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His lovely spell

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"You found something?" A young boy in black and violet robes kneeled down to look at a bird, its feathers so white they seemed to be glowing. It replied with a cheerful chirp and started going somewhere with small jumps it did with its short legs. He was curious to see what his friend found, it always liked sparkly things, as excited as it was it might even have found jewelry.

The forest surrounding them, he knew it too well, it was his home after all. And he loved it dearly. It was covered in plants, flowers and trees, insects and animals could be seen and heard, but what was really special about the forest was the magic in its air. The amount of magic in this forest was a miracle that influenced the life in it at some point. From their looks to their abilities, animals and plants began to change in wonderful ways. It was a perfect place for a witch who wanted to study magic, but since he didn't want to just take from it, he helped the forest with is problems and helped it out with a certain troublesome issue. To prevent humans from abusing its magic he sealed it off. And it became a mere legend.

A strange light blinded him for a second, lost in his thoughts he didn't notice that they arrived already, but as he stepped closer he saw a small lake. It only had a little bit of sand surrounding it but in it was a bottle. That must have been what blinded him, there weren't a lot of leaves shielding this place from the sun after all.

"Is this what you wanted to show me?" He asked and got an eager reply, the chirping of the bird was the most beautiful when it was happy. He carefully approached the bottle, looked at it before he picked it up.

"Looks like.. a potion?" He gave it a sniff, blinked a bit, it was almost overwhelming. The magic emanating from it was strong, a lot must have been mixed into it. But it didn't seem dangerous, it even smelled sweet. Like flowers? Or desserts? It did manage to peak his interest. A potion like that was something he had never seen before, it might have been a healing type, so studying it would be interesting. Healing potions were more difficult to make than spells, but when done right they were also a lot more powerful. Other than the necessary magic for them, research about the ingredients had to be done very carefully, only the oldest witches were known to be wise enough to create potions of the kind.

"Thank you for showing me where it is!" He was so excited his cheeks were getting red and he picked the bottle up to rush back home. The bird was glad that its finding made him happy. His steps were hasty, he probably should have been more careful, he barely got into the woods again when someone appeared in front of him. It scared him so badly he got careless and stepped on his clothes, tripped and fell right on the stranger, his nose slamming against his chest. Before any disaster could happen he pulled his arms up to avoid something happening to his precious bottle.

For a moment he was dizzy, shook his head before he opened his eyes. The first thing he saw was a boy in very fancy clothing, with a pretty face, eyes with different colors and hair, half of it white and half of it red. After that he saw that he was sitting on top of him. Then he looked up, he kept his arms in the air the entire time but looking up, he saw that it was facing down and some kind of powder that looked more like glitter was on the boys face.

"Oh no." The young witch started panicking, quickly rubbing it away but it wouldn't get off of him, getting up he started to seem a little bit hysterical.

"Oh my god what if this is going to kill him, I never tested it oh no oh god." While running in a circle he didn't even notice that he man was calmy observing him. "Um... are you okay?" He asked while getting up and that made the boy in black stop for a second. The boy in front of him was human, certainly a beautiful one but that wasn't what mattered at the moment.

"I'm fine, but you... I'm sorry but I need you to come with me right now, I think I might have accidentally spilled something on you and it may or may not kill you so just stay calm. Tell me if you feel weird or anything, though you don't look different at least. Last time I turned someone into a frog so... yeah don't worry I'm sure you're not going to be a frog." While rambling he grabbed the boy whose name he still didn't know and started walking home, a small wooden house that was big enough for one person, but it was a mess inside, herbs and books were scattered everywhere. He grabbed one that was on top of a pile and started flipping through it, looking like he barely even got to read the page before he got to the next one.

"You can sit down here, I uhh... I'm just gonna look for something." He said with a nervous smile and pointed to a wooden chair, then went back to looking at the pages of the book. The stranger did as he was told, looking around the pretty house. The greens and colors of petals in the contrast of the dark wood, the smell of paper and flowers, it was a very relaxing place. By how it looked he could guess what creature the boy with him was, but it was a little bit hard to believe that a living witch was in the same room as he was in. Not that that was the most important thing on his mind, there was actually something else going on.

