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Heralds of Primus

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Their world had been one of peace won through daggers in the dark with aide from the humans.

Of energon grown not mined. Fields of glowing golden grains, Orchards full of heavy fruits that glowed, and massive gardens of glowing vegetables. They had the seeds in the hold….. enough to fed all of Cybertron if they found a place to grow it.

Of a world where humans were no longer pure organics and rarer than the crystal birds of the Horsehead nebula. The few left are kept as lavish pets by Cybertronian nobles who paid the priests for the right to be handlers. Many were killed when they’re systems showed strange and wondrous gifts. Everything from being able to charge a mech’s self-repair nanites with enough power to heal even spark threatening wounds in an instant to the gift of being able to shatter a mech’s frame with little more than a scream.

A world threatened by another war. With Grostenions, a monstrous race of brutish anthropomorphic techno-organic giants, and the Grostenions’ handlers the Seraphimus, a winged techno-organic race that acted more like devils than the angels they appearance mimicked.

This was the world a ship and her crew escaped.

The oldest of them, Depthstrike, was acting captain of their tiny crew and the not so little escape ship. Calm and collected, Depthstrike leds from the front no matter the odds. Little escapes his golden gaze. A large helijet his armor was mostly dark gray with copper accents along his wings and rotary blades.

His human partner was the ‘demure’ Tempest. Her raven wing black hair and lavender purple eyes against soft copper tone skin made for a piercing combination. A massive energy bow rested against her back and she rarely smiled until now.

Second in command was, Ironspark. A powerful Praxian war build whose alt mode was a police issued dodge charger. Quick to fight but not to anger, Ironspark is constantly making calculations on how to take anyone down. Against his white and black armor, his playful aqua blue optics just scream for attention.

His human Voltage rarely leaves the niche between Ironspark’s shoulder plates and his neck cabling. A tall mocha skinned male with electric blue dreadlocks, Voltage is a hard person to miss. Bit of a motormouth if given half the chance.

Then there was Hammerpoint, a sturdy shuttle painted in silver and pale aquamarine.  Optics of cautious forest green watched everything waiting for a blow. While not a warrior, little can stop him when he is given a reason to lift his hammer due to his shear mass and strength.

The Herald that stood at his side was none other than his lover Eclipse. Silver skin paired with onyx black eyes and hair. Eclipse has always been willing to risk everything for his handler and nothing will stand in their way. Not the rules, not the priesthood, and not even Primus himself.

The youngest Cybertronian of the group is Heavyfire. A powerful Armata tank. Black and gunmetal grey plates cover his frame. Playful due to his youth but at the same time extremely wise in spite of his age.

Oracle was the final Herald of the group. Her eyes milky white against porcelain skin framed by silver hair, gave her the appearance of a fragile doll or perhaps if one wished to be morbid a ghost. One could easily accuse Oracle of being the tactician of the group. However, when she is constantly shifting through possible futures behind her blind eyes it’s easy to become that which she was named. A seer, an oracle, a person who speaks of the future.

As alarms screamed, Hammerpoint fought to keep the ship level as they came in for a crash landing. Thankfully away from the populated sector over by the lake.

This Earth looked nothing like the one they all had known. Yet here this motley crew had landed, in a universe they had never seen before.

Oracle smiled as her gift showed her that they had in fact succeeded in punching through the metaphysical barrier between universes. She spoke softly, “We are free.”

Depthstrike sent out a scanner drone to see just what this new world was like.  And by Primus and the Allspark the pure organic humans messed with them……

They saw Decepticons still existed. As one they realized they could stop this world from ever becoming like their world. Nodding as one, they agreed this was a fight worth fighting. None would live like they had.

If only they had known what had followed them through the electromagnetic storm.

Splitting up, Depthstrike and Ironspark took the direction towards the city. Depthstrike flew low as he said, “Keep your scanners peeled, I’ve got this feeling I can’t shake.”

Ironspark huffed out, “You two, Captain? I thought I was the only one whose plates were itching like an ambush is waiting.”

Voltage stated as he ran alongside his handler, “Come on Iron don’t go jinxing us on day one! So not cool.”

From where she sat on Depthstrike’s ‘back’ with her bow drawn, Tempest stated, “Volt, I’ve got the same feeling clawing at my spine. Something doesn’t feel right here.”

They made it to the city and Voltage hopped up to sit on Ironspark’s cab. Staring about them in sparkling like wonder, Voltage gasped out, “This is amazing! I’ve never seen so many humans in one place before!”

