better than going to see a therapist, right?

Peter: (Raises a brow) I don't have any other option in this, do I?

May: It's one way or the other.

Peter: (Sighs) Alright, F.E.A.S.T. sounds good.

May: That's great! After all, if you help someone...

Peter: (Smiles) You help everyone.

May: (Smiled) Exactly!

Peter: Alright, when do we start?

May: As soon as I get the job, and then we can start from there.

Server: (Walks in with dessert as he served it to May) Sticky rice pudding.

May: (Turns to the Server) Oh, we didn't order that.

Server: (Smiled) It's on the house.

May: Oh... (Smiled) Thanks! (Server leaves as she dined on the pudding) That was nice of him...

Peter: (Smiled, pointing at May with a chopstick) I think he larbs you!

May: What? Oh please!

Meanwhile, a bank sat in Queens as people were seen in line, a van pulled over to the bank, as masked men suddenly got out with guns in their hands, one of them wearing a Yellow Mask, with a Brown Jacket that had Yellow Sleeves, and Red Camo Pants, who also wore a pair of gauntlets in his hands as they walked towards the bank.

?: (Walks to the bank with his crew) Mason, is everything set up?

Mason: (Is seen on a laptop hacking into security) Cameras are all off, and the police are taking the bait towards Brooklyn, you're good to go.

?: (Nodded) Roger that. (Nodded to his crew, before kicking the door open, getting a gun and shooting at the ceiling) Nobody move, this is a robbery!

Robber: (Points a gun at a bank employee) Get on the ground!

Bank Employee: (Raises her hands on her head as she laid on the floor) Oh god!

?: (Turns to the bank teller) You... (Turns to point at the safe) Is that the safe?

Bank Teller: (Nods his head) Yes, all the money's in there! Please, don't hurt me! I can get you inside!

?: Oh don't worry pal... (Activates his Gauntlets) I don't need codes to open the safe...

The man with the Gauntlets moved to the punch the safe door, making a complete shockwave around the bank, everything electrical exploded as sparks rained down from the ceiling, making everyone panic at the sounds it made as the lights started to flicker, the robbers moving inside of the safe to get the money.

Robber: (Turns to look at the money) Man, look at all this cash!

?: (Nodded) Just do the job, and you'll get your share. (Turns around and calls Mason) Mason, we're inside the safe.

Mason: (Is seen hacking) I'm making way to turn off the tracking system on the cash now, won't take me a second. (Looks at the cameras, noticing a police cruiser moving to the bank) Heads up, you got cops on your way.

?: I thought you said the cops took the bait?

Mason: Not this one, this one is on patrol.

?: (Sighs) Alright, I'll take care of it. (Turns to one of the robbers) Hey, I'm going to deal with the cops, you look after the hostages for me, will ya?

Robber: (Reloaded his shotgun) Roger!

Quaid: (Is seen stopping at the bank as he noticed a robbery going on, getting his mic) This is Officer Franklin Quaid reporting a 10-20, repeat, Robbery in Progress at the U.S. Bank of America on Queens Boulevard and 49th Street, requesting immediate backup. (Sees the man with Gauntlets coming out of the bank as he got out of his car, pulling out his gun) NYPD, don't move! Hands in the air! Get down on the ground!

?: (Puts his hands in the air) Brother, I'm going to tell you once, you're gonna need to lay off of this one.

Quaid: Down on the ground, do not make me repeat myself!

?: (Sighs) Alright then. (Cracks both sides of his neck) I guess it's showtime. (Moved his hand to unleash a blast wave at Quaid)

Quaid: (Gets pushed back by the wave) NGH!

Suddenly, Quaid was pushed back from the wave, as well as his own car, which got completely totaled by the blast, as the ripple effects felt like an earthquake, car alarms went off like crazy as the man with the Gauntlets looked at the damage he made.

?: (Looks around) Damn... (Looks at his Gauntlets) I love this job!

Robber: (Turns to the man) Yo, Herman! We got the cash!

Herman: (Turns to the van) Let's go.

The crew members began to get inside of the van, while Quaid, being incapacitated from the blast, watched as they left, with police arriving just in time as they left the scene...

The next day, Peter and Ned were seen walking in the streets of Queens, as they walked their way to school having a nice conversation.

Ned: (Walks with Peter) So, that wasn't so bad, dealing with the fire last night, was it?

Peter: (Walks with Ned, carrying his books) No, but everyone still hates Spider-Man!

Ned: Why would they? You-! (Widened his eyes, looking around passing bystanders) I mean, he's a hero! He just saved people from a burning building last night!

Peter: And yet, everyone else still freaks out around me everywhere I go! Right after I saved those people, a cop aimed a gun at my face, the news showed footage of people complaining about the webs, and even my Aunt May thinks that Spider-Man caused the fire last night!

Ned: Well, you have J. Jonah Jameson to blame. (Grabs a Daily Bugle paper) Thanks to his stupid editorials on the paper.

Peter: Yeah, but Aunt May though! I try my best to honor my Uncle's memory, and even she hates Spider-Man! I don't know how to get her to like him!

Ned: Did you tell her that you're, you know... Him?

Peter: No! Of course not!

Ned: Would you though?

Peter: (Scratched his head) I was actually close to that point until she told me how she felt about Spider-Man.

Ned: Oh... That answers the question of whether to tell her or not.

Peter: Yeah, but aside from May, there is an entire city that is need of convincing that Spider-Man isn't a masked menace Jameson always claims him to be!

Ned: Just give it time, people will start getting the message! I mean, people saw that you helped Iron Man, so-!

Peter: (Widened his eyes) Wait, what if that's it?

Ned: (Raises a brow) What?

Peter: I could swing by Avengers Tower after school and ask him to convince Triple J that Spider-Man is a hero! That sounds pretty easy, right?

Ned: If you say so, as long as you're confident about it... (Turns to look ahead, widening his eyes) Whoa...

He and Peter stop, seeing the bank that was robbed the night before, having police all over the street as yellow tape covering the area where a police cruiser is flipped upside down, Quaid sitting inside of an ambulance being questioned by Watanabe and Captain Stacy as they both saw the crime scene.

Ned: (Looks at the damage) What happened here?

Peter: (Looks around the area) I don't know... (Walks to the scene)

Police Officer: (Stops Peter and Ned from coming any closer) Hey kid, that's far enough.

Peter: (Turns to the officer) Hey, officer, what happened here?

Police Officer: (Points at the paper) Ask your friend, he has the paper in his hand.

Peter and Ned looked at each other, before turning to the Daily Bugle newspaper, it's headline reading, "BANK ROBBERY LEAVES MARK OF CHAOS IN QUEENS", looking at the same picture as the crime scene is right now as they looked at the damage...

Later, Peter and Ned were in with the Decathlon team, watching a live footage of Captain Stacy making a statement on the attack that happened the night before as they sat in a table, looking at the feed on Parker's phone.

George: (Is seen on the feed as he looks at the press) We do not know the full detail of the Robber that led to the loss of $4 Million dollars, but let be rest assured that Officer Frank Quaid of the Queens Department has fully recovered, and we will make it our mission to seek out the group responsible for this attack. They may have gained a score last night, but make no mistake, they will be back for more, and when they do, we'll be ready for them.

Peter: (Watches the feed as reporters began to ask him questions) $4 million dollars? Man, that's insane!

Ned: Jeez, that's a lot of money! (Turns to Peter) Peter, I think we just found your very first Super-Villain!

Peter: (Raises a brow) How do you even know it's a Super-Villain?

Ned: Dude, have you not looked at the street we walked into this morning?! It looked like freaking Dunkirk over there! Only a Super-Villain would leave behind a mess like that!

Peter: (Widened his eyes) Holy crap, you're right... (Turns to Ned) Are you sure it wasn't an Asgardian ice monster?

Ned: Dude, what an ice monster want with money?

Peter: Ah, good point! (Blows a puff of air) Man, I never expected something like this!

Ned: Well, you know what they say, a hero is always going to need a villain in the story.

Peter: I guess so... (Sighs) But still, Captain Stacy has a point! If they want more, then they'll be back for sure!

Gwen: (Turns to Peter while standing) Peter! (Gets his attention) Are you paying attention?

Peter: (Nodded) Yes! Of course!

Gwen: Alright, then will you tell us how many moles of atoms are in one mole of methane?

Peter: 1 carbon and 4 hydrogens.

Gwen: (Smiles) Correct! Nice job Pete.

Peter: Thanks.

Harry: (Moves to sit next to Peter and Ned) Hey guys, how's it going?

Peter: (Turns to Harry) Hey, Harry! It's going great.

Ned: Yeah, we were just talking about the bank robbery.

Harry: (Raises a brow) The one here in Queens? Why?

Ned: Because it looked so freaking crazy about how bad it was! You know? I mean, who could do such a thing?

Harry: (Shrugged) I don't know, Hydra maybe?

Peter: A good suggestion, but I don't really think bank robberies are their thing.

Harry: Well, why do you care? Spider-Man can go ahead and take care of it, right?

Ned: (Nodded) Yeah, Spidey can take care of it just fine, right Peter?

Peter: (Nodded) Yeah... (Turns to Harry) Anyway, what do you need, Harry?

Harry: I'm glad you asked because you know how I have not so steady relationship with my Dad?

Peter: Yeah.

Harry: Well, we sort of talked, and we agreed to talk to each other, get to know each other, or whatever, and I came by hoping you two would wish me luck.

Ned: Oh yeah!

Peter: (Nodded) Totally! I mean, he's your Dad, man, and that's something that can't really be replaced out of the blue.

Harry: Yeah, I get what you mean man.

Mr. Harringon: (Hears the bell running) Alright everyone, that's it for today! Nice job, we'll continue this next week!

Harry: (Gets up) Alright, wish me luck! (Turns to leave)

Ned: Take it easy, Harry. (Starts leaving with Peter)

Mr. Harrington: (Sees Peter and Gwen leaving) Peter, Gwen! Come to see me, please.

Peter: (Turns to Ned) I'll see you later, Ned!

Ned: Sure! (Turns to leave) I'll call you.

Gwen: (Turns to the teacher) What do you need, Mr. Harrington?

Mr. Harrington: Oh, I don't need anything, it's just that I was curious if you remembered the recent field trip to Oscorp that you and Peter have gone to?

Peter: Oh, yeah... (Scratched his head) How could I forget?

Gwen: Me neither, the research over there was thrilling!

Mr. Harrington: Well, I'm glad to hear that, because two of Oscorp's top scientists have transitioned into to their own company, Horizon Labs, and word is that they're offering two internships to two promising high schoolers! And when I received a call from the company, I recommended my two-star team members of this Decathlon!

Peter: (Widened his eyes) What?! Wow, that's so cool!

Gwen: When do we-?

Mr. Harrington: You both start this afternoon at 5:00.

Peter: Great! Thanks, Mr. Harrington!

Mr. Harrington: No problem, have a nice day!

Peter: (Leaves with Gwen) I can't believe this is happening right now!

Gwen: I know, right? This like an opportunity of a lifetime!

Peter: Yeah! (Turns to Gwen) Hey, how are you with, um... E-E-?

Gwen: Eddie? Oh, it's fine... We're both being neutral, and we're talking as friends, so things are just fine.

Peter: Well, that's good, because I don't want anything to get really awkward, between you, him and I, you know?

Gwen: Oh, no! He's okay! From what I heard, he's quite fond of you.

Peter: That's good. (Folded his arms) Hey, so are you free after school? Or-?

Gwen: Oh, I have dinner with Eddie afterward!

Peter: Oh.

Gwen: Yeah, I'm sorry.

Peter: It's all good.

Gwen: (Turns to leave) I'll see you at the internship though!

Peter: Yeah! (Waves his hand goodbye) See ya. (Turns to leave while making a depressed sigh)

Somewhere in the city, the man known as Herman was seen in a hideout with his crew members, as he stood watching the TV, displaying Captain Stacy giving off a speech about the robbery the night before.

George: (Is seen on the feed as he looks at the press) They may have gained a score last night, but make no mistake, they will be back for more, and when they do, we'll be ready for them.

Herman: (Scoffs as he watched the news) Good luck with that, pig.

Crew Member: (Sees a phone ringing, which read "MASON" on it as he turned to Herman) Hey, Schultz! You got a call from our I.T. guy.

Herman: (Turns to the crew member) Is it one of those good calls? Or bad?

Crew Member: (The phone stopped ringing as a text was sent out, which read, "ANSWER THE PHONE, HERMAN") It sounds bad, man.

Herman: (Sighs) Hand it over. (Takes the phone as it started ringing again, answering the call) What up?

Mason: When you said you would take care of the cop, last night, were you implying by a use of destructive force?

Herman: Listen, man, I got carried away, that's all! Besides, we got the cash after all, and no matter what the cops say, or what the Big Man says, we own this town!

Mason: Well, I'm glad you're happy with your accomplishment because we're not! That attracted attention, Herman! Didn't the boss tell you to move the merchandise-?

Herman: Under the radar, I know! Look, it won't happen again, I promise.

Mason: You sure about that?

Herman: Man, do I seriously need another reminder of what happened to Jackson Brice?

Mason: No, I suppose not.

Herman: (Sighs) So, what? Does this mean I'm out?

Mason: Not exactly, but you attracted a lot of attention showing the tech last night, so the boss is suggesting that you be the driver on the next job.

Herman: Driver? That's it?

Mason: If it helps in any way, the boss wanted to let you know that it was the least he could do.

Herman: (Sighs) Yeah, what's the worse that could happen, right?

Later, Gwen was seen in the streets, standing in front of a diner when Eddie showed up.

Eddie: (Walks to Gwen) Hey!

Gwen: (Turns to see Eddie) Hey!

Eddie: (Looks at Gwen) So, you look nice.

Gwen: (Nodded) Thanks, so do you.

Eddie: Uh... (Points at the diner) You wanna come inside?

Gwen: Sure.

They started to walk inside of the diner, both unaware of Spider-Man sitting on a building wall, observing them as they began to have dinner.

Spider-Man: (Looks at Eddie and Gwen) Oh man, he's letting her in first!

Ned: (Is in his room, looking over his laptop) Isn't that like a common courtesy to others?

Spider-Man: Yeah, but what if they're like, gonna start dating again?

Ned: Who? Gwen and what's his face again?

Spider-Man: (Turns to crawl up the wall) His name is Eddie Brock.

Ned: Tsk, man, who's Eddie Brock? A freaking nobody, that's who!

Spider-Man: Uh, yeah, so are you and Peter Parker.

Ned: Okay, A, that hurt, I can't believe you said that out loud, and B, you certainly aren't a nobody!

Spider-Man: Spider-Man isn't. (Picks himself up onto a rooftop) But Peter Parker is.

Ned: Well, you know what I mean! Look, Gwen Stacy said that you saved her life, and that's a big win man! All I'm saying is that you and she are a thing, and you practically belong together!

Spider-Man: Yeah? (Starts swinging around the city) And how am I supposed to get the girl?

Ned: Well... (Rubs his head) It may, or may not be a bad idea, but you could tell her about... You know... About the real you.

Spider-Man: The real me? You're saying I should tell her my secret identity, are you?!

Ned: Well, it's not a bad idea, is it?

Spider-Man: Oh I don't know Ned, what would want me to tell her? (Slides down a rail) "Hey Gwen, guess what? I'm Spider-Man, and I'm like a wanted vigilante that your Dad is hunting down, so can we go out together on a date?"

Ned: (Shakes his head) Okay, not like that, man!

Spider-Man: (Makes a flip, landing onto another rooftop) Ugh, I don't know man! Can we please forget about this and concentrate on those guys that robbed a bank last night?

Ned: Okay, fine... (Types onto his laptop) Yeah, I'll do that while you go talk to Tony Stark about the Bugle.

Spider-Man: (Widened his eyes) Holy Shit, you're right! (Takes his backpack off and webs it on a wall) Thanks for reminding me!

Ned: No problem dude! I'll let you know if anything happens later on.

Spider-Man soon made his way to Avengers Tower, as he was about to come to close proximity, Iron Man suddenly flew out of the building, taking the Wall Crawler by surprise as Stark flew by him.

Spider-Man: (Sees Iron Man flying) Whoa, Mr. Stark! (Iron Man doesn't notice as he flew past him) Mr. Stark, wait! (Chases after Iron Man)

Pedestrian: (Is seen on a rooftop, seeing Spider-Man going after Iron Man) Oh man, it's happening! Spider-Man's gonna fight Iron Man!

Iron Man: (Flies in the sky as he tried out his new suit) Okay F.R.I.D.A.Y, how's it going?

F.R.I.D.A.Y.: The velocity speed is proceeding it's calculations like you made, boss.

Iron Man: Perfect, let me know if anything's changes.

F.R.I.D.A.Y.: (Shows Spider-Man behind him) You have a small bogey behind you, boss.

Iron Man: Bogey? (Sees Spider-Man on the screen) Oh, I know him. (Turns around) Hey.

Spider-Man: (Sees Iron Man stopping) Whoa! (Face butted himself on Iron Man's Chestplate) GAH! (Fell to the ground) Ugh...

Iron Man: (Sees Spidey on the ground) Oh, god that's gotta hurt! F.R.I.D.A.Y?

F.R.I.D.A.Y.: Mild concussion is detected, as well as a couple of cuts.

Iron Man: Oh lord. (Walks towards Spider-Man) You alright kid?

Spider-Man: (Groans as he got up on his feet) Yeah, it's all good Mr. Stark... (Touched his face) Oh, man!

Iron Man: Alright, mask off, kid, let me see the wound.

Peter: (Takes his mask off, revealing a bruise on his forehead, as well as a couple of cuts stemming from the cheek and chin) It's not that bad, is it?

Iron Man: Oh, you'll be fine, but since you hit your head on my Armor, I'd recommend some aspirin and Ibuprofen, because there's a pretty high chance you'll be getting a headache soon.

Peter: (Rubs his head) Yeah, I think I'm already feeling it... (Turns to Iron Man) Hey, I'm really sorry for interrupting your flight exercise, Mr. Stark, I know what it's like to move around in the air and-!

Iron Man: Oh, I'm not... (Pulls the mask off, revealing no one inside of it) Here.

Peter: (Raises a brow) What?

Tony: (Is at Avengers Tower in his lab, looking at the screens while remotely controlling the suit) Yeah, I never actually left the building really.

Peter: Oh, so I didn't have to go chasing around the suit around New York?! Ugh, god! (Facepalms himself)

Iron Man: (Looks at Parker as he put his mask on) Yeah, what were you doing, chasing after me like that by the way?

Spider-Man: (Puts the mask back on as he looked at Stark) I was trying to talk to you!

Iron Man: And you couldn't call me to do that?

Spider-Man: Well, I don't really have your phone number, do I?

Iron Man: No, but the suit does!

Spider-Man: (Raises a brow) Really? When?

Tony: It's always been there. (Raises a brow) Wait, you didn't-! (Widened his expression) Oh, you didn't activate your A.I, did you?

Spider-Man: (Raises a brow) Wait, I have an A.I. built into my suit?!

Tony: Yeah, hold on... (Uses the suit to touch the Spider Emblem on the suit) Just let turn it on for you, real quick.

A.I.: (Is heard in Spider-Man's head as Tony touched the Symbol) Hello Peter, how may I assist you?

Spider-Man: (Widened his eyes) Whoa! You put this into my suit?!

Iron Man: I put everything in your suit, including a heater just in case you get cold or something.

Spider-Man: Whoa, that's cool! So the A.I, does it have a name?

Iron Man: I thought about it, but since you are keeping the suit, I figured I'll let you sort that part out yourself. (Folded his arms) Now, what do you need from me that you had to chase me around New York for?

Spider-Man: Oh right! Uh... (Rubs his head) So, you heard of the Daily Bugle, right?

Tony: (Looks over a Daily Bugle paper) I read the papers, but I don't really consider myself associating myself with a man like Jameson... Why?

Spider-Man: Well, you probably read these ridiculous headlines he's made about me, right? So I was wondering if-!

Iron Man: Wait! (Placed a finger up) Let me stop you right there.

Spider-Man: (Nodded) Okay.

Tony: So, let me get this straight...

Iron Man: You came to me because you want me to talk to Jonah, and convince him that you're not a bad guy, right?

Spider-Man: (Nodded) Yeah.

Iron Man: And then after that, everything will go the way you want it to be, right?

Spider-Man: Well, not everything, but enough to get people off my back when I'm trying to help them out, yeah.

Iron Man: Yeah, I'm afraid that's a no.

Spider-Man: (Widened his eyes) What?! Why not?! You're Iron Man, people look up to you, and they listen to you, and-!

Tony: And it's your story, not mine!

Spider-Man: What's that supposed to mean?!

Iron Man: Look, I get that you're going under a lot of criticisms lately, but I had that happen too when I started out just like you, and I didn't have any kind of help from anybody, period! And look at me now!

Spider-Man: So, what are you saying?

Tony: I'm saying that if you want people to see what you're doing is good, then you have to convince them yourself! Alright? You can't always-!

Iron Man: Depend on me or your attractive Aunt all the time to fight your battles, sometimes, you have to fight them on your own, and that's the way it goes sometimes.

Tony: (Puts his hands into his pockets) Which sucks, I know, but think of it this way... People don't know you, not enough people know you.

Spider-Man: (Raises a brow) You sure about that?

Iron Man: Oh, I'm sure, because all they see is some weirdo dressed up in a cosplay outfit, but give it time, and people will start having all kinds of merchs set up with that Spidey Symbol on your chest.

Spider-Man: Okay... (Rubs his neck) That does sound a little bit better the way you say it.

Iron Man: Yeah, just remember to stay close to the ground, helping the little people.

Spider-Man: Yeah, I guess I could focus on finding those guys from last night.

Tony: (Raises a brow) Wait, what guys from last night?

Spider-Man: You know, the guys that robbed the bank in Queens last night!

Tony: Oh, you really don't need to worry about that issue, right now.

Spider-Man: (Raises a brow) What? Why? Those guys took apart a piece of my neighborhood, so they're dangerous, I gotta take them down!

Iron Man: Listen to me, I understand you wanna help, but you have to know that there are people that handle this sort of thing.

Spider-Man: Like the Avengers?

Iron Man: No, no, no! Just people a little below their pay grade.

Spider-Man: Look, I can't just ignore this! I can't risk people with that kind of stuff being used again in my neighborhood!

Iron Man: And they won't! As long as you let the professionals handle it. (Placed a hand on his shoulder) Alright?

Spider-Man: (Sighs) Alright!

Iron Man: There, attaboy. (Turns to leave)

Spider-Man: But what if I encounter the guys responsible for last night?

Iron Man: (Turns to Spidey) If you do encounter them, call Happy, he'll handle it. (Shrugs) Or me, whatever helps.

Spider-Man: (Raises a brow) Happy? Who's-?

Iron Man: Gotta run. (Turns to leave) See you around kid!

Spider-Man: (Sees Iron Man) Mr. Stark, wait! Who's! (Iron Man is gone) Ugh... Who's Happy?

A.I.: (Is heard in the suit) Happy is also known as Harold Hogan, is the Head of Security of Stark Industries, who has a close relationship to Anthony "Tony" Stark, both whom are considered both friends.

Spider-Man: (Widened his eyes) Whoa, I almost forgot about you! (Leaps to a ledge) Sorry about that.

A.I.: It's alright.

Spider-Man: Say, Mr. Stark didn't give you a name, right? So what should I call you?

A.I.: You can call anything you like.

Spider-Man: Okay... (Uses his webs to hang upside down in the air) Maybe I should call you... Gwen. (Shook his head) No, no, no! God, that's weird. (Makes a flip down onto the ground) Can I call you, Karen?

Karen: You can call me Karen if you would like.

Spider-Man: (Is seen retrieving his backpack from the rooftop before) Hey Karen, what else can this suit do? (Suddenly, Web Wings appeared, extending from the arms to the waist areas, making a surprised look on his face) Whoa, I can do that?!

Karen: You can also adjust the Web Shooter settings in your inventory slots... Would you like to run a practice course?

Spider-Man: Yeah, I think I'd like that.

Soon, after a little while.

Spider-Man: (Uses the Ricochet Web) Whoa! (Ducks down as he looked at the Web in a tiny piece) That's cool!

Karen: Up next, is the Web Grenade.

Spider-Man: (Uses the Web Grenade) Web Grenade! (Shoots it out, and a second later, a large piece of Webs appear)

Karen: Trip Line Web.

Spider-Man: (Uses the Web as he saw a Blue line stretched out) That's it? (Grabs a bottle) Huh... (Drops it in the line, and then the bottle gets hit by the webs, getting attached to a wall) Okay, that's pretty useful!

Karen: Next is the Impact Web.

Spider-Man: (Uses the Impact Web on a Mannequin, making it attached to the wall) Okay, that's also pretty neat!

Karen: Electric Web.

Spider-Man: (Shoots out Webs, which made a street light turn on as electricity was used) Whoa, this can come in handy! Yeah, Karen, I think I like how this is all set up!

Karen: Would you like to take a break from the practice course?

Spider-Man: Yeah, I think that's it for today... (Sighs as he used his webbing to make a hammock for himself, laying on it as he looked at the sky) So... Should I tell Gwen that I'm Spider-Man?

Karen: Who is Gwen?

Spider-Man: Who's Gwen? Hehehe, she's uh... She's the best, she's awesome, yeah, she's just a girl that goes to my school... (Waved his hand around) And yeah, I really wanna tell her, but it's kinda weird, you know? "Hey, I'm... I'm Spider-Man."

Karen: And what's weird about that?

Spider-Man: Well, what if she's expecting someone like Tony Stark? Or maybe Harry Osborn? I mean, imagine how disappointed when she sees me.

Karen: Well, if I were her, I wouldn't be disappointed at all.

Spider-Man: Thanks, Karen... Ah, it's nice to have somebody to talk to... (Looks around) Hey, how long have we been here anyway?

Karen: 37 minutes.

Spider-Man: (Widened his eyes) What?! (Gets off of the hammock) 37 minutes, that's insane! Oh god, what time is it?!

Karen: 5:03 P.M. East Standard time.

Spider-Man: Oh no, I'm late for my Horizon Labs Internship! (Jumps off the roof) Crap, how did I lose track of time?!

Karen: (Displays a picture of Gwen) Incoming call from Gwen Stacy.

Spider-Man: Oh, answer, please!

Gwen: (Is seen at Horizon Labs, standing outside of the building) Peter, where are you? The Doctors are going to be here any second now.

Spider-Man: Sorry, I lost track of time! I'm heading there right now!

Gwen: Okay, hurry! They're not here yet, but I'm not sure how long that's gonna last.

Spider-Man: Okay, I'll be right there shortly! (Ends call) Man, they're not there yet! That's good!

Karen: The destination is located on Charles and Jane Street.

Spider-Man: I already know that Karen, but how long do you think it'll take to get there?

Karen: About 2 minutes and 37 seconds.

Spider-Man: Okay, that's pretty good! Let's go!

Soon, Spider-Man made it to Horizon Labs, a small building located in Greenwich, as he arrived on a rooftop, seeing Gwen standing at the entrance.

Spider-Man: (Sees the entrance) There it is... (Goes onto an alleyway) Karen, you don't happen to know a quicker way to take off this suit? Maybe an automatic way like Tony Stark does with his suits?

Karen: There is not.

Spider-Man: Of course there isn't. (Sighs) Great, guess it's the old fashioned way.

Soon, Spider-Man went from being the hero into average Peter Parker, as he put his suit inside of his backpack, and running towards to the building as he ran into Gwen.

Peter: (Runs to Gwen) Gwen!

Gwen: (Turns to see Peter) Hey, you're here!

Peter: (Looks around) It hasn't started yet, has it?

Gwen: (Shook her head) If it helps, they're also late, so don't stress too much about it.

Peter: Great... (Turns to Gwen) Uh, hey, do we know who we're interning for?

Gwen: (Raises a brow) Didn't Mr. Harrington tell us that?

Peter: About two of Oscorp's top scientists, yeah, but what are their names?

Max: (Walks to Peter and Gwen) Dear lord, the school didn't know our names? It's Doctor Maxmillion Modell.

Peter: (Widened his eyes as he sees Max) Holy crap, is that really you? Wow, you're like a renowned Scientist!

Gwen: Your breakthrough in understanding the Adamantium metal really helped how we look at it!

Max: (Chuckles) Oh, please, it's not that big of a deal! I only helped scratched the surface, that's all.

Peter: Well, it's a real honor meeting you here, sir!

Max: (Smiled) The pleasure's mine. (Looks around) Now, my partner should be here any second now...

Otto: (Opens the door, walking to the three) Well, no need to wait any longer.

Gwen: (Raises a brow) Wait, you were here the whole time?

Max: (Turns to see Otto) Why didn't you tell me you were here?

Otto: Oh, I thought I might wait until everyone arrived so that we can all get acquainted with each other. (Smiled at the kids) Hello, my name is Doctor Otto Octavius.

Peter: (Widened his eyes) Otto Octavius? The Otto Octavius?! Holy crap, you guys are really cool!

Gwen: And not to mention the fact you both were the best scientists in Oscorp!

Otto: (Chuckles a little) Well, "best" is such an understatement really, but I like the enthusiasm. (Folded his arms) Mr. Harrington spoke very highly of both of you. (Turns to Peter) Although, I happen to notice you have a habit for being late, young man.

Peter: (Scratched his head nervously) Uh, yeah, it's a big city, you know? (Offers a handshake) Hi, I'm Peter, Peter Parker.

Otto: (Raises a brow) Parker? As in-?

Peter: Richard Parker? Yeah, that's my Dad!

Max: (Widened his eyes) W-Wow, I had no idea we would have you be interning for us!

Gwen: (Raises a brow) You guys know each other?

Otto: No! (Rubs his head) I mean, we knew his Father, of course.

Peter: R-Really? Wow, that's... (Sighs) That's really nice.

Otto: (Shook his head) Well then... (Smiled as he took Peter's handshake) It's my honor meeting you, Mr. Parker.

Peter: Oh please, call me Peter!

Max: (Points at the door) So, shall we go inside?

Otto: (Nodded) Of course! (Walks inside) Please, come! We have much to discuss!

At Oscorp, Norman was seen standing at the balcony, looking over the city as he held a glass of wine in his hand, thinking...

Norman: (Looks at New York until he started feeling a headache) Ugh...

Slocum: (Is seen in a flashback as flames engulf him) AHHHH!

Harry: (Walks out to the balcony) Dad?

Norman: (Turns around, seeing his son) Harry, good to see you!

Harry: (Raises a brow as he walked to his Father) Are you sweating?

Norman: (Wiped the sweat out of his head) I-I have been working out. (Turns to Harry after putting away his seat) What do you need?

Harry: (Shrugged) Well, you told me the other night that you wanted to get to know more about me, about having family talks, and you also said that you wanted to have one sometime after school, so here I am...

Norman: Oh, well that's fantastic! Please, sit! (Sees his son sitting down) So, tell me... How's school?

Harry: (Sits on a chair across from his father) It's okay, really... I mean, I get good grades, I have friends, and I participate in extracurricular activities, so there's nothing to be concerned about.

Norman: Yes, you partake the Academic Decathlon, yes?

Harry: (Nodded) Yeah, along with my friends, Peter and Ned.

Norman: Peter and Ned? Do they go to your school?

Harry: (Nodded) Yeah, they're really cool to hang out with.

Norman: Well, that's good... I never had friends when I was your age, and I'm glad you have a much better luck than I did.

Harry: Thanks.

Norman: (Stares at the floor) This Peter fellow... He happens to be Richard Parker's kid... Right?

Harry: Yeah, I told you about him the night his Uncle Ben died.

Norman: The night his Uncle died. (Snapped his fingers) Right! God, what a tragedy.

Harry: Yes, it was...

Norman: (Turns to Harry) Tell me, did Peter tell you anything special? Anything about his old man? Anything that he remembered when he was younger?

Harry: (Raises a brow) Uhh, Dad? How come you're asking all these questions about Peter?

Norman: Why shouldn't I?

Harry: Because it's creepy!

Norman: Right... (Blinked) Sorry, I just... I was thinking about his Father-!

Harry: Wait, wait, wait... (Points at Norman) You... You didn't set this up so you could to talk to me about Peter's Dad, did you?

Norman: No, of course not!

Harry: Then how come you're asking more about Peter instead of me? Is this a family conversation, or is this just business?!

Felicia: (Walks to the doorway, knocking on the glass) Mr. Osborn? Your 5:30 appointment is coming up.

Norman: (Turns to Felicia) Thank you, Felicia. (Turns to Harry) I'm sorry, I have business to deal with. (Stands up and walks away)

Harry: (Scoffs) Yeah, because everything's all about business with Norman Osborn, isn't it?

Norman: (Turns to Harry) Harry, it's not like that-!

Harry: (Raises his hands) You know what? Whatever Dad. (Walks away) I'm going to go somewhere to grab a bite.

Norman: Harry! (Sees his son leaving, making him sigh) Dammit!

Soon, Harry started to walk out of Oscorp, as he walked out of the doors, he moved to walk down the sidewalk when he noticed MJ making graffiti art on the Oscorp sign as he walked by her.

Harry: (Noticed MJ spray painting) Michelle?

MJ: (Noticed Harry) Oh, hey Osborn. (Goes back to spray painting on the sign)

Harry: (Raises a brow) Uh, what are you doing?

MJ: Oh, I'm just demonstrating a work of art, as well as demonstrating my 1st Amendment rights through this defining work of art.

Harry: (Folded his arms) You realize my Dad will seriously get pissed off when he sees you doing this, right?

MJ: (Spray paints the words, "CORPORATE GREED ENTERPRISES") Yeah, that's the point.

Harry: (Sighs) Well, sure, I'm certain he'll be more interested in this rather than his own son, so have fun. (Turns to leave)

MJ: (Raises a brow as she stopped spray painting, turning to Harry) Oh, so you have trouble at home?

Harry: (Turns to MJ) Yeah, you could say that.

MJ: (Folded her arms) I never thought the Infamous Osborns would have family drama this bad...

Harry: (Shrugs) Well, as I said before, you don't really know me, so that's that.

MJ: (Rubbed her arm) So how about now?

Harry: (Raises a brow) What do you mean?

MJ: I mean, get to know you... (Lightly punched Harry) The real you, I mean.

Harry: (Stares at MJ) You're serious?

MJ: (Nodded while smiling) Yeah... (Shrugged) I mean, my work here is done, and I kinda wanna get out of here before the cops start showing up.

Harry: (Chuckled lightly) Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. (Moved his head towards the subway) Come on, let's take the subway before my Old Man freaks. (Gets out a debit card) I'm paying.

MJ: (Raises a brow) I didn't know every Osborn carries a credit card.

Harry: Well, yeah, except this one's a debit, and it's not mine, it's my Dad's.

MJ: Wouldn't he be upset that you stole his card?

Harry: And piss him off for overspending it? Sure, that would be irresponsible of me to consider, but god, I can't help myself!

MJ: (Laughs a little) Haha! Alright, let's go!

Harry: (Walks towards the subway) Where would you like to go?

MJ: (Walks next to Harry) Anyplace that serves some pizza, because I'm starving!

Harry: You and me both...

Later at Horizon Labs, Peter and Gwen were seen given a tour of the lab as Otto and Max filled them with the basics.

Max: (Shows Peter and Gwen around the lab) And here, is where we have all our snacks and coffee stockpiled, so feel free to consume!

Otto: We share too.

Peter: (Looks around) Wow, all of this stuff looks awesome!

Otto: Well, I'm glad you feel that way because you'll be seeing first hand on all projects that will be run here in Horizon!

Gwen: This is really cool, but I also heard that there will be other scientists that will be joining up soon.

Max: Oh, you mean Doctor Curt Connors, and his Wife, Martha? They won't be here today, because they're out having a family outing with their Son.

Otto: But you'll both be seeing him a lot because he'll be a frequent partner here in Horizon.

Otto: Everything is small, but with enough time, we hope that it will grow into something much bigger! Something the world can remember will depend on.

Gwen: (Folded her arms) Like the limb replacement technology that you mentioned that you were working on?

Otto: Indeed! And now that you mentioned it, I like to test out one of our biggest projects!

Max: (Chuckles) Ah, Otto, it's a little too soon, don't you think?

Otto: Not at all! I mean, these young bright minds will be interning here, so why not show them?

Peter: Show us what?

Gwen: What is it?

Max: (Sighs) Well, they're already asking...

Otto: Well, let's give the answer! (Moves to a door, opening it to reveal 4 metallic tendrils) Well? What do you think?

Peter: (Sees the metal tendrils) Whoa... What are those?

Otto: Well, this is just a prototype, but I have a theory on the mind. (Folded his arms) And the theory is what if instead of using our limbs, we could unleash the full awesome potential of our brain?

Max: And I believe that sounds like an excellent project indeed, but we're putting that project on hold until we can get the appropriate funding for our company to continue that research.

Otto: Right! (Snapped his fingers) Of course! Which is why we are primarily focused on limb replacement.

Max: That, and other means that are worth interesting, since my Husband is working on a project similar to that, but better.

Norman: (Claps his hands as he walked inside, taking the group's attention) That sounds like very fascinating research, indeed.

Max: (Sees Norman walking in) Norman?!

Otto: (Sees Norman) Osborn?!

Max: (Turns to Norman) What are you doing here?!

Norman: Well, I heard that my dear friends, Maxwell and Otto are said to have started their own company, and I must admit, I like what you did with the place.

Max: (Glared at Norman) What are you doing Norman?

Norman: (Turns to Max) Oh, why so hostile, Max? I thought we were friends?

Otto: I'm sure we stopped the moment you decided to fire me.

Norman: (Turns to Otto) A drastic decision that I admit was made unfairly, for that I truly apologize. (Walks around) But for that matter, I came by to see what you are doing, and as I said, I like what you did with the place. (Points out a finger) Although, I did hear that your company was having issues with funding.

Max: If you think we'd ever take your money again, you are sorely mistaken.

Norman: Well, it doesn't matter if you want it or not, because to be honest, I'm here to inform you all that I am officially buying Horizon Labs.

Max: (Scoffs) Like hell you are! This is our company, we started this!

Norman: With the money that I have paid you both over the years, and to be blunt, you hardly have any shareholders, so therefore this company is in legal right to be bought.

Otto: (Glares at Norman) This isn't about a friendly visit, isn't it?

Norman: (Turns to Otto) I'm trying to help you Otto... (Turns to Max) And you too Maxwell. (Placed his hands on his hips) And you both are free to continue your work... (Shrugs) In a secure environment.

Otto: At Oscorp.

Norman: You always were the smartest guy in the room.

Otto: (Scoffs) I don't need your money.

Norman: No, but perhaps your wife does... Rosalie, right?

Otto: (Gave Norman an angry look) How dare you?! (Moved towards Norman)

Peter: (Sees the situation escalating as he stepped in between Otto and Norman) Hey, easy! Why don't we both just cool off before something that nobody wants happens, okay? Let's just take it easy.

Max: I agree. (Folded his arms) Perhaps you should leave, now!

Norman: (Nodded) If you say so... (Looks at Peter) You must be Peter Parker... Harry's told me so much about you.

Peter: (Turns to Norman) Funny, he told me so much about you too.

Norman: (Looks at Peter) I see... (Looks at Gwen) Well, if you and your friend decide to ever change internships, you are free to know I'm around to give. (Walks away) This, is opportunity knocking, children... (Leaves)

Gwen: (Looks at Norman in disgust) God, no wonder Michelle hated that guy...

Martha: I don't know how anyone else doesn't.

Otto: (Sighs as he sat on a table) God, this is a disaster.

Max: (Placed a hand on Otto's back) Hey, don't think about it man, we'll figure it out.

Peter: (Turns to the doctors) So, do you need us to help out? I have a friend at Oscorp.

Gwen: And my Dad's a cop, maybe-!

Max: Kids, I like that you want to help, but I think it's best that you both leave... This is something we have to figure out on our own...

Otto: He's right. (Turns to Peter and Gwen) It's time to go home...

Gwen: (Nodded as she started to leave with Peter) God, this is so messed up.

Peter: Yeah, Harry told me a lot about his Dad, but I didn't think he would be this bad!

Gwen: (Sighs) I only wish someone could do something about it...

Peter: Who though?

Gwen: I don't know, anyone... Maybe Spider-Man by any chance?

Peter: Well, I don't know-! (Gets a call from Ned) Hey, I gotta go... See you tomorrow?

Gwen: (Nodded as they walked outside) Yeah... (Sees Peter) Peter! (Gets his attention) Meet me back here tomorrow! We need to show our full support for Doctor Octavius and Modell because they'll need it!

Peter: (Nodded) Yeah, sure thing! (Turns to leave as he answered the call) Ned, what is it?

Ned: (Is in his home) Dude, those guys that we're looking for? They just popped back up on the radar!

Peter: (Widened his eyes) Really? (Turns to walk to an alleyway) Where are they?

Ned: It's an Oscorp facility located on the Upper West Side, can't miss it!

Peter: (Takes his suit out of his backpack) Oscorp? (Moves to put his suit on) God, the bitter irony!

Ned: (Raises a brow) Is there something wrong?

Peter: (Puts his suit on) It's nothing, Ned!

Spider-Man: (After making the suit less loose, he put the mask on) Just call me if anything else changes!

Later, Harry and MJ were at an Italian restaurant having pizza and coffee together, as they both sat on a table booth.

Harry: (Sits in the booth with MJ as he and she eat pizza) So, you're an animal rights protester, right?

MJ: (Eats a pepperoni pizza) What about it?

Harry: You do realize that Pepperoni is a type of meat, right?

MJ: (Chuckles a little) Hehe! I'm an animal rights protester for dogs, man! Mostly puppies!

Harry: Oh! Okay, animal rights for dogs, that's okay! I like dogs too.

MJ: And sometimes cats too.

Harry: What makes you think cats are being experimented on?

MJ: Dude, corporate people will do anything to get results, test on anything, including cats! And if you watched Stranger Things, then you may know that is deeply true.

Harry: I guess so. (Sighs) This is nice...

MJ: Yeah... (Grabs her coffee) You don't seem like your father at all.

Harry: Yeah, you could say he and I see the world differently...

MJ: Really?

Harry: Okay, maybe that last bit was way over the top right there, but long story short, the Osborn family is the New York version of the Kardashians, only less over-reacting, and less family interaction. (Shrugs) And obviously, of course, no Kanye.

MJ: (Smiled a little) You sound like you and your Dad get along just fine.

Harry: Oh, you have no idea... (Leans on the table) So, what about you? Any family history you'd like to share?

MJ: (Raises a brow) Me?

Harry: Yeah, I mean, are you from around here?

MJ: Well, not really... (Folded her arms) To be honest, I was born in a place called Montoursville, Pennsylvania.

Harry: Montoursville?

MJ: Yeah, small town, not a well-known place people would often talk about. (Turns to a window) I mean, I remember a little bit about it, but then my parents divorced when I was three, and when my mother took custody of me, we moved here to New York.

Harry: How come they divorced?

MJ: I don't know... (Shrugs) Probably because of adult issues or something.

Harry: I'm really sorry.

MJ: It's all good.

Harry: (Raises a brow) Really?

MJ: Yeah... (Rubbed her arm) Except for the fact that I have never heard from my Father in a long time... In fact, I hardly remember anything about him, and my Mom absolutely refuses to talk about him, period.

Harry: That sounds really rough.

MJ: Yeah, well who else's parents aren't divorced, right? (Grabs her coffee) Speaking of which, how did yours turn out? Beetles style maybe?

Harry: What, my parents?

MJ: Yeah, I never really see your Mom.

Harry: (Held onto his coffee) Well, they never really broke up, really. (Turns to MJ) Actually, my mother's gone.

MJ: Gone where?

Harry: (Looks down on the table) Gone gone.

MJ: (Looks at Harry) Oh... I'm... I'm sorry...

Harry: It's fine! Really, she died of cancer when I was like, 6... My Dad tried everything, hired doctors, especially the foreign kind, but it caught up in the end... (Slowly moved to grab his pizza) Which was probably the reason my father and I never even talk... Period.

MJ: (Looks at Harry) You know what? We both have a depressing family history, so why not tonight we forget about it, and have a nice time together on date night?

Harry: (Raises a brow) This is a date?

MJ: (Slowly moved her straw on her lips) Only if you want it to be...

Harry: (Chuckled) Alright then. (Raises his coffee) To forgetting about depressing family history!

MJ: (Smiled as she tapped her coffee drink with Harry's) Salud! (Felt the door slammed next them) Whoa!

Harry: (Spilled some of his coffee) What the-?!

Jameson: (Walks inside the restaurant while on the phone with someone) Robbie, for god's sakes, I know when I need to take my meds! I have a schedule set up, you know!

Harry: (Looks at Jameson as he turned to MJ) Since when did Triple J was into Italian Restaurants?

MJ: There is nothing that suprises me about that man.

Harry: Man, what else could happen tonight?

Meanwhile, across the street from the restuarant, the men that robbed the bank last night were seen moving on at an Oscorp facility, as they were inside, Herman was inside of the van, waiting for the crew to arrive as he sat in the driver's seat looking at the building.

Herman: (Activates his headset) Hey, when are you going to be done, already?

Crew Member: We're just getting the stuff Mason needs, man! Don't worry, we'll be finished soon enough!

Herman: Hope so, because I hate waiting around!

As Herman waited, Spider-Man arrived on the scene, looking at the facility as he looked around the place.

Spider-Man: (Sat on a rooftop rail) Okay Karen, what do you got for me?

Karen: (Is seen on Spidey's point of view as she scanned the area) I am detecting four armed men inside of the Oscorp Research Facility, as well as one-armed man sitting inside of a van.

Spider-Man: (Noticed Herman in the van) That guy in the van, who's he?

Karen: (Scans Herman) That would be Herman Schultz, no criminal record of him in my criminal database.

Spider-Man: Nothing?

Karen: Well, he used to be a salvage worker, an employee of Bestman Salvage when it was shut down after the Battle of New York, and he was never seen again afterward.

Spider-Man: Okay, keep an eye on him, I don't wanna lose any one of those guys just in case.

Crew Member 1: (Walked outside of the building) Alright, we got the stuff!

Herman: (Honks the horn) Come on, let's go!

Spider-Man: (Sees the thugs heading towards the van) There they are!

Karen: Would you like me to engage Enhanced Combat Mode?

Spider-Man: Enhanced Combat Mode? Yeah!

Karen: Activating Instant Kill.

Spider-Man: (Widened his eyes) No, no, no! I don't wanna kill anybody!

Karen: Deactivating Instant Kill.

Spider-Man: (Sighs as he got ready to jump) Okay, let's do this! (Jumps in the area, landing in front of the group) What's up, guys? Did you forget your work IDs? (Webs up one of the men's gun)

Crew Member 1: (Sees Spider-Man webbing his weapon) Huh?! (Gets his gun snatched and then had it hit him along with his group) AGH! (Fell to the ground)

Crew Member 2: (Moves to hit Spider-Man) Let's get him! (Gets webbed in the face) GAH!

Spider-Man: (Webs the crook's face) Whoa! (Jump kicks him) Did you leave the oven running, or what?

Herman: (Sees Spider-Man fighting his crew as he sat in the van) What the hell? (Contacts Mason) Mason, are you seeing this?!

Mason: (Sees Spider-Man on camera) Yes, Herman, I'm aware of our little Spider pest.

Crew Member 3: (Gets a kinesis device as he glared at Spider-Man) You're gonna get it, punk! (Shot the device at Spidey, making him float in the air)

Spider-Man: (Gets pulled into a kinesis entrapment and is floating in the air) Whoa! This is so weird! (Gets pulled onto a wall) Ugh! (Fell to the ground as he looked at the device) Whoa, what is that thing?!

Crew Member 3: Come on! (Pulls on Spider-Man again)

Spider-Man: (Gets thrown back and forth against the wall) I'm starting, to think, you're don't, work here! (Held onto the ground, webbed up a trash can and pulls it backward)

Crew Member 3: (Gets hit from behind by a trash can, dropping the weapon) GAH!

Crew Member 4: (Moves to hit Spider-Man, only to be hit in the face) AGH! (Fell to the ground)

Herman: (Sees Spider-Man winning) Dammit, I'm going in!

Mason: No, Herman! You're supposed to be the driver tonight, you're not-!

Herman: (Gets out the Gauntlets) There's no point in driving anybody if everyone's been ass whupped by a freak! (Puts on the mask) I'm ending this!

Mason: Herman, no! Wait-!

Herman: (Ends communications) Showtime!

Spider-Man: (Webbed up the entire group as he stood in front of them) Man, I had fun with you guys, but I'm just curious to how-! (Suddenly got punched in the face) GAH! (Fell about 10 feet away from Herman) Ugh!

Herman: (Walks over to the Wall-Crawler) So, you're the so-called Spider-Man I keep hearing about, huh? Gotta say I like the new look.

Spider-Man: (Groans as he got up, looking at the guy in the Yellow and Brown outfit) Yeah, I gotta say the same about yours! But who are you supposed to be?

Herman: (Continues to walk towards Spidey) I'm the guy that's going to kick your ass, that's what! (Pounded at the ground) Ngh!

Spider-Man: (Sees the ground suddenly pulse, as a wave of electricity suddenly went towards him) Oh, crap! (Barely dodged the blast) Whoa!

Crew Member 1: (Sees Herman fighting Spider-Man) Yeah, kick his ass, Herman!

Spider-Man: (Landed on the ground) Karen, what is that?

Karen: (Scans Herman's weapons) I believe the weapons Herman Schultz is carrying would be a Vibro-Blade Shock Gauntlets, which has been upgraded with some Chitauri weaponry.

Spider-Man: Whoa, where did you get Chitauri tech?! That stuff is illegal!

Herman: I'll tell you... It's called, "None of your business"! (Shoots at Spider-Man)

Spider-Man: (Nearly dodged the blast) Whoa!

Herman: (Walks to Spider-Man) Honestly though, I wasn't sure of this thing at first, but... Damn! (Moves to hit Spider-Man)

Spider-Man: (Dodged the hit) Okay, you're seriously going to jail for this, you know that?

Herman: That cop from last night thought the same thing before I showed his ass!

Spider-Man: So the bank robbery was you?!

Herman: What are you gonna do about it?

Spider-Man: Putting a stop to you, that's what! (Spider Swing kicks Herman) YAH!

Herman: (Gets kicked to the ground) Guh! (Fell to the ground, and gets webbed) What the hell?!

Spider-Man: (Stood in front of Herman) Gotcha! Now, let's talk! (The lights suddenly flood on him and Herman) What the-?!

Suddenly, black military looking trucks appeared, with a White shaped symbol of a Bird on each of the trucks were seen as armed men started getting out of the trucks, moving towards Spider-Man and Herman at the same time as they drew their weapons out onto the two.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Tactician: (Gets out a speakerphone while looking at Spider-Man) Spider-Man, stand down! You are interfering with a S.H.I.E.L.D. operation!

Spider-Man: (Looks around) Wait a second, S.H.I.E.L.D?! What are you guys doing here?

Herman: (Growls as his Gauntlets start glowing) That's it!

Karen: Warning! Energy signatures are spiking!

Spider-Man: (Sees the Gauntlets glowing) I can see that! (Gets kicked in the chest) Guh! (Stumbled back)

Herman: (Shoots at the S.H.I.E.L.D. personnel) RAGGH!

S.H.I.E.L.D. Tactician: (Sees Herman sending a blast at them) Get down! (Ducked down while the trucks were totaled)

Herman: (Rips the webs off as he stood up) I'm done talking!

And so, Herman began giving Spider-Man the real deal, while across the street, Jameson was seen in an Italian restaurant as he was waiting in line, as well as being on a phone call.

Jameson: (Talks to someone on the phone) Robbie, yes, of course, I'm going to do it! Alright, a $100 reward for a picture of Spider-Man! Yes, it is a great idea, and you know why? Because I'm head of the Bugle, that's why! Now do me a favor, and have Hoffman get me an exclusive on the civil issues between Wakanda and Symkaria! And I want an exclusive-!

Harry: (Turns to look at the window when he widened his eyes) EVERYONE GET DOWN!

Suddenly, Spider-Man was thrown into the building, being thrown through the window as everyone was taken by surprise, especially Jameson as everyone ducked down, Herman was seen walking inside of the restaurant towards the Spider.

Spider-Man: (Gets thrown through the window) AHH! (Landed on a table) Guh! (Fell on the floor)

Harry: (Sees Spider-Man on the floor) Spider-Man?!

Jameson: (Widened his eyes as he ducked in cover) Damn! (Sees Herman coming towards Spider-Man) Robbie, I'll have to call you right back!

Karen: (Is heard with a staticky voice) Peter, I_UKK-EKK-MMM... (Shuts down)

Spider-Man: (Groans as he slowly got up) Karen? Karen, are you there? (Gets caught in Herman's grip) Ngh!

Herman: (Held Spider-Man by the costume) Now you really pissed me off, kid!

Spider-Man: (Looks at Herman) You know, if you wanted Italian, you could have just said so!

Herman: (Scoffs) God, you talk too much! (Starts to shock Spider-Man)

Spider-Man: (Gets shocked with a lot of electricity) AGHHHH! (Gets thrown out of the building) Ngh! (His vision gets blurry) Ugh...

Jameson: (Starts live streaming on the internet with his phone as he showed himself and battle between Spider-Man and Herman) This is J. Jonah Jameson live on the scene, where fellow New Yorkers were having take out in the Upper West Side when Spider-Man came crashing down with some criminal, who apparently has made a Shocker out of Spider-Man, and-! (Widened his eyes) The Shocker... The Shocker! The Shocker seems to be giving Spider-Man a beat down-!

Shocker: (Nodded as he walked towards Spider-Man) Shocker, huh? I'm digging it. (Stopped in front of the hero) Lights out, Web-Head! (Starts to shock him)

Spider-Man: (Gets hit with thousands of electricity) AHHHHHHH!

MJ: (Sees the Shocker torturing Spidey) Stop it, you're killing him!

Shocker: (Aims his one Gauntlet at MJ) Girl, you do not want to test me right now! (Goes back to shocking Spider-Man)

Harry: (Ran to MJ and pulled her back) MJ, stay back!

MJ: (Looks around) Oh my god, somebody do something!

Spider-Man screamed in pain as the electricity was shot out by the Shocker until suddenly, he did not feel any pain, as he turned in his blurred vision, he saw Iron Man standing before the criminal, taking in the electricity that was fired upon him until he shot a repulsor Blast at him, sending him to a car as he then turned to Spider-Man, picking him up in his arms as he slowly loses conscious.

Spider-Man: (Groans as he is seconds close to blacking out) M-Mr. Stark...

Iron Man: (Picked Spider-Man up in his arms) Hang in there kid, I got you.

Jameson: (Sees Iron Man picking Spider-Man up) Stark! Stark, there you are! (Gets the Avenger's attention) What are you waiting for?! Turn that menace over the authorities!

Iron Man: (Turns to Jameson) Uh, yeah, maybe later. (Flies away with Spider-Man in his arms)

Jameson: (Sees Iron Man flying away with Spider-Man) Okay, or not! (Folded his arms) Always figured Stark was lazy...

Harry: (Turns to MJ) Michelle, are you okay?

MJ: (Turns to Harry) Yeah, I'm fine!

Harry: (Looks around) I did not imagine this night would turn out like this!

MJ: (Folded her arms) Well, it's another day in New York, so...

S.H.I.E.L.D. Tactician: (Looks around) Check the civilians, make sure nobody's harmed! Call Director Fury, tell him we have the suspects!

Jameson: (Walks over to the S.H.I.E.L.D. Tactician) Hey! Hey, what's going on here?! Why hasn't Iron Man taken Spider-Man to justice?!

S.H.I.E.L.D. Tactician: (Turns to Jameson) Sir, I need you back away! This crime is under S.H.I.E.L.D. jurisdiction and will be cleared off soon.

Jameson: S.H.I.E.L.D?! What the hell would you want with thugs?! Don't you need to go deal with a giant Green Dragon or Aliens with Blue skin?!

S.H.I.E.L.D. Tactician: It's classified.

Jameson: Classified my ass! This entire street got turned into World War 2, and you're telling me that this is all classified to J. Jonah Jameson?!

S.H.I.E.L.D. Soldier: (Turns to the Tactician) Sir! We have a problem!

S.H.I.E.L.D. Tactician: (Turns to the soldier) What is it?

S.H.I.E.L.D. Soldier: The suspect with the Gauntlets, he's gone!

S.H.I.E.L.D. Tactician: Well, where is he?!

S.H.I.E.L.D. Soldier: We don't know, sir! We were checking on the civilians like you told us to after Iron Man shot him with a Repulsor Blast.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Tactician: Dammit! (Sighs as he walked away) Alright, inform Director Fury that we lost one of them!

Jameson: (Groans in disbelief) And this keeps getting better and better...

Later, Peter was seen lying on a bed, waking up as he groaned, slowly moving up when Iron Man intervened.

Iron Man: (Walks to Peter) Easy kid, you're alright.

Peter: (Looks around) Where am I? How did I get here?

Iron Man: You're in Avengers Tower... I flew you up here after the amount of voltage that was sent into your body, I'm surprised you survived.

Peter: (Turns to Stark) How did you find me?

Iron Man: Well, I was just on my way back to the Tower when I saw the news of that psycho giving you the beatdown, which I had to save you from.

Peter: (Rubbed himself, feeling his own skin) My suit... Where-?

Iron Man: It's getting fixed up after the amount of damage it took. (Folded his arms) And right now, I'm not even sure it'll be your suit anymore considering what happened.

Peter: (Groaned as he rubbed his arm, turning to a TV, seeing Jameson on the news) Jameson?

Jameson: (Is seen on the scene) I'm just glad nobody got hurt, although I am very disappointed tonight, not because the Shocker, which has been confirmed by S.H.I.E.L.D. that the identity of the Shocker is Herman Schultz, has managed to escape the scene, but because I have received no confirmation that Spider-Man was escorted to any police precinct after Stark flew him out of the air, so that leads to one conclusion... (Folded his arms) Apparently, Spider-Man is Iron Man's new sidekick.

Peter: (Raises a brow) Sidekick?! No, I'm not a freaking sidekick!

Iron Man: Well, too bad, because that's what everyone thinks now.

Peter: (Groans) Great... (Rubbed his face) Well, can you tell me what happened at least?

Iron Man: Oh, I'm glad you asked, because previously on Peter screwed the pooch, I tell you to stay away from this, but instead, you did the one thing I told you not to do... Was everybody okay, at least?

Iron Man: (Folded his arms) No thanks to you...

Peter: (Turns to Iron Man) No thanks to me? (Gets up from the bed, holding onto a wall) Those weapons were out there, and I tried to tell you about it, but you didn't listen! None of this would've happened if you had just listened to me! And you know what? If you actually cared, you'd be here.

Tony: (Gets out of the suit, revealing himself to Peter as he got out) I did listen, kid... (Folded his arms) Who do you think called in S.H.I.E.L.D? Huh? What do you think they were doing over there?

Peter: What does S.H.I.E.L.D. even want with those guys?

Tony: Doesn't matter, the point is, I told you not to mess with this, and here you are, inside the Tower only to get patched up after nearly getting killed by that guy!

Peter: What was I supposed to do?

Tony: You could have listened!

Peter: I did listen, but I couldn't stand around while those people were selling dangerous weapons to people! Not to mention robbing banks!

Tony: And I told you, you weren't ready! Just like you're not ready now!

Peter: Well, you can't just expect me to sit around and watch!

Tony: Listen, I understand you want to help people and put an end to crime and all that, but you have no experience in any of this! None! You have no idea what it is like to fight for your life or to face challenges that would push you so hard, you wouldn't even be the same! Or better yet, you have no idea of dealing with a casualty and knowing it was on you.

Peter: (Looks down at the floor) Except the thing is, I know exactly about that experience.

Tony: (Scoffs) Like hell you do! You have no concept of what that's like!

Peter: (Turns to Tony) Yes, I do, Mr. Stark! I know exactly how that feels like because I had to watch my own Uncle die right in front of me! Bleeding out from a gunshot wound from a thief that stole cash from a store, and I let that same man kill my Uncle because I did NOTHING! (Panted as he sat on the couch) I did nothing to stop that man, and he ended up murdering my Uncle Ben in cold blood...

Tony: (Looks at Peter solemnly as he sighed) Dear lord. (Sat next to Peter) Listen, I understand what happened was terrible, but you have to understand something else too, you need to be more careful with this kind of life, because it isn't something that's fun all the time, it's something that you could actually die from, and if you were to die, then I feel like that's on me... (Turns to Peter) But once it's done with repairs, I'm going to give it back to you, but only because I'm going to give you another chance at this, because right now, your story is just beginning, and just know I'm not always going to be around to save you all the time, because if you're in this business, then you should be the one that saves people, not the other way around! That and I'm not going to be around here for very much longer...

Peter: (Raises a brow) What's that supposed to mean? You're not, dying, are you?

Tony: No, god no! No, we're uh... we're actually moving out of New York.

Peter: We?

Tony: Well, we as in me and the rest of the Avengers... Upstate.

Peter: Wait, are you serious right now?

Tony: Yeah, pretty much.

Peter: Why? You help people here, and you're all heroes to most people!

Tony: Yes, but I'm positive that we've done all there is that we can do here. (Gets up) Besides, the Avengers are made to protect the world, not just New York, and besides, it's not a complete goodbye, of course, I'll have communications established so we can talk to each other every now and then, see how you're holding up.

Peter: Yeah, but... (Gets up) There's so much I could learn from you! You know so much about being a hero! And you're right, I have no experience with any of this!

Tony: Yeah, well neither did I, and I had no one around to teach me, so I had to learn all on my own. (Walks to Peter) Which is something you have to do too, because everyone in this job and this might be too cliche, but everyone has their own journey, and you gotta get up on your feet and take that thousand mile journey on your own, so that way, you may find out who and what you really are...

Peter: I guess so, but I'm not sure how I'm supposed to become just like you...

Tony: Oh Parker... (Placed a hand on Peter's shoulder) You don't need to become just like me... You just need become better than me... (Looks around) And something tells me you will definitely rise on the occasion.

F.R.I.D.A.Y.: (Is heard on the speakers) Mr. Stark, the Advanced Spider-Man suit is fully repaired now.

Tony: Right, well that's our cue. (Turns to the Iron Man suit) Well, you can find your suit inside the lab, and you can take the elevator down to the street.

Iron Man: (Tony is inside as he turned to Peter) And fair warning, your Aunt texted you to let you know that she's going into the bank to pick up your Uncle's deposit, so don't stress too much about it.

Peter: (Goes inside the lab and grabs his suit) When will you be leaving?

Iron Man: Tomorrow night probably, but in the meantime, someone's gotta let the Bugle now that Spider-Man is definitely NOT my sidekick. (Walks backward) But seriously though, don't make yourself a damsel in distress again, because otherwise, it'll become a habit. (Flies out of the tower)

Peter: (Raises a brow) Damsel in distress? (Groans) Ugh, god, I get it now...

Somewhere else in the city, police were seen driving around blocks looking for their prime suspect as Herman Schultz, AKA the Shocker, was seen hiding in an alley from the cops as he watched them pass by.

Police: (Are seen driving by) 10-74, suspect is nowhere in sight, going to Bellevue now.

Police Transponder: Copy, 10-74 is received.

Herman: (His mask is off as he looked at the cops) Shit, this is bad... (Noticed his phone ringing, which read Mason as he answered) Mace! Thank god you called man!

Mason: (Looks over the news) We told you to lay low, Herman, and this isn't the example of laying low!

Herman: (Nodded) I know, I messed up! Listen, I need your guys' help right now!

Mason: (Sighs as he rubbed his face) I'm afraid we can't do that.

Herman: (Raises a brow) What the hell's that supposed to mean?! What do you mean you can't help me?!

Mason: Everyone knows who you are, Herman! Not just the cops, but S.H.I.E.L.D, Iron Man, even social media's all over you right now!

Herman: No, that wasn't my fault, that was that Spider-Freak! It was his fault! He stepped up into our business and-!

Mason: And exposed you in front of the world! Right now, you have too much heat on you, and we can't afford to have that in our business...

Herman: (Scoffs) So that's how it's gonna be, huh? You're going to leave my ass out here in the dirt while you hide and make money out of the job that I HELPED you with! The one WE started together, and the fact I remained LOYAL for six goddamn years!

Mason: We're both really sorry Herman, we really are.

Herman: Go to hell, you hypocrites! (Ends the call and threw his phone onto the ground to stomp on it) Go, to, hell! (Panted as he turned to a put his hoodie on, looking at a TV displaying the news)

Trish: (Displays a picture of Spider-Man) -While the authorities are continuing their investigation on Herman Schultz, AKA the Shocker, an official statement from Tony Stark was made about the rumor J. Jonah Jameson theorized about Spider-Man being Iron Man's sidekick, confirming that Masked Vigilante in fact, not his sidekick, while the Daily Bugle Chief in Editor continues to make outbursting statements about the Wall Crawler, claiming that he is nothing more than an attention seeking criminal, who-!

Herman: (Glared at the picture of Spider-Man) So, if he wants attention that badly... (Turns to walk down the sidewalk with a cold look on his face) Then I'm sure as hell glad to give it to him!

Later, Spider-Man was in costume again, as he was seen swinging around Greenwich while talking to Ned on the comms.

Ned: (Is heard on the mic) Hey, I heard about what happened! Are you alright, dude?

Spider-Man: (Swings around the city) Not really, but I'll live! (Lands on a wall, groaning in pain) Ugh, god, my back is still sore from that beating I took!

Ned: Dude, you are so lucky you are still alive right now! Did you know Harry and MJ were there when you fought him?

Spider-Man: (Raises a brow) Harry and MJ? They were there too?

Ned: Yeah, Harry texted me like crazy! He was wondering why you weren't responding, so I had to tell him that you lost your phone!

Spider-Man: Huh, what was MJ doing with Harry? I thought she hated him.

Ned: So did I, but Harry mentioned that apparently, they're a thing now, so...

Spider-Man: Harry and Michelle? Seriously?

Ned: I know, right?

Spider-Man: Wow, everything is changing really fast!

Ned: What do you mean by that?

Spider-Man: (Jumps off the building) It's nothing Ned, listen, I'm heading off to Horizon Labs right now.

Ned: Horizon Labs? Why, I thought you were done for tonight after Tony Stark gave a huge lecture about being a superhero, all and all?

Spider-Man: Yeah, but since Herman's identity was revealed to the public, I have a feeling he'll have it out for me, so I'm heading over there to see if there's anything I can do to repel the Chitari tech he has on him. (Leaped onto a billboard, looking at Horizon Labs) I'll see you later tomorrow.

Ned: (Nodded) Yeah, I'll see you later. (Yawns) Night!

Spider-Man: Night!

Soon, Spider-Man started to sneak in through the lab, going in from the rooftop as he webbed himself down to the floor, looking around the equipment while unaware of another presence inside of the building.

Spider-Man: (Looks around) Okay, you got this Spidey, you got this! Just make a little research and-! (His Spidey sense is tingling) Whoa, Spidey sense! (Turns around, see a wrench moving towards him) Whoa! (Jumps onto a computer screen, seeing Gwen Stacy in the room) Gwen Stacy?!

Gwen: (Sees Spider-Man, widening her eyes) Spider-Man?! (Drops the wrench onto the floor) What are you doing here?

Spider-Man: (Jumps back down to the ground, turning to Gwen) I could ask the same to you! Isn't this a school night?

Gwen: (Scoffs) Yeah, that's what my Father tells me everytime I get a lecture for being late.

Spider-Man: (Placed a hand on the wall) Well, your dad sounds like he's Father of the Year.

Gwen: (Folded her arms) Seriously, what are you doing here?

Spider-Man: (Folded his arms) How about you tell me first, and then I'll share?

Gwen: Are you serious right now?

Spider-Man: Serious as a punching bad guys every other day.

Gwen: Why do you even care? You don't even know me!

Spider-Man: (Rubbed his head) W-Well, maybe not... (Placed his hands on his hips) But I do remember saving your life back at Central Park, so I have a feeling you owe me...

Gwen: (Sighs) Okay... (Walks around for a bit) I'm here to look for evidence.

Spider-Man: (Raises a brow) Evidence?

Gwen: Okay, fine! Maybe some dirt on a really mean, corporate guy, like Norman Osborn.

Spider-Man: Oh, I see... You're looking for a way to stop Norman Osborn from buying Horizon Labs, aren't you?

Gwen: (Raises a brow) Yeah, how did you know that?

Spider-Man: (Widened his eyes) W-Well, I happen to be friends with Peter Parker! Yeah, we talk from time to time.

Gwen: Wow, Peter Parker is friends with Spider-Man! (Sighs) Is that the reason why he was late earlier?

Spider-Man: Well, you could say something like that.

Gwen: (Smiled a little) Well, that makes sense. (Placed a hand on her hip) Okay, what did you two do exactly?

Spider-Man: W-Well uh, like I said, we talk from time to time, and sometimes, we talk about Star Wars.

Gwen: Seriously?

Spider-Man: Well, maybe a little bit about Alien.

Gwen: The one with Sigourney Weaver?

Spider-Man: Yes, that one! Did you watch it too?

Gwen: Oh please, I watched all of the films!

Spider-Man: Oh!

Gwen: I mean, I like the first two, but everything else, I'm not exactly sure about them.

Spider-Man: Yeah, Fox had some up and downs in the franchise lately. (Folded his arms) That is unless you actually pay attention to Rotten Tomatoes.

Gwen: Well, I read the percentage on the films, but I don't particularly read the reviews.

Spider-Man: How come?

Gwen: Because... (Shrugs) Spoilers.

Spider-Man: Right. (Walks to Gwen) But seriously, why look for a reason why Norman Osborn deserves to be on the naughty list? Isn't he like a businessman or something?

Gwen: (Scoffs) Yeah, a cold-hearted businessman at the core! I mean, I looked over one of Doctor Octavius' computers and found out from one of his personal emails from Max Modell that Norman Osborn directly fired him from the spot for some kind of lab experiment failure, and Modell quit from Oscorp, not only from Octavius being fired but because of something called, "The Goblin Serum".

Spider-Man: (Raises a brow) Goblin Serum? What is that supposed to be?

Gwen: I'm not sure, they haven't really gotten too far with the details, but what's weird is that Max mentioned about how Norman was obsessed with replicating something that Richard Parker did.

Spider-Man: (Widened his eyes) Richard Parker? You mean my F-! (Sees Gwen tilting her head) I mean, that scientist that went missing along with his wife for over a decade now? What would Osborn want that involves him?

Gwen: I don't even know, but the email also mentioned something about, "The Parker Formula", and apparently that was Norman Osborn's obsession.

Spider-Man: Okay, that's... Really creepy... (Shook his head) But what does that have to do with preventing him from buying Horizon Labs? Doesn't that involve Economic stuff or something?

Gwen: Well, I was hoping that I could send this to my Dad, so he could investigate this! Maybe stop him from purchase Horizon!

Spider-Man: Okay, but that doesn't necessarily stop him, that only slows him down, and it isn't enough to do just that. (Folded his arms) I mean, why is this all important to you that Norman Osborn doesn't buy Horizon Labs?

Gwen: (Rubbed her shoulders) You know about what bullies do, right?

Spider-Man: Well, I've just seen my fair share tonight, and it wasn't cozy.

Gwen: Well, usually a bully would normally look like some kind of street thug, or loan shark, or even a mob enforcer forcing you to pay protection money, but sometimes there are bullies that hide what they are on the inside, on some other shape or form that we don't really consider most of the time, and what happened today with Norman Osborn... I saw the bully in him, and I hate it when bullies have their way when they shouldn't because they don't deserve it! Never had, never will! And I don't care how big or small it is, someone needs to take a stand and look into that man's eyes, and tell him, "No, you don't own me, or anyone else, because this is my life, not yours!"

Spider-Man: (Stares at Gwen) Wow... Did you get that from a movie somewhere?

Gwen: I don't know, but I have my moments. (Moved her hair around) Alright, well it's your turn! What are doing here in Horizon Labs?

Spider-Man: Well, I'm here for research!

Gwen: (Raises a brow) Research? On what exactly?

Spider-Man: Well, as humiliating as this might sound, but I recently got my butt handed by the Shocker! So I'm here to look for tools that might counteract with his weapons because they're based out of Chitari metal.

Gwen: (Looks dumbfounded by the statement) Chitari metal? As in the same metal that was used from that Alien Invasion?

Spider-Man: Yeah, basically.

Gwen: Oh my god, are you serious?!

Spider-Man: You know, sometimes I wish I'm not always serious.

Gwen: Where on Earth would he get it?

Spider-Man: I don't know, but in case he shows up again, I need to be prepared so I can be ready!

Gwen: I'm not sure that's possible...

Spider-Man: (Raises a brow) Why? What makes you say that?

Gwen: Because if it is Chitari, then any kind of elements from the Periodic Table wouldn't exactly have a way to counteract the metal because it's Alien!

Spider-Man: Are you sure? I mean, you sure this place doesn't have any Vibranium or Adamantium in stock?

Gwen: God, you wish!

Spider-Man: Well, there has to be something I need, because I can't punch, kick, or even web up this guy with getting shocked or blasted every time I try to make a move!

Gwen: (Folded her arms) What if you don't need to do any of that?

Spider-Man: (Raises a brow) What do you mean?

Gwen: Okay, what are the size of the Shocker's weapons?

Spider-Man: Okay, to be fair, they're Gauntlets, and they're pretty much the same shape as a pair of boxing gloves.

Gwen: Okay, so what if you don't need to hit the Shocker, but rather throw something blunt at him? Like, a table? Or a car door? Something that can hurt him, and then you would able to stun him, or maybe tire him out-!

Spider-Man: So that way whenever he lets his guard down, I can move to give him a fair fight! And when he's out, I can go ahead and web up to the ground to that way he can't move his arms and legs!

Gwen: Yeah! Exactly!

Spider-Man: Oh my god, Gwen, you're brilliant!

Gwen: (Smiled) Thank you! (Gets a text, as she got out her phone, seeing her father texting her) Oh, it's my Dad! I gotta go! (Turns to leave)

Spider-Man: (Turns to Gwen) Hey, wait! (Gets her attention) Do you think you can hold off with the Norman Osborn investigation for a little bit?

Gwen: Why?

Spider-Man: Because this might be something I may want to look into myself.

Gwen: Okay, but what about Horizon Labs?

Spider-Man: I'll figure something out.

Gwen: (Groans) Okay, fine! (Points at Spider-Man) But just know, you owe me!

Spider-Man: You have no idea. (Gets a phone call from Ned) Oh, Ned!

Gwen: (Raises a brow) You know Ned Leeds?

Spider-Man: (Widened his eyes) Oh, did I say Ned? No, I meant Edward! Need Leeds, who's that supposed to be?

Gwen: He's one of Peter Parker's best friends.

Spider-Man: Oh, right! I'll remember that, thanks! (Answers the call) Hey, what's up?

Ned: (Is on the computer) Peter, you need to get to the bank on East Thirty First, right now!

Spider-Man: Why, what's happening?

Ned: It's the Shocker, man! He's calling you out! Taken the whole building hostage!

Spider-Man: Bank robbery on East Thirty First, huh?

Gwen: (Looks at Spider-Man) You sound busy.

Spider-Man: (Nodded as he turned to Gwen) Yeah, I gotta go!

Gwen: (Nodded) It's fine! Just go get him! (Turns to leave)

Spider-Man: (Nodded) Go get him... Right back at ya.

Ned: Duuude! Why are you lagging on the phone?!

Spider-Man: Right, sorry man! (Webs himself up onto the ceiling, exiting the building) I'm on my way!

Ned: Okay, you really need to hurry!

Spider-Man: (Jumps on top of a billboard) I know, I'm getting there as fast as I can!

Ned: No, dude, I mean you seriously need to hurry! Your Aunt is there!

Spider-Man: (Widened his eyes) WHAT?!

At Midtown, there is large amounts of police activity, as well as car and city damage that was trailed right into the bank as sirens rang out into the open air, news reporters spread out through the area as they stood behind the Yellow Tape.

Spectrum News Reporter: (Is seen on the scene) I'm here live on the scene as Herman Schultz, also known as the Shocker, has started a bank robbery, and he is said to have taken hostages! I repeat, there are hostages inside as we speak, and right now, the police are talking to the Shocker for a means for negotiation!

George: (Arrived on the scene) What's happening?

Quaid: (Turns to George) Thank god, you're here! It's a mess out here!

George: Where's Watanabe?

Quaid: She's talking to the perp right now!

George: Has he made any demands? About escape, a chopper? Boat maybe?

Quaid: No sir, he only demands one thing.

George: And what's that?

Quaid: Spider-Man sir, he only wants Spider-Man.

George: (Looks at the bank) I see... (Sighs) Okay, seal off the area, don't let anyone in or out unless they're hostages, and-! (Sees a S.H.I.E.L.D. truck coming in) Oh, look who showed up in a nick of time.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent: (Gets out of the truck and walks over to George) Excuse me, are you, Captain George Stacy?

George: (Looks at the Agent) That's right, and who are you supposed to be?

S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent: (Shows his badge) Agent Phil Coulson, I'm with S.H.I.E.L.D.

George: (Nodded) I can read the logo.

Phil: Then you know that I became in charge the second I walked in here... (Looks around) I want all the reporters to back away, and this area sealed off! And keep the civilians back, we don't need anyone to get hurt!

George: Already on it! (Turns to Quaid) Frank!

Quaid: (Nodded) On it, boss! (Turns to seal off the area)

Phil: (Turns to George) Has the perp given any demands?

George: He did, apparently he wants Spider-Man to be brought over to him.

Phil: And he hasn't demanded any means of escape?

George: Apparently, he's more interested in Spider-Man rather than going scot-free with the money.

Phil: Which could lead to one conclusion.

George: And that is?

Phil: This isn't a bank robbery. (Turns to look at the bank) This is a draw out.

Meanwhile, inside the bank were a group of scared hostages, including May Parker as she and the others were sitting down on the floor, huddled together like a herd while the Shocker was seen walking around with a phone in his hand.

Shocker: (Walks around with a phone) I don't give a damn what it's going to take! I want Spider-Man to be brought here, now so he can pay for ruining my life!

May: (Looks at the Shocker) Sir?

Shocker: (Turns to May angrily) WHAT?!

May: (Breathes heavily as she looks at the Shocker, everyone shouting in fear) Sir, please, you don't need to do this! Just let us go! We don't need to be here!

Shocker: (Placed a finger up in the air) Lady, I had a hell of a night, and the last thing I need is someone telling me what to do! So don't test me right now!

Yuri: (Is on the phone with the Shocker as she stood next to a police cruiser) Schultz! Are you still there?

Shocker: (Turns to the phone) Yeah, I'm still here!

Yuri: Listen, we are willing to cooperate with your demands-!

Shocker: If you're willing to cooperate, then why haven't you pigs brought me Spider-Man yet?!

Yuri: What you are asking of us is not possible, Herman! Now if you just listen to me-?

Shocker: NO! You listen to me! Either Spider-Man shows his Wall Crawling ass in here, or else I'm gonna torch these hostages!

Phil: (Walks over to Yuri) Hand me the phone, please.

Yuri: (Turns to Phil) Who are you supposed to be?

George: Yuri, this is Phil Coulson, he's with S.H.I.E.L.D, and he's in charge of this now.

Yuri: (Nodded as she slowly turned the phone over to Coulson) Okay...

Phil: (Gets the phone as he placed it on his ear) Hello Mr. Schultz.

Shocker: (Raises a brow) Who the hell is this?

Phil: Phil Coulson, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. You need to let the hostages go right now so we can settle this peacefully.

Shocker: (Scoffs) Not until you hand Spider-Man over to me, we can settle this!

As they engaged in their conversation, Spider-Man was seen hanging upside down from the ceiling, looking around as he searched the area full of hostages until he spotted May.

Spider-Man: (Looks at May) Oh, man, there she is!

Ned: (Is heard on comms) Told you! What's your Aunt doing in a bank?!

Spider-Man: (Face palmed himself) May texted me earlier, saying that she was going pick Uncle Ben's deposit.

Ned: And it just had to be THIS bank?!

Spider-Man: (Looks at the hostages) Oh man, there's so many people in here!

Ned: How many are there?

Spider-Man: I'm not sure, but maybe Karen can help.

Ned: (Raises a brow) Wait, who's Karen?

Spider-Man: Long story, gotta go! (Ends call as he touched his Spider emblem) Come on, Karen, wake up!

Karen: (Slowly turns on) Rebooting... (Turns on fully as she is seen in Spider-Man's Mask) Hello, Peter. How may I help you?

Spider-Man: Karen, I'm dealing with a hostage negotiation right now, and I don't know how to get them out! Any suggestions?

Karen: (Scans the hostages) Well, I count there are 62 hostages inside right now, and 1 that is Herman Schultz, who is currently talking to the authorities.

Spider-Man: What are they even saying to him?

Karen: Would you like to hear what they're saying?

Spider-Man: (Raises a brow) I can hear what they're saying? Uh, yeah!

Phil: (Is heard on surveillance) Listen to me, you can make this so much easy on yourself if you turned yourself in!

Shocker: (Is heard on surveillance) Yeah, maybe I'll turn myself in once you pigs get Spider-Man's ass right here, right now, so we can settle this!

Phil: (Is heard on surveillance) And that involves putting innocent people on the line?

Shocker: Anything that will get his attention! And I swear to god, if I see Iron Man flying around here, or any of the Avengers for that matter, then I'm going apeshit on these people!

Karen: It appears that Herman Schultz has developed a rancor towards you.

Spider-Man: How surprising. (Looks around) Okay, Karen, we need to get these people out of here! Is there a safe place to do that?

Karen: Activating reconnaissance drone.