"What is your name?" He asked and the other boy turned around, noticed that his robes looked off from how fast he was walking. "Midoriya... Izuku." He said, surprised by the look in his eyes. They were, in a way, intense.

"I see. I'm sorry to say this so suddenly, but..."

He got up, came a bit closer and gently took one of his hands away from the book. Midoriya was shocked, unable to react, and in the next second he was given a little kiss on the back of his hand.

"I think I might have fallen for you, Midoriya."

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"This is bad. This is really bad." Midoriya was walking in circles again, the other one sat down and quietly observed the witch. "It just had to be a curse of all things." He sighed, looked at the boy again. His eyes were sharp, but looked glossy and he also seemed dizzy. The effect of a potion of the kind was incredibly strong, it made sense that it took a toll on his body. It was actually incredible that it didn't knock him out.

"A curse?" He asked, curiously tilting his head. "Well, a.. a love potion..." Midoriya got embarrassed just saying these words. "In the past spells and potions like that were abused to marry into royal family, that and other spells were some of the reasons the witch hunt began." He gulped, talking about it was still difficult. He remembered the storys he was told by his mentor, the hunt happened not too long ago, at least for witches with their unusually long lifespans. "Since then we decided that we will call some spells curses instead and that they shouldn't be used, taught or even documented anymore. Of course some still have the knowledge, but I didn't expect anyone to actually make it. It's really troublesome..." While talking he started inspecting the bottle, placed it on a desk and touched the glass with the tips of his fingers. It started glowing faintly in a light purple color and something white, almost like tiny feathers, came off of it and covered Midoriyas hands. Like they were attracted to them in a way.

"What are you doing?" The stranger asked, fascinated as well as curious, he saw magic from time to time already, but seeing him do it was different, he looked exceptionally beautiful with his eyes closed and that focused look. His clothes were slightly moving, the energy coming from what he did even influenced the air.

"Checking this bottle... It's almost like someone wanted to play a prank on us. The bottle only opens for people who aren't able to use any magic. They made sure a human would be cursed, but in that case leaving it in this forest doesn't make a lot of sense. Only if they knew that you would be..." He turned around, looked at the boy who looked tired and as innocent as anyone possibly could be. The green haired boy doubted that he had anything to do with the whole thing. Not that it would make sense that he would bring this on himself.

"I didn't ask yet, but who are you? And how did you even get here? Humans shouldn't be able to enter this forest." He looked rather serious, but more than that he was wondering how it was possible for someone to get here. It wasn't completely impossible, sometimes kids would be able to get in, it had something to do with their hearts being pure but he wasn't sure about that. Maybe the forest just liked that about them. The boy in front of him didn't seem like he was young enough for that to happen though. "My name it Todoroki Shouto. Prince of Ailyra." It was when he noticed that he didn't even introduce himself yet, he felt incredibly rude. He wanted to impress him after all, though he already did that.

Midoriya was staring at him, his mouth was open, his shock clearly visible. "...Prince?" He asked in a low voice. Todoroki was quiet for a bit, then nodded. Now that was just great, the prince of the country fell in love with him because of a curse. He was going to get executed or tortured or-

"I don't think you have to worry. I can explain the situation" Midoriya looked up, blinking a few times, the other one started smiling. "You said that out loud." His smile was pretty, it wasn't very wide, rather gentle and soft. When he cought himself staring, he quickly turned around. "Ah, d-did I?" His voice was shaking a bit while he asked, he hadn't seen another person in a while, that was probably the reason why he got so nervous seeing that.

"You also did earlier, when you found the bottle. That's why I was hiding for a while, I didn't want to... surprise you? Well, I might have thought you were a bit weird as well. I was so stupid just a while ago..." For some reason he looked like he was seriously angry at himself for thinking that way earlier. "No, that's understandable, I would have thought the same... Still, how did you get here?" He reminded Todoroki of his question again. "That is.. I got lost in the forest, so I trusted my horse to get me back and it led me here... and at some point I lost my horse as well." He seemed confused himself, but losing a horse? It made Midoriya giggle for a second. "Poor horse, must be worried sick. I will send a bird to look for it." His little messenger listened and then flew away, a bird should find it quickly.