The Autobots were out on patrol when Optimus spotted something very odd. He froze before asking the others, “Is that normal for humans?”

Sari answered as she stuck her head out of Bumblebee’s window, “That’s downright weird….. You’re supposed to be inside vehicles…. wait! They don’t have drivers! Those are Transformers!”

Standing when she spotted their company, Tempest jumped and casually landed from the thirty foot drop. She hissed out, “Cybertronians! Split up! Lose them quickly! We don’t know what they’ll do!”

Voltage was right with Tempest as they made a break for it.

Depthstrike went north while Ironspark took off to the south hoping to draw the strange mechs away from their heralds.

When the human duo took off at speeds that just shouldn’t be possible, Ratchet stated, “I don’t know about you all but I don’t think the two little ones are actually human.”

Optimus called out, “Autobots, we need to find out who and what they are. Ratchet, you’re with me. Our target is the flyer. Bumblebee, you and Sari have the humans. Prowl, Bulkhead, the sleek cop car.  Everybot, roll out!”

They took off after their targets. Prowl and Bulkhead tailed the police car.

Bulkhead asked, “Do you think they’re Cons?”

Prowl answered, “I'm not sure what they are. However they sure took off like they were up to no good.”

Sighing, Ironspark commed Depthstrike, - How cute…. Autobots trying to follow a Handler... -

Depthstrike chuckled but added -Scrap! I am going to need back up…. We weren't the only ones who came through the storm-

Coming to a screeching halt, Ironspark transformed to robot and then back to car mode so he could spin around even faster. Then he shouted out as he roared past his followers, “Primus damn it! Depthstrike! Tempest is going to offline you for this!”

Bulkhead turned around and stared at the now empty street. Then as Prowl took robot form next to him, Bulkhead asked, “Where’d he go?”

Prowl answered, “I don’t know. However, did you see just how large his root form is? He may not wear Decepticon colors or symbol but he definitely was a war build. Come on, let’s get back to Prime, hopefully the others had better luck than we did.”

For a short while the flyer seemed content to let them follow him. Optimus was not stupid he could tell the helijet was staying in visual range. Then suddenly, Optimus saw the flyer twist to dodge energy fire. The massive war build hit the ground in root form and snarled out, “Seraphimus Victoriaum Maximus!”

A winged being in gold armor bowed in the air before laughing in a way that made Optimus’s plates crawl.

Maximus rumbled out, “Where is your herald pretty breeder?  My Comandante hungers for her techno-organic frame.”

Optimus stopped when he saw the war build draw a massive lance and shield. Then he looked up at the winged techno-organic.This shouldn’t even be possible! If the history texts told the truth that thing should still be in stasis!

Following Optimus’s gaze, Ratchet gasped out, “What in Cybertron is that?!”

Ever the history buff, Optimus stated, “I think….. it might be a Seraphimus. But that doesn’t make sense the race has been in stasis for untold millions of stellar cycles.”

Depthstrike roared out, “You shall never harm another Cybertronian or human if I have any say in the matter!”

Before the two Autobots could do anything the war build led the strange new alien away from the city and soon they lost track of him. Optimus sighed, “We better go see if the others have had any better luck.”

Elsewhere, Bumblebee screeched to a halt when he turned into an alleyway and found himself faced with an energy bow at full draw and an energy pike.

The mocha male with the electric blue hair spat out, “Why do you follow, Handler? We are not your charges.”

Then the female stated, “Fellow herald step out and explain your mech’s actions or I will snuff him out where his tires rest.”

Sari stepped out and muttered, “Alright! Alright! Just don't hurt Bumblebee! Optimus just wanted to know who and what you guys are!”

The bow lowered and the energy dissipated as Tempest stated, “I am Tempest and this is Voltage. We are Heralds of Primus. Two of the nearly extinct techno-organic humans from our dimension. With a lot of luck and the good grace of Primus himself we were able to come to this dimension.” Then she lifted her hand to her ear as static filled her comm lines. Tempest gasped, “DEPTH! What happened?! ANSWER ME FOR FRAG’S SAKE!”

Voltage lowered his weapon and lifted his hand to an ear to ask, “Iron? Ironspark?! Answer the comm! Frag it! We gotta help them, Tempest! Only one thing makes them go dark like this.”

Tempest hissed out, “Frag, you don’t think /they/ followed us?! Going into the storm was nearly suicide for us and we have Oracle…”

Bumblebee offered, “I'm the fastest thing on wheels, hop in and point the way.”

