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Heralds of Primus

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Arriving on the organic planet, Tarn huffed, “What a disturbingly organic planet. What could Lord Megatron possibly see in this place?”

Com-ing Lord Megatron, Tarn purred out, “I have landed, my Lord. Where am I to proceed from here?”

Megatron’s voice answered, “A delicate blue racer shall be there shortly with your portable signal dampener and he will bring you here. Do be mindful to not harm him, Blurr’s value to our cause is unfathomable. All Autobots are of use, do you understand me Tarn?”

Biting his scarred lower lip plate in annoyance, Tarn answered, “I understand, my Lord. The cause comes first before all else.”

The growled out, “Tarn….” was all the warning he needed to hear. 

Tarn knew there was something Lord Megatron and Lady Strika had yet to inform him of. He did so dislike being uninformed. 

Then a tiny blue Autobot ran right up to only run right past him effectively. Tarn was mildly impressed that the little Autobot had managed to drop into a slide, slid between his legs to avoid colliding with him, and come to a stop several yards away from him.

Looking up, Blurr yelped, “Theydidn’tsayyouweresohuge! Notthatit’sbadoranythinglikethat! Ijustwasn’texpectingyoutobesoimpressive.”

Blinking slowly behind his mask, Tarn wasn’t sure what to make of this tiny Autobot. The mild feeling of impression was now firmly replaced with annoyance. How was he supposed to understand a word in the garbled mess?!

Tilting his helm at the silent Decepticon, Blurr asked, "YouareTarnright?"

Catching his designation in the mix of that, Tarn answered softly, "Even with the risks of your arrival it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Although, be it under less than auspicious  circumstances. Do you perhaps possess an item or trinket intended for my use?"

Handing over the portable device, Blurr asked, "Soisittrue? TherumorsabouttheDJD? Areyoureallyallenergonthristybrutes?" Oh! Scrap! He realized he shouldn't have asked that any of that, and he might want to get ready to run!

Resisting the urge to do something drastic to silence the Autobot, Tarn asked softly, "In interest of speed, shall we forgo the formalities. You are far too quick for me to follow. If you would allow, I shall carry you as you indicate our direction of heading."

Taking a step backwards, Blurr would have started to run if not for tripping over a trashbot. Jumping when a large servo caught him, Blurr looked up at his intimidating rescuer and yelped in shock as he was lifted into the Decepticon's grasp.

Tucking the little motor intake into the crook of his elbow joint, Tarn felt the Autobot start squirming and he ex-vented harshly before saying, "Might I respectfully request that you cease that pointless resistance. Tis not my mission to harm you. We have elsewhere to be and I would much appreciate arriving there post haste."

Blushing brightly, Blurr just gave up saying anything and just pointed the way. His big intake was going to get him in trouble with this mech if he didn't start thinking before speaking.

Finally, Tarn had silence and a direction to go in. Perhaps he might just be able to escape without a processorache larger than Overlord…

Hoping to not end up maimed or disfigured, Blurr kept quiet and pointing the directions out for the big strong….


Handsome ….



Going over the reports once more, Megatron saw a window of opportunity. With Sixshot arriving within a few more solar cycles they would have the fire power to escape.

Sensing more than hearing the arrival of the enforcer, Megatron greeted without looking up from the holographic projections, “Welcome to Earth, Tarn.”

Bowing as he gracefully knelt, Tarn tightened his grip but the racer still escaped him. Glacing after the lean little frame, Tarn rumbled out, “My presence as requested, my Lord Megatron. I am here for your command.”

Looking up, Megatron ex-vented slowly before saying, “Thank you, Tarn.”

Jerking his helm up, Tarn felt his spark shudder at being given gratitude and he stated, “My pleasure is to serve you my Lord Megatron and the Decepticon cause. Such duty nar requires such words from you my Lord.”

Nodding, Megatron stated, “With Starscream’s less than stellar record of remaining offline. I must know for sure and with a bitling involved I wish him to be given an honorable Decepticon funeral.”

Bowing his helm again, Tarn answered, “It shall be done, my Lord Megatron.”

Seeing the way Tarn’s digits clenched, Megatron stated, “You have questions, speak freely.”

Jerking his helm back up, Tarn replied, “It is not my place, my Lord, to question the Decepticon cause.”

Motioning for the enforcer to stand, Megatron stated, “Join me, Tarn. There is something I wish to show you. Perhaps it will help you understand my orders.”