The bird returned on the back of the horse. Midoriya saw it from far away already, it was beautiful and very clearly different from its surroundings, with its white fur. As soon as he saw it he gasped and rushed outside, closed the distance between them a bit more slowly though, he didn't want to scare her after all. "What a beautiful lady! I can't believe you lost her so easily! Oh I'm glad nothing happened to her..."

He seemed so worried about her, one would think it's his own horse. For Todoroki it seemed really cute, the boy he met must love animals a lot, he thought. With his fingers gently going through her mane he greeted her. "You're not angry, right?" Todoroki asked and that made Midoriya smile a bit. "You're lucky she's kind enough to forgive you." The boy also caressed the tiny birds head, it did a good job after all.

"Well then, it's getting late. I'm sure people are worried about you. You should return home for now, I will look for a way to break the curse and visit you." In that moment Midoriya didn't realize that this curse might be a bit more troublesome than that. Todoroki looked at him, expressionless as he usually seemed to be, and didn't say anything for a few awkwards seconds.


That was all.

"Huh?" Midoriya didn't know how to react, his eyes just widened and he lifted his arms a bit. "What do you mean?" His voice was squeaky, a lot of thoughts were going through his head and he had no idea how to express any of them. "I'm not going anywhere without you. I wouldn't survive a day without you by my side. Midoriya, I lo-"

The reaction of the boy was instant, he pressed his hands on Todorokis mouth to keep him from saying another word. It was just too embarassing, he couldn't handle hearing these words. "But.. what am I going to do? You can't stay here, they will seriously execute me if you do. The prince of a country going missing..." He began to feel a bit dizzy. Now that was seriously something he couldn't risk. It wouldn't just put him in danger, but the entire forest and everyone living in it. Why did that potion have to curse them? Of course it was interesting and this entire thing was fascinating and he wouldn't even mind the danger if nobody else was involved in it, but he wasn't willing to take risks for selfish reasons.

"Then... why don't you come with me?" Todoroki suggested and Midoriya looked up, looking like he just said the worst thing. "No, no, no, I can't! There's too many humans there." These words made Todoroki tilt his head a bit. "Are you afraid of humans?" He wouldn't like that, what would he do if the love of his life was afraid of him. Was it possible to turn into another species? Midoriya did say something about turning someone into a frog earlier.

"Well.. I'm not really afraid, it's just still really uncomfortable. Surely everyone would hate me and think I cursed you for my own benefit." With a little smile Todoroki shook his head. "Don't worry about it. We will explain the situation and you will tell them what you need to do. Although I think it's unnecessary." He winked to show him that he was (mostly) joking and gave his horse a pat before he got on it. Once again Midoriya sighed, but he looked up with a smile, feeling a bit more reassured. Not like he could do anything about it, he had to face the situation somehow, so he hurried back inside to stuff books he thought could be useful and some other essentials in his bag.

It felt strange, leaving his home to go to the capital city of Ailyra, Elsterberg. Even though it wasn't far away he was never there before. The witch hunt ended already, but there was still a lot of tension between humans and witches, some didn't believe that they really changed, so the witches prefered living quiet and solitary lifes.

His gaze was worried when he looked at his home one last time. He didn't know when he would return. Suddenly he remembered that he wanted to clean up this place for a while now, guess leaving was another way of procrastinating. When he looked outside he saw Todoroki, sitting on his horse with his back straightened and watching the sunset. He didn't notice before, but he had a very noble air around him, something that could make you lower your head and take a step bag. But more than that, in that moment the orange light made him shine beautifully. There were flowers surrounding this place, he called them Abendblüte since they only opened their petals to invite the last rays of sun in. They were shaped like a sun themselves.

"Are you ready, Midoriya?" His voice surprised him, he was lost in thought once again. The green haired boy nodded and Todoroki helped him get on the horse, he also apologized for his heavy bag, but the horse was fine with it. "Is it alright if we hurry a bit?" Todoroki asked, and while he thought it wouldn't bother him, he instantly grabbed Todoroki and wrapped his arms around him when she started running quicker. It was scary! His mind was looking for an excuse, since he was really embarrassed. Todoroki on the other hand was so happy he started spacing out. Thankfully Lucy was a reliable horse and made sure the prince didn't die.

