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The barrier-free prison 'Lakutsk'

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Enter the heart of this universe where legends and reality mingle.



With a beating heart and eager eyes, I examine the surroundings. Despite the cold and the ashen sky that are looking so sad, I am still amazed. This snow looking so pure, so milky dazzles my eyesight. It veils the entire landscape and covers the trees with a white coat. I had never seen so many snowflakes waltzing under such a stormy wind. The folkloric landscapes of the country are home to many wild animals and bird old-species.

- Oh lord, look over there! The freaking river ! Point the beta at my side.
- Which indicates that we are almost there, aren't we? Answers one of the omegas, a hidden-tired smile on the lips.
- Do you think the river runs along the entire east coast?
- According to the plan, yes. But realistically, we have more than a fair amount of kilometers ahead before arriving at the city.

The river Lena almost finally found, a treasure among the treasures of Central Siberia, here we are a bit reassured. The forest areas of Russia are barely distinguishable from each other as I wondered if this last month we were not going around in circles after all.

I sighed as a icy wind whipped my face. I look up at the sky. The large and high trees curl and begin a furious dance under the cloudy columns that darken visibly. It freezes so much that these trees turn into scary sculptures in human form.

- I advise that we metamorphose into our wolf form in order to arrive before nightfall.

Some complaints are widely heardable. 

- Omegas and the kids are tired Loyd. Constated Marcus, the right arm of the troop.

He is scratching his neck, looking irritated.

- Therefore, we risk being attacked. He continues.

That is not even a lie. Despite our resemblance to the Albus; the eastern subspecies called the Siberian wolves, we the western Arctic have a smaller form. Our nose is smaller and rounder, our muscles and ears are smaller, and our legs are shorter to reduce cold exposure. Hence our strength and inferior speed too. Next to them, with their heavier weights, slender lengths and remarkable visual acuity, we look like a pea. That being said, an omega is still doubly smaller and weaker. If we transform, they will immediately realize that we are unfit to fight against them and we may be more easily identifiable because of our more developed smell than they would take advantage of.

- Marcus, remember what we said a months ago. Says Loyd harshly. 



- If I understood this correctly, there is another path that we can take. However, just a bit risky. 

- What do we call risky? We are here to protect the kids from the cold if that's what you are talking about. 

- That's not.. about the cold only. This path is known to be dangerous.

- Of what? 

- People survive or people die.