Spider-Man: (Sees his Spider-Man emblem taking itself out, revealing itself as a Spider-Drone as he looked at it) Whoa, has that been there this whole time? That's awesome.

Karen: (Scans the area with the spider drone) Well, there are two exit points that I can see. (Shows Spider-Man the map of the bank) One is at the front entrance, while the other leads to the alleyway.

Spider-Man: Okay, and where is the one that leads to the alleyway?

Karen: In the far back next to the vault.

Spider-Man: Okay, good! (Looks at the Shocker) But how do we do this without seeing us? He could still hurt the hostages even if I'm here!

Karen: Perhaps I can generate a distraction while you lure the hostages away from Mr. Schultz.

Spider-Man: (Raises a brow) How?

Karen: Activating decoys. (Has the Spider-Drone shoot out a web, shooting at a glass to make it fall to the floor)

Shocker:(Hears the glass break as he turned around) What the hell?!

Phil: (Raises a brow) Mr. Schultz?

Shocker: (Turns to the phone) I'll come right back, so better hope I don't find something I don't like! (Puts the phone down on a table)

Phil: (Hears the Shocker putting the phone down) Herman? Herman, listen to me!

Shocker: (Turns to the hostages) If I find one of you doing something, then you're all in deep shit! (Turns and kicks on a chair) I don't need this right now! (Leaves the area to look around)

Spider-Man: (Sees the Shocker leave) Okay, how long do you think until he gets back?

Karen: Approximately 90 seconds and counting!

Spider-Man: Alright, then let's hurry up and get these people out of here! (Leaps off towards a pillar and landed in front of the hostages) Hey everyone!

Pedestrian 1: (Sees Spider-Man) Oh my god, it's him! You're the Spider-Man!

Spider-Man: SHH! Quiet, man! I'm here to save you!

May: (Turns to Spider-Man) H-How? That horrible man locked out the entrance!

Spider-Man: I know, but there's an exit in the back that should lead out into an alley back into the street!

Pedestrian 2: How do we know you're not lying?! For all we know, you could be working with that psycho!

Spider-Man: Oh, you mean the same psycho that's been calling me out over the past 15 minutes, that's an interesting theory Jameson would love to talk about! Now seriously, we need to move!

Pedestrian 3: N-No way, man! You're lying!

Bank Teller: (Nodded) No, he's right! There is an exit in the back that should take us out into an alleyway! We could make it to the police on foot!

Spider-Man: See? I told you! (Moved his hand forward) Come on, we don't have a lot of time, so let's go!

Security Guard: (Shook his head) No way, man! I heard from the Daily Bugle that you're bad news!

Pedestrian 3: Not to mention you're the reason that man is terrorizing us in the first place!

Karen: 60 seconds until Herman Schultz gets back, Peter.

Spider-Man: Guys, we really don't have time for this! We gotta move!

Security Guard: No! We don't trust you!

Spider-Man: Alright, well you're gonna have to! Please, you're all going to get hurt if you stay here!

Bank Teller: But we'll get hurt if any of us leaves!

Karen: 50 seconds.

Spider-Man: Karen, don't tell me how much time left on the clock, please!

Pedestrian 2: Who the hell's Karen?

Spider-Man: Sir, never mind that! Look, I understand you guys don't fully know me yet and you're scared, but you have to know there is a man that is dangerously armed, and he will come back here to hurt you! (Looks around at a lot of distrustful faces) Oh, come on! Is there anyone in this room that believes in me?!

May: (Slowly stepped forward) I do! (Gains Spider-Man's attention) I trust you.

Spider-Man: (Turns to May) You do?

May: My Nephew said that you want to help people, and right now, I really have to believe that. (Turns to everyone else) And so should the rest of you! Come on, we shouldn't be sitting with heads up our asses while there's a wanted lunatic running around in the building! We need to leave now, while we still have the chance!

Security Guard: (Looks around at the crowd before turning to Spider-Man) Lead the way, Spider-Man!

Spider-Man: (Nodded) Okay, it's this way!

Soon, everyone started to follow Spider-Man out to the exit, while the Shocker looked around to find out what caused the glass to fall onto the floor, groaning in annoyance as he felt like he wasted time.

Shocker: (Groaned) Hmph... Probably some rat came by. (Turns around) What a waste of time... (Walks back to the area, only to see the hostages gone) What the?! (Looks around as he saw no one to be seen) No... No... (Activated his Gauntlets in a fit of rage) RAGH!

Suddenly, there was a large vibrational sound that was heard from the outside, as bystanders, reporters, and armed personnel alike started to shout in surprise as they feel things being pounded.

Yuri: (Hears the sounds of vibrations) Holy shit, can anyone feel that?

George: Jesus! Alright, we're going in!

Phil: (Raises his hand up) No, not yet.

George: (Raises a brow) Can't you feel it? Schultz is attacking the hostages!

Phil: No he isn't! If he was, we would have heard cries for help from the inside, but we aren't...

Quaid: Captain! (Points out over a group of people exiting from the bank one by one) We got hostages from the inside!

George: Get them away from the bank, now!

Yuri: (Folded her arms) Must be another one of your S.H.I.E.L.D. agents.

Phil: No, I don't remember sending one of my people in... (Turns to George) What about you? Do you have anyone on the inside?

George: No, why would you ask that?

Phil: (Turns to the bank) Because something tells me it's that Web Swinging friend of yours, the one you always seem to have trouble catching.

Yuri: (Scoffs) Well, that makes sense...

Meanwhile, on the inside, Spider-Man was finishing up getting everyone out one by one, while the Shocker's screams of rage were heard throughout the halls as some people nervously whimpered at the sounds he's making.

Bank Teller: (Hears the Shocker screaming) God, that man is really pissed!

Spider-Man: (Nodded) Tell me about it! Get going! (Turns to May) Hey, how many are we right now?

May: (Helps others get out) About halfway now!

Spider-Man: Okay good, because I need you to make sure everyone gets out while I go after the Shocker!

May: (Turns to Spider-Man) What? Why? That man is dangerous!

Spider-Man: Yeah, well, someone has to make sure he doesn't try to escape! And apparently, the Avengers aren't around at the moment, so I'm the man for the job!

May: (Nodded) Okay, well... Just be careful!

Spider-Man: (Nodded) I will... (Turns around) This time, I will!

Shocker: (Used his Gauntlets to hit a table, ripping it in half) RAGH! (Panted as he saw it torn to pieces) GODDAMMIT!

Spider-Man: (Jumps onto a pillar, looking at the Shocker) Whoa, you sure are loud! (Gets the Shocker's full attention) Yeah, maybe you should see a doctor or something because you definitely have some anger issues!

Shocker: (Turns to Spider-Man, pointing at him) YOU! You did this to me! (Walks to him) You humiliated my ass, got me fired from my job, AGAIN, and you have the cops searching all over me!

Spider-Man: (Looks at the Shocker) That was all on you, Herman! And I don't have a clue about the job part, because I don't remember having anything to do with you losing it!

Shocker: The people I worked with, they left me out in the dark because your ass exposed me to the cops, to the Avengers, and to S.H.I.E.L.D! And you know what, Spider-Man? You're gonna pay for that!

Spider-Man: Yeah, well you just tried to take about 40-50 people hostage, so I'm pretty sure I have to take you down to Main Street.

Shocker: Yeah? (Activated his Gauntlets) I like to see you try! (Shoots at Spider-man)

Spider-Man: (Dodged the blast as he jumped off the pillar) Whoa! That wasn't nice! (Jumped in front of the Shocker) Hey, since we're stuck in here for a while, wanna play 20 questions?

Shocker: (Moves to hit Spider-Man) Ngh!

Spider-Man: (Dodged the punch) No? How about we play thumb wrestle?

Shocker: (Tries hitting him again) Ngh!

Spider-Man: (Dodged the attack) Okay, face punching it is! (Hits Shocker in the face)

Shocker: (Gets hit in the face) Gah! (Stumbled backward as he turned to Spider-Man) You little shit! (Starts blasting at Spider-Man)

Spider-Man: (Jumped in the air and started Web Swinging around the room to avoid the blasts) Okay, on a serious note, why turn to a life of crime, Herman? You were a salvage worker for Pete's sake!

Shocker: I was! Until corporate thugs like you took our jobs away!

Spider-Man: (Raises a brow) These corporate thugs wouldn't happen to be related to Oscorp, would they?

Shocker: Not just Osborn! Stark and started up Damage Control with S.H.I.E.L.D's help and replaced us, leaving people like me to be left without jobs!

Spider-Man: Okay, well you couldn't have just gotten a job at a restaurant? Store? Maybe a job at F.E.A.S.T? I heard they're always hiring!

Shocker: God, you do not shut up, do you?

Spider-Man: Hey, being social is a part of my charm! (Webs up a chair) Unlike you, that is! (Throws the chair at the Shocker)

Shocker: (Gets hit by the chair) Ugh! (Stumbled around)

Spider-Man: (Jumps towards Shocker) Now! (Moved to hit him several times) Yah!

Shocker: (Gets hit several times and stumbled backward) Gah!

Spider-Man: (Widened his eyes) Wow, that actually worked! (Jumps in the air and Web Kicks Shocker) Thanks, Gwen Stacy!

Shocker: (Gets Web Kicked by Spider-Man) UGH! (Fell to the floor)

Spider-Man: (Stood before the Shocker) Give up yet, Shockey?

Shocker: (Turns to Spider-Man) Never! (Shoots at Spider-Man)

Spider-Man: (Made a backward flip to avoid the blast) Yeah, I figure as much! (Moves to swing around the place, making Shocker hit pillars) Seriously though, why be a bad guy when there are other job opportunities? (Dons a southern accent) And if you have a nice southern accent, I was thinkin' a rodeo clown!

Shocker: Boy, don't you dare mock me! (Shoots at Spider-Man, but only to hit a pillar instead) Ugh, and hold still for crying out loud!

Spider-Man: Aw, why? I'm having so much fun!

Shocker: (Continues to shoot at Spider-Man) I'm not! Now come down here and fight like a man, or else I'm gonna tear down this entire place apart, even if it means I'll have to bury myself!

Spider-Man: (Has Shocker shoot the last pillar) Okay, but just know that you asked for it! (Watched as the ceiling light falls on Shocker)

Shocker: (Sees the ceiling light falling right on top of him) NO! (Turns to duck away, but only gets trapped by the rubble) GAH! (Grunts as he tried pushing it off him) Come on! NGH!

Spider-Man: (Jumped to Shocker as he looked at him) Well, that was round 2 folks...

Later, Herman Schultz, who was unmasked by authorities, was seen in handcuffs as reporters took dozens of pictures of him as he was walked over to a S.H.I.E.L.D. prison truck, while George and Yuri watched them take the suspect away.

George: (Folded his arms as he stood next to Coulson) Well, looks like we got your man, Agent Coulson.

Phil: Yeah. (Turns to George and Yuri) Thanks to you and Spider-Man.

Yuri: (Raises a brow) Agent, Spider-Man is not affiliated with us in any way, and this was not his job to fight our battle.

Phil: Really? (Puts his glasses on) I wouldn't be so sure about that. (Turns to the truck) Let's go!

Yuri: (Folded her arms as she watched S.H.I.E.L.D. drive away) What would S.H.I.E.L.D. want with a man like Schultz anyway?

George: I'm not sure... (Turns around) But whatever it is, he's their problem now...

As the S.H.I.E.L.D. truck drove away, Spider-Man was seen sitting on a rooftop, watching over as S.H.I.E.L.D. took Herman away to prison.

Spider-Man: (Sighs as he looked at S.H.I.E.L.D. driving away) Karen, do you have any idea where Herman's going off to?

Karen: According to S.H.I.E.L.D. protocol, threat level class A are to be sent to the Raft.

Spider-Man: The Raft? Oh, he's gonna have fun there.

Iron Man: (Flew right in front of Spider-Man) I'm sure he will.

Spider-Man: (Widened his eyes) Mr. Stark!

Iron Man: (Landed on the floor) Well, for someone who's new to this, you have a habit of leaving tons and tons of property damage.

Spider-Man: Okay, well that was Shocker's fault for the most part, and in my defense, he was the one that called me out and my Aunt-!

Tony: (Gets out of the suit) Yeah, before you tire yourself to death, making excuses, I just want to say something.

Spider-Man: Oh man, you're not gonna take the suit away, are you? Because that would suck really bad-!

Tony: I'm really proud of what you did tonight.

Spider-Man: (Widened his eyes) Really?

Peter: (Takes the Spider-Man Mask off) Are you for real?

Tony: Well, from what I saw, you took my advice; you learned from your last mistake, you got the hostages out okay, nobody got hurt, and you managed to take the bad guy down a notch. (Folded his arms) So, I'd say well done, kid.

Peter: Wow... (Rubbed his head) Thanks, Mr. Stark. (Gets a message on his phone, which was Daily Bugle report, saying, "SHOCK AND AWE" with a report saying it's all Spider-Man's fault) But I'm not sure everyone else feels that way.

Tony: (Sees the headline) Oh, don't stress about it! Besides, those people that you saved, they know the real truth, and every great Hero has started off with small beginnings. (Shrugs) I know I did.

Peter: (Folded his arms) You're still leaving though, aren't you?

Tony: Yeah, I am, but you really don't need me... (Pats on Peter's back) Besides, you got this, and like I said before, something tells me that you'll definitely rise on the occasion. (Looks around) Besides, I've done all I could do around here... Unless there's something you like to point out that needs to be finished?

Peter: (Thinks really hard before looking at Stark) Actually, there may be something that I could really use help with.

Tony: (Nodded) Okay, what is it?

Later the next day, Peter and Gwen were inside Horizon Labs when Otto and Max arrived, taking both scientists by surprise at their presence.

Otto: (Sees Peter and Gwen) Parker? Stacy?

Max: (Walks to the two) What are you doing here?

Gwen: Doctor Octavius, Doctor Modell, what Norman Osborn is doing is wrong! You both deserve to work independently, so you shouldn't have to be working under his heel again!

Otto: (Sighs as he facepalmed himself) Gwendolyne, we appreciate the support, but there is nothing you can do about it.

Max: What's happening is bad, but you shouldn't get involved with this! It's fine-!

Gwen: It's not fine! This is a land of freedom, and everyone in this country should do whatever they please without anyone getting in the way in their lives!

Norman: (Walks inside) You certainly are right, Mrs. Stacy.

Max: (Turns to Norman, groaning) For god's sakes, Norman, now's not a time to gloat! Horizon Labs is yours-!

Norman: Oh, well apparently that isn't the case, because it turns out someone else bought it before I could!

Otto: (Raises a brow) What? Who?

Norman: I don't know! I was hoping you two would tell me!

Max: (Looks confused as everyone else was) Norman, we honestly don't know what you're talking about! We don't even know who bought Horizon Labs!

Norman: Well, someone's managed to buy this place before I could, so who would do it?!

Tony: (Walks in with hands in his pockets) Oh, I did! (Gets everyone's attention, taking them by surprise) Hello, Norman... Still wearing Green to show off, huh?

Norman: (Looks coldly at Stark) Stark... Aren't you supposed to moving Upstate?

Tony: Yeah, I was in the middle of doing that, when Mr. Parker right here... (Placed his hands on Peter's back) Told me about some, issues between you, and Octavius and Modell, and I thought I might save you all the drama and buy this from you. (Looks around) I mean, let's be honest here, you guys obviously don't like each other, and everyone knows nothing is ever good in a hostile workplace, so this is for best!

Norman: (Turns to Peter) Parker... I didn't know you were a Stark fan.

Peter: (Looks at Norman) Well, it's a small world...

Norman: (Nodded) Indeed... (Turns to look around) Well, I hope you're all proud of yourselves. (Turns to leave) Because I look forward to meeting each of you in the near future.

Tony: (Looks at Norman leaving) Wow... (Points at him while turning to the others) That guy has no self-esteem, am I right? (Turns to give out a handshake to Max and Otto) So, you must be Doctor Modell and Doctor Octavius, right?

Max: (Gives Tony a handshake) Yeah, we had no idea you bought our company.

Otto: (Looks at Peter) Or that Parker knew you for that matter.

Tony: Oh, well there's the September Foundation, we met, I approved, and we're talking.

Otto: (Turns to Tony) Forgive my rudeness, but since you bought our company, does this mean you're kicking us both out?

Tony: Oh, no! Nah, it's your work, not mine! You're free to continue your work while I'm out in the world, busting tin heads, and blowing stuff up, the usual.

Happy: (Walks inside) Hey, is there someplace I can put my suitcase in, or what?

Tony: (Points at Happy) Oh and this is Happy Hogan! Don't mind the grumpy look, he's soft on the inside, he'll grow on you.

Otto: Okay, but what is he doing here?

Tony: Oh, I'm glad you asked because he'll be in charge of Horizon Labs Security.

Max: We don't have security.

Tony: Well, you do now! That's fun about working for a man like me, right? (Clicks his tongue) Well, I'll be on my way, so you guys go ahead and keep up the good work! (Turns to Peter) Parker, you go ahead and keep up with them, I'm sure they'll have much to teach you.

Peter: (Nodded while whispering) Thank you.

Tony: (Nodded) Not a problem. (Turns to leave) Later!

Peter: (Watched Tony walking away before getting hit by the shoulder by Gwen) Ow!

Gwen: (Smiled at Peter) Dude! You didn't say you know Tony Stark!

Max: (Turns to Peter) Or that he bought our company.

Peter: (Shrugged) Well, I figured you guys have a problem with Norman Osborn for some reason I don't know about, so I thought I could help out.

Otto: And we're grateful for that, but a little warning would have helped.

Peter: (Smiled) I thought I waited until I saw the look on Norman's face when he found out the news.

Otto: Okay, that was pretty hilarious when Norman looked pissed off. (Turns to look around) At least it's nice to see Norman get what he deserves.

Happy: (Looks at everyone) Hey guys, I'm glad everyone's happy, but can someone tell where to put this? Or do I have to stand here all day like some desk monitor?

Max: (Turns to Happy) Right! Apologies, Mr. Hogan, we'll help you get sorted out! (Turns to Otto) Although we might have to cancel this week's internship for the kids.

Otto: (Nodded) Agreed. (Turns to Peter and Gwen) Parker, Stacy, if it is alright with you, we'd like to have the week to ourselves to get acquainted with the changes set up at Horizon Labs.

Gwen: (Nodded) No problem!

Peter: (Turns to leave) Good luck with the setup, guys! (Turns to walk with Gwen) That was fun.

Gwen: (Turns to Peter) Hey, thank you for what you did, Peter! That was really selfless.

Peter: Well, I can't have all the credit, can I? It was all Stark.

Gwen: I know, but you kept Osborn from taking Horizon away from Doctor Octavius and Doctor Modell, so that was pretty epic!

Peter: Well, it was actually Spider-Man's idea... He was the one that pointed out Tony Stark, so I took his advice, and well, I guess you know how it all went down.

Gwen: I already see. (Turns to walk in the street) So, I'll see you later at School?

Peter: (Nodded) Yeah! Of course! (Sees Gwen leave while getting a phone call from Ned, which he answered) Hey Ned.

Ned: (Is at his room) Hey, so did everything work out with the Horizon Labs deal, or what?

Peter: Yeah, it all worked out just fine!

Ned: Yeah, just like taking the Shocker down! By the way, I like Shocker! I mean, I don't like how the Bugle's procrastinating you, but I really like how they're creative!

Peter: Yeah, speaking of which, could you try looking deeper into Herman Schultz?

Ned: Why? You got him! He's in the Raft for crying out loud!

Peter: Yeah, but Herman was actually pretty dumb when I fought him, and there was no way he could have made those Gauntlets on his own.

Ned: (Widened his eyes) Oh, so you think there's some sort of Masters of Evil out there?

Peter: Okay, let's not get too cheesy with that! But seriously though, Herman must have been working with someone, and something tells me this is far from over!

Meanwhile, somewhere in the City, Phineas Mason was seen sitting on his desk, watching news of the Shocker's arrest while another presence was with him.

?: (Is in the shadows, scoffing) Shocker... Is that what those tabloids are calling him?

Mason: (Turns to the figure) Yeah, that's what they're saying... (Looks at a picture of Spider-Man) And Herman's been sent to the Raft because of Spider-Man.

?: Well, what Herman did was all on him! Besides, taking people hostage is not on our work agenda. (Puts on some equipment while looking at a picture of Spider-Man) But this Spider-Man though... He did take out some of our guys, didn't he?

Mason: I heard they were sent to the Raft as well... (Turns to the figure) That is no place anyone should be right now, and Spider-Man put them there!

?: Yeah, well when I meet this Spider-Man... (Activated some type of Vulture-like Wings) He's dead.

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Chapter Text

Episode 4: The Big Man

All characters belong to Marvel!

Adrian Brody as Fancy Dan

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin as Ox

Ethan Hawke as Montana


It was another beautiful day in New York City as Spider-Man was seen running on the rooftops of Queens, making parkour hops as the day gleaned on the Red and Blue Wall-Crawler.

Narrator: (Sees Spider-Man running on the rooftops) Some people think that being Spider-Man is just swinging around the city with Webs. (Sees Spidey then make a huge dive onto a lower building) But it's more to it than just Web-Swinging. (Sees him slide on a rail) To me, not only being a hero can let you get a good view of the world, but it also makes you feel alive with energy.

Spider-Man: (Jumps onto a building) WOOOOOOOOO!

Narrator: (Sees Spider-Man jump onto the building) And yeah! That's what I'm feeling right now!

Spider-Man: (Lands on the wall, and jumps off of it to keep running) Man, this feels so good!

Karen: (Is heard on Spider-Man's comms) You're about 616 meters away from school, Peter.

Spider-Man: (Slid down underneath some pipes) Thanks, Karen! You're the best!

Karen: (Sees a call coming from Harry) Incoming call coming from Harrison Osborn.

Spider-Man: Patch him through!

Harry: (Is heard on the call) Hey Peter, where are you right now?

Spider-Man: I'm almost at school! What do you need?

Harry: (Is seen walking to school while talking on the phone) I have this math homework on me that's due today. I'm not sure I got all the questions right, and Ned is having breakfast with his friend Joey in the cafeteria, so I'm wondering if you could double check my work.

Spider-Man: Oh, sure thing! I'll be-! (Hears an alarm go off) Huh? (Stops running to look at a break in) Aw, man!

Harry: (Raises a brow) What? What's up?

Spider-Man: Uh, just stumbled onto a setback, I'll call you back Harry! (Ends the call)

Harry: Wait, Peter! (Heard the phone line drop) Great.

Spider-Man: Alright Karen, what's going on?

Karen: (Scans the store) There seems to be a robbery in progress.

Spider-Man: Another one? Aww man, that's like the millionth time this week!

Karen: Actually, that would make this the 7th time this action has occurred.

Spider-Man: 7 times? Seriously? The week isn't even over yet! Today's a Wednesday! (Shook his head) Oh, never mind! Just tell me how many we're dealing with here!

Karen: (Scans the assailants) Currently, there are two current opponents; one of them is Alex O'Hirn and Flint Marco, both of whom have a criminal record of multiple felonies including burglary, vandalism, and aggravated assault against several police officers and security guards.

Spider-Man: Oh, two huh? (Cracks his knuckles) Well, this should be a piece of cake! (Starts to hop down onto a street light) Unless they happen to be one of Herman's friends of course, then it will just be straight up fantastic for me to be late.

Karen: Don't worry, Peter. I scanned both of their databases, and they have no direct relation to Herman Schultz.

Spider-Man: (Starts hoping over to another street light) And you checked both of their databases just that fast?

Karen: Indeed! And you shouldn't worry about being late either, you should be on time approximately 6.8 seconds upon arrival after you take care of business.

Spider-Man: (Chuckled as he hopped onto the building and started crawling down) Heh, you're the best Karen! Thanks!

Karen: You're welcome.

Flint: (Is seen inside of the bodega robbing a jewelry store with Alex) Come on, Alex! Cops will be here any second now!

Alex: (Turns to Alex while getting the jewels) Hey, keep your voice down, Alex! People here can hear my name!

Flint: (Turns to Flint) Yeah? Well, don't say my name out loud either! I ain't going to jail because people know our names!

Spider-Man: (Hopped down onto the sidewalk and lightly tapped on the glass) Hey guys? (Gets both of their attention) You realize there's an ATM just across the street from here, right? Because that would have you saved you from doing a really nutty thing to do!

Alex: (Sees Spider-Man out from the window) Oh, crud! It's one of those freaks in a costume!

Spider-Man: (Makes a fake gasp) Aww, you said the F word! (Shoots a Web at a trash can) Good thing Spidey's here to teach you about minding your language! (Throws the can at Alex while breaking the window in the process) Ngh!

Alex: (Gets hit by the trash can) Ugh!

Flint: (Sees Alex go down) Crap! (Sees Spider-Man get in) You'll pay for that! (Gets out a baseball bat)

Spider-Man: (Sees Flint holding out a baseball bat) Whoa, is that a baseball bat? (Dodges a swing from Flint) Wow, all the criminals in this city on what to use to rob a store, you guys pick a baseball bat? (Catches the bat in his hand) I'm almost amazed by this concept! (Hits Flint with the bat)

Flint: (Gets hit by Spider-Man via baseball bat) Guh! (Steps backward as he glared at Spider-Man) What do you care about what we use to rob stuff? (Moves to hit Spider-Man)

Spider-Man: (Sees Flint moving towards him) Actually, I don't! (Steps back to trip Flint)

Flint: (Gets tripped by Spidey) Gah! (Fell to the floor, only to have his legs caught and webbed to the ceiling, making him hang upside down) Ahh!

Spider-Man: (Looks at Marko) I'm just making fun of you because it's part of my charm!

Alex: (Gets up to see Spider-Man in the store) Huh?

Spider-Man: (Turns around, seeing Alex standing up) Oh, I almost forgot about you, big guy!

Flint: (Struggles to while being hanged upside down) Alex! Get me the hell out of this gooey stuff!

Alex: (Sees Flint being defeated) Flint! (Turns to Spider-Man) Alright, you're getting it now, freak! (Moves towards Spider-Man with a crowbar)

Spider-Man: (Sees Alex run towards him) Aw, man! You said the F word again! (Jumps on the ceiling to avoid getting hit)

Alex: (Missed hitting Spider-Man) The F word? (Turns to Spider-Man) I never said the F word!

Spider-Man: Uh, yeah you did! Twice! (Jumped kick Alex)

Alex: (Gets kicked by Spider-Man) GAH! (Backed up against the wall) Wait. (Turns to Spider-Man) You're not referring Freak as the F word, are you?!

Spider-Man: Well, yeah! It's a strong word!

Alex: But that's what you are!

Spider-Man: Wow, we're seriously going to go there? Okay, you've asked for it! (Makes a flip to kick O'Hirn in the face) YAH!

Alex: (Gets kicked really hard in the face) OOF! (Fell to the floor unconscious)

Flint: (Hears Alex go down) Alex? Alex, what's going on? What's happening?!

Spider-Man: (Walked around Flint) What's going on is that your friend, Alex, just got knocked out cold!

Flint: (Sees Spider-Man) You! (Struggled against the Webbing) You have no idea who you're dealing with!

Spider-Man: Let me guess; Flint Marko and Alex O'Hirn, a pair of running buddies who thought they could make money by being partners in crime. (Placed his hands on his hips) And judging by where you're at right now, that isn't really working out for you so much than you hoped.

Flint: (Raises a brow) How did you know our names?!

Spider-Man: Easy, a friend named Karen told me!

Flint: Oh, you're screwed, pal! I promise you, this ain't the last you've seen of me!

Spider-man: Yeah, I doubt it, buddy. (Turns to the shopkeeper) Hey, are you alright, sir?

Shopkeeper: (Turns to Spider-Man) Yes, I am. (Points at the window) But not my freaking window, you nutjob! Who's gonna pay for that?!

Spider-Man: (Looks at the broken window) Oh... (Turns to the shopkeeper) Uh... Insurance?

Karen: Peter, the local authorities have been alerted and will be here soon.

Spider-Man: (Nodded) Right, well uh, it's been nice hanging out with you guys, but I gotta go now! (Turns around) So see ya!

Shopkeeper: (Sees Spider-Man leave) Hey, wait! You still broke my window! Oh, Jameson was right about you!

As the shopkeeper shouted rants at the Wall-Crawler and the police arrived on the scene, there was a parked limousine several feet away from the bodega as Weasly was seen in the limo, having over witnessed the entire fight pan out as he stared at Spider-Man swinging away from the scene.

Weasly: (Looks at Spider-Man leaving the scene) ... (Turns to the limo driver) We're done here.

He pulled up the window as the limo pulled up onto the street and began to leave the crime scene as well.

At Oscorp, Norman was seen sitting in his office working on a computer as news played out in the background.

News: (Is seen reporting a crime scene) -In other news, New York City's crime rate has been slowing down increasingly, due to the actions of the masked vigilante known as Spider-Man. (Shows a blurred image of Spider-Man, getting Norman's attention) Despite the decrease in crime, over 26% of the population say that he is a Menace while 74% say that he is a Threat due to the amount of property damage that he makes during-!

Norman: (Sees the picture of Spider-Man, staring at it in awe) Huh. (Gets a phone call, answering it) Hello?

Felicia: (Is heard on the phone) Mr. Osborn? The police are here to see you, asking for more details about-!

Norman: (Sighs) About the late doctor Stromm, I can guess. (Gets up) Let them in.

George: (Is seen walking inside with Yuri) Mr. Osborn.

Norman: (Turns to greet the police) Captain. (Placed his hands into his pockets) What brings you and Detective Watanabe here?

Yuri: We're here on an investigation on the recent death of Doctor Mendell Stromm.

Norman: (Sighs) Yes, his death was very unfortunate, but I don't see why it has to do with me.

George: He was your employee, Norman, and he died right inside of this building in one of your labs.

Norman: (Shook his head) What can I say, Captain? This is a multi-billion dollar company! Accidents tend to happen.

Yuri: Do accidents tend to also make bodies turn into mutilated corpses at the time of death?

Norman: (Raises a brow) What do you mean?

Yuri: Oh, don't play the dumb act! We saw the body, this wasn't some accident!

Norman: Well, what do you think it was? Because I'm pretty sure what happened to Stromm was an accident!

George: Norman, when forensics studied the body, it had markings that showed the victim was murdered.

Norman: (Blinked in disbelief) Murder? Are you implying someone killed Doctor Stromm?

Yuri: We have a feeling.

Norman: (Scoffs) Okay, I don't know who would do such a thing, but if you feel the need to look, then have a look around at all of my employees!

George: That's the thing though, the place that Stromm died in was in your lab.

Norman: (Raises a brow) I'm sorry, my lab?

Yuri: According to reports, Stromm was found dead inside your lab.

George: And according to few eyewitnesses, you were the last person to see him alive as you were said to have been in the lab with him when it happened. (Folded his arms) So Norman... Care to tell us what happened that night?

Norman: (Looks at the two policemen) I...

Stromm: (Is seen in a brief flashback) PLEASE NO!

Goblin: (Is heard laughing) HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Norman: (Blinked as the flashback ended) I can't remember.

Yuri: You sure? Because what our eyewitness said-!

Norman: Well, your witness was wrong! I don't remember being inside of my lab, and more importantly, I don't even know why Stromm was in there in the first place! Even if I did know, then I would have told the proper authorities on who the culprit was, and we wouldn't be having this conversation! Now unless you two have a warrant, you can get the hell out of my building!

George: (Nodded at Yuri, who turned to leave as he turned to Norman) Well, you know our number if you have any information regarding Stromm's death, so feel free to give us a call. (Turned to leave)

Yuri: (Is seen walking down the hallway) You believe him?

George: (Walks next to Yuri) I've known Osborn for many years, and I know that he tells half-truths, and half lies. (Turns to her) But for now, we should probably focus on checking on Mac Gargan, check out how his prison transfer is doing.

They both started to make their leave while Norman watched from the cameras, before turning to an Employee of the Month picture of Mendell Stromm, looking at it enviously.

Norman: (Looks at the picture) What the hell were you doing in my lab, Mendell?

Back in school, Peter was seen with Ned as they both sat on the bleachers while everyone prepared for a pep rally.

Ned: (Raises a brow) So, that was the 7th robbery this week?

Peter: I know! And the week hasn't even ended yet!

Ned: Okay, this feels like a crime spree epidemic going on because so far, you took on 4 muggings, 7 robberies, and 3 break-ins!

Peter: (Raises a brow) You've been keeping track of the number of crimes?

Ned: Well, yeah! Why not?

Peter: Right... (Sighs) Dude, this doesn't make any sense! I thought crime would be going down because of Spider-Man, but it just sounds like it's getting bigger and bigger!

Ned: Well hey! More bad guys for you to put away, right?

Peter: I know, but sometimes I feel like I'm dealing with the same guys over and over again! Like Monday afternoon, I was in Times Square getting this guy for robbing some old lady of her purse, and the next day after, I swore I saw the same guy again, but this time he was robbing a bodega on Yancy Street!

Ned: Well, you're living in New York City, Peter! It's a big place for crime to happen.

Peter: I know, but sometimes I feel like there's more to this!

Ned: (Raises a brow) What, you think that there are more people like Herman Schultz out there?

Peter: No, not people like Herman! I'd have a much tougher time putting criminals away, no, I feel like there's a 3rd party out there that we're missing...

Ned: Okay, but who do you think is behind it?

Peter: That's what I intend to find out later.

Harry: (Walks over to Peter and Ned) Hey guys.

Ned: (Turns to Harry) Hey Harry!

Peter: (Turns to Harry) Harry! (Widened his eyes) Oh man, I totally forgot! You needed me to check on your homework-!

Harry: (Shook his head) It's okay! Besides, I had MJ look it over for me.

Peter/Ned: (Both raise a brow) MJ?

MJ: (Walks over to the boys) Hey guys. (Turns to Harry, smiling at him) Hey there, Osborn.

Harry: (Smiled at MJ) Hey there, MJ.

Peter: (Points at the two of them) Wait, she helped you with your math homework?

MJ: You weren't around, and I was with Harry at the time.

Harry: Just hanging out!

MJ: (Nodded) Oh yeah, totally!

Harry: Yeah, nothing ambiguous.

MJ: Or anything weird...

Ned: (Raises a brow) So are you two dating now?

MJ: (Tilts her head) Is there a problem with that?

Ned: (Shook his head) No!

Peter: No, of course not!

Ned: We don't mind you guys dating.

Peter: Yeah, you don't need anyone's permission to-!

MJ: (Makes a small smile) Guys, I'm just joking.

Peter: Oh!

Ned: Okay.

Harry: (Folded his arms) So, how was your day?

Peter: Oh fine! Just getting to school while busting up a robbery just a few blocks from here! How was your day?

Harry: (Staresursts out laughing) HA HA! Nice, you're so funny, man.

MJ: (Folded her arms) So have you asked Gwen out yet?

Peter: (Blinked) Uh, what? (Nervously laughs) Hehe, I mean, why would I-?

Harry: Hey, it's all good! I told her everything.

Peter: Oh! Well, okay.

MJ: Well, have you not asked her yet?

Peter: Well no. (Rubbed his head) Kinda.

Ned: What do you mean?

Peter: Well, there's this guy named-!

Eddie: (Turns to the group) Sup, guys!

Peter: (Turns to see Eddie) Eddie! Hey, how are you?

Eddie: I'm doing great! (Points at Peter) Peter, right?

Peter: (Nodded) Yeah, that's right!

Eddie: Yeah, Gwen says a lot of good things about you!

Peter: Really? That's nice.

Gwen: (Walks over to the group) Hey guys!

MJ: (Smiles at Gwen) Hey Gwen.

Gwen: How are you doing?

Harry: Oh, we're all doing good so far! MJ and I are going to get some soda right now, so anyone want a drink? It's all on me!

Eddie: Oh yeah! I'll tag along!

Ned: I could use a drink.

Harry: Okay, great! (Turns to Peter and MJ) Hey, are you two coming along?

Peter: Oh no, I'm gonna stay behind and uh... (Shows his phone) Google stuff, but could you guys get me a Sprite, please?

Ned: (Nodded) Right, sure thing dude!

MJ: Gwen, you coming?

Gwen: Oh no, I have to talk to Peter real quick. (Peter turned his head to her in surprise) But could you get me a Dr. Pepper for me?

Eddie: Sure thing!

Harry: Alright, let's move out! (Turns to leave with the group)

Gwen: (Turns to Peter) Hey Peter, can we talk?

Peter: (Nodded) Y-Yeah! Yeah, what is it?

Gwen: Well I wanna ask you two things; one, did you get the email from Horizon Labs?

Peter: Yeah, I got the email. They're still moving places from Greenwich Village into the Financial District.

Gwen: Well, I guess when it comes to having your company owned by Tony Stark, you kinda get used to having so much money into your pocket.

Peter: Yeah, Dr. Octavius, and Dr. Modell must be having a time of their lives right now. (Folded his arms) Anyway, what's the 2nd thing you wanted to talk about?

Gwen: Oh nothing! Just wanted to check to see how your Aunt May is doing after that bank fiasco with the Shocker and Spider-Man?

Peter: (Widened his eyes) Oh, right! Yeah, May is doing pretty okay.

Gwen: That's good! That must have been really crazy to go through.

Peter: Well, we both thought that it would be best to just leave it all in the past. (Shook his head) Anyway, how are you?

Gwen: Oh, I'm doing great! You know, just hanging out with Eddie and all.

Peter: (Tilts his head) Oh, so does this mean-?

Gwen: No, no! No, we're just friends! Besides, you and I are currently dating right now.

Peter: (Widened his eyes) We're dating?

Gwen: Well yeah of course! Why wouldn't you?

Peter: Well, there was that time I argued with your Dad about Spider-Man-!

Gwen: Oh, don't worry about it! It's New York City, people argue over just about anything as little as who bought tickets to a baseball game. (Sighs) Besides, Eddie and I quit dating a while ago now...

Peter: (Raises a brow) Any idea as to why?

Gwen: It's... Complicated, you don't wanna know.

Peter: Well, tell me about it! I know my fair share of complicated!

Gwen: (Raises a brow) Since when?

Peter: (Widened his eyes) Oh, well... Heh, it's uh-!

Harry: (Comes back to Peter and Gwen with MJ, Ned, and Eddie) Hey, we're back with some soda!

Ned: (Throws a Sprite at Peter) Here you go!

Peter: (Catches the Sprite) Thanks!

MJ: Hey, we're gonna go ahead and set up some Homecoming decorations, so if you wanna tag along, now's your last chance!

Ned: Nah, I gotta go give Joey his drink! I promised to offer him one.

Gwen: Aw, how sweet!

Eddie: (Raises a brow) Who's Joey?

Joey: (Gets pushed to the floor, making his computer break) Ugh!

Carl: (Laughs) Oh, snap! Bet you didn't see that one coming!

Harry: (Points at the kid that got pushed) That would be Joey. (Points at the bully) And that's Carl, a complete dickwod aside from Flash Thompson.

Gwen: (Turns to look at Carl) Oh my god, is this guy for real?

Eddie: (Looks at Carl) Want me to take care of him?

Gwen: (Shook her head) No, I got this! (Turns to Carl) Hey, why did you do that for?

Carl: (Turns to Gwen) Relax, Stacy! We were just having fun!

Gwen: (Groans in annoyance as she turned to Joey) Are you okay, Joey?

Joey: (Gets up, seeing his computer being broken) My laptop! It's broken!

Carl: (Smirks) Well, maybe you should have kept it in your locker, dork!

Gwen: (Turns to Carl) Carl, that's enough!

Carl: (Shrugs) Sorry!

Joey: (Turns to Carl) You didn't have to do that! (Everyone started to turn to him) You didn't have to break my computer!

Carl: Aw, what are you gonna do? Cry about it?

Harry: (Looks at the commotion) Okay, this is going down now.

Eddie: (Folded his arms) Maybe Joey's finally gonna stand up to that jerk.

Peter: Maybe, but we should consider calling a teacher or-! (Suddenly got a Spidey Sense) Ugh...

Harry: (Turns to Peter, noticing him groaning) Yo, are you alright?

Ned: (Noticed Peter's Spidey Sense is tingling before turning to Harry) He's okay! He's just tired. (Turns to Peter) Yo, I know that look when you have that, Sense tingling. What's up?

Peter: (Looks at Joey as his senses began to go up) Something's wrong... Joey...

Joey: (Continues to argue with Carl) You think that's funny?! Do you think breaking my laptop was funny?!

Carl: Tsk! Well, anything that makes you complain is funny to me! (Laughs with his friends)

Joey: (Glares at Carl) Oh, you really think that's fun, huh? (Suddenly pulled out a gun and aimed it at Carl) HOW ABOUT NOW?!

Eddie: (Widened his eyes) Whoa!

MJ: (Stands up, seeing the gun) What the hell?!

Carl: (Widened his eyes as he raises his hands up) Whoa! Is that a gun?!

Joey: Oh, I don't know! (Pulls up the gun and shoots at the ceiling a few times, making everyone shout and panic as he went back to aiming the gun at Carl) What do you think it is?!

Student: (Is heard in the crowd) Watch out, he's got a gun!

Harry: (Widened his eyes) Oh, god, he's got a gun!

Gwen: (Turns to Joey) Joey, where did you get that?!

Joey: Everyone, just calm down! This is between me, and this asshole who's been bullying me for too long!

Carl: (Held his hands up) Okay, we get it, now put it down! That's not funny!

Joey: (His hands continually shake while aiming at Carl) Lots of things aren't funny! Shoving me into my locker wasn't funny! (Tears start pouring out) Breaking my computer wasn't funny!

Carl: Okay, you're right, Joey! I'm sorry!

Joey: (Shook his head) NO YOU'RE NOT! You always say that, but you're never really sorry! You always, ALWAYS come back with your friends and pick on me, BUT I HAD ENOUGH OF IT!

Carl: (Shook his head) Joey, man, I'm sorry!

Joey: Shut up, and get on your knees!

Carl: What?


Carl: (Nodded) Okay, okay! (Sits on his knees) Just don't hurt me!

Gwen: Joey, please don't do this!

Joey: Shut up! Everyone just shut up and let me have my way with him!

Carl: (Shook his head while he started crying) Please, god, please don't kill me! Please, not on my Birthday!


Flash: (Looks at Joey) Holy crap, he's gonna do it! He's gonna actually shoot Carl!

Ned: (Walks to Joey) I gotta do something about it!

Harry: (Pulled Ned away) Whoa, Ned wait! He's got a gun!

Ned: But he's my friend, Harry! I can't just let him keep using it! (Turns to Joey)

Peter: Ned!

Eddie: (Turns to Peter) Pete, don't!

Ned: (Turns to Joey) Joey!

Joey: (Points the gun at Ned) Stand back! (Starts pointing it at everyone) Everybody, stand back!

Ned: (Raises his hands up) Joey, hey man! (Gets Joey pointing the gun at him) Whoa, take it easy!

Joey: (Points at Ned again) Don't move, Ned! I don't wanna hurt you!

Ned: Uh, I don't want you hurting me either! Just, tell us why you're doing this! We gotta know why-!


Gwen: (Shook her head) Joey, don't do this! It's not worth it!

Joey: YES IT IS!

MJ: Oh god, someone's gonna get hurt!

Jake: Not if we do something about it!

Flash: (Turns to Jake) What are you talking about?

Jake: You know what I mean, Flash! I'm saying Charles and I should go up behind him and flank him while we still have the chance!

Eddie: Whoa, are you insane?! Someone could get shot by doing that!

Charles: Well, do you know who else is gonna do something about this?! Because I don't see any heroes around here!

Peter: (Shook his head, whispering) Not yet. (Turns to leave)

Harry: (Turns to Peter) Peter, what are you doing?!

Peter: (Turns to Harry) I'm uh, I'm gonna go get help! Just stay here! (Turns to run)

Harry: Peter, wait! (Sees Peter running off) Peter!

MJ: (Turns to Harry) Where did he go?

Harry: (Shook his head) I don't know, he said he was gonna get help!

Joey: (Continues arguing with Ned) It's the same thing every single day, but once I end this, it'll be worth it!

Ned: No it isn't! It never is, Joey! Nothing is ever worth anything by putting a bullet into someone! I know that because one of my friends just lost his Uncle by the very thing that you're about to do! And I can tell from the way your hands shake that part of you doesn't want to do this!

Gwen: Listen to him, Joey! Today may be terrible, but next week? It won't even matter!

Joey: (Sobs as he aimed the gun at Carl) I just want this all to end!

Ned: And it can! But you can't end it this way! Not like this!

Gwen: Look around you, Joey! Everyone's scared right now, even Carl!

Ned: (Slowly walked over to Joey) Joey, please! I'm asking you as a friend, don't do this! Please don't mess up your life for this, just put the gun down!

Joey: (Shook as he aimed at Carl, before slowly lowering his weapon) Okay... Okay...

Jake: (Nodded at Charles) NOW! (He and Charles move on Joey)

Eddie: (Raises his hand up) Guys, no!

Ned: (Turns to Jake and Charles) No, wait!

Gwen: (Widened her eyes) Stop!

Joey: (Gets tackled by Jake and Charles) Ah!

Suddenly, Joey's fingers pulled the trigger as he was tackled, causing the bullet to fly out from the barrel of the gun and into Ned Leeds, making him fall to the ground as Spider-Man arrived on the scene too late.

Ned: (Gets shot by Joey) AHH! (Fell to the floor)

Gwen: (Widened her eyes) Ned! (Ran over to him)

Spider-Man: (Jumped through the window, landing on the floor as he saw Ned being shot as he widened his eyes) Ned!

Ned: (Moans) Oh, my leg! My leg!

Ben: (Is seen in a flashback as he laid on the ground after getting shot) Peter.

Spider-Man: (Widened his eyes as the flashback ended) NO! (Turns to Joey and disarmed him) NGH! (Webs the gun up into the ceiling)

Eddie: (Runs over to Ned) Ned!

Harry: (Runs over to Ned like everyone else) Holy crap, Ned!

MJ: (Runs over to Ned) Everybody, back up! Let me see him!

Spider-Man: (Runs over to Ned) Is he alright?!

MJ: (Checks Ned's wound) It's just a leg shot! It's not fatal, so he should be fine!

Harry: Seriously? How can you know that?

MJ: My biology class recently did a study on the Human Body! And I'm actually glad that I paid attention!

Ned: (Groans) Oh, god! It hurts! It freaking hurts!

Spider-Man: (Looks at Ned before turning to some students) SOMEONE CALL AN AMBULANCE!

Joey: (Everyone starts looking at him as he looked at Ned) Oh, god no! (Walked back against the wall) What have I done?! (Sobs as he hugged himself)

Gwen: (Turns to Spider-Man) You should go! (Spider-Man turns to her) Go, we got it from here!

Spider-Man: (Looks at Gwen before turning to Ned) Hey, you'll be fine! Alright, take it easy!

Spider-Man then started to leave as Police and Firefighters began arriving at the school grounds.

At the NYPD headquarters stationed in Chinatown, Captain George Stacy was seen walking inside with Detective Yuri Watanabe as they headed to the cells.

Yuri: (Walks alongside George) You really think he might know something?

George: It's a long shot, but if it gets us answers, then we should take it. (Turns to an officer) Is he in there?

Police Officer: (Turns to Stacy) Yes Captain! But Detective Knight wanted me to let you know that transport will be carrying him in five minutes.

George: Well, five minutes is all I need from this fella.

As the two walked inside of the cell, they found the man responsible for the death of Ben Parker known as Mac Gargan, who is seen sitting on a bed with a heart monitor analyzing his heart rate while he had a broken armband wrapped around his arm as he laid on the bed staring at the ceiling.

George: (Walks to Mac) MacDonald Gargan?

Mac: (Stares at the ceiling) What do you want?

Yuri: We want some answers.

Mac: You pigs always want answers for everything.

George: Well, this time is different, because we want to ask questions about the night you murdered Ben Parker in cold blood.

Mac: (Turns to the two) You're here about that? (Scoffs) I thought you already closed that off shut a long time ago.

Yuri: Well, considering you're about to go serve full time at Ryker's, you might as well start making some conversation before you go live out the rest of your days.

Mac: (Groans) Well, I have literally nothing better to do, so if you Blues wanna talk, fine... Ask away...

George: Where were you on the night Ben Parker was murdered?

Mac: Getting chased by the Asian chick with a gun. (Turns to Yuri) Isn't that obvious?

Yuri: (Sits on a chair) What exactly were you even doing in that store, Gargan? Robbing isn't your forte.

Mac: Well, sometimes you get bored, and you just want to branch out a little.

George: By taking the money and then shooting a pedestrian at gunpoint?

Mac: What can I say? Asshole got in my way. (Scoffs) Come on, you didn't come here to judge me on the past, are you?

Yuri: As much as we'd love to, we have other things to ask.

George: Were you alone when you took the money?

Mac: No, I was all by myself after all that, and then later when you cops chased after me, that... Spider-Freak showed up, and pushed me out of the window! (Points at himself) Caused me to be stuck in this bed every day! Broke my arm, my spine! Even a doctor told me that one day, my right eye will go blind!

George: And you claim the Vigilante pushed you out of the window?

Mac: (Nodded) Yeah, you bet your ass he did! And if you two don't think he did it, then I'll tell you that he was sure as hell wanted to do it!

Quaid: (Comes inside) Captain Stacy!

George: Not now, Quaid!

Quaid: It's an emergency, sir! I don't think this can wait!

Yuri: It's fine... (Turns to George) I think we have everything we need. (Turns to leave)

Mac: (Turns to look at George) I heard you're looking for that bug... If you actually catch his ass, then tell him... (Pretends to slit his throat) I'll be coming for him!

George: (Stared at Gargan, before making his leave, turning to Quaid) Frank, what is it that you-?

Quaid: It's Midtown! There's been a shooting!

George: Where? What street?

Quaid: I wasn't talking about the district, sir...

George: What do you mean?

Yuri: (Checks her phone) Oh god, George.

George: What? (Turns to Yuri) What is it?

Yuri: (Turns to George) There's been a school shooting in Queens!

George: Queens? (Turns to Quaid) Wait, you said there's been a shooting at Midtown?

Quaid: Yes, sir.

George: Oh god, my daughter goes to that school! (Runs off) Get all available forces over there right now!

As they began to move, they passed by the same crooks that were beaten up by Spider-Man were sitting in a jail cell looking by at the police running down the halls.

Flint: (Looks at the cops running) Well, what is it this time?

Alex: (Sits against the wall with his arms folded) Hopefully it's because they finally caught that freak in the costume! Who the hell does he think he is, running around beating people trying to make a living?

Police Officer: (Walks over to Alex and Flint's cell) O'Hirn and Marko? (Opens it) You're free to go.

Flint: (Raises a brow) Just like that? No trial or anything?

Police Officer: Someone posted your bail.

Alex: Who?

Police Officer: Don't know. (Turns to leave) But whoever it is, you're their problem now.

The two moved to walk their way out of the precinct, looking around the everlasting metropolis of the Big Apple, waiting for someone to turn.

Alex: (Looks around) Now what?

Flint: (Sees a Limo driving by, parking right in front of them) Who's that?

Weasly: (Opens his window, turning to the duo) Hello, gentlemen... How would you like a job?

Later, parents, students, teachers, and emergency personnel alike were all at Midtown as students were seen running down the stairs to greet their worried parents, each of them hugging their children as Peter was seen walking down the steps when Aunt May was seen running to him.

Aunt May: (Runs to Peter) Peter!

Peter: (Turns to May) May!

Aunt May: (Turns to hug her Nephew) Oh my goodness! (Sighs as she turned to him) Are you alright?! Were you shot?!

Peter: (Shook his head) Uh, no! No, of course not! I'm okay!

Aunt May: Oh thank god! (Hugs him again) I don't know what I'd do if anything happened to you! (Sighs in relief) Alright, let's go home.

Peter: (Shook his head) Wait, wait! Ned, I heard he got shot! I need to go see him!

Aunt May: Oh, Peter! I'm sorry about Ned, but I promise, we can visit him at the hospital-!

Peter: No, May, he's still here! The Ambulance hasn't left yet, I need to check on him! Please, just give me five minutes! Five minutes, that's all!

Aunt May: (Looks at Peter) Okay, fine... Five minutes, and that's it! You come straight to my car!

Peter: (Nodded) Okay.

Peter moved around the crowd as he saw parents being worried about their children when he noticed Joey being placed inside of a police cruiser while Gwen and her Father were seen talking.

Gwen: (Talks to her Dad) Dad, come on! Joey didn't mean to shoot him, it was an accident!

George: Accident or not, he endangered students in a public school by using a firearm! I can't just let that pass, Gwen, people will expect me and the NYPD to follow through with a School Shooting.

Gwen: By putting him in Rykers.

George: There will be a trial for him, but yes, Rykers will be the one place he'll be going afterward. I'm sorry, but what Joey has done is beyond any form of help from myself or anyone. (Placed a hand on her shoulder) Now please, go home! I'll meet you there.

Gwen: (Nodded) Alright Dad. (Turns to leave)

Harry: (Walks around with Eddie and MJ, seeing Peter) Peter!

Peter: (Turns around and sees Harry) Harry! Hey, are you guys okay?

Harry: Yeah, no thanks to you! Where were you?!

Peter: I was getting help! You know, calling the police and all!

Harry: And then leaving us to watch while Ned got shot?

Peter: Ned... (Widened his eyes) Ned, where is he?!

Eddie: He's fine! He's being patched up right now, and he'll be sent into the hospital soon.

MJ: You should probably go see him before they leave.

Harry: If you even care at all.

Peter: Harry, I'm sorry! Alright, I didn't know what else was there to do!

Harry: Except not to leave your friends behind! In which you did!

Eddie: Hey, both of you relax! Alright, today just became a really shitty day, and we all just endured a really shitty experience! So why don't we just cool it and not blame each other for what happened, okay?

Harry: (Sighs) You're right. (Turns to Peter) Sorry, Peter. We're really glad you called in the police while everything went down, and I'm glad you're alright.

Peter: (Raises a thumbs up) It's alright, Harry. I'm glad you're okay too.

Norman: (Arrives on the scene) Harrison! (Gets Harry's attention) Harry, where are you?!

Harry: (Sees his Dad) Dad?

Norman: (Sees Harry) Harry! (Turns to him) Are you alright?

Harry: (Nodded) Yeah, I'm fine. (Turns to leave) Can we go home now?

Norman: Of course! Now get in the car.

Harry: (Waves his friends goodbye) Later, guys.

MJ: Bye Harry.

Peter: Bye Harry!

Eddie: See you, dude.

Peter: (Turns to the others) So, where's Ned?

MJ: (Points at Ned getting patched up) He's over there!

Peter: (Widened his eyes) Right! I'll see you guys later! (Turns to Ned)

Ned: (Groans as he felt pain on his leg) God, that hurts!

Peter: (Walks to him) At least it's just the leg, and nowhere else!

Ned: (Turns to see Peter) Hey, Peter. (Groans) Man...

Peter: (Sits down) Hey, you're gonna be okay, dude!

Ned: I know, but that doesn't change the fact that it hurts so much! Ugh!

Nurse: (Sees Peter talking to Ned) Excuse me? I'm sorry, but we're about to go take your friend to seek medical attention soon, so you may want to hurry and wrap it up quickly.

Peter: (Turns to the nurse) Okay, thanks, doctor...?

Palmer: Palmer. Doctor Christine Palmer.

Peter: Right! Thanks, doc. (Sees Palmer leave as he turned to Ned)

Ned: (Looks at Peter) Joey... Is he-?

Peter: I overheard Captain Stacy... It doesn't sound good for him.

Ned: (Sighs) Damn...

Peter: Hey, I'm really sorry about Joey man... I heard you two knew each other.

Ned: Yeah, but I never knew he would do something like this! Not to mention having a gun!

Peter: Well, that must have been one of his parent's gun, right?

Ned: What? No, I'm saying he never even owned a gun! His parents are known activists against gun violence, they don't even like guns!

Peter: Wait, then how did he even get a gun if his parents don't like them?

Ned: I don't know... (Turns to look at Peter) But maybe that would be something that Spider-Man might want to look into...

Peter: (Nodded as he looked at Ned) You leave that to me... (Stands up) For now, you just get better so we can build some more Legos, huh?

Ned: (Scoffed lightly) Good one, man.

Palmer: (Turns to the paramedics) Okay, we're ready to take the patient up for transport! Let's go!

As Peter watched Ned get taken away into the ambulance, Captain Stacy and Detective Watanabe were seen talking to Joey's parents about his arrest.

Joey's Mom: (Sniffs while wiping her tears off a napkin) There is no way our son would have done this!

Yuri: Ma'am, I'm sorry, but we're going to have access your son's personal belongings; personal journals, phone, computer, anything that can help.

Joey's Dad: Officers, we're sorry, but our son brought his only computer with him today! Don't you already have it by now?

George: We do, but it was reported to break seconds before the shooting.

Joey's Mom: How could have this happen?! Our son protests about gun violence, he isn't like this!

George: We don't know, which is why we need to check his emails, his texts, anything that Joey used as a means of communications.

Yuri: Including his phone.

Joey's Mom: His phone? What do you mean? He brought his phone to school today! I know because he texted me-! (Widened her eyes) Oh god...

Yuri: What? Ma'am, what did he say?

Joey's Mom: (Tears start pouring out) He texted me that he loved me and my husband... And that he asked God to forgive him! (Knelt to the ground) Oh, god! Why didn't I do something?! (Sobs) Oh no, Joey!

Yuri: (Stares at the parents, before turning to George) Captain, a word?

George: Yeah. (He and she move to a private area)

Yuri: (Turns to George) I had our guys to search the kid after we detained him, and no one reported anything about a phone being found in his possession!

George: (Raises a brow) Okay, what about his backpack? He could have put in there before he started pulling the trigger.

Yuri: That's the thing; no one's found the backpack! Not even the witnesses know where it went after authorities arrived!

George: (Folded his arms) You don't think the backpack isn't in his locker right now?

Yuri: No, I had our guys open it. It's not there, and the victim that was shot did say that Joey Gastone did bring his backpack into the gym before he shot him.

George: (Looks around) Alright, I'll have Quaid handle this! He'll go keep a look out for the bag while we go search for the buyer.

Yuri: (Raises a brow) You think someone sold him the gun?

George: The suspect's parents protest gun violence, so someone must have sold it to him!

Yuri: But what about Gargan?

George: Gargan can wait! Besides, someone sold a gun to a kid that brought it to my Daughter's school! And right now, I want him off the streets with all weapons confiscated so nothing like this can happen again!

Yuri: Then what are we waiting for?

The two began to leave while passing by a cop, who overheard them talking, making him go to a quiet corner and began to make a phone call.

Police Officer: (Makes a phone call) Someone get the Big Man. Tell him that Yuri Watanabe and Captain George Stacy are getting involved in this.

At the Parker Apartment, Peter and May were seen watching the news of the school shooting that occurred at Midtown's Science and Tech, watching footage of parents cuddling their children in comfort.

Spectrum News: (Shows footage of Midtown students running to their families) Midtown School of Science and Technology became one of many of the nation's victims of a school shooting as the campus was disrupted by an armed shooter! (Shows a picture of Joey Gastone) Students were said to have been in a gym exercise when Joey Gastone, local Queens resident, and Midtown student, brought an armed weapon and started firing bullets into the gymnasium, bringing terror to his classmates! Luckily, there were no fatalities from this awful event! However, one student, whom we can't show or reveal his/her name due to non-parental consent, was shot by the leg while trying to disarm the situation! (Shows a picture of Spider-Man) Fortunately, Spider-Man was there to stop the youngster from causing any further harm to-!

Peter: (Sighs) I don't wanna watch this anymore.

May: (Nodded as she turned the TV off) I'm so sorry you had to go through that, Peter. (Turns to Peter) And I'm truly sorry about your friend, Ned...

Peter: (Rubbed his face) I'm just glad Spider-Man was there to put a stop to it when he did!

May: (Sits next to Peter) Are you okay?

Peter: (Sighs as he stared down at the floor) ...When Ned got shot, I heard Uncle Ben's voice calling out to me... It was like I was sent back to the moment that... (Tears start welling up) It was like I was sent back to the moment where Uncle Ben was dying all over again, and the whole world just went dark all around me.

May: (Starts hugging her Nephew) But Ned isn't gone, Peter... He isn't going away like Ben did... (Turns his direction to her) And if Ben were here right now, he'd tell us that no matter how we try to protect the people we care about, there are things that will happen to them. But then he'd say that it would be okay because each time it happens, that person would toughen up some.

Peter: (Stares at May) Did Ben really say that? Or did you just make that up?

May: (Shakes her head) I meant every word... People tend to grow strong from things like what happened today. (Starts rubbing his hair) And besides, I'm sure Ned won't like it if you're being so mopey when he gets out of the hospital!

Peter: (Nodded) Yeah...

May: (Stands up) In the meantime, I'll go over to the Gastones! Their son just got arrested, and they'll be needing full support through such a nightmare they're having! (Turns to Peter) Will you be okay being here alone?

Peter: (Nodded) Yeah! Yeah, you go ahead, I'll stay behind.

May: Great! (Turns to leave) Don't get into trouble!

Peter: (Nodded as he saw her shut the door) Now that's a promise I certainly can't keep.

Peter went inside of his room to go to his computer, starting to investigate the incident on his own as he put on his Mask to talk to Karen.

Karen: (Is heard in Spidey's mask) Hello Peter, how may I help you?

Spider-Man: (Sits on a chair wearing his street clothes) Karen, I need you to go through the Gastone family, look them up for any knowledge of gun usage here in New York.

Karen: I'm afraid you'll have to be specific, Peter. According to the New York population databases, there are 19999 results for the name, Gastone in NYC.

Spider-Man: (Sighs) Okay, how about Joey Gastone? From the school shooting?

Karen: (Shows a picture of Joey and his family) According to social media, his family are outspoken activists against the use of gun violence, ranging from various groups that protest armed weaponry.

Spider-Man: So Ned was telling me the truth when he said Joey's family didn't like guns... But why did Joey get one if he was raised to hate guns?

Karen: According to records, Joey Gastone had a history of bullying, mainly from one Carl King, who has been his school rival since attending Junior High.

Spider-Man: So Carl was Joey's Flash Thompson, and Joey was Carl's... Me, basically.

Karen: That's an odd metaphor indeed, but their history together was much more severe than yours and Flash Thompson's.

Spider-Man: How so?

Karen: Well, King was reported to have inflicted physical harm into Gastone, as well as a long history of damaging Gastone's property.

Spider-Man: (Sighs in disbelief) Jeez, Carl... (Shook his head) Alright, well let's save that for later! Can you check his emails?

Karen: I can! But I would need access to Gastone's cell phone or computer.

Spider-Man: (Groans) Can't you just hack into his emails remotely?

Karen: I'm sorry, but there is a limit to how much I can reach.

Spider-Man: It's fine! I'll just go find Gastone's phone in the NYPD, and then we'll go from there.

Karen: Actually, I checked the databases, and they have not apprehended the suspect's backpack.

Spider-Man: Really? Well, where is it then?

Karen: No one knows. The last time witnesses saw it was the bag's previous owner.

Spider-Man: Okay, so where's Joey at?

Karen: Right now, he's currently being held in the Chinatown Police Precinct.

Spider-Man: Alright then. (Turns to open his bedroom window) Time to pay Joey a visit.

Elsewhere in New York, O'Hirn and Marko were seen being escorted down the halls in some kind of penthouse as Weasly views the footage while talking to the boss.

Fisk: (Is heard on the phone) Is this the best you could come up with? A handful of thieves?

Weasly: A handful of expendable assets if you don't mind, sir. I've looked into both of their databases on the courtesy from our contacts on the NYPD, and both of them have no one that would care too much if something were to happen incidentally.

Fisk: And you think these two will be enough to take care of our arachnid problem?

Weasly: Well, they will be when they receive some minor upgrades from your friend.

Fisk: Hmm... I see where you're going with this, so I'll go make a call.

Weasly: Alright, but what about the Spider-Man? (Turns to a TV report of the Midtown school shooting) He was there at that school, so he'll want answers about the gun.

Fisk: I'll trust you to handle that. (Sends two images of Yuri Watanabe and George Stacy) And while you're talking to one of our business associates, you should tell them to add these two on the list; Yuri Watanabe and George Stacy.

Weasly: The detective and the captain?

Fisk: Our contacts reported that they're both getting close on this. We can't let them jeopardize our operations, so they need to be taken out effective immediately.

Weasly: Well, then I'll put them in as soon as I can.

Fisk: Make sure of it. (Ends call)

Driver: Hey, we're here.

The limo stopped in an alleyway, as Weasly began to get out of the car and walk to the door, letting himself get scanned by a device laid out on the door causing it to be opened. He started to make his way down into the stairs as sounds were eradicating from down below as he walked to a man that seemed to own the building.

Man: (Turns to see Weasly) Good afternoon, sir! Can I help you?

Weasly: (Walks to the man) The Academy... They're in the Bar With No Name, correct?

Man: (Raises a brow) Oh, you seriously wanna talk to those guys?

Weasly: Do I look like I'm kidding?

Man: (Sighs) Do you have a pass?

Weasly: (Gets out a card, giving him to the man) Here.

Man: (Sees the Big Man's calling card, looking at Weasly) Shit, you are serious. (Nodded as he unlocked the door) Alright, they're waitin' for you.

The door was unlocked, allowing Weasly to gain access as he walked inside, music was flourishing in the background while criminals, thugs, and super-powered beings were seen hanging out inside of the bar. As Weasly navigated his way through a man with an arm made out of Vibranium and an Asgardian Blonde wearing a Green Dress, he sees a group of people with an orange T emblem on the back of their shirts, making his way to them and the man hiding in the shadows while sitting on the couch, who isn't seen in full uniform due to the dark, but was seen wearing a White Cloak over his head.

Weasly: (Turns to the group) I heard this is the T-Academy?

Bodyguard: (Turns to Weasly, pulling out a knife) Who the hell's asking?

?: (Is sitting on the couch in the shadows while looking at his men) Relax! He's alright, he's a business associate of ours.

Weasly: (Is allowed entry as he sat on a chair across from what is presumed to be the person in charge) So, how's business these days? We've heard you've gone international.

?: Well, there's always gonna be a job that needs to be done, and mine is one of the best at doing it.

Weasly: Well, then I suppose you don't have time to complete just one simple job for us, do you?

?: Is this another hit?

Weasly: You've grown perceptive.

?: Everything with the Big Man is always a hit. Is it urgent?

Weasly: Indeed. We have had an incident revolving around a gun shooting, and we'd bury it already if our targets weren't getting too close, which is why he wants them taken out by the end of the night.

?: Well, it can't be me, not today. I have a job waiting for me in Sokovia, so I can't stay in town for too long.

Weasly: Fine, then have your Enforcers to do the job. I heard they're well equipped to handle this particular task.

?: Depends on who you want dealt with. (Weasly gives out three pictures, revealing the images of Spider-Man, George Stacy, and Yuri Watanabe as his Black Gloved hands picked them up for inspection) Hmm... Two cops, and a hero. (Turns to the assistant) Cops are expensive, but Heroes? That's gonna cost him a lot more extra.

Weasly: Money isn't an issue with him... (Gets out another picture) And if they could, can they also take care of this particular person of interest?

?: (Takes the pic, seeing it) ...I'll be sure to add this guy to the target list.

Weasly: Good. (Leans back on his chair) Now, these Enforcers of yours... Can they handle it?

?: Depending on what I hear about the Web-Head, I'm sure they got it.

Weasly: And if they don't?

?: Then it's a termination on their contracts. Can't have room for failure, it's bad for business. (Folded his arms) But just know that if this does fail in any way, there are no refunds.

Weasly: As I said before, money isn't an issue with him. (Stands up) As long as all three of them don't live to see another day.

At the Chinatown NYPD station, Spider-Man arrived on the building opposite of the precinct as he observed the police occupation set up there.

Spider-Man: (Looks at the building) Okay, so this is the place! Karen, is there a way in the building?

Karen: Scanning... (Detected an air vent on the roof) There is a vent that can lead you inside of the building undetected.

Spider-Man: Great! Let's go inside.

The Web Slinger climbed inside of the vent and got into the station easily as he was crawled inside of the vent, looking down at a number of policemen in the station.

Police Officer: (Is talking to a S.W.A.T. member) Hey, did you hear about what happened at Queens today?

S.W.A.T.: (Nodded) Yeah, school shooting. Captain's daughter was there.

Police Officer: I know, it was horrible. I heard she was there for the whole thing to go off when the kid started firing, saw one of her friends get shot.

Spider-Man: (Looks around at the precinct) Man, there's so many of them, I can't imagine how many officers are in here.

Karen: According to my scans, there approximately 65 police officials inside the building. I highly recommend you don't attract any attention if you don't want to be caught.

Spider-Man: Thanks, Karen. I didn't really ask, but yeah, that helps.

Yuri: (Walks over to the desk sergeant) Hey, has Lieutenant Stone returned?

Police Officer: No ma'am, he's still having that meeting with Doctor Val Cooper regarding the Code Blue initiative.

Yuri: Alright, let me know when he gets here. The suspect from the school shooting is supposed to be sent to Ryker's Island an hour ago.

Spider-Man: (Overhears Yuri's conversation) So Joey's still here! That's good! That means I can talk to him before they take him away! Karen, can you locate the jail cells?

Karen: Take the hallway leading to the left and the 3rd cell to the right.

Spider-Man: Thanks, Karen!

He took the vents again and headed his way towards the jailhouse. On his way there, he encountered Gwen and her father having an argument over the Captain's office.

Gwen: (Is heard arguing with her dad while holding a garbage bag) This is complete bullshit, Dad! You know that?

Spider-Man: (Hears Gwen's voice from below as he looked down, seeing her and her Dad) Gwen?

Gwen: (Is seen in her dad's office) I can't believe you're doing this, I cannot!

George: (Is seen arguing with her daughter) I'm doing what's best for this city, Gwen!

Gwen: By issuing another warrant on Spider-Man?!

George: He interfered with the investigation on Joey Gastone!

Gwen: How? By webbing his gun up to the ceiling?!

George: I'm not having this argument, Gwen! Spider-Man-!

Gwen: Is out there catching criminals that you continue to let out! He's the best thing for this city!

George: He's the worst kind of criminal. The kind that acts like everything is a joke while acting outside the system.

Gwen: Oh, you wanna talk honestly about the system?! Here's a fact; the system is broken! Why do you think Joey even managed to get a gun?!

George: What do you want me to do? He's a vigilante, I can't abide that as an officer of the law!

Gwen: I don't know, Dad. But all I know is that "Vigilante", saved my life twice! (Stuck up two fingers) Twice in a row and the only way that you're repaying the person that saved me is by having him arrested for simply doing the right thing!

George: Enough! I'm not having this conversation, you're not going to defend h im just as you defended Brock!

Gwen: (Feels completely appalled at him for mentioning Eddie) Wow Dad... Thanks a lot for reminding me how much of an ass you can be! (Turns to leave)

George: (Sees Gwen leaving) Gwen, wait! (Sees her ignoring his request) Gwen! (Tries to follow her)

Officer O'Brien: (Is seen coming inside the office) Captain, there's a phone call for you.

George: It can wait.

Officer O'Brien: It's Mayor Koch, sir. He wants how you're going to address the incident regarding the shooting at Midtown Science and Tech.

George: (Sighs) Damn. (Turns to leave) Alright, where's that phone?

Spider-Man: (Sees the Stacy family man leave) Jeez... I'm guessing there's more to the breakup than I thought.

Karen: Would you like me to look up Eddie Brock for you?

Spider-Man: No! No, please don't! I don't wanna be that guy who turned himself into a creepy stalker! (Sighs) Okay, let's go find Joey.

So he resumed his small infiltration of the station until he found the jail cells. He went to the 3rd cell on the right as Karen mentioned and found Joey Gastone sitting in his cell, weeping quietly in guilt as his hands covered his eyes, his head lowered in despair.

Joey: (Sobbed as he covered his eyes) I'm so sorry, Ned... I'm so sorry!

Spider-Man: (Sighs as he saw Joey crying) There he is. Poor guy, he deserved better. (Looks around) Anyone coming our way?

Karen: The average patrol of the cells is up to 25.49 seconds.

Spider-Man: Okay, so we've got time!

Karen: The next patrol is to start in 3 minutes and 43 seconds in counting.

Spider-Man: Okay, so we've don't got much time! Alright, I guess we should make this quick. (Lands on the floor, in front of Joey's cell) Hey, Joey! Hey, can you hear me?

Joey: (Sniffs as he looked out his cell, seeing the Web-Slinger outside) Spider-Man?

Spider-Man: The one and only! How're you doin'?

Joey: (Turns around, facing the wall) What do you think?

Spider-Man: (Rubbed his head) Ah, right. Sore subject. (Placed his hands on the handlebars) Look, Joey, I know what happened to Ned Leeds wasn't your fault. You didn't mean to pull the trigger back there, I know you were gonna stop.

Joey: (Sounds bitter) Until Carl's friends shoved me to the floor, making me shoot him.

Spider-Man: Well, they didn't really know any better-!

Joey: (Turns to Spider-Man) Yes they did! They were bothering me since Middle School, and they didn't care whether or not I was minding my business! They always came by to make fun of me, ridicule me, bully me!

Spider-Man: Well, I get the bullying part a lot! I do, but using a gun was never gonna solve the problem! I mean, look what happened at school today!

Joey: I know, I just... (Sniffs as he rubbed his tears) I just wanted the pain to stop! All I wanted was for Carl to leave me alone!

Karen: 2 minutes and 56 seconds! I suggest you hurry before a police officer starts his shift!

Spider-Man: (Looks at Joey) Hey, Joey, listen, we don't have much time! I need to know where your phone is!

Joey: My phone? I thought the police already confiscated it.

Spider-Man: They didn't! Look, just tell me where was the last time you put your phone, please, I need to know!

Joey: Um, it was in my backpack in the gym. Why are you interested in my phone?

Spider-Man: Well I'm trying to find the people who had gave you the gun and stop them from giving them out in the city! (Widened his eyes) Actually, now that I'm thinking about it, I was wondering if you could tell me who gave you the gun!

Joey: I, I don't know about this. I'm too scared!

Spider-Man: Hey, you don't have to be scared! I'm actually a friendly guy!

Joey: Not, not of you, of what Mr. Carradine might do to my family if I say something!

Spider-Man: Carradine? That's the guy who sold the gun to you?

Joey: Yes, he-! (Widened his eyes) Oh no... I've said too much!

Spider-Man: Hey, listen! Joey!

Joey: I'm sorry, I can't tell you! If I say anything, the people Mr. Carradine works for will hurt me and my family!

Spider-Man: And they'll hurt a lot more people by selling them on the streets! Do you want him to sell another gun to a scared kid and make him repeat the same mistake you did?

Joey: (Shook his head slowly) No... No, I-I-I don't want that.

Spider-Man: Okay, then please help me out here! Where I can find Carradine?

Joey: I don't know, I didn't really know him that much.

Karen: 1 minute and 25 seconds.

Spider-Man: Alright, well where did you meet him?

Joey: Somewhere near Hell's Kitchen, an alleyway next to a large tower.

Spider-Man: Do you know who he works for?

Joey: I don't know! I don't know anything about him, I swear! I don't even know where he works!

Spider-Man: What about what he had on him? Was he eating something? What's his favorite food?

Joey: What does food have to do with a gun?

Spider-Man: I dunno, I'm trying to figure out who exactly is this guy that Carradine works for!

Joey: (Rubbed his head) Uh, well... He had this spice ingredient now that you asked...

Spider-Man: Spice? What spice?

Joey: It was a type of Ichimi Togarashi, but purple! It had a brand on it.

Karen: 46 seconds.

Spider-Man: Okay, we're almost out of time! Joey, what was the brand?

Joey: It was short, had four letters on it! I think it was-!

Gwen: (Walks inside the jailhouse when she saw Spider-Man in the room) Spider-Man?!

Spider-Man: (Turns around, seeing Gwen in the room) Gwen Stacy?

Quaid: (Is heard outside the cells) Spider-Man? Did I hear Spider-Man?!

The Police Captain's Daughter panicked, turning around to ask what to do, only to find Spider-Man gone in a blink of an eye. She was too surprised of his sudden disappearance to notice Quaid coming inside the room.

Quaid: (Sees Gwen in the cells) Gwen?

Gwen: (Widened her eyes, turning to Quaid) Yes, Officer Quaid?

Quaid: (Walks to her) What are you doing in here?

Gwen: Oh. (Turns to look at Joey standing in his cell) I was just talking to Joey.

Quaid: About Spider-Man?

Gwen: (Nodded) Yes, we were definitely talking about Spider-Man! (Turns to Joey) Right, Joey?

Joey: (Nodded without question) I uh... I'm just glad he was there to stop me when he did.

Quaid: (Nodded) Huh-uh... (Looks around, seeing Gwen holding a garbage bag) Hey, what's with the trash?

Gwen: Oh! (Sees the bag in her hand) I'm not sure. (Turns to look at Quaid) What's with people texting each other in the same room together?

Quaid: (Lowered his eyes) Right... (Looks at Joey before switching back to Gwen) Well, I'm sorry to break it up, but I'm going to have to ask to leave him alone. He's about to be sent to Ryker's soon, and your dad wouldn't want to have you see it when he does.

Gwen: I'm sure he does.

Quaid: And next time when you talk about that Vigilante, keep the tone down. You sounded like as if he's in the building!

Gwen: (Laughs nervously) Ha! Like he would come inside of a police station filled with cops? As if. (Turns to Joey) Um... Bye Joey.

Joey only waved at her as she left the cells and into a quiet hall where no cops were seen in sight. The perfect place for Spidey to hang upside down the ceiling right behind the young Blonde, Pink Streaked teen.

Spider-Man: (Hangs behind Gwen) These are not the droids you're looking for.

Gwen: (Yelped when she heard Spidey) AHH!

Spider-Man: Whoa! (Hushes Gwen as he dropped to the floor) Shh! Keep your voice down!

Gwen: (Turns to look at Spider-Man) What are you doing here?!

Spider-Man: Me? What are you doing here?! Wait, it's not Bring Your Daughter to Work Day, is it?

Gwen: Hell no! My Mom said that she was going to help May Parker with Joey's parents, so my Dad has me staying here until she gets back home!

Spider-Man: Well, you sure your Dad couldn't have just let you go to Coffee Bean?

Gwen: Unless you have a Dad who just had his own kid leave school after a shooting that has super-protective dad mode automatically switched on, you will have no idea what it's like! Now what the hell are you doing here?!

Spider-Man: Well, I was trying to talk to Joey about who gave him the gun.

Gwen: And?

Spider-Man: He only gave one name; Carradine.

Gwen: Carradine? Dennis Carradine, are you serious?

Spider-Man: You know him?

Gwen: My Dad does! He locked him up several times for burglary back when I was wearing a diaper! What does he have to do with the school shooting?

Spider-Man: Well, Carradine sounds like the guy who sold the gun to Joey! And if I get the guy who works for the people manufacturing the weapons, then what happened today at your school would never happen again!

Gwen: Yeah, but with what evidence? My dad won't trust you if you beat up innocent people and then web them up on the streets!

Spider-Man: Okay, I don't web up-! (Widened his eyes) Wait, those were your Dad's words?

Gwen: No, they were J. Jonah Jameson's! Who do you think said it first?

Spider-Man: Okay, I'm sensing the sarcasm right there. (Looks around, seeing no police in the area for now) But that means I have to find his phone! Your dad didn't find it at Midtown, and Joey said it was in his backpack at the gym, but that wasn't there!

Gwen: (Looks at the floor, seeing her garbage bag) No, it isn't...

Spider-Man: (Landed his fist gently on the wall) So where else could it be?

Gwen: (Gets the garbage bag) Here.

Spider-Man turned around, seeing Gwen with Joey's backpack as she got it out of the garbage bag.

Spider-Man: (Sees the backpack in Gwen's possession) You had the bag this whole time?

Gwen: (Nodded) I heard my Dad that there was a corrupt cop working around here that has a habit of getting rid of pieces of evidence after a shootout... I didn't know who to trust, and neither did my Dad, so I took the bag while no one was looking and kept it to myself.

Spider-Man: Okay, but you shouldn't have just kept it to yourself. What were you going to do with it?

Gwen: Simple. (Unzips the backpack, getting out a cell phone) Give it to you. (Turns to Spider-Man) If there's anyone in this city that can solve this, it's you... I trust you the most.

Spider-Man: (Looks at the phone) That's a lot of faith to put in just one guy.

Gwen: Yeah, well maybe all we need is one guy with a sense of humor to help us out...

As the two stood together, outside the station, there were three men parking a 64 Black Chevy Impala right across the building. Three men got out of the car, one was big, the other held a whip, and the third was a sharpshooter. The big guy carried a big present wrapped in a Purple bow towards a generator, and once he opened the box, it revealed to be an EMP. The man with the guns put EMP charges at the generator while several policemen noticed their presence.

Police Officer 1: (Is seen walking over to the men) Hey, whatcha' doin' over there, fellas?

Police Officer 2: (Sees the big man messing with the generator) Yeah, I don't think you should be messing with that.

Man in Hat: (Turns to the officers) Howdy, officers! Don't mind us, boys, we're just inspectin' this generator here.

Police Officer 1: For what exactly?

Man in Hat: Eh, uh... Electrical failure! Yes, we believe that there was some power outages goin' on randomly around Upstate, and we're here to make some inspections about the power generators to make sure the power don't go out, you see?

Police Officer 2: (Looks at the men's uniforms) You don't look much like electrical engineers)

Man in Hat: Well, we're sort of a specialized royalty from where we come from.

Police Officer 1: Huh-uh... What're your names?