The two heralds looked at eachother with sour looks. Then Tempest answered, “We're fast enough on our feet, riding inside a Cybertronian is just wrong and just plain rude for anyone other than their bondmate.”

Voltage teased, “Keep up if you can short stack.”

Chasing after them once Sari was back inside his cab, Bumblebee snapped, “Who you calling short?! You're both smaller than I am!”

The two heralds laughed in a good natured manner. Then Tempest purred out, “You keep thinking that, Bumblebee. Let’s get moving!” The two bent low and then they were running faster than Nanosec could move!

Bumblebee gasped and Sari squealed in delight as the little speed demon rushed forward after the Heralds.

Sentinel was trying to find Wasp when he spotted a Cybertronian he had never seen before rush past him. He shouted, “Stop in the name of the Elite Guard! Stop and identify yourself!”

Growling, Ironspark answered, “Frag off Civi. I got places to go and a mech’s aft to bail out of the fire.”

Spotting the jet-twins above, Sentinel roared, “Forget Wasp for the moment after that insolent mech! I want his designation and rank! NOW!”

The Jet-Twins went after the strange car-former.

Jetfire managed to dart in front of the car but he yelped when the car turned into a massive war build. How in the allspark did something that big compact down that much?!

Snatching his twin out of danger, Jetstorm gasped out, “What being wrong with you?! Sentinel Prime Sir wants to be knowing your name and rank!”

Baring his denta, Ironspark snarled, “Since when did the Elite Guard stand idle when innocent lives are hanging in the balance?! Get out of my way mechlings! You’re not old enough to understand the danger that stalks this city. Now move!”

The jet twins yelped when the war build barreled through the spot they had been mere nanoclicks before.

Time was not on Ironspark’s side and as much as he felt horrible for treating the two flyers in such a crass manner he didn’t have a choice. Depthstike needed him. NOW!

When Ironspark slid in to help him face the two winged warriors, Depthstrike joked softly, “What did you stop for ener-caf?”

Ironspark brought his no-dachi up and moved to defend his friend’s back as he joked back, “You bet your sweet aft I did, I even got you a triple espresso with extra cobalt shavings.”

Laughing as they danced through the battle not once allowing the other’s back to be exposed, Depthstrike asked playfully, “Get the receipt as well?”

Jetstorm stared at the two. They fought as well together as he and his twin did. They had to be long time friends given how different their frame types were. One a grounder and the other a flyer. How being they friends?

Then suddenly a massive club came flying at them causing the two warriors to jump apart to avoid being squished. A saber toothed cat behemoth snarled at the cybertronians.

The Jet-Twins flinched when Sentinel shouted, “Get those Decepticons now! Or do I have to do everything myself?!” He drew his lance and shield as he attacked the car-former.

Ironspark twisted clear of the attack and glared when the idiot elite guard damaged one of the buildings. Once the big chinned moron looked his way, Ironspark snarled, “Hey! Syk-breath! There are civilians in those buildings!”

Sentinel spat back, “Do I look like I care about some disgusting organics?!”

Blocking a blow, Ironspark was about to snap but suddenly he found himself stuck between two attackers. Both of whom didn’t care if they hurt innocents!

Depthstrike couldn’t help his friend because he had his own servos full as it stood. He shouted, “Iron! We need to get this fight away from civilians!”

Baring his denta, Ironspark darted and dodged trying to use the tight press of quarters to force the other two to attack each other. He both smirked and cringed when the behemoth sent the useless Prime into a building.

The two war builds managed to drive the battle out of the city when suddenly Sentinel Prime shouted, “I’ve had enough of this!” Ironspark gave an oof when that shield collided with his back struts sending him flying and tumbling straight into Depthstrike.

Both war builds groaned as they tried to right themselves. Struggling to get their limbs untangled quickly, they knew if they didn’t get back on their peds quickly they were slagged to the smelting pits and back.

Seeing more fighters arriving, the Seraphimus growled out, “Grab the two downed ones and retreat.”

The Earth crew rolled up just in time to see the behemoth scoop up the two stunned but struggling mechs.

Puffing up, Sentinel smirked while crowing out, “See that Optimus?! I taught those Cons a lesson without your help.”

The two techno-organics stared after their comrades and as one whirled to glared at the one called Sentinel Prime.

The Jettwins shuddered and dove to hide behind Jazz when one of the tiny humans drew back a shot on an energy bow and snarled out, “You fragging scrapheap! Do you have any idea what you’ve done?!”

Sentinel preened, “I won! I taught that decepta-creep a lesson!”