The forest Midoriya has spent the last years in disappeared from his sight in no time. He felt sad between his excitement and anxiety, wondered if his home would be fine. His spell didn't disappear just because he left so that wasn't what he worried about, but the thought that something might happen was always there.

"Hold it right there!" A loud, vigorous voice surprised all of them and the horse made a rushed stop. Someone was in front of them, pointing a sword in their direction.

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Midoriya could feel the sharp red eyes of a young man on him, practically ignoring the prince in front of him. In these eyes he could see anger as well as restraint, a forced calm expression, but how irritated he was broke through like little pieces of a mask that fell off. That and the blade directed at him were more than enough to scare him and make him hastily let go of Todoroki, losing his balance because he did it so quickly. The prince grabbed his arm to avoid him falling down though.

"Don't touch him, my lord! What on earth is that witch doing with you?" As confident as Todoroki was earlier, he was suddenly at a loss of words. How would he explain this situation without the knight calling him charmed by a spell. Well, he was charmed by a spell, that wasn't wrong, but there was a logical explanation for everything and he simply needed to make him understand that. In his case it was more difficult, Todoroki was hoping that the knight who accompanied him already left to go home and that he could explain everything later. But there was no time and he had to open his mouth at some point.

"Well, there was somewhat of a mirac- an accident. And now I need to take this witch with me.. to the castle. I need to talk to my father." There was no way that he could have said it any worse. The body of the knight twitched a bit, he was beginning to feel so much anger he could barely keep his composure. "Is that what happened? This little witch here put a spell on you and wants you to announce that you will marry him right away?" Slowly the prince began to realize that he had to explain it a bit differently. "No, it's not like that, I can't marry him right away, we need to spend some time together first. But it's still not like that. I will explain everything when we meet father."

The boy felt unsure about what he should do, surely he couldn't just allow a witch into the great city, but on the other hand he couldn't disobey. At the end his duty as a knight took control and he got on his horse again, said that he would be riding ahead of them. That a knight with such a serious expression on his face let go so easily just because Todoroki told him to do so surprised him and made him realize how much power the words of a prince had.

"His name is Iida Tenya." Surprised by his voice Midoriya stopped staring at the young man in front of them and looked at Todoroki to listen properly. "He's a royal knight, with me most of the time. You could call him my guard I suppose. I've known him almost my entire life." When he looked ahead of them he could clearly see the detail engraved in his silver armor, the grand sword in the sheath, his proper posture and even though he couldn't see his eyes anymore, he felt like the man was incredibly focused. He looked exactly how a royal guard should look, even though he was the same age as they were. It was pretty amazing to see a person like him, someone who had his life together so early, as opposed to him who barely even figured out where he wanted to study.

While the sun was setting already when they were riding on the horses back, by the time they arrived in the city the sky was covered by a coat of darkness. Most of the shops were already closed, families were already sleeping and a few men were still eating dinner. At the very least nobody except guards was outside anymore. They gave Midoriya suspicious and confused looks, but didn't dare to stop both the prince and the royal guard. So they peacefully made their way through the city, only hearing the stomping of hooves of their horses walking on the path made out of stone.

Until they arrived at the castle Midoriya was starting to feel sleepy, since he still wrapped his hands around Todoroki's body he felt the warmth of his back against him, which made him feel oddly comfortable. But as soon as he saw the gigantic castle slowly making its appearence his eyes were wide open. It was above the entire city, almost as tall as the trees in the ancient forest. The gate was opened swiftly and the guards stepped aside for the prince, the horses were taken back by a few people he saw for barely a second.

When he saw how it looked inside the castle he breathed in sharply. He took a single step inside and was already overwhelmed by the grand and elegant hallway, with two stairs leading into another floor, but ahead was the throne room, it was obvious just by how gorgeous the wooden door was. Suddenly he looked at his shoes, though he couldn't see them directly, he felt like he could feel every crumble of dirt beneath his soles.

"I'll make the carpet dirty! My shoes, I should take them off- oh I shouldn't even be inside here I feel like I have dirt everywhere I-" Todoroki gently put his hand on his shoulder. "No need to worry, Midoriya. You're our guest here." Seeing his eyes filled with so much love made his heart skip a beat and him pull his hat down so he wouldn't be looked at. A love potion really was strong, to make a person act like that. It did make him feel uncomfortable, but there was also something pleasing about seeing someone's feelings so clearly.