Man In Hat: Ah, glad ya asked, Officer! (Took his hat off as a gesture) The name's Montana, Montana Bale. (Points at the big guy) This here Raymond, but we like to call em' Ox! Because he's like an Ox! Get it? (Points at the man working on the generator) This handsome fella behind us is Fancy Dan! We call em' that because he's a real handsome gentleman! Ladies all over New York come crawling up to him like crazy, lord you would not believe-!

Fancy Dan: (Works on the EMPs) Montana, we've got no time for chit chat! Just get rid of em' already!

Montana: (Sighs as he noticed one of the cops reaching a radio) Eh, what the heck? Ox?

Ox: (Smiles) With pleasure! (Grabs a cop by the head)

Police Officer 1: (Gets caught in Ox's hold) AHHH!

Police Officer 2: (Sees the officer in the air) Whoa! (Gets out his gun, pointing at Ox) DOWN ON THE GROUND, PUT HIM DOWN!

Montana: I don't think so. (Gets out an electrically charged lasso and flung it at the officer)

Police Officer 2: (Gets his hand burnt from getting whipped) ARGH! (Groans in pain as he fell to the ground)

Police Officer 1: (Gets body slammed on a patrol car) GUH!

Ox: (Wipes his hands off from the sweat) When do they ever learn?

Montana: (Sees the second officer trying to use his radio) Uh-Uh! (Whips the cop again) Don't get any ideas!

Police Officer 2: (Yowled in pain as his radio was destroyed, being approached by the men) Why are you doing this?!

Fancy Dan: (Gets up, finished with the EMPs) Simple. (Turns to the officer) We're on a job.

With that said, the Sharpshooter used a revolver and shot the officer dead. He flung his weapon back into his holster as he turned to the building.

Montana: (Looks at the dead cop) Well, that wasn't nice, Dan.

Fancy Dan: We don't get paid to be nice. (Looks at the station) Are they inside?

Montana: (Looks at the police station while standing alongside his team) Sources said Watanabe and Stacy went in after the shooting. (Turns to Dan) And get this, Spider-Man was seen around' here.

Fancy Dan: (Hands Montana the detonator) If we're lucky, we could take em' out in one spot.

Ox: Yeah, and we can finish this up early!

Montana: Damn straight! Now then... (Grins as he held a detonator) Its showtime, boys.

The second his fingers pressed the trigger, the EMPs did their job and shut the generator down, causing the entire Police Station to lose all of its electricity as the building's occupants noticed the power going out; the emergency lights powering the darkened halls and offices police have worked at.

Yuri: (Looks around, seeing the power go out) What the hell?

George: (Sees the lights go out as his call with the mayor disconnected) What happened?

Detective Snipes: We've just lost power to the building!

George: Well, bring it back!

Quaid: (Looks around as the lights went off) You shittin' me right now?

Joey: (Sees everything go dark in his cell) What's going on? Who turned off the lights?!

Quaid: (Turns to Joey) Alright, just stay calm! I'll be right back!

Spider-Man: (Looks around) Hey, you guys don't have the Shocker imprisoned somewhere inside this place, do you?

Gwen: (Hears the commotion going on as she looked around at the dark halls she's in) No, he's been put inside of the Raft! You made sure of that.

George: (Is heard in the background) GWEN? Gwen, where are you?

Gwen: (Hears her dad calling to her as she turned to Spidey) I-!

Spider-Man: (Turns to Gwen) It's okay, go find your dad and do what he tells you! I'll go see what's wrong!

Gwen: (Nodded) Good luck! (Turns to leave)

Spider-Man: (Turns to crawl on the wall up towards the ceiling) Karen, tell me what's going on.

Karen: It's hard to tell, but the NYPD's main power generator got shut down by EMPs! It would seem like someone made a bold assault!

Spider-Man: Assault on the NYPD? Now, who would be crazy enough to-?

Montana: (Is heard over the station's intercom) Ladies and gents of the NYPD! This is your special show host, Montana, interruptin' your daily scheduled broadcast for this very important update! Your Police Captain, George Stacy, and your fellow Police Detective, Yuri Watanabe, just happened to have a $3 million dollar bounty placed on their heads by a very generous client!

Gwen: (Turns to her father in horror) Bounty?! What the f-?!

George: (Turns to Gwen) It'll alright Gwen! (Turns to Yuri, who caught her gaze) It'll be alright.

Montana: Now, I have to say this as a professional criminal like myself, I am impressed by the number, 3 million! Because most bounties we collect cost-!

Spider-Man: (Listens to Montana speaking) Karen, where is this coming from?

Karen: It sounds like it's coming from the first floor!

Montana: (Is seen with the Enforcers, taken control of the first floor as a few officers lay defeated while he spoke) But $3 million? Oh, that sounds like fair, decent pay for me and my boys! And what's also fair is that there's an extra $1 million bonus for this young fella hidden somewhere in this building? What, a... (Gets his phone out) A Joey Gastone, ain't it?

Joey: (Widened his eyes in terror as his name was heard on the intercom) Oh shit... (Rubbed his head) Shit, shit, shit, shit, SHIT!

Montana: And let's be honest here, these are our targets, and ours only! We don't wanna cause no trouble to anyone else, we just want to collect what's ours! But just know that if anyone tries to get in our way, then things are gonna get messy, I'm afraid. And as for the Bounties we're looking for; if you're listenin' to this, and I know you sure are, don't bother callin' for help! We used a special EMP to turn off every single electronic device that is based in this building only! Every cell phone, every computer, every radio, all turned off! Which means you're here stuck with us for the night! So please; enjoy every breath you take, because tonight will be your last. (Ends the message)

Joey: (Turns to the bars, shaking them) LET ME OUT OF HERE! PLEASE, I DON'T WANNA DIE! PLEASE, JUST GET ME THE HELL OUT!

Yuri: (Looks around) Somebody calm him down! His shouting isn't helping!

George: Snipes, you and Officer Watts keep guard of the prisoner at all times and lock the jailhouse down! I don't want any of those bastards going anywhere near him!

Snipes: Got it! (Turns to find Watts) Jon! Jon, where you at?

George: (Turns to Yuri) Yuri, have Frank try using the radio, call for back up!

Yuri: George, didn't you hear what that psycho said?!

George: Just have him try, dammit! (Turns to his daughter) Gwen.

Gwen: (Turns to her Dad) Dad! I tried calling Mom, but my phone went dead! I had it charged 100% two minutes ago, and it's dead!

George: Gwen, honey, listen to me! (Gives her a Taser) I want you to go into my office, lock it down and hide! Whatever happens, you do not come out!

Gwen: What are you going to do?! You have a bounty on your head! How are you-?!

George: You just let me worry about how to survive, alright?

Gwen: What about Joey? I have to see him, he's scared!

George: I already have men keeping guard as we speak!

Gwen: Two armed guards aren't enough, he needs a friendly face! I am that friendly face, please let me help!

George: No, no! I am not going to endanger my own daughter, I'll be damned if I even let you-! (Stops where he is at, taking a deep breath to recompose himself as he put his hands on his daughter's shoulders) Please... You wanna help me? You lock yourself in that office, you hide! understand?

Gwen: (Nodded as her eyes watered) I understand.

George: (Nods as he cups her face) I love you. (Hugs his daughter) I love you, now go!

Gwen did what he asked and went inside of his office as Spider-Man watched the whole station struggling to keep up with the situation they have themselves caught in.

Spider-Man: (Looks around at the station moving in and out) Karen?

Karen: Just scanned the whole station, Peter! Every mobile and electronic device has been remotely disabled!

Spider-man: (Sighs in a deep breath as he looked at Gwen going inside her father's office) Alright, how many are we dealing with?

Karen: Three hostiles coming up from the stairs!

Spider-Man: Okay, then I have to get moving! Gwen's dad, one of the detectives he worked closely with, and Joey are being targetted, and I have to get them out!

Karen: I find the objective to be very difficult, considering the circumstances.

Spider-Man: Well, what do you want me to do?! I can't just let anyone get hurt, not again!

Karen: Perhaps you should take out the hostiles before they reach this level. I believe they're only 10 floors away from reaching the stairs.

Spider-Man: (Nodded) Alright, that's a good idea! I'll take them out before they even reach their targets! But first, just in case...

Spidey went to crawl into the vent he found while the police analyze their predicament.

George: (Turns to Frank) Anything?

Quaid: (Shook his head) Nothin'. Bastard with the accent was telling the truth!

Yuri: This guy took down our every single tool of communication there is to contact the outside.

George: They're good, but they can't be that good!

Quaid: Sir, may I recommend we go raid the armory for weapons? We've got enough guns to take these clowns!

George: You will do no such thing, officer! No one here will be going to the armory except me!

Yuri: And me!

George: Yuri, you will stand down-!

Yuri: Captain, with all due respect, these lunatics declared war on us the second they barged in here! And in case you heard incorrectly, there's a bounty on my head too, so if anyone's coming to help you, it has to be me!

George: (Nodded, understanding her logic as he got up and stood on top of a desk) Everyone, listen up! (Gets everyone's attention) Apparently, there's a target on my back, along with Detective Watanabe! But there's at least one more target in this building, and that's the suspect we've apprehended early today! And whatever you do, you are going to remain here and protect Joey Gastone with your lives! This is our precinct, and no matter who it is, civilian, cop, or criminal, we are here to protect and serve! Guilty or not guilty, he is under our jurisdiction! And tonight, we show people like Montana what happens when they dare barge into our home like they own the place! Now when the Detective and I are through, everybody mounts up and grab a weapon! Tonight's the biggest we've had since the Incident, and if we all live through this in one peace, drinks are on me!

As the police started to resume their duties, Gwen was seen hiding under her father's desk, listening to her Dad's speech when Spider-Man had jumped through the vent he used to listen to her and her Dad earlier.

Spider-Man: (Lands on the floor) Gwen? Gwen, where are you?

Gwen: (Gets up, seeing the Red and Blue Wall Crawler in the room) Hey!

Spider-Man: (Turns around, seeing Gwen) Hey!

Gwen: Did you get em' yet?

Spider-Man: No, but I came to get you out of here! There's a vent that leads you to the roof, and you'll be safe there once-!

Gwen: (Shook her head) I'm not leaving. You can't get me to leave, and you won't! Not when my Dad's still here!

Spider-Man: Gwen, I'm sorry, but you're not safe here!

Gwen: Who else isn't safe here?!

Spider-Man: Look, there are some serious guys that would hurt you if they saw you!

Gwen: I can't just leave everyone behind! (Turns around) God, this doesn't make sense!

Spider-Man: You think? Look at me! I'm wearing a suit Onesie in a Police Station while shooting webs for a living, do you think that makes any sense?

Gwen: (Turns to the hero) Is that what the suit is made of?

Spider-Man: No, actually, it's made out of some pretty neat fibers-!

Gwen: Wait... How did they even know Joey was here? They're targetting him too!

Spider-Man: (Tilted his head) Did you mention something about one of the officers stationed here being corrupt somehow?

Gwen: That's true, I did say that! You don't think-?

Spider-Man: Well, it's definitely not a coincidence that these bozos are here.

Gwen: Oh no... Oh no, that cop could be coming after Joey!

Spider-Man: But who?!

Gwen: I don't know! (Turns to get out) But I'll go check it out!

Spider-Man: No, I'll come with you!

Gwen: No, you need to save my Dad's ass! I'll save Joey, now go! (Shuts the door)

Spider-Man: Gwen, wait-! (Sees her shut the door on him) Okay, I guess her dad will handle it.

Karen: The hostiles are nearing their targets.

Spider-Man: What?! How?!

Karen: (Shows him George and Yuri going down the steps in X-Ray vision) Unexpected motion caused acceleration to immediate action

Spider-Man: (Nodded) Yeah, at least Gwen was right about something!

Back with the Enforcers, they were seen climbing the stairs towards the floor that they intend to reach so they could fulfill their job.

Ox: (Walks up the stairs with his crew) Are we there yet?

Fancy Dan: No, Ox. (Reaches another floor)

Ox: Are we there now?

Fancy Dan: What did I just say?

Ox: Well, I'm sorry! I'm not used to walking this much steps in my life!

Montana: Cool it, boys! We'll have plenty of rest to take once we reach our two bullseyes! Right now, we gotta keep on goin'!

George: (Appears in the top stairwell with Yuri as he and he used Assault Rifles to aim at their enemies) That's far enough!

Yuri: Hands in the air, now!

Montana: (Sees the two police standing on top) Well, speak of the devil itself!

George: I presume you must be Montana?

Montana: You presume right, my good sir!

George: What are you? Armed guns for hire?

Montana: Oh no, Fancy Dan's the one with the guns! Ox and I here, well, we just do business our own way!

Yuri: Who sent you? Who ordered the hit on us?!

Montana: Now, now, that's Enforcer-Client privilege, m'lady! 'Fraid I can't disclose any information that does not give us money in our pockets, especially the ones that have a bullseye's mark on their heads!

Yuri: You wanna talk bullseyes? Let's talk about the one I'm aiming at your head!

George: Stand down, Watanabe! You do not shoot until I say so!

Montana: Oh, I suggest you listen to what he's saying, darlin'! Fancy Dan can get real frisky with his itchy trigger fingers if you know what I'm sayin'.

George: (Turns to Montana) Your client didn't add a hit on just us, he added Joey Gastone's.

Montana: As a bonus if we come across him by any chance.

George: Why?

Montana: Don't know, and don't care enough to ask! All we care about is getting that money! Right boys?

Fancy Dan: Damn straight. (Starts shooting first when he had his guns getting caught by webbing) Huh?

Spider-Man: (Appears from the vent) Hey, fellas! (Kicks Dan in the face) Nice setup over here! I didn't know the police has this... (Caught Ox's fist from punching down at him) Secret circus event going on during office hours! (Threw him over at Dan) I would have loved to join you a lot earlier if I'd known!

Montana: (Sees Spider-Man in the area) Well, I'll be darned! If it ain't the uh... (Points at Spider-Man) What was it again? The Spectacular, the Amazing...?

Spider-Man: (Turns to Montana) As much as I'd love having a nice chat about the thousands of choice adjectives Jameson gave me, how about we talk about you for a minute?

Montana: Well, then that's all ya had to say! (Starts whipping at Spider-Man)

Spider-Man: (Sees electricity sprung from Montana's whip) Whoa! (Flips backwards) Did you steal an upgrade from Whiplash?!

Montana: Oh, please! You flatter me, boy! That Russian nobody don't got a better whip than mine!

Yuri: (Sees Spider-Man in the building) George? How-?

George: I'm not sure.

Yuri: Well, what do we do?

George: Right now. (Readies his weapon) We fight! (Gets his gunshot right off) GAH!

Yuri: (Has her weapon shot off too) Ugh!

Fancy Dan: (Looks at their targets) Ox, the hits are all you now.

Ox: Hell yeah! (Starts chasing the police)

Yuri: (Sees Ox coming for them) Shit!

George: Run! (Starts running off to an office)

Spider-Man: (Sees Ox chasing after George) Captain Stacy! (Starts to chase after Ox, only to be caught in Montana's rope) Guh!

Montana: (Catches Spider-Man) Where do you think you're goin', boy? (Pulled the hero back)

Spider-Man: (Gets slammed to the wall) Agh! (Fell down the stairs) Ow! UGH!

Montana: (Sees Spider-Man fell down another floor) You ain't the only one that has a big dollar sign on their head! And from the way I see it, yours is a lot more than those two Badges Ox is takin' care of! So we're gonna be here for a while!

Spider-Man: (Gets up) So what? You guys gonna start telling me a bunch of John Wayne quotes now?

Montana: Oh, ho! We got ourselves a comedian in here! Danny boy, how about we teach this boy some respect before we put 'im out his misery?

Fancy Dan: Anything to spend my energy on!

Spider-Man: (Sees the two with their weapons primed) Oh, this is gonna take a while!

While the fight in the stairwell occurred, everyone else on the last floor was listening to gunfire as Gwen walked around the station.

Detective Mendez: (Listens to the gunfire) Damn... Are you listening to this?

Detective Marquez: Yeah, makes you wanna go down there and take on these scumbags.

Officer Raimi: Well, Captain Stacy told us to guard this station until he gets back! And He's the best of us around here!

Detective Marquez: (Nods) Yeah, that's a good point.

Gwen: (Walks to the cells when she sees Quaid coming out) Officer Quaid?

Quaid: (Turns to Gwen) Gwen! What are you doing out? It's not safe!

Gwen: I came to see Joey. (Looks around) I mean, learning about having a target on his back must be scary enough as it is!

Quaid: (Nods) Yeah, I can imagine.

Gwen: (Turns to Quaid) Can I see him, though?

Quaid: On this occasion, I would have normally let you pass.

Gwen: "Normally"?

Quaid: But Officer O'Neil came in and offered to keep a close eye on Joey for us, said he'd do it without charge!

Gwen: (Tilts her head) And, he's with Joey, alone?

Quaid: Yes... (Sees her hesitation) Why? Is something wrong?

Gwen: (Shook her head) No! No, nothing at all! Um, thank you for keeping a close eye on him! How's he doing?

Quaid: As good as he can be. But at least O'Neil's taking care of it now.

Officer Watts: Hey, Frank! Can you help us out with opening the flares?

Quaid: (Turns to leave) Sure thing!

As Quaid left, he accidentally left the door to the cells open, in which the young teen took the opportunity and quickly went inside. As she peeked through the small corner of the door, she noticed the officer getting Joey out of his cell.

Officer O'Neil: (Gets Joey out) Come on, let's go!

Joey: (Is taken out of his cell) W-Where are we going? Where are you taking me?

Officer O'Neil: Get a move on, we don't got all day!

Gwen: (Sees O'Neil roughly escorting Joey) What are you up to?

As she started to follow them, Ox chased two of NYPD's best to the office, which was dark as he looked around, seeing it filled with office desks.

Ox: (Looks around the office) What? You two think you can hide in here? (Walks around the place) C'mon, I've been to smaller corners than this, and even bounties like you gave me a challenge!

George: (Is seen hiding under one of the desks as Ox past right by him, looking at Yuri who was hiding behind a corner opposite of him as he looked at her, nodding as he got up and faced the criminal) Hey! (Gets Ox's attention) You want a fight? (Gets out a police baton) You've got one.

Ox: (Sees George standing in his sight) Well, at least one of ya's not a chicken! Where's the pretty lady though?

Yuri: (Runs behind Ox while holding a baton of her own) Here! (Slides down and hits Ox by the knee)

Ox: (Gets hit by the knee) ARGH!

George: (Moves to swing his weapon at Ox) Raagh!

Ox: (Gets hit in the face) UGH! (Stumbled backward)

Yuri: (Jumps and slammed Ox by the head with the baton) YAH!

Ox: (Gets hit in the head) AGH! (Fell to the floor) Ugh...

George: (Sighs as he turned to Yuri) Not bad.

Yuri: (Turns to George) Thanks. To be honest, this was pretty easy-! (Gets caught by the leg) Ah!

George: Yuri!

Yuri: (Gets thrown in the air) AHHH!

George: (Gets hit by Yuri) Ugh! (He and her both fell to the floor) Oh... (Gets up slow, seeing Ox) Oh, you've gotta be shitting me.

Ox: (Growls as he got up, glaring at the two) Now you've pissed me off!

The fight in the office went on while the fight down in the stairwell continued as Spider-Man jumped from wall to wall to avoid getting shot and whipped at by the two Enforcers.

Spider-Man: (Jumped from wall after another to avoid getting shot) Okay, what kind of guns are those? Because there's no way you could shoot at me without at least stopping to reload!

Fancy Dan: (Continues to shoot at Spider-Man) For Christ's sake, does he ever shut up?

Montana: Keep it up, Danny Boy! If you can't get 'em the first time around, then make 'em tire out their energy! That's when we'll strike!

Spider-Man: Wow, you guys are seriously new in town, are you? (Starts shooting Webs)

Montana: (Gets Webbed in the face) Yow! Who in the-?! Where are ya, boy?! Get this damn thing off my face! (Starts shooting everywhere)

Fancy Dan: (Nearly got shot) HEY! (Turns to Montana) Watch where you're shooting!

Montana: Danny? Did I shoot you?!

Fancy Dan: No, but you nearly-! (Gets his guns webbed) What?!

Spider-Man: (Pulls the Guns out of the gunslinger's hands) And that's enough of that! (Webs both of them against the wall)

Fancy Dan: (Gets webbed against the wall with Montana) Dammit!

Montana: (Gets caught in the wall while blinded by webbing) Hey! I can't move my arms! Why can't I move my arms?

Fancy Dan: Why do you think? The Bug webbed us against the wall!

Spider-Man: Actually, Spiders aren't really bugs, they're considered Airachnids.

Montana: How in blazes did we get caught webbed against the wall?!

Fancy Dan: I don't know, how in blazes could you have not just simply pulled that webbing off your face?!

Montana: I have a pet peeve when it comes to the workplace, and that is multi-tasking whether I have another problem in my hands!

Fancy Dan: And that involves having to use a Rope while getting blind?!

Spider-Man: (Hears Ox fighting with the cops) Okay, I'm gonna leave you two housewives to sort things out while I go fetch housewife #3 to join you in therapy.

Montana: Wait, wait! You ain't leavin' us here!

Spider-Man: Yes I am!

Fancy Dan: No you're not!

Spider-Man: Yes I am!

Montana: No you're not!

Spider-Man: Yes I am! You guys are criminals, you deserve it!

Montana: Boy, we are trained professionals! We will not be tied up by some idiot wearing a Leotard-!

Spider-Man: (Turns to leave) Okay, Bye!

Montana: (Hears him leave) Oh, I don't believe that for a second! I know you're still here, boy! Quit playin' around, and get us off this weird, contraption-!

Fancy Dan: (Shook his head) No, don't.

Montana: He's still here!

Fancy Dan: He isn't.

Montana: He's not?

Fancy Dan: No, he's gone.

Montana: Really?

Fancy Dan: He left like, four seconds ago.

Montana: (Feels completely appalled) That little Web-Headed twerp really is a Menace!

As the two are left alone contemplating their failure, Gwen was seen following O'Neil, who took Joey to an undisclosed space where no one would bother checking frequently.

Joey: (Looks around) Where are we?

O'Neil: Hush.

Joey: (Turns to the officer) Where are-?

O'Neil: (Pulls out a silenced gun on Joey) I said shut up!

Joey: (Widened his eyes as he held up his hands) Whoa, what are you doing?!

O'Neil: A job... (Loads up his gun) Courtesy from the Big Man. (Suddenly got tased) AAGH! (Fell to the ground) Ugh...

Joey: Ah! (Sees the cop fall as he turned to see Gwen) Gwen?!

Gwen: (Is seen with a taser in her hands as she looked at Joey) Hey!

Joey: What are you doing here?

Gwen: Saving your ass, that's what! (Takes Joey's hand) Now come on! Let's get away from this guy!

She led Joey back to the good cops while Ox was still fighting against Yuri and Captain Stacy, in which he was winning due to his large muscular size and strength compared to the less.

Yuri: (Runs towards Ox) RAAHH! (Gets swatted away) AGH! (Crashed against an office desk)

George: (Tries to tackle Ox) RAGH! (Tackled him, but could not push any further)

Ox: (Feels George tackling him) Is that the best ya got? (Threw the Captain to the ground)

George: (Gets body slammed) UGH!

Ox: (Sees Stacy lying on his back) Y'know, unlike Fancy Dan and Montana, I don't need weapons to fight. (Cracks his knuckles) Oh no. (Cracked his neck knuckles) Oh no, what I need, is my own strength to finish my targets! (Starts lifting his boot on top of the Captain's face) Just like this! (Starts slamming his foot down, only to be caught by webbing) Huh?!

Spider-Man: (Starts pulling Ox's leg by the web) YAH!

Ox: (Fell right down to the floor) AGH! (Tries to get up, only to be webbed to the floor) Hey!

Spider-Man: (Stood in front of Ox) And that should keep you there!

Ox: (Struggled against the webbing) Get me out of this!

Spider-Man: Sure, but only if you promise to behave!

Ox: Screw you, you little insect! I'll crush you under my boot any day!

Spider-Man: Yeah, well as much as I'd love to go have a good old fashioned wrestling match, I've gotta go! So if you'll excuse me-!

George: (Gets out his pistol and aims at Spider-Man) Freeze! Hands in the air, down on the ground!

Spider-Man: (Turns to George) Hey, Cap! Nice to see you're okay! Uh, you don't mind if I call you Cap, right? Because I hear that's a nickname for-!

George: Enough with the theatrics! How did you get here?! You with them?

Spider-Man: Dude... (Points at Ox webbed to the floor) Does this look like I'm with these clowns?

George: What are you doing here?

Spider-Man: To help you guys out!

George: I don't believe you.

Spider-Man: Why not?

George: Because most people don't just show up out of nowhere and then just decide to help out! Not like you.

Spider-Man: (Tilts his head) Okay, I'm guessing you've also been frozen in the Arctic because I'm not like most people.

George: Really? Who are you then?

Spider-Man: Uh, Spider-Man? Does that not seem obvious?

George: I don't want your codename, I mean your real name!

Spider-Man: Ha! My real name, that's funny...

George: I'm serious. Tell me your full name, first and last.

Spider-Man: Okay, I'm sorry, Cap! But my real name is a big, big no-no!

George: Alright... Then how about you take off the mask? Why hide behind it?

Spider-Man: (Looks at a small reflection of himself) ...You have friends... Family, right?

George: (Stares at the hero) I do...

Spider-Man: (Turns to George) And you'd do anything to protect them?

George: Of course.

Spider-Man: Then trust me... My mask is the only thing that keeps those closest to me safe, as your badge keeps yours...

Yuri: (Groans as she got up) George?

George: (Turns around) Yuri?

Yuri: I'm okay! (Stands up as she walked to the captain) I'm alright. (Turns to George) Where did Spider-Man go?

George: (Turns around, seeing the hero vanish) ...I'm not sure.

Yuri: (Looks around, seeing Ox webbed to the floor) Alright... Who is this guy?

George: I don't know... (Looks out the open window, peeking through the city) But he seems like a friend...

The police captain continues to look through the window while the Hero is seen hiding right under it to remain unseen by his Crush's Dad.

Spider-man: (Hides underneath the police captain) Karen? Are there any more coming?

Karen: No signs of hostiles coming to the vicinity. The police station is secure.

Spider-Man: (Sighs) Okay, good... Now, about that spice-!

Karen: Looking it up. (Shows a picture of the spice) This is one of the spices Gastone mentioned at the cell...

Spider-Man: Four letters... Fisk... That's what meant by four letters! Karen, do you know anything by that name?

Karen: Sending you a location now.

Later, at Fisk Tower, Wilson Fisk was seen in his desk watching the news that happened tonight.

News: (Shows footage of the NYPD) -Still No word on who's responsible so far on the full lead on NYPD, which lead to two casualties. The goal it seemed was for Captain George Stacy and Yuri Watanabe, who has survived the attack thanks to the masked Vigilante known as Spider-Man, as Joey Gastone shooter of Midtown High, is still primed for his destination to Ryker's Island, where he will wait until his trial set in-!

Fisk then turned off the TV, getting up to walk over to the kitchen to get his food. There, he used his own product of the Ichimi Togarashi spice on his food while seemingly unaware of Spider-Man's presence in the room.

Fisk: (Feels the wind coming from a nearby window) I presume this isn't going to be some kind of friendly visit. (Turns around to look at Spider-Man) Isn't it?

Spider-Man: (Looks at Wilson Fisk) You set targets on those people... Why?

Fisk: (Shook his head) I don't know what you're talking about.

Spider-Man: Really? Let's see if this freshens your memory; this guy looked like a cowboy, this guy was a handsome sharpshooter, and this guy looked like he was in WWE! Sounds familiar?

Fisk: (Stares at him) Do you know who I am?

Spider-Man: (Shrugs) Willy Wonka?

Fisk: (Shook his head) Wilson Fisk... And I, unlike you, am a legitimate businessman who was enjoying a nice evening until you broke into my penthouse claiming to put a bounty on a few police officers. And that offense can make me very angry.

Spider-Man: Yeah, well blame the guy who sold Joey Gastone the gun! (Takes one of the spices) He was the one who carried one of your Spices! (Threw it at the counter)

Fisk: (Looks at his spice) My product is made worldwide... Anyone can carry of these, innocent or guilty. (Gently puts it down) That is not sufficient evidence.

Spider-Man: I'll find some.

Fisk: How? With what support aside from Tony Stark?

Spider-Man: (Raises a brow) What does Tony Stark have to do with this?

Fisk: Oh please, do you honestly think I'm that naive? I've heard about your fight with Ivan Vanko with the Iron Man, and to think one moment you were wearing clothing that came out of a garbage can, and the next, you're sporting a new suit that has Stark all over it. (Points at him) Now, I don't know how much he's paying you to interfere with what goes on in my business. (Gets out a suitcase) But for how much he's paying, I'll double your wage. (Opens it, revealing a lot of money) As long as you agree to look the other way on any occasion I choose...

Spider-Man: (Glares at the money, thinking about his Uncle) I've looked the other way before... And there's no way I'm ever doing that again!

Fisk: (Sighs) So, it's the hard way then. (Closes the briefcase) That will be making your goal difficult to come by.

Spider-Man: Maybe, but from what I researched about you, you have a pretty shady history! And you may not go to jail for this time around, but I promise you that you will be put behind bars one way or another!

Fisk: (Stares at the boy) May I offer some advice?

Spider-Man: Advice? From you? What could you say about me that's worth advice?

Fisk: You think that you're a hero, but you're not. All you are is some man-child running around my city wearing a jumpsuit making everything feel like a joke! And that is something I am not going to tolerate in my city. Which is why one way or another, I will find out who you are underneath that mask and expose you for the fool that you are.

Spider-Man: Well, someone needs to work on their hygiene.

Fisk: Well, either way. (Turns back to the kitchen) You'll be leaving unless you'd like to talk to security, see how things fair well for you...

Security: (Is heard coming from the stairs) He's in here, get ready!

The doors slammed open as security flooded the room, with no sign of Spider-Man anywhere in the room as Fisk remained in his penthouse.

Security: (Turns to Fisk) Boss, is everything alright?

Fisk: He's gone if that's what you're asking... (Turns to the window) And I'll be damn sure he'll be back for more...

The next day, the school was reopened as students were seen walking back into the hallways when Peter and Harry were seen helping Ned with his crutches.

Peter: (Walks with Ned) So, how are they holding you up so far?

Ned: (Walks while using his crutches) Well, I've gotten pretty good with these so far, and the doctors say that I'll only use them for a week.

Harry: Well, a week is a lot better than forever, so that's lucky!

Ned: Yeah, my parents are gonna be very strict with me until I heal.

Peter: Whatever you need, just let us know, okay?

Harry: As long as it's not overdoing it or anything.

MJ: (Walks over to the group) Hey guys!

Peter: (Turns to MJ) MJ!

Harry: Hey, what's up, Michelle?

MJ: (Turns to Ned) Hey there, survivor! How's the leg?

Ned: Okay, aside from using crutches for a week.

MJ: Yeah, I heard about Joey last night. One of the cops tried to shoot him until Gwen tased him, so the FBI's taking over.

Ned: Seriously?

Harry: That's kind of overkill, don't you think?

MJ: Well, apparently, you can't trust the cops without turning your back, so there's that.

Ned: (Sighs) Yeah...

Peter: (Looks at Ned) Hey... (Turns to MJ and Harry) You guys mind if-?

Harry: Yeah, sure thing! (Turns to leave with MJ)

Peter: (Turns to Ned) How are you holding up with Joey?

Ned: Fine, I guess... I'm just sad that he's still going to jail despite what happened.

Peter: Well, who knows? He didn't intentionally shoot you, and he did nearly died, so maybe he'll get a lighter sentence.

Morita: (Is seen near his office when he walked with Carl and his family) You guys have a pleasant morning.

Carl's Mom: (Nodded as she took Carl with him) Come on, Carl.

Ned: (Looks at Carl) And what about Carl?

Peter: Yeah, about that. He and his friends going to be suspended for a week while doing community service.

Ned: God, Carl, he... (Shook his head) He got off so lucky.

Peter: Let's just hope he doesn't try picking on someone else the next time he comes back.

Ned: (Turns to Peter) Hey, did you figure out who gave Joey-?

Peter: Ned. (Turns to Ned) Let's just worry about that later, alright? Let's just focus on having a normal school day.

Ned: (Nods) Yeah, that's fair.

Gwen: (Walks over to Peter and Ned) What's up, guys?

Ned: (Turns to Gwen) Hey, Gwen.

Gwen: So, the team is going to be shut down for a while after the shooting, so is that alright with you?

Ned: It's fine.

Peter: Yeah, we could all use the break to cool our minds.

Gwen: (Nods while looking at Peter) Peter, can I talk to you?

Peter: (Blinks as he looked at Gwen) Yeah. (Turns to Ned) Yeah, sure thing. Ned, I'll be right back, okay?

Ned: Sure.

Peter: (He and Gwen walked over to another area of the hall as he turned to her) Hey, what's up? How are you doing?

Gwen: Fine, considering the circumstances... (Folded her arms) Where were you?

Peter: (Blinked) What do you mean?

Gwen: Yesterday after the shooting, MJ said to me on text that you bailed while Joey was shooting rounds at the gym... Where did you go?

Peter: I uh... I went to go to call 911.

Gwen: Really?

Peter: Yeah, I wanted to be sure that the police would arrive, and I was, um... I was pretty freaked out.

Gwen: That's funny... Because I looked over the 911 calls that day, and you were not one of them.

Peter: (Widened his eyes) You sure? B-Because maybe there was an error-!

Gwen: Peter, please tell me the truth, where did you go? I need to know because I feel like the only person around me that helped me out was Spider-Man, and he was giving me comfort while you were gone!

Peter: (Looks at Gwen sadly) Gwen, I... (Sighs) I don't, I don't know what to say... I'm sorry, I was scared, I don't remember what I was doing.

Gwen: (Looks at Peter) ...Listen, I understand you were terrified, we all were... And I know deep down you are a good person inside, I can tell that about you... But if you're not going to be honest with me, then I don't know where this will play out.

Peter: (Looks at Gwen) So... What does this mean for us?

Gwen: (Bit her lip) I think it means we should probably give each other space for a while...

Peter: (Thinks about what she said, then nods) Yeah... Yeah, I think that's a good idea.

Gwen: (Nods as she looked around) So um... I'll be seeing you?

Peter: (Nods) Yeah, see ya.

She then left for class while Peter stood in the hallway feeling sad about the worst thing that just happened to him right now...

At Oscorp, Norman was watching the news of the event that took place at NYPD when a figure appeared in his penthouse...

Norman: (Is drinking a glass of wine when he feels the other's presence) I know you're here, Wilson.

Fisk: (Walks over to Norman) You've watched the news?

Norman: (Turns to Fisk) I have. (Puts his drink down) I take it things didn't pan out the way you wanted them to?

Fisk: The police captain and the detective still live... And the boy as well.

Norman: You leave that to me. (Folded his arms) But I understand you're here more than just to talk about your recent failures.

Fisk: (Nods) I have acquired some interesting test subjects for you to experiment, a way for me to combat this masked insect that's plaguing this city.

Norman: You mean Spider-Man, correct?

Fisk: (Nods) He's on to me and my business... I can't have that, not with anything related to Tony Stark.

Norman: And anything that's part of your business is a concern of mine as well... (Rests his hand on the Kingpin's shoulder) Rest assured, Wilson, that I will have these subjects you mentioned to help defend you and your business. (Turns to walk over to a TV screen) But in the meantime, I'd like to introduce you to a subject of mine that I've recently taken in.

Fisk: And who would that be?

Norman: (Turns on the TV) The person that just happens to have been thrown out of the window by this, Vigilante.

Norman turned on the camera to reveal Mac Gargan lying in bed as he is seen resting in a cell while he and Fisk watched.

Norman: (Observes Gargan) I believe this one is very much into Scorpions...

Suddenly, a burst of laughter filled the air as everything in the room turned Green, leaving Norman alone as he looked around, trying to find the source of the maddening laugh until he faced himself in the mirror, seeing a creature gone completely insane as he has this evil smile on his face, with his face, a shape of a Goblin.

Goblin: (Laughs crazily while looking at Norman) Oh, and a Scorpion he shall be! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Hey guys! It's been months since I've updated this, and it's good to be writing some Spider-Man!

I know that I've said in recent fics that I'd be working on this after Transformers Animated, but with a lot that's been going on my mind, I've just been transitioning back and forth through a few of my fanfics.

So far, I've made a What If fanfic of Avengers Endgame for those that don't know, so feel free to check that out. And overall, I'm happy to be back!

Hope you guys enjoy your day and this Episode, and I will be back as soon as I can!


Chapter Text

Episode 5: The Man Called Electro

Sam Witwer as Max Dillion/Electro

JK Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson

Angourie Rice as Betty Brant

Wesley Snipes as Robbie Robertson

All Characters belong to Marvel! Nuff said!

Brooklyn, New York. Three Years ago.

There was a thunderstorm brewing in the Big Apple, as a blackout had occurred in one of the Five Boroughs, two linemen were seen working on the power lines connecting to a property owned by Oscorp. One of them had a name tag which read Max Dillion.

Max: (Is seen at the truck) Alright, let's try again!

Lineman: Okay! (Works on a fuse) Did that work?

Max: (Sees a lightbulb flickering) Barely, but that's progress!

Lineman: Alright, well that's good!

Max: (Turns to the lineman) Hey, can you hurry this up? I don't want to be here any longer than I have to be!

Lineman: What's the matter? Scared of a little lightning?

Max: Oh, haha! Very funny! Seriously, I got a girlfriend waiting for me to get her takeout!

Lineman: A girlfriend, huh? What's her name?

Max: Francine.

Lineman: Francine? That's a nice name! Something the kids might-! (His foot slipped, causing him to fall) AHHH!

Max: (Sees his coworker in trouble) Whoa! (Moves to catch him) Gah!

Lineman: (Gets caught by Max) UGH!

Max: (Fell to the ground) OOF!

Lineman: (Gets his head up, looking up at the ladder and then back to Dillion) You saved me...

Max: Yeah, no kidding! (Gets up, extending a hand) You alright?

Lineman: (Gets his hand, getting up) Yeah! Thanks, man! I really appreciate this!

Max: Hey, it's no problem! I'm just glad to help out!

Lineman: (Smiles) Hey, you should be really happy right now! Because once we back, I'm gonna be talking a lot about how you saved my ass! Maybe it'd get you a promotion!

Max: Yeah, that'd be nice! (Looks up at the sky, seeing lightning roaring in the skies) You know what? It's getting too nasty out here! (Turns to the lineman) Maybe we can have someone else take care of this!

Lineman: Oh, that's damn right! (Turns to leave) Hey, you and I should hang out next week! Drinks are on me!

Max: (Smiles) Sure man!

As the two walked to their van next to an Oscorp truck filled with chemicals, Dillion checked out his phone for messages, revealing three missed calls and one text message.

Unknown: (The user's message is seen on Max's phone) They know! RUN!

Max: (His expression turns into fear as he read the message) Oh god.

Lineman: (Turns to Max) Hey, Max! You alright? (Isn't aware of a red dot pointed at his chest) You don't look so good-!

Max: (Turns to the Lineman, seeing a red dot on him) LOOK OUT!

Lineman: (Gets shot too late as he widened his eyes) Hmph!

Max: NO! (Runs to the Lineman) No, no, no! NO! Dammit!

Lineman: (Is seen shaking lying on the ground with blood on his hands) Max?

Max: Hey, hey, hey! Look at me! (Gets him to his direction) Look at me! You're going to be alright! The people who did this, they will pay! I promise you, you will see them get served justice for this, I swear! Just stay with me!

Lineman: (Bleeds out) Ugh... (Dies)

Max: (Sees him giving out) Hey... (Shakes him) Hey, wake up... Come on, wake up! God dammit, wake up! (Whimpered) Oh my god, please wake up!

Max mourned for the loss of his friend as he knelt his head down in guilt before the police suddenly arrive, as a patrol car drifted to a stop on the street, three policemen got out and suddenly started aiming their weapons at Dillion.

Police Officer 1: (Aims a gun at Max with his fellow officers) Freeze!

Police Officer 2: Hands above your head!

Police Officer 3: NOW!

Max: (Sees the cops, raising his hands as he got up) This wasn't me! Guys, I swear, this wasn't me!

Police Officer 1: (Walks over to Dillion) Don't move!

Max: (Walks over to the officer) Officer, I swear to god, this wasn't me!

Police Officer 2: (Turns to his fellow officer) Now?

Police Officer 3: Now. (Gets out an evidence bag containing a loaded weapon)

Max: (Sees the bag) Hey, what is that? (Sees the cop taking the gun out after putting a glove) What are you doing? What the hell is this?!

Police Officer 1: The Kingpin wanted us to tell you he said hello.

Max: (Widened his eyes when he noticed the corrupt cop about to pull the trigger on him) NO! (Pulls the gun up, just in time to avoid getting shot as he struggled against the dirty cop, knocking himself against the Oscorp truck that caused it to spill a chemical as he kicked his enemy by the knee) RGH!

Police Officer 1: (Gets incapacitated by Dillion) UGH! (Gets a gun pulled on him) Gah!

Police Officer 2: (Sees Dillion holding one of their own hostage) STAND DOWN!

Police Officer 3: (Aims his weapon back at Max) Drop the weapon!

Max: (Glares at the corrupt officers) You bastards killed him, didn't you? DIDN'T YOU?!

Police Officer 2: Let him go!

Max: You people will pay for this!

Police Officer 1: Shoot him! Blow his head off!

Max: I'm going to kill you! Then I'm going to kill the people you work for, and whoever works for the Kingpin!

Police Officer 3: Drop the gun now!

Max: As long as I live, I'm not going to rest until I see you all DEAD!

Police Officer 1: (Grunts as he elbowed Max by the stomach) Yah!

Max: (Gets hit in the gut) UGH!

Police Officer 2: (Thunder roars louder every second) He's down! I got him!

Police Officer 1: NO! This asshole's mine!

As the officer loaded his weapon, a roaring, crashing sound of lightning struck down the street, hitting Max Dillion where he stood as the corrupt officers of the law got thrown back from the blast radius.

Max: (Got struck by lightning as he screamed) AHHHHHHHHHHH! (His eyes started glowing as he screamed before the lightning stopped) Ah... (Fell to the ground seemingly dead)

Police Officer 3: (Gets up, looking at the body) The hell?

Police Officer 2: (Gets his gun, looking at Max) Oh man... I think he's dead!

Police Officer 1: (Grunts) And we didn't even have to drive all the way out here for this!

Police Officer 2: Well, now what?

Police Officer 1: Now, I guess the suspect shot a lineman, then he tried to climb on the ladder to escape only to have touched the electric line and burnt himself to death.

Police Officer 3: I can live with that.

Police Officer 2: (Looks around) Let's get out of here.

The corrupted took the car and left the scene, leaving Max for dead as he laid on the ground, scars were seen all over his body while electricity was seen crackling around him, his fingers twitching as his body began to glow. And that was when his eyes popped open as his body began to glow into a Blue Electrical hue.

Max: (His entire skin turned Blue as he glowed, screaming in pain and anger) RAAAAAGH!

New York, in the Present.

Another day shines on the NYC area as Spider-Man is seen swinging through the air while taking selfies.

Narrator: (Spidey is seen taking selfies in the air) You know, I love taking pictures! Photography is kind of a thing I like to do. Especially when I can take selfies as many times as I want!

Spider-Man: (Is seen taking selfies) Wooooo! Alright! (Lands on a ledge, looking at his phone) Wow, that's a lot of pictures!

Karen: (Is heard in the mask) Armed robbery in progress at the local bodega.

Spider-Man: (Sees robbers in the bodega) Alright. (Gets out his camera) Let's say we take pictures the old fashioned way! (Turns to fight the thugs)

Later, when Peter was at school, he was at the school studio set when he witnessed Ned Leeds getting interviewed by Betty Brant.

Betty: (Is seen at the school news) Last week as you all know was a tragedy that none of could ever imagine happening until now as we have a guest known as Ned Leeds, who was caught in the crossfire of former Midtown student, Joey Gastone, who brought a gun and fired shots throughout the gym. (Turns to Ned) Ned, how are you?

Ned: (Nods) Fine, how are you?

Betty: Pretty good, thank you!

Randy: (Is seen standing next to Peter) So, that's your friend over there?

Peter: (Nods) Yeah, that's him.

Randy: Dude, he's a survivor! That's all I'm gonna say about him, he's a real survivor!

Peter: I know, he's really lucky.

Betty: So, what can you tell us about yourself?

Ned: Uh, you know, I am into computer gaming as well as an avid Youtube viewer-!

Peter: (Listens to the interview while whispering to Randy) Hey, have you seen Gwen around recently?

Randy: (Shook his head) She said she was going to take a break from school to attend the Gastone kid's trial, said it may take a while.

Peter: (Sighs) Of course...

Jason: Hey, I almost forgot to ask. How did it feel getting shot?

Betty: (Turns to Jason) Jason!

Ned: Actually, I'm glad that you asked because getting shot is like being on fire! Trust me, nobody wants to get shot!

Jason: So, it's nothing like in the movies?

Ned: No, definitely nothing like the movies!

Betty: Moving on, what can you tell us about your experience?

Ned: Well, I can say that despite the circumstance, I believe there's good in our friends whether or not their actions are terrible. And it's good to believe in your friends even if you do get the bullet in the end... (Sighs) ... (Turns to Betty) Also, I'm currently not in a relationship right now, so-!

Betty: And, look at the time! Thanks for having us, and have a nice rest of the day!

Jason: Go Tigers!

The cameras cut the recording as everyone got out of their positions, leading Peter to go to his friend.

Peter: (Turns to Ned) Did you seriously try asking Betty Brant out?

Ned: Well, why not? I mean, I was just sitting there silently, wondering what else to say, and I thought she looked pretty attractive-!

Peter: You could have done that after the cameras stopped recording.

Ned: Whatever man, I'll see you later for pizza!

Peter: (Nods) See ya. (Gets out his camera) Hey, Randy!

Randy: (Works on the video edits) Yeah, what's up?

Peter: I took some pictures of the Chrysler Building early this morning, and uh, I caught something.

Randy: Like what?

Peter: (Grins a little) Like a certain Spider something.

Randy: (Turns to look at the picture, seeing a glimpse of Spider-Man carrying a criminal while swinging in New York in broad daylight) Whoa, is this for real?

Peter: Yeah, 100%.

Betty: (Sees a picture of Spider-Man on the computer) Wow, is that Spider-Man?

Randy: Yeah, a legit photo!

Jason: (Looks at the picture) Whoa, that's a pretty cool picture! Who took it?

Peter: (Raises his hand) I did!

Jason: Seriously? Dude, you're badass! We should show this in our next episode!

Betty: (Looks at the picture carefully) Actually, maybe we should hold off until later.

Jason: Why is that?

Betty: Why? Look at this picture! This isn't something that you should see at just school, this is something you should see everywhere!

Peter: Uh, that's a little over on the top, don't you think, Betty?

Betty: I'm serious! This picture, it's worth talking about in ages! I highly recommend you should show this to the Daily Bugle publisher!

Peter: (Raises a brow) The Daily Bugle?

Randy: Oh yeah, my dad said that Triple J is offering a job position to a photographer who can take full complete pictures of Spider-Man individually.

Jason: And get this; he's offering to pay 50 bucks just for each picture!

Peter: Guys, I'm flattered, but-! (Widened his eyes) Wait, did you just say 50 bucks?

Betty: Yeah! In fact, I'm interning at the Bugle after school, so I could schedule you an interview if you really want it.

Randy: So... Are you in?

Peter: (Sighs in disbelief) Wow, um... (Rubs his head) Well... Sorry to disappoint, but the answer's gonna have to be...

Spider-Man: (Is swinging through Queens later after school feeling really excited) HELL YEAH! WOOOOOOOO!

Spider-Man continued to swing his way over to his friend's house, coming through the window as he sees a box of pizzas lying on the bed.

Spider-Man: (Turns to Ned) Sup' man?

Ned: (Sees his best friend) Hey there, Spider-Man! Wanna have a slice of the best pizza in Queens?

Spider-Man: Sure do!

And so, he joined Ned in dining in delicious, melted cheese, red flavorful pepperoni pizza with marinara sauce while having his mask off.

Peter: (Moans in delight) Man, this is the best stuff!

Ned: (Sees Peter going through 3 boxes of pizza) Dude, do you realize how much pizza you've had?

Peter: No, why?

Ned: (Points at the empty boxes) That looks normal to you?

Peter: (Sees the boxes) Oh yeah! Turns out I have an increased metabolism as part of getting powers from a Genetically Altered Spider.

Ned: And it never makes you so fat?

Peter: Not one bit.

Ned: (Sighs) Man, I wish I was you.

Peter: Oh, I wouldn't go there...

Ned: (Looks at the selfies Peter took on his phone) Dude, how many selfies did you take?

Peter: (Shrugs) Oh, I don't know; 10, 20? I lost count.

Ned: (Turns to Peter) Hey, I don't mean to sound like a buzzkill, but are you sure it's safe for you to take selfies right now? Considering that we're trying to keep your identity a secret?

Peter: (Raises a brow) Come on, Ned! I'm not stupid, I'm going to delete all of the Selfies that I took off my phone so that way, I can download them into my suit without getting rid of a little bit of happiness.

Ned: Oh, okay! That's pretty cool!

Peter: But, if I'm being serious here, I may have found myself a side gig.

Ned: What's that?

Peter: Uh, 50 bucks worth Spider-Man pictures.

Ned: For the Bugle?

Peter: Yeah! Pretty awesome gig, right?

Ned: Wow, and you're supposed to be the good guy!

Peter: Oh come on! It's not that big a deal as long as nobody knows who I am!

Ned: If you say so!

Peter: (Takes a bite of his pizza) So, how's your food?

Ned: Great! Although the pepperoni looks a little messed up. (Turns to Peter) You didn't drop the box, did you?

Peter: Well, yeah, but I did use my Web Shooters to grab it before it landed on the ground! (Sees his friend raising a brow) And that doesn't really help my case, I can see that. (Sighs) Well, what can I say, man? It's kinda hard balancing a normal life and secret identity at the same time!

Ned: Yeah, speaking of which... (Puts his slice down) I have to tell you something up front; we need a hideout.

Peter: (Stares at Ned) ...(Bursts out laughing) HAHAHA! (Stares at Ned, looking at the serious expression he represents) Wait, you're serious?

Ned: Not even joking! I mean, I understand I could use my room as a back up in case of any emergencies, but I can't keep helping you from my house anymore! More importantly, if we're gonna meet up like this, then we gotta do it somewhere where my parents aren't around! Imagine my mom coming in and finding you in your Suit! Do you realize how much she'll freak out if she finds out I'm working with you?

Peter: (Nodded) Yeah, I can relate with Aunt May... (Sighs) Okay, you're right, we need some common ground where no one is around so my identity as Spider-Man isn't jeopardized.

Ned: And my working relationship, if it's okay to call it that, isn't jeopardized either! That's exactly what I'm talking about!

Peter: Yeah, except the only problem is where exactly?

Ned: (Widened his eyes) Oh... (Lowered his brow) Right... (Turns to Peter) Hey, maybe we can go ask Tony Stark!

Peter: (Shakes his head) No, no! I checked out the news, and he's with the Avengers dealing with a bunch androids with Glowing Red Eyes.

Ned: Well, we have to find some kind of hideout!

Peter: (Stands up) Okay, let me think. (Stands at the window, looking at Horizon Labs being advertised when he got an idea popped into his head) Okay, I can't contact Mr. Stark right now. (Turns to Ned) But I do know someone at Horizon Labs who might be able to help us out.

Ned: (Raises a brow) Wait, you're thinking of including those scientists you're Interning for?

Peter: No, god no! No, I'm not including Doctor Octavius or Doctor Modell!

Ned: Then who exactly are you going to talk to?

Spider-Man: (Puts his Mask) Oh, just the recently appointed Head of Security for Horizon Labs. (Jumps out of the window) Later!

Ned: (Tilts his head) Who is that supposed to be?!

Later at Horizon Labs, Happy Hogan was seen at Horizon Labs, which was relocated from Greenwich Village into the Financial District inside one of the buildings that Stark Industries owns as he was seen managing the place.

Happy: (Is seen at work) Alright, let's go! We need to have this place opened in a week, so let's get a move on! (Sees a crate filled with Lizards carried by a worker) Hey, hey! You! What is that? What are you carrying?

Worker: (Turns to Happy) It's the lab animals that Doctor Curt Connors requested, sir. (Gets out a piece of paper) It says so on this paper.

Happy: Wait, what is this? A courtroom? Come on, I believe you! You don't have to show me anything, just put it somewhere that Construction isn't working at! (His phone starts ringing from a text) Oh, now what? (Checks out his phone)

Spider-Man: (Sent a text message to Happy) Hey, can we talk in private? I need help! From, Spidey.

Happy: (Reads the text) Oh, great, that kid. (Turns to the crew) Alright, I have to go somewhere! I better not find anything broken when I get back!

Worker: How long will you be gone, sir?

Happy: I don't know, maybe-!

Spider-Man: (Sent another text message to Happy) PS, meet me on the roof!

Happy: (Reads the text, turning to the employee) Probably five minutes, not that long. (Turns to leave) The roof?

Happy then took the stairs a minute later and arrived on the roof, finding no one there as he walked around to find Spider-Man.

Happy: (Walks around the roof) Alright, where are you?

Spider-man: (Is seen sitting on the building's rooftop exit behind Happy) Behind you, silly.

Happy: (Turns around, seeing Spider-Man) God! Don't sneak up on me!

Spider-Man: (Jumps down, turning to Happy) Hey, so you must be that guy Mr. Stark told me about, huh?

Happy: Yes, I am! And what's up with the mask, Parker?

Spider-Man: (Widened his eyes) P-Parker? (Nervously laughs) What? No, no! My name is Spider-Man!

Happy: Yeah, and Peter Parker! Come on, did you really take me as some random guy that the CEO of a multi-billion dollar company that doesn't tell me everything that goes on? Now, cut the crap and take off the mask already!

Spider-Man: (Widened his eyes in disbelief) Ugh...

Peter: (Takes his mask off) Mr. Stark told you?

Happy: Yes, he did! He tells me everything!

Peter: Well, I'm kinda starting to think Mr. Stark's going off Upstate to tell everyone he meets about my Identity!

Happy: Relax! Your secret's safe with me!

Peter: How am I supposed to know that?

Happy: Because if I told everyone who you were, that would cost me my job! Now, what is it? I got things to do around here!

Peter: (Sighs) Uh, right... I'm hoping you could help me out with something.

Happy: Okay, what? Is there a giant Lizard running around the place?

Peter: A giant Lizard? Wait, there's actually a giant Lizard running around?

Happy: No, of course not! That was just something that popped into my head. (Shook his head) Never mind, what do you need help with?

Peter: Uh, I was hoping you could help me out on getting me a hideout.

Happy: (Raises a brow) I'm sorry? A hideout?

Peter: Yeah, you know, like a hero's personal place of solitude where they can have everything they're working on put into just one area! It doesn't have to be big, or anything, but-!

Happy: Okay, okay, let me stop you right there! Do you even realize what you're asking me for?

Peter: I know, it's a lot to ask for! But the thing is, I have some stuff I'm working on as Spider-Man, and I can't have my Aunt May walk into my room and find a crime scene report that has something to do with the Shocker! Alright? I don't want her having a major heart attack!

Happy: Well, neither do I! But I can't just waste my time on finding some personal fun house for you to shoot webs all over the place! I'm Head of Security of the company you wanted to work at, not a babysitter! And what exactly are you working on?

Peter: Just, stuff. (Rubbed his face) Okay, it's fine! I'll just go to Avengers Tower! I'll go up and put things on the databases so I can keep up with-!

Happy: Oh, no! No, no, no, one hundred percent hell no! You are not going to Avengers Tower for any reason at all! Especially if you're going there for the databases or to make it your personal playground!

Peter: Why? Why not?

Happy: Because you have absolutely no idea how much data there is on there! Not to mention that Tony made sure to tell me that you aren't allowed to be there unless it is for an emergency!

Peter: Well, it is an emergency!

Happy: I mean, life-threatening emergencies! And are you in a life-threatening emergency?

Peter: No, but-!

Happy: Okay, then I rest my case! Look, I don't care about what you do in your business because I have other things to do in this work! Like I have to work on getting this place finished before it opens up next week! So now if you'll excuse me, we're done here.

Peter: Happy, wait!

Happy: (Turns to leave) Goodbye! (Slams the exit door shut)

Peter: Happy! (Groans) Man!

Ned: (Is heard on the Comlink) Is that bad news I'm hearing?

Peter: (Rubbed his hair as he looked around at New York) Yeah, we're on our own on our superhero base searching.

Ned: Well, at least tried! (Grabs a slice of pizza) So, wanna come back for some pizza?

Spider-Man: (Sighs as he put his Mask back on) No, I think I'm gonna do some patrolling, see what's going around. (Kneels on a ledge) Enjoy the rest of your pizza!

Ned: Yeah, thanks, man. (Gets an alert) Oh, wait! Something just came up!

Spider-Man: (Raises a brow) What, what's up?

Ned: I'm looking at my computer, and I'm seeing a robbery in progress.

Spider-Man: Where?

Ned: Not far from where you are, but this one's different. I'm not seeing any alarms set off, and the bank looks completely blacked out.

Spider-Man: Okay, that does sound odd. (Jumps off) I'm on my way!

Spider-Man heads out into the bank, seeing the place completely dark as he crawled in through the window.

Spider-Man: (Walks inside) Yo, it's Spider-Man! Just making a routine expectation! (Looks around) Hello? Anybody here? (Hears no response) Huh... This place is completely empty! (Touched his Spidey Symbol)

Karen: (She is activated as she is heard in the Mask) Hello, Peter. How was your Saturday evening with Ned?

Spider-Man: Fine Karen, look I'm in the bank, and there's like no one here!

Karen: (Scans the bank) It appears that no employee is working inside, nor as there is a security guard. I also detected that all electricity in this building has been completely shut off.

Spider-Man: Let me guess; these guys were so busy trying to sort everybody's money that they completely forgot to pay the electric bill, right?

Karen: No, they paid that two weeks ago. This outage appears to have been drained.

Spider-Man: Drained? How?

Karen: I'm not sure, but I'm relaying all the electricity that was cut off to find the source.

Spider-Man: Okay, that's great! Let me know when-!

Karen: Finished!

Spider-Man: Wow, you're so quick! Flash would be jealous!

Karen: (Shows off the source) Hmm, it appears the source for the blackout is connected to just one person.

Spider-Man: One person did this? Okay, where is he?

Karen: At the Vault.

Spider-Man: (Looks at the Vault, seeing a bright light coming out) Yeah, the vault. (Starts swinging his way to it) Always the vault.

As he headed inside, a being with Electrical powers was seen wearing a Green and Yellow Hoodie with Blue Glowing skin, the same one who was known as Max Dillion three years prior from the accident as the Web-Head saw him inside of the vault finding all the money.

Spider-Man: (Widened his eyes when he sees Max) Whoa, who is that?

Karen: I'm not sure. (Scans Dillion) He appears to contain thousands of electricity inside of his body.

Spider-Man: Oh, man! I'm dealing with a guy that actually has powers! Should I be excited?

Karen: I'd call in reinforcements right about now.

Spider-Man: Relax, Karen! We dealt with a guy with Electricity before, this guy's no different! (Jumps off the ceiling, facing Dillion) Yo, buddy! I think the Bank's closed on holidays, so maybe it's best to come back in like a week!

Max: (Is seen looking at the money) Whoever you are, it's best you walk away before this gets ugly.

Spider-Man: (Walks in) Well, I'd love to go back home eating pizza, but you've just illegally broke inside of the bank, which means you're here to rob this place clean and trying to get away with it, which is pretty much my job to stop bad guys.

Max: (Slowly turned to Spider-Man) Who told you I'm here to steal anything?

Suddenly, Max spread his hands to release a wave of electricity that caused every dollar inside the vault to burn into ash as the bank was set aflame, taking the hero completely by surprise.

Spider-Man: (Widened his eyes) WHOA! What did you just do?!

Max: I simply burned away what the filth depended on. (Starts walking to his exit) Now get out of my way.

Spider-Man: Hold up a second, I can't let you just-! (Touched Max, only to get stung by all the power flowing from Dillion) AHHHH! (Fell to the ground, touching his hand) Ow! Man, that hurts!

Max: (Walked right past the hero) Warned you. (Starts using his powers to float in the air and fly right out of the area)

Spider-Man: (Sees Max leaving) Wait! (Groans) Man, he's gone! Karen!

Karen: (Is heard to have static) GKKK_HRRRKK! (Shuts down completely)

Spider-Man: (Hears Karen shutting down) Ugh, not again! (Gets up) Poor Karen, this is like the second time that's happened! (Walks out of the vault)

Fisk Thug 1: (Walks inside, seeing Spider-Man walking out of the vault) Hey, that's Spider-Man!

Fisk Thug 2: (Sees the vault on fire) The hell? Did you burn the Big Man's money?!

Spider-Man: Big Man?! Wait... (Looks around, seeing Fisk thugs all over the place) This is one of Fisk's banks?!

Fisk Thug 3: Man, you really are a Threat!

Spider-Man: Come on, that wasn't even me! (Jump kicked a thug by the face) It was the lightning dude! And I'm not even talking about Thor! (Gets hit in the back by a baton) AGH! (Fell on his knees while ringing was heard in his ears) Ugh...

Fisk Thug 4: (Is heard in a blur) The money? Is it-?

Fisk Thug 5: All gone, no thanks to this freak!

Fisk Thug 6: Man, boss ain't going to be pleased!

Fisk Thug 7: Well... (Loads up his gun and aims at Spidey) There's one way to make him happy.

Before the bad guys could pull the trigger, each and every one of them was attacked by a wave of energy, causing them to fly across the room as Spider-Man fell to the floor, his eyes blinking as he saw Max coming back to walk towards him before becoming unconscious.

Spider-Man blinked his eyes, finding himself on a rooftop as he looked around, finding Max sitting on top of a large pipeline staring out into the city as he took notice of the hero's awakening.

Max: (Looks at Spider-Man) Rise and shine, sleeping beauty.

Spider-Man: (Looks around) Where am I? Am I at an evil lair?

Max: (Raises a brow) Jeez, how old are you?

Spider-Man: I prefer not to say... (Looks around before turning to Max, widening his eyes) Whoa! You again?!

Max: (Raises his hands) Take it easy! I didn't bring you here to hurt you.

Spider-Man: That remains to be seen. I mean, you did attack me after all!

Max: Okay, first off, you attacked me! And second, I saved your life! Had I not been there, there would have been a bullet in your head right now!

Spider-Man: Alright, that is... Decently fair. (Looks at his skin) What's up with your body, man?

Max: (Looks at his glowing body) That's... Normal for me.

Spider-Man: For how long?

Max: Three years.

Spider-Man: Well, that's a lot! You must have gotten used to your powers by now!

Max: That's very perceptive of you.

Spider-Man: (Groaned as he walked over to Max) So, earlier when you said you burned away what the filth depended on... You knew that was Wilson Fisk's bank?

Max: One of them.

Spider-Man: One of them?! Jeez, how many banks does he have?!

Max: You'd be surprised.

Spider-Man: (Scoffed) Okay, well... Is that why you burned that money? To make him so broke he can't even pay for his own loft?

Max: That's part of the reason, yes.

Spider-Man: But why? What did he do to you?

Max: (Turns to Spider-Man) Three years ago, I found a file that wasn't supposed to be where it was, so I called in a news reporter to break the story. Fisk didn't like that, so I got caught and I was... (Looks at his glowing hands) Changed.

Spider-Man: So, he made you into an Asgardian that doesn't need a Hammer to fly around the city?

Max: (Chuckled a little) He only scratched the surface. (Turns to Spider-Man) But afterward, he framed me for a crime I didn't commit, killed an innocent right in front of me, and destroyed my life! My career, my freedom, all gone in an instant! And I want to make him pay for that! So that way, no one else would have to suffer the way I did!

Spider-Man: (Looks at Max) Alright, you seem to have good intentions. (Folded his arms) But I gotta tell ya, burning money away isn't the way to do it! I mean, especially with how much debt our country's in right now, you'd think twice about burning every green piece of paper there is.

Max: So what do you suggest?

Spider-Man: Well, if we want to take Wilson Fisk down, we have to do it the right way! We have to do it so everyone can know who and what he truly is!

Max: So in other words, you want us to team up?

Spider-Man: Well, I teamed up with Iron Man before, and it worked out just fine!

Max: (Looks away) I... I'm not sure... I'm not used to getting help, not in the last three years.

Spider-Man: Trust me, I know what it's like being alone! Having to lost someone to a crime, I've been there! That's pretty much why I go out like this, to protect our city from any harm that dares comes to it! So that way, no one would ever have to lose anyone they cared about to a tragedy that I had to endure.

Max: (Looks at Spidey) Sounds like you made your intentions pretty clear.

Spider-Man: And it sounds like you know pretty much every Big Man operation and hideout that's located in New York! And you and I have a lot in common, so... (Goes for a handshake, but raises it in hesitation) Wait, if I give you a handshake, am I gonna get shocked again?

Max: (Smiled while rolling his eyes, stopping one of his hands from glowing as he extended it to the hero) Partners?

Spider-Man: (Sees Max's hand turning to human skin as he took it gladly) Partners! I'm Spider-Man!

Max Dillion: Max Dillion. (Shrugs) But just call me Max.

Spider-Man: Nice to meet you, Max! Now, how can I help?

Max Dillion: There's a construction site that's going on down at Queens. That is where we'll strike.

Spider-Man: What's over there?

Max Dillion: Drugs, along with a bunch of Fisk's goons.

Spider-Man: Okay, I can deal with that! When?

Max Dillion: Tomorrow night. (Turns to leave) Don't late!

Spider-Man: I won't! (Turns to leave, but then turns back to Max) Wait, Max! You said you had found a file that didn't belong to your workplace... What was in it exactly?

Max Dillion: (Shook his head) I'm not sure... I only saw a name.

Spider-Man: Who?

Max: Some guy I never heard of... Richard Parker.

Spider-Man: (Widened his eyes) R-Richard Parker?!

Max: You know him?

Spider-Man: K-Kind of... He's been missing for years!

Max: Because of Fisk?

Spider-Man: I'm, not entirely sure. (Nodded) Thanks for telling me, I appreciate this! (Turns to leave) See you tomorrow night!

The next day, Ned was at Peter's Apartment as they talked about what happened the night before.

Ned: (Is looking at Peter) He found a file about your Dad that Wilson Fisk had?

Peter: (Drinks a cup of water) Mmm... (Puts the cup down) A whole decade has passed since he and my Mother left me, and this is the first time in years since he was mentioned.

Ned: (Sighs as he sat next to Peter) Man... What do you wanna do about it?

Peter: (Sighed) Well, this is something I am definitely going to investigate. (Stands up) But in the meantime, I can help Max out!

Ned: Yeah, speaking of which... (Turns to his laptop, looking at a picture of Max Dillion) Max Dillion? Are you serious?

Peter: Yeah! He has powers just like I do, and he wants to stop Wilson Fisk from hurting other people just like I do!

Ned: Well, we did just meet this guy, and well... Did he even say how got his powers?

Peter: He didn't say, but I had Karen brought back online, and she looked up a criminal database on him!

Ned: And?

Peter: And his story checks out! He was an Electrical Worker fixing up a power line with a coworker three years ago when New York had that pretty nasty Lightning Storm! Turns out, the police claim that Max was the one who shot the lineman while he died of electrocution from a lightning strike right before they could apprehend him! And get this, Captain Stacy believed that there was some kind of coverup going on, but the case got shut down because it was never solved!

Ned: Wait, he got struck by lightning? Where did I hear that before?

Peter: Doesn't matter! My point is that Dillion got framed for a crime he didn't commit! And right now, we should be helping him clear his name along with a bunch of others that Fisk probably framed too!

Ned: If you say so...

Peter: (Sees Ned frowning) Alright, what's up?

Ned: (Turns to Peter) It's just... Something feels off about this guy! I mean last night, he walked right into the bank, burned all the money, left you behind after getting electrocuted! And then he suddenly just comes back to save you? Why come back?

Peter: Because he thought I was working with the Kingpin! But when he saw his thugs attacking me, that's when he got the message.

Ned: Yeah, but something doesn't feel right about this guy!

Peter: Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's something similar to what Jonah thinks about Spider-Man.

Ned: Okay, that is entirely different! Jameson loves to assume things that aren't what they are!

Peter: And isn't that what you're doing right now? Assuming some guy that you don't even know?

Ned: That's my point, man! (Gets up) We don't even know this guy! You just met him last night, we don't even know what his intentions are, not really! I mean, what if despite wanting to stop the bad guys, he has a completely different agenda than we do?

Peter: Dude, I-! (Gets a text alert, reading the message) Okay, I gotta go.

Ned: Where? To find this Max guy you're talking about?

Peter: To go to the Daily Bugle, man! I'm going to see if I can land a job over there!

Ned: The Daily Bugle? Doesn't Jameson hate you?

Peter: He hates Spider-Man, but not Peter Parker! (Turns to leave)

Ned: (Sighs) Why does he always have to refer himself in 3rd person? (Looks at Max's picture) Okay, just in case... (Makes a phone call)

Harry: (Is seen at Oscorp watching Mickey Mouse when he answers Ned's Call) Hey, Ned, what's up?

Ned: Hey, Harry, I need to ask a favor.

Harry: Come on, Ned! I thought we had this conversation! (Gets up) You know I can't ask my Dad to just transfer money into your parents' accounts! He doesn't work like that!

Ned: (Shook his head) No, nope! No, I'm talking about that, although it would have been cool if you did!

Harry: What do you need?

Ned: Listen, your dad's company is connected to some form of Black Ops stuff, right? Like he contains some files that the government gives him?

Harry: Well, he doesn't necessarily have files, but I do know someone who can actually gain access to S.H.I.E.L.D. (Raises a brow) Why are you asking?

Ned: It's about... (Looks around) Peter, I think he's gotten mixed up with a bad crowd.

Harry: What kind of bad crowd?

Ned: The kind that maybe people like S.H.I.E.L.D. might have files like the guy Peter's hanging out with?

Harry: Okay, just text me a name, and I'll see what I can do.

Ned: Thanks, Harry!

Harry: And Ned, keep an eye on Peter... If this guy's as bad as you say, we might be in serious trouble.

Ned: I'll try my best! Thanks!

Harry: (Ends the call as he got a text) Max Dillion, huh? Peter, what are you up to?

As soon as Peter got out of the subway, he turned to walk to the Daily Bugle, which is incorporated inside of the world-renowned Flatiron Building located down in 5th avenue as he got inside of the news station by getting off the elevator and found himself in a room filled with people working at desks, walking with papers, or were on phone calls as he stared at the room he wanted to work at.

Peter: (Looks around at the Bugle) Oh man, this is big.

Betty: (Walks to Peter) Not as big as you'd imagine, but it's nice.

Peter: (Turns around and sees Betty) Betty! Hey, you got the internship!

Betty: I did! And you must be here for the pictures!

Peter: That's right. (Looks around) So, where's Mr. Jameson at?

Betty: Well, he's almost done talking to someone, so why don't I give you a little tour while you wait!

Peter: (Nodded) Sure!

Betty: Follow me! (Walks to a large section of the office) This is where the reporters go to report the news! Where everyone makes phone calls to various places in the city for a story they're breaking.

Peter: That's nice.

Betty: (Sees someone just walked into the office) Ooh, that's Mr. Robertson! You'll like him, let me introduce you to him! (Turns to Robertson) Excuse me, Robbie?

Robbie: (Looks at his phone before turning to Betty and Peter) Betty, what do you need?

Betty: Sorry to interrupt, but this is Peter! He's the one that Randy might've mentioned?

Robbie: Parker? (Puts his coffee down) Hey, you must be what Randy was talking about! (Offers a handshake) I'm Robbie Robertson, I'm one of the reporters here.

Peter: (Accepts the gesture) Thanks, it's nice to meet you!

Robbie: So, you're here for the photos of Spider-Man, huh?

Peter: Yeah! I mean, I'm kinda hoping to take pictures that aren't just Spider-Man, but I don't mind taking pictures of him any day!

Robbie: Well, you may want to be prepared, because I think Jonah may have found a photographer to handle-!


Photographer: (Runs out of the office whimpering) He didn't need to yell!

Jameson: (Sighs as he walked out of the office) God, Millennials these days. (Looks around) Alright, now where's my 11:30?!

Peter: (Widened his eyes at Jameson) That's J. Jonah Jameson?

Betty: Yeah, he's...

Robbie: Verbally aggressive. (Turns to Peter) Look, don't worry! Just be completely honest and try your best. There's no harm in trying.

Peter: (Nodded) Right... Thanks, Mr. Robertson. (Turns to leave)

Betty: (Waves her hand goodbye) Good luck...

Jameson: (Looks around) Hello?! Where's my 11:30 at?!

Peter: (Walks to Jameson) E-Excuse me, sir? That would be me.

Jameson: (Stares at Parker) Who are you?

Peter: I'm Peter! Peter Parker... I'm the one with the 11:30 appointment, we were gonna-!

Jameson: Stop right there! (Walks to Parker) How old are you?

Peter: (Blinked) F-Fifteen, sir.

Jameson: And you're here to get a job for covering pictures of Spider-Man, right?

Peter: (Nodded) Yes sir, I am! In fact, I have one particular photo that you may just like-!

Jameson: Well, you can forget it!

Peter: (Widened his eyes) W-What?! Why?!

Jameson: Kid, do you know how many New Yorkers come in here claiming to have a picture of Spider-Man?

Peter: (Shook his head) N-No-!

Jameson: One hundred! One hundred per week and every single one of them either had a picture of a lunatic who carries guns and swords on a daily basis or a picture of Spider-Man which is completely blurred! And above each and every one of them, you are just about the youngest brat in the whole city looking to make a buck! So, therefore, this interview is officially over!

Peter: But I-!

Jameson: Over.

Peter: I haven't-!

Jameson: Over!

Peter: You didn't even-!

Jameson: (Leans right into Peter's face) OOOOOVEEEEEEEEEER! This interview is OVER! Now I suggest you leave before I begin to break you so emotionally, you will be crying for days!

?: (Knocks on the door) Boss?

Jameson: And if I ever see your face in here again, I will have security throw you right out of the street!

?: Boss.

Jameson: Or more importantly, I will have your face in every single TV screen as security throws you out! So that way, there won't be a single inch in the world that could ever forget what kind of deceitful little brat you-!

?: Boss!

Jameson: (Turns to his employee) WHAT?! What is it, Brock?! I'm in the middle of a conversation here!

Eddie: (Nodded as he looked at Jameson and Parker) Yeah, I can see that. (Walks to the two) And I'm guessing that conversation can wait while you look at those lovely pictures I took of the crime scene from the bank near the new Horizon Labs building on Financial.

Jameson: You have them?

Eddie: (Shows off the polygraphs) Risen and shined, just like yesterday.

Jameson: (Takes the pictures) Gimmie those! Now, let's see here, uh...

Peter: (Walks over to Eddie, whispering) Eddie? What are you doing here?

Eddie: Why do you think? I work here, now be quiet while I save your bacon.

Jameson: (Gives the pictures back to Brock) Alright, Brock. Nice job, I'll send you your payment on. (Turns back to Parker) And as for you-!

Eddie: This, Jonah, is okay! He's my friend from school, remember?

Jameson: (Raises a brow) What, you mean Porter?

Peter: It's Parker-! (Sees Jameson staring at him again) S-Sir.

Jameson: (Turns to Brock) This kid goes to school with you?

Eddie: He does, and from what I saw, he's a pretty good photographer! The kind that hardly ever uses a phone to take pictures.

Jameson: (Turns back to Parker) You have a camera?

Peter: (Looks at Jameson) Yeah... (Looks at Eddie, who gave him a double thumbs up) Y-Yes! I do! I do have a camera! (Gets out his camera) It's right here! This is actually gifted to me when I was just-!

Jameson: (Shook his head) I don't wanna know what kind of camera it is, I just care about the picture! Do you have a picture of Spider-Man or not?

Peter: (Nodded) I do! (Sees him raising a brow) But only if you just let me show you, sir.

Jameson: (Sees Brock nodding as he sighed) Aw, what the hell? (Turns back to Parker) Alright Porter, let's see it!

Peter: It's Parker, but okay... (Gets out the picture and hands it over to Jameson)

Jameson: (Gets the polygraph and sees a full visualized picture of Spider-Man carrying a criminal while swinging in New York in broad daylight) You... (Turns back to Parker) You took this picture?

Peter: (Nodded) I did.

Jameson: (Scoffed) Incredible... (Looks back at the picture) This picture looks good! (Stares at it) Too good...

Eddie: (Sighs as he rubbed his eyes) Oh lord.

Peter: What?

Jameson: (Turns to Parker) Did you made this up from computer editing?!

Peter: (Widened his eyes) What?! No, I didn't!

Jameson: Oh, yes you did! How else could this be so good? You used a school computer to digitally make up a picture of Spider-Man dangerously carrying an innocent bystander in the sky, now did you?

Peter: Okay, I'm pretty sure that guy he's carrying is a criminal! And I absolutely assure you, this picture real!

Jameson: That's what everyone would say when they try to get money in their pockets!

Robbie: (Walks into the group) Alright, what's going on?

Jameson: What's going on is an even newer low! This kid managed to digitized a photo of Spider-Man! Just look at it!

Robbie: (Looks at the picture) I don't know, Jonah. That pic looks way too good for it to be edited.

Betty: (Walks in) And if I may oblige, I've known digital editing while I'm a School News Anchor, and that picture looks pretty legit!

Jameson: (Turns to Betty) I'm sorry, who are you again?

Betty: Betty Brant, your intern. (Folded her arms) The one you just met like, an hour ago?

Jameson: (Nodded) Brant... Right.

Robbie: Jonah, listen! This picture's too good to be digitalized! This is an actual picture of Spider-Man, and you're claiming it to be fake? Come on, trust your guts! You know this is real!

Jameson: Well, uh... (Looks at the picture, then turns to Parker) Ugh... (Groans in defeat) Alright, it's real. (Gives the polygraphs back to Peter) There, everyone happy?

Robbie: (Grinned as Peter gave him the pics) I'll have these taken a better look at just to soothe your nerves. (Turns to leave) While I leave you to the new kid.

Jameson: Right. (Turns to Parker) Alright, Porter!

Peter: Parker.

Jameson: You really want this job badly?

Peter: (Nodded) Yes sir, I do!

Jameson: Why?

Peter: Well, I love taking pictures!

Jameson: And?

Peter: And, well... I wanna see if there's a better side to Spider-Man than we already know... To see that maybe despite what we all think of him, he might just be some guy trying to help out the little guy.

Jameson: (Looks at Parker carefully) ...First off, Spider-Man clearly doesn't care if anyone gets hurt wherever he goes! (Stands straight) And for another, you have the job.

Peter: (Widened his eyes) R-Really? Wow! (Smiled) Wow, that's amazing-!

Jameson: On one condition!

Peter: (Drops his expression) Oh?

Jameson: (Sighs as he walked to his desk, sitting down on his chair) You get me another picture... Not just of Spider-Man, but of him being in an event that recently transpired! One that people will recognize without question, and I want that picture right here on my desk by Monday night! Understood?

Peter: (Nodded) Yes, Mr. Jameson!

Jameson: Alright, then get out of here! I got business to take care of! (Gets a phone call, answering it) WHAT?! IM IN THE MIDDLE OF-?! (Widened his eyes) John? Oh, it's you! (Stands up) Hey, how's that Space Shuttle working out? Have those tech geniuses at Life Foundation got it working yet?

Eddie: (Turns to Peter) Oh my god, you have no idea what you signed up for!

Peter: What do you mean?

Betty: Peter, do you realize how hard it's going to be? Taking a full shot of Spider-Man in a recent activity?

Peter: Oh trust me, that's not going to be a problem!

Eddie: Speaking of which, that's a really good shot, man! Where'd you take it?

Peter: Uh, I'd prefer not to say! (Gets his bag) Listen, I should get going now! (Turns to leave) Hey, thanks for helping me out!

Eddie: Oh no problem! That picture of Spidey isn't going to be taken by itself!

Betty: Wish you good luck!

Later that night, Spider-Man was seen sitting on top of a water tower as he was on his phone playing a mobile game while talking to Ned on the phone.

Ned: (Is heard on Spider-Man's Suit) So he gave you until Monday night to take another picture of yourself? Dude, that's hilarious!

Spider-Man: (Is seen playing a game called, "Flappy Stan") I know, I nearly burst out laughing when he told me to do that!

Ned: (Is seen sitting on his desk) Haha! God, now I see why you want this job! (Sighs) Still though, why not take a selfie and just get it over with?

Spider-Man: Because Jameson wants something that has myself doing something recently! I can't just take selfies and give them to Jonah, he'll realize something's up!

Ned: (Raises a brow) I'm sorry, are we calling him Jonah now?

Spider-Man: Sorry, that feels kinda like a Bugle thing.

Ned: First you call the new guy Max, now you call the guy who's been calling you out Jonah? Are we on a first name basis now?

Spider-Man: Not really, I mean, we haven't really found Max a codename, so-! (Widened his eyes) Oh god, Max! (Gets up) Oh man, I'm late!

Ned: Yeah, speaking of Max... (Gets out the pop up of Max Dillion's picture) Are you really going to do this?

Spider-Man: (Jumps off the roof and starts swinging his way to his destination) Do what?

Ned: What you're doing right now! Meeting up with a complete stranger!

Spider-Man: Okay, that's mean! Max isn't a complete stranger!

Ned: Well I'm sorry, but that's what he is! Didn't he just burn up a bunch of cash inside of the bank last night?

