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Seokjin believed that his work was for the right reasons. He helped small businesses, helped the poor, even started a multitude of charities. However, the thing he was most proud of was keeping the streets clean of trash. The man, nor his supporters, believed in repentance. What's done is done. What you did had already been done. There is no such thing as forgiveness. Everyone knew this. Everyone. So, why was this portly man begging for it?

"Please! Seokjin-sunbaenim, I don't know-ahh!" He screamed when the pruning shear snapped through the proximal phalange of his fourth finger. There was an unmistakable sound of bone snapping, and then blood gushing out of the slanted stump hitting the cement floor echoed more than the scream itself. Seokjin wasn't a sadist. No, he would rather end it quickly than painfully. A bullet in the forehead is satisfactory for him. Nevertheless, an example had to be made. It's simply unfortunate that this man was the first to be caught.

"I don't... know who took the papers..." He began choking at the end of the sentence. His tears ran down his giant cheeks, and snot dripped onto his lips. Saliva trailed down the corner of his lips, down his chin and dripped onto his pants. It was an ugly sight. Seokjin wasn't the only one who thought so either, "Gross." Taehyung, the youngest of the six blanched. Sticking his tongue out in disgust, and narrowing his eyes at the male. Hoseok, the third oldest, chuckled and gently rubbed Taehyung's head. Sighing, Seokjin waved off the bloody Yoongi. Giving a small smile, he said, "Ok, I believe you." Honestly, if Seokjin didn't have as many controls as he did, he would have laughed at the hopeful expression that adorned the other's face. With a quick head nod, Hoseok head down to where Yoongi was standing. The second oldest sporting a smile when seeing his partner in crime walk to him. If only that happiness was shared with the captive.

"No! You-you said you believed me!" Seokjin flashed the man a beautiful smile. Tilting his head he smirked, "Yes, but I didn't say that I would let you live." Porky gulped. Sweat dripped down his face, to his double chin. He looked as if he was contemplating his decisions.

"Daesuk." He said with absolute confidence.

"Hmm?" Seokjin raised a perfectly arched eyebrow. The man looked Seokjin square in the eyes and declared that is was a man named Daelsu who took the papers. Not a single sound was heard. Seokjin's stare was the most unnerving. It didn't show any emotion or thought, it was simply blank. Anticipation killed the man. He could help but to worry over what was going through the beautiful man's mind. His patience was rewarded with laughter. Easy going and light laughter. Everyone else joined in, including the man bloody man. Although, his laugh was more strained and it sounded as if he was a dying cow. Seokjin gave one look at Yoongi, and he understood right away. Flicking out a beautiful butterfly knife, Yoongi stabbed the man's thigh with a strength that didn't match his physique. Said man screamed in agony. Despite the scream, he struggled not to cry.

"You must think I'm an idiot if you thought that I didn't already know who stole from me." Despite laughing only a few minutes ago, Seokjin's face was now cold and stern. The man stuttered, "Pl-please... Seokjin-sunbaenin... please..." Desperation and pain made him stutter. Red liquid oozed out of the thigh wound, dripping onto the cement floor forever staining it. The cool blade reflected the redness, casting a faint red glow that reflected of the man's pale skin. Seokjin stood up with a sigh, everyone's eyes trained on him. Fixing his dark blue tie and adjusting his cuffs, he looked at the man with a smile.

"Hoseokie, Yoongi," Both males looked the older man with respect clear in their orbs, "have fun." The man released a high squeal of either pain or shock. All color drained from his face, leaving him white as a ghost. He knew what these two monsters could do. Everyone knew. The fact that Seokjin used their real names meant he wasn't getting out of here alive. It was something he knew from the beginning but tried to deny. He prayed he would be that lucky person. The lucky person that could get away from death. However, he knew the moment that he saw Rap Monster, Seokjin's right-hand man and underboss, that he was in deep shit. If only he join Daesuk on fooling Seokjin. If only he didn't second-guess Bangtan's systems. If only he didn't steal. Maybe his fate would have been different. Maybe.

