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Bucky's Good Bad Day

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Bucky was having one of those days.

First, his heat came on early, so he was unprepared for that. It was only his first day without suppressants, on the scheduled 'week off'. Usually his body wouldn't go into heat for at least two days after stopping the pills.

But, big surprise, today his body clearly had other plans. Bucky had to have an uncomfortable conversation with his manager in order to rearrange his leave from work, and go home after lunch that same day.

She couldn't have kept him in the office, Bucky was already sweating up a storm and smelled like a walking pheromone factory. Being a beta, she probably didn't care much, but Bucky gave her the puppy dog eyes, and she agreed to let him go home.


Out in the street, Bucky loosened his tie and collar. His skin was hot, and his brow was sweating.

He debated hailing a cab, because he felt tired and his lower back was aching. But he'd been reprimanded by cab drivers for stinking up their cars with heat scent. Or, the less pleasant alternative, they hit on him.

Bus, then.

Bucky walked to his bus stop, and saw a bus just pulling in. He decided to jog over there and try to catch it.

Except someone who wasn't looking where they were walking banged into Bucky's briefcase, making him lose his grip on the handle. Bucky's briefcase went skidding into the New York traffic. Bucky could only watch open mouthed, shocked more than anything, as his briefcase landed right in the middle of the road.

"Fuck," he muttered, and looked at the traffic rolling past, not stopping for anything. There wasn't a big enough gap anywhere for Bucky to dart in.

A car rolled over his briefcase with a muffled crunch, and Bucky winced.

"Fuck," he said again, this time louder.

No one stopped on the side-walk either, everyone too busy during New York lunch hour to care about an omega having a drama.

Bucky's bus pulled away from the stop too, so he'd missed that. He sighed, and waited anxiously for the traffic to slow down due to conjestion.

When there was enough of a pause in traffic, Bucky dashed into the road. He retrieved his briefcase, scuffed and dented on one side, and he hurried to the other side of the road.

He made it safely to the side-walk, clutching his briefcase to his chest, and breathed a sigh of relief.

A couple of kids in baseball caps who'd been watching pointed at him and laughed. Bucky felt his face flame up, but he tried to ignore them. Mustering his dignity, he held his head high and began to walk to the nearest pedestrian crossing.

Now he had to get back to the other side of the street to catch the next bus.


Once Bucky had gotten a bus (finally) and got off at his stop, he went to his favorite bodega to stock up on supplies. Snack foods, protein shakes, potato chips, and lots of chocolate. Everything an omega needed for a heat on their own.

Because Bucky didn't have an alpha, he didn't even have a heat partner. So he was on his own with lots of snacks.

Bucky paid for his items, and offered the cashier his own shopping bag. The cashier crammed all the items inside, Bucky said thank you, and left.

He made it almost all the way home when, on the steps of his building, Bucky's shopping bag split, spilling out its contents down the stone steps.

Bucky swore, and dived after his precious snacks. He picked everything up, having to cradle the items in his arms, and stuffing some into his pockets, then make his way back up the steps to try get into his building.

He got to the elevator (at least they were working today) and sagged against the wall once inside.

What a day, he thought. What a crappy day.

Finally he made it to his apartment, and opened the door. A few of the snacks slipped from his grasp, and fell to the floor. Bucky sighed, and dropped the remaining items onto the side-board near the door, then shut himself inside his apartment.

He closed his eyes and just breathed in deep, letting it out in a huff.

What he needed was a nice long bath, followed by a movie binge and eating all his snacks.

Bucky went straight to his bedroom and pulled off all his sweat-drenched clothes. He squashed everything into the hamper, grabbed a clean towel, and headed to his bathroom.

His apartment was small and simple, and the building was kind of old, but Bucky loved having space to himself. He especially loved having a bathroom all to himself too.

He ran the bath, poured in a few essential oils (great for calming his nerves), and lit the row of scented candles he kept on the side.

As the water was running, Bucky went to the sink and opened the mirrored cabinet. He didn't want to deal with his hair right now, which had wilted with sweat and was all stuck to his forehead. He combed it back, then used an elastic headband to keep it in place.

Next, Bucky grabbed a face-mask packet, and took it over to the bath. He also went to get some chocolates that he intended to eat while he soaked.

He set his portable music player to his relaxation playlist, and when the bath was ready, Bucky got in.

Baths were such bliss.