Spider-Man: Dude, calm down! Max only wants to help us fight against Fisk! And yeah, his methods are a little off, but now that I'm here, I can help him use his powers Responsibly!

Ned: Well, that's just it, Peter! This Max dude, he had powers for three years! You had yours since September! Doesn't that make you wonder what this guy's been doing for the last three years?

Spider-Man: Depends, did you find anything out yet?

Ned: (Sighs) No, not yet!

Spider-Man: Then chill out! Alright, Max is on our side, I promise!

Ned: (Shook his head) Whatever you say, man.

Spider-Man: (Sees the construction site) Look, I'm almost there! I'll call you later, okay?

Ned: Okay, just be careful! I have a bad feeling about this!

As soon as he hung up, he landed on a rooftop that has a good vantage point to spy on the Fisk Construction site as he looked around for any signs of Max.

Spider-Man: (Looks around) Max? Are you here?

Max: (Electricity was seen crackling around the rooftop lights before he showed up in true form) You're late.

Spider-Man: (Walks to Max) Sorry, I got caught up with something.

Max: It doesn't matter, we're here now.

Spider-Man: (Turns to look at the site) So that's where the drugs are at?

Max: (Nodded as he joined Spidey) This is one of the many operations where Wilson hides behind gestures of goodwill while his men store every illegal item on the inside, including drugs, money laundering, and weapons from Symkaria.

Spider-Man: We take this down, we could strike a heavy blow to the Big Man! A good place to start, Max!

Max: Thank you.

Spider-Man: (Leans on the ledge) So, do you have a codename or something cool I can call you by?

Max: Why?

Spider-Man: Well, knowing myself, I have a secret identity to keep so no one can know who I am and all! So-!

Max: So good for you, but what's the point in calling me something else when everyone thinks I'm dead?

Spider-Man: (Widened his eyes) Right... (Rubbed his head) Sorry Max, I uh-!

Max: (Shook his head) No, no, I'm sorry. I'm just used to fighting this all on my own, I've gotten pretty grouchy when it comes to Fisk.

Spider-Man: Hey, it's okay! I'm not used to having someone fight with while I'm out on the field either. But together, we can change that.

Max: (Nodded before looking down at the site) So, any ideas on how to go with this?

Spider-Man: Go with what? (Sees Max staring at him when he widened his eyes) Oh, you mean where do go fighting wise? Uh, I dunno, I thought you were taking point! (Shook his head) Wait, what is it that you do when you take out an operation?

Max: Well, my plan is usually going in, take out whoever's in my way, and destroy the shipment. (Folded his arms) Got any other ideas?

Spider-Man: No, but I know someone who could help us out!

Max: You make a call, I'll see if anyone else comes. (Turns to scout)

Spider-Man: (Reactivates Karen) Hey Karen! I'm looking at a construction site that's a front for some really bad stuff, and I'm working with a partner on this one! Can you help us how we can both take this without getting anyone hurt?

Karen: Let's see. (Scans the construction site) Well, you could have your partner take out the lights while you could take out the armed men by webbing them one at a time.

Spider-Man: (Nodded) That's a good idea, Karen! Thanks! (Turns to Max as he came back) Alright, so you can turn off the lights while I start webbing everybody up! That sounds good?

Max: (Powers his hands with electricity) Let's do this. (Moved to simply flick his fingers, causing sparks to fly towards the lights)

Fisk Thug 1: (Is seen guarding the site when all of the lights suddenly got shut down) Huh?! (Looks around) What was that?!

Fisk Thug 2: Who turned off the lights?!

Spider-Man: Nice! (Gets on the ledge) Alright, my turn! (Web zips over to the site)

Fisk Thug 3: (Is seen looking around when he suddenly got hit by a web) Huh? (Gets flown upwards as webs suddenly encased him, spreading all over his mouth too) MMF?!

Spider-Man: (Jumps from another ledge) Whatever you do, don't let the tongue touch the web! And I mean that seriously! (Sees a group of five) Alright Web Grenade, you're a go! (Shoots out a Web Grenade)

Fisk Thug 4: (Sees a small device planted in front of him) Hmm? (Grenade explodes and he and his group got sent flying into walls) UGH!

Spider-Man: (Looks around) Alright Karen! Set up Impact Web for the rest! (Moves around and shoots Impact Webs at the remaining thugs) One for you! One for you! Yes, certainly one for you!

Fisk Thug 5: (Gets hit by the Impact Web) GAH!

Fisk Thug 6: (Does the Wilhelm Scream while getting Webbed) AHHH!

Spider-Man: (Landed on the ground, looking around at his handiwork) Wow guys, I thought you would have put more of a fight when it comes to guarding a stash of drugs!

Fisk Brute: That's because these guys are for show! (Gets out a Minigun as Spider-Man got his attention) I'm the real guard! (Starts firing up his Minigun) RAHHHHH!

Spider-Man: (Widened his eyes) WHOA! (Jumps around the site to avoid getting shot at) Dude, where'd you get that?! Wait, never mind! Stop, you're gonna hurt someone!

Fisk Brute: The only one I'm gonna hurt is you! (Laughs maliciously before his weapon suddenly got disabled by an electric outage) Huh? (His weapon explodes) UGH! (Stood back as he looked at the remains) What the hell?!

Max: (Is seen floating down to the ground) My turn.

Fisk Brute: (Sees Max walking towards him) Oh my god! What are you-?!

Max: The Stash. (Walked in front of the brute, leaning to him in a threatening manner) Where... Is it?

Fisk Brute: (Actually shook in terror as he pointed the direction) O-Over there! Take it!

Spider-Man: (Walks over to a pile of 2x4's and looks behind it to see a bag) I see it! (Twips the bag over to him and opens it, seeing it loaded with drugs) Okay, this is it! Alright, let's turn this over to-!

Fisk Brute: (Gets flown across the site) AHHHHH! (Lands on a car) UGH!

Spider-Man: (Turns around) Max?

Max: (Glares at the brute) Tell me... Where did you get the drugs from?

Fisk Brute: (Looks at Max) I dunno! I just get the stuff from the guy, and I don't ask questions! I swear!

Max: Liar! (Shoots out several volts at him) Tell me where you got them! Tell me who you got it from!

Fisk Brute: (Shook in terror as he looked at Max) Please! Please, you have to understand! If I start talking, the Big Man's gonna have my head on a platter!

Max: Oh, there won't be any platter waiting for your head! Because if you don't start talking... (Starts showing off his powers) That thick level skull of yours is going to have its' brain fried like a barbeque! (Leaned right into the Brute's face) So give me a name, NOW!

Spider-Man: (Sees Max about to strike) Max, NO!

Fisk Brute: (Covers himself) ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT! There's a shipment that comes in and out of Sokovia! It usually docks at Hell's Kitchen, the guy you wanna look for is Foswell! He has every known connection in what goes on around this City! Now please, don't hurt me!

Spider-Man: (Sees Max hesitating to strike) Max... (Walks to him) Max, that's enough! He's given us what we need, we're done here!

Max: (Looks at Spider-Man before turning back to the Brute, pointing at him) If I go to this place and this leads to a dead end... (Starts walking backward) You won't like the next time we meet. (Leaves via teleportation through electricity)

Spider-Man: (Sees Max go inside of a traffic light) Jeez... (Contacts Karen) Karen, did you contact 911?

Karen: (Sirens can be heard in the background) Police are on their way right now.

Spider-Man: Great. (Turns back the brute, sighing) I can't believe I'm actually asking this question to you, but uh... Are you okay?

Fisk Brute: (Slowly turned to Spider-Man, crawling away from him in fear) Jesus, you Mutants really are a Threat!

Spider-Man: (Widened his eyes) What makes that I'm-? (Groans) Whatever man, you're in good hands.

Spider-Man then left the scene while police began to swarm in the place.

Spider-Man was seen looking over the police arresting Fisk thugs from the rooftop that he and Max met up before as he talked to Ned.

Ned: (Is heard on the Suit's Comlink) Man, what did I tell you? I told you something was up with that guy!

Spider-Man: (Sits on the ledge) Look, don't overreact!

Ned: "Don't overreact"?! Dude, he tried to kill someone!

Spider-Man: And he didn't!

Ned: Because of you! Look, I'm not too sure about this guy! Maybe we should hold off on hanging out with him before you get too close with him!

Spider-Man: Ned, you're acting just like someone who actually believes in Jameson's preposterous accusations about how I'm such a-! (Stops his sentence) Wait, Jameson... (Widened his eyes) Oh my god! My camera! I forgot about my camera! Oh man, I could have gotten some pictures of recent Spidey activity!

Ned: Yeah, I wish you did too! Because I would have liked to see what was on that guy's expression when he almost tried electrocuting the other dude!

Spider-Man: Look, ever since I've become Spider-Man, I've been fighting against crime all on my own! I know how lonely it gets, and Max was obviously alone fighting for three long years!

Ned: (Raises a brow) I'm sorry... You were alone? What do you mean you were alone?! I was there ever for you ever since you got bit by that Spider, and you're acting like as I was never there to help you!

Spider-Man: What? Ned, no! I didn't mean-! (Sighs) Look, we can talk about this later! Right now, I'm going to come over to your place to pick up my camera, so be sure to expect a visit.

Ned: (Nodded) Right, whatever dude. (Ends the call)

Spider-Man: (Heard the phone hang up) Ned? Ned, are you there?

Karen: I believe Ned had abruptly hung up the call.

Spider-Man: (Sighs) I can see that. (Looks around to see Max arriving) Hey! I was just about to ask if we could look up-!

Max: No need. (Throws a cell phone at Spidey) What that piece of garbage said was legit. There's a boat that comes in from Sokovia every month that delivers not just drugs, but all kinds of illegal weaponry and a man named Foswell is the one that delivers the package. (Turns to Spider-Man) We take that down, and it'll be another step to breaking that fat bastard down.

Spider-Man: (Looks at a phone seeing a picture of Foswell) Okay, that's good news. (Turns to Max) But is there anything else you'd like to talk about?

Max: (Leaned himself against the ledge) What's there to talk about?

Spider-Man: Oh, I don't know, maybe the part where you brutally beat up that thug Mortal Kombat style and then threatened to fry his brains out if he didn't tell us anything! Anything ring a bell yet?

Max: Oh, him and his goons. (Scoffed as he saw them getting inside of the cruisers) You did a good job, but honestly, you should have just let me burn 'em when I had the chance.

Spider-Man: Okay, whoa! Let me stop you right there! If there are lines to be drawn in this game, then I absolutely draw the line at killing! Because that is absolutely not necessary!

Max: (Turns to Spider-Man) Oh? And what about all those thugs we handed over to the cops? Do you really think we can actually trust them to send them in prison?

Spider-Man: Not all of them are working for Fisk! You have to learn when to trust them!

Max: Oh really? Because the last time I trusted a cop, they shot my friend and tried to kill me! Do you honestly believe it's that easy to trust in the people put in charge to protect this city?

Spider-Man: Okay, obviously not! But that doesn't excuse the fact that you could have killed someone!

Max: Please! That someone could care less a damn about anyone else, but his own! They all are, just like Fisk!

Spider-Man: Yeah, well that doesn't mean we have to act like them! I mean, why are you being such a hard ass? Look at you, you're all Blue and Sparkly!

Max: Because of Fisk!

Spider-Man: Yeah, but I mean, that's not the worst part about having your powers, right?

Max: (Shook his head) Only on the outside.

Suddenly, Max's skin turned to its normal originality, showing his face scarred all over as Spider-Man widened his eyes as he stood back in shock.

Max: (Stopped glowing his skin as he looked at Spider-Man) When I got struck by that lightning, that was merely water splashing at my body. (Starts walking towards the hero) But every time I look at my face whenever I turn off the electricity inside of me, I can only think that this was all Wilson Fisk's fault. Every night, I stare at myself, reminded of how much he took away from me! And you know what he took from me? My life... My career, and my dignity! (Points at himself) And I look at this to remind myself that this is what he does to ordinary citizens of this city whenever they do something he doesn't like! Because no matter how big or small, he will do anything to remain seated in his throne! (Stops in front of him) Now, do you understand why I'm being such a hard ass now?

Spider-Man: (Nodded as he looked at Max) I do...

Max: (Nodded) Good... (Sighs) Look, you seem like a nice kid trying to help out and all, but I need to know that whatever we do next, you're going to be in this with me. Are you?

Spider-Man: (Nodded solemnly) Yeah... I'm in.

Max: Great. (Blows some air) Now, the boat doesn't arrive for another hour and a half. So why don't we go lay off some steam for a while and then we meet over there, got it?

Spider-Man: T-Totally!

Max: Alright. (Starts going Blue again) I'll see you there. (Leaves)

Spider-Man: (Sees Dillion leave) Geez... (Stood where he was) Uh, Karen, what was I gonna do now?

Karen: I believe you were going to your friend's house to collect your camera.

Spider-Man: Camera, right... (Starts to leave) Let's get to it.

Spider-Man started to make his way to Ned's home residence to find his camera, seeing no one inside his room when he crawled inside.

Spider-Man: (Looks around) Ned? Ned, it's me! Peter!

Peter: (Takes his Mask off, looking around) Ned? (Sees his camera on the bed) Hey, there's my camera! (Picks it up, seeing a note on there) Hmm?

Ned: (His handwriting was seen on the paper as it was attached to Peter's camera) Peter, meet me outside the backyard once you get this. From, Ned.

Peter: (Raises a brow) The backyard? What for? (Grabs his camera and got out to the backyard) Ned? Ned!

Ned: (Walks to Peter) Hey, man.

Peter: (Turns to Ned) Ned! Hey, what's up with-?

Suddenly, a car's headlights turned on to where the two teens are, taking Peter by surprise by this.

Peter: (Covered his face) Ahh! Mrs. Leeds! I swear, this isn't what it-!

Happy: (Gets out of the car) Kid!

Peter: (Stops covering his face, seeing Happy Hogan) Happy? What are you doing here?

Happy: What do you think? (Shuts his car off, walking to Peter) Your friend told me everything about your new Electric buddy! Is that true?

Peter: Electric buddy-?! (Turns to Ned) You told him?! You told him about Max?!

Ned: Peter, I'm sorry, I really am! But you have gone too far working with this guy!

Peter: Really?! You really went behind my back?!

Ned: What else was I supposed to do?! You weren't listening to me before, so I had to do something!

Peter: Well yeah! Not go behind my back, because that's not what friends do!

Happy: Alright, enough of this teen drama shit! You're talking to me now! (Gets Peter's attention) Look, this Electric Man partnership you're having, it's done! Over, the end! Understood?

Peter: No, I don't! In fact, I don't really understand you, Happy! I mean first, when I call for you, you tell me you had other things to do! And now when I'm actually doing something that can actually help this city, you come into my life and tell me what to do?!

Happy: That's different! Helping you find a hero's lair wasn't a life-threatening emergency! But when you hang out with another Superpowered stranger, now that's life threatening! And you know what? Yeah, I did have better things to do! But I'm here now because if it wasn't for your friend over here, you could have brought yourself into a serious situation!

Peter: Oh, and now you suddenly care about what I do on my business?!

Happy: Alright, I don't you understand why I'm even here! My job isn't just to look after some science company, my job is to make sure you responsibly take care of your actions and whoever you work with! And the guy you met? From what I hear, he's bad news!

Peter: Please, you don't even know him!

Happy: No, I don't! And neither do you!

Peter: Yeah, well neither does Mr. Jameson! He has no idea who I really am! And unlike you two, I actually know what's it like to be judged on trying to help other people!

Ned: Well, what if that's not the case, Peter! What if Max just wants to get payback for what the Kingpin did to him? What if he's using you to find a way to make him vulnerable?

Peter: Is that what you really think? Or is that what you're assuming?

Happy: Alright, you know what? That's it! (Gets out his phone) If you're not gonna see reason, then maybe I'll just call Tony and see that gets you to listen! (Tries to make a call, but suddenly has it taken away by a Web) Hey!

Peter: (Flung Happy's phone backward, slamming it to a wall) Oops! Sorry! My Web Shooter must have malfunctioned, I'll take a good look at that. (Turns to leave) So now if you'll excuse me, we're done here.

Ned: (Sees Peter putting on the Mask) Peter, please listen!

Spider-Man: (Puts the Mask back on) Don't talk to me! (Jumps off the back yard and leaves)

Ned: (Sees Spider-Man leave as he turned to Happy) So, was that your only phone?

Happy: (Looked at his broken phone, scoffing as he turned to Ned) I dunno, what do you think?

Ned: (Sighs) Oh man, this isn't good!

Happy: Yeah, with your friend gone, and my only contact to Tony gone, we're both stuck at rock bottom!

Ned: (Rubbed his head) Well, not exactly!

Happy: What do you mean?

Ned: Okay, long story short; Peter had a run in with the Kingpin that didn't go so well, so he was developing a tracking device for me so if anything goes wrong, I can find him through GPS! But he never got around to it because he forgot, so I stuck around and worked on it for him!

Happy: Okay, well did you get it to work?

Ned: Not sure! (Gets out his phone) I just gotta see if-! (Sees the map of NYC and finds a Spider-Man Symbol moving) GOT IT! YES! YES, I GOT IT! Oh wow, I can't believe I actually got it!

Happy: Alright, alright! Congratulations, now where is he going?

Ned: (Looks at the map) I'm not sure! He looks like he's heading to the Island!

Happy: Alright, then let's go! I'll drive, you point me to the direction!

Ned: (Raises a brow) Wait, I get to come with you?

Happy: Yes, you do! (Turns on his car and unlocks it, opening the driver's door as he turned to Ned) Come on, let's go!

Ned: (Smiles) Wow, that's amazing! (Nodded) Okay, I'm coming! (Turns to get inside the car, turning to his phone to find Harry calling him) Oh man!

Happy: What? What's going on?

Ned: I got a phone call!

Happy: Well, hang up! This is an important issue we're dealing with!

Ned: No, no! It's okay! I had him working on finding out who Peter's new friend is! This is also important!

Happy: Okay, fine! Just hurry it up! (Drives out of the parkway)

Ned: (Answers the call) Harry?

Harry: (Is seen looking at a computer) Hey Ned, I got some news about Peter's bad crowd you told me about.

Ned: How'd you get it?

Harry: You have no idea how easy it is to make my Dad forget to log out when it comes to dealing with business.

Ned: Okay, great! Can you tell me about this guy?

Harry: Well, this guy, Max Dillion apparently has a codename. Apparently, S.H.I.E.L.D. calls him the Electro because he has the ability to manipulate electricity. (Sighs) I mean, seriously? Is this who Peter's been hanging out with?

Ned: Why? Harry, tell me why!

Harry: Ned, the guy Peter is hanging out with... He's all kinds of bad news!

Ned: (Listens to what Harry tells him) Oh god... Oh my god, that's what he was doing for Three Years?! (Shook his head) No, no! Don't call the cops, I have it taken care of, you just wait at your place! Peter and I will call you!

Happy: (Raises a brow as he drove) What? What is it? Who is this guy?

Ned: (Ends the call as he turned to Happy) We need to find Peter, NOW!

Later, Spider-Man was seen waiting at the docks at Hell's Kitchen as Max Dillion arrived, seeing Spider-Man there.

Max: (Sees Spider-Man) Hey, you're early this time.

Spider-Man: (Nodded) Yeah, I uh... I had some trouble at home.

Max: Wanna talk about it?

Spider-Man: (Shook his head) I really don't want to.

Max: (Nodded) Whatever you say.

Spider-Man: (Looks around at the docks) So, this Foswell dude... Do you know where he is right now?

Max: (Points at a man with a ponytail) That's him, right there.

Spider-Man: (Sees the man named Foswell) That's him?

Max: Yeah, and from what I read, he's been known to be an average loan shark in the neighborhood.

Spider-Man: Well, then it's a good thing he's here tonight because his days of hurting people are over!

Max: You got that right. (Hears a horn honking) Do you hear that?

Spider-Man: (Hears the horn as he saw the boat) There it is! That's the boat!

Max: (Sees the boat) So that man wasn't lying after all.

Spider-Man: No he wasn't! (Gets out his camera) Alright, hold this position while I-!

Max: (Sees the camera) What are you doing with a camera?

Spider-Man: Oh this? Yeah, it's for taking pictures!

Max: What the hell's the use for it?

Spider-Man: To let everyone see what Fisk has been up to! If we take this down and gather evidence, we send this to social media and the cops will have no choice, but to shut this down!

Max: (Nodded) Alright, I'll work that... But where are you going to put it?

Spider-Man: (Winks) You leave that up to me!

Max: (Turns to the boat) Okay, it's going inside that warehouse, so let's go in.

Spider-Man: Wait! Don't you think the Electricity's a little too much for a recon mission?

Max: (Looks at his Glowing Skin) Yeah, you have a point. (Reverts his skin back to human form) Let's go.

The two got inside the warehouse and wait in their positions as the boat docked, with Foswell being seen to walk to the newcomers.

Foswell: (Sees the suppliers walk out) Do you have the shipment?

Supplier: (Unloads a crate) All the best quality stuff, courtesy of Baron Von Strucker!

Foswell: Let's see it.

Max: (Sees them getting the crate) You have that camera set up now?

Spider-Man: (Webbed up from the window) Yeah, it's set! (Sees the crate unloaded) Alright, on my mark! (Sees Foswell opening up the crate, revealing weapons) Okay, now!

Max: (Teleports himself from the window and to the ground as he started glowing) No one move!

Spider-Man: (Swung down to jump kick Foswell) Because you just got busted!

Foswell: (Gets kicked by Spider-Man) GAH! (Fell to the floor)

Spider-Man: (Lands on the floor and takes away everyone's weapons via Web) Okay, nobody move! This just is just Spider-Man and his Spectacular Electric Man here to disrupt a criminal operation! So everybody plays nice, and you won't have to deal with waiting for my webs to dissolve when you start to spend your night in jail!

Max: (Raises a brow) Seriously? Electric Man?

Spider-Man: What? It has a good ring to it!

Max: (Scoffs) Show off.

Spider-Man: (Looks around, seeing Foswell with a smug expression) Hey, what's with that look? Can't you see you're under arrest?

Foswell: (Looks at Spider-Man and Max) You two think you are making an ambush. (Stands up) But you both, are the ambushed!

Suddenly, armed men with guns started showing up as they swarmed the warehouse, aiming their weapons at the two Superpowered beings.

Fisk Thug 1: (Aims his gun at them) Don't move, freaks!

Fisk Thug 2: You two are in deep shit now!

Fisk Thug 3: Don't even try anything!

Max: (Looks around) Ambush! That prick sold us out!

Spider-Man: Now what?

Fisk Thug 4: (Gets out a shock prod) Any of you move, and you get tased!

Max: (Looks at the Thug with a Shock Prod, getting an idea) You wanna talk about tasing? (Starts powering himself up) Let's talk!

Spider-Man: (Sees Max's powers increasing) No, wait!

Max: (Starts shooting out his energy at all of the Ambushers) RAAAAAGH!

Fisk Thug 1: (Gets hit by electricity) AHHH!

Fisk Thug 5: UGH!

Fisk Thug 6: GAAHHH!

Soon, one by one, all of Fisk's goons were taken out by Max Dillion, who looked like he relished in inflicting pain upon them while Spider-Man looked horrified at the brutality that took place.

Max: (Sighs in satisfaction as he turned to Foswell) I'm sorry, what were you saying before about being ambushed?

Spider-Man: Oh man! (Looks over a thug, checking his pulse) They're still alive... (Turns to Max) Hey, you could have killed them!

Max: (Turns to Spider-Man) A small price to pay for getting Fisk!

Foswell: (Stares at Max) I recognize you... (Gets Max's attention) You're the one that the feds have mentioned before... You're The Man Called Electro! (Suddenly gets lifted in the air) Ahh!

Max: (Glares at Foswell as he lifted him using electromagnetic waves) Don't call me that! (Throws Dmitri across the warehouse) RAAAGH!

Foswell: (Gets thrown across the floor) UGH! (Gets up, seeing Max giving a death glare while he walked toward him) So it's true! You're the Electric Baba Yaga!

Max: (Powers his hands up) What did I just say?!

Spider-Man: (Lands in front of Max) Hey, that's enough! Max, what is wrong with you? You're going to kill someone, do you realize that?!

Foswell: (Starts to chuckle) Ha!

Spider-Man: (Turns to Foswell) Hey, what's so funny?

Foswell: You don't get it, do you? That man has enough blood on his hands than the Hulk! He's killed as twice as many people in the underground! Whether it be Maggia, Hydra, or the Big Man!

Spider-Man: (Turns to Max) Is it true Max? Have you killed people before?

Max: What does it matter? They're dead! All of them, including the cops that tried to kill me!

Spider-Man: Jeez, Max! Is this what you've been doing for the last three years?! Destroying property and killing indiscriminately, that's what you're doing?!

Max: So what? Wilson Fisk does the same to everyone else in New York! Only I make sure the job gets done right!

Spider-Man: Look, I wanna take down Fisk more than you do, but you can't just hurt innocent people! That just makes us even less than Fisk and anyone else who's just like him!

Max: Captain America didn't seem to mind getting his hands dirty fighting Nazis!

Spider-Man: That was when he was at war! This isn't a war, Max, this is murder!

Max: I don't care! Fisk ruined my life, so now I'm going to ruin his! (Starts floating in the air while Foswell made his escape) And if I have to get blood spilled on my hands, then so be it! (Shoots at Spider-Man)

Spider-Man: (Gets shot by Max) UGH!

As Spider-Man fell to the floor, Max began to draw out all the electricity inside of the warehouse and direct it on top of the ceiling, causing it to collapse as debris fell right onto the poor Web-Slinger.

Spider-Man: (Gets hit by falling wreckage) GAHHH! (Groans as he felt the weight crushing him)

Max: (Walks to Spider-Man) I'm going to let you live, not because we have a lot in common, but to leave you with a warning. (Knelt down) Get in my way, and there will be consequences! (Turns to leave)

Spider-Man: (Turns to Max) Max, please don't do this! Max! MAAAAX!

Max turned around and left Spider-Man behind at the warehouse, while Happy Hogan and Ned Leeds arrived at the scene as they stopped the car to find Max floating in the city along with many other pedestrians that took to look at the sky.

Happy: (Looks at Max flying away) Oh god, what kind of City am I living in?

Ned: (Gets out of the car, pointing at the warehouse) Come on! He's in there!

Happy: (Turns to the warehouse) Alright, wait here! I'll check it out! (Runs inside to find Spider-Man trapped) Oh, dammit! (Runs to him) Kid! Are you still with me?

Spider-Man: (Groans as Happy helped him) Happy?

Happy: (Pulls the rubble off of him) Come on! Come on, get up!

Spider-Man: (Gets Happy's hand as he got up) You and Ned were right... This guy, Max... He has so much Power, but he lacks any kind of Responsibility!

Happy: Yeah, yeah, I get it! Apology accepted, now let's get out of here!

Ned: (Walks inside, seeing his friend hurt) Peter!

Spider-Man: (Turns to see Ned) Ned!

Ned: (Runs to him and Happy) Oh my god, what the hell happened?!

Peter: (Groaned as he took his Mask off) Max... He was gonna kill someone, and I tried to stop him, but he didn't like that! (Sits down) Ugh, god! I think he might try to go after Fisk right now!

Ned: Well, you gotta do something!

Happy: No, he doesn't! Look, I contacted some people at S.H.I.E.L.D, I told him all about the Electro! They're gonna be searching this city high and low for him!

Peter: That won't be enough to stop him!

Happy: And you are? Kid, this guy's too powerful, even for you!

Peter: I don't care! I can't just let him get away with it!

Happy: And I just let some Fifteen-year-old kid wearing a costume run off and fight a psychopath with lightning on his fingertips!

Peter: And you told me that your job was to keep me responsible for my actions! And Max was my responsibility! I was wrong to trust him when... (Turns to Ned) When I should have been listening to my friend. (Turns back to Happy) Look, Max is too dangerous for anyone to take on! If it's anyone's job to bring him down, it's mine! So please, let me do this!

Happy: (Looks at Peter) Damn, I can't believe this! (Sighs) Fine! But if I'm officially allowing this, then I should give you something to help! (Turns to leave the warehouse) And put your Mask back on! People could see your face!

Ned: (Turns to Peter) He has a point.

Peter: Yeah.

Spider-Man: (Puts his Mask back on as he grabbed his camera sitting on the window) Let's go! (Walks outside with Ned)

Happy: (Is seen at the back of his car getting out a pair of gloves) Alright, Tony worked on these for this exact occasion! It helps to combat those with electricity, and in your case, it would help you a lot!

Spider-Man: (Takes the gloves) Hey, these look like Electrician's Gloves!

Happy: Yeah, this one's a prototype.

Ned: Will it help?

Happy: How am I supposed to know? I'm the one trying help out!

Spider-Man: It'll do! (Puts the gloves in his inventory) Thanks, Happy!

Ned: Wait, what do you want us to do?

Spider-Man: (Turns to look at Happy and Ned) Crowd control! If there's anyone else in the fight, I need people to get out safely! Can you do that?

Ned: (Nodded) Uh, yeah! We can do that!

Happy: Yeah, we can handle crowd control!

Spider-Man: Great! Now let's find Max!

At Fisk Tower, he was hosting a private party for the city government as Captain Stacy and Detective Watanabe were seen as one of the many attendants there.

Yuri: (Is seen wearing a Chinese Red Dragon dress) I can't believe we're even here.

George: I'd say... (Turns to Yuri, looking at her dress) I didn't know you wore fancy dresses.

Yuri: Oh god, please! Don't get me started, I hate looking like a fashion model!

Robbie: (Walks to the two) As long as you don't let J. Jonah Jameson see you wearing that, he'll kill for this story.

George: (Turns to Robbie) Hey, you're one of those reporters for the Daily Bugle, aren't you?

Robbie: I am! Robbie Robertson, Daily Bugle.

Yuri: What are you doing here?

Robbie: I'm here because Jonah wants me to cover this one up, and to ask around the city's top officials about what to do with Spider-Man.

Yuri: He asked you to do that?

Robbie: Do I look I want to?

George: Hey, we have a job to do when it comes to working, so there's nothing ashamed about it as long as we're doing it right.

Robbie: Indeed. (Sighs) So, if you two are ready, I'll go ahead and start recording!

Yuri: Yeah, I'm sure Captain Stacy would love to do an interview! (Turns to get a drink) I'll leave this to you while I get drinks.

George: (Sees Yuri turn tail and leave while he turned to Robbie, who was looking at him with a tape recorder in his hand) Ugh, alright! Speak.

Robbie: (Starts recording) So, Captain Stacy, do you have any plans on when-?

While the conversation between Reporter and Cop began, Fisk was seen among his guests as he was talking to them when Norman Osborn was seen walking by.

Fisk: (Listens to people talk when he noticed Osborn) Norman.

Norman: (Turns to see Fisk) Wilson. I see you have quite a party here.

Fisk: As well as I can see you out of that Tower of yours to not boast about your military contracts in front of your son.

Norman: As much as I want to influence my son into joining the family business, I do have the right to enjoy myself a little.

Fisk: That is... Unlike you.

Norman: That... (Blinked his eyes as he heard himself saying what he said) Isn't the point though... (Puts his drink down) I actually came here to see you about those, Subjects that you have for me.

Fisk: Ah, yes! The lab rats! What of them?

Norman: I would like to know when exactly I'll be working on them. After all, we're partners.

Fisk: Indeed we are, and you have my word that we will contact you about them as soon as we are ready to proceed.

Norman: Be careful, Wilson. You might end up sounding like the Thunder God if you keep saying, "You have my word."

Fisk: (Grins) Hmm... Norman Osborn cracking a joke... (Turns around) Now that's new.

As Fisk left the Oscorp CEO, Spider-Man landed on top of Fisk's window to see everyone in the party as there was no sign of Max Dillion as of yet.

Spider-Man: (Looks around) Alright, Max isn't here yet!

Ned: (Is seen following Happy) That's good, right?

Spider-Man: Yeah, it means we have time to get everyone out!

Happy: Got that right! (Turns to an elevator)

Fisk Thug: (Is seen stopping the two) Whoa, hold on a sec, pal. Only people allowed to use the elevators are those who work here or have an appointment.

Happy: (Sees the thug) Oh, don't worry! Uh, I'm a guest of Wilson Fisk's private party!

Fisk Thug: Name?

Happy: Uh... Tony... Potts. Tony Potts!

Fisk Thug: Huh... (Checks his mic) Hey, I got a guy-! (Suddenly gets punched in the face) UGH! (Fell to the floor)

Happy: (Quickly picked up the guy) Oh, my god! I'm so sorry! I must have lost a step! (Turns to anyone who saw this) Hey, can anyone help me? This man's been hurt! Somebody, please, help him out! (Gets out the keycard as he got up)

Ned: (Sees the goon get crowded by civilians) Whoa! (Turns to Happy) Was that necessary?

Happy: Yeah, well there's no time for subtlety! We gotta get everyone out before that lunatic gets here

As the two got inside the elevator, a man wearing a similar Green and Yellow Leather Hoodie was seen walking down the halls as security got sent in to investigate what happened to the guard that Happy punched in the face.

Security 1: (Sees the thug knocked out) What the hell happened to him?

Security 2: Apparently, someone lost his footing and knocked this guy loose.

Security 3: Who?

Security 2: Someone who claims to have been invited to the party.

Security 3: Can we get his name? Perhaps we can-!

Security 1: (Turns around and sees a man stopping in front of the elevator) Hey! That elevator's for employees or people who have an appointment! Who are you?

Max: (Is seen with his hoodie up as he turned to security) Someone who's here to bring a reckoning to Wilson Fisk.

Security 1: (Walks to Max) Okay, I'm gonna have to ask you to come with me-! (Touched Max, only to get zapped by electricity) AHH! (Fell to the floor)

Max: (Watches the guard go down) Careful what you touch.

Max then opened the elevator opposite to what Leeds and Hogan took as he got inside, the two arrived at the party as there was no sign of trouble yet.

Ned: (Looks around) Okay, we're here!

Spider-Man: (Sees Ned and Happy inside) Okay, now get everyone out of there! Including yourselves, I don't want you two being here when things start getting real!

Ned: Okay, so how do we-?

Happy: Watch and learn, kid. (Turns to grab a microphone from the band) Sorry, I need to borrow this! (Taps on the mic) Excuse me! Excuse me, may everyone turn your attention to me? (Gets everyone's attention) First off, let me just off my complete thanks to Mr. Fisk for hosting this wonderful party! (Turns to Fisk) Really, thank you! This has been one that I'm going to remember by! And I'm not even lying! But I'm afraid that I'm going to offer some terrible news! There's been an accident in the building, and-!

Fisk: (Looks at Happy as he turned to one of his guards) Who is he?

Guard: (Shook his head) I can't say, boss. There's a lot of people we don't know.

Robbie: (Looks at Happy) That's odd... Isn't that Tony Stark's former Bodyguard?

George: Yeah... (Looks at Happy) What's he doing here?

Happy: (Continues talking) And don't worry! No one will get hurt as long as we leave this building in a calm, fashionable manner! Now we need to leave before the problem gets too extreme!

Fisk: (Turns to walk over to Happy) Excuse me! But may I ask what exactly is the problem?

Suddenly, before Happy could reply, the entire building got shut down as Fisk's penthouse was dark, people were seen looking around at this sudden development while Spidey looked to the lights go out.

Spider-Man: (Sees the lights get turned off) Oh no...

Happy: (Looks around) Crap.

Fisk: (Turns to his security) Who turned off the electricity?!

Guard: I don't know, boss!

Norman: (Walks to Happy) What is this? What's going on?

As everyone got confused, an elevator door was opened, revealing a glowing Max Dillion as Ned took immediate notice of his presence.

Ned: (Widened his eyes as Max charged his powers) EVERYONE, GET DOWN!

Max: (Starts shooting Electricity out of his hands) NGHHH! (Blows something up, causing everyone in the party to panic as he started to float in the air) WILSON FISK! You and I have unfinished business!

Security: (Turns to his fellow guards) Everyone, guard the boss! (Turns to open fire, only to get struck down by Max's Powers with his team) AGHHH! (Fell to the ground)

Yuri: (Moves to point to the back) Everyone get back! Back!

Happy: Back away! Everybody, stay away from the Lightning Rod!

Spider-Man: (Looks at Max terrorizing everyone) Oh god, this is bad! (Puts his gloves on) Karen?!

Karen: I just got access inside of the building's electrical systems! Give me 20 seconds to reboot!

Ned: (Looks at Max) Dude, what do we do now?!

Fisk: (Steps forward, turning to Max) Who are you? What do you want? Money?

Max: (Glares at Fisk) Oh, money is the least of my concern right now. (Points at Fisk) All I want right now is to make you pay for taking EVERYTHING from me!

Fisk: I apologize, but I don't even know who you are!

Max: Oh you will... (Starts powering his hands)

George: (Gets behind Max and points a gun at him) NYPD! Put your hands behind your head! (Gets his hand zapped) GAH! (Drops his gun)

Spider-Man: (Widened his eyes when he sees Captain Stacy) Oh no, Captain Stacy!

Max: (Turns to look at Stacy) You think you can hide behind the police? (Turns to Fisk) The very force you corrupted with your wealth? Well, let's see how powerful you really are when I fry this filth's brains out!

Spider-Man: (Sees Max about to attack Stacy) Okay, I can't wait, Karen! (Jumps out of the window, attacking Max without hurting himself) YAH!

Max: (Gets hit in the face by Spider-Man) GUK! (Fell to the floor)

Fisk: (The power in the building got turned back on as he sees Spider-Man in his building) Spider-Man?!

Spider-Man: (Turns to the guests) Everyone, get out of here! RUN!

Ned: (Nodded as he guided everyone to the exits) Everybody, to the stairs!

Happy: Let's go! Come on, people!

Yuri: (Runs over to George) George! (Picks him up by the arm) George, get up!

George: (Groans as he saw Max) The suspect!

Yuri: Don't worry! Spider-Man's got it handled!

Norman: (Is seen standing in a line filled with panicked guests as he turned to get a good look at Spider-Man) ...

Happy: (Turns to Norman when he was just standing there) HEY! (Gets Osborn's attention) Are you deaf?! Get a move on! (Makes Norman leave as he took a good look at of Spider-Man facing off against Max) Don't make me wrong about this... (Turns to leave)

Max: (Grunted as he saw Spider-Man in the building) You... You let Fisk escape?!

Spider-Man: Yeah, that's what you get for trying something that was really stupid!

Max: (Starts to glare at him) You'd save the bastard that ruined my life?!

Spider-Man: I'm not here to save him! I'm here to save you from yourself!

Max: I don't NEED saving! Especially not from some brat wearing a costume!

Spider-Man: Max, please! You're better than this! Three years ago, your friend was killed by Fisk's corrupt police force, and you swore you'd avenge him and anyone who suffered because of him! That was you when you got powers, that was Max Dillion!

Max: (Looks at Spider-Man as he stopped Glowing) What if that's just the problem? What if my real problem was that all those years ago I had never realized that part of me actually died? What if that man in the warehouse was right? Maybe Max Dillion's been dead for three years, and I've been thinking so small trying to cling to a small part of who I was?

Spider-Man: (Sees Max's hands twitch with electricity) Max...

Max: (Starts glowing his hands) Maybe everyone who was against me was right... Maybe I am what I was always have been for three years. Perhaps my name just isn't Max Dillion anymore, perhaps my name for three years has been and always will be...

Electro: (Starts glowing as he started to fly) THE ELECTRO!

Spider-Man: (Widened his eyes when Max looked like he was at full power) Max, NO! (Gets shot by Electro) AHH!

Spider-Man was sent out of the window, plummeting down into the street as he used his webs to decrease his momentum before crash landing on a taxi car, stopping traffic while Electro floated down from Fisk Tower to join the Red and Blue Wall Crawler.

Electro: (Landed on the ground as he looked at Spider-Man) Tonight, I'm going to finish off what I started three years ago by taking out Wilson Fisk once and for all! And after that, I'll take over this city, and make sure to enforce a zero-tolerance policy against crime! (Starts walking towards Spider-Man) But not after I make sure to deal with you, so no one can ever make the mistake of getting in my way!

Spider-Man: (Groans as he got off the car) Karen?

Karen: (Scans Electro's Powers) His powers are increasing ten fold! You can't beat him!

Spider-Man: Oh, nice to hear your vote of confidence! (Jumps out of the Electro's blast thanks to his Spidey Sense) Ah!

Electro: (Continues to shoot at Spider-Man) Hold still!

Pedestrian: (Nearly got hurt by Electro along with other innocent bystanders) AHHH!

Spider-Man: (Sees people getting attacked) Max, stop this! You're going to hurt someone!

Electro: Small prices to be paid! (Shoots at Spider-Man again) RAHH!

Ned: (Is seen running out of Fisk Tower when he saw the fight between Spider-Man and Electro) Oh man, this is really bad! (Calls Spider-Man) Peter! You gotta put an end to this!

Spider-Man: I can't! (Starts swinging to a light pole) Max is-!

Ned: Max is gone! Whatever's left him has been gone for a long time, and he's too dangerous to be left around! You have to take him down before too many people get hurt!

Spider-Man: (Sees people getting attacked by strikes of Electricity) Okay... (Looks around) Okay, Max's power is full electricity, and electricity doesn't mix well with-! (Widened his eyes) Okay, I got it! (Jumps off of his spot) Karen! (Hits Electro in the face using the gloves given by Happy)

Electro: (Gets punched by Spider-Man) GUH!

Spider-Man: Are there any fire hydrants nearby?!

Karen: There is one not too far from you! Sending you the coordinates!

Spider-Man: (Sees the screen reading the fire hydrant's location, which is right behind Electro) Oh, too perfect! (Leaps on top of the car facing the villain) Max! I'm going to give you one last chance! End this now, or I'll be forced to do something the both of us won't like!

Electro: Oh, what are you going to do? I've seen you in action, and you don't even have the power to beat me!

Spider-Man: Maybe not... (Jumps off the car to avoid getting shot) But I do have a crack ton of Brainpower! (Shoots Webbing)

Electro: (Dodges getting hit by Spider-Man's Webs, unaware of the fire hydrant) Ha! Has your aim gotten terrible? You missed!

Spider-Man: (Lowers his brow as he pulled the Web) I wasn't aiming at you! (Pulls on the fire hydrant) GRRRRR!

Electro: (Looks confused at Spider-Man's actions until he looked behind saw a fire hydrant on the brink of being pulled out, widening his eyes) Oh Fu-!

Suddenly, the hydrant got pulled right off as water was pointed upward towards the sky, hitting Electro as he was electrocuted by his own powers.

Electro: (Gets electrocuted from the water) RAHHHHHHHHHH! (Stops glowing as he fell to the ground) Ugh...

Spider-Man: (Ran over to the Electro, kneeling to check on him) Karen, check his vitals! (Checks his pulse) Is he-?

Karen: (Scanned the Electro) Max Dillion's vitals are stable. No amounts of volts have been made to create critical fatal results.

Spider-Man: (Sighs) That's good... (Turns to look around) Hey, everybody alright?

Ned: (Nodded) We're fine, good sir! Thank you so much for helping us!

Happy: Nice work, kid.

Spider-Man: (Turns to see George and Yuri) Cap, Yuri, are you two alright?

George: (Nodded) We're fine! The NYPD will handle it from here.

Spider-Man: Yeah, I'll go ahead, and get out of your hair now! (Turns to leave) And Yuri, nice dress! It really suits you! (Walked by the Kingpin) Fisk.

Fisk: (Claps his hands as he walked over to Spider-Man) Well done, Spider-Man... I couldn't have handled better than that.

Spider-Man: (Looked at the smug Crimelord) You know, an applause from you makes me wanna shower.

Fisk: Perhaps... (Placed his hands behind his back) But it is amusing to point out that I offered you a very hefty salary just to do the very thing you have done tonight... It's very interesting to know someone who can take out the trash for free.

Spider-Man: Yeah, well don't get used to it.

With that said, Spider-Man left the scene as Police began to arrive with everyone left to process what happened.

Ned: (Watched his friend leave) Man, tell me that you didn't think that wasn't cool!

Happy: Yeah, this isn't my first rodeo. (Turns to his car) Come on, I'm taking you home.

Ned: (Raises a brow as Happy unlocked his car) Seriously? (Walked inside) Wow, thanks!

Norman: (Watched Spider-Man leave as he walked to Fisk) That's the problem you were talking about?

Fisk: (Nodded) Indeed... (Turns to head back inside his building) Which is why you may be expecting a call from me much sooner.

Norman: (Nodded as Spider-Man was seen vanishing into another street) ...How Marvelous...

Yuri: (Looks at Electro lying on the ground) So what do we do with him?

George: There's nothing we can do, especially with someone like him. (Turns to Yuri and give him his phone) Which is why we're handing him over to Nick Fury... Tell S.H.I.E.L.D. we apprehended another Enhanced from their Wanted List while I get transport ready.

Yuri: (Nodded as she received the phone) Understood. (Turns to make a phone call)

George: (Turns to the police) Alright everyone! This one's a Code Blue! Get a transport, and a large bucket of water in his feet! This guy's the electric kind!

Robbie: (Turns to Captain Stacy) Captain Stacy! May I have another word?

George: (Turns to Robbie) Is this about the suspect or the Spider-Man issue you were asking me about?

Robbie: A little... (Folded his arms) I'm curious, you told me you have not found a solution, and yet, you and Spider-Man seemed to have a close working relationship.

George: Is that going to be on the paper tomorrow?

Robbie: (Shook his head) Let's just say that this one is kept off the record... (Turns to leave) And save ourselves from Jonah making a legal case.

George: (Nodded) Yeah, that's the least of my worries.

The next day, Peter and Ned were seen at school sitting on the rooftop having lunch when they watched the news of the Electro's arrest.

Trish: (Is seen reporting the news as she shows a picture of the Electro) Reports from S.H.I.E.L.D. officials claim that the Enhanced assailant that fought Spider-Man was confirmed to be Max Dillion, codenamed the Electro, who was believed to have died from an electrical accident that involved a lightning strike right before being said to have murdered a coworker with a gun. (Shows Captain Stacy's picture) Captain George Stacy has confirmed that Dillion will be put into S.H.I.E.L.D. custody after-!

Ned: (Sighs as Peter got off of his seat) Man, last night was a close call! But hey, at least it's-!

Peter: (Moves to throw a punch at a wall, shattering bricks onto the ground) RAAAH!

Ned: (Raises a brow as he noticed Peter being angry) Over?

Peter: (Groans in anger) God, I'm such an idiot! (Turns to Ned) You were right about Max! I should have trusted your judgment! If I had, then no one would have gotten hurt, and I wouldn't have been responsible for allowing Max to have used me like that!

Ned: (Turns to Peter) Hey, it's okay! What happened wasn't your fault! You were just trying to see a better person in him, that's all.

Peter: Yeah, and because of that, I set Max loose on a rampage that would have gotten people hurt. (Folded his arms) And maybe Max wouldn't have let his dark side consume him.

Ned: Dude, I think he let the Dark Side take over a long time ago. (Placed his hands in his pockets) From innocent looking Anakin Skywalker to Darth Vader, the biggest evil who ever lived.

Peter: (Turns to Ned) Dude, now's not the time for a Star Wars joke.

Ned: I'm being serious! Look, I'm sure there are people like you that are trying to do good, but Max, the Electro... (Sighs) I'm sorry, but he just wasn't one of them.

Peter: (Looks down at the ground) Not as sorry as I am. (Turns to Ned) I'm sorry for not trusting in you... When Max told me he wanted to take down Fisk, I thought-!

Ned: Hey, what's done is done! I'm not going to dwell on this forever.

Peter: It's not that, I just... (Sighs) Taking down the Kingpin is the biggest goal that no one before me has ever achieved, and with Mr. Stark gone, I just didn't wanna feel all alone in this.

Ned: But you're not alone! You have me, dude! I'm your friend, and I'll always have your back whether or not I'm the Guy in the Chair!

Peter: (Nodded) I know... (Smiles as he put a hand on Ned's shoulder) Thanks, man.

Ned: (Nodded as he looked at a billboard showing a Daily Bugle poster) Well, it's too bad you didn't get that picture you needed to get in the Bugle... I'm pretty sure you would have made a lot of money off that.

Peter: Actually... (Gets out a polygraph) About that...

Ned: (Turns around, seeing the polygraph when he widened his eyes) Whoa... Dude... (Turns to Peter) Is that what I think it is?

Peter: (Smiles) Guess who's gonna get a job at the Bugle?

Later, Peter was seen inside of the Daily Bugle giving Jameson his picture of Spider-Man, which showed the hero punching Electro while he was in the air as Eddie, Betty, and Robbie joined in to take great interest.

Jameson: (Looks at the picture) You took this photo?

Peter: (Nodded) I did! But unless you would like to know where-!

Jameson: Ah! (Points his finger up) Just give me one moment! (Looks at the picture) Hmm...

Peter: (Looks the people beside him) Should I wait-!

Eddie: Just wait for it...

Jameson: (Turns to Parker) So... Peter Porter.

Peter: Parker.

Jameson: Yes, of course, Porker! (Stands up) Your picture... (Sees everyone anticipating another tantrum when he suddenly gave out a crazy smile) IS SPECTACULAR! People see this picture, let it be the internet, a stand-up booth, or even their Television screens, they'll come for the Daily Bugle for more pictures of Spider-Man!

Peter: (Widened his eyes) Wait, you're serious? Do you like the photo?

Jameson: Like it? I LOVE IT! (Turns to Peter) Now look, I don't know where or how you even managed to take these pictures, and I don't care! All I know is that you are here as a gift from the heavens to save the Bugle! Which is why you have the position as the Daily Bugle's number one photographer! (Gives Peter a handshake) So congratulations, you earned it... Parker.

Peter: (Sees Jameson extending a handshake, making a smile when he accepted) W-Wow! Thank you, Mr. Jameson! I promise you will not regret this!

Jameson: See to it that you don't. (Turns to his desk) Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to make phone calls to Captain George Stacy on how to solve the Spider-Man Menace! So everyone OUT!

Robbie: Jonah!

Jameson: (Turns to Robbie) What?!

Robbie: (Points at Peter) His pay!

Jameson: (Looks at Peter) Oh yeah. (Gets out some money) Here you go, kid!

Eddie: And what about the last photo he gave you?

Jameson: Really Brock?! Ugh, fine! (Gets out some more) Okay, here! (Gives Peter his pay) Take it, you thief! Now everyone out!

Everyone got out of Jameson's office as they left out of his earshot.

Eddie: (Turns to Peter) Dude, you just became a big figure in this town! Not bad!

Peter: Thanks! I mean, I really appreciate this!

Betty: So, I'm guessing we'll be seeing each other a lot for now on!

Peter: What do you mean? We see each other all the time!

Robbie: Listen, Peter, we're all very happy for you! But just make sure to be really careful! Doing this job can have a lot of danger implemented in this line of work.

Peter: Thanks, Robbie, but I think I got a handle on this!

Eddie: Say, wanna get something to eat? I'm paying for celebratory dinner!

Peter: Eddie, that would be-! (Gets a text message on his phone)

Happy: (Sent Peter a text) Get to Horizon. We need to talk. -Happy.

Peter: (Reads the text, turning to Eddie and friends) Actually, something just came up! It's Horizon, I'm being called back there! (Turns to leave) I gotta go!

Eddie: Okay, that's fine! We'll see you later!

Betty: Congratulations on getting the job!

At Horizon Labs, Peter was seen arriving on the first floor when he encountered Ned Leeds inside the building.

Peter: (Turns to see Ned) Ned?

Ned: (Sees Peter) Peter?

Peter: (Walks to him) Hey, what are you doing here?

Ned: I got a text from Happy, he told me to come here.

Peter: Happy texted you too?

Happy: (Turns to see the two teens) Hey! Good that you're both here!

Peter: (Turns to Happy) Yeah, what's up, Happy?

Happy: (Turns to an empty hallway) Come on, follow me! Both of you.

Ned: (Turns to look at Peter, before following Happy to the hall) So, what's up?

Happy: (Sighs as he turned to the two) Okay, first off, let me just say that last night was pretty horrible, meeting the mob boss in the face and dealing with the Electric Man, but on the other hand, it was pretty great!

Peter: (Raises a brow) So...?

Happy: So, I thought about what you asked me earlier the other day, and well... I may have pulled some strings. (Raised his hands) I couldn't get you a secret lair or any of that shit, but I did get you something better! (Gets out a device, giving it to Peter as he pressed a button) Tony coined it, "The Web".

Suddenly, a large screen appeared in front of the group, revealing a number of pictures featuring known individuals Spider-Man interacted with in his history.

Happy: (Sees the number of photos gathered around) So, this is basically a library where you store everything you want inside, and you can do it without making anyone suspicious! Therefore, if you were to store something important, it would be inside this device.

Ned: So, that would mean that you wouldn't have to get stressed about keeping Peter's identity secret when you can just sort of use it like a phone!

Peter: Happy, man! I don't know what to say!

Happy: Hey, don't think anything about it! I'm here to help you out any way I can! Now, I gotta go finish up development, so you go ahead and enjoy the new toy! (Turns to leave)

Ned: (Sees the number of pictures shown on the Web) Dude, this is so cool! (Turns to Peter) What do we do now?

Peter: (Looks at the pictures, before turning to look at the case files) Now... (Starts adding in a picture of himself and his parents) We start getting to work.

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Chapter Text

Episode 6: Apex Predator

Michael Keaton as Adrian Toomes/The Vulture

Laura Harrier as Liz Allan

Michael Kelly as Richard Parker

Ashley Judd as Mary Parker

Samara Weaving as Felicia Hardy

All characters belong to Marvel! Screw Sony!

Queens, New York. 11 Years ago.

It was a lovely evening in the suburbs. The sun was shining brightly at dusk as a younger Peter Parker was seen outside sitting on the top of the house roof while he stared down into the streets of Queens. He was unaware of his father finding him on the spot.

Richard: (Sees his son on the roof) Hey there, buddy. (Joins him on the top of his house) Kind of a little high to pick a spot to sit on, don't you think?

Peter: (Looks at the street) I... I can't get down, Dad.

Richard: Oh? And why's that?

Peter: I'm afraid I'm gonna fall...

Richard: (Looks where his son is looking) Hmm, fear of heights. You must have got that from me! I am not a big fan of heights as much as you are. (Sits next to him) But, if I might ask, why come up here if you're scared?

Peter: (Bit his lip, turning to his father) I just wanted to see the city. The window in my room couldn't get a view, so I thought I could climb the roof to see it.

Richard: (Nods) Yeah, I can understand that all too well. (Looks at the Island of Manhatten) The city... It has its' troubles, but if there's one thing you can never take away, it's the beauty.

Peter: (Looks at the city) I wish I could stare at it all night long.

Richard: Really?

Peter: Hmm-hmm.

Richard: (Smiles) Alright, I'll tell you what. (Gets out a camera) I will take one picture of the city just for you. And not only will you keep it, but I'll also allow you to keep the entire camera for yourself.

Peter: Whoa! Do you mean it?

Richard: Yeah! But only if you promise to stay off the roof for now on. Knowing your mother, she'll have a heart attack if she sees you sitting up here again.

Peter: (Smiles) Hahaha!

Richard: Alright? Seriously, if you agree to the deal, you also promise to take good care of this camera?

Peter: (Nodded) I promise.

Richard: Okay... (Carried his son on his shoulder while showing him how to work with camera) So, you rotate the filter, you press this button, and then you take the shot, got it?

Peter: (Nods) Yes, Dad.

Richard: Alright, then what are you waiting for? Take your shot.

The little boy carried the camera in his hands, aiming Manhatten as he took one picture, making the camera flash its' light.

Present Day.

Dusk has dawned into the city as Spider-Man was seen inside of a room, his mask overlooking New York from above.

Narrator: (Sees Spidey looking from above) Some people think me as a threat... Others say I'm a menace... But few know who I am. Those who know that it is I, Spider-Man, am the greatest hero who ever lived-!

Peter: (Looks at the person wearing his mask) Ned?

Ned: (Freaks out) Ahh! (Turns around, seeing Peter) Peter! (Takes off the mask) Hey, what's up?

Peter: (Sees Ned with his mask) What were you doing just now?

Ned: I was, uh... (Puts the mask on the table) Practicing my um... (Snaps his fingers several times) My uh, my fighting banter!

Peter: While wearing my mask?

Ned: Yeah! I mean, why not, right?

Peter: (Lowers his brow) Karen?

Karen: (Is heard on the Web as the Red and Blue holographic screen was projected in Peter's room) I believe Ned was simply pretending to be you while narrating.

Peter: (Bursts out laughing) HA! Are you serious?

Ned: (Shook his head) That's not true! Karen, stop paying attention to Peter!

Karen: I'm afraid I can't do that. My programming is to obey every primary command Peter implements.

Ned: Okay, then rewrite your programming or something!

Peter: (Stops laughing as he calms down) Alright, relax dude! I don't care what you do as long as I can have it back for some important hero stuff, okay?

Ned: (Nods) Yeah, okay. (Sighs) Man, Karen? You betrayed me.

Karen: I can't help what my functions tell me to do.

Ned: (Turns to Peter) You sure expanding Karen into the Web was a great idea?

Peter: Of course it is! I've grown tired of putting on my mask just to speak to her! I like to speak to her out in the open when I want.

Ned: And in school too?

Peter: Well, only in closed spaces. For identity reasons.

Ned: Right... (Looks at the Web) Well, at least we can all agree that the Web is a big improvement for all of us!

Peter: I know, right? Radiofrequency, a personal private communications channel, a personal database of everyone we know...

Ned: And there's even music we can listen to whenever we want!

Peter: That too. (Turns to work on the Web) Karen, what do you have on the Max Dillion case three years ago?

Karen: Nothing that involves your parents yet.

Peter: Okay, well keep searching.

Ned: (Grabs Peter's camera) Yeah, and while you're on it, could you look up the best tacos in New York? I've been on a craving recently. (Throws the camera around)

Peter: (Sees Ned playing with his camera) Hey, stop that!

Ned: (Stops playing with his camera) Sorry. (Throws it at the bed)

Peter: Hey, seriously! Don't mess with that!

Ned: Sorry! I didn't know that the camera was important to you.

Peter: (Grabs the camera off his bed) It is for me, because-! (Pauses) ... (Sighs) Because it belonged to my father.

Ned: (Widened his eyes) Oh, crap... (Rubs his hair) Uh, I'm seriously sorry, Peter. I didn't know-!

Peter: It's okay... (Looks at his camera) My Dad, he... He was a brilliant man and was also the best father anyone would ever have. But he always has these secrets that he kept to himself, from my Uncle and Aunt, and me... And it's bothering me that he would be connected with Wilson Fisk, who practically sold a gun to an angry depressed kid so he would cause a school shooting.

Ned: Who was my best friend...

Peter: (Nodded) I know...

Ned: (Looks over a picture of Richard and Mary Parker) I still don't get the connection with your dad and the Kingpin. (Turns to Peter) I mean, what does he have to do with us?

Peter: I don't know, and that what bothers me... My Dad was a good person, but Uncle Ben always said that he kept so many secrets in his life that maybe we never really knew at all...

Ned: Well, that doesn't make him a bad person. After all, you're still here, aren't you?

Peter: And that bothers me even more... (Turns to Ned) All these years ago, he could've taken me along with my Mom the night they left, and instead, he chooses to leave me with my Aunt May and Uncle Ben. And that's why I have to find out, I need to find out why he did what he did.

Ned: Well, we'll find out eventually... Nothing stays secret forever, so we'll have to find answers at some point.

Peter: Well, all I know is that playing Sherlock Holmes is racking my brain cells! Not to mention the fact that I need to go back to Horizon Labs after school tomorrow.

Ned: Yeah, I heard that they were finished with relocating from Greenwich to Financial.

Peter: Yeah, and I can't wait to go back there to see Doctor Octavius and Doctor Modell again. (Turns to look at the Web) Karen, you'll contact me when you got something, right?

Karen: I'll be sure to update you the latest.

Peter: Alright, goodnight, Karen! (Turns off the Web)

Ned: (Sees the Web shutting down while he grabbed his backpack) You know, it wouldn't be so bad if we have something else to work on other than depressing mystery solving. After all, it wouldn't hurt to have another supervillain show up in town.

Peter: Be careful what you wish for because sometimes, it can stab you in the back.

At an Oscorp facility at the outskirts of the city, Oscorp employees were making shipping runs out of the warehouse as the truck they were getting ready to use was getting filled up.

Driver: (Turns to the workers) Is that all of them?

Worker: (Placed the last shipment inside) It's all good!

Driver: Alright, then I'm off!

Worker: Try not to lose this stuff! The boss doesn't want any of this getting stolen!

Driver: Stolen? Who'd be crazy to try that?

The driver then drove off with the truck in tow, venturing off into the road while unaware of a figure hanging from the Oscorp billboard.

The figure was dark due to the night sky, but in the pale moonlight, you can see that it has wings the shape of a Vulture. The mystery man wearing a helmet with high tech Green eyes glowing from within as he stalked his prey, which so happens to be the truck that just left the Oscorp compound.

Seeing the perfect opportunity, the figure then flew off from the billboard and flung himself over to the top of the truck, landing quietly and smoothly. Once having set footing, the figure is now seen to wear a Brown Leather Jacket with fur around the neck as well as Green Cargo Pants as the thief used a high tech drill to use make a hole through lasers. Once opened, he sees an interesting amount of weapons parts inside the truck, making the mystery thief very interested in the truck.

While the driver continued to lead himself to his destination, he heard a loud bump in the back, making him wonder what just happened.

Driver: (Heard the bump from behind) Oh, no! Don't tell me something broke!

He stopped the truck so he could get out to see what happened, leading himself over to the back.

Driver: (Grumbles on his way to the trunk) Dammit, I don't get paid enough for this job! I don't even wanna... (Opens the back, seeing absolutely nothing inside) What the... Where did everything go?!

As soon as he turned around, he saw the person carrying the entire shipment in hand using the device he used to make a hole in the top of the truck. Using it to create a zero gravitational pull, he looked at the driver while floating in the night sky before taking his leave. Becoming scared straight at the sight, the driver then ran away into the forest leaving the truck alone by itself, which lead to police finding it on the very next day as the morning had just dawned with the proper authorities making their investigation on the truck.

George: (Is seen at the scene of the crime) Alright, Charlie. What's our sitrep?

Officer Charlie: (Is seen walking through Watanabe and Stacy in what happened) So, the truck was driving in the middle of the night en route to Oscorp when the driver suddenly got hijacked. Our top witness claims that a giant Bird took the shipment.

Yuri: A bird?

Officer Charlie: The driver was in distress when we questioned him, but he seemed pretty sure that something flew in the sky.

George: Did he catch what the thief looked like? Facial recognition?

Officer Charlie: All he said was that the bird had big Green eyes glowing, looking right at him. I know, it sounds completely insane.

Yuri: With what's been going on, nothing sounds crazy anymore.

George: Alright, well, what exactly was in the shipping container?

Officer Charlie: No one knows, not even the driver himself.

George: Alright, I'm gonna give Osborn a visit then.

Yuri: Again?

George: It's his shipment that was stolen, Yuri. He'll wanna know who took it.

Yuri: (Turns to look at the truck) The mystery birdman, you mean?

?: (Walks over to the officers) Actually, it was a Vulture!

George: (Turns to the CSI) A Vulture?

Yuri: (Folded her arms) Van Adder, care to elaborate more on that?

Van Adder: I've studied the inside and outside of the truck. The suspect used a heavily high tech gadget to produce plasma to cut a hole inside the truck. And the way the suspect's feet were positioned, it was the same as a Vulture would do if it caught its' prey! Or in other words, the entire shipment of whatever was inside the truck.

Officer Charlie: So this ain't none of them superpowered people we're dealing with?

Van Adder: If it were the case, we would be facing a lot more damage than we would expect.

George: Well, let's keep an ear out for any more of these popping up.

Yuri: Captain, this was a robbery.

George: Not the usual robbery since Herman Schultz.

Officer Charlie: You don't think the Shocker's involved, do you?

Yuri: That's not possible. He's at the Raft, S.H.I.E.L.D. made sure of it.

George: Which is why we need to be careful. There's plenty of people out there like Schultz that takes advantage of highly advanced tech. So as far as I'm concerned, Shocker was only the beginning.

As the police made their investigation, the news has already reached Oscorp. This is proven due to Norman being seen in his office talking to Felicia Hardy after news of the theft had occurred the previous night.

Norman: (Spoke with Felicia) Call Coleman, tell him to double security all Oscorp facilities and supply trucks. I don't need to have any more of our stock getting stolen by more thieves.

Felicia: (Nodded) Yes, Mr. Osborn.

Norman: And I'd like you to observe how they would handle it. If this is going to be an ongoing event, I need to know if I'm going to need to look for additional candidates.

Felicia: Of course... I'll be sure to inspect the facility located in near the Baxter Building.

Norman: Also, please make sure to add a schedule for me and my son. It's his birthday tomorrow, and I wish to be there when the day comes.

Harry: (Is seen hanging outside his door) Don't bother. (Gets their attention) We both know you're not going to attend anyway.

Norman: Harry, it's your birthday tomorrow! Of course, I'd like to attend.

Harry: Oh, it's not that you don't want to... It's that you don't have time for it. Not to mention the fact that you don't even know what I even want to do tomorrow.

Norman: Well, I know you like going over to Bleeker Street for the annual food festival.

Harry: Yeah, that was before I learned of that creepy building residing over that street. I heard some Strange stuff happens in there.

Norman: Yes, but that's just a rumor, isn't it?

Harry: The point is, Dad, is that no matter how hard you try, you never have time for me! And you never will.

Norman: Then I'll make time.

Harry: Until something else comes up. (A phone call is ringing right on his father's desk) Like that for example.

Norman: (Sees a phone call, with Fisk's name on it) Shit... (Turns to Harry) Harrison-!

Harry: Just forget it, Dad... I need to head to school anyway. (Turns to leave) You do your thing, and I'll do mine.

Norman: (Sees Harry leaving, turning to Felicia) Can you escort him out?

Felicia: (Nods) Right away, boss.

She left the room so Norman could answer the call without being overheard.

Fisk: (Is heard on the phone) Mr. Osborn.

Norman: Wilson... (Walks around his office) What brings you to my attention?

Fisk: I heard that you've been robbed recently.

Norman: Yes, that is... A terrible thing to endure.

Fisk: That equipment isn't what I believe it to be, is it?

Norman: No... No, nothing about projects involving Gargan, or the two Bodega robbers that you have collected. I have the supplies stored somewhere else in a much, safer place that is undetected.

Fisk: You better have. I've spent a lot of money on your contract. I don't want to see anything that would disappoint me.

Norman: Oh, Wilson...

Norman sat down on his desk and looked into a tab on his computer, revealing building footage of very illegal apparatus inside the lab where he once worked with Modell and Octavius.

Norman: (Looks at the appliances) If you really knew me at all, you would know I'd never hide any item of importances placed out into the rest of the world...

As he spoke, the son was being followed by the assistant into the elevator as he stood waiting for his stop.

Felicia: (Stands next to Harry) Well, someone in the family is clearly in a bad mood.

Harry: (Noticed Felicia in the elevator) Hey, Felicia. How's work?

Felicia: Oh, just getting started. (Turns to Harry) Anything planned tomorrow?

Harry: Not really, no. Although I'm thinking about hanging out with my girlfriend.

Felicia: Ooooh, someone's got a girlfriend!

Harry: (Rolls his eyes) Hey, don't make it a big deal!

Felicia: What? I'm happy you found someone who's good for you? (Turns to Harry) Unless she's the bad type?

Harry: Um... (Turns to Felicia) Do you remember that time when the Oscorp sign was vandalized?

Felicia: Dear lord, that was her?

Harry: Yeah.

Felicia: Wow, you know how to pick them.

Harry: She's a good girl! Sometimes.

Felicia: Oh, I ain't judging! After all, we all do things when we're young, right?

Harry: (Nodded as he looked at her) You're not gonna tell my Dad, are you?

Felicia: Oh yeah, totally! "Hi, Mr. Osborn, I like to inform you that your son is dating a vandal running around spray painting graffiti all over your tower!"

Harry: Felicia!

Felicia: I'm kidding! No, I haven't heard a thing, promise.

Harry: (Sighs in relief) Thanks...

Felicia: (Looks at Harry) Seriously, you should do something tomorrow! Maybe go over to the Empire State Building, have a view around the city, it'll be nice.

Harry: That's your suggestion?

Felicia: Yeah. That's what my Dad would do with every weekend or so. It was kind of our family tradition.

Harry: Ah, this is another "Be nice to your Dad" talk, is it?

Felicia: Not entirely. But really, try going just a little easy on your old man. After all, you should know better, given how much I've known mine...

Harry: (Nodded) Yeah, I get you... (Their elevator stopped, arriving at their destination) Alright, I'll go a little easy on him. And consider Empire State.

Felicia: (Nodded, giving a thumbs up) Good sir.

They both moved to leave on their separate ways while the day dawned.

At school, Peter and Ned were seen hanging out with Harry and MJ as they sat inside their homeroom class.

Peter: (Looks at Harry) So, what are you going to do for your birthday tomorrow?

Harry: (Shrugs) I dunno.

Ned: What do you mean, "You don't know"? Your dad's rich, you could go anywhere you want for your birthday!

Harry: Exactly... And most of my birthdays I've spent were either going around the world or attending a party full of celebrities and other famous rich people.

MJ: Oh, so you know some famous people?

Harry: Met a few, actually.

Ned: Like who?

Harry: Let's see; there was Darren Cross, Dwayne Taylor, Reed Richards, I've met plenty of people. Wasn't really interested in speaking though, especially in lame parties.

Peter: Well, where do you wanna go for your birthday?

Harry: I dunno, man... (Shrugged) But my Dad's assistant recommended the Empire State Building, so...

MJ: So, let's head over there. It's nice to get out of this neighborhood for a change.

Ned: Can we come?

Harry: Yeah! Yeah, of course! It'd be nice for you and Peter to hang out with us! It feels like forever since we've done that!

Peter: (Smiles nervously, rubbing his head) I'm not sure... I have a lot on my schedule as it is.

MJ: Oh, you mean how you and Ned secretly work for Spider-Man?

Peter: (Widened his eyes, turning to MJ) What makes you say that?

MJ: Educated guess...

Peter: Okay, whatever you're thinking-!

MJ: (Smiles) Nah, I'm just messing with you! No, I heard Ned's new voicemail the other day.

Ned: My voicemail?

Harry: Oh, yeah! The one where it says that you're busy working with Spider-Man or whatever, that's your voicemail!

Peter: (Turns to Ned, giving him an eye) Is that so?

Ned: (Widened his eyes, turning to Peter) I... I was making a sarcastic joke?

Randy: (Is seen hanging out with Flash when the bell rang) Oh man, not the assembly!

Peter: (Raises a brow) Wait, we're having an assembly today?

Flash: (Turns to Peter) Yeah, Parker! What, did you not get your hearing aids yet?

Harry: Oh haha, funny! Hey Flash, when are we expecting your porno to come out?

Flash: Bruh, I don't do porn!

Harry: Really? Then why are you called "Flash?"

Randy: (He and the other students exclaim) Damn, Osborn got you good!

Flash: (Rolls his eyes) Come on, let's go!

Peter: (Follows everyone out while meeting with Ned) Seriously? We have an assembly today?

Ned: (Nods) Yeah, didn't you read my text?

Peter: Not really.

Soon, Peter, MJ, Harry, and Ned, along with every one of the students was attending an assembly this morning while they all sat together waiting for the event to start.

Harry: (Sighs internally) God, when will this start already?

MJ: Yeah, I think we should've just snuck out and just hid on the rooftop. At least we wouldn't have to wait a hundred years for this stupid thing to start!

Peter: Well, hey! At least we'll still have time to eat our cereal before it ends.

MJ: Right before the milk starts sogging it all up.

Ned: (Shrugs as he turned to the stage, seeing Principal Morita on stage) Hey, there's the principal!

Peter: Looks like it's getting started. (Sees a woman on stage) Who is that?

Harry: Dunno, I guess we're about to find out.

Morita: (Taps on the microphone) May I have your attention, please?

Soon, the students stopped talking to listen to what their principal had to say while he stood next to Coach Wilson and the woman that was new to the school as he began the assembly.

Morita: (Clears his throat) Good morning, Tigers. As you already know, tragedy had struck this very school district that involved one of our students and a Glock. This tragedy took place right in this room as you all know, when-!

MJ: (Listens to the speech while groaning) Crap.

Peter: (Turns to MJ) What is it?

MJ: I think I know who the new girl is. (Looks around at her friends) Our local therapist.

Morita: And unfortunately, many of you had seen this terrible act occur in front of your very eyes. And knowing the experiences of what my Grandfather has endured during his service in World War II, that can be very difficult to think about, even to talk about in our halls. (Turns to the woman) Which is why I'd like to introduce our new Grief Counselor, Jessie Drewman. Mrs. Drewman is a known professional at Stamford University, and she will be here as someone you can talk to. If possible, perhaps she can be a shoulder to cry on-!

Harry: (Looks at Mrs. Drewman) Of all the ways Dad showed me that he cares, he sends a therapist to school instead of talking to me.

Ned: Well, look on the bright side. At least we don't have to pay for it.

MJ: Yeah, there's no such thing as free therapy. The school has to pay for it too.

Harry: Or my Dad in this instance, considering he continues to show me ways to mentally torment me with this shit. Don't me wrong, what happened was terrible, but the last thing we all need is to be reminded of Ned getting shot here.

Peter: (Looks around, seeing Gwen missing) Hey, has anyone see Gwen around?

MJ: No, not this morning.

Peter: Okay, that's odd. She normally would be back.

Ned: After what Joey went through, and seeing that her Dad nearly got killed by hired assassins, I think she needed a break from school for a while.

Peter: (Nodded) Yeah, that's probably for the best.

Morita: Now, that will be it for today, so you go ahead and run back to Homeroom. Go Tigers!

Audience: GO TIGERS!

Everyone began to leave as students walked off the stairs and into the hallways. Peter was about to walk off into the hall with his friends when he was approached by Mrs. Drewman.

Mrs. Drewman: (Sees Peter on her way out) Peter Parker, is it? (Gets his attention) Hi, I'm the School's Grief Counselor.

Peter: (Sees Mrs. Drewman) I heard. It's nice to meet you.

Mrs. Drewman: Same can be said. I heard that you were there when your friend, Ned Leeds was shot in the leg, is that correct?

Peter: Kind of... (Rubbed his hand) I was there when the ambulance drove him to the hospital.

Mrs. Drewman: I am sorry to hear that. It must have been an awful experience.

Peter: Yeah, well I'm just glad that Spider-Man was here to make it stop when he did.

Mrs. Drewman: You seem to be a fan.

Peter: You could say that. (Shook his head) I'm sorry, what do you need?

Mrs. Drewman: Well, I have a stockpile of students that were with you during the time of the shooting, and my job is to perform mandatory counseling for everyone involved. I was wondering if you were able to be joining me in our first session tomorrow after school.

Peter: Will my Aunt attend?

Mrs. Drewman: No, no, it'll be between you and I. I believe that the sessions should be strictly between student and counselor, even the principal will agree.

Peter: (Nodded) Okay, that's fine. I'll uh, see you tomorrow then?

Mrs. Drewman: Of course. It was nice meeting you, Peter.

With that, they both parted ways as Peter went back to his friends.

Peter: (Turns to his friends) Hey, guys.

Ned: Hey. (Looks at Mrs. Drewman) What did Mrs. Drewman want?

Peter: Apparently, I'm the first person to be counseled tomorrow when it starts after school.

Harry: Really?

Ned: So no birthday trip to Empire State, huh?

Peter: Afraid so.

MJ: Sounds like she's a meanie.

Peter: Yeah, but she seemed nice though.

MJ: Oh, like nice as in she's attracted to you?

Peter: No! No, of course not, gross!

MJ: I'm kidding, dude! Don't sweat it!

Harry: (Points at MJ) Now that was funny!

Ned: Geez, Peter. How many women are you planning to make out with?

Peter: Oh come on, are we gonna go there?!

Liz: (Turns to Peter) Peter?

Peter: (Turns to Liz) L-Liz?

Liz: Hey, can we talk for a second?

Peter: (Nodded, turning to his friends) Uh, yeah, what for?

Liz: It's about Gwen.

Peter: Oh! Gwen, right... (Turns to his friends) I'll be back.

Harry: Sure thing.

They left for Homeroom while Peter stuck around to be with Liz Allan.

Peter: (Turns to Liz) Hey, did you talk to Gwen?

Liz: I did. She said that she was attending Joey's last day in court before he gets sent to jail.

Peter: Really?

Liz: I know... It sucks for him, considering what Carl put him through.

Peter: Yeah, I'm just sorry we couldn't help him out earlier.

Liz: Funny... Gwen feels the same way.

Peter: (Looks at Liz) Do you know when she'll be back?

Liz: Soon, but she did say she'll meet you back at Horizon Labs later on today, so that's good.

Peter: Great.

Liz: Also, she said that you and she are giving each other space. In relationship-tense.

Peter: She told you that?

Liz: Yeah, she mentioned you and her get along fine, but also said something about keeping secrets from her.

Peter: So, she's still mad?

Liz: (Shrugs) Probably.

Peter: (Sighs) Yeah, I figured...

Liz: Well, hey! She seems to like you too! So, maybe you and her can figure it out together.

Peter: (Nodded) Yeah, I hope so...

Horizon Labs, Peter was seen walking inside the new building, which was a lot fancier, much more advanced than the previous installation as he observed the new lab, Otto Octavius was seen walking with his colleague, Max Modell when they saw Parker inside their place of work.

Peter: (Looks around the new Horizon Labs) Whoa, Mr. Stark really outdone himself with the financial advancements this time!

Otto: (Walks over to Parker) You know, you make it sound as if Stark did everything himself.

Peter: (Turns to Octavius and Modell) Doctor Octavius, Doctor Modell! Hey, it's good to see you!

Max: (Nodded) It's good having you back, Peter.

Otto: Yes, it is indeed. (Looks around) Now, where is-?

Gwen: (Walks inside) Sorry I'm late!

Peter: (Sees Gwen) Gwen!

Gwen: (Sees Peter) Hey, Peter...

Max: (Turns to Gwen) Mrs. Stacy! You look depressed.

Gwen: Yeah, I was visiting Joey Gastone for the last time before he would get sent off to Ryker's.

Max: Yes, we've heard about the shooting a while back.

Otto: And we've learned that you both were in the middle of it! We're sorry you had to go through that.

Peter: Yeah, it was... Tragic.

Gwen: At least we can agree on that.

Otto: Well, let us not dread on the tragedies of the past. Right now, let us continue our day as life goes on.

Max: Yes, let us move on from this topic, and move forward with our project.

Peter: (Turns to Max) You guys have a new project?

Otto: Indeed we do! (Walks over to an object covered by cloth) Mr. Parker, Mrs. Stacey, allow us to introduce you to a brand new, advanced engine alloy for space shuttles!

Octavius took the cloth out, revealing a large engine piece that was the size of a Hulk as they looked at it in awe.

Gwen: (Sees the engine piece in front of her) Wow! That looks incredible!

Peter: Wait, did you say this was for space shuttle?!

Max: We have! We got our first ever customer from a company called the Life Foundation! The CEO heard of our expertise back at Oscorp, so he hired us to create an engine capable of long-distance flight range.

Otto: And with Tony Stark's resources, we managed to upgrade the engine on a Superior level that not even Norman Osborn could even make it without anyone helping him!

Max: And now that we have it finished, we'll have it shipped out to San Francisco in the next couple of days!

Gwen: You guys have been busy while making renovations!

Max: Well, it wasn't easy, of course.

Otto: But we did make use of our time while relocating to the Financial District, and Mr. Hogan seemed willing to make the shipping himself.

Peter: Mr. Hogan?

Max: Yes, Stark's former driver. He seemed like he needed the drive, so we allowed him to see things through with the engine.

Otto: Not the kind of man that sits around on his phone all day. Just the kind we need to make sure everything's in capable hands.

Peter: I have absolutely no doubt about that.

Gwen: So, what happens when things go smoothly?

Otto: Well, we're hoping that once word reaches out, we'll be able to carve our legacy beyond Stark and Osborn.

Max: Hopefully, a future that makes everyone look forward in the Horizon.

Otto: And therefore, we have-!

Otto/Max: Horizon Labs!

Otto: (Chuckled) Yeah, we have a lot of things to look forward to when things go right in our way.

Max: Yes. (Turns around) But let's just hope that the engine doesn't get stolen during its transfer.

Gwen: Wait, where did you get that idea?

Peter: And why would anyone want to steal the engine?

Max: Ah, you both probably have not heard of recent events.

Peter: What recent events?

Otto: Apparently, someone stole supplies from an Oscorp truck just outside the city.

Max: And get this; police believe that it isn't the first time that Oscorp has been robbed before.

Otto: And they're not the only ones.

Gwen: What does that mean?

Max: It means that companies like Damage Control, Cross Technologies, and Roxxon Corporation have reported having tech getting stolen by an unknown assailant. A man who looks like a Vulture.

Peter: A Vulture?

Gwen: Wait, someone's been stealing tech while dressed up as a Vulture?

Otto: That's only a rumor, concocted from the days after the Avengers' battle with the aliens and their destructive, reckless disregard for human life.

Max: But this rumor appears to be true, considering the number of theft that increased in the years.

Gwen: (Looks around) Is it possible that the mystery Vulture is stealing tech by using stolen tech by any chance?

Otto: Where did you get that theory?

Gwen: I mean, I'm the daughter of a Police Captain for the NYPD, so I've gotten good at theorizing crime details. Plus, I'm only saying so because this guy has stolen tech in the past, and he wasn't the only one that done it before.

Peter: Like the Shocker?