Standing and moving to follow Megatron, Tarn  wondered what could possibly be the reason Megatron ordered that they withdraw from battle with the Autobots. Then his lord led him into a strange ship and then into a massive bay that resembled an organic farm. However his optics became riveted on the mechs inside.

A pretty prime with a pair of twin mechlings in his lap. A green minibot with a mechling warmech in his arms. A Cybertronian sized technorganic rubbing a hand over their heavy with bitling abdominals.

Tarn couldn’t stop the question and he honestly didn’t want to, “My Lord? You have discovered the secret behind spawning?!”

Smirking, Megatron explained, “The secret is the little blue racer you carried. Paired with a mech like yourself. A civilian and a warrior. Two halves to a whole. “

Flinching, Tarn replied, “Perhaps a different mech than I, my Lord. Truly I could hardly make any sort of understanding out of the garbled mess that was his words. The youth is terrified of my presence and sought to escape my servos before a single cycle hath passed.”

Laughing, Megatron stated, “You get used to Blurr’s motor intake after a while. Perhaps if some mech was putting all of his excessive energy to a more… productive use…. we could understand him better.”

Giving Megatron a blank look from behind his mask, Tarn refused to grace that hint with an answer and instead asked, “Shall I be about the task you summoned me for, my Lord?”

Taking Tarn to Starscream’s frame, Megatron noted the seeker was still gray and showed no signs of rising from the grave again.

Reaching out, Tarn touched Starscream’s chassis to sense if there was any spark left and all he found was the gaping void of death. He answered the unspoken question with a slow shake of his helm. Then he stated, “With your leave, my Lord Megatron. I shall see to a proper farewell to our comrade in arms.”

Nodding, Megatron stated, “Once you have finished that task, I have another request.”

Tilting his helm as he gathered up the corpse, Tarn stated, “It shall be my pleasure to be of use to you my Lord.”

Knowing just what would be coming, Megatron steeled himself and stated, “Seek out Megazark and inform him that I have need of him and his two protectors. I need to speak with them all, preferably in person.”

Bowing once more, Tarn answered, “Thy will shall be done, my Lord Megatron. I shall attend to my missions with your leave.”

Nodding to dismiss the enforcer, Megatron shuddered and once again wondered what could possibly have made that mech like that. Then his processor turned to how to prevent Arcticblast from kicking his aft. Primus and Unicron willing the presence of Megazark would help temper Arcticblast’s meltdown.


As he was heading out of the base, Tarn was nearly ran over by the blue racer once more. Blurr, his processor supplied. He arched an optics ridge behind his mask but politely asked, “Might I be of assistance little speed demon?”

Blushing brightly, Blurr put a bag of Cybertronian peaches on Starscream’s belly and bit his lower lip plate before saying, “For-you. They’re-good. Really-good. Just-don’t-eat-the-hard-center. The-Heralds-need-the-centers-to-grow-more. Save-them-if-you-remember.”

Without moving his helm, Tarn looked from the bag to the dainty Autobot. Now that Megatron had put the idea into his processor, perhaps his Lord was right and the speedster just needed to have his energy turned towards more productive means. He would have to discuss it with his Conjux. Perhaps it would ease the aching void left behind in his beloved's spark. He purred out, "This generosity is much appreciated, little one. I shall not forget it. Attend to your health and safety, for if it pleases you, I shall endeavor to call upon you when the dust of the coming conflict abate."

As the big Decepticon left, Blurr ex-vented softly and his spark spun in delight. Did that mean? Did that mean this Decepticon wanted to see him again? Even after he opened his intake and shoved his ped in? He watched how Tarn moved and found the grace mesmerizing. 

Who would have thought the supposed leader of the DJD could be so graceful? Or so gentle?

Then Bumblebee popped up and asked, “So who’s the big Con you’re going goo-goo optics over?”

Smacking her friend, Sari huffed, “Bee! Play nice! Blurr’s more than earned a chance at his own big mech, especially after that stunt Blitzwing pulled.”

The two mechs both asked as one, “Hunh?”

Crossing her arms as she hoovered there, Sari explained, “Blitzbrain was using Blurr to make you jealous, Bee. I can’t believe you didn’t figure that out.”

Blurr felt his spark shudder but he answered, “I-figured-that-much. He-was-too-quick-capitalize-on-Bumblebee's-defensive-claim. Tarn-seems-to-have-better-manners.”