Voltage snarled, “BOLT SLAG! He isn’t a Decepticon! You just sentenced him to a fate worse than death because you can’t tell the difference between a Con and an innocent War Build!”

A bolt of energy whizzed past Sentinel’s audio fin when the mech took a threatening step towards them and Tempest snarled, “Another step and the next one will pin your spike to the back of your housing. Am I clear?”

Flinching away, Sentinel nodded.

Going to tug Tempest’s weapon down, Sari soothed, “Tempest! We’ll get them back, I promise! Optimus wont let anyone hurt an innocent. Just tell me what those things were, why did they take your friends?”

Voltage answered, “The winged one was a Seraphimus, and the big one a behemoth. You don’t need to know what happens in the cells of their ships. It has broken many a civilian and war build alike.”

Optimus frowned and stated, “But the Seraphimus have been in stasis for millennia, while a select few try to find a cure to their race’s steady decline into extinction.”

Chuckling darkly, Voltage answered, “I’m looking at their cure…. They don’t care if you’re willing or not. They call it a blessing. Accept the gift of the Divine….”

Horror sank in as he realized exactly what the techno-organic meant. He stated, “Let’s head back to base and get everybot out of the open. It sounds like we have much to talk about.”

Then Sentinel growled, “You’re not in charge Optimus.”

As they started moving out, Tempest asked, “Do I have to shoot you, Prime Hard Aft?” The earth Autobots snickered as they led the way.


Elsewhere, Megatron was out for a peaceful walk to clear his processor when he heard the sounds of battle. Storming towards the sounds, Megatron was ready to give his idiot subordinates a piece of his processor when he saw it was actually two fairly young mechs facing off with a bestial mech who was larger than he was.

A ‘small’ shuttle was locked in a grapple with it and suddenly he shouted, “A little help Fire!”

Several tank shells sent the beast flying, and the tank former huffed, “Oh come on Hammer! It’s just a behemoth….. it’s not like it has its handler around.”

Suddenly Megatron heard a soft voice at shoulder height state, “Hmmm, My Lord if I might suggest, placing a blast to your left at a forty five degree angle. It would be most appreciated.” Due to the young femme’s politeness, Megatron actually decided to humor her and a strange yelp filled the air.

Another bestial mech crashed to the ground.

Eclipse used his gift softly once he had his allies behind him and the smaller Grostenion’s spark failed under the twin assaults of cannon fire and the human’s gift. He had not expected the war build to fire again.

Oh well, no kill like overkill right?

Stepping forward when the behemoth looked his way, Megatron challenged, “Beast! Leave the younglings alone! Face a true warrior!”

The behemoth took one look at the older mech before it snatched up its fellow and fled. The divine powers were not with it today.

Growling in annoyance, Megatron spat out, “Running away like some cowardly Autobot. I had hoped to at least blow off some steam.”

Eying the new mech up, Eclipse tried to decide if he was annoyed enough to teach the big guy some manners or if he was grateful enough to leave the big blowhard alone.

Spotting his mate’s considering gaze, Hammerpoint huffed and snatched up Eclipse as he snapped, “No.”

Glaring, Eclipse hissed out, “Why the fragging pit not?! One blast! Just one! Let me teach him some manners! Warbuilds need the civies if they want to continue!”

Megatron watched the shuttle bare his denta at the tiny almost human. It was amusing to watch the two banter. It was like watching the long time bonded pairs. Then Megatron asked, “What is it talking about?”

Oracle answered, “Since your lordship’s only care is about conquering. There is little future in such actions, ergo you don’t need to understand what Eclipse is speaking of.”

Panicking when the warlord whirled their direction, Heavyfire squeaked out, “Oracle! Just shut up! You’re going to get us all killed.” He shifted to shield his herald from those red calculating optics that his Herald couldn’t see per say. Sure his Herald had a secondary visual sensor array but that would require the fragile human to actually pay attention to it and not the data streaming over her main optics.

Rolling her blind optics, Oracle answered, “Based on current variables, only two out of four hundred and fifty possible futures end with all of us offlining. The probabilities are in our favors. Most likely to be offlined is a toss up between Voltage and myself.”

Seeing Megatron’s confused look, Eclipse teased, “Oracle has a constant stream of the possible futures going across her eyes. Voltage can learn and reveal your thoughts as they happen. Both gifts are fought for and often sought out for destruction. All of us have a gift in some form or another. I can over charge sparks with a scream. While Tempest can heal just about everything shy of offlining”

The big warlord looked straight at the techno-organic and he couldn’t quite fit the thought of such a devastating gift hidden in such a tiny frame. Megatron then asked, “If you are so powerful then why are you listening to the mech with you?”