"Ah, it's a shame we have to get rid of you Jihoon-a." Hoseok smiled, not looking apologetic at all. Yoongi smiled and pulled out the butterfly knife. Painfully. Jihoon clenched his teeth, trying to muffle the scream. He felt fingers pry his eyes open, and he feared even more of what was about to happen. Yoongi and Hoseok shrugged, Yoongi with a bored expression and Hoseok with a smile. The butterfly knife was too close to his eye for comfort, and he began crying the moment he caught sight of the jars and table.

"Oh well. Rest in peace knowing you're contributing to Bangtan's wealth, Jihoon-a." And with that, the knife slipped behind the eyeball.

"If that man thinks he can get away with what he did to us, he more stupid than I thought." Jimin, the second youngest, snarled. Namjoon, or Rap Monster, ran his fingers through his lilac colored hair. The bright colored matched his personality and skin quite well actually. Not that many people could pull off such a look, yet Namjoon did. Seokjin sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. This was irritating. Not the boys, but the situation. That slimeball named Daesuk was as good as dead. Sitting in his throne-like chair, he looked over the three remaining leaders. Smirking he locked eyes with Namjoon, "Go deal with the idiots who allowed those papers to be taken." Namjoon nodded and left briskly. Jimin and Taehyung looked at Seokjin with excitement that shivered through their bodies. Said male laughed, "Go find Daesuk." The pair took off, only Taehyung's cackling could be heard. Seokjin smiled and swiveled to his mahogany desk. On it was a barely started game of chess was mocking Seokjin. Turning to look at the game, he couldn't help but to knock over the opaque colored pawn and moved the black pawn forward diagonally.


"Where are those papers?!" A smack echoed throughout the dirty apartment Trash, cigarettes, and drugs littered the ground making it nearly impossible to step in a clean spot. The woman who was just slapped looked up at the man with hazy eyes, "... What makes you think I know?" The man brought his hand down onto the woman again, slapping her other cheek. With clenched teeth, he growled, "Bitch! I don't think you understand the shit I'm in!" A snarl ripped it's way out of the woman's throat, "Then you shouldn't have stole in the first place!" The grip in her knotted hair tightened, and a crazed smile was on the man's face.

"Yah! You stupid bitch! I'm not going down alone!"

"Then take your stupid ass friends with you!" The man struck her even more. Blow after blow. His fists and feet rained down on her like a monsoon, showering her with bruises and blood. After he was done, he threw her on the dirty floor and stalked out. Shoulders hunched and head low, he shuffled his feet when he walked away. He slammed the door behind him, making a picture fall of the wall. The woman shuddered and screamed in anger. Tears trekked down her cheeks, and she could feel the anger eat at her. That stupid man. Stupid, stupid, stupid idiot of a man. That stupid idiot of a woman who couldn't run away from him. No matter how hard he hit, how cruel his curses were, or how stupid of a thing he's done, she couldn't leave. Releasing a wail, she scratched at her arms and curled her fingers even more in her knotted hair.

"Mommy?" Quieting down herself, she turned and saw her son. Her precious baby. He too was covered in bruises and dirt, his left eye swollen shut and had a busted lip. The woman released a sob. She dwelled in her own misfortune, she tended to forget that her son was also misfortunate. Being cursed to have a weak mother, and his father figure was a man who hurt him and her. What a cruel world. What did her baby do to be cursed with this? What did she do to be blessed with him?

"Jungkookie, come here please." Jungkook all but ran to her waiting arms. His wide eyes staring into the large orbs that were his mother's. She held him with such care, such love, such deceptive warmth that Jungkook fell for it all the time. Cupping his cheek, the woman couldn't help but squeeze him a bit tighter.

"If only you weren't born." Then maybe she would be happy. Maybe he would have been born into a better family. A family that actually deserved him. Maybe, just maybe. Jungkook let the cold words freeze his small, 4-year-old heart. The ice swam through his veins and arteries, making him all the more immune to the harsh words. Her harsh words contradicted her gentle hold. Sighing, she picked him up and gave him a few Won.