Blinking, Bumblebee ex-vented but answered, “I’m sorry, Blurr. You didn’t deserve that. I’m going to kick that processor-less Decepticon in the modesty plates for that underservoed move!”

Shaking her head, Sari answered, “No, you won't. Leave it alone, Bee. We both know even if he hadn’t pulled that stunt he still had you wrapped around his digit. So just let it go.”

Laughing, Blurr added, “Comeonit’sdinnertimeanyways!”

Darting towards the kitchen, Sari shouted once she had a head start, “RACE YA THERE!”

The two mechs jumped and Bumblebee shouted back, “No fair! That’s cheating, Sari!”


Dinner was a lively affair as always. For once Professor Sumdac was visiting and joined them.

Megatron laughed as Optimus nestled in against his side. The antics of Wasp, Bumblebee, and Blurr once again providing a show. The three were arguing over who was the best at the newest videogame Sari had brought over for them.

Laying his helm on Megatron’s chassis, Optimus asked, “Any luck on finding an opening?”

Smirking, Megatron answered, “We should tell the young bots to start packing. Sixshot confirmed that he will be arriving within three solar cycles and Overlord is going to be only a few megacycles behind him.”

Darting over to the two, Sari landed on Megatron’s thigh and asked, “Does that mean you guys are actually leaving? But I..!”

When Sari started to cry, Optimus tried to sooth, “As long as we remain here the Seraphimus will keep coming. It’s putting you in danger Sari.”

Gently curling his servo around the upset technorganic, Megatron supplied, “Try to understand, Sari. We have to go for our peoples’ sakes.”

Then Professor Sumdac spoke up, “Might I make a request of you both?”

Looking at the human, Optimus asked, “What’s on your mind Professor?”

Truly feeling his age, Professor Sumdac asked, “Could you take Sari with you? I am not getting any younger and I fear what might happen to her when my time comes.”

Looking up from his meal, Depthstrike continued lightly bouncing Jetstorm on his knee as he stated, “The Seraphimus will try to take her if they discover her. Sari would be safer with us than if we left her behind.”

Nodding, Megatron stated, “Very well, we’ll take your daughter with us, Professor. Make sure she is packed and ready to go in three solar cycles.”

Dinner settled down again and most were thinking about what they had to pack. It was time to go and leave Earth behind. There were good memories and bad memories here. It was home.

Drinking slowly, Jazz was trying to not let the easy way Depthstrike handled the twins completely melt his processor but then Jetfire snuggled up to the big warmech. Jazz’s cooling fans tried to click on. So not fair! No mech had the right to seem to fit into the role of a Sire that easily….

Smiling at the cute scene, Prowl was sitting in Sophoclidiscus’s lap to keep the Seraphimus from having a full on panic attack. He couldn’t help but chuckle every time Sophoclidiscus flinched when Optimus glanced their direction.

Pouting at the Cybertronian in his lap, Sophoclidiscus whispered, “It’s not funny. I’m still waiting for him to change his processor and ask his beloved to incinerate us…..”

Feeling a warm hand moving to hold his middle, Prowl patted it gently and soothed out, “I promise, Sophoclidiscus. You’re safe. Relax and enjoy your fuel.”

Nuzzling Prowl’s neck struts, Sophoclidiscus grumbled, “I’m trying but he’s… also you’re not exactly sitting perfectly still.”

Blushing as he realized what the Seraphimus was implying, Prowl squirmed unintentionally and hissed back, “If I didn’t think you’d try to bolt back to our room, I’d move. You can’t see how Optimus is different than the one you knew if you hide from him.”

As Sophoclidiscus grumbled, Decimus started to laugh at his fellow’s discomfort and then teased, “Trust me, I understand Sophoclidiscus. Imagine my shock when the great prime himself was worried about offending my feelings by calling me polite?”

Then Depthstrike teased, “You handled the shock well, nephew.”

Blinking as the whole room went silent, Decimus stated, "I had forgotten you admitted you're my Carrier's elder brother."

Laughing, Depthstrike teased, "Why don't you see about making me a grand uncle already? Your microbot has been happily sparksitting for days now so do something about the hunger in his optics."

From where she was seated next to Ratchet, Tempest snarled, “Are you fragging kidding me?! Red wings in my cousin?! And you never bothered to mention this, Depthstrike?!”

