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The barrier-free prison 'Lakutsk'

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Enter the heart of this universe where legends and reality mingle.


- Oh damn, look over there! The River we were looking for ! Designate the beta on my right with his index finger.
- Which indicates that we are almost there. Answer one of the omegas, the tired smile on the lips.
- Do you think the river runs along the entire east coast?
- According to the map we brought with us, yes. More than a few kilometers before arriving at the city.

With a beating heart, I examine the surroundings, my eyes eager. Amazed despite the cold and the ashy sky, so sad. This snow so pure, so milky dazzled the view. It veils the entire landscape and covers the trees with a white coat. I had never seen so many snowflakes waltzing under the stormy wind. The trees curl and begin a furious dance under the cloudy columns that darken visibly. It freezes so much that the trees are transformed into sculptures in human form.