"Go and buy some food, I'll be waiting here for you." She didn't give him an option. Dropping him outside the door, and then shutting it in his face, she missed the heartbroken expression he bore. If she looked, she would second think her decision. She would second think everything. That is not what she wanted. It will be the last thing she does, but it will be for the best.
Jungkook stood outside the door for a few seconds before making his way down the hall. He thanked whatever God was out there that the apartment didn't have a working heater, which meant he was always balled up in sweaters and socks. Which meant, he could go out today and not worry about being cold. Holding the 500 won, he contemplated his choices. There wasn't much to eat here besides noodles, and they were always the cold ones. However, beggars can't be choosers. Stuffing the money in his jacket pocket, he began to wobble his way down the flight of stairs, taking one at a time, and then going out through the back exit. The woman at the desk said if he were to walk through the front door looking how he did, he would drive away business. No one wants to see a beggar kid coming out of an apartment complex. It meant lousy clients, or so that's what she said. The four-year-old walked through the alley and towards the main road. Hardly ever was it busy down here, after all this was where the most crime was. Drug deals, robberies, death, it was all a daily here. But, that didn't mean Jungkook was fully aware of it. He knew bad things happened, he just didn't quite understand how bad they were exactly.

"Hello, Jungkookie." The old man in the store greeted him. It was a small store. Cheap would be the word to properly describe it. Jungkook waved at the man and took off towards the bread and noodle section. They were out of noodles, but Jungkook took notice of melon bread. Packaged and ready to be bought. Licking his chapped lips, he slipped the bread off the hook and into his tiny hands. Stumbling towards the cashier table, he pushed it gently towards the aging man along with the money.

"The exact amount. Good job Jungkookie." The man gave him a toothless smile. Jungkook blushed at the compliment and shyly took the bread back with him.

"Here, you need this to throw big and strong." Jungkook's eyes widened at the sight of banana milk. He grabbed with his fingers, and the plastic wrapping of the bread was in between his teeth. Juggling the small carton of milk and the bread was a feat Jungkook didn't experience that often. With a small invisible smile, he traded back to the apartment complex. His step and a little hop in it, and he couldn't wait to show his mother what he had gotten for free. Before turning into the alley, he noticed the sleek black car that was in front of the complex. It was something that many didn't see around here, but it wasn't that important. Showing his mom what he got was. Reaching the back door, he slipped in carefully. Wiping his shoes on the doormat to get rid of the mud and grime, he hobbled up the large steps towards his floor. His steps seemed to echo throughout the floor, creating a more ominous air. Clear to all besides Jungkook. Opening the door, we walked inside only to see two men walk out of his hallway. Everything froze as they stared at him, but Jungkook stared at what was behind them.


"This is the place?" Jimin sounded disgusted when he saw the apartment. It was easy to find. Daesuk didn't hide his tracks well, and the moment they flashed a gun at the obnoxious woman at the desk, she was quick to cough up the apartment number. Taehyung thanked her with a box smile, and Jimin simply headed up. Both of them had their weapons were drawn, Jimin a gun and Taehyung a large hunting knife. Finding the room, Jimin knocked first because they were gentlemen. Not hooligans.

"No answer." Taehyung sighed. Testing the doorknob, he was pleasantly surprised to find it unlocked. Glancing at Jimin, he strolled in with the other behind him. Immediate, the smell made them nauseous. It reeked of everything unsanitary and unhealthy. Carefully stepping around everything, Taehyung and Jimin did a quick scope of the living room and kitchen.

"Who can live like this?" Jimin questioned. Taehyung only shrugged, "If you live like trash you are trash." Jimin sighed and turned towards the hallway.

"Hey-" He gently hit Taehyung to get his attention,"- there's a light." True to his words, there was one. Peeking out from underneath a shut door. Cautiously, Jimin opened the door. Gun ready to shoot. Only, once the door opened and he got a good look inside, he lowered it. Taehyung peeked over Jimin's shoulder and made a face.

"Suicide," Jimin notes, taking a look at the body of a woman. She was covered in bruises, ranging from purple to fading yellow. Her wrists were slit, and in her hand was a razor. Unlike other bathroom suicides, the tub wasn't full of water. The only thing that filled the tub, and was liquid, was the dark red blood the dripped from her wrists. Taehyung scrunched his nose, "How cowardly."