Smirking at Jazz, Depthstrike pretend whispered, “Oh noes, looks like I’m in trouble. We better flee while we can.”

Blinking behind his visor, Jazz yelped when Depthstrike scooped him up and carried him off with the Jettwins run next to him.


Once they were well away from the base, Depthstrike set Jazz down at the edge of lake Errie and rumbled out, “Finally an excuse to escape. Alright you two rugrats go play.”

Nodding as one, the jettwins darted towards the lake and Jetstorm purred out, “Thanks be giving for freedom from base.”

Laughing as the two young mechs darted about in the water, Depthstrike shifted to wrap an arm around Jazz and soothed, “Relax, my sweetspark. There is none to see us acting like fools in love here.”

Leaning into the warmech’s side, Jazz ex-vented slowly and stared up at the stars before saying, “Da Twins are right here…. Aye don’t know m’mech.”

Stroking his thumb digit over Jazz’s plating, Depthstrike soothed, “Let them play and be mechlings for a while and we can enjoy the stars.”

Chuckling, Jazz asked, “What if dey wear deemselves out?”

Rumbling his engine softly, Depthstrike soothed, “The day I can’t carry two mechlings to their nest and my lover to berth. Is the day you smelt my frame down for spare parts.” Settling in to lay on the lakeshore, Depthstrike rumbled out, “Join me, Jazz, and stop thinking so hard about it. They’re happy and safe, sweetspark.”

Laying down next to the bigger mech, Jazz shifted to get comfortable and eventually his helm was tuck in the crook of Depthstrike’s shoulder strut as they both stared up at the night sky. Jazz felt at peace. Like no matter what happened as long as his warmech was here then everything would work out.

Sounds of the night and the Jettwins playing were calming. 

Smiling as he felt Jazz snuggle in closer, Depthstrike knew his little ninjabot was fighting recharge. Then Jetfire came over and snuggled to Jazz’s side. 

Cradled in those two electromagnetic fields had Jazz tumbling into the arms of recharge without a second chance.

When Jetstorm settled in against Depthstrike’s free side he asked, “Be asking why? Sparks calm near you Sir?”

Giving a soft soothing rumble of his engine, Depthstrike explained, “If I am not mistaken, Jazz fills a Carrier like role for you.”

Lifting his helm, Jetfire stated, “You’z being correct Sir.”

Shifting to gently rub the back of Jetfire’s helm, Depthstrike explained, “I’m guessing that, your sparks were pulled and placed in a reformatted protoform. Your sparks are still too young for the sheer mass of your protoform. Spawned sparks need time to grow and they need the electromagnetic fields of their Carrier and Sire to help them grow. Jazz is one being and he’s supplying one type of energy for you. I’m guessing there was another mech you tried to latch onto…”

Pouting, Jetstorm stated, “Sentinel Prime.” It still hurt how the mech treated them. Also that it took living with the Earth team to teach them that it wasn’t normal.

Frowning softly, Depthstrike rubbed Jetstorm’s back struts and soothed, “Let him be forgotten, you have my energy now and it will compliment Jazz’s better. Perhaps we’ll have you growing a bit as well soon enough.”

Blinking, Jetstorm asked, “You’s being okay with being our Sire?”

Perking up again, Jetfire asked, “You’s being okay with us?”

Chuckling softly, Depthstrike teased, “Naw you little scraplets. I’m not just okay with it, I’m proud to call you two mine.” When he saw them yawn in unison, Depthstrike stated, “Alright you two, let’s head back and you get cleaned up before you climb into your nest.”

As one they answered, “Yes, Sir.”

Even though the twins got up and walked to base on their own power, in the end Depthstrike had to tuck them into their nest after helping them rinse the lake off themselves.

If Jazz happened to crack open an optic in time to see the gentle way Depthstrike handled the twins, the ninjabot wasn’t about to admit it. But he did snuggle deeper into his berth when he saw Depthstrike stretch before finding the other berth in the room.

A sense of safety and security wrapped around his spark.


When they headed to their room, Optimus snuck his arm around Megatron’s waist and asked, “Do you think we’ll still be like this when we leave Earth? Or are we going to drift apart?”

Hooking his arm around Optimus’s shoulders, Megatron soothed, “I doubt a change of scenery will change our base’s dynamic, Optimus.”

Looking up at his Decepticon, Optimus supplied, “But the station will have far more space then we need. Primus help us if we lose Sari in it. It will take deca cycles to find her again.”