Gwen: Yeah, exactly like the Shocker! (Turns to Peter) You don't think they're connected, do you?

Peter: (Rubbed his shoulder) It's... Possible.

Max: (Looks around) Well, I believe that concludes our day. Doctor Octavius and I need to make arrangements for the transfer, and we hope that no one would dare show up to steal our work.

Otto: And if anyone does, then let us pray someone will around to stop them.

The doctors left the room, leaving Peter to think what to do while Gwen turned to him.

Gwen: (Turns to Peter) Hey.

Peter: (Turns to Gwen, blinking back to reality) Hey.

Gwen: So... (Folded her arms) How are you so far?

Peter: Great! Just doing pretty great. (Placed his hands on his hips) What about you? How are you?

Gwen: Did I not say anything about Joey's trial?

Peter: (Nodded) R-Right! I'm sorry, I didn't-!

Gwen: (Smiled) Don't worry, I'm just giving you a hard time.

Peter: (Blinked) Oh... (Sighs) Okay...

Gwen: (Looks at Peter) So uh... Anything you'd like to do tonight?

Peter: (Stares at Gwen) T-Tonight?

Gwen: Yeah! It's been a while, so maybe we should... Catch up sometime.

Peter: Oh! Um... (Rubbed his head) I'd love to, but I got homework tonight! For Math.

Gwen: Right! You should get right on that.

Peter: Yeah, but we should go hang out sometime! Perhaps before my counseling session tomorrow?

Gwen: Counseling?

Peter: Yeah, we have a therapist now. I mean, she's technically a counselor, but she wants to talk to me about Joey, so...

Gwen: Yeah, I understand.

Peter: (Looks at Gwen) So... Do you wanna hang out then?

Gwen: (Nodded) Sure. I'd like that.

Peter: Great! Cool!

Gwen: (Nodded as she looked around) So...

Peter: Yeah...

Gwen: I'll see you at school.

Peter: Great! See you at school!

Gwen: Awesome!

They both turned away, feeling shy, yet fantastic that they're hanging out once more.

At a rooftop, Spider-Man was seen looking through the Web as he saw the pictures of the truck that the mysterious Vulture had robbed.

Ned: (Is heard on comms) So this guy robbed Oscorp while using Wings? That sounds like a villainous badass in the making right there.

Spider-Man: He's been in the making for years. (Cycled through old cases of the Vulture sightings) And it seems that no one has been able to capture this guy since he seems to remain one step ahead of them.

Ned: Okay, so where do you want to start?

Spider-Man: Uh, I'm not sure... How about the part where you have that new voicemail of yours.

Ned: (Sighs shamefully) Come on, dude! I was just making a joke!

Spider-Man: A stupid joke! Like, the worst joke ever! Why would you even think that?!

Ned: Well, it's not like people are actually going to believe us, are they?

Spider-Man: Oh my god, just make a new voicemail! Please, for both of our sakes, just change it!

Ned: Alright, alright! I will! (Sighs) Anything else, boss?

Spider-Man: That's about it. Now, let's go back to business. We need to catch a little birdy running loose!

Ned: So you wanna catch this guy?

Spider-Man: If he tries to steal anything again, then yes, I have to catch him. This is my city, I can't just look the other direction, never again.

Ned: Alright, I feel you. But where are we gonna find this guy? Because from what I'm reading, not one person has managed to catch him or even figure out who this is!

Spider-Man: All the more reason to catch him. (Turns the Web off as he turned to walk on top of the ledge) Well, he's been mostly stealing tech from big companies like Oscorp and Roxxon. And sometimes, he stole some weaponry used by aliens and terrorists from Damage Control.

Ned: Yeah, he sounds like he's a scavenger. And the funny thing about Vultures, they tend to be scavengers.

Spider-Man: Yeah, only except he's scavenging for weapons, not food.

Ned: Yeah, unless they're adapting. Which is bad, because if animal nature starts to adapt elements from Terminator, then we're in deep trouble.

Spider-Man: Wait... Do you really think this guy is an actual Vulture?

Ned: It's possible... I'm just speculating theories here. After all, you did get bit by a Genetically Altered Spider, so...

Spider-Man: (Sighs) Maybe we should find this guy before we assume who or what he is?

Ned: Anything to get rid of the gory thoughts out of my head! (Clears his throat) Anyway, we know any leads?

Spider-Man: Not exactly. (Turns off the Web screen) But I may know a guy...

We then turn over to another part of town where Captain George Stacy is seen getting a bacon cheeseburger from Ditko's Food Stand. Once he thanked the owner, he walked away while eating his food, unaware that Spider-Man was lurking, hanging on a brick wall to his left.

Spider-Man: You know, I heard Delmar sells some pretty good quality stuff! Maybe you should take a visit to Queens, and try it out.

George: (Turns to look up, seeing Spider-Man) Hey... It's you again.

Spider-Man: The one and only! How's your night, Captain!

George: You know I could arrest you for just speaking to me right now.

Spider-Man: Oh? And ruin a friendly talk? (Jumps off the wall) Now, that's no way to treat the person who saved you from those mercenaries back at the station.

George: (Nodded as he lowered his burger) What do you want?

Spider-Man: Well here I was, hanging upside down on the Queensboro Bridge listening to how Mr. Jameson at the Bugle finds new creative ways to make me look like the villain when a little birdie popped by and said to me that there's this mean ole Vulture flying around here, stealing equipment from Oscorp trucks. You don't happen to know anything about that, right?

George: I don't, and neither should I even tell you.

Spider-Man: Why not?

George: Because I don't work for you. I work and proudly serve the city of New York's police department, nothing more.

Spider-Man: Oh come on, you know this guy isn't really your forte! I mean, how do you even keep up with a guy who's claimed to be some kind of ghost? I mean, really? Do you want this dude to keep robbing people blind and then disappear for another year?

George: (Looks at Spider-Man) And what about you going out on the streets, beating up people for a living?

Spider-Man: I don't beat up people!

George: Oh right, you Web them up.

Spider-Man: I'm guessing this is the part where you arrest me, which is absolutely not cool!

George: I haven't read your rights yet, haven't I?

Spider-Man: I'm sensing a "But" in this.

George: You keep pushing this case up further, there's going to be consequences involved. We've got this handled without your help.

Spider-Man: Is that what you said last year? Or the year before that? Sorry, how long have you been working this case exactly?

George: Long enough to not trust someone who persists on hiding his face from the public.

Spider-Man: Well, you can trust me!

George: Really? Then take the mask off, what are you?

Spider-Man: Another average New Yorker, just like you when you're not wearing a badge.

George: Enough with the theatrics! (Puts his food aside for now) Look, you helped prevent a potential massacre at the police precinct the other day, let alone take out the Electro, I appreciate that. But from this point on, leave everything to the police, let us do our jobs.

Spider-Man: You know I'm trying to help, right?

George: Well, your "Help" have made our job harder when it comes to dispensing justice.

Spider-Man: (Rubbed his face) Oh, don't tell me... (Looks at the Captain) It's my Web Fluids, isn't it?

George: Is that what you call 'em?

Spider-Man: You can tell they're made out of fluids, right? Seriously, is it my Web Fluids?

George: Among other things, yeah. (Gets a call) Hello?

Yuri: Captain, We got a lead! Meet me at the Bronx, we have a team set up for our man!

George: (Nodded as he put his phone down, turning to the Vigilante) I'm warning you, kid. Stay out of this, and the next time I won't stop my hunt for you.

Spider-Man: (Nodded) Aww, love you too, honey.

This prompted Spider-Man to leave while the Police Captain remained on the street to resume his call with Yuri.

George: (Talks to Yuri) Yuri, you're gonna have to specify when you mean, "Our Man."

Yuri: We got a lead regarding the Vulture. A deal happening over at the Bronx, I'd like for you to be there!

George: You can count on it.

He then hung up to make his way over to his car, starting it up to make his destination while Spider-Man watched while hanging off from a fire escape.

Spider-Man: (Watches the Captain's car pull away) Karen, you got all that, right?

Karen: His destination is marked on your map.

Spider-Man: Great! Then let's get him!

At the Bronx, police were seen hiding in plain sight as authorities were in a building a few feet away from the meet, tracking their undercover operative as Captain Stacy met up with Yuri Watanabe.

Yuri: (Turns to George) Captain.

George: Yuri. (Walks over to the computer) So, how are we doing?

Computer Technician: Everything's going great. Our guy is arriving at this destination shortly.

George: Good, then we'll have this pinned, the weapons back to their rightful property owners, and find the head responsible.

As they waited inside, Spider-Man was hanging upside down from his web, looking over as a van was driving over to the spot.

Spider-Man: (Watches the van) You're seeing this, right?

Ned: (Watches Spider-Man's POV from the Web) Oh yeah! Like binge-watching another episode of Regular Show on Hulu! Again, the best setup we've ever had!

Spider-Man: (Gets out his camera) Well, as long as we get this over with so we can go back to looking for my Dad, the easier I'll sleep tonight.

As the van pulled over, a couple of men got out of the vehicle while the operative walked over to the men, ready to have them fooled.

Undercover Cop: (Walks over to the men) You have the goods?-

Thug: (Stares at the guy) What's the password?

Undercover Cop: (Folded his arms) Clown.

Thug: (Nodded as he turned to his friend) Let's show it.

The men got to the trunk and opened it up, revealing all sorts of tech upgrades ranging from Chitauri to Hydra as the operative got a good look at the stolen goods.

Thug: (Turns to the cop) So... Like what you see?

Undercover Cop: (Looks over the items) Seems like good stuff... Got any Oscorp tech we can use?

Thug: (Scoffed) Like you'd wanna know... Officer Barry McCormick.

The thug pulled a gun out on Barry, taking everyone by surprise as Spider-Man watched from above.

Thug: (Gets out a device revealing an NYPD emblem on McCormick) Did you really think we wouldn't have the stuff to figure who or what's a cop, pal?

Yuri: Shit, they know!

George: Everyone move! The cover's blown, everyone move into full offense, but don't get close!

Sirens rang in the air as cars started pulling out, cops began to surround the group as the criminals took the operative hostage.

McCormick: (Is still having a gun pointed at his face) You don't wanna do this, pal!

Thug: Shut up! (Turns to his friends) Call in Mason, tell 'im to send in the Apex Predator!

Spider-Man: (Watches the scene unfold) This just escalated quicker than I expected! How did they know the cop was undercover?

George: (Gets out of the care while holding a megaphone) This is the NYPD! Stand down, I repeat, stand down!

Thug: You listen to me, pigs! You're gonna let us leave, or we're gonna bust a hole in this snitch!

Spider-Man: Okay, we gotta move!

Spider-Man lunged himself off the roof and landed in front of the criminals, taking both sides' attention as all eyes diverted to him.

Spider-Man: (Turns to the thugs) Hey, hey come on! If you gonna shoot at somebody, shoot at me!

Thug: (Turns to Spider-Man) Alright.

He turned to shoot at Spider-Man instead, but the Web-Slinger disarmed him by pulling the pistol away with the webs and then began to jump at the criminal to hit him square in the face, making him drop to the ground unconscious while the hostage was released, prompting police to move in.

George: Everyone move in, pronto!

McCormick: (Gets up, turning to Spider-Man) You saved me... Thanks, Spider-Man.

Spider-Man: Hey, no problem, dude! Just keep doing a good job out there!

George: (Walks over to the Vigilante) What are you doing?

Spider-Man: (Turns to George) Hey, Cap! Nice to see you too!

George: I had it under control!

Spider-Man: Oh yeah, having one of your own taken hostage while you stood around like statues! I'd say you've had things under control very smoothly!

George: This isn't a game! You could've gotten someone killed!

Spider-Man: Well, no one did! So I think it's safe to say everything turned out just fine!

Suddenly, the van drove right off into the street, taking everyone by surprise as the police watched it leave.

Spider-Man: (Watches the van drive away) Okay, I totally jinxed it.

Yuri: Go after that van!

Police Officer: Yes, ma'am.

As police attempted to get into their vehicles, the van's occupants began to use Black Hole grenades at the authorities, causing the cops to quickly move out before their cars get sucked inside of an empty void, leaving remnants of the cruisers behind as everyone watched.

Spider-Man: Holy crap, that was some crazy stuff!

Yuri: Dammit, we can't chase them on foot! Captain, what do we do?!

George; Call in any additional forces, but tell them to stay clear of the van!

Spider-Man: (Turns to George) You know, I think it would be so much easier for both of us if I could, you know?

George: (Looks at Spider-Man, seeing the reason) Fine!

Spider-Man: See you on the other side!

Spider-Man began to chase after the van after it made its' escape. While chasing it throughout the neighborhood, Ned was on his phone on the Web, watching the event unfold.

Ned: (Watches the event unfold on his phone) Dude, this is what it feels like to be you?

Spider-Man: What do you mean? It's normal for me to do this!

Ned: Yeah, maybe once you get back, I'll send you a link and you'll see what I mean.

Spider-Man: Sure, I'd totally love to watch videos of myself getting killed by bad guys every night! Sounds like something to do for a TV show one day! (Nearly got shot) Whoa! Oh man, these guys aren't fooling around!

Ned: No kidding, dude! They have Star Trek gear at their disposal!

Spider-Man: Don't worry, I got it under control though!

Thug: (Shoots blasters at Spidey) Get away from us, you freak!

Spider-Man: (Dodges the blast) Man, what is it with people and the F word?

Ned: I didn't say the F word.

Spider-Man: Not you! The guys I'm chasing after!

Ned: Oh? Did they seriously say Fu-?

Spider-Man: Whoa! Not the actual F word! I meant-!

Suddenly, he was hit by a grenade, blasting him to the ground as the van drifted to the other side of the street, feeling intense ringing in his ears as he watched the van drive.

Spider-Man: (Groans) Ugh...

Ned: Peter? You okay?

Spider-Man: Yeah, I just got hit by a grenade. (Sees the van getting away) Hey, get back here!

He shot a web at the van, causing him to get dragged along the street as he held on to the web.

Spider-Man: (Gets dragged onto the cement) Ahhhhh!

Ned: Dude, that's gotta hurt!

Spider-Man: No, I'm fine! Really, I'm-Ow, my butt!

Thug: Hit him again!

The occupants moved to grab another blaster, only to have pressed a button by accident and blasted a hole into the van, dropping some of the gear off into the street. As the chase continued, Mason was seen overlooking CCTV cameras as the man with wings stood next to him, eyeing his target.

Mason: (Watches the cameras) He's at it again. (Turns to the ominous figure) He's all yours.

?: (Nodded as green eyes glowed from his helmet) 'Bout time I've introduced myself.

As he left, the chase continued with the web pulling off as Spidey skidded to a stop. Getting up, he tried to shoot another web at them, only to have pulled the door down as the van drove away.

Spider-Man: (Watches the van drive away while bearing witness to the door getting taken off) Great!

Ned: Hey, don't worry about it! (Gets off of the POV feed, and gets over to CCTV cameras) I have them on CCTV, I can lead you back to them! Just take the narrow path along the houses, and you'll be able to reach them at Bellevue!

Spider-Man: Guess I'm gonna have to take a short cut!

He went ahead and took a short cut through the neighborhood, commenting a couple of people playing tennis before petting a dog, then throwing a ball to lure the dog towards it. Then he proceeded in a clumsy fashion as he swung himself to his path, wrecking a treehouse in the process before landing inside of a shed, making a huge mess.

Then he got out of the shed and proceeded to run, smashing through fences, commenting on other people's BBQ, and then crashing a pool party for a brief time. All of that before he crashed through another backyard, in front of two little girls having a slumber party in a tent. Getting up, he greeted the kids while his lenses twitched uncontrollably.

Spider-Man: Oh, hey guys.

The girls just screamed, making them run as he got up on his feet to get onto his destination.

Spider-Man: Ned, how far am I right now?

Ned: Just about there, you got this!

Spider-Man: (Lands on the roof) Okay! I'm almost there! (Sees the van as he runs) Okay, I see them!

Ned: Good! That's good-! (Noticed a shadow on the street where Spidey is) Wait, something just came up.

Spider-Man: No time, gotta go! (Runs towards the van) SURPRISE!

He jumped off the roof, trying to get to the van, only to get caught in mid-air.

Spider-Man: WHOA!

Ned: Peter?!

Spider-Man hung in the air, looking down to see that he's being dragged away from the surface. Then he looked up, seeing the man with Wings carrying him up high as he dangled out in the sky.

Spider-Man: Holy crap!

Ned: Hey, what's going on? I can't see you on the cameras!

Spider-Man: I think I just found our birdie! (Tries kicking himself off from the Vulture) What the hell?

Ned: What are you waiting for? Web his ass!

Spider-Man: Oh, that's a good idea! (Shoots a Web at his face)

Vulture: (Gets web in his face) Ugh!

He let go of the Webhead, making him drop hundreds of feet in the air as he tried to rip the fluids off of his face.

Spider-Man: (Falls in the sky) WHOA! (Shoots a web at the Vulture's feet) Oh! Holy crap!

Vulture: (Gets pulled down a little from Spider-Man shooting a Web at him) Agh!

Spider-Man: (Looks up at him, seeing him hovering in the sky) Who are you?!

Vulture: (Rips the web off his face) Someone you don't wanna mess with.

Suddenly, he yanked the web back, pulling the hero at him to catch him, turning his attention to the masked thief.

Vulture: (Turns to Spider-Man) And this is the last time you'll ever interfere with my business again! Because if I see you again, I'll kill you and everyone you love!

With that said, he dropped Spidey into the sky, making plummet back into the surface screaming as he fell, Vulture watching from the sky.

Spider-Man: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! (Looks down at the surface, seeing it getting closer) Karen! Karen, help me out! What should I do?! How do I stop myself from falling?!

Karen: Activating Web Parachute.

Suddenly, Spider-Man's Suit began to glow. And then, a parachute was flipped out, hanging onto Peter as he glided in the sky.

Spider-Man: (Sees himself floating in the air as the parachute saved him) Oh! I have a freaking parachute?! Oh my god, why didn't you tell me that?!

Karen: You never asked about it.

Spider-Man: (Sighs as he moved through the sky) Oh, we gotta work on your social skills, Karen.

Ned: (Is heard on comms) You okay man? What happened out there?

Spider-Man: (Rubs his arm as he landed on the ground) Well, I found our Birdie just as I said, and then he took me up to the sky only so he could drop me!

Ned: Seriously? Damn, that's frigging cold!

Spider-Man: Well, Vultures are known to be cold-blooded, so I'm not surprised. (Rubbed his head) But I'm pissed that he did that to me!

Ned: Alright, so where is he now?

Spider-Man: I don't know, he's gone! Nowhere to be seen!

Ned: Well, did he leave anything?

Spider-Man: No, not that I'm-! (Sees something) Hey.

He walked over to the grass, picking up a device that held a glowing Purple hue as he looked at it.

Ned: Hey, what? What's up?

Spider-Man: (Looks at the thing) I found something.

Ned: What did you find?

Spider-Man: I dunno, some kinda Purple Glowy Thingy.

Ned: You wanna talk about it?

Spider-Man: I do. (Sirens rang in the air as he turned around to see the Red and Blue lights going round in circles) But maybe in person where I'm nowhere near the cops.

Later, Peter and Ned were seen looking over the glowy thing that he had picked up that night as they just stared at the thing.

Ned: (Looks over the device) What is that?

Peter: I dunno. Maybe some kind of Lightsaber Crystal?

Ned: (Turns to Peter) You think that's a Lightsaber Crystal?

Peter: No, but it would be cool if it is.

Ned: Oh yeah, it totally would be! (Looks over it) But should we tell someone about this? Like, what about Happy? Maybe he could help out.

Peter: No, he's working on Horizon Labs security detail for the plane trip tomorrow afternoon. So it's likely that he'll be super busy.

Ned: So we're on our own then?

Peter: Guess so.

Ned: Well what now?

Peter: Now, I guess I go back out to find him.

Ned: I don't think that's a good idea. (Turns to activate the Web)

Peter: Why's that?

Ned turned on the Web's Live Feeds, one of them consisting of the Daily Bugle as J. Jonah Jameson was seen making another broadcast with another picture taken exclusively by Peter Parker, shown to be saving the police officer from the thug earlier.

Jameson: (Is seen on TV) Spider-Man is a menace that continues to be a blight upon this city! I've got confirmed witnesses claiming that vigilante was helping the criminals escape with dangerous-!

Peter: (Raises a brow in disbelief) Helping them escape?! What is wrong with that guy?!

Ned: You gotta admit, that man has a lot of creative ways to make you look bad.

Peter: (Sighs) Okay, apparently it's too hot out there right now.

Ned: Looks like you'll have to wait another night for things to cool off.

Peter: (Watches the TV) Yeah... Or maybe I'll have to go out tomorrow at day...

Ned: After school, you mean?

Peter: Of course! I don't wanna go ditching school! Or else, Aunt May would murder me, bury my body down in the Hudson and spend all of my college money on a vacation to Long Island!

Ned: You really think she'd do that?

Peter: No, but I don't wanna feel her wrath if I ever made her angry.

Ned: Alright, so what's the plan?

Peter: After school, we go to find where the Vulture is at, and we end it then and there.

Ned: But what about Harry? It's his birthday tomorrow, and you're supposed to see the new therapy counselor while I'm with him.

Peter: (Sighs) That's right. (Shook his head) Alright, fine! I'll just ditch therapy and go find our guy while you go hang out with Harry.

Ned: Whatever happened to not ditching school or else Aunt May will butcher you or whatever?

Peter: That's not the point Ned!

Ned: Then what is the point?

Peter: The point is that we have to end this before whoever the Vulture has another chance to strike again! He comes in once a year, and I don't want to have to wait a whole year watching other people getting hurt because of him!

Ned: Hey, relax dude.

Peter: I can't relax! I won't! I can't deal with this! There's so much on my mind right now; Harry's birthday, the Vulture, the therapy, not to mention-!

Ned: Your Dad... You're stressed about your Dad, are you?

Peter: (Sighs) All day, I've had to deal with school, my internship at Horizon, and this Vulture guy... And throughout the whole day, I have not gotten the chance to even investigate my parent's disappearance!

Ned: Okay, it's fine. I get it.

Peter: No, you don't get it! You have no idea what it's like not constantly thinking where your parents have been all this time, or why they left a little boy with his Aunt and Uncle for 11 years! You have no idea what it feels like!

Ned: (Nodded, raising his hands) Alright, fine! I don't know how it feels. But I do know that being in superhero life is a hard one to live with! And being with you for a certain amount of time, and the fact that I have to do both of our homework at the same time, it's not easy to live with! But we can't just abandon our own personal lives because there's a crazy lunatic that's still out in the open! It's a big world out there, and you'd be crazy to spend all of your life trying to look for him!

Peter: Okay, I get it, man! I get it! (Nods) Alright, the Vulture can wait until after school.

Ned: And therapy.

Peter: That too.

Ned: (Nods, looking at his friend) So, I'll see you at school then?

Peter: (Nods) Yeah... See you later.

Somewhere else on an unknown location, Vulture was seen flying back to his own personal hideout where Phineas Mason, known accomplice to the late Herman Schultz, AKA Shocker, was waiting for his "Boss as he watched him make his landing.

Mason: (Looks at the Vulture land) You're back.

Vulture: You noticed. (Lands on the ground) How's the boys?

Mason: Got out of the cop's radar all thanks to you. It's a good thing I've looked closer onto that undercover cop, they almost had us back there.

Vulture: But they didn't. (Walks over to Mason) Which means we're still two steps ahead of them.

Mason: Was the same said for Herman?

Vulture: Herman was a lost cause. (Took his helmet off) The man had his wits, but he didn't have the smarts nor the impulse control to keep going. And all that was his own doing.

Mason: And the others that went to the Raft with him? Have you forgotten that vigilante is the reason some of our friends are in there?

Vulture: Of course not.

Mason: Then why let him go?

Vulture: Because he's gotten big after that incident with the school and the Electric Man. I would have gotten too much heat.

Mason: That's not what the Bugle says about him.

Vulture: (Turns to Mason) Says a man who's job is yellow journalism all the way? Never liked the guy, he's just in it for the clicks.

Mason: I'm just saying, it wouldn't have hurt to get a little bit of payback.

Vulture: Don't worry about it, Mason. Dropping the freak down high was payback enough. (Turns around, looking at a picture) But for now, we need to get to our next job if we wanna spend the next year not worrying about money.

Mason: You mean that job... The one with-?

Vulture: No, that's just a backup plan in case we were ever desperate. I'm talking about the new one.

Mason: The new one? Are you sure?

Vulture: You know me too well to know I'm always sure.

Mason: You realize you're going to be doing this in broad daylight, right?

Vulture: I've got no choice. (Turns to look at a picture of his little girl) I got a family to take care of. I can't turn my back on them. (Turns to Mason) You understand, don't you?

Mason: (Sighs) I hope you know what you're doing, Adrian.

Adrian: (Smiles) Trust me. I always know what I'm doing.

Mason: Alright. (Turns aroudn to his desk) Hey, did you manage to pick one of those Chitauri Energy Cores on the way back?

Adrian: Nope, didn't have time. Sorry.

Mason: Oh, well that's a shame... I hear those things are pretty explosive if they aren't handled properly.

The next day, Peter was seen at school leaving his class just after taking a Spanish Quiz. Walking down the hallway, Harry ran next to his best friend to catch up.

Harry: (Gets to Peter) Hey, Pete!

Peter: (Turns to Harry) Hey, Harry.

Harry: (Walks next to him) Hey, so here I am sitting at my desk, dreading about the quiz when I figured you'd be just fine when you always nail those challenges.

Peter: (Speaks some Spanish) ¿Quieres decir que yo pongo atención en clase y tú no? (Oh, you mean because I pay attention in class, you don't?)

Harry: (Rolls his eyes) Anyway, I looked up at you after you were done, and I noticed that you look like you've been to a funeral. Like, what happened? You'd normally be happy after finishing a quiz.

Peter: Oh... (Scratches his head) It's nothing. I'm just tired, that's all.

Harry: Oh, I see what happened. You didn't get enough sleep last night, didn't you?

Peter: You are oddly perceptive. Did you get that from MJ?

Harry: No, but I can guess. (Stops) Seriously though, are you and Ned okay? Because every time I wanna hang out, it's like you guys are too busy with something. What's up with that?

Peter: Nothing, dude. I'm just dealing... With some stuff in the family.

Harry: And Ned?

Peter: He's been helping me out with that lately.

Harry: Okay, so what about me? Listen, if it's about... If it's about the night that... That Ben-!

Peter: It's not about Ben, Harry.

Harry: Then what is it about? Is it about Flash? Because if it is, then the guy's a moronic amateur! Come on, I'm your friend, you can talk to me.

Peter: (Sighs) Uh, I'd love to... But it's just complicated. Like how you and your Dad are sort of complicated, you know?

Harry: Well, that's different; my Dad doesn't seem to care, and May does. That's the difference right there.

Peter: (Rubs his head) Alright, but I'm not sure I'm ready to talk about it quite yet. I'm sorry, Harry, but I just need to relax my brain.

Harry: (Looks at Peter) Yeah, sounds like you've become awfully depressed.

Peter: Is it that obvious?

Harry: (Grins) You know what? How about we have ourselves a party? My dad's doing business outside the Tower, and I'm going to bored as hell! So after MJ, Ned and I go to Empire, we start partying, and then that way, you'll have time to hang out with us during my birthday today. Sound good?

Peter: (Nods) Yeah, that actually sounds terrific.

Harry: Great! (Punched Peter by the shoulder while walking) It starts at 6:30, don't be late!

Peter: Wait, where are you going?

Harry: To find MJ and Ned! We're done here today!

Peter: Wait, you guys have a free period?

Harry: Oh no, we're ditching! You know, one of those one-time flings. (Turns to Peter, pointing at him) Remember, 6:30! Don't forget!

Peter: I won't!

The two separated as Peter started to walk over to his locker. As he opened it up, he moves to switch up textbooks, grabbing whatever he needed for his next class when he suddenly felt a familiar appearance. Turning around, he sees no one other than Gwen Stacy, folding her book down at her waist as the Blonde hair girl with Pink Streaks looked at Peter with a shy, yet happy look on her face as Peter looked at her.

Gwen: (Looks at Peter) Hey, Peter.

Peter: (Sees Gwen) Hey! (Shut his locker as he looked at his crush) Hey, h-how are you?

Gwen: Terrific! It's good to be back!

Peter: Yeah, I think I can speak for everyone in the school that we entirely agree with you on that!

Gwen: (Laughs a little bit) Ha! Heh, that's great! But Principal Morita already shared that same sentiment that you shared.

Peter: Oh! Oh, okay! (Rubbed his head) Um, so is that bad?

Gwen: (Shook her head) Nothing you ever say to me is ever really bad at all.

Peter: (Laughs a little, blushing) Well that's uh... That's awesome to hear! (Rubs his head) Hey, so what do you wanna do? For lunch, I mean? We could go to Delmar's for a quick bite! Try out some of his sandwiches, which are pretty awesome!

Gwen: It sure beats spending $30 at a fancy restaurant! (Both she and him laugh at the sentiment) But actually, I got lunch already.

Peter: Oh?

Gwen: Yeah, I'm not really hungry right now.

Peter: Okay, that's fair! Um, we could hang out after my therapy session with Mrs. Drewman! We could go do something later on.

Gwen: Yeah, we could do that... Or...

Peter: Or what?

Gwen: Do you have a free period?

Peter: (Nods) Yeah... Yeah, I've got a free period.

Gwen: (Smiles) Awesome... Because I actually got finished with the entire day!

Peter: Seriously?

Gwen: Yeah, my GoTigers club got canceled today, so we get to have an entire period to ourselves.

Peter: That's fantastic! (Smiles) Okay, so what do you wanna do?

Gwen: (Looks at Peter, taking his hands) I've got just the idea. Follow me!

Soon, the two walked down the hallways and began to climb up the stairs. Reaching the roof, Peter and Gwen got outside to take in the fresh air as they walked out into the sunlight.

Peter: (Looks around the roof) Hey, so not that I'm complaining or anything, but what are we doing on the roof?

Gwen: (Keeps walking) Follow me, and you'll see!

Peter: (Turns to look at Gwen, following her) So, is this where you're going to murder me then? Because if that's the case, then I'd hate to have to haunt this place for the rest of eternity!

Gwen: HA! Oh, if I murdered you, I'm pretty sure my Dad would murder me if I got myself into any kind of trouble! Seriously, come on! There's something I have to show you!

Peter: Show me? What do you want to... Oh?

Peter walked over to a large warehouse on the roof, standing as part of the school's structure as Gwen leaded him to it.

Gwen: (Walks over to the building) Remember this place?

Peter: (Nods) Yeah... Yeah, this is the old school auditorium! I heard they had to place all the costumes and props here for any school play! But I thought that was shut down a few years back after increased wages! Let alone get rid of it!

Gwen: Well, they haven't got rid of everything! Come on!

She led him inside, the two of them inside of the building as Gwen began to turn on the lights, which was all the neon basically as Peter watched the lights turn on every time. Then, at last, the final switch was turned, revealing a sign that reads, "Welcome to New York City!" With a picture of a snow globe that has New York City right on it.

Peter: (Looks around at the auditorium) Whoa... That is... Spectacular!

Gwen: I know, right? (She smiled, dancing around the room as she looked at Peter) This is where I sleep every day!

Peter: Seriously?

Gwen: Oh no, I'm just messing with you, you adorable idiot!

Peter: Oh.

Gwen: (Smiles) But, it's possible that people can sleep here if they really wanted to.

Peter: Oh?

Gwen: Yeah! There's a couch lying around and everything!

Peter: Why would anyone leave a couch behind? It's completely mad to even do such a thing!

Gwen: I know, right? That's what I asked myself!

Peter: (Smiles as he looks around, seeing the set up in the works) Wow, Gwen, this is... This is really cool!

Gwen: (Smiles) There's more that I need to show you! Let's go!

She led Peter to the backstage area. There, Gwen showed Peter the whole place being remade into a personal loft, as Peter just stared in shock.

Peter: Oh my god! This is the backstage?

Gwen: Was the backstage. I call it the Garden of Eden.

Peter: It doesn't look much like a garden.

Gwen: No, but it's basically a place where one imagines what it's like to be an adult. (Walks over to a chair, sitting down while facing Peter) A place far away from having to live under the same roof like your own parents.

Peter: Well, it looks more and more like a utopia!

Gwen: (Laughs) Shut up!

Peter: I'm serious! You could have people living up here without anyone noticing! It's pretty much amazing with the set up you've made!

Gwen: Yeah, well just don't tell anyone about this place, and we'll keep making sure that the school board keeps wondering why the electric bill keeps going up.

Peter: Right! (Sat on the couch) Ooh, this is a comfy couch.

Gwen: It sure is!

Peter: (Looks around, seeing a snow globe in front of him as he picked it up) So, what was the final play that they did here before they ended up having to shut it all down?

Gwen: I'm not sure... But I'm sure it involves the one thing that's pretty ironic. (Walks over to Peter)

Peter: And what's that?

Gwen: Home. (Grabs the snowglobe, seeing a sculptured New York inside the glass) A no better place like home.

Peter: (Looks at the snow globe) Sounds like someone's got the right idea for a story...

Gwen: (She nodded, staring at the item in her hand) I love this city... I really, really love this city, I mean it.

Peter: Really?

Gwen: Yeah, it's home! I've been here since like, forever! And I honestly can't think of anywhere else that could ever be the same as a city as beautiful, as filled with life, as more historic than anything! It's got a past, a very big past! Some good, others bad, but it's the history of our home. And I know this sounds like I'm going nuts saying this, but if I'm to die... I'd like to be buried right here. Right at where I was born in... Where I was raised... Where every memory I've ever had, ever cherished, all of it carved onto my gravestone so if there's something people are going to remember me by, it's the memories of myself being happy where I am... At home where I belong.

Peter: (Looks at Gwen) Sounds like you've got your mind made up.

Gwen: (Nodded as she clutched the snowglobe in her hands) Yeah... And there's no way anyone's ever going to change my mind about it. (She turned to Peter) What about you? What do you think of this city?

Peter: Oh, me? I love it! Been here all my life, never set foot outside of it period!

Gwen: Really?

Peter: Yeah! You could say I've started to know every street corner, every name, and Coffee Bean ever made!

Gwen: (Smiles) Every Coffee Bean?

Peter: Oh yeah! Every one! Like there's one over at uh, at Horizon Labs, the one at the Financial District! And the one by Avengers Tower, and the one that's right next to the Wakandan Embassy, that's hard to miss unless you're really trying to blink on purpose!

Gwen: (Smiles) Wow, you sound like you really know your way around.

Peter: Yeah, you could say I know my way around anywhere these days!

Gwen: That's impressive...

Peter: Yeah, it is... (He then started to walk over to Gwen, looking at her) I uh... I really, really like you, Gwen.

Gwen: (Looks at Peter) Really?

Peter: Yeah... Really. You're like the nicest person I know.

Gwen: Thanks... You're um... You're a pretty great guy, too.

Peter: You mean it?

Gwen: Yeah... Yeah, you bet, you adorable idiot...

The two stood in front of each other, looking at into their eyes as the moment was quiet... Nice and quiet with just the two of them as they slowly began to move into each other in embrace...

Or, at least they were, until the TV sitting on the edge of the ceiling started the news, jump scaring the high schoolers as they looked up to see a documentary regarding the Battle of New York.

Peter: (Widened his eyes) Oh, man! The TV is still on in here?

Gwen: Yeah, it's still on! I have no idea how to turn it off though, because the remote is absolutely nowhere to be found, so it just runs all by itself.

Peter: A TV displaying a full-on documentary of the Avengers' fight against the aliens?

Gwen: I guess so. It normally shows off documentaries of a bald Professor using a Wheelchair though, but that's definitely new.

Peter: Man, that's sweet!

Fitz: (Is seen demonstrating a Chitauri Energy Core to the camera crew) This is a Chitauri Energy Core that was used in the New York Invasion assault back then. Real dangerous stuff! Pretty explosive.

Peter: (Widened his eyes) Wait... Did he just say that it's explosive?!

Gwen: (Raises a brow) Yeah... That's what he said.

Peter thought about it... The night before, he had found the Energy Core out in the yard and gave it to Ned... Ned, who's going to the Empire State Building with Harry and MJ for Harry's Birthday... All of them meaning they're in great danger.

Gwen: Peter? (Walks over to him) Hey, are you okay? You don't look so great.

Peter: (Nodded) I'm fine! I'm... I'm great... (Turns to Gwen) Listen... I've had a really, really great time! And, I hope that we could have more moments like these every single day of our lives!

Gwen: (Blinked) Oh, that's great! That's what I was hoping for.

Peter: But, I gotta go.

Gwen: (Raises a brow) Go? Go where?

Peter: Um... Take care of something.

Gwen: Take care of what? What are you talking about?

Peter: I gotta go! (Turns around and leaves) Goodbye, Gwen!

Gwen: What, Peter? (Sees Peter start running away) Peter?!

Peter ran straight out of the warehouse and started to run straight back into the school. Heading to his locker, he grabbed his backpack to unzip it, seeing his Spider-Man Suit displayed inside. One good look was all he needed as he shut the locker and began to run right out of the school, Suiting Up.

Back with the friends, Ned, MJ, and Harry were seen standing in front of the Empire State Building as they looked at how tall the building structure looked.

Harry: (Walks over to the building) Okay, so I know a guy that owes my Dad a favor a while back, so I manage to get all of us to the front of the line.

MJ: That's awesome, but shouldn't we be the one paying for you?

Harry: There's not really a point in paying when the birthday boy happens to be the rich kid, now is there?

Ned: No, but it would have been nice for you, wouldn't it?

Harry: Now, where would the fun be in that? Come on, we got plenty of time on our hands!

They walked inside of the building as Ned placed the Chitauri Energy Core in his backpack, which was glowing abnormally than it usually would as they entered the skyscraper.

On the meantime, Spider-Man was seen taking the train, making his way over to the Empire State Building to prevent his friends from dying as he tried to call each of his friends' cells.

MJ: (Is heard on voicemail) This is MJ. Leave a voicemail or text, or whatever you want to do after the beep.

Spider-Man: (Heard the beep) Crap! Come on, pick up the phone!

He jumped on the train heading straight for Manhattan while his friends were passing the inspection line, putting their phones and belongings on the CT scanner table. When Ned's backpack was scanned, it was blurred due to the alien technology that it possesses as they got all their stuff back.

Guard: You're all cleared. Have a fun day!

Harry: Thanks! (Turns to the group) Are you guys good?

MJ: (Nods as she grabbed her bag) All set.

Ned: (Grabs his backpack) Yeah, I'm all good from here.

Harry: Alright! Let's go take a nice view from upstairs, shall we?

They started to walk inside of the elevator as Spider-Man reached the island, trying to get over to Midtown district as soon as possible while he tried to call his friend's cells.

Ned: (Is heard on the voicemail) Hey, this is Ned! If I'm not answering the phone, it means I'm currently helping Spider-Man save New York City! Please leave a message!

Spider-Man: Dammit, Ned! Change the voicemail, and pick up the phone, please! You're carrying a dirty bomb! You, MJ, and Harry are going to die, please answer the phone! (Groans as he contacted Karen) Karen, can you call Ned, tell him to answer the phone?!

Karen: I'm afraid I can't do that.

Spider-Man: Why not?!

Karen: Unknown energy spikes are interfering with the frequency.

Spider-Man: Ugh, it's that stupid Core! (Jumps off of the train, swinging his way over to Empire) Come on, come on!

He kept hurrying his way over to the building as the three friends were seen among a group of people also wanting to sightsee from the Empire State as everyone tried to use their cell phone service when they have no internet connection for some apparent reason.

MJ: (Tries to use her phone) Hey, I'm not getting service in here.

Harry: (Tries to get a bar) Yeah, me neither. Ned, you getting something?

Ned: (Shook his head, looking at his phone) No luck on my end.

As everyone waited on the elevator, about to reach the roof, the Core began to implode, leaving out beams to stab through Leeds' backpack and cause an explosion, leaving the elevator damaged and everyone inside unharmed while on the outside, people from all over can see the explosion from every corner of the street as Spider-Man landed on a roof, seeing the explosion happen from his position.

Spider-Man: (Sees the explosion from his spot) Oh god, no!

Inside the elevator, everyone groaned as they noticed that they have stopped. Seeing the damage done, the passengers began to worry, seeing how that they may die at any given moment.

Pedestrian 1: (Gets up) What the hell? What happened?!

Pedestrian 2: Is everyone okay?

Pedestrian 3: That really hurt!

Harry: (Groans as he got up) Man...

MJ: (Gets up, turning Harry) Harry! Hey, are you alright?

Harry: Yeah, yeah! I'm all good, you?

MJ: Fantastic! (Turns to Ned, who was rubbing his head) Hey! You alright?

Ned: (Moans as he rubbed his head, giving a thumbs up) I'm okay! What happened?

Harry: No idea! (Looks up at the ceiling, noticing lines formed from the heat) One second, we were about to reach our destination, and the next came a big boom!

Ned: A bomb? Who set a bomb in here?!

MJ: I don't know, maybe it was Hitler. I heard the Nazis are still running around, ish.

As everyone was confused by what happened, Ned turned around to see his bag on the floor, with holes coming out from the inside... Looking at it, he noticed that the Chitauri Energy Core that he possessed had burnt out, which meant that he and everyone around him were in serious trouble as Spider-Man was seen trying to find a way into the building.

Spider-Man: (Swings around the Empire) Karen! I need you to help me out here! I need to know where are my friends located at! Are they safe?

Karen: Far from it. Ned Leeds has been found stuck on the elevator wedged between the 85th and 86th floor!

Spider-Man: (Looks up at the building) Oh, man! The very top floor?!

Karen: According to the building schematics, it currently has 102 floors.

Spider-man: I mean the 1st top floor! Ugh! (Sees a police helicopter flying around) Okay. I'm going up there one way or the other! How long have I got?

Karen: Estimating 10 minutes before catastrophic failure.

He jumped onto the building, starting to wall crawl his way to the top as police took notice of the Wall Crawler's appearance.

Police: (Sees Spider-Man climbing the building) 10-80, I just spotted the Spider-Man vigilante just starting to climb the building. I repeat, 10-80, requesting additional backup, over.

As the police snitched on Spidey, everyone on the elevator started to panic while the guard inside the elevator tried to calm the situation down.

Guard: (Raises her hands calmly as she turned to the passengers) Alright, everyone just remains calm.

Pedestrian 4: We're all gonna die, lady! How are we supposed to remain calm?!

MJ: We need to get out of here!

Guard: Alright, just listen! I know this looks scary, but rest assured, our safety systems are working!

Karen: The safety systems are completely failing!

Guard: Do not panic, we are very safe in here.

Karen: The occupants are in imminent mortal danger.

Spider-Man: (Starts webbing himself up to the building) I'm going as fast as I can!

Harry: Okay, well I don't feel safe in here! So we're getting the hell out!

Soon, the occupants started to flee the elevator as citizens began to open up the emergency hatch on the ceiling. Climbing themselves out one at the time, each passenger got out one at a time as the rest of the building occupants were there trying to help any way they can. That was, unfortunately, a bad move on their part.

Karen: You now have one hundred and twenty-five seconds before catastrophic failure.

Spider-Man: What?! Why?!

Karen: (Shows Peter a zoomed image of people trying to escape death) Unexpected motion has caused the deterioration to escalate.

Spider-Man: Oh, I gotta get going, I'm not moving fast enough!

Karen: Perhaps you should try to run up the building for accelerated run time.

Spider-Man: Why would I do that?

Karen: Because based on your patterns on how you run on buildings horizontally, I've calculated that you may be able to run up vertically with enough momentum.

Spider-Man: (Takes a deep breath, standing on the wall as he started to shoot webs to pull them back) Okay, I hope you're right about this!

Once he stepped back far enough, he swung himself higher than he did while trying to make his feet stick to the surface. When they did, Spidey didn't stop running. He actually kept on going as he shot more webs to get higher, running at a fast pace as everyone on the ground looked up and saw the whole thing happen.

Spider-Man: I'm doing it! (Runs up the wall) I'm doing it, Karen! I'm doing it! (Sees himself getting closer) I'm getting close!

He then reached his destination, lifting himself high before leaping onto a rail, letting himself rest as he then turned around. When he did, he found himself being higher than he ever was being a hero as he widened his eyes in shock, panting, out of breath.

Karen: What's wrong? You have reached the 86th floor. Why are you hesitating?

Spider-Man: (Panted as he looked out onto the street) It's fine, I just... Never been this high before!

Karen: You have also not reinstalled your parachute. So a fall from this height would most likely be lethal.

Spider-Man: Oh, well... (Jumps off the railing onto the safety of the floor) I'll just stay clear of the rails then. (Turns to the door, trying to open it when he finds it locked) Why is it locked?!

Karen: The building has placed itself on full lockdown mode in case of an emergency event such as a bomb explosion.

Spider-Man: Whose dumb idea was it to have the doors locked when someone's trying to get in? Or out? Seriously, that guy didn't think things through a lot!

Karen: 60 seconds until catastrophic failure!

Spider-Man: (Groans) Alright, alright!

He pressed his hands on the door, trying to squeeze them open when a police helicopter was flown up in the air right above the Webhead.

Police: (Uses a mic to call the Wall-Crawler out) This is the NYPD! Hands in the air!

Spider-Man: (Turns to the cops) My friends are in there, my friends are in there, STOP!

Police: Put your hands in the air, or we will open fire!

Guard: (Sees everyone getting out one at a time) Alright, let's keep moving, people, let's go! (Turns to Osborn) Come on kid, you're next!

Harry: (Turns to MJ and Ned) Oh no, they go after me! I'm good!

Ned: What? No, you go, dude!

Harry: I'm not leaving until you're okay!

MJ: It's your birthday, you're going!

Harry: Oh, come on! Don't do that birthday excuse on me-!

Everyone on board: LET'S GO!

Harry: Okay, okay! Alright! (Turns to the guard, climbing up) I'll be outside, okay!

Spider-Man: (Tries to open the doors) Those people are going to die if I stop, you have to listen to me!

Police: Put your hands in the air and get down on the ground!

Spider-Man: Alright, fine! Shoot me! I'm saving these people whether you like it or not! (Turns to open the doors)

Police: (Takes the mic off) Alright, he's had his chance. (Turns to the gunmen) McCormick! You're up! Shoot him down!

McCormick: (Feels sweaty on his face) Um... Of course.

McCormick raised his weapon at the person who saved his skin the night before. He shook, hesitating to pull the trigger several vehicle occupants took notice.

Police: (Noticed McCormick shaking) Barry, what are you waiting for? Take the shot!

McCormick: (Aims his weapon at Spider-Man, his savior) I... I can't. (Drops the gun below a hundred feet to the ground)

Police: (Noticed Barry dropping his weapon to the streets) Barry! What the hell?!

McCormick: I'm sorry! But he saved my life last night... I'll never forget that.

As the police tended with disobedience, Spider-Man managed to pull the doors apart, seeing the elevator fall down right on time as everyone who remained screamed for dear life.

Harry: (Widened his eyes) NED! MJ!

Spider-Man: I got it!

He shot a web at the ceiling, then the web ricocheted over to the collapsing elevator as everyone inside screamed in terror. Then the web caught it, as Spider-Man slid on the floor and stopped himself by planting both feet on each door, holding onto the web tightly as everyone from above and below took notice, catching their breath.

Spider-Man: (Sighed in relief, widening his eyes) I did it!

Before he could celebrate, the doors also fell apart, making him fall right down onto the elevator as it fell down as well, parts of the bars as it closed to a stop. When Spidey landed inside, however, the elevator brakes were disabled, causing the whole thing to fall down as everyone screamed once again. Spider-Man then shot a web on the ceiling once again, jumping onto the elevator ceiling to hold onto the web to stop themselves from falling as he held on tight... And finally, the elevator stopped, leaving everyone side sighing in relief as everyone turned to look at the hero responsible.

Spider-Man: (Turns the occupants, seeing MJ and Ned inside as he turned into his Queens accent) Hey, how are you doin'? Don't worry about it, I got you.

Ned: (Smiles as he celebrated his friend saving them) YES! YES!

Spider-Man: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Big guy, quit movin' around!

Ned: (Stops what he's doing, feeling embarrassed) I'm so sorry sir, so sorry!

Soon, Spider-Man slowly pulled the elevator right onto the 86th floor, making everyone inside opening the elevator doors to escape as everyone standing outside helped them out.

Spider-Man: (Reaches their destination) Alright! This is your stop! (Holds onto the web as tight as he can while the ceiling structure he stood on was being decompressed by his weight) Go, go, go! Everybody out! Move it, people, move it!

Pedestrian 4: (Turns to MJ, being the last person inside) Come on, give me your hand!

Harry: MJ, get out of there!

MJ tried to reach out, but the elevator ceiling Spidey was standing on gave out, causing the whole thing to fall as MJ screamed.

Spider-Man: MJ!

Harry/Ned: MJ!

MJ: (Tries to grab Spider-Man's hand jumping, but didn't catch it as she fell) AHHHHHHH!

Spider-Man: (Shot a web at MJ's wrist, catching her as he pulled her up) You're okay! You're okay.

MJ yelped as she grabbed Spider-Man's hand, holding on tight as she was lifted up onto the floor, the webs started to fall apart as Spider-Man made sure his all of his friends were out safely.

MJ: (Gets pulled up onto the floor, regaining her footing) I'm okay! I'm okay.

Harry: Oh my god! (Hugs her) Oh my god, that was insane! (Turns to Spider-Man) Thanks!

Spider-Man: Hey, consider it my present for the day, Birthday boy!

Harry: (Raises a brow) Uh... How did you know it was my birthday today?

Spider-Man: Oh... (Turns to look at Ned) The big guy told me.

Ned: I have, yes.

MJ: (Turns to Ned) Wait, so you actually work with him?

Spider-Man: Work? Now, who gave you that crazy ideaAHHH!

Spidey fell down the elevator shaft, making everyone watch as he made his narrow escape.

Harry: (Looks down at Spider-Man disappearing into the fog) That guy never ceases to amaze...

Later, everyone that was in the elevator was seen being given towels for comfort as everyone was being interviewed by the authorities as Captain George Stacy went over to Officer McCormick due to not following orders as he was seen rubbing his head.

George: (Walks over to McCormick) McCormick. I've got some boys telling me that you had a clear shot at the vigilante, yet you refused to do so... Why?

McCormick: (Turns to look at the Captain) It's like I said before... He saved my life back there... I'd never ever forgotten about that.

George: (Sighs, remembering the previous night's details) Alright, since everyone is safe, and no casualties were involved, you're off the hook.

McCormick: (Nods) Thanks, sir.

George: But if you disobey an order like that again, you're going to be posted for traffic control, got it?

McCormick: (Nods in understanding) Yes, sir.

George: And take a breather, you look like you got stranded in the desert. (Turns away)

Yuri: (Walks over to George) Someone's playing soft.

George: Spider-Man saved his ass back there from the crooks selling alien weaponry, that's a good enough excuse for it. Now, do we have anything about what happened?

Yuri: No, but CSI just picked up something. (Takes out a bag holding a burnt-out Chitauri Energy Core) They found this at the elevator after it crashed unto the ground. Do you know what it is?

George: (Sees the weapon in hand) Painfully enough... (Turns to Yuri) Let's put this thing in lockup. I want CSI to scan for fingerprints back at the station.

Quaid: (Turns to the Captain) Captain Stacy, sir.

George: Not now Quaid, I'm busy.

Quaid: Sir, it's S.H.I.E.L.D... They're here.

Yuri: (Raises a brow) S.H.I.E.L.D. again? What the hell do they want?

George: I have a feeling.

He took the bag from her hands, turning to S.H.I.E.L.D. armored trucks parking in front of police patrol cars as soldiers began to walk out of them. One person was the last to set foot onto the street, looking none other than the Director himself.

Fury: (Walks over to George) Captain George Stacy.

George: (Looks at Fury) Director Nick Fury... I take it this isn't a friendly visit?

Fury: You assume right. (Looks up at the building smoking) This site has been deemed as a highly important crime scene, so I'm gonna have to ask you and your men to turn over your investigation to S.H.I.E.L.D. That a problem?

George: (Shook his head) No problems at all, Director. It's all yours. (Turns around)

Fury: (Watches George leaving) And Captain... (Makes him stop) I'm gonna need all evidence collected, including that Chitauri Energy Core inside a bag that you shoved down into your pocket.

George bit his lip, turning around with the bag in his hand as he reluctantly handed it over to Fury.

George: (Looks at Fury) You sure it's that important?

Fury: It's as important as your manhunt for that vigilante running around your streets. (Turns to look at George) Yeah, I watched the news about that. Even heard from Agent Coulson after that Bank Takeover.

George: And? What's your preference?

Fury: My preference? (Looks at him in the eyes) Don't even bother trying.

He then turned to walk away while S.H.I.E.L. over the crime scene, leaving George with the cryptic message that left him in his thoughts.

As the higher authorities took over, the kids left the crime scene to get away from being asked questions as they talked about their experiences.

Harry: Man, that was insane! I thought we were gonna die back there!

MJ: And so I was I if Spider-Man didn't save me back there!

Ned: We're lucky to have him around!

Harry: Yeah, speaking of which... (Turns to Ned) You seriously need to change your voice mail. It makes everyone actually think you're working for him!

Ned: (Nods) Of course!

MJ: And really, why joke about that at all? It's not even funny!

Ned: I know that!

Harry: Then why bother?

Ned: Because I didn't think it wasn't funny until we all nearly died! I learned my lesson, okay? Now can we move on from this, please?

MJ: Yeah, I think that's for the best.

Harry: Yeah. I mean, it's still my birthday, so let's not have partially ruined by having that party we talked about!

MJ: Already looking forward to it!

Ned: Me too!

Harry: (Leaves with MJ) Alright, you go ahead and get ready, while we get the party set up!

Ned: Okay!

Ned took a deep breath, turning to leave as his friends walked home. Walking alone, Spider-Man hung upside down right next to Ned, taking him by surprise.

Spider-Man: (Looks at Ned while hanging upside down) Glad you learned your lesson, then.

Ned: Ahh! (Turns to look at his friend) Jeez, man! Don't do that! I've had enough jumpscares as it is!

Spider-Man: Sorry. (Jumps down, turning to Ned) Look, are you guys alright? I tried to contact you about the Core.

Ned: I noticed. We're okay, thanks to you. But you just ditched a whole school day!

Spider-Man: (Nodded) I have... And I'm pretty sure my friends' lives are much more of a responsibility than education.

Ned: Alright, that's fine... But don't you still have a therapy session to take?

Spider-Man: Oh? (Sees Ned raising a brow, making him realize it) Oh... (Looks at the time, which is about 5 minutes until he's late) Oh! Oh, look at the time! I should go.

Ned: Yeah, you definitely should be going.

Spider-Man: Bye!

He then turned and left Ned behind and hurried over to his school. about a good 20 minutes later, he arrived at school, with his civilian clothes on as he hurried on over to Mrs. Drewman's office when he saw her and Aunt May inside. Yeah, he's screwed.

Mrs. Drewman: (Sees Peter standing by her door) Mr. Parker. How wonderful of you to join us.

Peter: (Widened his eyes as he saw May sitting in her office) Yeah, I lost track of time! (Looks at May) May, what are you doing here?

Mrs. Drewman: Well, I'm so happy you asked. I was walking to your 6th-period classroom to remind you of our appointment when I noticed that you have gone missing after your free period was up. And you were nowhere in any of the restrooms, nor were you at your school media studio, and neither were you at the school decathlon with Mr. Harrington. It's like you have suddenly, I don't know... Ditched the entire day unannounced.

Peter: I can explain at least two of those things you mentioned, but the last part is not what you think-!

Mrs. Drewman: But don't worry about it! I've called in the Principal, and... I'll admit this not in the school's code of conduct, I have told him that you were having a sick day.

Peter: (Raises a brow) Wait, you did what?

Mrs. Drewman: Mrs. Parker. I know that the recent shooting that took place has a toll on everyone, especially since few have known the shooter. And based on what I've heard about the recent passing of your husband and the tragic disappearance of your Nephew's Parents a decade ago, I believe he went out to simply contemplate his life on what to do with himself. Isn't that right, Peter?

Peter: (Nodded, slightly blending into the lie as he turned to May) Yeah... Yeah, that's exactly what I've done.

May: Oh, Peter. (Walks over to him, hugging her Nephew) Peter, I wish you'd told me you left school for that, I would have helped you.

Peter: I'm... I'm pretty good, May, it's alright. (Turns to Mrs. Drewman) Um, Mrs. Drewman, I'd like to apologize for not coming in sooner. That's totally my fault!

Mrs. Drewman: It's totally okay, Peter... Just, don't let the principal see you walking on campus.

Peter: (Nodded) Right!

May: Thank you so much, Mrs. Drewman! You were a great help!

Mrs. Drewman: It was a pleasure! I'll be sure to reschedule the appointment tomorrow no problem at all! You two just have a nice, evening!

Peter: Thanks!

They both turned to leave the school as Peter thought about his new counselor... That was really nice of her to bail him out like that... Maybe a little too nice, if you think about it carefully.

Later, Peter was seen getting dropped off at Oscorp for Harry's Birthday party as he turned to look at May from the passenger seat.

Peter: (Turns to May) Hey, thanks for dropping me off, Aunt May.

May: Of course, Peter! And listen, if you need to talk to someone, just come to me! You can always talk to me about something.

Peter: (Nodded) Of course.

May: And please, don't ever drop out of school like that again!

Peter: I won't!

May: And have a nice time!

Peter: I will!

He walked over to the inside of the building as he looked around at everyone. Seeing no one, but businessmen walking back and forth, he was a little lost when Felicia Hardy came right by.

Felicia: (Turns to Peter) Peter Parker, right?

Peter: (Nods, turning to Hardy) Yeah, that's me.

Felicia: Hey! I'm Felicia. Harry mentioned you were invited for the party?

Peter: (Nods) Yes, I'm here for that.

Felicia: Great! Come follow me!

She guided him up to the loft. There, from the elevator, Peter saw the whole place packed with Midtown students as he walked around, seeing everyone inside as music boomed loud on the speakers.

Felicia: (Turns to Peter) Alright, this is our stop! Have any questions?

Peter: (Turns around to Felicia) Yeah, Harry's Dad isn't going to murder us if we broke something, is he?

Felicia: I'll be sure to have cleanup sort out the mess. (Winked) Have fun! (Left the party via elevator)

Harry: (Sees Peter) Yo! There you are!

Peter: (Turns around, seeing Harry) Harry!

Harry: Hey, everyone told me that you were sick today! Are you feeling okay?

Peter: Yeah, I'm fine! Just a minor headache! What about you? Are you okay? I heard about what happened!

Harry: Oh, I'm great! I mean, back there, I was feeling horrible! But right now, I'm great! Just fantastic!

Peter: That's good! I'm glad you and everyone made it out okay!

Ned: (Walks over to the two) All thanks to Spider-Man, you mean?

Peter: Ned! Hey, dude, what's up?

Ned: Doing great! Hey, Harry, this is a pretty great party you have here!

Harry: Yeah! And now all we have to do is hope that it lasts the entire night!

Peter: Harry, come on!

Harry: Okay... Maybe until midnight, alright?

Peter: That's fair.

MJ: (Walks over to her boyfriend) Yo, party boy! You gonna give a girl a dance or what?

Harry: Oh, you read my mind! See you guys later! (Turns to leave with MJ)

Peter: Alright, you guys have fun!

Ned: (Turns to Peter) Hey, thanks for saving us back there. Seriously, I appreciate it!

Peter: Hey, no problem!

Ned: So, what happened at school?

Peter: Oh! Aunt May showed up, which was bad! But then the therapist bailed me out by calling me in a sick day, thinking that I was "Contemplating" on what to do with my life!

Ned: Wow, that was really nice of her!

Peter: Yeah, maybe a little bit much than I expected! Anyway, I told May about the party, and she thought it was a good idea for me to ease my mind off from my problems!

Ned: Sounds like you got off the hook pretty good!

Peter: Yeah, but maybe she had a point! I could get my mind off some things for a while.

Ned: Oh, Peter...

Peter: After all, with school and everything else that's happened, I think I could use a break.

Ned: Dude...

Peter: And not to mention that I dumped Gwen earlier today on the date, which I feel super sorry for! And right now, all I could feel is how badly I've hurt her! I mean, I just wish that I could find her, and tell her how sorry I am, and make her understand why I had to leave!

Gwen: (Stands right behind Peter) How about you do that right now? (Makes Peter turn around, seeing her in the flesh) What's up, sick boy? Enjoying the party so far?

Peter: (Widened his eyes, seeing Gwen) Gwen... Hey! Hey, we uh... We need to talk!

Gwen: You don't say. Come on!

She lead Peter out onto a balcony where it was mostly quiet enough for the two to speak as they turned to look at each other.

Peter: (Looks at Gwen) Hey... I'm sorry that I bailed back there, I really am.

Gwen: I know...

Peter: Listen, I had a nice time, I did! But... I uh... I-!

Gwen: Was worried about the bomb at Empire State?

Peter: (Widened his eyes) The what?

Gwen: Come on, Peter... I saw the look you had after the TV mentioned that Chitauri Energy Core being confirmed as an explosive... It's not even a coincidence that that same explosion happened today with MJ, Harry, and Ned.

Peter: Gwen... Gwen, it's not what you think.

Gwen: What's there to think? I know what it is that you were doing after school at that time.

Peter; Gwen...

Gwen: Peter... I know...

Peter: You do?

Gwen: Yeah... You're working for Spider-Man.

Peter: (Raises a brow) W-What?

Gwen: Yeah, what else is there? You had Spider-Man tell Tony Stark to buy Horizon Labs so Norman Osborn wouldn't do so, so it's not a surprise that you left so you could phone him, tell him about the bomb so he could save everyone in that elevator! Isn't that the case?

Peter: (Nodded at the assumption she's made) Yeah... Yeah, that's the case. (Looks at Gwen) Gwen, I'm so sorry that I didn't tell you... Are you mad?

Gwen: (Bit her lip) No... (Looks at Peter) Maybe a little bit.

Peter: But, are we okay?

Gwen: Yeah... Yeah, we're fine.

Peter: Great! That's just great!

Gwen: But there's one thing that you need to know... I... I don't think we can make this work.

Peter: (Tries playing dumb) Make what work?

Gwen: (Gave him a look) You know...

Peter: (Looks at Gwen) You wanna end the relationship...

Gwen: (Nodded, looking out onto the city) I like you, Peter... I really do... But I've heard stories from my Dad about how police officers lose their lives doing the job that they do... And every day, I worry that my father will one day not come home because he's probably... (Took a deep breath, turning to Peter) Anyway... The reason why I'm telling you this is because I don't want to worry about you possibly dying out there. I mean, come on! Harry, MJ, and Ned nearly died out there!

Peter: But they didn't!

Gwen: But they could have! And so could you, doing what you do... And I'm sorry, but... I think we should just stick with us just being friends... I hope you understand...

Peter: (Nodded sadly, looking at Gwen) Yeah... Yeah, I understand.

Gwen: (Nodded, looking at Peter) I hope this doesn't change how you feel about me. Because I really like having you around!

Peter: Of course! I don't feel any different, I understand you don't want to hang out because of what I do... It's totally okay.

Gwen: (Looks at Peter, hugging him as she looked up at the sky) I hope whatever you do with Spider-Man are really... Really, great things to come.

Peter: (Nodded, hugging her back) I know they are...

The two held each other while the rest of the night played out just fine in the city of New York...

Later, Peter got back home to his apartment as he dropped himself onto the bed... Sighed, feeling really depressed, Peter stared up at the ceiling when he got a phone call. When he reached his phone, he saw Liz's name on the caller id as he answered the call.

Peter: Hey Liz.

Liz: (Is seen in her bedroom) Hey, Peter! I heard about you and Gwen, I'm so sorry!

Peter: No, don't apologize, it's okay! It was mutual.

Liz: Really?

Peter: Yeah, there was no problem, we're just friends now.

Liz: That's great. You guys seem to get along together, and it would be a shame if you don't really hang out with each other anymore.

Peter: Yeah, it would... (Rubbed his head) Hey, I uh... I really liked talking to you about this.

Liz: Hey, it's no problem. I like talking to you too.

Peter: Really?

Liz: I mean, about our friends.

Peter: Yeah! Totally!

Liz: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to sound off awkward!

Peter: No, it's okay! Awkward's kinda my thing, and you're like the first person who's done it for me!

Liz: (Laughs a little) Um, thanks... That's cool... Hey, I almost forgot to ask; how are you doing? I heard about what happened today, and I'm so sorry that I wasn't there for you guys!

Peter: Oh, it's okay! Our friends survived, that's all that matters.

Liz: Are you sure? I mean, I feel really bad.

Peter: It's all good. I'm just glad Spider-Man was there when he was.

Liz: (Feels a headache as she suddenly sweats) Yeah, that's really... Really awesome.

Peter: (Hears Liz over on the phone) hey, are you alright? You don't sound too good.

Liz: No, I don't. (Rubs her head) Hey, um, I'm not feeling too good. Can we talk later?

Peter: (Nods) Sure! I'll see you at school.

He ended the call, leaving Liz to deal with her sudden headache. Her body sweats as she staggered herself to the bathroom. She reached the sink, turns the faucet on and puts water in her face to wash the sweat off of her as she suddenly starts to feel hot... Her body sweating intensely as she feels the warmth building up inside of her body, she looked at herself in the mirror, looking at her reflection.

Her memory brings back several uncomfortable moments; moments like the time Whiplash had come to terrorize Central Park and she and Gwen nearly got killed in the crossfire. Moments when Joey Gastone brought a gun to school and began to fire rounds around the gymnasium. Everything that stressed her out began to build up heat. Intense, burning heat as her eyes only glowed for only a brief moment before her hands that touched the sink began to glow red.

That's when she noticed the sink burning up, which caused her to let go as the bathroom began to smell of burning dust and any other weird scent. She looked at her hands, seeing that they were suddenly lit on fire, taking her by surprise as she had lit her hands on fire all by herself.

Liz: (Stares at her flaming hands) Whoa... What's happening to me?!

Dad: (Knocks on her door) Honey? Are you okay in there?

Liz: (Turns around, freaking out) Uh, Dad! Don't come in here!

Dad: (Sniffs, smelling something burning) What's that smell?

Liz: (Tries to put out the fire in her hands) Um, incense!

Dad: That smells like very terrible incense, baby. Maybe you should get a new one.

Liz: Oh, good idea! Let me just... (Feels the flames burning out) Put it out...

Dad: (Hears Liz being confused) You okay in there?

Liz: (Nods hesitantly) Yeah... (Turns to her door) Y-Yeah! I'm okay.

Dad: (Nods, agreeing with her) Okay... I'm gonna go out and fetch you some candles, that aright?

Liz: Yeah, Dad! (Looks at her hands) That sounds just alright...

She looked at her hands, shocked by what she just did as she turned to the sink, which looked hot from where she stood. She then moved to slowly touch it, despite how burning it must look. However, when she did, there wasn't any kind of pain. No burning on her palms or whatever. It's like it was completely immune to her.

Suddenly, the door opened, leaving Liz to quickly get out of the bathroom and shut the door. Turning around, she looked at her Dad, which was none other than Adrian Toomes himself as he was holding a pair of candles with a smile on his face.

Adrian: (Smiles at his daughter) You alright?

Liz: (Nods) Yeah... Yeah, I'm fine, I'm just... I'm just feeling... Hot.

Adrian: (Raises a brow) Hot? As in you're sweaty?

Liz: More like I'm just a little... Sick.

Adrian: Hmm... (Puts the candles down) Alright, let me check your head. (He touched Liz by the forehead, feeling a little heat on her head) Okay... You're a little warm, but I don't think it's that bad. (Looks at her) Might just a headache, you know?

Liz: (Nodded) Yeah... Just a headache.

Adrian: Hey... You know I love you, right?

Liz: (Nodded her head again) I know, Dad.

Adrian: Alright, come here. (Hugs Liz, who hugged him back) No matter what happens, you'll always be my little Firestar, right?

Liz: (Smiles, hearing the sentiment) Of course, Dad!

Adrian smiled, hearing happiness from his little girl. Then his phone rang, turning to see Mason's caller id on it as he turned to look at Liz once more.

Adrian: Hey, I gotta go take a call. It's work.

Liz: (Nodded) Okay. Have fun!

Adrian: I will! (Turns around) And uh... Try opening the window, see if you can get the smell out.

Liz: I'll try! (Smiles) Goodnight, Dad!

Adrian: Night, Liz! (Shuts her door as he answered the call) Hey, what do you got?

Mason: (Is seen on his computer) Alright, so I got a new lead on that new job that you wanted us to take on. It's hard, considering where you're going with this, but this may set us up for life.

Adrian: And you got the picture on that item we need to find?

Mason: Yeah, sending you a link now.

Adrian: (Gets a text, turning to his phone to see a picture of a whole supply of Iron Man's Arc Reactors, making himself smile) Business as usual...

Hey everyone! I know that I'm late, and there's a lot of buzz going on with Spider-Man no longer being at the MCU, big giant tear on my face BTW. And just so you know, I'm a pro MCU on this debate! So if you want to help bring him back, I'd recommend using #SaveSpiderMan on every media site that you have and voice your opinion on having the character being taken away after being in the MCU for a while now!

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this Episode! Anyone that's wondering about Transformers, I'm still working on that! And I hopefully can get it posted somewhere in October!

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Chapter Text


Jaylen Barron as Gloria Grant

Isabella Amara as Sally Avril

All characters belong to Marvel! #SaveSpiderMan

Somewhere else, Spider-Man was seen swinging around the city, enjoying his Friday as he continued on with the morning.

Narrator: A lot of things have become the new norm for me ever since I took on this life. An interconnected mob, criminals wielding crafted gadgets, Enhanced wielding Electricity, burning money with bare hands, that sort of thing! However, there is just one thing that can never, ever be real for me at all.

Spider-Man then swung himself onto a roof, looking down to see Gwen Stacy walking down the sidewalk, looking quite beautiful in her age as she walked among many pedestrians in and out of the street, unaware of being observed by the Webhead himself.

Narrator: (Spider-Man looks at Gwen from above) And I'm telling you... The girl I'm staring at right now? She seriously cannot be real right now!

Ned: (Is heard on Comms) Yo, I've spotted another robbery at the local bodega not far from where you're at! Care to check it out?

Spider-Man: (Sighs sadly as he nodded his head) I'll be right there.

He then turned around to leave, web-swinging his way over to the robbery while the day continued on.

Later in the afternoon at Midtown School of Science and Tech, Peter was seen on the roof looking through the Web about the number of Web Shooter combinations that the Suit carries, and right now, he's completely shocked by just how many they're added inside.

Peter: (Sighs) Man, Mr. Stark seriously went overboard with this.

Ned: (Walks over to Peter) Hey, Peter!

Peter: (Turns to Ned) Hey man.

Ned: (Sits next to him) So, how's the Science Project doing so far?

Peter: Just insane. Like, you have no idea how many Web Shooter combinations there are in this Suit!

Ned: Okay, well how many are there exactly?

Peter: Way too much for my liking!

Ned: Well, can't you just downsize it?

Peter: That's what I'm trying to do without anyone looking.

Ned: So, how are you doing with what happened with you and-?

Peter: I'm fine, Ned. Seriously, I'm okay. Gwen and I are doing pretty okay.

Ned: Okay... (He raised his hands) That's all I needed to know after she went back to Eddie.

Peter nodded after that sentence as he watched Gwen get out of the school with Eddie Brock, walking together happy, unaware that Liz had just walked into the roof.

Liz: (Walks on the roof, seeing Peter and Ned) Guys?

Ned: (Sees Liz) Oh crap, it's Liz!

Peter: (Widened his eyes) Liz! (Shuts the Web off) Hey, what's up?

Liz: (Walks over to the two) I was just coming up here to get some air... What are you guys doing?

Peter: Um, just hanging out.

Ned: Talking about the Internet.

Peter: Aliens.

Ned: Pretty neat stuff.

Liz: Oh... Okay. (Rubbed her head due to sweat)

Peter: (Raises a brow, noticing Liz being sweaty) Hey, are you okay? You're looking really sweaty.

Liz: (Nodded) Yeah, I'm fine! I just...

Her thoughts go back to a few days prior to the present as her hands almost melted her sink, burning in flames while she was unharmed through all of it, blinking her eyes back to the present day.

Liz: (Feels unnerved of what happened) I just need to relax, that's all.

Ned: Feeling stressful lately?

Liz: You could say that.

Peter: Okay, well, what do you need?

Liz: A trip out of town. My Dad actually has this vacation planned to go Upstate, the town where my mother used to live in. They're having a fall festival this weekend, and it's kind of a yearly tradition for me and my Dad.

Ned: That sounds nice, maybe that's what you need after everything that we went through.

Liz: Yeah... (Turns to Peter) Which reminds me; I asked my Dad if I could bring some of my friends with me, and he was okay with it. I asked Gwen, but she wasn't up for it. MJ and Harry and doing their thing, Sally is too busy doing this chemistry project for Mr. Dell, and Flash...

Peter: Not really the guy you'd want to bring with you.

Liz: Right... (Rubbed her head) So... Is it alright with you if you wanted to come with me?

Peter: Um... Yeah, sure! I could get out of the city for a while.

Liz: Great! I'll let my Dad know! (Turns to leave)

Ned: (Turns to Peter) You sure about this?

Peter: Man, after everything I've been through with the Vulture, Fisk, and Electro, I think I could really use the break! And besides, I'm still running the encryption on the Hard Drive through the Web, so I think we're in the clear.

Ned: But what the Vulture? You said he wouldn't stop until he gets that "Last Score" he mentioned.

Peter: After stopping him from stealing the part for the Life Foundation Rocket, I'd say he's having a hard time trying to found that perfect score he's trying to settle.

Ned: Okay, then what am I supposed to do? Hold down the fort while you're gone?

Peter: With your Spectacular Hacking skills, no doubt! (Pats him on the back, leaving) See you around the flip side!

Ned: (Watches Peter go away) My skills aren't that spectacular, but okay.

Soon, he left the roof and walked down the halls when he overheard a conversation between Harry and another girl with Purple Streaks on the side of her hair.

Harry: You can't be serious, GG!

GG: What? You're telling me this is nonsense?

Harry: Of course it's nonsense because it's damn right impossible! There's absolutely no way that he actually goes here!

Ned: (Walks into a computer room, seeing Harry and Gloria) Who goes here?

Harry: (Turns to Ned) Ned! Thank god you're here! Can you please help me talk some sense into Gloria Grant!

Gloria: (Turns to Ned) Nice seeing you, Ned.

Ned: Nice seeing you too, GG. (Looks around) What's going on?

Gloria: Oh, just some research that I'm digging into. (Hears a printer working its function) Oh, here comes the results! Wait a moment.

As she walked over to the printer, Ned watched the printer filling out a sheet of paper, one with a picture of Spider-Man, making it a question of interest.

Ned: (Sees Spider-Man's photo) Is that a picture of Spider-Man?

Gloria: Yes, but it's not just a picture of him! (Gets the paper out) It's actually the results of a compiler program I've written about Spider-Man.

Harry: Ah, there it is! The elephant in the room!

Ned: I'm so confused.

Harry: (Turns to Gloria) Are you gonna tell him? Or should I be the one that spills the beans?

Gloria: I'm going to, but just wait a second, will you? (Shows the paper to Ned) Now, tell me what this says, will you please?

Ned: (Nods as he reads the program) This says that Spider-Man is 5' 8' in height, his age is between 15 and 30. (Turns to Gloria) Wait, this explains specific details about him. Why are you doing this for?

Gloria: I needed a hobby that doesn't involve watching the Daily Bugle news or listening to another Norman Osborn self merchandising propaganda. (Turns to Harry) No offense.

Harry: None taken. That's the Dad I know anyway. (Folded his arms) Now, about the Elephant?

Gloria: Alright, I'm getting there! (Turns to Ned) As I was saying, I figure that guy that's been hanging around lately is a brand new type. A younger type! In fact, I have reason to believe that Spider-Man is a student here at Midtown High.

Ned: (Blinked, his heart dropping as he laughed nervously) Ha... Ha, what?

Harry: I know; it's insanity in the works.

Gloria: But it adds up, doesn't it? (Walks around after taking the paper) Just think about it! Spider-Man showed up at Stark Expo in Central Park during the Decathlon field trip, then he showed up at the gym when Joey started pointing a gun at Carl, and let's not forget your birthday the other day when a bomb set off at the Empire State Building!

Ned: Yeah, but maybe that's just a coincidence, don't you think?

Gloria: Coincidence? Oh no, I don't think so! Not for a second! I think this is something that hasn't been looked at! Something needs to heavy-duty digging!

Harry: Okay, maybe we should just slow down here! We don't even know who the guy is! For all we know, he's probably like a hundred years old that's in the form of a young guy. I actually read about it in a biography about some Mutant that has these Adamantium Claws sticking out of hands, his birthdate going back somewhere in the 1800s.

Gloria: Yeah, well I ain't stopping until I find out who's under that mask!

Ned: Are you sure? Because maybe you might wanna meet the guy first or something!

Gloria: But that's the beauty of it! I don't actually need to! All I need is a lot more data, and then I'll have the guy pegged in no time!

Ned: Okay, but what if Spider-Man is... I dunno... A Spider-Girl?

Gloria: Oh, it's a guy! I'm sure of it!

Harry: Right, just as I'm sure he's actually connected to our school.

Gloria: He is! And I'm determined to find out the identity of our new hero within the weekend! And I was hoping that Ned could help me out on this, but apparently, he thinks I'm crazy as much as you do.

Ned: (Widened his eyes) Actually, I can help out!

Gloria: (Turns to Ned) You will?

Harry: (Turns to Ned, raising a brow) Seriously?

Ned: Of course! I mean, who isn't curious about who Spider-Man is, right? Maybe we'll find out whether or not he actually goes to the same school as we do! Come on, Harry! It wouldn't hurt to look, now would it?

Harry: (Sighs) Whatever, dude. (Turns to leave) I think I'll go leave her to your hands right now. Catch you guys later.

Gloria: (Watched Harry leave before turning to Ned) So... The library doesn't open until 10 tomorrow during the weekend, so-!

Ned: Actually, I have a pretty neat set up at my place! Maybe we could meet there and see about our mystery Spider, huh?

Gloria: Thanks, but I have a pet peeve about using other people's stuff. I'm more familiar with the library, it has more knowledge than anywhere else.

Ned: (Sighs) Okay, so... Library at 3 in the afternoon tomorrow?

Gloria: Oh yeah! (Smiles as she left) Tomorrow, we're going identity hunting!

Ned: That sounds great! (Watches her leave) That sounds just really great, super great... (Rubbed his chin) Oh crap, what did I just do?

At the home of Adrian Toomes, he was seen at his room talking to Phineas Mason through his personal laptop as they discussed the recent failures of what happened before.

Adrian: (Looks at Phineas) Still nothin'?

Mason: No, Boss. Still nothing.

Adrian: Come on, there has to be something we can get! We're not finished yet, not for another year!

Mason: I understand, but we actually got plenty of cash off from the Oscorp Truck you got.

Adrian: Yeah, which only lasts us six months for all of us. I don't want that, I want a full year.

Mason: And we'll have a full year! But for now, we need to lay low, all of us. We've got too much heat on our hands as it is!

Adrian: (Sighs as he rubbed his chin) Alright, alright... Fine. But you find us that score in the meantime, okay?

Mason: I'll update you when I got something. For now, you just enjoy the weekend trip. (Ends the call)

Adrian sighed as the Skype call ended, rubbing his head while his Daughter Liz walked in, knocking on the door to get his attention.

Adrian: (Turns to see Liz) Hey.

Liz: Hi, Dad. (Looks at his computer) Is everything okay?

Adrian: Yeah, of course! (Shuts his laptop off) It's just some work thing going on, nothing important. (Stands up) How was school?

Liz: Pretty great! I actually got someone that want to join us on our family trip to the Fall Festival!

Adrian: Oh? And what's her name?

Liz: (Rolls her eyes) "His" name, is Peter. He's a friend of Gwen's, actually.

Adrian: Oh, so it's a he now, hmm?

Liz: Relax, Dad! We're not actually dating or anything! Besides, you already know I'm already taken.

Adrian: You mean that boy that's waitin' for us at the Festival? Is this the reason why you're so eager to come with me this weekend?

Liz: No, of course not! You know how much I love going to the festival with you, Dad!

Adrian: (Smiles) That's exactly what your Mom used to say to me...

Liz: (Smiled sadly) Yeah, I guess so... (Rubbed her arm) And that's just the sad part... She's not going to be there.

Adrian: Hey... (Moved over to hug his Daughter) I miss your Mother too, you know that, right?

Liz: I do... (Feels sweaty again) I just...

Adrian: What's wrong? (Feels Liz getting warm) Oooh. You're not sick or anything, are you?

Liz: No. (Pulls away) No, of course not! I'm just having a headache! Stress from school, you know?

Adrian: (Nods) Yeah, maybe this trip is what we need. (Smiles) Hey, tell you what? How about we skip pizza tonight, and we'll save our stomach for what the festival's got in store for us, yeah?

Liz: (Smiles) Okay, Dad!

Adrian: Great! Now go ahead and get packing! We have a long drive tomorrow!

Liz: You got it.

Adrian: Oh, and the guy you mentioned... Uh, Pedro?

Liz: Peter!

Adrian: Peter, right! You know where he lives, right?

Liz: I do.

Adrian: Awesome! Then let's hope he gets ready because it's gonna be a heck of a day!

She smiled, turning to leave as Adrian looked over at the paper he has, smiling as it read "Bayville".

The next day, Peter was seen packing his luggage up while the morning shined through the window.