"Iida, can you bring Midoriya to a guest room? Our best one." And he walked in the direction of the throne room while Iida walked upstairs and he followed him.

"I'm really sorry about this, Sir Iida. This entire situation was very unexpected." He was speaking so formally because he respected Iida, but he didn't receive an answer until he stopped and looked him right in the eyes. "Listen, witch. I don't trust you at all. Not after what your people have done. So no matter what prince Todoroki says, I will keep my eyes on you." He took a step upstairs before he quickly turned his head around again. "Even when you think I'm not, I am." He might have done that a few more times while walking to the room.

Either way, they arrived and Iida opened the door for him. "Huh? Such a big room?" Shocked once again he took a step back, but at the end his curiousity sent him back inside. It was a round room with a bed and drawer in it, a door to the balcony and a big closet. There was also a violin in one corner of the room. He was not used to sleeping in such a big space and imagining that just that one room was bigger than his home made him feel anxious.

"Don't make yourself too comfortable- hey! What are you doing?" Confused the knight looked at the maids coming in and pushing him out of the way, excited, giggling and grabbing the just as surprised Midoriya, throwing his robes off of him and taking his measurements. "What is going on?" Iida seemed upset about what was happening and asked the head of the maids who was watching the other women. "Prince Todoroki asked us to give Midoriya a fitting nightgown." But that was not the only reason why everyone was so happy. "The prince had a beautiful smile on his face today, the maids are overjoyed."

He simply sighed, that guy never ceased to amaze him. Wasn't taking his measurements a bit too much though?

"Done!" And there he was; Midoriya in a long dress that reached his ankles and covered his arms, it fit im very well, being a bit loose but not falling off his shoulders. "Oh! It's pretty." Midoriya did a little spin, watching the soft white fabric fall down again.

"It suits you." Todoroki peaked inside, smiling when he saw the green-haired boy. The maids were once again fascinated. "Thank you everyone, you should rest now. You too, Iida. We've been out all day." Reluctantly the blue-haired boy nodded, but not without giving the witch a last stare. Todoroki wasn't in his nightgown yet, so it seemed like he just returned from his father. "What did the king say?" He nervously asked and sat down on his bed, Todoroki was leaning against a wall, a painting was right over his head. A beautiful painting of a girl in a rose garden, a man was next to her playing on a flute. "Well, he wasn't delighted, but at least he understood the problem with the curse. Though I couldn't stop him from placing guards in front of your room. Forgive me." Midoriya quickly shook his head. "That's alright." He replied with a warm smile that took the prince by surprise. "Then! I'll leave now!" The young man seemed flustered and turned around to walk to the door, but before he left he looked at him. "Good night." Midoriya stared where Todoroki was just a few seconds ago. He hasn't heard these words in a while. The last time was...

"Izuku? Where have you been?" Midoriya Inko looked at her young son with a worried expression, kneeled down to look him in the eyes, filled with the stars and sparkles that looked like reflections of something that wasn't really there. "I met Kacchan! We played with a toy he brought!" The little boy still seemed excited, waving around his arms and talking for what seemed to be an eternity. She slowly relaxed, but the frown wouldn't disappear from her face. "Alright Izuku, but you know that you should always tell me when you're outside that long. It's already dark outside. I was worried." When he saw her expression he felt guilty. "I'm sorry... I was excited because I haven't seen him since then.. so I forgot about the time..." With a little smile she patted his head, made sure he wouldn't feel too bad. "I understand, just remember it next time." He nodded eagerly with a big yawn following that. "A little boy like you shouldn't be up anymore!" She made him run to his bed, he quickly changed his clothes, jumped in his bed and she used her wooden wand to pull the blanket over his body. "Can you ask miss Mitsuki if we can play again?" He was making himself comfortable and his mother gave him a kiss on his forehead. "Of course I'll ask her." She sat down on the wooden stool next to his bed, waving her wand around again.

In his little bed, with his eyes closed shut, a boy is waiting for a dream to arrive, he shall see a dragon and his friend, soaring through the sky until this night will end.

His eyes were already fluttering and she stood up carefully to not wake him up. "Good night, Izuku."