Chuckling, Megatron answered as he opened their door, “Our mechs will be out each other’s gears and any tensions between them will have a chance to settle. Hopefully your team is used to warbuilds being around because I have a feeling, Decepticons are going to outnumber Autobots fairly quickly when we settle in on the station.”

Smiling, Optimus tugged Megatron over to his berth and purred out, “I recharge better in your arms.”

Smirking in victory, Megatron rumbled out, “Once we’re on the way to our new home, I will teach you just how little recharge you’ll get when I have my way with you.”

Laughing as they flopped on the berth, Optimus stated As Megatron’s weight settled next to him, “I look forward to it, Megatron. I want to be able to scream your designation without bringing all of our strange family running.”

Leaning in, Megatron stated, “If your medic interrupts us again… I will have more than a few words for him.”

Pulling Megatron into his arms, Optimus soothed, “Locked soundproof berthroom. Get some recharge, Megatron. We’ll need our strength to wrangle our teams and to get every mech off the planet safely.”

As Optimus snuggled into his chassis, Megatron smiled while his spark settled at the sight of his Prime so peacefully content in his arms. He gently stroked Optimus’s cheek guard as his Autobot slipped into a peaceful recharge. Kissing Optimus’s forehelm, Megatron closed his optics and let himself drift off to a recharge flux of those glowing energon wheat fields and the mechlings running wild. If his processor brought to life a tiny mechling with his frame but Optimus’s colors, could any mech blame him?


As they sat on the roof staring at the stars, Voltage just limply laid in Ironspark’s arms. This time they had lost their Seeker. They had their mechlings but at the cost of a lover…. Curling his head into Ironspark’s chassis, Voltage fought the wave of agony that threatened to drown him. 

Spotting the blue racer, Ironspark softly encouraged, “Come on over, Blurr. Voltage could use a friend right now.”

Coming over, Blurr just tapped Voltage’s shoulder and pointed at his own helm. He pictured Tarn and grinned. 

That got Voltage out of his funk a little and he teased, “Told. You. So! Big and broody!”

Nodding, Blurr focused, “Yeah. He said he would call on me when the dust settled.”

Smiling when Voltage gave a sound of joy, Ironspark allowed his herald to escape his arms to tackle hug and he teased, “Sounds like you have found a gentlemech. Just remember if he hurts you just let us know and we’ll teach him some manners.”

Hugging Voltage back, Blurr babbled, “Iknewyouwereright! Ineverdoubtedthat! YouweretherewhenIwashurtingandpickedmeup. IwishIknewwhattosaytohelpyouthesameway. Idon’tlikeseeingyoulikethis.”

Placing a finger on those lip plates, Voltage purred out, “Hush, hush, little one. You are doing just fine. The pain will pass eventually. I forgot the first rule. Do not become attached. Only Ironspark is always in my functioning. But I would welcome having your help with the mechlings in about nine months.”

Tilting his helm, Blurr asked past the finger, “Ninemonths?”


Arriving on Strika's vessel, Tarn proceeded to the smelting chamber. Chanting the Decepticon funerary rights over wideband coms.

Noticing Cyclonus pausing their game to place a servo over his spark, Rodimus tilted his helm to listen and felt his spark shudder as a voice chanted out, "May our comrade in arms finally lay down the burden of his weapons. May Starscream go to a place where warriors are no longer needed. May his spark be at peace. Let none say that his sacrifice was in vain, for he fought as we all do for the cause."

Cyclonus stated, "Amen."

Feeling the fluctuations in Cyclonus's electromagnetic field, Rodimus got up out of his seat went to sit in Cyclonus's lap. As those strong arms curled around him, Rodimus asked, "Was that?"

Nodding, Cyclonus answered, "The tail end of a Decepticon funeral." Then he looked to the window and ex-vented softly before saying, "Full honors for Starscream… who would have guessed that would come to pass?"

Tilting his helm, Rodimus asked, "So about our game? Do you just want to pack it in?"

Tightening his grip on his little archer, Cyclonus answered, "Death comes to all, but the reminder is… is unpleasant. Please just let me hold you for a moment longer."

Shifting to a comfortable position, Rodimus stated, "Take all the moments you need big mech. I'm not going anywhere."

