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Heaven, Please Sing for Me a Song of Life

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It’s been four weeks since Harry was called by Riddle.

Not that he’s keeping track or anything, because He doesn't really care all that much, as he's too busy with his other clients to really think about Riddle. But when alone with his thoughts, Harry can't help but fantasize about that night. It gets him hot and bothered but he does his best to ignore it, unless it helps him please his next customer better. They do love a willing and eager participant.

It is definitely one of his better nights and Harry doesn't mind a repeat of it. If he's ever called again.

However, Harry knows that Riddle has other favorite prostitutes that he pays for the night that the chances of him calling for Harry again anytime soon are slim.

Seeing the man around isn't hard, Riddle's always here for business and sometimes pleasure with his followers. In fact, he saw Riddle come nearly twenty minutes before he escorted his current client to his private room. He may have imagined it but for a moment he felt as if Riddle's eyes had been looking at him.

Harry quietly snorts to himself, careful to not let the man laying next to him hear.

One night as Riddle’s bed partner and he can't stop thinking of the man. He's starting to sound like Lavender and the others who are always trying to gain Riddle’s or his associates’ attention.

As Harry lays in the sweaty arms and remnants of drying cum of his latest client, he can't help but dream of a day where he will no longer be here in this position. It's a pipe dream but it's the only thing Harry has to keep him motivated to one day leave this place and be free.

A sloppy kiss is placed on his shoulder, taking his attention away from his thoughts. Harry turns to see his client giving him a heated gaze.

“You were quite amazing. I think I'll call on you again next time I come. You’re definitely one of the better prostitutes I’ve had the pleasure to fuck.” The man says.

Harry smiles and winks. “I look forward to it.”

A lie, of course.

“You were quite good yourself as well. I do hope you'll call on me again.”

The fat sweaty pig could go fuck someone else for all he cared. Unfortunately, he needed the money, so the more customers, the more money he earns.

Harry leaves the bed to head to the bathroom and clean himself up. He wonders how long of a break he'll have before his next customer, perhaps it would be alright to take a shower this time? Harry shrugs. He decides to just take a quick one.

By the time he is clean and dressed - with spare clothes he always keeps near by - the room is void of anybody in it. He leaves the room as it is, knowing that he'll be bringing more people in the room for the rest of the night. Just a normal business day for him.

With his shoes on, Harry leaves the private room and heads down into the large and private gambling floor where there is sure to be another customer for him to seduce. He can feel the gaze of both men and women lust after him as he saunters through the casino floor. 

Maybe he should go downstairs to the dance club and find some clients there?


He turns to see Lavender – a fellow prostitute – hurrying to him.

“Hello Lavender.” He greets.

She giggles. “I'm glad I caught you just in time! Mr. Riddle and his guests are going to be in need of some entertainment right now. I've already have Padma, Parvati, Justin, and Terry ready to go. We just need one more person! And you’re one of the best!”

Harry raises an eyebrow.

“What kind of entertainment are we taking about? A large orgy? Or more of karaoke?” Harry jokes. 

“Nothing like that. Lucius told us we’ll just be there to serve drinks and keep the men and women in good spirits! Like Hosts! We’ll get paid for our time as well.” Lavender winks. “And if we get paid for more, than there's nothing wrong with that!”

"Really?" Harry says disbelieving. "Just hosts tonight? Didn't think we would ever do that here."

"So are you coming?" Lavender pouts.

Harry sighs. Lavender and her batting eyelashes and doe like eyes are practically begging him to come.

Well, he’s still getting paid, that’s always a plus in Harry’s book.

“Fine. Fine. I'm coming.”

“Yay!” Lavender squeals. “It'll be so much fun! I hope Mr. Riddle notices me! I especially had my hair and make up done to be eye catching!”

“Maybe.” Harry shrugs. “Anyway lead the way.”

Lavender giggles, blonde curls bouncing as they head upstairs to the balconies where the Black Jack tables are, with the rest of their group following. Cigarette smoke is heavy near the table and a bit irritating, but Harry does his best to ignore it. he;s fine with smoking but the smell has always irritated him. Riddle and a few other men and women, no doubt more associates of Riddle’s as well, are all at the table, throwing chips into the pot.

An older portly man notices them first and jovially exclaims, “Ah! Looks like we are getting some lovely company among us! Come, come!”

The girls giggle and flutter their eyelashes while the boys just smile charmingly.

Harry gazes up and happens to meet Riddle’s blue eyes. They stare for a second longer before Riddle subtly gestures his head to the empty seat next to him. Not wanting to just keep standing or displease Riddle, Harry saunters over, secretly loving the way the man's eyes never leave his form, a devilish smirk upon Riddle’s face.