Aunt May: (Knocks on the door) Are you ready, Peter?

Peter: (Packs up toothbrush and toothpaste) Almost there! (Unzips it) Okay, got that, and that...

As he sorts the inventory, he turned around to his closet, seeing his Spider-Man Suit hanging on a hanger as he stared at it, thinking about taking it with him...

Peter: (Stares at his suit, looking at it) No... (Shook his head) No, no! I don't need it! Just a trip Upstate, that's all! Not like anything is gonna happen up there.

Aunt May: Peter, they're almost here!

Peter: Okay!

He turned around and started to leave, but then stopped at the last second. He stood at his door, closing his eyes until he opened them back up, turning around and grabbing his suit out of the closet.

Peter: (Puts his suit inside the bag) Just in case. (Turns to leave his room) Bye May!

May: (Sits down eating a wheat cake while smiling at her nephew) Bye, have fun!

He left his apartment and walked out into the street as he looked around to find a car pulling up, Liz Allan peeking her head out to look at Peter.

Liz: (Peaks her head out of the window) Hey!

Peter: (Sees Liz peeking out through the window) Hey!

Liz: What are you standing around for? Come on, we got a show on the road!

Peter: (Nodded, smiling) Okay!

He got inside, sitting next to Liz as Adrian looked from the rearview mirror.

Adrian: (Looks at Peter sitting next to Liz) So, you must be Peter, huh?

Peter: (Turns to Adrian) Um, yes sir!

Adrian: Alright, Peter, nice to meet you. I'm Dad, and I have very few rules that are pretty easy to follow. Ready?

Peter: Hm-mm.

Adrian: No treating my Daughter any disrespect at all. One bad thing, you're kicked out of the car and you'll walk back home no matter how many miles, got it?

Peter: (Nodded) Huh-huh.

Liz: (Rolls her eyes) Oh, Dad! (Turns to Peter) Don't listen to him, he's bluffing! He's not going to do that, right?

Adrian: No, of course not.

Peter: (Looks at Adrian) Excuse me, sir? I have to ask; have we met somewhere before?

Adrian: No. (Looks at Peter, starting to get a slight deja vu) I think... Did we?

Liz: Wait, you guys met before?

Peter: I don't know.

Adrian: But it kinda feels like we've met, doesn't it?

Peter: Yeah! Yeah, that feels so weird.

Liz: Okay, well unless he starred in some movie back in the 80s, then there's no reason to talk about it, is there?

Peter: No, I guess not.

Adrian: Yeah, let's just forget about it. (Starts the car) So, you ever been on a road trip before, Peter?

Peter: Uh, a few times.

Adrian: Well, then strap yourself in! Because from where we're goin' to, it's pretty far away from the big city.

Peter: Don't worry, sir! I like getting out to receive some fresh air!

Adrian: (Nods) Me too, kid... (Starts driving) Me too...

He started the trip as he drove the car right out of the city as time passed by. Of course, it was a few hours until they have arrived at their destination, being in a small town with lovely people.

Adrian: (Walks out of the car) Well, here we are!

Peter: (Gets out of the car) Hey, what is this place?

Liz: (Gets out of the car) This is the small local town of Bayville. My mother used to live here, have these festivals set up for everyone to unite.

Adrian: It's actually how I met your Mother, sweetheart.

Liz: That too!

Peter: Let me guess, your dad told a bunch of stories about a bunch of friends in a bar, lasting like 9 years before he finally told you how he met your mom?

Adrian: (Points at Peter) Hey, I see what you did there! I'm not as senile as I look!'

Peter: I didn't mean any disrespect, sir!

Adrian: Better not have.

Liz: Dad, come on! I told you to go easy on him!

Adrian: I am! Trust me, this my easy side. Now, why don't you go take uh, Pedro with you, and give him a tour of the town? Give your legs something to step on while I go pack our things.

Liz: Sure. (Turns to Peter) Come on, Peter!

She gave Peter a small tour of the town, showed him places that were of great interest as people were seen setting up food markets.

Liz: (Walks Peter through the streets) And this is where we have all the festivities set up, right here in downtown. And here is the town's high school, Bayville high. Everyone goes in there to dance and stuff, it's kind of a tradition here.

Peter: Wow, your mom lived in a pretty cool place!

Liz: (Bit her lip) Well, it's mostly a cool place...

Peter: Mostly? How? I look around, and I see people being passionate at what they do, how is it bad?

Liz: Well... (Turns around, looking at Peter) Back in the 90s, when Mutants were like a huge thing going on, some of them used to go to school here outside of a mansion in Westchester. It wasn't really a big deal to my mother and everyone living here, but most of the neighboring towns resented it. They came here in protest, some with torches, even police from outside the town came in and ran out pretty much everyone that was a Mutant of town.

Peter; Wow... That really sucked.

Liz: It was a very, very depressing moment for my Mom to witness such hatred in humanity... Part of the reason she left was to go live in the big city with my Dad. The other was to escape the hatred that was represented here.

Peter: Why? Was your Mom-?

Liz: No, of course not! But she didn't like living here during that time, so she had to move away as far as she could. Of course, she'd come back to celebrate the festivities to enjoy everyone being happy, but after that incident with the X-Men during 7/15... Everything changed.

Peter; Okay, well how do you feel?

Liz: Me? About what?

Peter: About the whole debate... You know with Mutants and everything.

Liz: Honestly, I... I don't hate them. Never could I hate them, they're as human as we are... But the thought of possibly being one...

She paused herself, feeling the heat burn inside of her once more as she thought back to the night that her hands were caught on fire. She wasn't even aware that her hands were glowing orange heat, which Parker has took noticed as she froze at the fear.

Peter: (Sees Liz's hands glowing, raising a brow) Liz? Liz, your-!

?: Lizzy!

She then stopped glowing, turning around to see a boy walking out of Bayville high as a warm smile was brought to her face, walking right towards the kid.

Liz: (Smiles at him) Steven!

Steven: Lizzy! (Hugs her tightly) Oh man, it's so great to see you!

Liz: It's been too long! (Pulls away, looking at him) How have you been?

Steven: Great! Pretty good now that you're here. (Noticed Peter) Hey, who's that with you?

Liz: (Turns to Peter) Oh, he's my friend! Steven, this is my friend, Peter Parker.

Peter: (Walks over to the two) Hey, nice to meet you.

Steven: (Nods his head) Same.

Liz: Peter, this is my boyfriend, Steven Petty. He's a Bayville High student, and he's part of the football league from what I hear.

Steven: Star quarterback, babe.

Liz: Really? That's amazing!

Peter: How did you guys meet?

Liz: Back in junior high.

Steven: Yeah, and we've been together since 7th grade. Had to move out of the city because of my dad, but I like it here!

Liz: We've kept with each other from time to time. It's hard, but we make it through somehow!

Peter: That's pretty great!

Steven: Hey, I'm gonna head back. Some people need my help decorating the place, and the faster I get this done, the more I get to spend time with you!

Liz: Sounds great!

Steven: (Turns around) Alright, I'll see you tonight!

Liz: Bye! (Turns to walk to Peter) Nice guy, isn't he?

Peter: Yeah, he kinda reminds of Eddie.

Liz: Eddie? As in Eddie Brock?

Peter: Yeah, the guy Gwen used to date.

Liz: The same Eddie that her dad had to make Gwen break up with?

Peter: (Raises a brow) Why would he do that? What for?

Liz: Well... To be honest, Eddie's a senior, and Gwen's a sophomore like you.

Peter: And?

Liz: And well... He's like 18 years old.

Peter: Oh, seriously?

Liz: Yeah... Gwen sometimes has a thing for older kids. But not all older kids.

Peter: How do you know that?

Liz: (Turns to Peter with a smile) Because why else would she talk to me about you? (Turns to leave) Come on! Let's check on my Dad!

Peter: (Smiles, softly) She thought about me?

Liz: Come on, are you going to catch up?

Peter: (Nodded, getting back into reality as he caught to her) Coming!

Back in New York City, Happy Hogan was seen at a Coffee Bean grabbing something to drink for himself. As he walked out, Ned Leeds walked right by him, acting a little casual than he does.

Ned: (Walks next to Happy) Your name's Happy, right? Because you don't really look so happy.

Happy: (Turns to see Ned) Hey, you're that kid. The Guy in the Chair, right?

Ned: The one and only.

Happy: What are you doin' here? Aren't you supposed to be at school or something?

Ned: It's a Saturday. I don't have to go to school at the weekends.

Happy: Well, don't you need to prepare for Halloween or something? I think that's happening in like a couple of weeks.

Ned: I'm getting there, but first things first, I need your help.

Happy: My help? Can't you get from our mutual friend that likes to go climbing on walls a lot?

Ned: He's out of town on a mini-vacation right now.

Happy: Wait. (Stops right there, making Ned stop too) He's on a what?!

Ned: I said he's on a mini-vacation. Is there something wrong with that?

Happy: Well, of course, there's something wrong with that! I didn't even know he was on a mini-vacation! He's supposed to tell me about that!

Ned: Well, there's nothing wrong with getting out of town for a little while, is there?

Happy: Hey! I say when things are okay!

He and Ned stay silent, looking at each other as Happy thought about it clearly.

Happy: (Shook his head) Alright, it's not a big deal! But tell him when he gets back that I'd like to know ahead of time next time! Now, what is it? What's the problem?

Ned: Right, uh... (Looks around at the crowded street) Can we meet up somewhere quiet?

They walked over to an alleyway across the street so they could talk quietly without anyone to hear them.

Happy: Alright, what is it?

Ned: So, you know how no one's really supposed to know Peter's secret? And that we're supposed to be the ones that make sure no one ever finds out?

Happy: Yeah, I get it! Get to the point!

Ned: Someone in my school figured it out.

Happy: (Looks at Ned) What?

Ned: I mean, she hasn't already figured out who's under the mask, but she says that she might be able to-!

Happy: Hold on, who the hell's the "She?" What's her name?

Ned: Uh, Gloria! Gloria Grant, she told me that she can figure out Spider-Man's identity by using some kind of computer program that learns facts about someone just by looking up their height, their weight, everything!

Happy: And she thinks she can learn his secret?

Ned: Well, yeah! I mean, she knows how much he weighs now, so do you wanna wait and find if she can cross-reference facial recognition?!

Happy: Okay, just calm down! Look, let's just go ahead and call Parker! He can handle this!

Ned: No, he can't handle this! He's on vacation, remember?

Happy: Okay, where exactly is he going on vacation?

Ned: Somewhere out of the city! A place called Bayville or something!

Happy: Ah, crap. That place is right next to Westchester, dammit! Alright, I guess we do things by ourselves! Do you know where to find her?

Ned: Not exactly, but she told me to meet her at the public library this afternoon. She has all her data on her hard drive, so-!

Happy: Okay, good! This is good, that's good for us!

Ned: How? What do we have?

Happy: A toy up our sleeve. (Gets out a hard drive, handing it to Ned) This contains a virus capable of wiping a hard drive of every data that's ever been collected! Tony whipped it up after Stark Industries got hacked by a group of Italians a while back. You find her, you plant this onto her hard drive, and you erase any evidence that she might have!

Ned: Okay, that seems a little bit of an overkill, don't you think?

Happy: Listen, I'm not here just to run a security platform for two other science guys trying to save the world in their own way! I'm here to keep your friend responsible and ensure that his secret remains hidden from the public! And since he trusts you to do that, then that means it's your job to do that too! (Turns around)

Ned: (Turns to Happy, watching him leave) Where are you going?

Happy: Going back to work! I'm having the security detail on a project headed by Doctor Octavius! I'm supposed to be one of his personal watchdogs.

Ned: Wait, what about me? What am I supposed to do?

Happy: What Peter trusts you to do; your job! (Leaves)

Ned: (Sees Happy vanishing onto the crowd) Wait! (Sees him gone, making him sigh as he looked at the virus that he's holding in his hand) Oh man... This is going to go well.

Back in Bayville, Peter and the Allan-Toomes family were seen walking around the festival that just started at once as everyone enjoyed the nice time that they've spent over there.

Peter: (Walks around, seeing people having fun) This is a pretty cool place to hang out!

Adrian: Thank my wife! She started all this back before I took her out of here!

Liz: (Walks over to a basket full of apples) Oh my gosh, Dad! The apples! They already have grown the apples!

Adrian: (Raises a brow) Now? That's earlier.

Liz: Yet, they already made it! Come on, have a bite!

Adrian: Alright, I'm coming over!

Peter: (Looks at the apples) Okay, I never have seen anyone get that excited for apples before. It's like seeing someone act like they just met Captain America for the first time.

Adrian: Oh, these apples aren't just any apples, Pedro!

Liz: I don't know how they do it, but the town has grown apples in a deluxe way that no one in the world has ever tasted before! (Grabs an apple, handing one to Peter) Come on, try one!

Peter: (Sees the apple, taking it) Okay. (Takes his first bite) Mmm... (Widened his eyes, feeling the taste being exquisite) Mmm. (Chews on the bite, moaning in happiness) Mmm! (Swallows his piece) Oh, my god! That tasted so good!

Liz: I know, right?

Peter: Man, who made these apples? I gotta meet this guy!

Adrian: Oh, no one knows! And that's kind of a mystery that Bayville likes to keep on purpose. The less no one knows, the more fun it is trying to figure out who made what!

Peter: Sort of like how everyone's trying to figure out who Spider-Man is?

Liz: Exactly! Only it's a lot more fun around here, right Dad?

Adrian: (Nodded in contempt) Yeah... (Sees a picture of Spider-Man on the news) Right.

Peter: (Nodded his head, thinking about his separate identity) Right.

As they continued to walk the streets, Adrian had gotten another call from Mason, prompting him to know its importance as he turned to the two.

Adrian: Hey, Liz, I'm gonna go to the restroom real quick! Your ole' dad here needs to go take a leak!

Liz: Ewwww, Dad! Cringe!

Adrian: I'll be back!

He turned to leave while Peter and Liz continued to visit the festival. As they did, Steven Petty was seen at a hot dog stand, handing out food for everyone as the two took notice.

Steven: (Is seen giving out hot dogs) Come on, get some, get some hot dogs! Nice beefy, hot dogs with french fries and drinks! Maybe a little bit of ice cream, come on, get some, get some!

Liz: (Walks over to the stand, smiling) How much for a hot dog meal, oh, good sir?

Steven: (Sees his girlfriend standing in front of him, smiling) For you, M'lady? All on the house.

Liz: Really?

Steven: (Shook his head) No, but I wish. Boss would kill me if I handed out free meals during the festival, enforces a zero-tolerance policy around here.

Peter: (Walks over to the two) That kinda sounds like my boss. Believe me, he has a pretty short temper!

Steven: (Turns to look at Peter) Hey, you're still around, City Boy.

Peter: What can I say? It's a pretty nice place!

Steven: Sorry, did you just say that you have a job just now?

Peter: Yeah, photography.

Steven: Oh, that why you're really here then? Taking pictures for your boss?

Peter: Not for work, no!

Liz: Don't worry, he's just teasing you! Right, Steven?

Steven: Yeah, right. (Turns to Liz) So, that's gonna be about $2.25 for a meal, and $1.50 by itself.

Liz: Okay, that's no problem! (Grabs out her purse) I'll go ahead and pay for this.

As Liz began to pay for their food, another Daily Bugle news was displayed on the small TV at the stand as Steven multitasked, watching the news of Spider-Man while serving them lunch.

Jameson: Another scene of Spider-Man yesterday morning, there he is, damaging private property at a local bodega while helping robbers escape with the-!

Peter: (Looks at a picture of Spider-Man apprehending thugs) Oh hey! There's another Spider-Man sighting back home!

Steven: (Turns to the TV) The same one in your city?

Liz: (Turns to look at the TV) Yeah, that's him... I remember him, he's... He's odd.

Peter: Odd?

Liz: I mean, the way he does things is clumsy at best, but other than that, he's... Well... A-!

Steven: A freak.

Liz: (Hears Steven blurted that loudly, turning to him) What?

Steven: (Turns to Liz and Peter) I said he's a freak... Didn't that get the message, or what?

Peter: Oh come on, dude! He can't be that bad.

Steven: You think so? Well, I heard some people implying that Spider-Man could be a Mutant! And here I thought we got rid of them all back in the 90s, but then again; I'm utterly reminded of the fact that some of them still remains in the twenty-first century, which is a pain in my ass!

Liz: Well, hey! You don't really mean that, do you?

Steven: Of course I do! Those Muties took my older brother away in Dallas back in 7/15! And for all I know, they're all monsters to me! So if there was one here... I'd never hesitate to put one of them under the ground. (Grabs out the two's meals) But enough of that shit... Here's your lunch!

Liz: (Looks at Steven, smiling a little nervously) Um... Thanks, Steven.

They started to walk away from the hot dog stand while passing by a man dressed in a hoodie. After bumping into him, the man wearing a cross symbol on his mask was looking at them, before hearing something beep from his phone. He checked on it, seeing a blip on the screen as he looked with devious intent.

Back in the city of New York, Ned went over to the public library to find Gloria Grant, who said to meet her here tomorrow to find out who exactly is Spider-Man. A subject that he hopes to have Gloria's mind eased from as he looked around, trying to find her.

Gloria: (Sneaks up behind Ned) Peekaboo.

Ned: (Turns to Gloria, standing behind a shelf in front of him) GG?

Gloria: The one and only. How are you doing so far?

Ned: Pretty great.

Gloria: Good. Then let's get started. Come on!

They turned to take a computer that isn't used by someone else as they turned to see her notes on Spider-Man specifics due to the algorithm that she wrote.

Gloria: Okay, so far, I've only managed to scratch the surface on trying to figure out who our mystery Spider is. But I think that if we were able to dig just a little deeper, we could bring ourselves closer into finding the identity of the vigilante that Jameson's been talking about on the news.

Ned: Okay, but who do you think it is?

Gloria: I don't know, to be honest. It could be Harry Osborn, convenient considering that he didn't want me to pursue this issue. Or Flash Thompson, God help us if that's ever the case.

Ned: Ugh, tell me about it.

Gloria: Or maybe it could be Jason Ionello, the kid who does the news with Betty Brant. Or maybe Randy. That kid's always been quiet most of the time, so it would make sense that he'd isolate himself from everyone else while trying to kick ass, considering that his Dad happens to work for the Daily Bugle. Just imagine how many people would go nuts if a Daily Bugle employee was actually the Web-Head hiding among them, it'd be insane!

Ned: I can already imagine... (Turns to Gloria) But seriously, are you sure about your suspicions? I mean, what if it could be a nobody?

Gloria: Ned, that's my point! (Turns to Ned) Imagine someone who magically got superpowers and decides to want to help other people? I mean, if we were to figure that out ourselves, then people would be all over this! And no, I'm not going to just flat out rat him out as a villain! That would be the douchiest thing ever done!

Ned: Oh yeah, it would be a lot more complicated if that happened!

Gloria: Of course! But if this was some kind of movie or something, then I'm pretty sure a lot of people would be hyped out on what happens next! (Turns to her computer) Unless some corporate thing goes wrong, and everyone just gets let down in the end. That'd suck, if not terrible!

Ned: Well, yeah... (Turns to Gloria, sitting down) But don't you think that, whoever Spider-Man is, would want to keep his secret for a reason? I mean, what if he's not like Tony Stark? Everyone would go right after him and his friends and family!

Gloria: Then I'm sure there's plenty of ways he'd get help afterward. Like witness protection or something.

Ned: Yeah, but if we were to find out who's under the mask... Don't you think that makes us a target too?

Gloria: (Paused as she stopped typing) I... Haven't really thought about that, actually.

Ned: And? What do you think we should do if we ever knew?

Gloria: (Thinks about it... Turns to Ned) Maybe we should also consider witness protection too... Just for safety, you know?

Ned: (Nodded) Right... (Looks at the hard drive in his pocket) Safety.

Gloria: But, now that you mentioned it, I guess we should probably do this somewhere private. you know? Where no one's looking?

Ned: That's probably a good idea.

They began to log out of the computer and quietly exit the building, unaware that their conversation had caught the attention of a certain Tinkerer sitting on a chair reading a book as he turned to see the two teens leaving the library.

Mason: (Looks at the two, having processed the information in his head) Hmm...

Later, everyone was in the school gym enjoying the rest of the festivities as Peter and Liz walked around the gym enjoying the party.

Liz: (Turns to Peter, seeing that he's carrying his backpack) Hey, why are you still wearing your backpack?

Peter: Uh, because I like having it around! (Looks around with the loud music playing) Man, this kind of reminds me of Homecoming dance!

Liz: Yeah! It's fun to hang out in here! Especially with the people, they're all so nice out here!

Peter: Yeah, even though Steven kinda has a grudge against people who are different.

Liz: Yeah, about that... (Turns around, looking at Peter) Don't worry about him. He doesn't mean half the things he says about them.

Peter: Half?

Liz: Well, everyone has their personal opinions about everything! But that doesn't mean they actually would do those things.

Peter: I wouldn't be too sure.

Liz: Look, if it helps in a way, we're going back to the city tomorrow morning at dawn. At least that'll help your nerves. Now come on! Let's have some fun!

As they enjoyed the party, Adrian was seen outside on his phone seeing the messages that were sent to his cell as plans for a gig that's about to come up soon as he turned around, only to get punched in the face hard, knocking him out cold.

Meanwhile, inside the party, Peter and Liz hung out dancing while Good Feeling by Flo Rida was played in the background until Steven came in and interrupted the dance.

Steven: (Hugged Liz from behind) What were you thinking about, starting to dance without me, eh?

Liz: (Turns around, looking at Steven) Steven! Hey, where were you?

Steven: Oh, getting nagged by my old man! I swear he's like a Living Brain when it comes to his research!

Peter: Your dad's a scientist? Hey, so was mine!

Steven: Wasn't talking to you, was I?

Liz: Steven, come on! Be nice to him, he's my friend!

Steven: Is he? (Turns to Liz) Or is he, more than a friend? Because it feels like you hang out with him more than you did with me!

Peter: You realize I'm a Sophomore and she's a Senior, right?

Steven: Again, not wasn't talking to you, smart alec!

Liz: Oh my god, it's not like that Steven! Peter and I are just friends!

Steven: Oh really? Then how come you know his name so well?

Liz: Steven! (Her hands glow, notting anyone's attention except Peter's) Please, stop!

Steven: Seriously, you never even bothered to ask me if I was up for going to party! What the hell's up with that?

Peter: (Looks at Liz, then turns to Steven) Look, man, I think you're just killing the mood right now. (Grabs Liz's hands after they stopped glowing) So we're just going to get out, alright?

Steven: Oh, that's right! Have the new boyfriend take you away to protect you! You know, I hope it all works out, especially right after you graduate from high school!

As they left, they turned to the back of the bleachers to have a private talk among themselves.

Peter: (Walks over to the side, then stops to turn to Liz) You alright?

Liz: (Nodded) Yeah... Yeah, I'm fine.

Peter: You sure?

Liz: Yeah. Steven can get pretty overzealous, but it's fine!

Peter: (Looks at Liz carefully, at her hands mostly) So uh... Undergoing some changes lately?

Liz: (Raises a brow) Changes?

Peter: Well, yeah! Like, I don't know... Have anyone ever asked you why you were glowing?

Liz: Oh my god... Are you asking me if I'm pregnant?!

Peter: (Widened his eyes) What? No, no! Of course not!

Liz: Because if that's what you're asking me, then I'm just going to walk out of here because the last thing I need is to deal with both you and Steven-!

Peter: Liz, oh my god, are you a Mutant?!

Liz: (Widened her eyes, hearing the question) E-Excuse me?

Peter: Liz... I saw your hands glowing earlier when we arrived in town... I saw you cringe when Steven mentioned that he'd bury one under the ground, and I just saw your hands glow just a minute ago right before I pulled us away from everyone! You're lucky no one else has seen that!

Liz: (Gasps as she covered her mouth) Oh my god... Oh my god, it's that obvious, isn't it?

Peter: Well, if you weren't trying so hard to conceal your powers, I'd say it's pretty obvious.

Liz: (Sighs heavily as she turned around, rubbing her head) Oh my god, I can't believe this is happening right now!

Peter: Well, hey! Don't be scared, I can keep your secret!

Liz: (Turns to Peter) Like hell you would! You're not even good at keeping one to yourself!

Peter: (Lightly feels complexed at hearing her say that) You'd actually be pretty surprised.

Liz: Shit! (Turns around, rubbing her hair) Oh god! Peter, you can't tell anyone! Please, you can't!

Peter: I'm not! I won't! Look, just calm down, just think! How did you get them? Your powers, how did it start?

Liz: I don't know! I was in the bathroom having a headache when the next thing I knew, my hands were on fire!

Peter: (Widened his eyes) Y-You can set yourself on fire?

Liz: Um... Just my hands so far.

Peter: Okay... Uh, what else can you do?

Liz: Nothing else that I know of!

Peter: Alright, well, how long have you had them?

Liz: Just for three days! Look, can you stop asking any more questions? You're really stressing me out!

Peter: Okay, okay! Fine! But one more question before we finish... What are you going to do now?

Liz: (Sighs) I... I don't know! All my life, I've been living like a normal human being, but I never realized that I'd ever get this... This thing that I have!

Peter: Well, don't call it a curse!

Liz: But it feels like it!

Peter: Not if you let it! Look, I know someone who can help us out, you can trust me!

Liz: How? Why would I trust you?!

Peter: Because I don't care what you are, Liz! I don't care at all! I just care about the person that you are, the good that you still are! Look, just because you have powers doesn't really change the fact that you're still human on the inside! And that's all I know because right now, I can see that you're completely terrified by what you have! And I'm telling you, that you don't have to be scared to know that I know, because I know what it's like to keep a secret so big as yours!

Liz: (Raises a brow) How? What kind of secret?

Peter: (Widened his eyes) Oh... Well...

Before he could answer, gunshots were ringing inside the gym, interrupting the conversation as they peeked through the bleachers to see armed men wearing masks with a White Cross shooting at the ceiling as everyone was screaming. One of them carried Adrian Toomes inside and threw him to the ground to have him join the party as the two watched.

Adrian: (Stands up, raising his hands) Alright, alright! I'm movin'!

Liz: Oh my god... Dad!

As everyone gathered around, one of the men walked up to the center, grabbing a microphone to have everyone pay close attention as he began to speak.

Gunman: Everyone, remain calm... Just do what we say, and no one gets hurt.

Pedestrian: (Walks over to the gunman, handing him his wallet) Hey, just take it easy, man! You can have it! Debit, gift cards-!

Gunman: (Threw the wallet to the ground, looking at the men) We're not here for your money... (Turns to look at everyone not wearing a mask) Or any one of your valuables... We're only here for the Mutants.

Everyone began to quietly whisper among themselves as Peter and Liz looked at each other... This night just got a lot more complicated.

Back in the city, Ned and Gloria were walking down the streets to an apartment complex located at a bodega and a gaming arcade. There, they walked up to a room, knocking on someone's door. That someone's door turns out to be Sally Avril as she opened up, looking at Ned and Gloria in the same room.

Sally: (Looks at Ned and Gloria) Hey, GG, Ned! You guys dating now?

Gloria: Oh, how funny! Hey listen, you know that solid you owe me for pulling Flash off your back? We need to borrow your computer for a minute.

Sally: (Nodded) Sure... But I'd be careful walking around the kitchen, I'm still doing a chemistry project for Mr. Dell in there.

Ned: In the kitchen?

Sally: Mine is about neutralizing any bacteria off of the dishes instantly. Like using a sponge to scrub without having to go at it a million times!

Gloria: (Walks inside) Sounds like you've got a pretty good thing ahead of you if you plan on patenting it!

Sally: Only time will tell! Anyway, laptop and printer are at my room on the left!

Ned: Thanks!

Sally: And feel free to shout! My parents are out shopping right now, and I'm on my earbuds listening to music anyway, so I can't hear a thing!

Sally: Will do!

They walked inside of Sally's room to access her computer as Gloria inserted her hard drive containing special data about Spider-Man.

Gloria: (Looks at the pictures of Spider-Man) Alright, so if we're going to do this carefully, then we gotta do this carefully. Because if anyone were to find out what we're doing, then we should do things at an open mind.

Ned: I agree! But still, what exactly are you going to do if you, I-I mean, we, find out who's under the mask?

Gloria: (Shook her head) I don't know.

Ned: (Raises a brow) What do you mean, you don't know? I mean, there's got to be a reason behind this!

Gloria: Uh, yeah! To find out who Spider-Man is! Isn't that reasonable enough?

Ned: I mean, what is your ambition? Like, what's your goal after you achieved the last? Don't you have a plan after achieving the plan?

Gloria: (Shrugs) Honestly, I just don't know.

Ned: Well, come on! There's gotta be a reason! Has he saved your life or anything like that?

Gloria: (Pauses, biting her lip) Actually... He did save a friend of my parent's from the Shocker during that whole issue at the bank... He saved his life without asking for charity or anything... I mean, can you tell me who in this entire town would have such a heart like that?

Ned: (Nodded, knowing all too well what that answer is) I can't even fathom...

Gloria: (Shrugs, shaking her head) I don't know... I guess if we got to meet him... All I ever want to say is thanks for everything... And for sticking around even when no one else asked for it...

Ned: (Looks at Gloria, feeling sympathetic with her motives) GG... (Sits on a chair) Listen, I gotta tell you something-!

Before he could say anything, there was suddenly an intrusion alert on the computer, getting their attention as Ned and Gloria turned to see the red alert on the screen.

Gloria: (Looks at the monitor) What the hell? What the hell's this?!

Ned: (Looks at the red alert symbol) Oh god... (Turns to Gloria) Gloria, I'm so sorry, but I think we're getting hacked!

Somewhere in an undisclosed location, Phineas Mason was seen on his monitor hacking into GG's hard drive, having pinned a tracking device earlier from the library as he was seen typing in codes to force his way to speed up the process.

Mason: (Looks at the data Gloria collected on Spider-Man) Nice programming you got here... Not bad, but let's see if we can step it up a notch.

He then began to hack away as he sped up the process as Spider-Man information was getting processed by the minute while the two teens watched from their end, seeing pictures of Spider-Man pile up faster and faster.

Gloria: (Looks at the screen) Oh my god, the bastards took control of my programming! Whoever's doing this set up an advanced algorithm to speed the info gathering process!

Ned: Wait, so what happens if the programming finishes?

Gloria: If it does, and if what you said to me was true, then the Web Head's in deep trouble! And so is everyone else he knows!

Ned: Okay, so can't you shut it down?!

Gloria: No! (Tries typing things to slow the process down) The son of a bitch won't let loose his control! The only way I'd be able to regain control is if we had some kind of trojan virus up our sleeve!

Ned: (Thinks about it) And, I'm guessing that would be enough to not only wipe out one's entire data but to damage the user's control on that end.

Gloria: Yeah, that's about it! But we don't have it!

Ned: (Nodded as he walked over to the computer) Actually, we do. (Gets out his hard drive)

Gloria: (Sees the hard drive in Ned's hand) Wait, what the hell's that?

Ned: Gloria, there's something that I gotta tell you. (Turns to her) I work for Spider-Man! I've been working for him for a while now, and long story short, he works with Tony Stark and his bodyguard, and the bodyguard gave me this hard drive that Iron Man made to completely erase the data that you gathered, but I wasn't going to until I learned of your motives, in which I did! So don't be mad if I started to insert this thing so that way, none of us has to get hunted down like rabid dogs, and get to live another day to see another sunset! (Breaths in and out, taking Gloria by surprise) Did you get a thing I said?

Gloria: (Nodded her head, shocked by the revelation) Some of it... (Turns to Ned) But I'm pissed you'd do that to me!

Ned: I know, and I'm sorry! But the person that you're trying to discover, he's a really, really great person! He's probably the best out of everyone in the entire world, and I need you to please let me insert this onto your hard drive, because if whoever's doing this gets his hands on that data, then we're all screwed! Please, I'm begging you, help me do the right thing!

Gloria: (Looks at her hard drive, then back at Ned. Then starts rotating back and forth, thinking about it until she stopped to look at Leeds, getting off of the chair) Alright, do it! Take my seat!

Ned: Thank you! (Sits in the chair, grabbing the trojan horse) Alright, let's see how you like it, jerkface!

Ned slid the virus onto Gloria's hard drive, causing real havoc on Mason's side as he saw the screens disorientating like static as he saw the connection breaking quickly.

Mason: (Sees the virus kicking in) Oh, no you don't! (Starts typing onto his laptop) No, you're not getting away from me that easily!

With no time left to lose, Mason wrote another algorithm that manages to grind the virus down to a halt as Leeds and Grant saw to this, seeing the downloading process around 97%.

Ned: (Sees the data still being uploaded) Oh no! The hacker managed to slow the virus down, he's still getting the data!

Gloria: Alright, get off the chair!

Ned: (Gets out of the chair, letting Gloria in) What are you doing?

Gloria: (Sits down on the chair, typing in codes) The virus your guys set up did a good job slowing our mystery Tinkerer down, let alone lose half control of this feed!

Ned: Okay, so what can we do?

Gloria: Well, I whipped up a little sayonara package deal on my programming just in case someone would try doing this stunt! And since we got some control on our end, I'm gonna teach this bastard to never, ever mess with Gloria Grant! (Pulls out a middle finger onto the screen) So Sayonara, BITCH!

Gloria plunged her finger downward at the keyboard, and with one push of a button, everything got shut down on Mason's end, with equipment set up exploding, going haywire as Mason covered himself in panic. Once it was over, he got off his chair to see the entire hangout in fritz, with wires hanging down shooting out sparks, and the computer he was typing on self-destructed as a small flame was set inside of the screen.

Mason: (Gets angry by his own failure, causing him to throw the computer to the ground) SHIT!

As Mason left to contemplate his only shot at possibly learning the Spider-Man's identity being foiled, Ned and Gloria saw that the downloading process was terminated, seeing that they have successfully managed to save the day in their own way.

Ned: We did it... (Smiles) Oh my god, we did it!

Gloria: (Smiles wildly) We did it! (Stands up, shouting happiness from her voice as she hugged Leeds) We did it!

Ned: We did it!

Gloria: YASS! WOOO! (Giggles softly, breaking the hug momentarily to stare at Ned with a stern look) I'm still pissed at you for trying to do upload that virus behind my back, BTW.

Ned: (Nodded, looking at Gloria) I know.

Gloria: (Smiles once again) But other than that, we kicked a Hacker's ass! (Shouts in excitement as she jumped on Ned, hugging her legs around his waist)

Ned: (Hugs Gloria back, despite the weight he's carrying) Oh my god, we actually kicked a Hacker's ass! That was amazing!

Gloria: That was spectacular!

Ned: And you're hurting my back!

Gloria: I'm hurting your back?

Ned: Yeah, I'd like for you to get off me, please!

Gloria: Okay! (Gets off of Ned, breaking up the hug) You alright?

Ned: (Nodded) Yeah, I'm good!

Sally: (Walks into her room, knocking on her door) Hey guys! How are we doing?

Ned: (Turns to Sally) Oh, we're doing pretty great!

Gloria: Oh no, we're far from great! We're actually pumped! Oh my god, I've never felt this much adrenaline before!

Ned: (Smiled) I know, right? It's insane!

Gloria: Well yeah, but it's a good insane!

Ned: Of course! Pretty exciting!

Gloria: Is this what you do for a living?

Ned: No, I don't necessarily get paid, but it's a fun thing to do every now and then!

Sally: (Has no idea what they're even talking about) Okay, so I'm guessing you guys are feeling nostalgic in whatever you were doing?

Ned/Gloria: (Turns to Sally) Indefinitely!

Sally: (Nodded) Alright. Then I guess we're good. (Turns to leave) Hey, feel free to let yourselves out if you want!

Ned/Gloria: Will do!

Ned: (Breaths as he turned to Gloria) Alright, what do you wanna do next?

Gloria: Uh, not sure... (Placed her hands on her hips) How about we talk about your working relationship with that Spider-Guy you mentioned working with?

Ned: (Nodded, seeing that he did tell her indirectly) Of course... But first, can we go get something to celebrate our first ass-kicking a hacker party with just the two of us?

Gloria: (Nodded her head, smiling) Fine by me. (Turns to leave) Oh, and you're paying by the way!

Ned: (Turns to follow her out) That's also pretty fair!

Back in Bayville, the town's festivities were interrupted by a group of armed thugs that are hellbent hunting down said Mutants as everyone gathered watched the gunmen circling around.

Gunmen: (Walks around the place, looking at everyone) I know everyone here is scared... But I promise you, the Purifiers are here to protect you. Mutants have been a constant danger to us all, and 7/15 was immediate proof of that.

Adrian: (Looks at the men with armed weaponry) Listen, we all get that the late '90s was a tragedy, but there's hardly any sign of them anymore. Not even those other superheroes wearing X's on their chests have been seen again after that day.

Purifier: (Turns to look at Adrian) Even if there are few of them, it's our civic duty as citizens of the Earth to wipe them all out. They will continue to be a threat until said otherwise!

Adrian: Alright. And I'm not saying that I'm a fan of 'em because I'm frankly not, but are you even sure there's even one in here right now?

Purifier: When there's one Mutie, there's always plenty of more! And it's only a matter of time before they start invading our cities and taking it all over! (Gets out the scanner) And this device right here tells us that there's currently one of them hiding among you pretending to be human! (Looks around, turning to see frightened looks on their faces) So if anyone knows who it is, it is your civic duty to turn it in.

As they continued the speeches, Peter and Liz have snuck out of the gymnasium, watching everyone being held prisoner as they hid behind the doors.

Peter: (Looks at the group) Who are these guys?

Liz: I have no idea... But I'm guessing they're not really Pro Mutant like the two of us.

Peter: Yeah, that's one way to make the party look really great.

Liz: (Sees a couple of men walking over to the door) Oh god, they're coming!

Peter: Come on, let's go!

They proceeded down the hallways to hide from the Purifiers as they began to explore the rest of the school. When they turned around, they saw Steven Petty around the next corner, causing a jumpscare.

Liz: (Widened her eyes) Steven!

Steven: Lizzy!: (Hugs her, happy to see her) Oh my god, I heard the gunshots, and I didn't know if you were okay! (Breaks the hug, looking at her) Are you?

Liz: (Nodded, looking at Steven as she hugged him again) I'm okay... I'm okay.

Peter: (Nodded, looking around) Yeah, I'm okay too, thanks for asking.

Steven: (Breaks the hug, looking around) Hey, what's going on in here?

Liz: Um, we don't know! People with guns just showed up, and they rounded everyone in the gym!

Steven: Okay, well, let's get out of here then! (Turns to find an exit, turning to Parker) Hey! Aren't you coming?

Peter: (Looks around for a bathroom, nervous at being around Liz and Steven) Um, you guys go ahead! I'm gonna go see if anyone else is wondering the halls, not the ones with guns in their hands, you know what I mean?

Liz: What? No! We all stick together on this!

Steven: Damn right! Strength in numbers, come on!

Peter: (Looks at his bag, staring at the Spidey mask) Aw, man!

They ventured down the hallways, trying to look for an exit when more Purifiers showed up, causing them to hide behind the lockers as Steven got a good look at them, recognizing the symbol on their masks.

Steven: (Looks at the masks) Purifiers... Here?

Liz: (Turns to Steven) You know them?

Steven: Heck yeah, I do! They're known for taking out remains of the Muties still wondering around after 20 years!

Peter: Of course they are. And you think that they might think us as being one of them?

Steven: What? No! How could they? We're all Human, right Lizzy?

Liz: (Bit her lip, nodding hesitantly) Y-Yeah, of course! But maybe we should steer clear, just in case they do get the wrong idea and begin to shoot first.

Steven: (Sighs disappointedly) Whatever you say.

As they hid, the men walked right by them as they watched them leave. Taking the opportunity, they turned to find the exit doors locked from the outside as Liz and Steven tried to open it.

Liz: (Tries to open the doors) Dammit! It's locked!

Peter: Now what?

Purifier: (Walks down the hall, seeing the kids) Hey! (Aims his gun at them) You there!

Liz: (Widened her eyes, seeing the gunman) Oh my god!

Steven: (Pulls Liz down) Get down!

As the Purifier tried to shoot at them, Peter sought his chance to web the gun up in the air as the user pulled the trigger, firing rounds up on the ceiling as then used his webs to pull him to the wall, knocking him out as the two keeping him company got up, wondering what happened.

Steven: (Sees the gunman on the ground) What the... Did he just shot himself?

Peter: (Nodded) Oh yeah! I tell ya, for a bunch of guys holding AK-47s, they're not so good with using them if you ask me!

Liz: We need to go!

Steven: Right!

They moved down the halls as the rest of the Purifiers started to move onto their position after hearing gunshots. They turned to the restroom, hiding from them as they tried to find a way out.

Peter: (Peeks through the door, seeing the armed thugs patrolling the halls) They're everywhere! (Turns to the two) We need to find a way out!

Steven: How? Most of them think that we're one of those Muties infesting the town!

Liz: God, stop it, Steven! They're people too!

Steven: (Turns to Liz with a brow) Sorry, what school have you been going to? Did that place turn you into some kind of Mutie lover or something? Jesus, don't tell me you're also into pineapple on pizza!

Peter: Guys, seriously! We need to get out of here before they find us!

Liz: (Nodded) Y-You're right! Um, any ideas?

Steven: No! What about your friend? He seems to know everything about what to do during a crisis!

Peter: I don't know everything on what to do! I mean, not everything at least.

Liz: (Looks around, seeing an air vent) There! The vents! Can we fit inside them?

Steven: (Looks up at the air vent) Maybe! They could lead us out of here!

Liz: Then let's get a move on, call the police!

Steven: Yeah, come on! (Turns to Peter) Hey, you watch the door, alright?

Peter: (Nodded, backing up as they were busy) Yeah! Yeah, you guys just keep doing your thing while I just... Do my thing...

As they tried opening the vents, Peter quietly went into a stall and began to put on his Suit. Some time passes by, and Liz managed to get the vent open.

Liz: (Opens the vent) I got it!

Steven: Okay! That's awesome!

Purifier 1: (Gets inside of the bathroom with his gun armed) Everyone out now!

Purifier 2: Hands in the air!

Steven: (Turns to the Purifiers, raising his hands) Whoa, guys! Stop it, I'm on your side!

Purifier 1: (Aims his weapon at Steven) What are you doing in here?

Purifier 2: Were you trying to hide, freak?!

Steven: What? No! I'm not one them! I swear!

Liz turned around, seeing Steven in trouble as the men with guns pointed directly right at him... He was going to die right in front of her... She doesn't want it to happen... She doesn't want it to happen right it in front of her, not now!


With nothing else to do, she got out of the stall to set her hands aflame, shooting fireballs right at the two, knocking them across the room before they hit the wall unconscious. Liz breathed, heaving as her hands glowed on fire, turning to Steven as he got up, shocked and afraid of what she just did.

Steven: (Stares at Liz in disgust) Liz... You're... You're one of them?!

Liz: (Looks at Steven, having no idea what to say to him) Steven... I can explain-!

Purifier 3: (Gets in the bathroom, looking at Liz while aiming his weapon) Go back to hell, Muties! (Gets his gun thrown away as Liz turned around, looking puzzled before getting webbed onto the ceiling) AHHH!

Spider-Man: (Looks at the armed thug while he hung onto the ceiling) Well, that's no way to treat your neighbors, now is it?

Liz: (Raises a brow) Spider-Man?!

Spider-Man: One and only! (Drops to the ground, looking at the two) You guys okay?

Liz: (Nodded) Um, y-yes! Yes, we're okay! (Looks around) Where's Peter?

Spider-Man: Oh, you mean Parker? Uh, yeah, I'm not sure. He sent me a text while I was nearby, telling me about the problem you guys were having, but I think he bailed in fright after these bozos came barging right in.

Liz: Well, is he gonna be okay?

Spider-Man: Oh, yeah, of course! I even broke open the door from the outside when I came in, so I'm sure he's out calling the police by now. (Turns around to the door) Now, you two wait right here, and I'm gonna go check to see if there's more out there!

As he turned around and left to peek through the door, Liz turned to Steven after he discovered her secret.

Liz: (Turns to Steven) Steven, we need to talk!

Steven: Oh, there's nothing to talk about, you lied to my face and made me think that you were Human!

Liz: I am human, Steven! I'm still the same person you knew me!

Steven: No, I don't... I don't even know who you are anymore.

Liz: (Takes a deep breath, looking at him) Listen to me... You can't tell anyone about this, especially my Dad! You can't!

Steven: Oh, I'm not telling anyone.

Liz: (Sighs in relief) Oh, great! Thank you!

Steven: And the reason why I'm not telling is that I want everyone to see for themselves... One day, when you show your true face for the whole world to see... They'll see how much of a freak you are!

Liz: (Blinked her eyes, hearing what her boyfriend is saying to her) Steven...

Steven: And when everyone finds out about you... Your friends, your family... Everyone who even knows you will hate you for what you are! And they won't even bother to hang around with you anymore because they'd never wanna hang out with a Mutie like you! And the only depressing part about it is that I won't be there to see when people gather around you with torches in the air, and demand your blood on the streets, wishing you dead!

Spider-Man: Alright, pal! (Walks in front of Liz) That's enough out of you.

Steven: I'm not done yet!

Spider-Man: Oh, yes you are! Because if you keep saying another word, I might have to let people know who's the mystery M Word is around here... (Walks to Steven, eyes glaring) And from what I gather, things will not suit well for you if people were to think that mystery M Word just happens to be the one spouting hate speeches all over town.

Steven: (Looks at Spider-Man after he made the threat loud and clear) But's that's not true! I'm not some kind of freak!

Spider-Man: Yeah... Same can be said for the Girlfriend that saved your own skin. (Turns around, looking at Liz) Come with me.

Liz obliged, walking with Spidey while Steven remained in the restroom to contemplate. While they journeyed down the hall, Spider-Man kicked open an office door, walking around to find the security feed while Liz just sat down on a chair.

Spider-Man: (Looks at the cameras) Okay, so it looks like these guys have everyone surrounded inside the gym. So all I need to do now is just go ahead and lead them out so I can web them all up and we can all leave school with a smile on our face! Don't you think? (Turns to Liz, who's a mess right now) Ma'am?

Liz ignored him, weeping heartbrokenly as she thought of the mere fact that her own boyfriend hated her for having superpowers... Having heard what he said to her planted inside of her head as Spider-Man walked over to comfort her.

Spider-Man: Hey... (Kneels in front of Liz) Hey, listen... You don't need to listen to what that guy said. He's a moron that doesn't understand change!

Liz: (Sniffs as she looked at Spider-Man) I just can't believe he'd do that to me! All those years and Steven had never treated me the way he did just now!

Spider-Man: Well, I'm sure there's a lot of other people around that don't mind what you are... Like our friend, Peter. He didn't seem to mind being around you after the fact, did he?

Liz: (Shook her head) No.

Spider-Man: Exactly! So that's gotta mean something, right?

Liz: I dunno... I just wanna be left alone for a while...

Spider-Man: (Nodded) Right. Well, I'm gonna go deal with the bad guys, and I'll be sure to have someone to pick you up afterward. Just stay inside until everything's quiet.

As he left the office, Spidey webbed the door shut to make sure no one would come in or out of the room, ensuring Liz's safety while the Purifiers remained in the gym as some of the men returned.

Purifier 4: (Turns to the men) Where are the others?

Purifier 5: Not sure. But we found one of our guys hit really hard on the head earlier.

Purifier 4: Then it's true; there's a Mutant running around in here.

Purifier 5: So? Where is it?

Suddenly a car alarm was going off outside, getting everyone's attention as they wondered what the noise was.

Purifier 4: Everyone outside! (Turns to a couple of men) You two! Stay here!

As they left, Adrian eyed the two men with guns as he kept his hands raised... Since there was something going on outside, the man figured he'd talk himself out of a situation.

Adrian: (Walks over to the two) Hey, guys. Mind lettin' us go now? Sounds like you uh, found your target.

Purifier 6: Give it a rest, old man. We're here as long as we're needed to be.

Adrian: Alright, but your guy said that there's only one of em' in here, right?

Purifier 7: Ever heard of a Mutant who could duplicate himself until a million dozen copies? You never know how many there really are until it's too late.

Adrian: Alright, but look around! Can't you see we're all scared right here?

Purifier 6: Listen, either you get back with the others, or else we shoot you where you're standing.

Adrian: (Raises a brow, pretending to be hurt) Oh? Shoot an unarmed man, will ya?

As he talked, he slowly began to pull out a Glock hanging on the back of his waist when one of the Purifiers got hung upside down on a web. Before anyone could realize what's happening, Spider-Man showed up and landed on the last Purifier, knocking him out cold while everyone in the room was surprised by his appearance, especially Toomes as he widened his eyes.

Adrian: (Looks at Spider-Man, eyes widen) You?

Spider-Man: (Nodded, standing up) Me! Spider-Man to the rescue!

Adrian: (Blinked, hearing him say rescue) Sorry... Did I hear you right?

Spider-Man: I'm here to rescue you guys... Isn't that obvious, or you a Daily Bugle fan?

Adrian: (Shook his head, putting his gun away) No... In fact, it's great that you're here!

Spider-Man: No need to thank me! Now go to the exit in the hallway, that'll lead you out! I'll take care of everything from here, now go!

Adrian didn't need to ask too many questions about that as he and everyone else began to run away to the side of the gym. Spidey then proceeded to web each and every single one of the Purifiers up until they was all hanging down on a net.

Spider-Man: (Sighs as he rubbed his hands) Well, that was a pretty good exercise run we did back there!

Purifier 8: (Moans) No it wasn't.

Spider-Man: (Hears sirens go off as he turned to leave) Well, I'm outta here now, so you guys enjoy your days in prison!

Spider-Man then began to swing to the roof, changing his clothes while the authorities arrived, taking the Purifiers into custody as Adrian looked around to see his daughter safe and sound.

Adrian: (Looks at Liz) Liz!

Liz: (Turns to her Dad, crying) Dad! (Goes to hug him) Oh my god, it's good to see you!

Adrian: (Hugs Liz, happy she's safe) Are you okay? What happened? Did you get hurt?

Liz: No... I... (Turns to her Dad) I'm just glad you're okay.

Adrian: (Nodded as he went back to hug her again) Hey, there, there...

The Allan-Toomes family comforted each other while Peter walked outside, seeing Liz while being sympathetic with what she went through tonight...

The next day, Peter and Liz were at the hotel that they were in to talk about the recent events that unfolded, including her own boyfriend's vocal treatment as she sat next to Peter.

Liz: (Looks down at the ground) Steven was always so kind to me... (Rubbed her face) I can't believe he would say something like that into my face!

Peter: (Nodded) Liz, I'm so sorry... That sounded terrible.

Liz: I knew he would feel surprised about the powers, but I never thought he would... (Tears pour down into her cheek) God, I never have seen him that angry before.

Peter: (Turns to Liz) Well hey! Forget about him! Okay, if he doesn't like the fact that you have powers, then fine! Let it be his loss!

Liz: (Turns to Peter) Peter, I appreciate you supporting me, but you have to understand that I have Mutant powers! And my boyfriend, Ex-boyfriend now I guess, hates me for it... Because to him, I'm just a freak wearing human skin.

Peter: Hey, don't say that!

Liz: Why not? Why do you even care?! You don't have powers, you don't know what it's like! What could you say to me that could possibly make me feel any better?

Peter: (Widened his eyes) I, well... (Looks around, then looks at Liz until he sighed) Ah, okay screw it! (Stands up)

Liz: (Raises a brow) What? What is it?

Peter: (Looks around their doorway, seeing no one around) Okay, nobody's nearby, that's good!

Liz: (Turns to Peter, standing up) Peter, what is it that you have to tell me?

Peter: (Turns to Liz) Look, Liz, you think that I'm just a normal kid like everyone else, that I don't understand, but I do! More so than you could think!

Liz: (Raises a brow) What, are you a Mutant too?

Peter: (Shook his head) Okay, not really, but I am going to be telling you-! (Shook his head) No! No, show you something that most people in my life don't know, not even my Aunt May knows! But when I do, I need to know that you are willing to keep this a secret, even from your Dad! Can you do that?

Liz: (Nodded while shrugging) Sure, I guess! But Peter, what is it-!

Before she even knew it, Peter unzipped his hoodie and pulls off both ends of the front to let Liz feast her eyes on a familiar Red and Blue Suit with a Spider Symbol on the chest... Seeing Peter wear it right now... Having seen him disappear last night during the raid... It was coming into her head now.

Liz: (Widened her eyes as she saw the Spider-Man costume underneath the hoodie) Whoa... (Looks at Peter) You're... Spider-Man?

Peter: (Nodded) Yeah... (Rezips his hoodie, hiding the costume) Yeah, I'm Spider-Man. And if you don't believe me, then watch this!(Turns to a wall and makes a backward leap towards it)

Liz: (Widened her eyes) Whoa! (Sees Peter stuck to the wall as she looked at him) Whoa, Peter! How-?!

Peter: (Smiles at Liz while hanging onto the wall) Like I said! (Jumps off the wall, landing in front of Liz) I'm Spider-Man! (Turns to some garbage and web shoots at it) Your favorite Web-Slinging... (Gets all the garbage inside the trash bin) Spider! (Turns to Liz) Now, do you believe me?

Liz: (Looks at Peter dumbfoundedly) Oh my god... You are Spider-Man!

Peter: (Nodded) Yeah!

Liz: The real Spider-Man!

Peter: I know!

Liz: B-But, that's impossible! You're too shy to go into a fight, none of the less have powers!

Peter: Yeah, well truth can be said otherwise! Just look at me!

Liz: Oh my god... (Rubbing her head, walking around the room) Oh my god, this makes so much sense! I mean you disappearing at Central Park, the time we went under a school shooting, the reason you and Gwen stopped going out with each other!

Peter: Okay, just to paraphrase, Gwen doesn't have a clue on who I am! But she does think that she's working for... Spider-Man.

Liz: Oh my god, you were there to fight off all those bad guys while no one else was looking! There were pictures and-! (Widened her eyes) Oh my god! (Turns to Peter) Oh my god, you took pictures of yourself! You took dozens of pictures of yourself without anyone even realizing it!

Peter: And a dozen other funny things to laugh about.

Liz: (Shook her head) I don't understand, why are you showing me this?! Why now?

Peter: Because I know what it's like to have something that wasn't a part of you before when nobody else seems to have it, and I wanted you to know that if there is someone out there in the world that understands what you're going through, then I want you to know that I understand it a lot better than anybody else!

Liz: But you told me before that most people in your life don't know who you are! So does that means I'm like the only person that knows?

Peter: Well, there's Ned.

Liz: Oh.

Peter: But I'm telling you this because I think it wouldn't hurt to have someone with powers to relate to! Alright, just because you have powers, doesn't mean you're a monster! You're just the same person that you are right now on the inside, just like I am! That, and I think I can help you learn how to control them!

Liz: (Raises a brow) So what, does this mean you're helping me learn how to be a hero?

Peter: No. (Sees Liz tilt) I mean, if you want to, that is, but you don't have to! (Shook his head) Anyway, you just got your powers, right? And you have no idea how to control them?

Liz: (Rubbed her arm) I don't.

Peter: Then let me help you! I mean, I have been through the same road as you have, and I am willing to help in any way I can! Even if your power is to shoot fire, and mine is to climb walls with my bare hands! (Placed a hand on Liz's shoulder) Either way, you're not alone in this!

Liz: (Looks at Peter) Really?

Peter: (Nodded) Really.

Liz: (Sighs as she hugged) Thank you!

Peter: (Gets hugged by Liz) Oh! (Hugs her back) Oh, well you're welcome!

The two hugged it out as Liz felt happy to have someone that she could relate to in her struggles. While they did so, Adrian walked to the door, knocking on it to get their attention.

Adrian: Alright, ship's leaving in five! so be ready or else I'm leavin' you two behind!

Peter: (Nodded as he turned to zip

Adrian: Alright. (Turns to leave)

Liz: (Turns to Peter, wiping her tears off) So, um... You'll help me then?

Peter: (Nodded) I can try... It's the least I can do...

Later, when Peter returned back to New York, he told Ned everything about the trip, including what he knew about Liz Allan as he sat with him in Coffee Bean.

Ned: (Sits on the chair, looking Peter) So, you're telling me that not only Liz Allan can set herself on fire, but you're telling me that you told her your secret?

Peter: I did... You should have seen it, Ned, she was scared. I even saw her own boyfriend treat her like garbage after finding out what she was, she was devastated! I had to tell her so she wouldn't feel alone.

Ned: Okay, but you didn't do it because Liz is friends with Gwen... Did you?

Peter: No, of course not! (Sees Ned raising a brow) I didn't! I swear to god, dude, I did it on my own choice!

Ned: Alright, I'll trust your word... (Sighs as he leaned back on his chair) So... What? Is she going to join us on fighting bad guys now?

Peter: Not exactly. In fact, I'm going to be her own personal tutor to practice her powers. She can be a hero only if she wants to, but it can help her to at least have some control ahead of time, you know?

Ned: Okay, so where are we going to get the equipment to have her practice with?

Peter: Well, there's old stuff at the school supply closet that no one ever bothers to use. And we can practice it all on a rooftop where no one's looking!

Ned: But over and all, we're still going to be on the planning board for that?

Peter: You're so right. Um, you don't mind, right?

Ned: Okay, that's great to hear. (Turns around) As long as we don't have a repeat with the Electro scenario.

Peter: There won't be, I can guarantee you on that! (Leans back on his chair) Anyway, how's your weekend so far? Anything exciting happened while I was gone?

Ned: (Widened his eyes, turning around as he shook his head) Nope... No, nothing happened. Nothing bad, or terrible happened at all, it's all fun, boring stuff around here.

Peter: (Raises a brow, looking at Ned's sweat) Okay, is there something you wanna tell me?

Ned: Okay, fine! Um, so I was doing stuff... And then more stuff happened... And then shenanigans came in.

Peter: Ned.

Ned: Someone almost found out your secret yesterday.

Peter: (Widened his eyes) W-What?! Oh my god, why didn't you text me?!

Ned: Because you were out of town! What was I supposed to do?!

Peter: Okay, well... What happened? Did this guy find out who I am?

Ned: Not really... I mean, he was this close to getting the data after hacking me, but I handled it with grace!

Peter: Hacked? Wait, was the Web hacked into?!

Ned: No, not the Web, just my own personal, private data. As I said, I handled it with grace, and everything's all good.

Peter: Really?

Ned: Yeah, man! Trust me, I got your back!

Peter: Okay... And no one found out about my secret?

Ned: (Shook his head) No! No, of course not!

Peter: (Sighs in relief) Oh, thanks! Man, you had me scared for a second there! (Relaxed himself as he leaned forward) Alright, well what else happened while I was gone?

Gloria: (Walks over to the two) Am I interrupting something?

Ned: (Widened his eyes, seeing Gloria in front of him and Peter) GG! Hey, how are you?

Gloria: (Smiles at Ned) Doing great, all things considered. But then again, yesterday was a blast, wasn't it?

Ned: (Nodded his head up and down) Yeah, it sure was.

Peter: (Raises a brow, seeing some sort of connection with the two) Um, okay then... (Gets up from his seat) I guess I should go ahead leave you two to yourselves. Oh, and nice to see you, GG!

Gloria: (Looks at Peter) You too, Photography Boy... (Turns to stare at Peter as he left the building)

Ned: (Looks at Gloria as she stared at Peter) Okay, that's enough staring, don't you think?

Gloria: (Turns to Ned, sitting down at Peter's spot) I'm guessing you didn't tell him about... You know?

Ned: Just bits and pieces. (Leans forward) You're not going to say anything, are you? Because we'd be in serious trouble if you said anything at all-!

Gloria: Relax, Guy in the Chair! I'm not saying anything that people can't prove otherwise. Even though I find Peter to be a little bit of a criminal to be working as Triple J's Spidey photographer.

Ned: Tell me about it. So... Are we good?

Gloria: Yeah... I've ended my Spider-Investigation as of yesterday, and I will keep my mouth shut until the day I die.

Ned: (Sighs) Thanks.

Gloria: And listen... You're good with computers, I can tell... But if you ever need a hand with something, let me know... I'll hook you up.

Ned: (Nodded) That'd be appreciated. Thanks.

Gloria: (Grabs her coffee, lifting it up) Again to our victory against the mystery Hacker?

Ned: (Nodded, smiling as he lifted his coffee cup up) To owning the Hacker's ass yesterday.

They both made their cheers as their drinks touched. While the day moved on, Toomes was seen in his hideout when he found the entire place a wreck.

Adrian: (Sees the wires sparking out) What the hell? Mason?

Mason: (Walks over to Adrian) Hey! I can explain.

Adrian: What the hell happened in here?! I was gone for one day, and this shit happens?!

Mason: I was tracking a lead on our pest control issue, and well... Someone clearly has a future because that person managed to create a trojan horse and imprint a code to blackout all of our hardware! Now we won't be able to do our gig for at least a few weeks!

Adrian: Hey, it's okay! Look, it's a long time ahead, so we're good! We still got time... (Turns around) Besides, that Spider-Man still doesn't know who we are.

Mason: Yeah? And how are you so sure?

Adrian: Because of the funny thing about the trip yesterday... He and I met face to face without my gear... Had one look at me, didn't feel suspicious at all.

Mason: Oh? So, we're okay then?

Adrian: For now. So in the meantime, let's go ahead and fix this place up so we can kill some time.

Mason: (Nodded) I'll call in some of our guys. Maybe they can replace the damaged hardware I've had set up.

Adrian: Great idea. Can't imagine what's the next few weeks are going to involve though...

Somewhere in an unknown location, a doctor was seen walking down the dim-lit halls as he accessed a chamber. There lied a large cell door as he walked inside, turning to place his palm to let it get scanned for an ID.

A.I.: (Scans the doctor's handprint) Recognized; Doctor Farley Stillwell.

Stillwell: (Sighs in annoyance) God, they really need to rethink the voice for this machinery... (Breaths as he's allowed access to the cell, walking to the lab) Alrighty... Hello again, my man. How are you feeling so far?

?: (Sits on a table, staring at the floor with his Red Visor) I feel... Different... But in a good way.

Stillwell: (Nodded) Well, that's a good sign! Have you experienced any pain in the last 24 hours? Any muscle strains on the bone tissue?

?: Not really... Although, I do feel something hanging on my back.

Stillwell: Oh, that must be the upgrade we added to your suit! Mr. Fisk mentioned that Scorpions are your favorite, so he had the tech guys insert it for us. (Sits down on a chair, looking at his patient) But overall, what do you feel like doing right now, Mr. Gargan?

The man known as Mac Gargan, the man who murdered Ben Parker that fateful night, stood up. He walked over to the doctor, revealing his bright Green Suit while having a Scorpion's tail hanging from behind as he looked at the doctor, ready to be out on the field.

Mac: (Gives out a sinister grin) I feel like crushing Spiders right now.

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Chapter Text

Episode 8: Scorpion's Sting

Eiza Gonzalez as Jessica Drew

Michael Mando as Mac Gargan/Scorpion

BTW, 1, Spider-Man's back in the MCU, HURRAY! 2, I appreciate everyone leaving their thoughts on the matter, I really do! But I'd also appreciate it if you guys would leave your thoughts on the story that I write, it would be greatly appreciated!

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Days ago... Weeks after the death of Ben Parker.

Mac Gargan was seen sitting down in court as his hands were laid on a table in cuffs while people from both sides witnessed the trial first hand.

Judge: The prisoner will stand.

Gargan stood up, looking at the judge with a smug look as all eyes stared right at him.

Judge: MacDonald "Mac" Gargan, District Attorney Walters has asked that the maximum sentence of life imprisonment be imposed upon you. Given your criminal record, the evidence against you has been deemed highly accurate. How do you plead?

Mac: (Stares at the judge hard) Not guilty, your honor.

Judge: Alright. (Turns to the jury) How does the jury plead?

Jury: Your honor, we find the defendant guilty as charged.

Judge: (Nodded) Mac Gargan; due to the number of crimes committed in your name, I hereby sentence you the maximum penalty for assault and battery, grand theft auto, and last but not least, murder on the first degree.

The judge swung his hammer down, and later, Gargan was sent to a truck that was en route to Ryker's Island. At least, that was what he had thought as he sat inside waiting to be put behind bars when the truck had suddenly come to a stop.

Mac: (Looks around, feeling the vehicle stopping) What's goin' on? Why did we stop?

Guard: Because we've arrived at our destination.

Mac: Already? Damn, have you pigs taken short cuts to Rykers?

Guard: Who said anything about Rykers?

Before he could ask, Gargan was suddenly stabbed in the neck by a taser, putting him into shock before falling down on the floor unconscious. As the doors opened, a private security detail was seen lifting him onto a stretcher.

Gargan then blinked his eyes, looking around at his surroundings. It was a dark room that Gargan was placed in... The lights were green and dim, black windows tinted from the inside as he laid on a table with the wounds that were inflicted upon him the first time Spider-Man appeared... The night he got hurt... The night everything changed as a doctor came inside, looking over the patient.

Stillwell: Hello, Mr. Gargan. I'm Doctor Farley Stillwell. I'm here to help you with your recovery. (Sits down, looking at Mac) Alright then... How are you today, MacDonald?

Mac: (Looks around, seeing the room he's inside of) Where am I? This ain't Rykers.

Stillwell: No, that is highly fortunate for both of us. It would've been hard treating you over there than it would be treating you here, believe me.

Mac: (Turns around, looking at Stillwell) What do you want from me?

Stillwell: Oh, please... There's no need to be hostile, not in here... I'm here to help you.

Mac: Why? I'm like a nobody around here.

Stillwell: Perhaps, but you are to some people outside this room...

Mac: And the reason is because...?

Stillwell: Which I am going to get to after I ask you some questions... (Looks at Mac) Like, how did you encounter the vigilante known as Spider-Man?

Mac grunted in pain, hearing the bastard's name said out loud... The man who was responsible for breaking his arms and legs that night... The night he tried to kill him after he fell out of the damn window... The night his grudge was crafted, growing every day as he thought of ways to make the punk pay for what he did...

Mac: (Nodded his head) So, that's why, then... What am I? Some kind of guinea pig for some experiment?

Stillwell: No. (Gives himself a brow) Well, only with your given consent.

Mac: My consent?

Stillwell: Yes. All our patients residing in our facility can make their own decisions while staying here with us.

Mac: And what kind of experiment are we talking about here?

Stillwell: It's sort of similar to that of the Super Soldier Program, only it's much more efficient than that of Steve Rogers' capabilities.

Mac: Wait, so you're telling me that you're able to give me superpowers?

Stillwell: In that certain category, yes, it's possible... And it comes with a suit.

Mac: Don't tell me I have to wear underpants.

Stillwell: No! (Chuckled lightly) No, there won't be any underpants for you, Mr. Gargan! I can personally guarantee you on that.

Mac: Alright... (Looks at himself in the mirror, at his bloodied eye) If I agree with this... Am I gonna get healed?

Stillwell: Mostly. The process will be hard, of course, but it'll eventually heal any scarred tissue in your blood cells including that of an eye.

Mac: Okay... (Turns to the doctor) Then why am I getting a feeling that there's a catch?

?: The catch, Mr. Gargan...

Another person appeared in the room, getting both doctor and patient's attention as the man stood before Gargan, revealing himself to be none other than the head publisher of the Daily Bugle.

Jameson: Is to put an end to Spider-Man!

Present Day.

At an abandoned warehouse not in use, Peter was seen in his Spider-Man Suit while he and Ned were waiting for the new member of their crime-fighting unit, Liz Allan to get dressed as Happy got out of the car to join them.

Happy: (Walks over to Peter and Ned) Okay, so the new girl... She can set herself on fire and not get hurt?

Peter: (Nods) Yup.

Happy: And you two absolutely know her?

Ned: (Sits on a chair while using the Web) Of course.

Happy: And you're both certain that there's not going to be a repeat with the Electric Man?

Ned: Happy, Liz has been a friend for as long as we can remember.

Peter: And she goes to our school, and she's nice, and she really wants to learn how to control her powers.

Ned: And possibly become a superhero.

Peter: That too.

Happy: Which leads me to the question in point; how certain are you that you can help her learn them?

Peter: (Turns to look at Ned, who gritted his teeth being nervous while he turned to Happy) I'm pretty sure this exercise is what we're here for.

Happy: (Rolls his eyes) Oh, this is going to be so much fun.

Ned: (Turns to the trailer, knocking on the door) Liz, we're all set up for you! Are you ready yet?

Liz: I'm almost done!

Ned: Okay! (Walks away from the trailer) Even though she said it like five minutes ago.

Peter: Hey, just take it easy on her! She's scared enough as it is.

Ned: Yeah, but how hard is it to just put on one outfit?

Peter: Well, you have to admit, that costume you picked out does look like it'd be just a little too tight on her.

Ned: Well, what about your suit?

Peter: Mine? Mine's just fine! I can get used to it all day!

Happy: (Walks over to the two) I'm sorry... What is it I'm hearing about a costume?

Liz: Okay, I'm ready!

Peter: (Turns around, looking at the trailer) Okay! Let's see it!

The door was opened for everyone to see. As she stepped out, Liz was wearing a Yellow suit made out of spandex while using Red leather boots and gloves as her secondary. She also wore a Red Eye Mask as part of the suit as she turned to look at her team.

Liz: (Looks at her friends) Guys, I gotta be honest with you... I don't think I'm feeling it.

Ned: What are you talking about? It looks great?

Liz: I don't know, it just feels too tight on me!

Peter: (Whispers to Ned) Told you.

Liz: (Notices Happy Hogan at the scene) Uh, guys?

Peter: (Turns to look at Happy, seeing Liz's reaction) Oh, don't worry! This is Happy, he's a friend of ours!

Ned: He works for Tony Stark!

Peter: And he works for Tony Stark, so there's absolutely nothing to worry about, Liz!

Liz: Wow, you work for Tony Stark?

Happy: (Feels a little bit flattered by the sentiment) Only whenever he's around. And it's frankly not that big of a deal.

Peter: (Turns to Happy) Hey, did you get those test props we asked for?

Happy: Oh, you mean all those barrel cans painted with bullseyes on them? (Goes to a truck, opening it up to reveal barrel cans as he unloaded one up) Yeah, I got 'em. Wasn't easy to get all that gas out, but I got 'em.

Peter: Great! (Turns to Liz) Alright, Liz, so your powers are based on flammable heat combustion! And we're gonna try to help you with your aim, because if you want to help out in the superhero life, then you gotta get a handle on them! Always, there's gonna be people that end up getting hurt, alright?

Liz: (Nodded) Alright.

Peter: Now, when you shot those fireballs the other day at Bayville, you had that certain feeling, right? Try acting on that feeling. Try picturing yourself in that same position all over again, but try to channel it.

Liz: How?

Peter: I'm not sure. But whenever I have these senses, they're based on my impulse!

Liz: Well, that's kind of the problem, because I can't climb on walls and shoot webs like you.

Peter: True... But we're learning, right? Every step we take is like a baby step, so let's take one step at a time.

Liz: (Nodded) Okay. (Turns to aim)

Peter: Just do your best,

Liz turned to walk over to her position, taking in deep slow breaths as they looked.

Liz: (Takes in deep breaths) ...

Peter: Okay... How do you feel?

Liz: (Opened her one eye, turning to the others) Yeah... I'm not feeling it.

Ned: What do you mean you're not feeling it?

Liz: I mean, I don't think the whole, "Take deep breaths" route is working.

Peter: W-Well, that's fine! Maybe that only helps when you're in deep stress.

Liz: Alright, do you have any better ideas?

Ned: Okay, maybe uh... Try some push-ups! Maybe your powers are related to your heat!

Peter: I don't think that's how it works.

Ned: What? She can set herself on fire, can't she?

Liz: (Turns to her friends) Okay, guys?

Happy: Do you kids even know what you're doing?

Peter: Yes, we do! It's called taking baby steps!

Happy: I don't really see this as taking in baby steps! All I see is everyone just talking blah blah blah over and over! That's what you're doing right now.

Ned: Wait, what about Karen? Could she provide some input?

Peter: Yeah, I still have her running some scans with our other stuff back in the Web.

Happy: Listen, if you guys don't even know what you're doing-!

Liz: Guys...

Peter: Relax, we know exactly what we're doing!

Happy: Oh, are you?

Peter: Yes, we're being responsible with what we're doing!

Happy: Yeah, just like the number of times you lost your backpack! How many is it this time?

Liz: GUYS!

Before anyone knew it, Liz shot out a Fireball right at Happy's car with only a flick of her wrist, taking everyone by surprise as they saw the bodyguard's care set aflame.

Happy: (Widened his eyes) My car!

Liz: (Widened her eyes, covering her mouth) Oh my god, I'm so sorry!

Peter: (Turns to Liz) Hey, it's alright! (Runs over to her) Hey, how do you feel?

Liz: I don't know, I just got upset that you weren't paying attention to me, and the next thing I knew, I just blew up a car!

Happy: You think?!

Ned: (Turns to Happy) Hey, she didn't mean to blow it up on purpose!

Happy: That's not the point! I had documents for the scientists at Horizon Labs, and now it's on fire!

Ned: Okay, well how about we worry about that later and just put the fire out! Can we do that?!

Happy: Yeah, we can! Alright, is there a bucket we can use? Any bathrooms to-?

Liz: (Looks at the mess she's made) Oh god, this is so much harder than I thought.

Peter: Yeah, but we'll get the hang of this! (Turns to Liz) I mean, when I started out, I was a mess! But I've gotten the hang of things... Mostly.

Liz: Because Tony Stark gave you a Suit?

Peter: No, it's not because Tony Stark gave me a Suit! Totally not true.

Liz: But, how can you be so good as you are right now?

Peter: Well, I'm good because-! (Gets a message on his phone, which is the Web calling) Oh, great. (Turns to Liz) Hey, I gotta take this call.

Liz: (Nodded) Okay.

Peter: (Turns to answer the phone) Karen, what's up? Any updates?

Karen: I do. On the investigation on your parent's disappearance.

Peter: (Widened his eyes) Oh, my god! Really? What do you got?

Karen: Not much. But I have conducted a satellite scan around the five boroughs.

Peter: Wait, you can conduct satellite scans? Awesome.

Karen: And I found a location that might pique your interest.

Peter: Okay, where do I go?

Karen: The address you want to look for is 20 Ingram Street, Forest Hills.

Peter: (Froze at that statement, hearing the address) I-I'm sorry... 20 Ingram Street?

Karen: Yes... It's the address I just told you.

Peter: (Nodded blankly, staring at the floor) I'll, uh... I'll be right there.

He ended the call while Ned and Happy put the fire out as Liz walked over to the two.

Liz: (Turns to Ned and Happy) You guys alright?

Ned: Yeah, we're totally okay.

Liz: Listen, I'm sorry that I set the car on fire-!

Happy: It's fine! (Turns to Liz) Just, don't worry about it, it's alright.

Peter: (Walks over to the table, grabbing his Mask) I have to go.

Liz: (Turns around, looking at Peter) Go? Go where?

Spider-Man: (Had his Mask on, turning to the group) Somewhere personal.

Later, Spider-Man arrived at the written address that Karen had told him to go as he swung by at the house... The house that was once his own as it looked quite deserted, yet clean in its nature as the teen had begun to have memories of the night that they left... Already picturing it in his brain as the rain settled in the background with the parents getting out of the house in a hurry.

Peter: (Is carried to the car) Where are we going?

Richard: Don't worry, son! (Placed his luggage in the trunk) We'll be fine!

Mary: (Placed her son in the backseat) Don't worry, Peter! We'll be alright. (Shuts the door, turning to her husband) What are we doing?

Richard: We, are going to send him over to Ben's place. It's the responsible thing to do.

Mary: We're not taking our son with us?!

Richard: (Turns to Mary) Mary, where we're going this point on is probably something we may not come back from!

Mary: How are we going to explain this?

Richard: The best way we can! Now get in!

The parents got inside of the car and began to drive away from the house, past an older Peter Parker as he now stood in front of his former home for the first time in years.

Karen: What's wrong? You reached the intended waypoint that I directed for you.

Spider-Man: (Shook his head) N-Nothing! Nothing, I uh... (Stares at the house) It's been a long time since I've actually been here... (Looks around) Is there anyone living here?

Karen: Based on my research, this address has not been occupied for a mere decade.

Spider-Man: Of course it hasn't... (Sighs) Okay... Baby step time.

He slowly went to the house step by step, taking it in as memories of a happy family that once lived in this place. Making his way over to the porch, he opened the front door using his strength to break in, walking inside to find the entire household filled with dust and messed up paint... No one had definitely lived in here for a very, very long time... Nostalgia settling in as he felt the happy times that took place in here... Up until the night they had to leave.

Karen: Peter? Are you alright? Your heart rate is beating at a rapid pulse.

Spider-Man: (Nodded) Uh, yeah! Y-Yeah, I'm fine... What were you saying?

Karen: The area where you want to go is down in the basement of the house.

Spider-Man: The basement... Okay, I know where to go...

He headed down to the stairs as he looked at the door... He stared at it, thinking about the fact that he actually wasn't allowed to go under the basement as he thought about the concept as to why.

Richard: Peter!

He turned around, finding himself being a 4 year old once again as he looked up at his father while standing in front of the stairs leading to the basement.

Richard: (Walks over to Peter) What are you doing? You can't be in the basement.

Peter: (Looks at his Dad) I'm sorry, Dad. I was just curious-!

Richard: (Picks up his son) Sorry, but you're not allowed to be inside, kiddo. House rules.

He carried Peter away from the stairs while Spider-Man watched, everything back to reality as he turned to the basement, walking down the stairs to the door.

Spider-Man: (Looks at the door) Why didn't you want me to be in here, Dad?

He opened it, walking around the dark, empty, dusty basement as he looked around. The entire floor was blank, nothing left as he searched his surroundings.

Spider-Man: (Looks around) Karen, can you scan the place again? See what I'm not seeing right now?

Karen: Scanning. (Scans the basement, finding something) There's something hidden in the wall to your right.

Spider-Man: (Walks to the wall where Karen scanned it, kneeling down) Just a small pocket. What the heck is that?

He placed his hands on the wall, trying to see if anything ticks... It was then that the wall began to shift, causing him to back up as a panel was shown, with a scanner id that just began to scan his own body as he didn't know what to do.

A.I.: Recognized. Peter Benjamin Parker.

The panel then revealed a computer to the young man, making him take off his mask as he walked over to the laptop... It looked high tech but wasn't anything he'd seen before as he lifted up the screen... It had turned itself on, revealing a familiar logo on it... A S.H.I.E.L.D. logo.

Peter: (Sees the S.H.I.E.L.D. Symbol) S.H.I.E.L.D? What? (Sighs in disbelief) Oh my god, Dad... What did you get yourself into?

As he stared into the screen, he wasn't aware that a camera feed was in the basement, being observed by one eye as the Director looked at the young man that just found the laptop.

Fury: (Looks at the feed, seeing Peter grabbing the computer) About damn time...

The next day, Peter was seen with Ned and Liz at the Anime Club as he told them about what he did last night while showing them the S.H.I.E.L.D. computer that he uncovered.

Ned: (Looks at the S.H.I.E.L.D. symbol at the screen) Holy shit, your Dad is a James Bond type of character!

Liz: I don't get it! Shouldn't you have known that your parents worked for S.H.I.E.L.D?

Peter: I didn't! My parents didn't tell me!

Ned: How come?

Peter: I don't know.

Ned: Why didn't they tell you?

Peter: I don't know.

Ned: Oh my god, are your parents a pair of superspies?

Peter: I don't know! Ned, you're not helping me!

Ned: I'm sorry! I'm sorry, it's just... This is huge! Your parents working for S.H.I.E.L.D, it's huge!

Liz: Is that why they were missing for 11 years?

Peter: I don't know... In fact, I don't think I even knew them at all.

Ned: (Takes the laptop) Well, you know what? Why don't I just take this and try to hack into it, see if I can find something while you just take it easy?

Liz: You can hack stuff?

Ned: I can!

Peter: But into a S.H.I.E.L.D. mainframe?

Ned: I can certainly try! Just give me a day, and I'll let you know. (Turns to leave)

Liz: (Turns to Peter) So... I'm guessing this means that you'll have to cancel tutoring for a while?

Peter: (Nodded) Yeah... (Turns to Liz) Yeah, I'm really sorry about this1 We won't give up on this, but after what we just learned, I...

Liz: It's okay... Look, if there's anything I've learned from my Dad, it's that family comes first. That's the best thing I know him for.

Peter: (Nodded) Yeah... Aunt May, she... She has no idea about this...

Liz: What makes you say that?

Peter: Because all my life, whenever I asked her and Uncle Ben, they had no clue about where they went... In fact, now that you've been thinking about it, I think they had no clue of the life that they led.

Liz: Well... Maybe it's probably best that she doesn't hear about it until later... Wait until the dust settles, you know?

Peter nodded, hearing the statement shared by Liz as Ned turned to leave the classroom, he used his cell phone to call in Gloria Grant, who was seen painting a rock star band as she turned to answer the call.

Gloria: (Held her phone in her ear) What's up?

Ned: Hey, I need your help with something.

Gloria: (Smiles) Oh, and here I was beginning to think you'd never ask! What's the problem?

Ned: I, can't say on the phone. (Looks around) Look, can we meet at the computer lab? There's something I've gotta show you.

Gloria: Better not be something disappointing, Leeds. See you soon. (Ends the call, turning to her friends) Hey, I gotta go.

Gwen: (Turns to Gloria, who was seen with MJ studying) Go where?

Gloria: To the computer lab. Ned Leeds is meeting me there.

MJ: (Raises a brow) Are you two dating now?

Gloria: Oh, like hell! Nah, I owe him a solid, and he needs my help with something.

Gwen: What does Ned need help with?