"Don't be rude." Jimin chided. Taehyung shrugged and walked out of the bathroom to explore the rest of the apartment. What he found were two rooms. One was clearly the masters, with a large messy bed and clothes everywhere. The next was a simple bedroom. A twin bed laid untouched, and from the looks of it, no one has been in the room for months. Taking a step into the cleaner room, Taehyung walked to the drawers and opened one. Tiny clothes. Taehyung blinked in surprise and held one of the three shirts up. It was a hand me down, frayed at the edges and stains all over it. These were a child's. Taehyung closed his eyes to control his anger. He had a soft spot for children. A very soft spot. So, to find out that one was leaving in such a trash heap made him furious. It was clear to see that the child was not the woman's first priority, nor her second. Rubbing his eyes, he made his way out of the room and met with Jimin who was waiting outside the bathroom door.

"They have a kid." Taehyung held up the small shirt to emphasize his point. If Jimin was shocked, he didn't show it. Instead, he looked around and took note of all the dangerous things laying about. Needles were everywhere, some still filled with drugs. Sighing, Jimin turned and was about to leave until he heard the door open. He and Taehyung froze in the hallway, weapons drawn and eyes cold. The sound of little footsteps filled the quiet apartment. Taking a look Jimin relaxed when he saw it was just a kid. Taehyung took note of how relaxed Jimin became, and followed suit. Turning around, he was faced with the shocked eyes of a child. No, a toddler. He was filthy and terrifyingly skinny. In his tiny, dirty hands were a package of melon bread and a small carton of banana milk. The little boy was watching them with such caution, Taehyung couldn't help but feel sorry for the kid. He took note of how the boy's eyes landed on the bathroom behind them, and Taehyung was quick to obscure his vision. Crouching down so he was now eye level with the toddler, he put on his famous grin and squished his eyes.

"Hey, I'm Taehyung and that is Jimin-hyung. We're gonna be taking you with is for a short while, kay?" The boy didn't seem okay with any of it. Jimin slightly kicked Taehyung at his bold move, but the other ignored it.

"Mommy had to go run errands real quick, but she told us to watch you." Jungkook's eyes widened at the mention of his mother. She told someone to look after him? Normally, she just left him alone... but maybe she was beginning to love him. The toddler nodded in understanding, making Taehyung smile.

"Taehyung..." Jimin warned, but the other ignored it. Instead, Taehyung walked up and tried to hold Jungkook's hand. The toddler shook his head when Taehyung asked if he could carry one of the items in his small hands. Jungkook hastily shook his head. He knew this trick. It was the same trick Daesuk and his Mom pulled sometimes. If he willingly gave them his food, that meant they could eat it. Well, he wasn't going to fall for that again.

"I'll only hold one." Jungkook shook his head harder. Taehyung sighed and made a motion to pick up the small child. Jungkook gave a small shriek and curled in on himself. The food long forgotten, and now on the floor. Jimin noticed how Jungkook brought his hands over his head to protect it, and how he shielded his stomach by bending himself in half to where his legs covered the soft flesh. Looking at Taehyung, Jimin didn't miss the anger that burned in Taehyung's eyes. Child abuse was on Taehyung's shit list. It's was on everybody's actually, but for Taehyung it was high up there. Extremely high.

Jungkook cowered in fear. Hands. They were going to hurt him. They were going to take away what he went through the cold for. The sad thing was that Jungkook knew they could. These hands were so much bigger than his own, bigger than his mom's, and bigger than Daesuk's. Meaning they could hurt him more and take more. Jungkook did what he knew how to do best, which was shield his head and stomach. Forget the food, pain was so much worse than going hungry. Cause hunger could be felt for a few hours until it went numb. But pain brought by hands hurt for days, even weeks. Then the pain of remembering who it was that hurt him made the pain even longer. He found that when his mom hurt him, the pain lasted for months. When it is just Daesuk, the pain lasted maybe a week. However, these were strangers. Who knew how long this pain was going to last. Instead of pain, he was met with warmth. Something he wasn't all that familiar with. He struggled at first, whining and a few tears slipped from his eyes. That all changed when he felt himself get lifted off the ground. Now, instead of fighting the hold he embraced it. Jungkook held on for dear life as the man began walking of his apartment, the shorter one following behind holding his food. The steps were rocky and made Jungkook wince a bit, but overall it was good. When he passed the desk lady, he waved goodbye. He couldn't understand why the woman looked at him as if he was going to die. Once outside in the cold air, Jungkook huddled closer to the stranger named Taehyung. Said man smiled sat in the back of the black Mercedes. Jimin climbed into the driver's seat and without a second glance took off.