Once Bucky had stretched out and submerged himself in bubbly, scented water, he opened the face mask packet and unfolded the delicate, oil soaked mask. It was white, and had the somewhat unfortunate resemblance to an ancient Egyptian Mummy when on the face (Bucky had already scared the shit out of his old room-mate plenty of times by wearing them) but it was really one of the best masks Bucky had ever tried. The plus side being nothing to remove afterwards, because the mask simply lifted clean off, leaving his face fresh and moistened.

Bucky laid back in the bath, draped the mask over his face and adjusted it so the holes for his eyes, nose and mouth were in place, then he could really relax.

He sighed in pleasure.

Finally, peace.

Then Bucky heard something clang loudly, followed by a strange gushing sound.

"What now?" he muttered, holding the face mask on as he sat up to look around.

Granted, the old pipes in the building made a lot of noise sometimes, but that wasn't a sound Bucky was used to. That was definitely a new sound.

He couldn't see anything in the bathoom though. How would he even know what caused it? Probably the pipes in the wall or something.

Bucky decided to leave it be, and laid back again.

Barely a minute passed before there was another clang, and Bucky growled with annoyance as he threw off his face mask, and got out of the bath to go investigate.

When he opened the bathroom door, water rushed in over his bare toes. Bucky's mouth dropped open in shock as he saw that the entire floor of his apartment was flooded.

"Fuck," he said.

This had to be the worst day ever.







Logan had his feet up, reading the paper as he smoked a cigar in the Super's office.

It wasn't his usual building, he was just covering for a pal who was taking a long overdue couple days off. So far it'd been quiet, nothing more than regular maintenance throughout the building.

Then the desk phone rang.

Logan picked it up without looking away from his paper. "Yup?"

"My apartment is flooded!" came the shrill reply.

Logan held the phone away from his ear a little. "What apartment?" he asked.

"It's 5B," the voice replied. "What do I do? There's water everywhere!"

"Hang on," Logan said calmly. "I'll be up in a minute."

"Okay, okay. Thank you!"

Logan hung up the phone and carefully put out his cigar.

Well, so much for a quiet day.

He grabbed the plumbing bag, pulled his overalls into place, and headed to the elevators.



When he got to apartment 5B and knocked on the door, it flung open almost immediately to reveal a very attractive, very dishevelled male omega, reeking of heat scent and clad only in a thin bathrobe.

Logan's eyes travelled up and down the omega before settling on his face again. "You, uh, you called about a leak?"

The omega was staring at him wide eyed, then seemed to snap out of it and nodded.

"Yeah," he said, voice shaky. He held the door open and stood aside.

Logan entered the apartment, looking at the omega to check he was alright. "You okay? You're not hurt or anything?"

The omega shook his head, and closed the apartment door. "No, I'm fine."

Logan noticed the omega's scent spiking, whether through nerves or because of his heat, he couldn't be sure.

"Okay," he said, projecting calm into his voice, "let's go sort this leak out first. Show me where it is?"

The omega nodded, and tightened the robe around himself. "It's this way."






Bucky really was having the worst day.

All the drama that'd happened earlier, and now a leak in his apartment. And to top it off, the Super who'd turned up wasn't even the regular Super Bucky knew, who was a much, much older beta. No, the guy who showed up was an alpha, maybe only a few years older than Bucky, and he was hot.

Bucky knew he looked a total mess right now, so that was just typical.

He pulled his robe tight around his body, feeling self conscious as the alpha went to work in the kitchen area. He seemed to know what he was doing at least: he removed a panel near the sink that had a lot of pipes behind it.

One of the pipes was the culprit: gushing out water plain to see.

The alpha didn't seem concerned. He muttered calmly, "Just a crack, easily repaired."

He rummaged in his tool bag and took out a tube of sealant. Bucky had zero idea about fixing anything that wasn't a computer program, so he could only watch and wait.

The alpha quickly sealed up the crack with sealant, which stopped most of the water from gushing out. Then he grabbed a roll of tape, which made Bucky raise an eyebrow.

Tape? Seriously?

As the alpha taped up the pipe, he said over his shoulder, "I'll have to get a new pipe and fit it later, but this will hold for now. And I'll have to shut off your water for a short while."

"Oh," Bucky said, and shrugged. "Yeah, okay."

The alpha nodded, and once the pipe was secure, he took a long tube out of his bag and dropped its end to the water soaked floor. Then he pulled out another end from the bag and poked it into the sink, and through some sort of magic and an electric switch somewhere, the tube started to suck up the worst of the water from the floor and transfer it down the plughole.

A crisis contained within minutes.