Gloria: Dunno. But when I've patched things up, perhaps we should talk about that rock star band that we've talked about!

Gwen: Oh, no, GG! It's just a joke!

MJ: Joke? Gwen, come on! We all know you're a badass when it comes to drums!

Gloria: Damn straight!

Gwen: Do you guys even know how to sing? Let alone play bass?

MJ: I've had some practice with a particular... Rascal Flatts soundtrack that I'd prefer not to disclose.

Gloria: And I gained enough straight A's in Guitar Class back in Middle School to have experience! Trust me, the three of us in this room? We're rock band material!

MJ: And don't forget about Sally, she can be back up Bass number 2.

Gloria: That's also true!

Gwen: (Smiles) God, you guys are bitches!

MJ: Well, you aren't wrong.

Gloria: Alright, I'm off! Catch you guys later!

Gwen: Alright, later GG!

MJ: See ya. (Sees Gloria leave while she turned over to Gwen) So... I heard you and Peter aren't really at it anymore.

Gwen: (Turns to MJ) Peter and I are just friends, now.

MJ: (Raises a brow) Really? Just friends?

Gwen: Yes! I mean, we didn't like breaking up, but it was fairly mutual! A mutual, common, break up.

MJ: Like it was mutual with Eddie?

Gwen: Eddie was... Different. I mean, he and I are also friends, but my Dad says he has a criminal record, unlike Peter. And he and I are really great as friends, just like Peter and I, and Eddie doesn't mind if I hung with other people, including Peter!

MJ: (Stares at Gwen) You realize that you just mentioned Peter three times in a row, right?

Gwen: (Raises a brow) I did?

MJ: Yeah, you just did. One in one sentence, and the next in with two!

Gwen: Okay, well that means nothing!

MJ: (Shook her head) No, I don't think that's the case. (Gets a text message from Harry) Oh, I gotta go now. Harry lost a bet, and now has to post himself on the internet wearing a Black Widow cosplay suit for my eyes to see!

Gwen: Oh, really?

MJ: Oh, no bullshit! You're gonna be seeing some funny things soon!

Gwen: Oh, I can't wait!

MJ and Gwen went separate ways as she went to back to study... As she did so, Gwen heard Peter talking to someone in the hall. With piqued interest, she slowly walked over to the window, seeing Peter and Liz walked down the halls talking about the Web.

Liz: (Looks at her phone, seeing the Web installed on it) So, this is kind of like our own personal Twitter app?

Peter: Yeah, only we're the ones that actually use the app, and no one else does because of our Secret.

Liz: "Our?"

Peter: Yeah, our. Your secret, my secret, that makes it our secret.

Liz: Okay, but isn't the Web supposed to be made after you?

Peter: Well, I can share, can't I?

Liz: (Nodded) Yeah, that's cool.

Mrs. Drewman: (Walks over to Peter) Hello, Peter!

Peter: (Sees the counselor) Hey, Mrs. Drewman.

Mrs. Drewman: Don't forget the scheduled appointment today.

Peter: I won't!

Liz: (Turns to Peter) You know Mrs. Drewman?

Peter: Of course! She's a really nice lady!

Liz: Yeah, I thought so too! She's very nice!

Peter: Really, really, strangely nice.

Liz: Anyway, what appointment was she talking about?

Peter: Just a school counseling session that I have. Mrs. Drewman has been doing it with everyone that was there during the shooting.

Liz: Oh, yeah... Ugh, that gives me nightmares sometimes.

Peter: Tell me about it.

Gwen: (Walks out of the room, seeing Peter) Hey, Pete.

Peter: (Sees Gwen) Gwen! H-Hey!

Gwen: So, how are you doing?

Peter: Great! Great, just uh, hanging out with Liz.

Gwen: That's cool.

Liz: Hey, Gwen!

Gwen: Hey! How have you been? It's been a while since we last hung out.

Liz: (Rubs her hair) Um, yeah, I've just been busy with personal matters in my life.

Gwen: Okay, well I hope you have them sorted out.

Peter: Uh, hey how have you been so far?

Gwen: Good... Just studying for my Chem test... How are you doing with Tarantula Man?

Peter: (Raises a brow) T-Tarantula Man?

Gwen: Yeah, Tarantula Man... You know...

Peter: Oh... Right, um... Yeah, everything's great.

Gwen: Well, I hope you and him keep up the good work you're doing. (Turns to leave)

Peter: Yeah... Hope you pass Chem!

Liz: (Stares at Peter) So... When exactly are you going to tell Gwen?

Peter: (Turns to Liz) Oh, I... I don't know.

Liz: What do you mean, "You don't know."?

Peter: Well, I wanna tell her! I do!

Liz: Then do it! There's no rush, is there?

Peter: Of course not, I just-!

Liz: (Hears something ringing on her phone) Oh, hang on.(Gets an alert on her phone) Ooh. Assault in progress.

Peter: What? Where?

Liz: Near Delmar's and the Pizza Hut across the street from it.

Peter: Oh, that's not too far! That's lucky.

Liz: Okay, so will you be back?

Peter: Right before 6th period ends? Totally!

Liz: Alright, bye.

Peter; (Turns to leave) See you later!

Liz: And for the love of God, tell Gwen when you get back!

Peter: I will!

Later, Spider-Man was seen swinging onto the scene of the crime as a car was totaled up, people running away from a bank.

Spider-Man: (Lands on a street light, seeing the panic going on) Jeez, what happened here?

Karen: Reports claim of a robbery turned into an assault.

Spider-Man: Assault? On whom?

Suddenly, a bank robber was thrown out of the window and fell onto the street, bleeding from the shoulder as he got up on his feet, trying to run away.

Spider-Man: (Sees the robber, webbing him onto the street light to get a good look at him) Okay, this is new. Are you guys fighting Thor right now?

Robber (Hung upside down, looking at Spider-Man) Aaron... Help me! He's killing us... (Groans as he bleeds)

Spider-Man: (Noticed the wound, detecting green glowing fragments) Uh, what is that?

Karen: (Scans the victim's wounds) It appears to be that this man has been hit with a hallucinogenic toxin in his system.

Spider-Man: Okay, not Thor. (Gets down onto the street, staring at the bank) Who the heck is-?! (Gets his Senses tingling) Oh god!

He leaped out of dodge to avoid being hit by a desk as people ran away in so many different directions. Landing on a wall, he turned to the bank, seeing the source of where the chaos is coming from.

Spider-Man: (Sees the bank in crisis mode) Well, let's see who's in a hurry to receive their paycheck!

He headed inside the building, seeing people run away as he turned to the person attacking the robbers. The individual was wearing a Green Armored Suit with a Scorpion's Tail as he lifted a robber by the collar, the man terrified while unarmed.

Robber: (Is held by the Scorpion's mercy) For god's sake, let me go! You've won, man!

Scorpion: (Lifted his Tail by will, moving his Sting towards his face) I'll be the judge of that.

Spider-Man: Hey, put him down, he's done!

The man in the Scorpion Suit obliged after hearing the hero's voice, throwing the thief away to turn around. His Visor was Orange, while everything else was Bright Green aside from his Battle Mask, which was Black and Green, covering his face as he stared at the Red and Blue hero.

Scorpion: (Looks at Spider-Man) It's you...

Spider-Man: Yeah, the one and only! (Placed a hand on a wall) Look, if you're going to beat up bank robbers, then it's fine! But you could at least give them a chance to testify in court first!

Scorpion: Oh, like you gave ME a chance?!

Spider-Man: (Raises a brow) Uh, I'm sorry... Have we met?

Scorpion: (Chuckles bitterly) We have... At the very beginning!

With no warning, he flung his Tail at the Webslinger at will, making the teen flip backward as Scorpion was fierce in combat.

Spider-Man: (Makes flips at every turn, jumping onto the wall) Excuse me, but can I see your withdrawal receipt on that? (Tries to jump kick the villain) Because you're obviously been mistaken-! (Gets slammed by the tail) AHH! (Gets thrown across the room, crashing through a glass wall as people panicked) UGH!

Scorpion: (Sees that he's taken the Webhead down with no trouble) Oh, I'm loving this Suit! (Walks over to the hero) You know, if only I've gotten this sooner, I would have taken you out the first time we met! (Grabs the hero by the neck while lifting him up by the Tail) Because then, I wouldn't have gotten that broken arm you gave me that night!

Spider-Man: (Moans as he was held by Scorpion's tail) Okay... You seriously need to tell me who you are, because I've no clue on half the stuff you just said!

Scorpion: You really don't remember me, do you?

Spider-Man: A small memory jogging wouldn't hurt, would it?

Scorpion: Alright, well since you've asked so nicely...

He used his hand to take the Black Mask off to reveal his face... A very familiar face from Peter's past... A man that he had seen trip himself into fall out of the window... A man who had that same Scorpion Tattoo from the store he went to after an argument with his Uncle Ben... The same man who would later kill him at gunpoint as Mac Gargan shown his scarred face in the flesh.

Spider-Man: (Widened his eyes, seeing his Uncle's killer) You're... You're Mac Gargan!

Mac: (Grins) Surprise...

Spider-Man: You're supposed to be in jail!

Mac: I got an early release... Which is good enough for me! (Throws Spider-Man in the air)

Spider-Man: (Gets thrown at a desk, crashing onto the floor) AGH! (Groans as he got up)

Scorpion: (Placed his Mask back on, turning over to his hated enemy) I'm so glad you showed! I was afraid you would have no time for me anymore!

Spider-Man: (Growled as he heard Gargan's voice, anger fueling his spirit) I don't know how you managed to get out! But I'm going to make sure you stay locked into whatever hole you get put in after this!

Scorpion: That's only if you survive, Spider!

Spider-Man: I've got all the time in the world, Murderer!

The two were ready to fight each other head-on, up until sirens rang the air and without warning, armed personnel swarmed the building in a matter of seconds as Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. arrived to confront the two fighters.

Coulson: (Aims his weapon at the two) Both of you, put your hands up in the air! You're surrounded! I repeat you're surrounded, put your hands in the air!

Scorpion: (Looks around at S.H.I.E.L.D. personnel, turning to Spider-Man) You brought S.H.I.E.L.D. into this?!

Spider-Man: (Turns to Scorpion) Don't look at me! I'm as surprised as you are!

Coulson: Both of you, hands in the air where we can see them!

Scorpion: Like hell! (Used his Tail to blast an Energy Beam at several agents before shooting at Spider-Man)

Spider-Man: (Gets hit shot the Beam) AGH! (Fell against the wall)

Scorpion: (Turns to run away) Good luck trying to catch me, pigs!

Scorpion escaped while the Agents shot at him, making a giant leap up in the air to avoid capture. As he escaped, Spider-Man got up, rubbing his arm while the rest of S.H.I.E.L.D. began to turn their attention to him.

Spider-Man: (Turns to the Agents) What were you people doing?! I had him, he was mine!

Coulson: We were doing our jobs!

Spider-Man: Really? Well, job well done, because the bad guy's escaped!

Coulson: That bad guy you were playing rough house with is under S.H.I.E.L.D's top priority! And that includes you!

Spider-Man: Me? What do you want with me?

Coulson: The Director of S.H.I.E.L.D would like to speak to you.

Spider-Man: Yeah? Well, tell whoever's sitting on top to make an appointment!

Coulson: This is not under discussion, you're coming with us!

As they were about to use their weapons on him, Spider-Man leaped in the air and goes on a frenzy with his Web-Shooters, creating a Web Blossom of his own as everyone around him were encased in webbing in a matter of seconds.

Spider-Man: (Lands on the floor, turning to look at the Webbed S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents) Yeah, I think you guys have your hands full, so I'll just go make my way to the exit.

Coulson: (Looks at Spider-Man while trapped in a Web) I don't think you understand the gravity of this situation.

Spider-Man: No, it's you that doesn't understand the gravity of this situation! (Turns to Coulson) That suspect of yours killed someone! An innocent man with good morals! And you just let a killer get away because you interfered!

Coulson: You referring to Mac Gargan? S.H.I.E.L.D. noticed the suit days before you interfered!

Spider-Man: Oh, so that leads me to believe that you wasted all that time to catch him before he could hurt people!

Coulson: I don't have time to argue with you! The Director wants you to stand down, that's his orders!

Spider-Man: No! I'm not going to stand down, not with Gargan! And let me clear on something; I don't work for you! I never have, and I never will! And more importantly, don't you EVER get in the way of me putting Mac Gargan back to prison! I see you again, we're having a problem!

With nothing else to say, Spider-Man angrily turned away, leaving the bank behind so he could return to school.

Later, Liz and Ned were seen on the roof when they saw Spider-Man arriving, seeing Peter take his mask off while turning to greet him.

Liz: Peter!

Ned: Hey, how did it-?

Peter: (Turns to a brick wall and punches it so hard that he smashed right through) RAAGH!

Ned: (Widened his eyes) Holy crap!

Liz: Whoa, Peter!

He yelled in rage, ignoring his friends as anger blinded him to a point where he began to punch an air conditioner repeatedly, smashing it to bits until he got tired, venting as both Liz and Ned saw him being so angry, almost scared by the concept.

Ned: (Sees Peter very angry) Whoa... What happened?

Peter: (Panted, venting as he turned to his friends) He's back!

Liz: (Raises a brow) Who's back?

Peter: Gargan! He's back!

Ned: Gargan? Wait, you mean Mac Gargan?! The same guy who shot your Uncle?

Peter; Yes, Ned, who the hell do you think it is?!

Ned: Hey, don't get pissed with me! I'm just confused, I thought he got sent to prison!

Peter: So did I, but he's out! And get this; that murdering lunatic got himself a Suit! A kind that makes him move and act like a Scorpion!

Liz: Where did he get one?

Peter: I don't know!

Ned: Alright, just take it easy, Peter!

Peter: I can't take it easy! Mac Gargan, the man who killed my Uncle is out there on the streets! I have to find him! I can't let him hurt anyone else, not like Ben!

Ned: And we'll get him! But not like this, not with how pissed off you are!

Liz: Yeah, and we'll get plenty of chances to get him the next time around!

Peter: Not if S.H.I.E.L.D. keeps getting in my damn way!

Ned: W-Wait... S.H.I.E.L.D was there? You don't think-?

Peter: No, no! They haven't mentioned the laptop! Look, I need you to get into the S.H.I.E.L.D. mainframe, see what they could possibly want with Gargan! I'm gonna go back into the streets, search every corner-!

Liz: No, Peter, that's a bad idea!

Ned: Yeah, you can't go back out there, not with S.H.I.E.L.D. on the streets!

Peter: I'll handle them!

Liz: Not by being angry! Look, we understand that he murdered your Uncle, but if he's dangerous, then we need to think about this! Plan our next steps!

Ned: She's right! Nothing's going to be accomplished if you're out there without even thinking about the consequences! Look, I'm going to be in the Computer Lab trying hack into the laptop, you just stay in school and relax, okay Peter? (Gets no response) Peter, do you got it?

Peter: Yes, yes, I got it! I got it... (Sighs as he rubbed his face) Just, find him.

Ned: Okay... (Turns to leave) Liz, stay with him!

Liz: I will... (Turns to Peter) Okay, let's find a bathroom to get you changed...

As the kids began to sort out their own issues, Happy was seen at Horizon Labs trying to get everything organized while the news has played out on TV.

Drake: (Is heard on TV) -With the help from the generous works of Horizon Labs, I'm proud to announce that the Life Foundation will be launching its rocket within the next week! In fact, I have reason to believe that our brave volunteers such as John Jameson will be up in Space and back home in time to celebrate this year's Halloween!

Happy: (Sorts the lab equipment inside) Alright, let's put that over here! (Sees an Octopus arm being dragged on the floor) Whoa, be careful with that! Doctor Octavius will be furious if he seen you doing that! Find someone to help you carry it and be gentle with that thing! (Groans as he got a phone call with no caller id) Oh god, not another telemarketer. (Answers the call) Listen, I don't give a damn what you have to sell me! So unless it's actually interesting!

Coulson: This Agent Phil Coulson of S.H.I.E.L.D. I represent the Director, so you do not hang up on me on this phone call, do you understand?

Happy: (Tensed up, hearing S.H.I.E.L.D. out loud as he nodded) Yeah... Yeah, I understand very, very much.

Coulson: Good... Then let's go talk about Stark's recent accomplice.

Happy: (Raises a brow) Which one?

Coulson: I think you know which... The Kid who likes to climb on walls...

Happy: (Looks around, hearing him mention Peter) How the hell do you know about the Kid?

Coulson: That information is not important. All you need to know is that the Director wants to have a word with him. And if he doesn't show up at our front doorstep within the next 30 minutes, there's going to be a problem. (Ends the call)

Happy: (Sighs, seeing that the call has ended) Shit...

Max: (Turns to Happy) Mr. Hogan? Hey, are you alright? You don't look too good.

Happy: (Nodded) I'm fine! I'm fine, boss, just need to go grab a cup of coffee... (Turns to leave) Give me a moment...

Back in school, Ned and Gloria were in the Computer Lab hacking into the S.H.I.E.L.D. laptop Peter acquired as he and she ran through a series of algorithms to get through.

Ned: (Uses the Web to add augmented boosters on the hack) Catching up so far?

Gloria: (Types on the computer she's staring at in awe) As much as I can even fathom... First, I find out that Peter Parker is Spider-Man, then I learn that his Parents used to be Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D! You guys are living a crazy life!

Ned: Let's just try our best to break into the mainframe... Peter's pissed right now, and it's a bad idea for him to be out.

Gloria: Why? Because his parents never told him about being S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents?

Ned: No, it's because it turns out that a man that shot Peter's Uncle Ben dead on the street got out of prison, and is now wearing a high tech suit with a Tail that is really deadly, whom of which is also under S.H.I.E.L.D's radar and caused Peter to lose him!

Gloria: Oh... Yikes, that's...

Ned: Bad, I know... Peter's really having a bad day right now regarding everything that's happened.

Gloria: So we need to hurry up and see what's in the mainframe before he goes out doing something he might regret.

Ned: Precisely. You keep on typing in your skills, and I'll keep on augmenting!

Gloria: Yeah, speaking of which, I may have got something!

Ned: Did you breakthrough?

Gloria: No, but we're close! I've got a signal building up! It's slow, so we'll have to go outside.

Ned: Outside? Where people can see us?!

Gloria: Bitch please, no one cares what we do! Come on, let's head out front!

As the two began to go outside, Peter was seen with Liz in an empty classroom after returning somewhere about 20 minutes ago, just reeling from the recent turn of events that unfolded.

Liz: (Looks around, seeing no one around) Alright, no one's allowed to be in here except the Senior Decathlon lead, which is me! (Turns to Peter) We should be safe here to talk in open... How are you doing so far? (Sees Peter being silent) Right, that was a dumb question, sorry... (Sits down on a chair, looking at him) Is there... Is there anything you need right now?

Peter: (Folded his arms) I just... I just don't get it... Of all of the people that had to break out of prison and get a fancy new suit, why did it have to be the one who killed my Uncle? I just don't understand it.

Liz: Look, I know it sucks that it's happened, but we really need to stay focused here. If you don't think, then your Uncle's killer will take advantage of your anger!

Peter: But I can't help, but feel angry! Liz, you have to understand; when I first had my powers, I was irresponsible! I was completely immature with what I did with them, I never bothered to consider or care about what happened if I looked the other way, and it costed Ben's life! That is the reason why I'm angry, every time I think of that night, I keep thinking that I was the one who had a play in letting Gargan kill him!

Liz: Well, you can't put that on yourself.

Peter: Why not?

Liz: Because it's not fair! You shouldn't blame yourself for everything that revolves around you! I mean, you're not a bad person! And I know because why else wouldn't you have told me who you were when I first discovered my powers?

Peter: (Sighs) I know, but I told you because I wanted to help you.

Liz: Yeah, because your heart said so.

Peter: That too...

Liz: Which is why you should tell Gwen.

Peter: Yeah, I should... (Widened his eyes) Wait, what?

Liz: Come on, did you really think I wouldn't have forgotten about that?

Peter: Aw, Liz! I appreciate this, but now's not a really good time!

Liz: You told me who you were when I wasn't having a really good time! You told me that it wouldn't hurt to let me into your secret!

Peter: No, I said it wouldn't hurt to have someone with powers to relate to!

Liz: Point is, she likes Spider-Man being around! And you like having her around, so maybe it wouldn't hurt to just tell her, lift your spirits, you know?

Peter: (Sighs) Yeah, I guess not... (Gets up) Well, I'd have to go find her... She could be anywhere in school right now.

Liz: (Smiles) Well, I don't think you'll have to look on further. (Points at the door) Look.

Peter turned around to see where Liz was pointing at, finding Gwen Stacy at her locker as she was seen putting some things up and grabbing a few belongings.

Peter: (Widened his eyes) Wow, she's like a Female John Cena! I didn't even see her back there!

Liz: Go! Tell her!

Peter: Okay, I'm going! (He walked out of the classroom to greet Gwen) Gwen!

Gwen: (Turns around, seeing Peter) Peter! Hey.

Peter: Hey, Gwen. How are you?

Gwen: Fine... How are you?

Peter: Uh... Complicated.

Gwen: (Raises a brow) Complicated?

Peter: Well, with my day, I mean... It's kind of in-between bad to horrible to maybe just okay.

Gwen: Okay... (Shuts her locker) So, is there something you'd like to tell me?

Peter: Well... (Turns to Liz, who nodded with a thumbs up) Yeah... (Turns to Gwen) Yeah, I have something to tell you.

Gwen: Okay... Well, what is it?

Peter: Um... I actually have no idea how to put it... I mean, I thought of a lot of ways to tell you, and I thought I knew exactly what to say-!

Gwen: Oh my god, Peter! Stop being so shy and just tell me!

Peter: Okay, okay! (Takes a deep breath) Okay, here it goes... Gwen... I... I am-! (Gets a phone call) Getting a phone call.

Gwen: (Sees Peter's cell ringing) Yeah, I can tell. Is it important?

Peter: (Grabs his phone, seeing Happy's name) Yeah, it is. (Turns to Gwen) I'm sorry, can you give me a sec?

Gwen: Actually, I've got to go. (Turns to leave) But yeah, we'll catch up sometime.

Peter: Okay, but-! (Sees her leaving) Okay...

Liz: (Turns to leave out of the classroom, seeing Gwen leave) What happened?

Peter: Uh, Happy happened. (Answers the call) Happy, what's up?

Happy: (Drives in the city) Where are you?

Peter: (Raises a brow) In school, why?

Happy: Okay, I'm sorry to put you through this, but you've got to leave!

Peter: What? Why?

Happy: It's S.H.I.E.L.D! They wanna talk to you!

Peter: S.H.I.E.L.D? How could they-?

Happy: Listen, I don't know how, but you've gotta listen to me! S.H.I.E.L.D. doesn't mess around! When they say that they wanna talk to you, that means you've gotta talk to them!

Peter: Well, sorry Happy, but I don't work for them!

Happy: They don't care-!

Peter: And more importantly, I have other things to deal with, so I'm going to be busy for a while! I'll call you back.

Happy: Peter, wait! (Hears the call ended, seeing his phone line cut off) SHIT! (Honks the horn at the traffic he's placed in) Get a move on, dammit!

Liz: (Raises a brow) What did he want?

Peter: To tell me that S.H.I.E.L.D. wants to talk to me.

Liz: (Widened her eyes) S.H.I.E.L.D. wants to talk to you?

Peter: Yeah, that's what Happy told me.

Liz: What could they want from you? They don't know who you really are, do they?

Peter: No, of course not! Unless... (Widened his eyes) Oh god... (Turns to make a phone call)

Ned: (Is seen with Gloria outside of school while working on the S.H.I.E.L.D. laptop) Gotten that signal yet?

Gloria: Getting there... (Finds herself logged in) Okay! We're in!

Ned: Great! (Gets a phone call) Hang on... (Answers the call) Hey, Peter.

Peter: Ned! Hey, where's that computer I gave you?

Ned: Outside.

Peter: Where are you?

Ned: Outside.

Peter: WHERE?

Ned: At the front. By the way, if you're calling for an update, then that's just great because we just got inside!

Peter: Listen, you need to get back inside-! (Raises a brow) Wait... Who's "We?"

Ned: (Widened his eyes) Oh... Uh...

Gloria: You might as well tell him, Guy in the Chair.

Peter: Wait, who is that? Is that Gloria?!

Ned: N-No! Um...

Peter: Oh my god, tell me she doesn't know that it's a S.H.I.E.L.D. laptop we're using!

Ned: I mean, uh...

Gloria: Dude, come on! (Turns to Ned) He's going to know either-! (Suddenly has a bag on her head) Wha?! AHHH!

Ned: (Turns around, seeing two men in black) What the? Who the hell are you guys?!

Peter: (Raises a brow, hearing the background) Ned? What's happening?

Ned: Oh my god, Peter! You gotta help us-! (Gets a bag over his head too) AHH! HELP! SOMEBODY, HELP US!

Peter: Ned?! NED!

Liz: What's wrong?

Peter: It's Ned! He's in serious trouble, we have to help him!

Liz: What happened?!

Peter: I don't know, but we gotta go! (Turns to leave the school)

Mrs. Drewman: (Stands in front of Peter) Ah, Peter! Good to see you!

Peter: Mrs. Drewman! Hey-!

Mrs. Drewman: And we are right on time for our schedule! Come with me.

Peter: Oh, I can't! I actually have a thing with Liz-!

Mrs. Drewman: Whatever you're doing can wait. I'm sure you guys have all the time in the world, right?

Peter: I, well... Uh...

Liz: (Nodded) Go, Peter, it's alright! I'll go take care of the issue!

Peter: Okay. (Turns to Liz) Thanks.

Mrs. Drewman lured Peter into her office while Liz ran down the halls while wearing a bandana on her face. She got out of the front of the school to find Ned and Gloria being carried onto a white van parked just on the side of the street.

Liz: HEY! (Shoots a fireball at them, getting their attention as she ran down the steps, coming for them) Let them go! Let them-!

Before she could do anything else, a dart flew right on her neck, stabbing a tranquilizer on the Senior girl as Liz felt tired, her powers fading away while she fell to the ground unconscious.

While the group apprehended his friends, Peter was in Mrs. Drewman's office as he was given counseling.

Mrs. Drewman: So... How was your day?

Peter: (Rubbed his face, feeling anxious) Well... My day is... Well, to be honest, it's complicated.

Mrs. Drewman: Complicated how so?

Peter: Well... It's an issue I've recently learned in my family... And then there's a bunch of other things with my friends that's been going on, and then another issue outside of school, and... Honestly, I-I'm just having a hard time keeping track of it all.

Mrs. Drewman: I see... Well, can you tell me anything else that you've been having trouble with lately?

Peter: Uh, yeah... There's this girl, this really, really, awesome girl that I like.

Mrs. Drewman: Hmm, do tell.

Peter: Well, she seems to like me too! And the only problem is that I have... Uh...

Mrs. Drewman: You know, if there is anything that you feel like you have to keep to yourself, then that's alright. In fact, if you want, you could probably give me an example of this issue that you're having with this girl that you like.

Peter: (Thinks about her words) Okay... (Looks at Mrs. Drewman) Well... Let's say that I'm, Spider-Man.

Mrs. Drewman: (Nodded) Hmm-mm.

Peter: And the thing is, I want to tell her that I'm Spider-Man, and I really, really want to tell her!

Mrs. Drewman: Okay.

Peter: But the problem is that I feel anxious to tell her! Like, I have a lot of people that know my secret as it is! And she thinks that I work for Spider-Man when in reality, I'm Spider-Man!

Mrs. Drewman: Alright.

Peter: And now, I'm not sure what to do because I have all these problems laying right at my doorstep, and I have no idea when's the right time to tell her! I just can't find the perfect time for it, I just don't know what to do!

Mrs. Drewman: Based on what you told me about your scenario, you're having your personal nightmare.

Peter: Oh, you have no idea!

Mrs. Drewman: Alright, well... Why don't we start off with your troubles with your family? Perhaps starting with your parents?

Peter: (Sighs) Oh, don't get me started on them! Please, I have enough thoughts about them in my brain as it is!

Mrs. Drewman: Okay... Well, how about your Aunt May? How is she holding up?

Peter: Uh, fine, actually. I mean, she's trying to move on from what happened to... My Uncle, step by step, but... Overall, I think she's doing okay on the brighter side.

Mrs. Drewman: I see... Have you ever told her that you are Spider-Man?

Peter: No, but I would have told her if she didn't think I was a Mena-! (Raises a brow, hearing what Mrs. Drewman asked as he turned to her) Wait... Why are we going back to the Spider-Man subject?

Mrs. Drewman: Oh... Well, I was hoping to explore it furthermore.

Peter: Why?

Mrs. Drewman: (Blinked) I beg your pardon?

Peter: Why Spider-Man? I thought we were talking about myself, not Spider-Man. And why exactly would you ask me if I told my Aunt May that I was him?

Mrs. Drewman: You know what? Why don't we talk about your friends? Particularly, the time in Central Park where the criminal known as Ivan Vanko had attacked Iron Man during a Stark Expo. Or, maybe the day of Harry Osborn's birthday, where he, Michelle Jones, and Ned Leeds were trapped in an elevator that would have left them fatally injured! Quite traumatizing, don't you think?

Peter: (Stares at Mrs. Drewman, slowly getting up) What is this?

Mrs. Drewman: Mac Gargan, when he first came out as the Scorpion, did you see his abilities? Do you know what he does?

Peter: What the hell is this? Who are you?!

Mrs. Drewman: If you could just answer the questions, Peter.

Peter: What the hell is this?!

Mrs. Drewman: Did the Scorpion threaten you? Did he try to harm you? Does he any of his associates know that you are Spider-Man?

Peter: Wait, you actually know?! (Hears the tires screeching, looking over the window to see the van driving off) Where are you taking my friends?! Are you doing this?!

Mrs. Drewman: Peter, please sit!

Peter: No! I'm going after them! (Goes to open the window) And when I'm through, I'm going to-!

Before he could try stepping out, Drewman pulled Peter back, flipping him onto the floor to stab him with a tranquilizer, taking Peter by surprise as he stared at the supposed counselor before going unconscious. When it felt alright, the teacher stood up, taking off the ponytail to release her hair, grabbing her phone to make a call.

Mrs. Drewman: This is Jessica Drew... I've got the target apprehended. All units rendezvous over to my position, over.

Some time passes, and Peter awoke to find himself in a cell... It bright in there, with the door being made out of glass and he looked around, seeing no one inside as he tried to get a hold of his surroundings.

Peter: (Looks around, frantic as he stood inside of his cell) Hello?! Hello, is anyone here?! (Turns to a wall, knocking on it) Ned? Liz?! CAN ANYONE HEAR ME?! (Turns to the door) Alright... It's made out of glass, Pete... Nothing to worry about!

Peter then made a step back, getting enough distance to start punching the glass, hoping it would break right through. However, it was not doing anything as the glass held itself together as he tried pounding at it some more, trying to make a single crack. As he did so, Agent Coulson began to step into the room, walking right over to Peter's cell.

Coulson: (Looks at Peter while walking towards him) I wouldn't bother. That cell you're in is made to contain a Hulk. Pound at the glass all you like, you're not getting out of there anytime soon.

Peter: (Looks at Coulson, sweating) Who are you?! Where am I?!

Coulson: My name is Agent Phil Coulson. I'm with S.H.I.E.L.D.

Peter: S.H.I.E.L.D? (Sighs as he shook his head) Oh, of course, you're S.H.I.E.L.D!

Coulson: You know, I gotta hand it to you... You have a pretty good choice when it comes to picking your friends, especially if they're able to hack into an entire S.H.I.E.L.D. mainframe. Gotta tell ya, your friends have a future if they play their cards right.

Peter: Where are my friends?! Where did you take them?!

Coulson: Same place as you are; a highly fortified S.H.I.E.L.D. facility where no one unauthorized goes in or out without our say so. Although, we were highly cautious about your fiery Mutant friend on the other hand. Saw her shoot out those fireballs, impressive technique! Although she could use a little bit more training on the aiming.

Peter: Oh, like my parents could have used more training on how to be honest with me? The night they had to leave me alone with my Aunt and Uncle? Scared, and waiting for them to come back?!

Coulson: I can see that you're angry about that. We understand the frustration... But if you need to know, your Father was a great man.

Peter: Cut the crap! You people, you had some play in my parents' disappearance! So that means you know where they are!

Coulson: I honestly can't say.

Peter: Why not?! Tell me, why can't you tell me where my parents are?!

?: Because we don't know.

Peter turned to another voice. The person stepping out of the shadows was none other than Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. as he walked over to Peter's cell.

Fury: Nice for us to finally meet again, Spider-Man. Gotta hand it to Stark on giving you that suit, because you are absolutely terrible at making one!

Peter: (Stares at Nick Fury in shock, recognizing him) I remember you... You were in my apartment the day after my Uncle died!

Fury: I was... And I told you to keep both eyes open, didn't I?

Coulson: I'm guessing you got it from here?

Fury: I do. (Turns to Coulson) Thank you, Coulson, I'll go take it from here.

Peter: You knew who I was before you even figure it out?

Fury: Thank your Uncle for that. He gave me a text after saying something about breaking a backboard. And I gotta say, you really need to practice your dunking skills!

Peter: My Uncle... He knew you?!

Fury: No... But your Father did. Left him with a phone number to contact us directly right before he left all those years ago.

Peter: Oh... So is that why you kidnapped me and my friends? To tell me that my parents left me behind because they worked for S.H.I.E.L.D?

Fury: No, well... That's only part of it.

Peter: Part of it?

Fury: Well, let me be direct; a man supposedly being incarcerated in Ryker's for the next 100 consecutive years was seen running around in shiny Green Armor with a Tail made out of poison, no intel on who let him out, nor who made him the suit, and a High School kid is dodging my calls!

Peter: Is that what all that hostile force was about?

Fury: Here's what we do know; the public isn't aware of his early release, which is what we like. However, it appears that our mutual friend of ours seems to want to gut you for pushing his ass out of the window.

Peter: Okay, I didn't push him, he tripped and fell out of the window! Totally different concepts!

Fury: And what we want right now is for everyone to stand down so we can concentrate on perfecting a coordinated strike! And that includes you!

Peter: Yeah, I don't see that happening!

Fury: I don't you get it.

Peter: No, I don't think you get the fact that Gargan was the man responsible for putting a bullet in my own Uncle's gut, and for that reason, he's my problem!

Fury: Same as he is ours! And you were given an order to stand down!

Peter: Yeah, well I don't think the message was clear that I don't work for you!

Fury: And I don't think the message was clear that we don't give a damn! And since you're not cooperating, we'll have to detain you until the issue is resolved!

Peter: Is that what you said to my parents? The night they left me, is that what you told them? Follow orders, or we get arrested? Is that how you work around here?

Fury: No, that's not how it works.

Peter: Then tell what happened! I need to know, I've been waiting 11 years to know! Where are my Mom and Dad? (Slams his fist against the glass) Tell me!

Peter vented in anger after that. Seeing that he's desperate to find out despite the issue, Fury walked over to a panel, typing in a code to automatically open the cell door much to Peter's shock.

Fury: Come with me... You want answers, you follow me. Plain and simple.

Peter: (Looks at Fury, hesitant to consider heeding his words) I go with you... My friends get out, and I want them right next to me! Is that understood?

Fury: (Nodded as he turned to his wristwatch) Agent Drew, if you could escort the rest to my direction, that'll be alright. (Turns to Parker) There... Good enough for you?

Peter: Yeah...

Fury: Alright, well let's go.

Fury led Parker out of the cell and into the hallways of a S.H.I.E.L.D. facility as he guided him over to a room.

Fury: Back in the day, your parents used to be Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Classified, high profile assets with some scientific expertise, just like you. However, they retired from that job and lived on to have a peaceful life with you... Until something happened.

Peter: (Turns to Fury) What? What happened.

Fury: (Turns to grab the laptop, placing it on the table) I'm guessing you remember this, don't you?

Peter: (Looks at the laptop, turning Fury) I found this in my parent's basement...

Fury: Your Father left a message for us to find. It was cryptic, but it's definitely a message.

Peter: Well, what was the message?

Fury: I'm getting there. (Logs into the computer, pulling into the files) This was what he sent us.

Fury played the message, which then showed Richard Parker on screen, much to Peter's emotional dilemma as he saw his father's face was again.

Richard: (Is seen in the recording) Hello... My name is Richard Parker. I am... Was, a former employee at Oscorp. I was developing-SKKKK! (Statics out) That would help the world-!

Peter: (Sees the recording having static issues) What's wrong with it? Why is it doing that?

Fury: As I said, it's cryptic.

Richard: Oscorp-! (Static) -Building weapons-! (Static) -Had to leave!

Young Peter: (Is heard in the background) Dad? DAD!

Peter: (Hears his own voice calling his dad out) T-That's me.

Richard: I have to go! (Static) -Find this message, then-! (Statics) -Don't find me! (Message ends)

Peter: (Raises a brow, hearing his Dad's message in the end) Don't find him? What did he mean by that?

Fury: We're not sure... Lab Experts have been trying to decode that thing for the last 11 years...

Peter: You've found it?

Fury: Yeah... Then we put it back to the spot you'd find it in.

Peter: You mean that-! (Widened his eyes, turning to Fury) Wait... You wanted me to find it?

Fury: I would have gone ahead and given you my number, but after your Uncle died, I figured it was a bad time to exchange numbers.

Peter: Yeah, that would have been rude. (Folded his arms) But if you were there that day, then that means that you would have already known!

Fury: When your father left, he gave your Uncle a number to a witness protection program. He thought it was CIA, but it was witness protection none of the less.

Peter: So I've been in witness protection?

Fury: For the past decade, yes. Over that decade, we watched your every move to see if you were safe... Turns out, you don't really need any protection anymore after it turns you have gained superpowers just one day after a field trip.

Peter: (Looks around) Why didn't you say anything?

Fury: As I said before; it was a bad time to exchange numbers.

Ned: (Walks to the room, seeing his friend) Peter!

Peter: (Sees his friends) Ned! Liz! (Noticed Gloria) And Gloria Grant! Okay, you're here too.

Gloria: Hope you don't mind... Your friend, Leeds spilled the beans after we nearly got hacked.

Peter: (Turns to Ned with a stern look) Is that right?

Ned: Okay, well she can help, can't she?

Jessica: (Walks over to Fury in her S.H.I.E.L.D. outfit) We secured the alibis for the kids, but I don't think we should keep them here for too long.

Liz: (Sees the counselor in S.H.I.E.L.D. uniform, widening her eyes) M-Mrs. Drewman?

Ned: (Stares at the teacher in shock) What are you doing here?

Gloria: (Noticed the uniform) And why are you wearing a Black Widow Cosplay outfit with no Bracelets?

Peter: (Stares at Jessica, remembering the last fight he had) Have you considered switching jobs?

Jessica: (Turns to Peter) I'm here for as long as I'm needed be.

Fury: (Walks over to Jessica) Well, since the Spider's out of the bag, I'd like for you to meet Agent Jessica Drew.

Ned: Whoa, you're S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent?!

Peter: How surprising.

Jessica: I'm a S.H.I.E.L.D. Shadow. Once we knew your identity, I was tasked to keep a close eye on you by Director Fury.

Gloria: You know that everyone in school thinks that Harry Osborn's Dad hired you to be our own personal therapist, right?

Jessica: I'm not trained to care about what other people think about me.

Peter: Do you even care about the fact that you basically committed child abduction on private property?

Fury: You've been very busy lately, Mr. Parker. And apparently, you have a problem keeping your secret when it's obvious that you just can't help yourself, but tell every person you meet!

Peter: I don't tell every person about my secret!

Jessica: So what was it again exactly what you were going to tell to the girl of your dreams earlier?

Peter: Uh, I don't know, Jessica! How about, "None of your damn business!" on who I share my secret with?

Fury: Actually, it's her business on whatever you do with your business! In fact, if it weren't for her, she wouldn't have learned that your... I'm sorry, what's he called again? The Guy in the Chair?

Ned: Yeah, you guys heard of it?

Fury: (Turns to Ned) No, and nobody asked you.

Ned: Okay... (Bit his lip)

Fury: Anyway, Drew wouldn't have learned that your Guy in the Chair had told a friend of his about what exactly Peter Parker does during his free time!

Peter: Well, I didn't want him to tell anyone about me!

Fury: Oh? You didn't want him to? Am I hearing that right, Parker?

Peter: Yeah, that's what I-!

Fury: So you're telling me that you, Peter Benjamin Parker, told your best friend that no one, I mean, NO ONE, on this very Earth, isn't supposed to know your Secret Identity, and you just let him tell a random High School Girl, who helped him try to hack into S.H.I.E.L.D's mainframe? Was there even a warning sign on what not to do, or what not to say?

Peter: N-No! That's not-!

Fury: (Turns to Liz and Ned) You two! Have you both been given job application descriptions on what not to do on the job?

Ned: (Shook his head) N-No, sir!

Liz: Not that I heard of!

Peter: Oh come on, that's not-!

Fury: (Turns to Gloria) You! Do you know anyone else that this Young Man with the Web-Shooters has associated with?

Gloria: (Shook her head) No.

Fury: No? You sure?

Gloria: (Thinks about it) Well, now that you're talking about it... There was this one day at Coffee Bean where Ned mentioned that Peter teamed up with the Electro-!

Fury: OH? (Turns to Peter) Is that so?

Peter: Oh come on, that's not even-!

Fury: (Turns to Jessica) Agent Drew, is there anything else you'd like to add?

Jessica: Well, there was this time where he fought went face to face with a man who dressed up as a Vulture and nearly killed him in combat. Not before he picked up a Chitauri Energy Core that would later blow up in Midtown at the Empire State Building.

Peter: Okay, I didn't even know-!

Fury: Nuh-uh, let me stop you right there! You mean to tell me that not only have you fought against a man dressed in Wings drop you a hundred feet in the air and a man with Electric Powers fooled you into getting revenge, but you also picked up a Bomb off from the crime scene from the Winged Sucker who kicked your ass?

Peter: I didn't even-!

Fury: And then you gave the bomb to your friend, who would later bring it all the way up to a heavily populated sector and blow up a building sky high?! You mean to tell me that?

Peter: I've been responsible for all of these things, yeah!

Fury: But were you acting Responsibly? Were you?

Peter: I-!

Fury: Were you acting Responsibly? Yes or no? Simple question, son!

Peter: (Sighs) No...

Fury: Sorry, what?

Peter: I said no! Alright? I haven't been acting responsibly, but I... I've been trying to!

Fury: Oh, you've been trying to? Well, we can see that you're trying, and let me tell ya, you're a mess when it comes to TRYING! Everyone knows this, am I right? Or am I right?

Peter: Alright, what do you want from us?

Fury: Me? Oh, I don't want anything from them! I just want to know why you wanted to hack into the S.H.I.E.L.D. mainframe, considering it was your idea in the first place!

Peter: Oh, I don't know! Why are you so interested in my Uncle's killer all of a sudden?

Fury: Because he's become a high profile target after it turns out Mac Gargan has a new suit that just happens to come with a Tail! The kind has hallucinogenic toxins that run rampant one the human body! Like that robber, you apprehended when you came right inside. Turns out the poison is so strong, he fell into a coma.

Jessica: If we haven't given a sedative, he would have died out of cardiac arrest. The individual you fought against could have killed you despite your abilities.

Peter: And that's your excuse to keep me out of the loop?!

Fury: Point is, man killed your Uncle.

Peter: Uh, yeah! I already know that!

Fury: And that knowledge makes you a liability.

Peter: (Raises a brow) I'm sorry?

Fury: Listen, I've known a lot of reports like this before; Rat Bastard killed my friend, my mother, my father, brother, sister, all that shit... And it always ends with people getting hurt in the process when an asset that has that history is involved.

Peter: That's not fair!

Fury: I don't give a damn what's fair and what's not! All I know is that from now on, you are going to do exactly as we say! In fact; I don't care if you're working as some photography boy behind a mouthbreather's back, or as an intern for two labcoats at Horizon Labs! One order you ignore, and they're gonna be consequences! Same can be said for everyone else with you.

Gloria: Oh, fantastic.

Peter: Oh, that's it then? We do something you don't like, and you tell us to back off? That's how it's going to be?

Fury: Yeah... It's exactly how it's going to be.

Peter: Alright... What's Tony Stark gonna say when he hears about this?

Fury: Oh, I'll just tell him what I told you; that you're a liability concerning Gargan. And he will understand completely.

Jessica: You guys will have your personal belongings returned once you leave the facility. Although, I wouldn't recommend trying to hack into the S.H.I.E.L.D. Mainframe twice without risking the possibility of life imprisonment. And trust me, S.H.I.E.L.D. doesn't play softly with their prison system.

Ned: You're just gonna let us go?

Fury: Course we are. We said what we needed to say, so we're about done here.

Everyone got up on their feet, exiting to the door when Peter stopped, turning to Fury one last time.

Peter: Tell me just one thing... Are my parents even still alive?

Fury: (Looks down at the floor with hands clasped together) Last time we heard from them was when their plane crashed... No survivors.

Peter: (Scoffed) Wow... A simple no would have just been fine.

Later, the group was walking together on the Brooklyn Bridge after walking away from a S.H.I.E.L.D. facility stationed there as they reflected on what they were just told.

Gloria: (Placed her hands in her pockets forward) Well, that sucked.

Ned: Yeah... Now whenever someone asked me if I've ever met Nick Fury, I'll have to say it was not the coolest thing ever.

Liz: Well, to hell with whatever S.H.I.E.L.D. says! They can't make us stop trying to help people whenever we want to! (Turns to Peter) Can't they?

Peter: (Looks at the floorboards, walking away) I'm... I'm gonna go home.

Liz: (Walks over to Peter) Hey, where are you going?

Peter: (Walks by himself) I just need to be alone for a while.

Ned: Hey, we're not stopping, are we?

Peter: I... (Sighs as he turned around) I don't know... I just know that Gargan's out there, and I'm apparently a liability.

Ned: Don't tell me you actually bought the consequences bluff!

Peter: Ned, it's S.H.I.E.L.D! They never bluff, you should know that.

Ned: That doesn't mean we have to give up! Look, they think that you're some kid who does nothing, but fools around in a Suit! But just think about it; if we find him, you show them that you aren't some kid from Queens who isn't going to stand around and do nothing! Come on, heroes don't stand around and don't do anything but run away!

Peter: (Folded his arms) Yeah, well... That's what my Mom and Dad did all those years ago... Danger was lurking, and all they did was run... What's makes me so different?

Liz: Because... You're better than them... You can't save your parents or your Uncle Ben now, but you can certainly save the next person who might be in trouble the next time Gargan shows up...

Gloria: Yeah, speaking of which... (Walks over to the group) While everyone was too busy having the old and adolescent people banter back there... (Gets out a Hard Drive) I found something quite useful.

Liz: (Raises a brow) What is that?

Gloria: Oh, just the data I had nicked from Mrs. Drewman, or whoever her name is while Nick Fury was verbally abusing Spider-Man. I was using the Web to see through the data files that she had in store.

Peter: Wait, you told Gloria about the Web?

Ned: What? She helped keep your secret and I told her your secret! I had to tell her!

Gloria: Anyway, I did some digging, and I may have a clue on who gave him the Suit... A guy named Doctor Farley Stillwell; former employee of Alchemax that went off the grid five years ago. His last known sighting was at a container yard in Harlem. Keeps going in and out of one specific container, the one with an old Cross Tech Insignia imprinted on it.

Peter: Cross Tech Insignia... Got it.

Liz: So, what now?

Peter: (Looks at the group) Now... I get payback.

Later, Spider-Man was seen at the container yard as he leaped onto the street light, seeing no one in the area.

Spider-Man: (Is seen looking into the yard) Alright, can everyone hear me?

Gloria: (Is seen with Liz and Ned inside a car) Loud and clear as the present!

Ned: (Turns to Liz) Hey, thanks for letting us use your car to hide.

Liz: Actually, it's my Dad's. He hardly ever uses it whenever he goes to work, which is really weird.

Spider-Man: I'm not seeing Gargan anywhere... Are you sure this is the right place, GG?

Gloria: I'm positive. It said so on her file, and I already checked several times to make sure we weren't being played with.

Ned: (Is on his computer when he spotted a dot) Ooh! Hang on, I just spotted a Bogey! Peter, can you read?

Spider-Man: Oh I read you... I'm just seeing what you're talking about...

As he remained on his spot, Scorpion was seen walking around the container yard, looking for a particular one of interest. When he reached it, he found an old Cross Tech container, opening it up to go inside as Spidey went ahead and followed pursuit.

Spider-Man: (Sees the container) Okay, I just found Gargan... He's in the container GG mentioned.

Gloria: Told you!

Spider-Man: Alright, I'm going to go in! Anyone wanna say anything before-?

Karen: Warning! Intrusion detected!

Spider-Man: (Widened his eyes) What? What's going?

Karen: Someone's trying to trace the communications channel!

Ned: Oh man, she's right! Someone's hacking into our signal!

Gloria: It must be S.H.I.E.L.D! It has to be, it's no coincidence that they told us to back off!

Spider-Man: Alright, everyone go ahead and get out of here!

Liz: We can't just leave you here!

Spider-Man: Listen, Fury was right about a numerous amount of things about me, and it's that I'm a mess at acting responsibly! So if I'm going to prove that in the end, I need you all to get out of harm's way! Now, I'm going to hang up! Nobody uses this line again under any circumstance!

Ned: Alright, well if you go to jail, let me just say that it's been truly an honor to be at your side through all of this! I'm happy that you let me in on an incredible journey-!

Gloria: Okay, bye! (Hangs up the call)

Spider-Man: (Hears the group disconnecting while walking inside of the container) Alright, Karen! Bounce the signal back and connect me to the trace source while I go inside!

Karen: Connecting into the trace now...

Spider-Man: (Opens the container, seeing an elevator shaft inside) Whoa, a secret elevator! That's cool.

Fury: (Is heard on comms) Parker, what did I tell you?!

Spider-Man: (Flinched at hearing Fury's loud voice) Oh, hey Fury! (Leaps onto a wall, crawling down the shaft) Don't mind me! I was just in the neighborhood when I discovered this really top-secret evil lair! Really brings out the disguise method in this!

Fury: Stay out of this, Parker! I have everything under control!

Spider-Man: Oh, was that the last thing you said to my parents right before they died? (Jumps off the wall, diving onto the shaft) Yeah, right! Not making that same mistake they made with you!

Fury: Listen to me, young man-!

Spider-Man: No, you listen to me! I don't care who the hell you are! I don't care if you run a major government organization capable of anything! And more importantly... (Shoots a web on a bar, hanging upside down at the very end of the floor) I don't care if you start threatening me about disobeying your orders because of consequences! Because I'm not going to stop being a hero because someone with a higher authority tells me that I'm a liability! (Walks to a vent, climbing right inside) So unless you got something that might help me out, then shut up and let me do what heroes do! (Hangs up)

Fury: Listen to me, Parker-! (Gets hung by Spider-Man) Hello? (Sees the line go dead) Oh, he did not just hang up on me! (Turns to his wristwatch) Hill, get Agent Drew onto the scene! We're moving in on it right now!

As S.H.I.E.L.D. began to prepare to diverge on Spider-Man's location, he crawled up the vent to see Mac Gargan walking over to Farley Stillwell for a checkup.

Scorpion: (Walks over to Stillwell) Hey, Doc! Where the hell have you been?

Stillwell: (Turns to Gargan) I could ask the same, Mr. Gargan.

Scorpion: I was out trying to get the freak who threw me out of the window his attention! Just when I did so, he brought S.H.I.E.L.D. up my ass! I would have got caught if I hadn't escaped!

Stillwell: Well, you haven't! Which means something.

Scorpion: Yeah, meaning I need another boost! That biological enhancement you gave me? I want more of it!

Stillwell: That's not possible, Mac! I'm afraid that I've done all I can to help you.

Scorpion: What do you mean?! Of course, you can help me more! You're a Doctor for crying out loud! You can make anything possible!

Jameson: Oh, quit yammering, you crybaby! (Walks out of the shadows, turning to Gargan) Now listen here! You've been given a second chance to redeem yourself to society-!

Spider-Man: (Widened his eyes) Jonah? What's he doing here?

Jameson: I didn't help Mr. Fisk let your punk ass out of jail so you could whine and complain like-!

Spider-Man: Jonah... You did what?

Jameson: So you're going to help repay your debt to society and help us bring this Mask Menace to justice!

Scorpion: (Glares at Jameson) Yeah... How about this? (Whips his Tail)

Jameson: (Gets caught by his Tail) UGH! Gargan, what the hell are ya doin'?!

Scorpion: Renegotiating the terms of our agreement!

Stillwell: Mac, what the hell-?! (Gets punched in the face hard) GAH!

Scorpion: Listen, I don't give a damn about law and order! In fact, I don't even care about what you say about me! Because you'll be too busy staying dead! (Raised his Stinger upward, only to have it caught in a web) Huh?

Spider-Man: (Pulls on it) Gotcha!

Scorpion: (Fell backward on the ground) AGH!

Jameson: (Fell to the ground on his back) OOF!

Spider-Man: (Lands in front of Jameson) Hello, my number one fan of the year! How about you run along while the adults have a nice talk?

Jameson: (Gets up, running away) This changes nothing, you Wall Crawling menace!

Spider-Man: You're welcome!

Scorpion: (Gets up, turning to Spider-Man) Oh, hello again, arachnid! (Swung his Tail at Spider-Man)

Spider-Man: (Jumps over the Tail, dodging his attacks) Hello, Scorpion! Still loving that suit of yours?

Scorpion: More than you! And by the way, did you just call me Scorpion?

Spider-Man: Yeah! I'd figured it fits considering you're dressed up as one!

Scorpion: Well, alright! I like that name! Thanks to you, kid!

Spider-Man: Oh, don't thank me yet! Running away to get new upgrades already?

Scorpion: I only need it for S.H.I.E.L.D. pigs! You, I can take care of easily!

Spider-Man: Then let's finish this!

The two went at each other, taking on each other's hits as Scorpion shot Energy Beams at Spider-Man, who kept on dodging his Uncle's killer's shots while running up the wall and bouncing back to web swing over to Gargan, kicking him while Spidey hung on the side of the wall.

Spider-Man: (Looks at Scorpion) Karen, I need to take him down before S.H.I.E.L.D. comes! Is there anything I can use against him? Any weaknesses?

Karen: (Scans Scorpion) It appears that his Tail is his primary weapon. If you pull it out with enough force, you could be able to weaken him long enough for you to apprehend him.

Spider-Man: The Tail, got it! (Gets hit by the Tail swinging at him) AHHH! (Fell to the floor, groaning before reaching his hands up to catch the Stinger from reaching his face just barely) Ugh!

Scorpion: (Pointed his Tail downward at Spider-Man as he grinned) Oh, I'm gonna enjoy turning you into a shish kabob!

Spider-Man: (Groaned as he held the Tail from reaching his face) Oh hey... Thanks!

Scorpion: (Raises a brow) For what?

Spider-Man: For lending me your Tail!

With no time left, he rolled over to the side, pulling the Tail with him as Scorpion screamed in horror, feeling his primary Weapon against him being pulled out like a weed as sparks filled the air. Scorpion groaned, getting up to turn around, only to get smacked by his own Tail as he fell against the wall, being webbed up as Spider-Man glared down at him, victory and satisfaction washing over him like rain.

Spider-Man: (Panted while staring at Gargan) That... Was for Ben Parker!

As he stayed, S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents arrived on the scene with Jessica Drew being the lead as she walked over to Spider-Man.

Spider-Man: (Turns around, seeing Jessica) Mrs. Drewman.

Jessica: (Walks over to Spidey) Jessica Drew. Jessica is fine. (Looks at Gargan, defeated) You manage to take him out...

Spider-Man: (Nodded) Yeah... All on my own without anyone's help... What happens now?

Jessica: (Looks at him) ...I'll discuss this with the Director, see how he feels.

Spider-Man: (Nodded, waiting for another statement) And?

Jessica: (Looks around, seeing no one else to arrest other than Stillwell and Gargan) You're off the hook... For now at least.

Spider-Man: (Raises a brow) Just like that?

Jessica: Consider it a five-minute headstart.

Spider-Man: Five minutes? Wow, you're soft for a S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent that beat me up back in school!

Jessica: Four minutes, 55 seconds. Take it or leave it.

Spider-Man: Okay, maybe just a little soft on the inside! (Turns to leave) See you in school!

The next day, Jameson was seen at the desk looking over the news coverage of Scorpion and Farley Stillwell getting arrested as Peter visited the Bugle to have a nice talk about last night.

Jameson: (Turns around, seeing Peter) Parker, what are you-?

Peter: You help release Mac Gargan out of jail?!

Jameson: (Raises a brow) Parker, what are you goin' on about? Where are my photos?!

Peter: Don't change the subject, Jonah! Did you bail Mac Gargan out of jail?!

Jameson: (Looks at Parker) Well, of course, I have! That Wall-Crawling Menace pushed him out of the window! I have sources claiming that he has done it intentionally!

Peter: Oh, who? The bastard that you bailed out?!

Jameson: Mac Gargan is a victim of the many crimes Spider-Man has done ever since he showed up!

Peter: And you didn't think to have checked his criminal record?!

Jameson: Okay, maybe some bad eggs have been laid in the past, but let's not change the fact that Mac Gargan is the one who will finally deal with that Web Swinging Spider-Man! And I've been told that Mac Gargan has been unacquitted of all crimes that have been set upon him after his release! And more importantly, Mac Gargan is the man-!

Peter: WHO KILLED MY UNCLE! (His voice was loud for everyone to hear, but he didn't care) Mac Gargan was the one who murdered my Uncle Ben with a barrel of a gun! Gargan was the reason why Spider-Man turned him over to the cops! And you just let my Uncle's murderer loose! A murderer who's back in prison if it hadn't been for the one being you hate so much!

Jameson: (Feeling sympathy for the boy, having not learned that time the first time) Parker... I'm sorry, I didn't know.

Peter: No, you didn't! You just didn't care enough to even get Spider-Man out of your head.

He turned around and left the building, as the people around the desk stared at him in shock while Robbie turned over to Jonah after hearing that revelation.

Robbie: (Turns to Jonah) Did you seriously know about this?

Jameson: (Lowered his head, shaking it) I didn't.

Robbie: Jonah.

Jameson: (Turns to Robbie) I didn't know, Robbie! Dammit, I did not know!

Robbie: Well, even if you didn't, you need to fix this! Because I'm pretty certain that letting a killer loose out on the streets will not help you! Considering that you could really go to jail for this!

Jameson: (Stares down at the floor) ... (Gets up) Robertson, call the media studios, tell em' to hold off on the broadcast until I get back.

Robbie: Back? (Turns to look at Jonah leaving) Jonah, where are you going?

Jameson: To get some answers!

Eddie: Hey, I can go ahead and do some digging!

Jameson: No, Brock! This one's personal... (Turns to leave) Especially if I'm being lied to.

Later, Peter was seen with Liz, Ned, and Gloria at Central Park as they talked about what happened last night.

Happy: (Is on call with Happy) So, we're good then? 

Peter: I think so... Thanks for the heads up earlier. I'll call you if something comes up on the way.

Happy: Sure. Just don't call in favors like trying to cover your tracks from S.H.I.E.L.D! I can do most things, but nothing that involves S.H.I.E.L.D!

Peter: (Nodded) Take care, Happy! (Ends the call)

Ned: So you pulled his tail right off? Man, his suit isn't that cracked out to be after all.

Peter: All I know is that I'm just glad that Gargan's going away for a long time... That's the one thing I care about.

Liz: What if he gets out though?

Gloria: Doubt it... From what I heard, S.H.I.E.L.D's placing him over in the Raft. Better wish him good luck trying to escape that hellhole.

Ned: How about we better wish him that never does!

Peter: (Nodded) Yeah... Hey, thanks for the support from yesterday... I know it wasn't easy-!

Liz: It's alright!

Ned: Yeah, I mean, we got to kick Scorpion's ass! That's awesome!

Gloria: You mean, we drove away from our friend who went to kick Scorpion's ass so we could avoid being arrested by S.H.I.E.L.D?

Ned: Well, we encouraged him to go kick his ass! So, we got some credit in this, don't we?

Peter: (Smiled) Alright, I'm gonna go ahead and grab myself a hot dog! I'll see you guys later! (Turns to Liz) Oh, and Liz! We'll get back to tutoring tomorrow morning before school!

Liz: (Nodded) Can't wait!

As he turned to leave, he went over to a hot dog stand to pay for one... After he got what he wanted, he began to walk away to enjoy the day when passing by a man sitting on a bench.

Fury: (Sits on the bench reading a newspaper) Leaving so soon?

Peter: (Turns around, seeing Fury wearing a golf cap) Wow... I almost didn't recognize you wearing that cap! Do you wear it often?

Fury: Sometimes, but not occasionally. (Turns to put the paper away and looks at Parker) Sit down... We need to have a talk about last night.

Peter: (Nodded, turning to sit next to the Director) So, is this the part where you start yelling at me for not listening to you?

Fury: No... This is the part where I thank you for not listening to me.

Peter: (Raises a brow) Say what again?

Fury: Stark said you were special... Your Father said you'd be special one day... Guess I never thought it'd be this age that you'd be ready.

Peter: (Looks at Fury) Wait... Yesterday with the whole abduction... That was just a test?

Fury: I had to see how you'd react, what you'd do... Turns out you exceeded my expectations.

Peter: Well... Why didn't you just tell me?

Fury: Because I had to make it look real enough for you to take it seriously... (Turns to Parker) And I just wanted to see the look on your face when I told you it was a test.

Peter: (Sighs, hearing the sarcasm) So what now?

Fury: Now... Well, you could either walk away from this bench and go back to fighting crime with your own special Squad. Or you could accept my proposal.

Peter: Which is...?

Fury: (Turns to Parker) I'd like for you to work for us at S.H.I.E.L.D... Not to do missions for us, but so we can help you, train you to become better than what you are... You have a bright future ahead of you, and I see all kinds of possibilities that could play out if you play your cards right...

Peter: What about my friends?

Fury: Oh, consider them as interns. And your Mutant friend, she gets the same special treatment you get, only more training to be required... It's not much, but I think you could be better... Greater.

Peter: And all that happens if I join?

Fury: You don't have to... It's only an offer, after all, one of a kind... What do you say?

Peter: (Bit his lip, looking down at the ground) I uh... I have to think about it. (Turns to Fury) Unless there's a time limit involved?

Fury: Nah, there's no rush... You take as much time as you need.

Peter: Okay... So how do I contact you then?

Fury: Oh, don't worry about finding me, kid. (Gets up from the bench) I'll know when to come...

Back at Oscorp, Norman was seeing the news of the Scorpion's arrest on television as he was on a phone call with Wilson Fisk.

Norman: (Watches the news) So, it appears that our test subject had unfortunate luck on his hands.

Fisk: (Sits on his desk, seeing the news) I thought you said that they would be the best you made.

Norman: And they will be... Gargan was simply child's play! The rest will be a living nightmare.

Fisk: I'll see about that... For now on, I'll be personally overseeing any projects that goes on with the subjects.

Norman: If you insist. Honestly, you'll just be wasting your-!


Norman: (Looks around, hearing laughter in the air) Time...

Fisk: I've got time to spare... Is there something you'd like to object?

Norman: (Stands up) No, of course not... I'm sorry, I'll have to call you back. (Ends the call)

?: Oh, what's the matter, Norman? Having trouble in the office lately?

Norman: (Walks around, hearing the voice) Who's out there?

?: I know what you are, Norman! You like to play the average one-percenter, but really, you're just as crazy as I am!

Norman: What makes you think I'm crazy?

?: You must be! Otherwise, why kill Mendel Stromm?

Norman: (Raises a brow) What? No, I... I never killed Stromm!

?: Oh, you don't remember? Here, why don't I jog your memory?

Suddenly, Norman was placed back in the lab where Stromm was killed off as he turned around, seeing Stromm carried up the air by a Goblin like creature.

Stromm: (Is seen in the flashback) No! No, please!

Norman: (Sees Stromm attacked by a Goblin) Stromm? What the hell-?!

Stromm: AHHHHHH!

Suddenly, blood was spilled on the wall, some droplets hitting him on the face as the Goblin turned to him... His Eyes were Yellow, while everything else was Green including the Horns sticking up on his head. Before he could ask, he noticed a vial... He picked up the vial, seeing the Goblin Serum's name imprinted on the vial.

Otto: The Goblin Serum.

Max: Norman, this is insane!

Norman: Don't be a coward!

Stromm: If you can just give us some more time!

Norman: Fine! I'll be the one that goes first!

With that last sentence, suddenly it all just clicked... Stromm's murder, the blackouts he had... Even the hallucinations of a Goblin in his life... All of it came out of a bottle that he had experimented on as the Goblin stood next to Norman, gleaming with a smile on his face.

Goblin: (Grins while placing a hand on Norman) Yeah... Now you remember!

Hey guys! It's been one crazy month that we've had, but it's official! Spider-Man is returning to the MCU once more, and I could not be happier than I can get!

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Chapter Text

Episode 9: Goblin's Fire

All characters belong to Marvel! I hope you enjoy!

Halloween... A holiday where people go to wear costumes and go trick or treating at night... A night people can be whoever they want to be... However, this night is probably ruined due to Wall Street Plaza being under attack during a Halloween parade as fires were burning through the night, and people were running away in different directions.

On the street, civilians and law enforcement officers were badly injured as some of them helped carried each other's arms as the buildings burned... One building, in particular, was set aflame as Spider-man was seen inside out of breath. His Suit was damaged and dirty from all the smoke shooting at him as he looked around for the being responsible for the chaos brewing outside while one of his Lenses were broken, revealing his eye in the flesh.

Spider-Man: (Punches at the wall) Where are you?!

Goblin: (Is heard in the shadows) The itsy bitsy Spider went up the waterspout.

Spider-Man: Stop playing games! You're not funny!

Goblin: (Cackles in laughter) Oh, but you're on my side of the haunted house now, hehe!

Spider-Man: Show yourself!

Goblin: (Continues to sing hauntingly) Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and cauldron bubble.

Spider-Man: Shut up! (Kicks a table over)

Goblin: Lock your doors... And turn out the lights.

Spider-Man: RAGH! (Punches a glass mirror, trying to find the creature) Quit hiding!

Goblin: Or ghosts and goblins will spook you with fright!

Spider-Man: (Looks around the area) You don't scare me!

Goblin: Jump in bed then pull the covers on tight... Close your eyes until morning is light.

Spider-Man: Show yourself!

Without warning, a hand struck from the floor, grabbing onto one of the hero's feet, dragging him down unto the wooden floor. The next thing Spider-Man knew was that he found himself getting held by the neck by the beast similar to that of the Hulk, but has horns sticking out of his forehead as Orange Eyes burned literally as it stared at the hero in his grasp.

Goblin: (Grins devilishly at him) If you insist! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Earlier... 32 hours ago...

Tomorrow was Halloween. Everyone was getting ready for the traditional holiday as Peter and Ned were seen with Harry and MJ picking out costumes.

Harry: (Grabs a cosplay outfit of a Black Widow cosplay outfit) Is this really serious right now?

MJ: (Folded her arms in satisfactory behavior) Well, it's either a Black Widow suit or a Cheerleader outfit. Your choice, Osborn.

Harry: (Sighs in embarrassment) What did I do to deserve this?

Peter: For betting on how many times Randy Robertson has been on the school TV with Betty Brant!

Harry: Yeah, which was 4 times!

MJ: Actually, it was 5.

Harry: I was close!

MJ: Yeah, but a deal's a deal, payback's a bitch.

Ned: Oh man, people are gonna roast you at the parade tomorrow!

Harry: Shut up, you're not helping here, Ned!

MJ: (Turns to Ned and Peter) Speaking of which, what are you guys going to wear for Halloween?

Ned: Me? Oh, Indiana Jones.

Peter: Didn't you wear that last year?

Ned: What? I like the outfit!

MJ: Which movie?

Peter/Harry: Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Harry: Same one he had from last year.

Ned: Come on, give me some credit! The outfit is one of a kind!

MJ: I'll believe it when I see it!

Harry: Hey, speaking of seeing, what about you, MJ? Who are you this year?

MJ: Ah, well, I was going for Maleficent this year, but apparently Gwen Stacy's dressing up as the character's daughter from this movie called Descendants, so I'm just going to ditch the idea and dress up as that chick from the very first Alien movie. What's her name again?

Peter: Ooh, Ripley! Ellen Ripley! I've seen her in all the Alien movies that she's been in.

MJ: Yeah, her! Ripley.

Peter: Wow, that's actually a pretty good choice, MJ!

Harry: Speaking of costume choices, what are you going to be this Halloween?

Peter: (Blinked) Uh, me?

Harry: Yeah, who else?

MJ: Yeah, who are you tonight?

Peter: Oh... (Turns to Ned, who's awkwardly silent on that as he turned back to Harry and MJ) Well, I'm-!

Ned: He's Spider-Man!

Peter: (Widened his eyes) W-What?

Harry: (Blinked) Seriously? You're Spider-Man?

Ned:: (Nodded) Oh, totally! He's got the costume and everything!

Peter: What, no! No, I'm not-!

Flash: (Overhears the costume) Wait, what's that? Did I hear Penis Parker say that he's gonna be Spider-Man for Halloween?

Peter: (Widened his eyes) Flash?! What are you doing here?

Flash: Picking out a costume when I overheard you guys talking about dressing up as him! Man, everyone's gonna flip on what kind of ridiculous costume you're gonna wear tomorrow!

Peter: Now, hang on-!

Flash: Oh, too late! I posted the details! Can't wait to post a new Penis Parker meme! (Turns around and leaves)

Harry: Ugh, now you've got a lot on your hands now.

MJ: Good luck cooking up a suit, dude. (Turns to leave with Harry for the checkout)

Peter: Guys, wait! I... (Sees them gone, turning to Ned) What are you doing?!

Ned: What? Nobody actually knows you're Spider-Man, so I thought it'd be a great excuse for you to wear your Suit without anyone even thinking of putting two and two together!

Peter: Yeah, but you never asked if I wanted to do that! Now, I've got Flash telling everyone online that I'll be wearing a Spider-Man costume this Halloween!

Ned: Okay, just hang on! Who were you thinking of being this year?

Peter: I... (Widened his eyes, blinking) I don't know...

Ned: See? Being a hero all this time had made you lose focus on what costume you wanna wear this year! This is why you should wear the Suit, it'll be the best Halloween outfit ever!

Peter: Maybe a little too good if people noticed the Optic Lenses on my Mask moving!

Ned: No one will care about that!

Peter: Ned!

Ned: Okay, maybe just a little bit.

Peter: (Sighs) Great, now I've got to worry about the whole school wondering about what I'm going to wear this Halloween!

Ned: Look, can't you just turn the lenses off? Make them default so no one will even think about it?

Peter: I don't know, I haven't even bothered worrying about it until now!

Ned: Okay, well if things don't turn out well, then make an excuse! Like, you made it off from Horizon Labs for Halloween! That's a good, solid alibi!

Peter: (Rubbed his head) Speaking of which, I should probably be going! Doctor Modell sent me a text this morning to be there by 4:30 this afternoon, I can't be late.

Ned: Okay... (Turns to a TV, raising a brow) Hey, Peter! Take a look.

DB Newsman. (Is seen in Triple J's spot as he reported the news) With the upcoming Halloween Festival happening in Wall Street Plaza tomorrow night, both online and retail businesses have been skyrocketing! An incredible boost that helped-!

Peter: (Raises a brow, seeing Jonah not being there) Where's Jameson?

Ned: No idea... Maybe he took a break from accusing Spider-Man of being a bad guy for once.

Peter: I wish... But, where could he be off to?

Ned: I'm not sure, I-!

DB Newsman: In other news... (Shows a picture of John Jameson) Head Daily Bugle publisher's son, John Jameson, will be boarding the Life Foundation's shuttle for its first launch within the hour. A time in which many are proud to have-!

Ned: (Points at the TV) Okay, that's why.

Peter: Of course... All it takes for him to get off my back is for His Son to do something that isn't Spider-Man related.

Ned: Well, at least it's nice to have him be quiet about it for a change... Besides, what else could he be doing that isn't about his Son?

As the two shopped in the store they were in, a man wearing a trench coat was walking right past the bodega. That man is happened to be J. Jonah Jameson as he looked around in his disguise, making sure no one recognizes him as he walked over to a man sitting in front of a BMV.

Jameson: (Walks over to the nervous individual) Dr. Jonathan Ohnn?

Ohnn: (Turns around, seeing Jameson) Mr. Jameson? Wow, I-I-I never thought that you'd show up! Let alone take me seriously!

Jameson: I take all the things in my work quite seriously, Doctor Ohnn... Are you gonna give me the answers I want?

Ohnn: Oh... Am I going to be taped?

Jameson: You are now. (Starts getting an audio recorder, turning it on) Now, what can you tell me about the subject known as Mac Gargan

Ohnn: Right, well... He was supposed to be placed in Ryker's for the murder of Ben Parker and numerous crimes involving Arson, Assault, and Battery, and supposedly some... Well... Taking out the "Garbage" for the Maggia a few years back before he went freelance.

Jameson: And yet, Norman Osborn let him out of his cage... Why?

Ohnn: I don't know... In fact, I was one of the few who objected with this idea, but Mr. Osborn was quite confident in choosing Gargan, as well as numerous, questionable assets that the company recently acquired.

Jameson: What assets do you speak of?

Ohnn: I'm not sure... But I am well aware that a highly interconnected crime lord only known as "The Big Man", had handed them over to Mr. Osborn due to a contract that he signed up on.

Jameson: Is this supposed contract legal?

Ohnn: Not that I'm aware of. But I just have a bad feeling about this, Mr. Jameson, and I have no one else to turn to!

Jameson: Stay calm. If you wanna get through this, you just stick with me, got it?

Ohnn: (Nodded) Yes sir! But, may I ask... Why are you so interested in this affair? Normally you'd be yelling on TV about the Vigilante at this hour.

Jameson: Why are you asking? Do you think I've gotten soft on that Webhead?

Ohnn: N-No.

Jameson: Good, because I haven't. Believe me, I'd still like to see his hands in cuffs when the day comes, but the reason I'm not reporting on TV is that someone inside of Oscorp has been conducting illegal human testing on criminals. And recently, this one particular felon whom I've had high hopes for handling Threats like he was supposed to be tried to kill me, right after learning that he's nuts! And by God, I will not stop until the son of a bitch who dared lie to me is going to learn his lesson on a matter of Honesty!

Ohnn: Well, I respect the sentiment. But can I trust that once we reach the moment, you'll be there to help me?

Jameson: Doctor Ohnn, as head publisher of the Daily Bugle, I guarantee you that you can always trust me to be there!

At Oscorp, Norman was seen looking through files of the incident involving the death of Mendell Stromm at his office as he sat on his desk looking through the computer to see what happened.

He searched through his company's databases, trying to see what transpired when he came across an audio log, the date was the day that Midtown was allowed a field trip into his building, hours after the students left when he searched through the files when he stumbled on one that was the last thing it was said on private right before he was killed as he played the message to learn answers.

Stromm: (Is heard in the recording) Mr. Osborn, I have to ask you for the last time, we can't do this! It's too great of a risk!

Norman: (Listens to the recording) I was with Stromm. (Is heard in the recording) Don't be a coward! Risks are part of Laboratory Science! And sometimes-! (The recording became static, ending it as he grew frustrated) And what? What the hell did I say?!

?: (Is heard somewhere inside the office) You just have to do things yourself.

Norman: (Turns around, looking for someone in the office in full alert as laughter filled the office) Who said that? Who's there?

?: (Chuckles evilly as Norman looked around) Oh, it's just me, your best friend! Steve Lee! Or was it Stan Ditko? Shit, I get these two mixed up so much, it's kinda hard for me. (Hears Osborn going to grab a gun) Oh, and please stop right there! The gun isn't necessary.

Norman: (Stops himself from grabbing his weapon as he listened to the man's devilish voice) Who are you?

?: Oh, are we really gonna play that game? Because if I remembered correctly, I was the one who suggested the Scorpion idea!

Norman turned around at the sound of maniacal laughter as he looked at the mirror, seeing the same monstrous creature that he saw before when Wilson Fisk came over to his Tower.

Goblin: (Smiles as he stopped laughing) Hello, Norman.

Norman: (Stares at the Goblin in the mirror) What the hell are you?

Goblin: (Raises a brow, pointing at his face) What? Isn't the face supposed to be obvious?

Norman: (Sighs in disbelief) You're not real! (Turns around) You're just a figment of my psychology!

Goblin: Oh, god, you're so BORING! No wonder nobody likes you, you have no sense of fun! (Sighs) Well, not sense poor, dear, sweet Emily got cancer, that bitch.

Norman: Stop! Enough of these mind games, stay the hell out of my head! I need to work on what happened to Mendell Stromm, and the last thing I need is your bullshit!

Goblin: Oh, don't play the innocent with me! After all, we both know it's not the first time you've had your hands dirty.

Norman: What are you talking about?

Goblin: Two words, Norman; Goblin Serum.

Norman: What about the-?! (Stares at the Goblin, seeing the look at the creature's face) No... No, it's not possible.

Goblin: How can it be not? You're the one that used it!

Norman: Because I have a very good memory, and if I had committed... Murder, then I'd know because I'd be there!

Goblin: Ooh... Just like you there when, what... Richard Parker betrayed you?

Norman: (Turns around, facing the window) Oh, go to hell.

Goblin: Oh, don't say that! You're me, right? Come on, you have to give yourself credit, I'm your greatest creation you've ever pulled off!

Norman: Bullshit, I'm nothing like you!

Goblin: Heheheheheh! Hahahahaha!

Norman: (Hears the Goblin laugh, turning around) What's so funny? Why are you laughing?!

Goblin: (Sighs as he points at Norman) Your blonde, sexy assistant is here.

Felicia: (Knocks at the door) Mr. Osborn? (Opens the door, walking inside to look at Norman) Mr. Osborn?

Norman: (Turns around, seeing her) Yes, Mrs. Hardy?

Felicia: It's Mr. Fisk. He wants you to know that he rescheduled his meeting with you about the Wall Street Plaza Halloween event tomorrow.

Norman: (Nodded) When?

Felicia: Right now.

Norman: Right now? (Sighs) Okay, tell him I'll be there.

As she left, he turned to look back at the mirror, finding his own reflection back to normal as he rubbed his face, his veins carried what looked like a hint of Green glowing from within.

Leaving his office, he joined Fisk out in the board room while facing the window where the city bustled with life.

Norman: (Walks over to Fisk) Wilson! What brings you to my building?

Goblin: (Is seen sitting right behind Norman while playing with paper balls) Oh, you know, to drain off your mind of every remaining brain cell you have so he can slowly kill you! Why else is he here?

Fisk: (Turns to Norman, not seeing the Goblin) I'm here to speak to you in terms of the ongoing projects we're making.

Goblin: See? Told you, killing your brain cells!

Norman: (Ignores the Goblin, facing Fisk) I suppose you're here about making arrangements to transferring your patients to my facilities.

Fisk: You suppose right. (Turns to pace back and forth with his Cane) Although, I need this to be discreet. I can't have anyone getting suspicious about this operation, so I'm assigning Wesley to oversee the transfer.

Goblin: (Is right behind Fisk) Ooh, Wesley! Which Wesley? Wesley Snipes? Wesley Johnson from NBA? Ooh, what about Wes Craven? He was also a Wesley.

Fisk: (Turns to Norman) I need to know that if I'm going forward with this, you'll be careful with what you're doing?

Norman: Oh, Wilson... You can always count on my discretion.

Goblin: At least until I kill you in your sleep! (Turns to Norman while placing a claw under Fisk's chin) Or how about now? Come on, let me cut his throat! You know you want to!

Fisk: (Sees Norman sweating) Norman, your head... It has sweat on it.

Goblin: Of course he's sweating, dumbo! He's living out a Midlife Crisis! Why else would he have sweat for? The gym? Cutting Stromm up like sausage? Or perhaps burning alive the military pricks that decided to align themselves with Quest Aerospace, because may God help us all if no one on this very Earth has no tolerance for WAITING!

Norman: (Shook his head, rubbing it) I've been... Catching a fever. (Turns to Fisk, placing a hand over his shoulder) Listen, Wilson. I'd love to talk more about our projects, but I must be resting now. I have a board meeting tomorrow morning, and I need to get some shut-eye.

Fisk: (Nodded while he was escorted out of the loft) Fine... But do remember that if I hear anything go wrong, then there shall be consequences.

Goblin: (Mimics Fisk's voice while standing by the elevator) "If I hear anything go wrong, then there shall be consequences!" (Groans while Fisk left) I swear, one of these days, I'm gonna have to bash his big bald head. That guy takes things way too seriously.

Norman: (Turns to Goblin, facing him) What do you want, Goblin?

Goblin: Ah, no! Not just, "Goblin"! Green Goblin! Look at me, I'm literally Green!

Norman: I said what do you want?

Green Goblin: Ah, you already know what I want.

Norman: No, I don't! What is it, damn you?!

Green Goblin: Agh, for cryin' out loud, do I really need to spell it out? You're a scientist for god's sakes!

Norman: Yes, a scientist, not a damn detective playing crossword puzzle!

Green Goblin: Eh, okay. That is a valid excuse.

Norman: So tell me right now!

Green Goblin: (Sighs in annoyance) Fine! I'll spell it out for you. (Walks over to Norman) You see, the night you pushed the needle in your arm, I was born. A much better, more violent, more sophisticated than you ever were! An All-New, All-Different Norman Osborn, if I might add.

Norman: So what? You told me that you and I are the same, living in one body.

Green Goblin: Yes, but here's the catch! I'm stuck riding shotgun most of the damn time!

Norman: (Raises a brow) Meaning?