Laying his cheek guard against Rodimus’s helm, Cyclonus whispered something in ancient Vosian and translated when he felt Rodimus trying to shift in his arms, “May the wind never abandon you and may your spark have its fill of the sky when you return to Primus’s side in the allspark.”

Rodimus curled into Cyclonus a little tighter and he asked, “Were you close to Starscream?”

Cyclonus laughed at that before saying, “No mech is close to Starscream, but at a time we were close. I grew up in the Vosian palace spire with him. Our Carriers were good friends but we eventually went separate ways.”

Hugging Cyclonus softly, Rodimus let it be. If his big flyer wanted to talk more than he would just listen.

Cyclonus simply stared out at the stars and held Rodimus to his spark. Death eventually comes for all beings. No matter how skilled or lucky, Lady Death eventually gets her way.


With that task finished, Tarn went to his quarters and tuned his communications array to a frequency only he truly had access to.

When Megazark’s image appeared on the screen Tarn removed his mask and purred out, “My Lord Megazark, I have news of the cause and of Lord Megatron.”

Smiling softly, Megazark asked, “How do you fare sweet Tarn? How fares my protege?”

Tarn drank in the sight of Megazark with his armor the almost mirror image of Megatron. Inverted in color, black where gray was on Megatron. Though more accurate would be Megatron had mimicked Megazark.

Tarn answered, “Lord Megatron demands your presence and your guards.” His irritation flickered in his optics. How Dare Lord Megatron believe he was allowed to order Lord Megazark around.

Chuckling, Megazark rumbled out, “Calm yourself, sweet Tarn. Remember what Strika said if you fried another communications array with your temper.”

Forcing himself to calm, Tarn stated, “My deepest apologies, my Liege. It shall not happen again.” Then letting out a slow ex-vent, Tarn stated, “Lord Megatron has discovered the secret to spawning it seems….”

Tarn was cut off by Megazark’s spark broken laughter. It was a sound that tore at his spark. A sound that Tarn never wanted to hear.

Megazark stated in that voice that Tarn hated, “I could have told you that secret, sweet Tarn. A warrior and a civilian in, as the priests call it, sacred congress. For us more simple mechs, a warmech interfacing with a civilian build.”

Frowning, Tarn hissed out, “My liege, I beg of you. Speak not in that broken tone, it tears my spark apart to hear it.”

Chuckling softly, Megazark softly admitted, “I am truly cruel to you, my sweet Tarn. If I was truly worthy of you, I would never have bound you to me.”

Shaking his helm, Tarn stated, “I chose this, my liege. Thou shalt always be first in my spark. It pains me to hear you in pain.”

Smiling softly, Megazark soothed, “You were young Tarn. You still are. You knew nothing of why I crumpled to the ground begging to be offlined but you surged forward and sacrificed your spark to stabilize mine. You have sacrificed the most personal part of yourself for a broken shell of a mech.” 

Ex-venting, Tarn stated, “It was a sacrifice I would make again, my liege.”

Giving Tarn a look, Megazark asked, “Tell me what has your spark fluttering with curiosity and annoyance, sweet Tarn?”

Rubbing his forehelm, Tarn explained, “Lord Megatron may have made a suggestion. That I put an Autobot’s excessive energy towards a more productive…” He finally pulled out one of the strange spheres Blurr had given him and looked at it blankly. This was different.

Soft and a little squishy.

Glowing bright blue behind its peach colored skin.

Megazark looked at the item in Tarn’s servo and asked, “What is that?”

Tarn opened the bond up as much as he could before saying, “Fuel of some sort… Try it with me?” Once he sensed Megazark’s presence in his spark, Tarn took a small bite to avoid the hard center and moaned.

Chuckling as he felt Tarn’s delight and could taste just a hint through their bond, Megazark teased, “Save me one of those, sweet Tarn. If you can.”

As he nibbled away, Tarn nodded. He would try to save one for Megazark if he could.

Then Megazark asked, “So this Autobot, that Megatron suggested that you breed my sweet Tarn.”

Tarn answered, “Lean, dainty, fast on his peds, even faster intake. Primus and Unicron be merciful, I could not make helm or peds out of the garbled mess that tumbled out of his intake.” Then he looked down at the organic energon before he admitted, “The little speed demon gave me these, my love. What does your spark say?”

Wishing he could hold his young conjunx, Megazark soothed, “I will answer that when I meet your little speed demon. However, that will wait until after I remind you how much you mean to me. My beloved Tarn.”