Bucky was impressed. He was also, rather annoyingly, very, very horny. A hot, buff alpha male who was calm and competent at handyman jobs: altogether a very attractive package, and Bucky's omega body responded with a flush of hormones.

Being in heat obviously didn't help, nor did being naked and wrapped only in a thin bathrobe. Decadent, that's how Bucky felt, being virtually naked with a hot alpha here in his apartment.

Bucky felt hot and bothered watching him work, marvelling at the alpha's solid build and wondering how often he worked out. Bucky's mind drifted off to all kinds of sordid fantasies.

It shouldn't have surprised him to feel a fresh wave of slick spilling out of him, but surprised he was.

Oh, he thought. Oh...

Bucky pressed his legs together, trying to stop the slick from running down his bare skin. But squeezing his legs together only made him more aware of how engorged and aroused his genitals were, like his body had directed all his bloodflow down there at the first whiff of alpha.

Oh, jeez.

Bucky kind of froze, unsure what to do. He should probably dash into his bedroom, at least go put on some pants.

But... he didn't want to. His body wanted sex, wanted an alpha, and there was one right here, right in front of him. Like a big juicy carrot.

Before Bucky could make up his mind what to do, the alpha was packing up his tool bag anyway.

"I gotta run downstairs and see what parts they got spare," he said, approaching Bucky. "I don't think it would've leaked into the apartment below, but I'll check on my way back up, if they're at home."

Bucky nodded silently, staring up at the alpha. He wasn't much taller than Bucky was, but it was enough to feel small: that familiar omega craving to be small and submissive and be taken.

Bucky couldn't help it, he inhaled deeply, scenting him. And the alpha must've noticed, but beyond a subtle quirk of his eyebrow, he didn't call Bucky out on it.

He cleared his throat. "Is there... anything else I can help you with?"

Bucky's sharp intake of breath probably gave away his surprise. (Like, wow, really? The alpha was into him?) But before he could ruin it for himself like he ruined most things, Bucky's omega hormones took over and answered for him.

"Yes, actually," Bucky found himself saying. "There's something... in the bedroom."

The alpha smirked knowingly, and gestured for Bucky to lead the way.

Blood pumped in his ears as, in a daze, Bucky walked to his bedroom with the alpha following him. Once inside, he shut the door.

At least it wasn't flooded in here.

Bucky went and sat on the edge of his bed as the alpha stood in front of him. With a confidence he didn't normally feel, Bucky undid the tie on his robe, and spread his knees in invitation.

The alpha seemed on board with where this was going, and he immediately started unbuttoning his overalls. Bucky watched, rapt, as the alpha stripped out of his work-clothes to reveal a broad, muscled chest with a smattering of dark hair, and rippling hard abs lower down.

"Fuck," Bucky whispered, instinctively opening his legs wider. More slick was slipping out of him now, Bucky felt it all wet and sticky between his legs, and the scent had to be in the air.

Bucky watched the alpha throw off his clothes and boots. His hard, thick cock jutted out proudly. Bucky whimpered a little, and he couldn't look away. He needed an alpha cock so bad, craved it.

The alpha approached the bed, naked and clearly eager. Bucky laid back submissively, wanting the alpha to claim him.

The alpha reached down to pull Bucky's robe apart, revealing his naked body. Bucky opened his legs more as the alpha loomed over him, and grabbed Bucky by the hips. He pulled Bucky to the very edge of the bed, and pressed his cock inside Bucky with one firm thrust.

Bucky gasped, impaled with thick, alpha cock, his body thrumming with want. He pushed his hips up to get more of the alpha inside him, whimpering with need.

The alpha growled in response, and pulled his cock out slowly, so he could thrust inside Bucky once more. There was so much slick, the slide was wet and easy. Bucky groaned happily, gripping onto the bedsheets as the alpha positioned himself and began to thrust in earnest.

Bucky was rocked back and forth on the bed, his head lolling side to side as the alpha's fat cock grazed his sweet spot on every thrust, lighting Bucky up from the inside.

"Oh," he groaned, feeling his first orgasm start to build. "Yes, yes! Harder!"

The alpha complied, and increased his pace, thrusting hard. Their bodies slapped together, the alpha's tight balls smacking against Bucky's soft skin as he pounded into him. Everything was just perfect: the alpha's smell, his ripped body, his hard cock. Bucky cried out as his orgasm crested, and he started to shake and come.

"Yes!" he shouted. "Fucking yes!"







After they'd both come (three times for Bucky, incredibly enough) they got dressed again and the alpha mumbled something about going to get that spare pipe.