Green Goblin: Oh, don't play dumb with me! You're a genius, figure it out!

Norman: (Stares at the Goblin, connecting the dots) You can't get out, can you? (Scoffed lightly) God, we're like Bruce Banner, except I have a much more lucid control than you!

Green Goblin: Which is why I need your help!

Norman: Oh, my help? What can I do for you that I can even remotely even try to help your condition?!

Green Goblin: What, you expect me to want a cure? Hell with that, I love who I am! And I'm damn proud of it!

Norman: So what the hell is your problem? What exactly is your proposal?

Green Goblin: (Sighs, turning around) ...My proposal is simple... It might feel weird after a while, but I think we could make it work somehow.

Norman: Get to the point!

Green Goblin: Fine! (Turns back to Osborn) I want both of us to, how do I say this? Ah... Merge.

Norman: (Raises a brow) Merge?

Green Goblin: Our minds, of course. You and I are linked together because we share the same body! We think alike, believe it or not. The only difference is that our personalities are different than we could understand, let alone the biology each time we transform from your human body to my Goblin build!

Norman: And you think it's possible, how?

Green Goblin: A mutual agreement on a matter of will. Me, I'm willing to make the merge! The only thing left now is for you to be willing to accept it! That way, you can do your thing, being the businessman, and I, well... (Grins) Me being good ole' me. So what do you say, pal? Deal or no deal?

Norman: (Stares the Goblin down) ...Quest Aerospace.

Green Goblin: (Raises a brow) Sorry, did I hear you say what?

Norman: Quest Aerospace... You mentioned burning, quote, military pricks that decided to align with Quest Aerospace... There was only one person I knew who had traded military contracts from Oscorp to Quest Aerospace, and that was Slocum.

Green Goblin: Are you sure? I mean, I could have meant anyone, really!

Norman: (Grabs a TV remote, pointing at the TV) I wouldn't be so sure.

TV: (Is turned on as pictures of Quest Aerospace set aflame is seen on screen) Still no confirmed answers on the tragedy that took place at Quest Aerospace weeks ago as military officials continue the search on what caused the fire. Despite the accusations from head Daily Bugle publisher, J. Jonah Jameson, the government has confirmed that the fire was caused by a bombing run that was set on by accident-!

Norman: (Turns to Goblin) So... Your handiwork, I presume?

Green Goblin: (Looks at the picture of the burning training facility as he turned to Norman) W-Well... You have to admit, the fire was pretty enough to watch!

Norman: Yeah, I'm gonna have to say no on your proposal. (Turns around)

Green Goblin: (Stands in front of Norman, glaring at him) NO?! You can't say no! How could you say no?!

Norman: Because I'm Norman Osborn... And I never apologize for saying no when I mean it.

Green Goblin: Don't you understand?! I look at you, and I see a killer! A killer just waiting to come out in the flesh, trapped inside of a cocoon!

Norman: Do you honestly believe that I want to be a part of your actions?

Green Goblin: Oh please, it's not like you've had blood on your hands before!

Norman: The answer is no! And as long as I'm breathing, you'll be stuck inside my head for all I care!

Green Goblin: You think I actually want to be?! I mean, yes, it was fun tormenting you, but the fun gets dried up when suddenly starts getting old!

Felicia: (Turns to Norman) Mr. Osborn? Are you alright?

Norman: (Turns to Felicia, ignoring Goblin) Never better, Mrs. Hardy. Now come, we have to oversee the arrangements for Mr. Fisk.

Felicia: (Walks with Norman) Of course.

Green Goblin: (Sees Norman walking away) Let me out! Let me out, damn you! I want to be out of my cage, dammit! (Walks to Norman while the elevator door is shut on him) You can't keep me in here forever, Norman! Let me out! I SAID LET ME THE HELL OUT!

At Horizon Labs, Peter was arriving at the lab as he walked inside to find Doctor Modell and Gwen Stacy in the room.

Max: (Turns to see Peter in the lab) Peter! So glad to see you here! Hold on, let me go to the office to prep some finalizations for Otto and I's project!

Peter: Thanks, Doctor Modell! (Turns to Gwen) Hey, Gwen.

Gwen: (Turns to Peter) Hey, Peter. How's your day?

Peter: Good. (Looks around) Um, what did Doctor Modell mean by finalizations?

Gwen: Oh, I have no clue. But I think it may involve Doctor Octavius on his personal project.

Peter: Which is what, exactly?

Max: (Walks out of his office) Okay, we're ready! Kids, turn to the curtains!

Gwen: Oh!

Peter: Sure!

Gwen: Okay. (Turns to the curtain)

Max: (Looks at the curtain) Alright, whenever you're ready, Otto!

Otto: Good, then it's time to get this started!

The curtains were taken off as Otto Octavius was seen standing before the group connected to a large set of wires behind his back. The wall next to him has also displayed a bionic limb as it began to move the way Otto's arm does as the group stood there amazed.

Peter: (Looks at Otto) Whoa... How are you-?

Otto: I've programmed the arm you see here to be controlled by my own brain through a neural link. An impressive feat, isn't it?

Gwen: (Smiled) It's fantastic! How can you do this?

Max: The Nano Wires inside of the arm is fed directly to Otto's Cerabellium.

Otto: This allows me to use the limb as if it were my own! Watch and learn.

Otto began to use the limb to move its hand onto a coffee mug. The limb managed to reach the mug and then hand it to the doctor, who gently took it with his own organic hands as everyone was stunned at this development.

Peter: (Widened his eyes) Whoa, that's so cool!

Max: Otto's been focusing his time and effort trying to craft this. We're not planning on putting this out into the public quite yet, but this is a pretty good step forward!

Gwen: Wait, so we're not showing this at the Festival tomorrow?

Otto: (Takes the harness off) No, but Horizon Labs has been honored to sponsor the event happening tomorrow at the event, so that can give us an official public introduction for the first time.

Peter: I thought that happened when you sold the rocket to the Life Foundation, which I heard was a complete success!

Gwen: Yeah, the shuttle's officially in Space now.

Max: Well, the world thinks we're just a private company. But during this event, we're hoping to change that! A lot of other companies are doing the same method; Alchemax, Cross Tech, Kronos Corporation...

Otto: Including Oscorp, much to my bitter surprise.

Max: And once we introduce the technology we developed, people will notice our brand and see all the good work that we've been doing!

Otto: (Walks over to a TV screen seeing Oscorp's emblem on the news) As long as Norman doesn't try to rub his face into our business.

Max: (Sighs as he turned to his colleague) Otto, there's no reason to worry about it.

Otto: It's Norman, Maxwell! I have every right-!

Peter: (Rubs his hair as he watched the two speak) I'm guessing that he and Norman Osborn didn't have a good working relationship.

Gwen: No kidding... It's a good thing you talked to Tony Stark, or else things would have gotten worse from here.

Peter: (Turns to Gwen) Do you think that he'll show up at the festival tomorrow night?

Gwen: Who, Mr. Osborn? I don't know, shouldn't you ask his Son?

Peter: No, Harry's got a pet peeve about discussing personal family drama on holidays. (Folded his arms) Hey, how are you doing so far? I heard you're going for Maleficent this Halloween.

Gwen: (Grins) It's Mal, and I'm doing just fine!

Peter: That's wonderful.

Gwen: Wonderful as Flash Thompson spreading rumors on Instagram that you're Spider-Man this Halloween?

Peter: (Groans) You follow his page?

Gwen: No... But Michelle mentioned it to me in text.

Peter: Of course she did... (Looks at Gwen) So, are you going to be there tomorrow night?

Gwen: (Bit her lip) I'm not sure, actually.

Peter: (Raises a brow) Is everything alright?

Gwen: Yeah... I'm just not sure if I want to go.

Peter: Well, is it because of... Me?

Gwen: (Raises a brow) No... No! No, of course not! Why would you think that?

Peter: B-Because, I... Well...

Gwen: (Looks at Peter) Because you work for Spider-Man.

Peter: (Nodded at half her assumption) Right.

Gwen: (Sighs) Listen, I'm not mad at you for working for him! I'm grateful that you're doing incredible things with him, but it's not about you.

Peter: Okay, then what is it exactly?

Gwen: Nothing, really... I'm just, thinking about it.

Peter: Alright... Well, I hope you have a great night either way.

Gwen: Thanks... I hope yours turns out pretty great too.

Peter: (Nodded) Thanks.

Max: (Walks over to the two) Alright, well I'm going to check on the subjects that Connors has brought in with him. Gwen, would you like to help me feed the animals?

Gwen: Yeah! Yes, I'd love to!

As they moved on to feed the subjects, Peter walked over to Otto to lend him some company.

Peter: (Walks over to Otto) Hey, Doctor Octavius.

Otto: (Turns to Peter) Hello, Peter.

Peter: So, you and Mr. Osborn have a pretty bad history together?

Otto: (Sighs) Well, it's not just the history... He fired me.

Peter: Seriously? Why?

Otto: I... Prefer not to say. The least you know about it, the better.

Peter: Of course... (Looks around, seeing a picture of Otto and his Dad) So... You knew my Dad?

Otto: Indeed. (Walks over to a table, working on a biocomponent) And he was quite the genius.

Peter: Sounds like you have a pretty good history with him.

Otto: Well, better than Norman Osborn's... In fact, he was working on something, something that could change the whole world in a matter of hours.

Peter: Really? How?

Otto: I don't know... He wouldn't say, but he insisted that the work was promising... At least, until he...

Peter: Disappeared... (Rubbed his arm) With my Mother...

Otto: (Nodded) Yes... (Turns to Parker) I'm sorry, Parker, I did not mean to-!

Peter: It's okay! I uh... I recently found a small closure on their disappearance, so I'm actually a lot less sad about it than I'd imagine.

Otto: Have you now?

Peter: Yeah... And you know what? It's been a whole decade since they left, so they're like complete strangers to me at this point. (Looks around, seeing a TV heading with S.H.I.E.L.D. on screen) Say, you don't happen to know anything about my parents' work environment before Oscorp, do you?

Otto: Well, yes.

Peter: (Turns around) And?

Otto: And, they had head bachelor's degrees hailing from Harvard University. And they had been interning for Pym Tech before transitioning over to top scientists at Oscorp. Why? Is there something that I'm missing?

Peter: No... (Turns around) None that is the least of your worries.

Otto: Well, whatever his reasons are for leaving, I'm certain that he was at least a good man on his part... He always had a reason for what he does... Perhaps one day, we'll learn why that was the case.

Peter: Yeah... (Rubbed his arms) Maybe...

Otto: (Turns to Peter) So, are you gonna be there for the festival tomorrow night?

Peter: Yeah, of course. (Turns to Otto) Hey, what are you going to be this Halloween?

Otto: Oh... Well, I'm certainly not Luke Skywalker, that's for sure!

The next day at school, Peter was seen walking in the halls when everyone was looking right at his face.

Student 1: (Stands next to the lockers with his friends) Hey, Spider-Man! How are you doing with your Web-Slinging skills?

Peter: (Raises a brow) W-What?

Cheerleader: (Walks past Parker) Hey, where's your costume, Spidey? Is it in the washroom getting cleaned right now?

Peter: Oh god, no! I-!

Student 2: Hey, Spider-Man, you should run away right now! I hear J. Jonah Jameson wants his Friendly Neighborhood Menace back!

Everyone was laughing at Peter everywhere he went as humiliation swept over him... To add things to the mix, Ned walked over to Peter as he was with Gloria and Liz.

Ned: (Nervously walks over to Peter) So... (Gets his attention while he looked at his grumpy face) Happy Halloween?

Peter: (Gives Ned a judgemental look) See what you did here? See what kind you've done right now?

Ned: Oh come on! It's not that bad if you think about it.

Student 3: Hey, Webhead! Dodge this!

Before he knew it, Peter's face was hit with a container full of pudding, making the kids who threw it laugh at him as they walked away, leaving Peter's friends to watch him rub chocolate off his cheek.

Ned: (Rubbed his hair, seeing the mess on Peter's face) Okay, it's bad.

Gloria: No shit, Sherlock!

Peter: (Groans as he looked himself in the mirror) This is not going away anytime soon.

Liz: What do you want us to do? Is there a way to help out?

Peter: Liz, I think the only way to solve this is to ride it out until Halloween. Unless someone figures out a way to travel through time, there is no amount of heroism that can solve this.

Gloria: Well, as cheesy as this might sound, we're all in the neighborhood if you need something.

Ned: Oh, that was definitely cheesy.

Gloria: Oh shut up, you're the one who got him in trouble!

Ned: Well, I didn't mean to!

As the three walked away to argue, Peter was wiping himself off when Jessica Drew, AKA Mrs. Drewman, was standing right behind Peter as he turned around, seeing the S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent in disguise.

Peter: (Widened his eyes) H-Hey! Jess-! (Blinked, shaking his head) Mrs. Drewman! (Raises a brow) I'm sorry, what do I call you again?

Jessica: (Looks at Peter) Come with me. We're meeting in my office.

Peter: I'm sorry, am I in trouble?

Jessica: Don't waste my time, just follow me. (Turns to walk away)

Peter: (Sighs as he facepalmed himself) Yeah, I'm in trouble.

He was led into Drew's office as Peter sat on a chair while she sat on her desk.

Jessica: (Looks at Peter) So... Spider-Man for Halloween?

Peter: I swear, this wasn't my idea!

Jessica: Then whose idea was it?

Peter: My friend Ned's! We were in a store yesterday, a-and when everyone asked what I was gonna wear, he just blurted it out, and then Flash Thompson-!

Jessica: Okay, you can stop right now.

Peter: Look, you can't get mad at me or my friends because of some small issue I'm having!

Jessica: Yeah, well this small issue you're having involves your Identity that you're responsible for!

Peter: I know, you don't have to rub it in my face! I mean, how many times have I complained to you this last week on the fact that you're a S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent undercover as everyone's Counselor?

Jessica: S.H.I.E.L.D. Shadow, and be careful with how you raise your voice, I still have my cover to keep in track.

Peter: (Sighs) You're not going to report me on Nick Fury for this, are you?

Jessica: No... But only if the situation worsens. (Folded her arms) And speaking of Fury, we need to have a talk about his offer.

Peter: Oh, of course, we do.

Jessica: It's been a week since you've been given the offer. Fury said that he's given you all the time you need, but he's wondering when you'll make up your mind.

Peter: Soon, I promise! It's just that what he offered me... It's a really, really big offer, and the last thing I need is to be rushed!

Jessica: (Nodded) I understand...

Peter: (Raises a brow) Wait, that's all? Nothing else to say?

Jessica: (Walks out of her desk) When I was recruited into S.H.I.E.L.D, I was offered the same option that Director Fury gave me, the same that was given to Natasha Romanoff before me... He gave me time to think, and when the time came, I took the offer when I was ready for it. (Sits on the top, looking at the kid) So when you're ready, just come find me, and I'll let Fury know of your decision.

Peter: (Nodded, looking at the S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent) T-Thanks... (Points at the door) Can I-?

Jessica: Of course, I got nothing left to say.

Peter: Thanks. (Turns to leave out to the door)

Jessica: (Looks at Peter) One more thing.

Peter: (Turns around) Okay.

Jessica: If I find out another one has found out what you do in your free time without your knowledge, I'm going to hunt them down, hard.

Peter: (Nodded) Of course.

Jessica: And I'm not even gonna hold back.

Peter: Okay, good to know! (Opens the door) Bye!

Later, Jameson was at an old research facility with Doctor Ohnn as he was lead inside of the premises with his guidance.

Jameson: (Walks through the empty hallways) This better be the right place, Ohnn! I've been lied to enough as it is!

Ohnn: It's the place, I promise you! Just follow me! (Walks to a brick wall)

Jameson: (Sees the wall) Well, now what?

Ohnn: Just wait a minute.

He got out his ID, having it scanned by a camera. Then a door was opened, revealing an elevator as the two walked inside.

Jameson: (Walks in the elevator) A top-secret elevator, eh? Well, someone's hiding something!

Ohnn: There's a lab underground, top secret. (Presses the floor that they want to go) It was supposed to be shut down after Aliens ran rampant in the city all those years ago.

Jameson: Yet someone's using it.

Ohnn: Indeed. I've spoken with the higher offices, and no one is supposed to be down here, so I fear that someone else may be using our property for some illegal practices.

Jameson: Like what for example?

Ohnn: I'm not sure. But if this Mac Gargan you spoke about was experimented on with Oscorp properties, then I'm afraid that the place we're looking for is right in here.

The elevator arrived at their destination, going inside of a server room as the two walked around the complex.

Jameson: (Walks around, seeing the servers) What do we have to do in here?

Ohnn: The servers contain an infinite number of Oscorp data, ranging from way back from the late 90s. If we find the data we're looking for, we may learn just who exactly is using this facility.

Jameson: Alright, that's fair! So where should we start?

Ohnn: There's a computer in the very back, I'll walk you to it.

They walked to the back where they found the computer. There, Ohnn began to log into the servers as he looked through the data.

Ohnn: (Sorts out the data) Okay, so the data is right in here if you want it... Which one would you like me to look through first?

Jameson: Let's start with Gargan... See if there are any black boxes.

Ohnn: Well, I wouldn't say there'd be black boxes, but I'm sure we'll find something. (Finds an audiotape) Hey, audio log!

Jameson: Hold on... (Gets out his tape recorder, turns it on) Alright, play it.

Ohnn: Yes sir. (Plays the log)

Stillwell: (Is heard on the tape) So... I've heard that Mr. Jameson of the Daily Bugle is involved with Mr. Gargan's release.

Voice: (Its voice is changed to a low setting, making no one recognize it) Jameson believes that Gargan will help serve the city by bringing our certain... Spider-Pest, to justice for his vigilante crimes.

Stillwell: And? What do I have to say to him?

Voice: Just tell him the truth; that you're going to help change his biology on a whole other level and that he and the rest will help make the Spider-Man will pay for his misdeeds... In one form or another (Tape ends)

Ohnn: I recognize one of the voices... That was Farley Stillwell!

Jameson: I remember him. That was the bastard who lied to me about the legalities of Mac Gargan.

Ohnn: He was on the news the other day. Oh my god, I never figured he'd ever commit a crime!

Jameson: Yeah, well appearances can be deceiving. (Turns to Ohnn) Now, what exactly did the tape mean by, "The Others?"

Ohnn: Oh goodness, Mr. Jameson, I-I don't know! I've just found this information at the same time as you did!

Jameson: Alright, well fine! Lookup any top-secret projects! I wanna know who's doing them!

Ohnn: Of course! I can try-!

A.I: (Is seen on screen with an accessed denied notice) Warning; you no longer have privileged access to the Oscorp data servers, Doctor Jonathan Ohnn.

Ohnn: (Widened his eyes) What the hell? I just lost access!

Jameson: (Raises a brow) Is that possible?

Ohnn: No, it's not! Not unless...

Before the two would know it, the elevator door across the hall was opened, taking their attention as they walked up to the door, finding men in suits holding out pistols.

Mercenary: (Walks out of the elevator with a gun) Come on, the doctor's around here somewhere.

Ohnn: (Feels panic settling into his system) Oh god! Oh my god, they know! The people behind the crimes, they know I'm here!

Jameson: Dammit, alright, calm down! We need to get out of here!

Ohnn: How do we get past them?!

Jameson: We have phones, so we can just call the police.

Ohnn: Call the police? Are you out of your mind?!

Jameson: What? What's wrong with that?

Ohnn: This whole facility dampens the wireless signal on any cellular device! It'd be pointless to call them!

Jameson: Well, fine then! We'll just hide in here until the coast is clear!

Mercenary: (Gets out a gasoline tank) Alright, the Big Man wants this place given the remodeling procedure. Let's start lighting this place up once we're done!

Jameson: (Looks around to see the men spilling gasoline all over the place) Okay, or we can try to sneak past these crooks without getting shot or burnt to a crisp! That's just alright.

Ohnn: (Rubbed his head) Oh my god, Mr. Jameson, this was a mistake! I-I-I shouldn't be here!

Jameson: Hey, keep it together, man! We can't let fear take over us, not now! If we do, then these bastards will kill us, do you want that?

Ohnn: No! No, sir!

Jameson: Alright, good! Now, you seem to know this place in and out! Is there a way we can get past them?

Ohnn: Uh, okay... (Rubbed his glasses) Alright, well... There's an emergency maintenance tunnel hatch that should lead us both into the harbor.

Jameson: So, where is it?

Ohnn: It's located on the door to the left of the hall! We go through, we can get to safety!

Jameson: Okay, good! Then let's get a move on!

They got out of the room and exited to the door on the left. As they made their way in, Jonah had stepped onto a can lying on the floor, attracting unwanted attention as the mercenaries had seen the two trying to escape.

Jameson: Ah, dammit!

Mercenary: Hey, stop right there!

Jameson: Let's go!

Ohnn: (Opens the door) Get it in!

Once the DB publisher ran inside, the doctor had gone ahead and closed it shut, locking the armed thugs out as they found themselves standing in front of the hatch.

Jameson: (Looks at the hatch) Well, this must be it!

Ohnn: Mr. Jameson, hurry! I can't hold them out for too long!

Jameson: (Turns to go open it, which it doesn't) This damn thing is tight! I'll have to use my strength to make it open!

Ohnn: Please, hurry!

Jameson: (Grunted as he turned the wheel, opening the hatch) Aha! I got it! (Turns to the doctor) Alright, let's go-!

Before he could invite him out, the men broke open the door, causing the doctor to get pushed over to Jameson, causing the two to be separated as the hatch door was closed, locked on both ends.

Ohnn: (Gets up and bangs on the window) Mr. Jameson! Mr. Jameson, help me!

Jameson: (Gets up, seeing Doctor Ohnn in trouble) Alright, hang on! I-!

Mercenary: (Grabs the Doctor) Come here!

Ohnn: (Gets pulled away) No, no! No, help me! Mr. Jameson, help me!

Jameson: (Bangs on the window) Hey, let him go, you cowards! Doctor Ohnn, hang on!

Ohnn: (Gets pulled away) I trusted you! You told me to trust you, and I was wrong!

Jameson: Ohnn! Ohnn!

As he watched the Doctor get pulled away, the mercs began to fry open the door, which made him take his cue to leave as he ran down to the end of the tunnel and up the steps. Once the door was reopened, the thugs began to follow him up onto a heavily crowded street, seeing the DB Publisher nowhere in sight as the afternoon carried on...

At Oscorp, Norman was seen walking on the roof, sipping a cup of coffee while enjoying the view as Harry walked over to his Dad.

Harry: (Walks next to Norman) Hey, Dad.

Norman: Hello, Son. (Sees Harry wearing a Black Widow outfit) Wait... Harry, what are you wearing?

Harry: (Sighs as he felt embarrassed in front of his Dad) A Black Widow costume...

Norman: Oh, you're wearing that for Halloween?

Harry: I have to... Lost a bet, and I end up wearing this for the holiday.

Norman: Hmm, I see. You're probably gonna have some people laugh at you for that because of your defeat, won't you?

Harry: Yeah, well maybe a little humility won't hurt that much.

Norman: Oh trust me, Harry. When it comes to humility, everything hurts real badly.

Harry: Yeah, well when I start running the company one day, then I'll start worrying about it. (Turns to leave while putting on the wig) Have fun with your board meetings.

Norman watched his son leave for the elevator as he stood on the roof... Once he was gone, he turned around to look at the city, only to find the Green Goblin standing right in front of him.

Green Goblin: BOO!

Norman: (Stands back, getting jump scared) Ah, damn!

Green Goblin: (Let's out a cackle while looking at Norman) Well, well, speaking of humility! Tell me, did that hurt? Because you said everything hurts real badly when it comes to humility, hehehe!

Norman: (Stares at the Goblin) Oh, what the hell do you want?

Green Goblin: Oh, you know damn well what I want, Normie!

Norman: (Groans impatiently) We're not making the merge.

Green Goblin: Why not? Come on, can't you see that it's for the best of us?

Norman: There is no us! In fact, I don't care if my body happens to have the Goblin Serum mixed in with my DNA, because I have no use for you whatsoever! (Turns around)

Green Goblin: (Is seen standing right at the doorway) Oh, so that's what it is, then? The Merge is not useful for you, Normie? (Develops a whimpering voice) I'm not useful to you?

Norman: Quit the act, smartass! I have dealt with people worse than you, you're no different!

Green Goblin: (Is seen sitting on a table) Oh, well that's where you're so very, very wrong, Norman! In fact, I am the worst that anyone has ever imagined! Don't you see? I am the Green Goblin! I am everyone's living folktale nightmare come true in Modern-Day fashion!

Norman: (Walks over to the hallway) All the more reason to make sure you don't ever get out.

Green Goblin: Oh come on, don't think that I can be unreasonable! I can be very reasonable, you see? (Is seen walking next to Norman) I mean, you and I can share the driver's seat every once in a while! We can share which one of us gets to slaughter people, and which one of us gets to wreak mayhem all over the City!

Norman: Well, I don't think you know me as much as you think you do.

Green Goblin: Oh, is that right?

Norman: You see, I'm a man who's trying to make a fortune, and I can't have some lab experiment with a mind of a bratty 6-year old go running around trying to decrease my fortunes!

Green Goblin: Alright, well what if there was a way for us to have a win-win for us each? Just think about it; you get contracts worth a lot of money, correct? Now, just imagine having that contract made because a certain troll making life a living hell for everyday citizens! You'd make millions, and I take joy in making millions scream!

Norman: Not interested. I don't know you, I don't want to know you, and I'm far better off letting you drive.

Green Goblin: (Is seen leaning against the wall with his arms folded) Well, fine! I'll just bide my time until you're ready to make the merge.

Norman: And what exactly makes you think that I'd ever want to be ready for it?

Green Goblin: Because, sometime sooner or later, there's going to be someone or something standing in the way of your own personal goals, and when you finally have need of me, I'll be waiting around long enough for you to hear me say, "I told you so."

Norman: Yeah, well good luck with that one, jackass. (Straightens up his tie) Now, I have a board meeting in two minutes, so feel free to behave.

Green Goblin: Yeah, I'll be sure to feel free not to.

Norman walked over to an office and joined a board meeting as he sat down on a chair with confidence in his heart.

Norman: (Smiles at the board members) Ladies and gentlemen... I have to say, as a businessman myself, I've never felt prouder than I've been at my young age! Because as of today, Oscorp Consolidated has surpassed Quest Aerospace as the principal supplier of the United States Military. Long ago, we feared that Stark Industries would always reign supreme in the business industry, but now that he's too busy playing Cowboys and Aliens, we have the advantage! So in short, ladies and gentlemen... Costs are down, revenues are up, and our stock has never been higher.

Board Member 1: (Looks at Norman) Wonderful news, Norman, wonderful news... As a matter of fact, it's the reason we're selling the company.

Norman: (Feels appalled at this statement, hearing the company being on sale as his smile disappeared) What?

Board Member 1: Yes, Quest Aerospace has been recapitalizing in the wake of the bombing, expanding. In fact, they made a tender offer that we can't simply ignore.

Norman: Why wasn't I told? I deserved to know.

Board Member 1: Well, the last thing they want is a power struggle with entrenched management.

Board Member 2: The deal is off if you come with it. The Board expects your resignation in approximately 30 days.

Norman: Well, you can't do this to me! (Stands up, looking around at the board members) I started this company from the ground, back when I was some kid living in poverty! I worked my ass off to mark this place on the map for the entire world to see! DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I'VE SACRIFICED?!

Green Goblin: (Is seen sitting on an empty chair while smirking) Oh, they know, Normie...

Norman: (Stares at the members, looking at them) But you already knew that...

Green Goblin: And they just don't care.

Norman: And you just don't care... (Sighs, ignoring the Goblin's snickering as he turns to his trusted friend) Oh Andrew... Andrew, please!

Andrew: Norman, the Board is unanimous. We're announcing the sale tonight on Wall Street Plaza during the Halloween Festival.

Board Member 1: (Looks at Osborn, remaining unsympathetic) You're out, Norman... You're out.

With the board meeting becoming silent, it was the Green Goblin's laughter that filled in the gap as he got up off his chair, walking over to Norman.

Green Goblin: Hehehehehe! Oh, are you, Norman? Are you really, truly out? (Stands behind the CEO, wrapping his hands around his shoulders) Or are we going to make that Merge, and show them what a mistake they made in betraying you? In betraying both of us! Don't you agree?

Norman: (Breaths in and out of his nose, venting in the anger as he looked at the members of the board) We'll see about that...

Green Goblin: (Grins mischievously) Hehehehehe! Now, that's what I'm talking about! Oh, you and I are gonna have so much fun together.

Later, Gwen was seen at home in her room reading a book called Five Feet Apart while the news played on her TV.

News: (Is showing a picture of people gathering at Wall Street) In other news, fellow New Yorkers have already begun to plant themselves inside of Wall Street Plaza as everyone is getting ready for the upcoming Halloween festival happening tonight-!

George: (Knocks on Gwen's door) May I come in?

Gwen: Sure Dad.

George: (Comes inside) Hey, honey. Aren't you supposed to be getting dressed up for the festival?

Gwen: Oh, yeah, about that... (Puts her book down, looking at her Dad) I'm not sure that I'll be going this year.

George: (Raises a brow) Why's that?

Gwen: I'm not sure... (Rubbed her arm) I'm just not feeling up to it, I guess.

George: (Sits down next to his Daughter) Is there something wrong?

Gwen: No, nothing's wrong, Dad.

George: You sure? Because you were pretty excited about it weeks ago.

Gwen: (Rubbed her hair) Well... I was thinking of going, but... But there's this boy.

George: Oh, boy.

Gwen: And he seems to like me, and I think I may like him back, but... Apparently, there are these issues going on with him, and I dunno... I feel like he's keeping something from me.

George: And you think that he's going to be at the festival tonight?

Gwen: Probably... I mean, he's a really, really sweet boy, and really caring. Of course, he can be a little shy, and very clumsy, but overall, he's sweet.

George: Well, how do you feel about this boy?

Gwen: (Sighs) Honestly, I... I feel like I want to talk to him... I feel like he needs to open up to me somehow, and I wanna try to help him sort out whatever he's going through.

George: Well... What exactly do you want to do now, Gwen?

Gwen sat there on her bed, thinking about exactly what she wants to do...

Wall Street Plaza was bristling with thousands of people as everyone dressed up in Halloween costumes. Everyone including Peter Parker, who was ironically wearing his Spider-Man Suit for Halloween while having his Mask off as he turned to walk over to his friends, seeing everyone nearby impressed with the outfit.

Mummy: (Points right at Peter) Oh, now that kid knows how to make good quality stuff!

Frankenstein: Hey, kid! Where'd you get the materials? I want some of what you're having!

Betty: (Sees Peter in the Suit while dressed up as an Air Force Pilot) Whoa... Peter's actually got a good taste in costume.

Randy: (Is seen wearing a RoboCop outfit) Yeah! (Lifts up his pink lemon cup) Yo, give some props over to Parker here!

Flash: (Nervously smiled as he saw everyone admiring Parker while wearing a Hotel Uniform) A-Alright, guys, you don't need to give him too much of a parade here.

Peter: (Walks over to his friends) Hey, guys!

Harry: (Is seen in his Black Widow outfit) Hey, Spider-Man!

MJ: (Is wearing an Ellen Ripley costume while seeing Peter in the Suit) Look at you, nice outfit!

Peter: (Smiles) Yeah, thanks, Michelle! I uh, I was actually considering not wearing this tonight.

Ned: (Walks over to the group with Gloria and Liz while dressed as Indiana Jones) Well, good thing you didn't, because that's one way to show how good your costume is!

Liz: (Is dressed as Cleopatra while seeing Peter in his Suit) Yeah, maybe that costume is a little too good, don't you think?

Peter: I know, but what can I say? The costume designer was pretty dope!

Gloria: (Is dressed up as a Horse Rider while staring at Peter) You don't say.

MJ: (Noticed a bunch of Oscorp board members arriving) Hey, who are those guys?

Harry: (Noticed the board members) Hey, those are Oscorp's board members! What the heck are they doing here?

Peter: Having a good time, maybe?

Harry: Peter, if there's one thing I know about those people, they never have a good time. I'm gonna go check them out.

MJ: Mind if I tag along, Black Widow?

Harry: Oh, don't mind if I do, Ripley.

The two turned to leave while the group remained behind to discuss much more about Peter's "Costume."

Gloria: (Looks at Peter) Did you seriously have to go dress up as Spider-Man?

Peter: Well, it's not like I had a choice! But look around, everyone's okay with it!

Ned: And nobody's bothering to take it seriously!

Peter: Exactly! So as far as we're concerned, we're pretty alright for right now.

Liz: Okay, well, your hero life, not ours.

Gloria: (Gets a ping on her phone, checking it out) Oh, hey! I gotta go. Sally's dressed up as Katniss Everdeen, and she and I are going to have a karaoke duel.

Liz: Ooh, can I watch you two do it?

Gloria: Sure thing! Come tag along, your Majesty! (She and Liz start to walk away)

Peter: (Turns to Ned) Looks like it's just me and you now.

Ned: Yeah! And what did I tell you? No one here actually thinks that you're really Spider-Man, so we're alright!

Peter: (Walks with Ned to get some juice) Yeah, well, I guess I can't see anything else that can go wrong. (Turns to a woman dressed up as an Italian Red Dress Dancer) Hey, can we have two lemons, please?

May: (Is seen as an Italian Red Dress Dancer as she turned around, smiling) Anything for you boys!

Peter: (Widened his eyes) M-May?

May: Hello, Peter! (Noticed the Suit) Wow, nice costume, Peter! Where did you buy that?

Peter: F-F-From... Online, May, what are you doing here?

May: Well, as you already know, I have a pretty good position at F.E.A.S.T! And, as part of my first assignment, I am going to be serving food and drinks for the Halloween Festival tonight!

Ned: Wow, that's great, Mrs. Parker!

May: Thank you, Ned! Would you two still like that lemon juice you requested?

Peter: Y-Yes, please.

May: Okay... (Pours the boys two drinks) Here you go, and have fun! Be sure to behave!

Peter: We will! (Turns around) Oh god, me and my stupid mouth!

Ned: Well, come on! Not everyone really knows you or your Aunt that well.

Peter: But we have kids from our school that know her! Dude, I'm gonna be embarrassed!

Ned: Okay, well why don't we worry about it later, and have some fun?

Betty: (Walks over to Ned) Uh, excuse me... Ned Leeds, right?

Ned: (Turns around, seeing Betty Brant standing in front of him) Yeah.

Betty: Uh, so we have someone in our group that is dressed up as the Damsel in Distress from the Indiana Jones movies, and since you're in costume, we were wondering if you could take a selfie with us?

Ned: Oh... Um... (Turns to look at Peter, before turning to Betty) Just give me one moment, will you?

Peter: Ned, it's okay! You can go.

Ned: Alright! (Turns to Betty) Okay, so where is the Selfie happening?

As Ned walked away with Betty, Peter walked alone in the plaza as the music began to change its previous song to Vindicated by Dashboard Confessional, people dancing slowly as Gloria walked next to Peter.

Gloria: (Walks next to Peter) Hey, Spidey.

Peter: (Turns to see Gloria) GG, hey. Aren't you supposed to be doing Karaoke with Sally right now?

Gloria: I am. But not for another five minutes since everyone's still setting up. (Looks around) So, while I'm here, can you tell me why you're so mopey?

Peter: (Raises a brow) Mopey? What are you talking about?

Gloria: Well, you have this look on you... Like you're missing something. (Raises a brow) Or perhaps, someone in particular.

Peter: (Sighs) It's nothing, GG... It's Gwen, I think I made her mad for not telling her the truth about... You know.

Gloria: Does she know yet?

Peter: No, not yet.

Gloria: Well, why don't you go and tell her then?

Peter: Because she's not coming to the party right now. And I have to tell her in person so she'd take it seriously.

Gloria: Oh, in person?

Peter: Yes, in person! (Turns to Gloria) What's wrong with that?

Gloria: Oh, nothing at all! (Smiles) I'm just saying that you don't have to wait for too long.

She pointed at someone for Peter to see, directing his eyes over to Gwen Stacy, all dressed up as Mal as she wore a Witch's outfit with a Purple Wig attached on her head as she looked around, unaware of being watched by two of her fellow Midtown High students.

Peter: (Looks at Gwen) Whoa...

Gloria: Well... I think I should be going now. (Turns around and leaves) Good luck getting the girl, hero!

Gloria left for the Karaoke contest while Peter was left alone to be with Gwen... Seeing that he has nothing else to do, he walked right behind Gwen, greeting her.

Peter: (Walks behind Gwen) Hey. (Gets her attention, turning her around) Nice outfit, Mal.

Gwen: (Smiles) Thanks. (Looks at his Suit) I could say the same about yours, Spider-Man.

Peter: (Smiles a little, rubbing his hair) Uh, t-thanks, Gwen... Hey, do you wanna... Hang out for a little bit?

Gwen: (Nodded) I'd love to.

They walked around the plaza, holding hands together as they enjoyed each other's company.

Peter: (Looks over to Gwen while walking) Hey, I'm... I'm glad you came, tonight.

Gwen: (Looks over to Peter while holding his hand) So am I.

Peter: I uh... I thought I made you mad earlier because of... Well...

Gwen: (Giggled a little) Heh! Oh, you have to come up with a better tactic to make me angry, you Adorable Idiot.

Peter: Oh, you think so?

Gwen: Yeah... Being a Police Captain's Daughter can turn someone into a pretty tough cookie.

Peter: Oh, well then I guess I'll have to be extra careful then. (Smiles) So uh... Would you like to... Um... Dance?

Gwen: Oh, well only if you got the moves, Tarantula Man.

Peter: I thought that was your nickname for Spider-Man?

Gwen: Oh, it is! In fact, I'm gonna call him that the next time I see him!

The two laughed, enjoying each other while Jessica Drew was seen dressed up as an Asgardian Warrior, spying on the two teenagers when Happy Hogan, dressed up ironically as Iron Man, walked over to the woman.

Happy: (Walks to the lady) Hey, excuse me, do you know where-? (Jessica turned to him, widening his eyes) Where the wine is located? I'm sorry, do you work here?

Jessica: No, I don't.

Happy: Oh... Okay... Well... If I do find some liquor around here, would like to, I dunno... Have a-?

Jessica: I'm good, thank you.

Happy: Alright, that's fine! That is absolutely fine.

The Horizon Labs head of Security walked away, sulking while Harry and MJ walked over to the Oscorp Board Members.

Harry: (Walks over to one of the members) Hey, Mr. Fargas!

Fargas: (Turns over to see Harry) Oh, hello, Harry.

Harry: Hey, how are you doing?

Fargas: Well, I'm just... Enjoying the night's festivities.

Harry: Fantastic! (Looks around) Hey, where's Dad at? Is he around here somewhere?

Fargas: Oh... (Rubbed his glasses) I'm afraid he won't be coming to the event tonight.

Harry: (Nodded) Of course. (Patted Fargas on the shoulder) Well, you go ahead and have a nice night, sir.

Fargas: (Nodded) Same can be said of you.

The two walked away as Peter and Gwen caught up with Max Modell and Otto Octavius in the stand.

Otto: (Dressed up as Isaac Newton while turning over to see the interns) Oh, well speak of the devil!

Max: (Dressed up as Albert Einstein, seeing the interns) Oh, Mrs. Stacy, Mr. Parker! So good to see you both, nice costumes you're wearing!

Peter: Thanks! Are you guys getting set up for the presentation?

Otto: Of course! But we'll have to wait in line for whatever Oscorp is demonstrating.

Gwen: What are they doing that's so important to do it at the festival?

Otto: I don't know, Gwendolyne, but all I know that when it comes to Norman Osborn, he makes all the illogical choices.

Max: We don't have to worry about it. With our inventions, everyone will take immediate notice, that I can guarantee.

Gwen: Well, we hope everything works out okay.

Peter: Yeah, you guys make too much good work for it to be ignored.

Otto: You can say that again Peter. (Hears the loudspeaker being used) Oh, well... It sounds like they're getting started.

Max: (Turns to the stage) Here we go...

Everyone around the plaza turned to look over to the stage to see Andrew Fargas at the face front of it while the rest of Oscorp's board members were seen as well.

MJ: (Raises a brow, seeing the board members) Wait, why are they on stage?

Harry: (Stares at Andrew) I have absolutely no idea.

Fargas: (Taps on the microphone, testing its sound before speaking) Ladies and gentlemen... For years, Oscorp has been running solo as the United States main military contractor, for many of you who may not know... However, as of tonight, I'd like to proudly say that-!

The microphone suddenly started to get eerily loud, screeching in everyone's eardrums as the event-goers have closed their ears tight.

Ghostface: Ugh, what's going on?

Predator: What's up with the speakers, man?

Masked Wrestler: Yo, turn it down, dude!

Fargas: (Groans as he tapped on the mic once again) I apologize! I'm sorry, I don't know-!

Green Goblin: (Is heard on every loudspeaker on the plaza) Hehehehehehe! Hahahahahahaha!

Everyone became disturbed by the sounds of laughter as Peter turned to look around, his senses tingling like crazy.

Zombie: Dude, we're getting pranked right now.

Vampire: Is this for real right now?

Cyborg: Somebody give props to the actor, man! He's got a good laugh!

Peter: (Looks around, his senses rising) Gwen?

Gwen: (Turns to Peter) Yeah?

Peter: (Turns to her) We should probably go.

Gwen: (Raises a brow) Why? What's wrong?

As everyone was confused by this development, the Green Goblin suddenly appeared right from the inside of the Oscorp poster wall, taking everyone by immediate surprise as they saw the horrific nature of this beast.

Green Goblin: (Continue to laugh manically) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Jessica: (Stares at the beast) What the hell?

Peter: (Sees the Goblin in front of him) Whoa, what is that thing?!

Fargas: (Stares at the monster) What the hell are you?!

Green Goblin: Oh, the Green Goblin, thank you for asking! (Grabs the microphone from the board member's hand, looking around) Hello, New York! Having a Happy Halloween so far? Hehehehe.

Ned: (Stares at the Green Goblin on stage) Whoa, what is that?

Flash: No idea, but that dude's killing it over there! (Takes out his phone and start taking pictures)

Green Goblin: (Sees people taking pictures of him) Oh, yes! Please, take your pictures! Please, take your time! I really appreciate the love, I do!

Fargas: (Stands up, looking at the Goblin) Excuse me! Who the hell do you think you are?!

Green Goblin: (Turns to Fargas, groaning) Ugh, looky here! A party pooper! Boo! Lemme hear you, people!

Everyone: (Began to call out in unison) BOO!

Green Goblin: Yeah, there we go, people! Boo! (Turns to Fargas) See that? People are booing at you now! What do you have to say, dear Mr. Fargas?

Fargas: I said, who the hell do you think you are?! This our presentation!

Green Goblin: (Raises a brow) Uh... The Green Goblin... Isn't it obvious? (Turns to the crowd) I mean, isn't it obvious or not?

The crowd began to laugh at the creature's sense of humor while a few in the just stared with uncertainty.

Green Goblin: (Smiled as he made people laugh) Hehehehe! (Turns to look at Fargas, who was unamused) Oh, come on! Don't give me the grumpy look! You have to admit, that was pretty funny!

Fargas: Yeah, yeah, nice costume! Now listen, you're interrupting-!

Green Goblin: Oh, wait, wait, wait, let me stop you right there, dear Andrew. (Points at the businessman) You actually believe that I'm merely a costume?! How dare you!

Fargas: Oh, haha! Very funny, sir!

Green Goblin: Oh no, you don't get it, Andrew! You see, that right there was not funny at all! In fact, I don't I'm making myself very clear here; Funny is like this. (Gives out a creepy smiley face, making everyone laugh at the sentiment) Not Funny is like this. (Growled lowly as everyone laughed at the grumpy expression on his face) And right now, I'm not like... (Gives out the smiley face expression) I'm more like... (Gives out the grumpy face expression while everyone laughed) And the reason why is because you sir, along all the board members gathered here are stinking traitors! Yes, you are!

Fargas: I have no idea what you're talking about!

Green Goblin: Oh? Well, lemme put two words together for you so that deja vu can settle in that little brain of yours; Quest Aerospace! (Points at the man he accused, as he widened his eyes) Oh, that's right, you damn, dirty dawg! You, along with everyone else on stage have tried to sell your own company over to Quest Aerospace as soon as they offered money over at the table!

Harry: (Raises a brow while everyone cheered on at the Goblin's theatrics) What?

Green Goblin: I mean, what the hell happened? One moment, you people were at war with each other, then the next thing you know, you're all giving yourselves over like small puppies because they acted like small puppies begging for help after one big bad bombing! And that is why I, the Green Goblin, is here to get rid of the stink! And the only way to get rid of the stink is to kill every single one of you!

Everyone then began to stop laughing after hearing the beast give out a death threat, making everyone murmur to each other.

Astronaut: Uh, what did he say?

Minecraft: Is that part of the script?

Mickey Mouse: I'm not sure that's funny, you guys.

Fargas: (Blinked at the threat the Goblin just made) I-I'm sorry?

Green Goblin: You heard me... I said I'm going to kill you! Isn't that enough for your brain cells to process? Or is money the only language you ever understand?

Fargas: Oh... And, how exactly will you do that?

Green Goblin: Oh, well that's easy; I'll just set you on fire. I mean, I did say that I was here to get rid of the stink, now didn't I?

Fargas: Sir, I don't know what you think you are, your theatrics are not funny!

Green Goblin: Oh, I never said that they were funny! I mean, come on! Didn't we just talk about the Funny and Not Funny discussion?

Fargas: Alright, you know what? We're getting off this stage and we're calling the police!

Green Goblin: Oh, no you will not, good sir.

Fargas: Really? Why's that?

Green Goblin: Oh, well I'm so glad you asked! Because earlier today, I had replaced the janitor's cleaning supplies with a fresh gallon of gasoline. And they sprayed it all over right where each and every one of you is standing.

Everyone began to gasp as Peter began to leave Gwen, turning a shadowy corner to put his mask on as the audience witnessed the Goblin set his hand on fire as he raised it up, making everyone shout in unison as they saw his hand burst into flame.

Green Goblin: And that is exactly how you will all die!

Fargas: (Widened his eyes, seeing the fire) Oh my god, who the hell are you?!

Green Goblin: Oh, I've already told you twice... I am the Green Goblin! And I'm the real deal, baby!

Suddenly, Spider-Man showed up to shoot a web at the Goblin's hand so he could pull the flaming limb back away from the board members... However, that was utterly fruitless, when with just one flick out of his fingers, a droplet of flames fell onto the stage floor and then the entire Oscorp board was set on fire in a matter of seconds, making everyone scream in horror while the board members were burning to death.

Ned: (Widened his eyes while standing next to Flash, Betty, Gloria, Randy, Liz, and Sally) Oh-!

Happy: (Stands next to Max and Modell) My-!

Gwen: (Is seen standing alone, terrified) God!

Spider-Man: (Clasped both his hands on his forehead, seeing people dying because of his failure) No!

Green Goblin: (Grins maliciously as he laughed) Hahahahahaha! Now, that's funny! (Sees Fargas crawling around on the burning floor) Oh, Andrew! Have anything else to say?

Fargas: (Is burning to a crisp as he pointed at the Green Goblin) You're... Insane!

Green Goblin: (Gives out two thumbs up at the dying businessman while casting a smile) You damn right I am!

He continued to laugh as the board members burnt to death, leaving everyone screaming in terror as people began to run away in fear, much to the Green Goblin's amusement.

Green Goblin: (Raises a brow as he saw people leaving) Oh, where are you all going? The fun's just getting started!

He began to throw fireballs onto the crowd, causing flames to burst from the ground while people were running away, some getting caught in the blast radius as few were getting lifted up in the air, only to fall right to the brick pavement. The Green Goblin laughing crazily as everyone was getting dispersed.

Gwen: (Looks around, seeing Peter going missing) Peter?! PETER?!

MJ: (Gets dragged away from Harry) Harry! Harry!

Harry: (Turns to see his Girlfriend getting dragged away by the scared pedestrians in costume) MJ! MJ!

Max: (Widened his eyes) Dear god, this is bizarre!

Happy: (Turns to Octavius and Modell) Okay, sorry bosses, but presentations canceled! Come on, let's go, we're getting out of here!

Spider-Man: (Looks around at the dispersing crowd) Karen, where are my friends and family?!

Karen: Scanning. (Scans the crowd, highlighting every one of the individuals on Peter's list) Everyone you want to find is highlighted on your Mask Lenses, Peter.

Spider-Man: Thank you so much! Now, call the police, get them over here right now! (Sees Harry and MJ getting separated) Oh man, Harry and MJ! (Ziplined his way over)

MJ: (Gets dragged by the crowd) Harry! Harry!

Harry: (Runs over to her, trying to get through) MJ! Hey, let me through! MJ!

Spider-Man: (Swung his way over, and then webbed MJ away from the pushing crowd) I got you!

MJ: (Gets pulled to Spider-Man) Ahh!

Harry: (Sees MJ getting rescued) MJ, MJ! (Runs over to the two as they landed on the ground, hugging his Girlfriend) Oh my god!

MJ: (Hugged her Boyfriend) Harry!

Harry: Holy shit, are you okay?!

MJ: Uh, yeah! (Turns to Spider-Man) Thanks!

Spider-Man: Your welcome! Now run for your life!

He swung up in the air to help more people trapped in the chaos, leaving the couple to run away while he spotted a group of people trapped inside of a burning bus while Gwen took notice while running around.

Clown: (Bangs on the window) Help us! Somebody, help us!

Gwen: (Runs over to the bus doors, trying to pull it open) Hang on, I got you!

Spider-man: (Landed on the ground, tending to the trapped survivors) Wow, you totally stole my line!

Gwen: (Turns to look at Spider-Man) Spider-Man?!

Spider-Man: Gwen Stacy! (Walks over to the doors) Wow, we really need to stop meeting like this!

Gwen: (Looks around) Hey, where's Peter?! I can't find him!

Spider-Man: Oh, don't worry, he's fine! I got him out way after this happened!

Gwen: (Looks back at Spider-Man, seeing the Suit) Wait... Your Suit...

Spider-Man: (Tries to pull open the doors) What about it?

Gwen: It looked similar... Highly similar to what Peter was wearing! Way too good to be bought on the Internet!

Spider-Man: Oh... Well, I uh... (Turns to Gwen) I let him borrow my Suit.

Gwen: (Raises a brow) You let him borrow your Suit?!

Spider-Man: Well, obviously not the Mask! Did you see him running around with it?

Gwen: Oh my god, just help me get these people out!

Spider-Man: (Raises a brow) Wait a minute, I'm sorry, help you?!

Gwen: Yes, help me, Tarantula Man! You deal with the doors, I got the windows!

Spider-Man: Hold on, how exactly are you going to open the windows when they're-?!

Right in the middle of his sentence, Gwen grabbed a baseball bat lying on the ground and swung it right on the glass, smashing the window open as people managed to find a way out, much to the Webhead's surprise.

Spider-Man: (Whispers to himself) Wow, she really is a tough cookie!

Gwen: (Turns to Spider-Man) What?

Spider-Man: I mean, good job! Bravo, your Dad would be proud!

Gwen: Well, more like pissed that I caused property damage, but I'll take the sentiment!

The two worked on the bus while Ned, Gloria, and Liz were with the Midtown group as panic was settling into their systems.

Flash: (Looks around, seeing people run away) Oh my god, what the hell's happening?! What the hell's happening?!

Gloria: We need to get out of here!

Betty: We need to go call the police!

Randy: Call the police, on THAT thing?!

Betty: Do you have any better ideas?!

Ned: (Walks over to Liz, whispering quietly) Hey, Liz... Don't you think it's a good time to, you know... Flame on?

Liz: (Raises a brow, looking at Ned) Are you kidding me?!

Ned: Oh god, it's the catchphrase, isn't it? I'm sorry, I got it from this guy on Youtube, who's related to this science lady, who's married to this really, incredibly smart guy-!

Liz: No, I mean the other thing! Are you expecting me-?!

Ned: Well, you have powers, don't you?!

Gloria: (Turns to Ned, overhearing the whispering) She's not ready yet, you moron!

Ned: Well, who else isn't ready?! When is it ever a good time to be ready?!

May: (Runs over to the Midtown High Students) Hey! Hey, follow me!

Ned: (Turns around, seeing May Parker) Mrs. Parker?!

May: Come with me! I know the exit, follow me!

She leads the group away from the fires and headed over to a safe place, seeing the Goblin terrorizing the area.

May: (Knelt to the ground) Get down! Everyone down!

Randy: (Sees the Green Goblin roar while shooting out Fireballs) Aw hell, that thing is huge!

May: (Gets out her phone) Alright, everyone just hang on! (Calls in 911)

Operator: (Answers the call) 911, what is your emergency?

May: Help! Help us, there is a monster terrorizing people in Wall Street! It killed people, burnt them alive!

Operator: Alright, please stay calm, Ma'am. Can you describe the creature?

May: Uh, it's a Goblin! A Green Goblin! It has these horns sticking out of his head, and he can set himself on fire without getting hurt! And-!

Flash: And he's gone!

May: (Turns to Flash) What?

Flash: The monster. (Points at the area where the creature was at) It's gone!

Everyone looked around to see where it went. When they leaned back, Ned turned around to find the Goblin sitting right in front of them, staring.

Ned: (Widened his eyes in terror) AHHH!

Green Goblin: Heeeeeere's GOBBY!

Sally: (Turns around, getting startled by the Goblin) Oh my god!

Flash: (Widened his eyes as he saw the Goblin right behind them) Holy shit!

Green Goblin: RAAAAAGH!

Everyone backed away screaming as the Goblin jumpscares the group, letting May drop her phone in the process while the Troll laughed evilly.

Operator: Ma'am, are you still there?

Green Goblin: (Mimics her voice while stalking May) Ma'am, are you there? Ma'am, are you there? Ma'am, are you there? HAHAHAHAHA!

May: (Crawled away from the beast) Get away from me!

Gwen: (Hears May's shouts while Spider-Man got everyone out of the beast) Oh no... Peter's Aunt!

Spider-Man: (Widened his eyes, seeing Goblin terrorizing her) May?! MAY! (Swung his way over)

Green Goblin: (Walks over to May) Time to join the dance, my mistress!

May: (Kicks her feet at the Goblin) Go to hell!

Green Goblin: Oh, I'll happily take you there, sweetpea! (Laughs sinisterly while setting himself on fire, right until he got shot) Agh!

The shots continued firing on his back, making him turn around to see Jessica Drew firing her rounds at him, angering him as he walked away from the group.

Jessica: (Shoots at the Green Goblin) Go! Get out of here!

Liz: (Turns to the group) Okay, let's go!

Gloria: (Picks May up with Randy's help) Come on, let's move!

They ran away while Goblin ran over to Drew, knocking her back by swiftly moving his backhand at the Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Jessica: (Gets knocked back against a car, breaking a rib) UGH!

Green Goblin: (Growled at Drew as he stalked over her) Someone's been a very, very, bad girl! (Lifted his claws up to scratch her, only to have it pulled back by a Web) Eh?

Spider-Man: (Swung over to the Goblin) Surprise!

Spider-Man web kicked the Goblin right on the side of his cheek, knocking him back away from Drew as the hero landed on the ground, turning to Drew.

Spider-Man: (Turns to Jessica) Jessica! (Gets her up) Jessica, what are you doing here?!

Jessica: (Moaned in pain) Doing my job.

Spider-Man: (Sees her choice in costume) While wearing an Asgardian Warrior's outfit?

Jessica: Part of a Spy's cover.

Spider-Man: (Hears her moan while he got her up) Listen, do me a favor; call Fury, tell him to bring in some backup while you keep my friends and family safe!

Jessica: What about you? What are you going to do?

Spider-Man: I'm going to end this! Now go!

He turned around to face the Goblin while Drew walked away, with it doing the same as he looked at the small being dressed up in Red and Blue.

Green Goblin: (Looks down at the Spider) Ah, you must be the So-Called Spider!

Spider-Man: (Looks up at the Goblin) And you must be the Megalomaniac with a weird sense of humor!

Green Goblin: Well, what can I say? (Shrugs) If it's funny, then why bother not seizing the opportunity?

Spider-Man: Really? Do you think it's funny terrorizing and hurting innocent people?

Green Goblin: Come on, don't tell me you actually feel sorry for those Rice Crispies on stage!

Spider-Man: You killed those people on stage, then laughed while they were burned alive!

Green Goblin: Because I wanted to! Just look at me; I'm a Goblin! I'm practically bred to troll people whenever I feel like it!

Spider-Man: I don't care what you are! You're done hurting people!

Green Goblin: Oh, please! I'm only done when only I say so! You'll just have to make me stop if you want it badly!

Spider-Man: Then so be it! Let's go!

The battle began with Spider-Man shooting a Web at the Green Goblin, who just dodged it so he could throw Fireballs right at the hero. When it started, Spidey then began swinging around the plaza to reign hell all over the street as the fight continued.

Green Goblin: (Laughs with insanity brewing inside of him) Blast! Looks like a mistrial! (Grabs Spider-Man by the leg)

Spider-Man: (Gets grabbed by the leg) Agh!

Green Goblin: This court is adjourned! (Slams Spider-Man to the ground)

Spider-Man: (Gets slammed onto the ground hard) GAH! (Rolls over, finding the Goblin shooting more fireballs right at him) WHOA!

Spidey covered himself while explosions blasted right at him, causing the hero to fly backward against a tree as he landed. As he rubbed his face, he felt glass falling out of his face, as he opened his eyes to realize one of his lenses was broken.

Spider-Man: (Sees the glass in his hands) Uh, Karen?

Karen: You have a broken lense on your right oculus. Rest assured, your Mask is still covering your face, securing your Identity as Spider-Man.

Spider-Man: (Groans as he got up) Oh, Mr. Stark's gonna kill me when he finds out about the broken Lenses.

As he got up, law enforcement had arrived on the scene, along with S.H.I.E.L.D. forces as everyone carrying a gun ran out of their vehicles and began to aim right at the Green Goblin.

George: (Holds out the patrol car's microphone) This is the NYPD! You're surrounded! Put your hands up!

Green Goblin: (Stares at the authorities with a grin) Oh, you'd like my hands in the air?

George: This is your final warning! Hands in the air, now!

Green Goblin: (Chuckled bitterly while he happily raised them up) Well, you only had to ask! (Throws out Flame Blasts out his hands, spreading them out vertically) HAHAHAHAHA!

He laughed while he sent out Flame Blasts at the authorities, taking them out as everyone got in cover. As George began to duck down, a Flame Blast was thrown right in his direction, just in time for Spider-Man to swing up and catch him before the area he was in exploded.

Spider-Man: (Carried Captain Stacy) I got you!

He landed on the ground as the Goblin ran past the police and S.H.I.E.L.D. with no trouble at all, running inside of a building while flames spread all over the area as people were seen running away or laying on the ground injured... Spider-Man looked around and saw all this chaos, all caused because of the Goblin while Gwen ran over to her Father.

Gwen: (Runs to her Dad) Dad!

George: (Sees Gwen) Gwen. (Is given a hug when he was approached by his Daughter, hugging her back) Are you okay?

Gwen: (Hugs him) Yeah, I'm alright! Oh my god, are you okay?

George: Yeah, I'm fine... (Looks around) Where... Where did that thing go?

Spider-Man: (Stares at the trail the Goblin left) Inside the 40 Street building. He retreated inside. (Walks over to the trail) I'm gonna get him!

Gwen: (Looks at Spider-Man) Hey, you can't do that! It'll kill you!

Spider-Man: I've got no choice, it'll kill more people if I stop!

George: Wait a damn minute! You'll be going in there without proper backup! Wait for backup!

Spider-Man: So it can escape? No thanks! (Leapt off the ground)

Gwen: Spider-Man, wait!

He was long gone by then. He was leaping right inside of the building, crashing through the window as he walked on the trail, following the Goblin's tainted footprints. Outside, Gwen walked up, seeing the building Spider-Man went off to as she turned to her Father.

Gwen: You're going to be fine, right Dad?

George: (Nodded) Yeah, as long as I catch my breath.

Gwen: Alright, well... That's good to know! (Walks off)

George: (Sees his Daughter walking towards the building) Gwen, where do you think you're going?

Gwen: Oh, you know, providing back up! I'll be back! (Runs inside)

George: No, no! Gwen, Gwen! Someone stop her!

She ran inside just before anyone could catch her. She then began to take the elevator and take the floor she wanted to go to as the authorities tried to come after her.

Police Officer: (Sees Gwen in the elevator) Hey, stop right there!

Gwen: (Sees the cops running after her) Come on, please, please, please, shut the door! (Sees the door shutting fully) Thank you!

The officer banged on the door while Spider-Man was seen in the building hunting down the Green Goblin while it mocked him from the shadows.

Green Goblin: (Is hiding in the shadows) Aw, what's the matter? Is there no one left to help the poor itsy bitsy Spider?

Spider-Man: (Punches at the wall) Where are you?!

Green Goblin: (Is heard in the shadows) The itsy bitsy Spider went up the waterspout.

Spider-Man: Stop playing games! You're not funny!

Green Goblin: (Cackles in laughter) Oh, but you're on my side of the haunted house now, hehe!

Spider-Man: Show yourself!

Green Goblin: (Continues to sing hauntingly) Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and cauldron bubble.

Spider-Man: Shut up! (Kicks a table over)

Green Goblin: Lock your doors... And turn out the lights.

Spider-Man: RAGH! (Punches a glass mirror, trying to find the creature) Quit hiding!

Green Goblin: Or ghosts and goblins will spook you with fright!

Spider-Man: (Looks around the area) You don't scare me!

Green Goblin: Jump in bed then pull the covers on tight... Close your eyes until morning is light.

Spider-Man: Show yourself!

Without warning, a hand struck from the floor, grabbing onto one of the hero's feet, dragging him down unto the wooden floor. The next thing Spider-Man knew was that he found himself getting held by the neck by the Green Goblin as he stared at the hero in his grasp right in the eyes.

Green Goblin: (Grins devilishly at him) If you insist! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

He laughed while Spider-Man tried to get out of his grasp, but to no avail as he was thrown to the ground with the Goblin still holding him.

Green Goblin: (Smiles at the Spider) Ah, I wonder why you dress up as a Spider! I mean, don't get me wrong! The Suit is really awesome! Just loving the Black Stripes on your shoulders, it really brings out the Modern Day style we live in!

Spider-Man: (Tried to pull the Goblin's hand off him, kicking the Goblin by the chest) Let me go! (Gets slammed to a wall) UGH!

Green Goblin: (Plants the Spider right against the wall) But then again, I find it really odd that you of all people decided to dress up as a Spider when recently, a colleague of mine was working on Spiders! Of course, Spiders didn't work out for him as he wanted it to, but yet it seemed to have worked out for you!

Spider-Man: Ugh, shut up! (Tries to punch the Goblin's face)

Green Goblin: (Caught the young hero's hand right before it could land a hit) So, these webs of yours... How do they work exactly? (Raised his hand against the wall while working out the Web-Shooters) Does it work like-? (He pressed the button that causes webs to shoot out of his webs) Ah, there it is! There's the webbing everyone talks about! Now if I could just...

The Goblin then pointed Spider-Man's hand at the other, shooting it against the wall as he began to panic internally.

Green Goblin: Ah, there we go! (Holds his hand against the wall while using the other Web Shooter) Now for the other hand.

Spider-Man: (Felt the Goblin working on his Web-Shooters) No, don't! (Gets his last freehand trapped against his own webbing, with both limbs trapped against the wall) NO!

Green Goblin: (Smiled deviously at his handiwork) Aha! Not so fun when being dealt with your own toys, huh? Hehehehehe!

Spider-Man: (Growled angrily as he struggled against the Webbing) You won't get away with this! Even if you kill me, someone else will come to stop you!

Green Goblin: Oh, I'm not gonna kill you boy! Well, not yet at least! Would you like to know what I'm gonna do? Hmm? Come on, ask the question!

Spider-Man: (Growled as he tried kicking the Goblin) Screw you!

Green Goblin: (Grabbed the leg) Nuh-ah-ah! Ask me the question, or else I start breaking your leg!

Spider-Man: (Grunts as he struggled) No!

Green Goblin: (Sighs) No, of course, you'd say no! You like the pain! Alright, how about this? You don't ask the questions, and then more people start getting hot! And I don't mean hot as the Summertime!

Spider-Man: (Started to cease his struggles after hearing the Goblin making more threats against the city) What are you going to do?

Green Goblin: Sorry, I couldn't hear you! (Starts grabbing one of Spidey's fingers and begins to snap it)

Spider-Man: (Widened his eyes as pain shot on his broken finger) AHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Green Goblin: (Smiles while reveling in his screams) Could you say it louder?

Spider-Man: (Growls in pain) What are you going to do?!

Green Goblin: Ah, I'm so glad you asked! (Leans his face against the hero's while caressing his Mask) You see, what I'm going to do is take off that silly looking Mask of yours! And then, when I see what you really look like on the outside, I'm gonna go search this City for anyone you care about and make you watch as I make them scream while I burn every inch of their skin!

Spider-Man: (Widened his eyes as he was held by the Goblin) No, you wouldn't!

Green Goblin: And then when they're dead, I'll happily burn this entire City that you work so hard to protect and make you bear witness to your own failure! And then, when the dust finally settles down, that's when I'll finally kill you!

Spider-Man: You monster, you wouldn't dare!

Green Goblin: Oh, I'll triple dare you I will! (Raises his hand over the top of Spider-Man's head, grabbing the Fabric of his Mask) And we'll begin right about... Now-!

Just as the Goblin was halfway through taking the Mask off, a rock was thrown right at his eye, halting his action. Turning around, he saw Gwen Stacy with a pile of debris on her side as she glared the Goblin down.

Spider-Man: (Sees Gwen Stacy in the room) Gwen?!

Gwen: (Glares at the Green Goblin) Stay away from him, you ugly-ass Hulk wannabe!

Green Goblin: (Growls lowly with no patience) Alright, change in plans!

Spider-Man: Gwen, run!

Gwen: (Tries to run, only to get grabbed by the Goblin) Ahh!

Spider-Man: No, no! Let her go!

Green Goblin: (Turns around with his Claws nearing Gwen) I'll just have to settle with you witnessing a girl getting cut up Saw style!

Before he could begin, a wall was blast open, knocking the Goblin back while releasing Gwen in the process and at the same time, disintegrating the Webs holding Spider-Man in place as he fell to the ground. When the dust settled, a series of S.H.I.E.L.D. Tricopter drones were in the air, firing all their weapons against the Goblin, both lethal and nonlethal as the Goblin took so much pain, he fell right onto the street, causing a hole in the cement.

When the two were alone together, the floor they were on started to fall apart as Gwen began to fall right onto the street, much to Spider-Man's terror.

Spider-Man: (Widened his eyes) GWEN!

Gwen: (Fell onto the street) Ah! Tarantula Man!

Spider-Man: I'm coming!

He dived out of the building and went after Gwen. With seconds going by, he got close enough to catch Gwen in his arms right before two of the debris collided inside of her, much to her shock as Spider-Man carried her out of danger and landed smoothly onto the ground as they both looked at each other.

Gwen: (Looks at Spider-Man) Hey...

Spider-Man: (Looks at Gwen) Hey...

Gwen: You... You saved me!

Spider-Man: Oh... That's funny... Because from right there, you saved me!

George: Gwen! (The two turned around, seeing her Father walking over to her) GWEN!

Spider-Man: (Turns to Gwen) I should go! You listen to your Dad, okay?

He left her to reunite with her Father while he leaped forward over to the hole that the Goblin fell inside of... There, he hung upside down from his Web to see that the monster had disappeared into the Subway tunnels, much to his bitter disappointment.

Spider-Man: (Looks around, seeing the Goblin nowhere in sight) Karen... Is that... Thing, anywhere nearby?

Karen: I've detected no signs of the Green Goblin anywhere... I'm afraid he's gone, Peter...

Sirens rang in the air as Spider-Man looked up, seeing that it was now safe to walk onto the streets as he looked back at the tunnels filled with the black void.

Spider-Man: (Stares at the dark tunnels, glaring) Karen... Send all details about the Green Goblin onto the Web... We're far from finished with him...

The next morning, everyone was at school watching news of the horrific event that transpired at Wall Street Plaza last night as footage of the Green Goblin appeared on the screen.

News: (Shows footage of the Green Goblin rampaging in Wall Street Plaza as a headline was read as "The Grotesque Adventure of the Green Goblin.") From what was supposed to be a traditional Halloween celebration was turned into a living nightmare for everyone in attendance, as a monstrous being known as the Green Goblin, was seen terrorizing the plaza just after setting fire to the entire Oscorp Board. From this incident, the death toll is currently sitting at 15 while the number of people reportedly injured is currently sitting at 82.

Mr. Harrington: (Turns to his students) Alright, I know that some of you were there the night the incident had occurred at Wall Street. So Principal Morita and Counselor Drewman have told me that if any of you feel like you want to get some fresh air, just let me know ahead of time. (Sighs) Now, next week we are going to discuss the Life Foundation shuttle statistics! So be prepared to go online for the company's website!

The class was dismissed when the bell rang, letting students out of the hall as Peter walked out of the class, rubbing his head while Ned got out to join him.

Ned: (Turns to Peter) Hey! Hey, are you doing okay, man? You don't look so good!

Peter: (Walks solemly as he thought about last night) 15 people are dead because I failed to stop it, Ned. How do you think I'm doing?

Ned: (Sighs) Sorry, man... I shouldn't have asked.

Peter: No, I should be the one who's sorry! I let that, that thing beat me! And the Goblin was this close to killing Gwen right in front of me if those S.H.I.E.L.D. drones haven't shown up! And now he's still out there because I failed to stop him!

Ned: Well, hey! Don't sweat it! You can get him next time!

Peter: No, there won't be a next time, Ned! Don't you get it? The Goblin, it's a lot more dangerous, a lot stronger than anything I've ever faced, and if I face him the next time around, I will not only die, but everyone I care about will die!

Ned: So, now what? What are you going to do?

Peter: I don't know... But one thing's clear to me now; the more people that know who I am, the more likely that I'm going to be putting them in danger!

Ned: Wait, hold on... What are you saying exactly?

Peter: (Sighs) I'm saying... I'm saying maybe it's time that I limit to a number of people who know my Secret. And I don't think I can just let this pass by anymore; I have to be very strict about it, and I'm going to have to enforce that rule!

Ned: Hold on... If you're saying what I think you're saying... Does this mean you're not going to tell Gwen?

Peter: (Nodded grimly) I guess so...

Ned: Dude, that is so not fair! You've been wanting to tell her since the very beginning!

Peter: Yeah, you know who warned me about this life from the very beginning? Tony Stark. He said to me before last night that I had no idea what it was like to fight for my life or to face challenges that would push me so hard that I wouldn't be the same! And you know what? Last night, I had to fight for my life as if I depended on it! And if it wasn't for Jessica, he would have likely killed Aunt May on the spot! So if keeping my secret from the people I care about... People like Gwen Stacy or Aunt May... If it means that I'll be keeping them safe that way, then so be it! Because I'd rather keep them alive than buried 6 feet under!

Ned: Alright, okay! I'll level with you on this... But how exactly are we going to prepare for another Goblin attack?

Peter: You just leave that to me... For now, I've gotta go deliver pictures to the Daily Bugle.

Ned: (Raises a brow) I thought you quit after that fiasco with Scorpion?

Peter: Dude, just because I got angry at Triple J, doesn't mean I quit my job! Gig's a gig, I'll take it as long as it's legal.

Ned: Alright, well I'll let Liz and GG know about this. I hope you know what you're doing.

Peter: (Nodded) Yeah, me too.

Once he reached outside, he began to walk over to the subway tracks to catch his train. While he walked up the steps, he got a phone call from an unknown caller... Thinking who it may be on the other end, he answered the call without question.

Peter: (Placed the phone next to his ear) Should I even bother asking how you got this number?

Fury: (Is seen overlooking the Wall Street Plaza damage) Well, that would be spoiling the surprise, would it?

Peter: (Sighs as he looked at his school) Why are you calling, Fury?

Fury: Well, I got a report from Agent Drew last night, and from what I read, you took a turn for the worst. (Turns around) Now, I know I said that I would give you as much time as you need to think about that offer I gave you... But this Goblin creature I saw on the news is a big deal. Omega level priority target. And I'm gonna need as many hands as I'm gonna get to track this thing down, so I need to know-!

Peter: I want in.

Fury: (Blinked his eye) Excuse me?

Peter: I want in... You were right; I can be greater than I what I am now... People are dead and injured because I failed to beat the Goblin, and I don't want it to happen again!

Fury: Well, let me stop you right there because I'm not going to teach you how to save everyone. It's impossible to save everyone, even Stark can admit it.

Peter: But you can make me better than I am, can't you? Can't you train me to be better?

Fury: (Sighs) Well... I sure can help you save people a lot more efficiently if that's what you're asking.

Peter: Then that's all I need to know! So where can we start?

Fury: Alright, easy, Turbo! I'm gonna make some arrangements. It's gonna take a while, but I'll have Agent Drew to let you know when I'm ready.

Peter: (Nodded) Alright... See you soon.

He ended the call, seeing that his train has arrived as he turned to board it when Gwen arrived.

Gwen: (Walks to Peter) Peter!

Peter: (Turns around, seeing Gwen) Gwen.

Gwen: Hey. (Walks over to hug him, tightly) Oh my god, are you okay?

Peter: (Nodded, hugging her back) Yeah, I'm... I'm fine.

Gwen: (Looks at Peter) Where were you? I tried to find you after that thing killed those people, and you were like a ghost!

Peter: I'm fine... Spider-Man saved me after I gave him back his Suit, and I just ran as far away as I could.

Gwen: My goodness, you scared the shit out of me!

Peter: I'm sorry... It won't happen again, I promise.

Gwen: (Looks at Peter, sensing there's something else he isn't telling her) Hey... Is there something you wanna tell me?

Peter: (Raises a brow) I dunno-!

Gwen: Oh, stop! Don't give me that, "I don't know what you're talking about" talk! I know you're keeping something from me, I can feel it in my bones! (Sighs) Look, I don't care if you were out robbing the bank or something, okay! (Blinked) Okay, maybe a little bit, since it's illegal, but the point is; I need to know what your hiding! Peter, look at me! (Placed her hands on his) If there's something you wanna tell me, then just tell me! I know some part of you was trying to tell me at some point or another, and I need you to know that it's okay! Whatever it is, I'm okay with it! And if it's a secret worth keeping, then fine! I won't tell my Dad, I promise! Just, please! Please, give me something!

Peter just stared at Gwen after hearing what she said... All those times that he wanted to tell her... All the times that he's talked about it... All the times that he was deadly close to saying it... Right now, he just wanted to scream to the top of his lungs that he was Spider-Man, just to get it over with so that he'll be happy to have got the secret out of his chest.

But then, all he could think about now was the Green Goblin holding her, seconds about to cut her open... Then there were the times where he had to save her from a car thrown by Whiplash... The time he had to save her and his friends from Joey Gastone in the school gymnasium... And most recently, the time he had to catch her from falling to her death... All those times reminded him of the Responsibility that he must take.

Peter: (Looks at Gwen) Gwen... I'm... I'm sorry, but... But there's honestly nothing to say.

Gwen: (Scoffs in disbelief, looking at Peter) Really? Nothing to say at all?

Peter: (Shook his head) I'm sorry, but... I've got nothing. I honestly don't know what you're talking about.

Gwen: (Just looks at Peter dead in the eye, before giving up with a sigh) Alright... Fine, you... You win. But for the record... Whatever you're going through... I really, really hope that you sort it all out in the end, you Adorable Idiot.

With enough words to say, she began to walk away from Peter, down to the steps while he began to board his train just in time for it to leave, heading over to the Island of Manhatten while heartbreak was worked through on both sides of the argument...

At Oscorp, Norman was seen sitting on his Desk watching the news of the Goblin attack at Wall Street play out on the news.

News: (Reports the attack on Wall Street) The police are currently coordinating with S.H.I.E.L.D. in an effort to locate the mysterious Green Goblin that left the city shaken from his deadly attack. No confirmed reports on his whereabouts have been sent in as the last confirmed sighting was through the underground Subway tunnel-!

Felicia: (Knocks on the door) Mr. Osborn? Mr. Fisk is here to see you.

Norman: (Watches the news) Send him in, please.

Felicia nodded as she left the office. Then Fisk was seen walking inside as he turned to Osborn.

Fisk: (Walks over to Norman) Jonathan Ohnn.

Norman: (Continues to watch the TV) Hmm-mm... What about him?

Fisk: He's a scientist that works for you... He was seen working with a reporter on our "Projects", he was close to selling the information on the headlines.

Norman: And? Did your men capture him?

Fisk: Just Ohnn... The reporter escaped onto the streets before we could catch him.

Norman: And I'm supposing the evidence was all burned away?

Fisk: To be sure no one would try getting our data, yes. Now, can I ask you a question?

Norman: And what kind of question would that be?

Fisk: The kind that bothers me on why you keep smiling at the damn television!

Then, Norman turned to a mirror, finding himself just having a smiley face as he rubbed it, the smile disappearing as he turned to Fisk.

Norman: Oh... I apologize, Willy, I uh... I guess I must have had a wild time last night.

Fisk: (Raises a brow after being called Willy) And what do you mean when you say, "Wild?"

Norman: Oh, I don't know... Let's see, remember that illness I was having the other day? Well, it was just continuing to bother me, and I just thought, "You know what, Normie? What the hell? Let's pop out those Painkillers already!"

Fisk: (Stares at Norman carefully) Painkillers?

Norman: That's right! I have been taking Painkillers! So please, don't mind my rude bedside manners, because you might see me going, well, what's the polite term? Uh... (Smiles) Bananas, for a while. Is that alright with you, Willy?

Fisk: (Nodded, feeling the cringe settling in) That's... Fine.

Norman: Great! Just spectacular! Glad we could make an arrangement! (Turns around) Oh, and about our dear Johnny boy that you mentioned? (Turns to Fisk) He's all yours! You can feel free to do whatever the hell you want with him, I don't give a shit! Although, I recommend you put him with our other "Volunteers", that we have holed up in our care. After all, he was such a good Spot when it comes to playing with dots! You might as well just turn into a big giant Spot while you're at it! I mean imagine it! That way, we can all just call him, Spot, Spot, Spot, Spot, Spot! You feel me, Willy?

Fisk: (Nodded) I'll take it up to consideration)

Norman: Fantastic! Have fun, Wilson! Tell Johnny Boy I said hi while you greet him!

Norman watched as Wilson Fisk left the building... Then he turned to walk over to his penthouse and walk onto the roof, breathing in the air to let out a snicker... A snicker that would turn into a giggle. A giggle would later become a huge bawling noise of laughter as he just let out all the insanity out of his lungs.

Norman: (Laughs his lungs out) Hahahahahahahaha! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (Fell to the floor, hanging on the balcony bars) HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh my god, I never felt this alive!

Green Goblin: (Grins while he watched Norman laugh it all out) I told you... You and I would have so much fun together.

The two of them began to laugh in unison, as their insanity was shared loud enough for the whole City to hear.

At the Daily Bugle, J. Jonah Jameson was seen rubbing his head after yesterday's turn of events as he looked over the pictures of Jonathan Ohnn... Then the pictures were replaced with that of Spider-Man as he looked up to see Peter Parker handing him the latest batch.

Peter: (Looks at Jameson) Here are the pictures of Spider-Man from last night, Mr. Jameson... Thought you'd need it after the trip you had.

Jameson: (Nodded) Thanks, Parker. Now, get out of my office.

Peter: (Nodded) Sure thing. (Turns to leave)

Jameson: No, wait a minute! (Gets Parker stay) Just hold up... (Walks up to Peter) Listen about Gargan... I'm sorry... When I was dealing with him, I was given misinformation about how he was innocent due to Spider-Man's interference. I trusted the words of a stranger, and in the end, I let a nut loose onto the city, and for that... I am deeply sorry for not looking into this closely as a good reporter should have been.

Peter: (Nodded, hearing Jameson apologized) It's okay, sir... I know you mean well... We all do.

Jameson: (Nodded) Alright... Now seriously, get out of my office! I have to look at the update on my Son's shuttle!

Peter: (Smiled as he left the office) Good luck, Mr. Jameson.

He left the office for Jameson to be alone as he turned on the news, seeing live satellite footage of the Life Foundation shuttle returning to Earth.

John: (Is heard on the screen while returning to Earth) Life Foundation Control, this is LF1, the specimens are secured and we're heading home.

Jameson: (Grins as he heard of the success) Outta boy, John.

Life Foundation Control: Roger that, LF1, you are go for reentry.

John: Copy that. Initiating Reentry sequence in four by one oh three point-! (A noise was heard in the background, perking Jameson's concern) Ah, shit!

Jameson: (Stands up, hearing something go wrong) Dammit, John! What's wrong?

Astronaut: Seal it off! (Gets staticky) Seal it off-BKFFFF-Make it stop!

Life Foundation Control: LF1, this is Mission Control, you are breaking up! Please repeat!

John: (Is sounding static on his end) Mayday, mayday! LF1, MaydayZZZXXXFFFFFFFF!

Life Foundation Control: LF1, Mission Control, please repeat!

As Jameson sat down on his desk, he watched as the Shuttle started to enter Earth's atmosphere at a dangerous speed as flames started to heat up the ship.

Life Foundation Control: LF1, Mission Control, please repeat! What is going on up there?

Jameson: (Sighs, scared for his Son's life) Oh my god... John!

As Jameson became worried sick about his Son's safety, the Life Foundation Shuttle known as LF1 has entered the Earth's atmosphere, falling right out of the sky as it crash-landed onto the forests of New Malaysia... Then everything became black as the sounds of an Alien Parasite filled the air, hissing at the new environment it was being introduced to.

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