Eclipse answered, “Because Hammerpoint is more than just my priest ordained handler. He’s my best friend, confidant, and bondmate. I am the war build to his civilian build. I may also be carrying the spark of our first creation….”

Sure enough, Hammerpoint went from standing to flat on his back as his optics rolled back in shock.

The group laughed at their fallen member. Heavyfire muttered, “Frag, I owe Depthstrike a bottle of energon wine. I have to get a vineyard growing it would seem.”

Oracle squealed and pleaded, “Oh! OHHHH! OHHH! Please! Make your black en-berry wine! I miss it so much….. I’ll do that thing you love.”

Megatron asked, “Are all of you bonded to your charges?!” The thought of being bonded to a human was unnerving to him.

Heavyfire answered, “Oracle is referring to helping me win credits. She’s like a sibling. She was my carrier’s prize pet before my carrier was offlined. Thank Primus.”

Before Megatron could ask, Oracle answered the question, “Skystriker was an aft. He was offlined in self defense.” Then she explained, “It is actually very rare for a herald to take a bondmate at all. Even rarer for it to be their handler, the emotions between Herald and handler often mimics that of siblings. Hating a handler is more common than loving them.”

Then Megatron asked, “Eclipse mentioned being the war build to Hammerpoint’s civilian, why is that important?”

Eclipse explained, “Well assuming you want a future for the race, you need an Autobot and a Decepticon to make sparklings. To put it in a perspective you’d understand.”

Now that got Megatron thinking. If his processor conjured up the image of that feisty little prime with a tiny mechling in his arms, Megatron wasn’t going to admit to it or that he might have enjoyed the image more than he should.


Meanwhile, in the Autobot base.

Voltage jabbered on while Tempest just blankly stared at the two Primes. Finally the female techno-organic stated, “What a fragged up alternate dimension. Primes as little more than captains. There is no point in saving them Volt. I’m going to find the Captain.”

Sentinel growled out, “You aren’t going anywhere.”

Shrugging, Voltage stated, “I wouldn’t try to stop Tempest buddy. Besides whatcha thinking, it ain’t gonna work. The Autobot council you know wouldn’t be able to contain us. Oh by the way that thought you just had I’m going to need high grade bleach to erase! That’s just sick you scrapheap. Jazz keep yourself and the jet-twins away from this sick frag.”

Gaping at the strange being, Sentinel snarled, “You glitch! I’ll turn you into scrap!” How dare this thing reveal his thoughts! Suddenly pain surged through him and Sentinel crashed down to his knees.

Ignoring the stares of shock from the Autobots, Tempest lowered her hand and stated, “One would do well to remain on a healer’s good side.” She walked away as if she hadn’t just brought down a mech many times her size with a simple touch. She added, “Do sit still for an hour, or your knee joints will end up glued solid by your own self-repair systems.”

Smirking, Voltage stated, “I warned ya, dude! Tempest is a hardcore glitch, she can heal you or turn your self-repair subroutines against you. Hurts like a son of a glitch don’t it big mech? This is why we don’t piss her off…… the only mech who can calm her without getting zapped is Depth who is…. oh yeah! Missing thanks to your weak useless peacocking bull scrap! Right along with my Ironspark! Be grateful all I can do is read your thoughts………. and share them with others……. let’s see how Jazz likes that mental image you had.”

Jazz yelped when his mind was filled with the image of himself and the twins chained down to Sentinel's berth. He knew that it was Sentinel’s berth because of the gold trimmed Aqua and the red trimmed blue pillows. Jazz could clearly tell the jet-twins had been well fragged and his own legs were around Sentinel’s hips. Gagging silently, Jazz snarled, “Woah, Bro! What’s wrong with you SP?!”

Optimus blinked when Tempest walked over to him. Then all his aches were gone as Tempest soothed, “We will report in on the hour. However, we have to find our handlers.”

Nodding, Optimus answered, “We understand, and if you need help just let us know.” Turning to glare at Sentinel, Optimus asked, “Do I even want to know what you were thinking?”

Jazz protectively shielded the twins and spat out, “Sick man! They’re kids! What kinda Prime thinks about that scrap?!” He actually urged the youngsters towards Optimus as he stated, “I’d report your aft for that shit if I could!”