“Hello again, sir.” Harry coos, sliding up close, legs touching, and bodies practically glued to each other. “It's been a few weeks since we last saw each other.”

“Indeed, it has.” Riddle smirks.

“Why don’t we all introduce ourselves? If that’s alright with you Mr. Riddle.” The portly man nervously asks.

Riddle gives a small nod and Lavender, not surprisingly, introduces herself first.

“Lavender Brown.” She says fluttering her eyelashes.

The others and Harry have always decided to never divulge their last names to their customers or strangers. It was Lavender’s choice to divulge her full name.




“I'm Parvati.”

The twins giggle.

Harry smiles. “Harry.”

Only Riddle and exclusive members of management know their personal information.

“Nice to meet you all. I'm Horace Slughorn, a chemistry professor to a boarding school up in Scotland. I actually knew Mr. Riddle when he was just a student attending. A brilliant student, I must say! I always new he was destined for great things!” The portly man – Slughorn – brags. “Look at him now! Owner of one of the most prestigious clubs in all of Great Britain!”

Riddle smiles with too much sharp teeth, making a few of them, Slughorn included, squirm a little in their seats. “You flatter me, Horace.”

Slughorn clears his throat. “Why don't I introduce our other members!” Gesturing to the man next to him, who greatly resembled a lion and with a deep scowl, Slughorn happily introduces the man as Rufus Scrimanger.

“He's running for Mayor this year! One of the best officers in the field! The city will surely be in good hands!” Slughorn boasts. “Having the chief of police as mayor would be a great benefit for many people! You have my vote, my friend! Just don’t forget us when you take office!” Slughorn laughs jovially.

Padma and Parvati giggle and as they sit on either side of Scrimgeour, moving closer to him, and their hands on his chest and flirtatious smiles upon their faces.

“Mayor? How wonderful!” Padma squeals.

Parvati nods in agreement. “How strong! I’m sure many people will feel safe with you in office!”

Harry gives a little smirk, ego stroking is one of the twins' best tactics to get their potential clients to relax and divulge information should they ever need it.

Scrimgeour is practically radiating smugness and says, “Of course. London will be safer under my care than the other candidates. With elections only a few days away, I’ll be a definite shoe in. fudge has had his time, but the bloody fool doesn't know how to run a city, let alone tie his own shoes. It's time for a new man in charge and that would be me.”

Harry quietly snorts, with only Riddle smirking in response.

What an arrogant prick.

And honestly, he doubts the man hasn’t picked up that the twins and the rest of them are prostitutes. The casino floor of The Chamber of Secrets is more exclusive than the already "invitation only" exclusive dance club on the first floor of the building. This floor is where a lot of shady deals happen.

Either the guy is sniffing out the Underworld or Scrimgeour is as crooked as they come. 

The dealer brings them back to the game when Rodolphus, one of Riddle’s inner circle, places a few more chips into the pot. Harry subconsciously moves closer to see Riddle's cards and startles when the man places them down and brings Harry's body into his lap.

Harry gazes up in surprise only to receive a smirk and wink from Riddle. Harry’s brain takes a few seconds to load what has just happened before he goes back to paying attention to the game. That was completely unexpected. He and Riddle were barely in the acquaintance stage and sitting in someone’s lap without the pretense of pleasing his clients, seems a little intimate to Harry. Maybe it's a sign that Riddle will want him later in the night? It's not like he can ask now, Harry would rather not cause a scene and make a small hill a mountain of a problem.

Harry isn’t the only one be surprised with Riddle’s action.

A few of the others stare in surprise, mostly because Riddle never lets any of the prostitutes sit in his lap for leisure, before they go back to their game as Riddle bets double the amount.

Conversation is light, mostly done by Slughorn; who constantly brags about all the famous people he knows. 

And his favorite sweet of crystallized pineapple.

Harry can see Terry focus on the game, his analytical mind taking in every detail, while the girls quietly flirt with the men next to them and Justin staring off into space.

Harry is more focused than the rest of the prostitutes – except Terry – but doesn't know the rules of the game. In the end, Riddle somehow manages to win the entire pot. The others grumbling about how much money they’ve lost that night.

“It seems that you’re my lucky charm Harry.” Riddle playfully says, hugging Harry close. “I might have to have you be my side while I play.”

Harry laughs and winks. “Sounds like fun.”

"I don't think I'll want to ever let you go." Riddle whispers in his ear.

It sends a shiver down his spine, whether in excitement, anxiety, or foreboding, Harry doesn't know.

He pushes the feeling to the back of his mind.

It doesn't matter anyway.