Bucky was feeling pretty wrecked, sitting on his bed and in his robe again, but he perked up when he heard that.

"Oh?" he said, getting up on shaky legs to follow the alpha out of the bedroom. "You mean... you're coming back?"

The alpha threw him an amused look, and it did things to Bucky when he quirked his eyebrow like that. "Gotta replace the pipe. That a problem? I can send someone else in if you prefer?"

"No, no!" Bucky said hurriedly. "It's fine, you-you can come. Again. I mean," he fumbled, "you can come here. Again."

The alpha smiled, and took a long moment to look Bucky up and down. He hummed lowly. "I sure would like to come here again."

Then he picked up his tool bag and went to leave. "I'll be back later."

"Okay," Bucky breathed, and had to resist leaning out the apartment door to stare after him.

Bucky shook his head to clear it. He shut the door and strode off to his bathroom.

Next time he saw the alpha, he would be a bit more prepared.






After procuring the pipe he needed, and checking on apartment 4B for any signs of leaking (none, which was lucky), Logan headed back up to apartment 5B.

It'd been an hour or so since he'd been in there, but his dick stirred as Logan thought about the hot omega inside. He wondered if that'd been a one-off event, or if the omega would be interested in round two.

He knocked on the door, and it was swept open to reveal the omega again, this time all cleaned up and fresh smelling. His hair was carefully done, and he wore a different bathrobe, hanging open provocatively at the chest.

Logan couldn't help look the omega up and down, his dick getting hard. When he looked up at the omega's pretty face, he saw he was already smiling.

"Hey," the omega greeted.

Logan smiled back. "Hey."

The omega invited him in, and closed the door after him.

"Oh, um, what's your name?" the omega asked. "I didn't... uh, catch it before. I don't usually..." He rubbed a hand on the back of his neck nervously.

Logan simply offered out his hand and said, "Logan."

"Oh." The omega took his hand, clasping it in his. "I'm Bucky."

"Bucky? Cute."

The omega blushed prettily, and Logan smirked.

"So, after I fix this pipe... you got anything else I can help you with?"

Bucky nodded eagerly, and his scent spiked with arousal. "Yeah! Yeah, I've got something you can help me with."

Logan was thrilled. "Well, happy to help," he said, and headed through to the kitchen. He knew he'd better fix the pipe before his brain wasn't able to function properly, and his dick got too hard to be comfortable.

"Any chance of some coffee?" he asked, by way of distraction.

"Oh, sure." Bucky hurried to put the coffee on.



After he fixed the pipe, Logan fucked the omega again in his bedroom.

Bucky was sweet and needy, and horny from his heat. His scent drove Logan a little wild.

They fucked for nearly an hour this time around, with rests in between. Bucky lay next to him on the bed, sweaty and panting. Logan laid back with his hands behind his head, wishing he could spark up a cigar.

Aside from craving a smoke, he was feeling pretty good.

Even more so when the omega rolled over and straddled his lap.

"Wanna ride you," Bucky murmured, mouthing at Logan's neck.

They adjusted their positions until Bucky was sitting up fully, and sinking down onto Logan's cock. Then Logan bounced him on his lap, fucking him rough and hard until the omega threw his head back and cried out with orgasm.

He looked very pretty when he came, and Logan wanted to see how many times he could make the omega come.


Afterwards when they were both asleep, Logan's pager started going off, waking him up.

He groaned, annoyed, and went to get out of bed. The pager was in his pants somewhere on the floor.

Bucky was still fast asleep, snoring softly, so Logan checked his pager to turn off the noise. It was another job in the building. He had to get back to work. Logan got dressed and collected his things.

Today was his last day in this building too, before the regular Super came back.

Before he left, Logan went over to the bed and dropped one of his own business cards onto the nightstand.






Bucky was so thoroughly fucked out that he didn't wake until it was dark outside.

For a moment he didn't understand what had happened or where he was, then realised it must be later than he thought, and he was in his own bed.

Bucky didn't normally do hook ups, and today had caught him totally by surprise.

Not that it was a bad surprise, just... Bucky wasn't used to it, that was all.

Logan had gone, but when Bucky reached over to the nightstand to turn on the lamp, he noticed a card.

He picked it up and laid back against his pillows, blinking at the card sleepily. It seemed to be a business card. Howlett's Repairs, it said, with some information about plumbing and electrics, then a cell phone number.

Bucky almost tossed the card aside when he realised that it must be Logan's cell phone.

Oh, he thought, looking at the card again.

A big grin spread over his face. Well, he thought, maybe today hadn't been so bad after all.