Voltage sighed and stated, “Sadly, my voice don’t count for much in this dimension. Back home, one word from me and he’d be slagged. But then again I’d have to go through the holy rituals and Tempest would have to purge the results again. Which would mean never hearing the end of it again.”

Glaring, Tempest growled out, “If I have to coax your spark to reabsorb another unwanted sparkling……. I’ll make you carry to term just to prove a fragging point! Even if the Captain has to be the donor sire!”

Gasping in mock horror, Voltage growled out, “You’d sic your uncle on me! Yesh! What crawled up your skid plates and died!”

Glaring as she stormed out the door, Tempest answered, “Perhaps the fact that my Uncle is MISSING! Because of a pompous glitch!”

Giving the Autobots a shrug, Voltage chased after his friend.

They both knew the Seraphimus clearly hadn't landed inside the city. Given the general lack of panic or destruction. So they started ranging outward. Reporting their progress or more apt their lack of progress every hour.

Optimus felt bad for the two strange techno-organics but they clearly didn't want help. Not that he'd know where to start or what he would even be looking for.

After the third hour Voltage started to whine. It was his way of dealing with the anxiety of being separated from his handler and best friend.

An hour of his whining and Tempest was ready to put Voltage into repair induced stasis lock!

As they paused by a mine entrance, Voltage sighed, “Look, Tempest! It’s been four hours! We need to find the others and report in. HEY! Are you even listening to me?!”

Flinging her comrade into the mountainside, Tempest snarled, “I am not leaving Depth or Iron behind! They didn’t leave us! I refuse to give up….!” Falling to her knees, Tempest screamed out all her fear and anger.

From inside, Oracle perked up and Heavyfire gasped out, “That sounds like Tempest!” He raced outside and lifted the suffering techno-organic up.

Hammerpoint joined his comrade as Tempest screamed, “THEY! They took Depth and Iron! We don’t know where they went!”

Megatron came out and asked, “What is all this racket about?!” He saw the two new techno-organics and asked, “Tempest and Voltage?”

Voltage muttered, “Scrap mech, them some messed up thoughts. I get it, blue and red is smoking hot but really? Bondage ain’t that fragging fun. Is it? I never really understood the appeal…… Is it the control or is there more to it? Really?”

Sharing a look, Hammerpoint and Heavyfire as one snapped, “VOLT! HOW MANY TIMES DO WE HAVE TO TELL YOU?!”

Flinching, Voltage yelped, “What?! His thoughts are so loud he is shouting them at me! Also when did you two become Ironspark?! Only Iron can tell me I’m overstepping! Besides there are no priests to /please/ here! Depth and Iron are missing because of blue and orange’s bull scrap peacocking attitude! Those winged pit fragged scrap heaps are here! And they have our Captain and my handler!”

Groaning, Megatron asked, “Is he always this talkative? And what does he mean by handler?”

Tempest pulled herself together and when the two mechs refused to answer the warlord she stated, “We are slaves to the priesthood. Slaves to be bred and paraded around. Our handlers keep us in line. They hold our kill switch codes. We who are forced to fight and defend the priesthood’s right to rule. Because it is fight or be chained to the breeding bench for the rest of our functioning.”

Oracle came out and confirmed, “Tempest speaks the truth, Lord Megatron. In the dimension we come from the Decepticon cause was ended with aide from the humans. Then genocide, down to the last sparkling the war builds were destroyed. Without a thought to the future. Fate is a sick and twisted glitch. Once again humans saved the Autobots, as their interactions with the massive organic energon farms caused them to mutate and become techno-organic.”

Sickened by what he was hearing, Megatron stated, “Best come inside and take a moment to rest then I will help you find these two…. Depth and Iron.” He didn’t need to be a genius to hear what the young techno-organics were not saying. Humans had become the replacement war builds, the unknowing and unwilling replacements.

Voltage stated, “We gotta report back to the Prime soon. Thanks for the offer though. We gotta keep looking. But after we get some recharge and fuel! Lock down the ship and get the holo-emitters going and all that stuff. Be in touch big mech!”

Snorting at the cocky salute the techno-organic shot him, Megatron replied, “Stay out of my processor, and keep your intake shut about what this mine holds. If you follow those two rules then  you are more than welcome to visit.”

Shaking his head as Heavyfire scooped him up, Voltage muttered back, “I’m having to work out a whole new shielding method to deal with how loud your thoughts are big mech but trust me, I’m not willingly going to go skipping through those meadows. No way in Primus’s spike do I wanna.”

Everyone chuckled, even if it was a strained one from some but it was a laugh they all needed.