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“This is unacceptable. Just decidedly unacceptable and I will not stand for it another minute!”

“Shh…Stop fussing. I’m just touching your hair.” You carded your fingers through Tim’s chestnut curls as he complained over the dinner table. All he got in response was a quiet laugh, “Tim, baby, it’s okay. Calm down for me, please?”

Deciding he had put up enough of a fight and it had gotten him nowhere, Tim simply crossed his arms over his chest and sank back in his chair, “fine” he huffed, “but when I come away looking a mess, you cannot be cross with me for any of it.”

You tilted your head in confusion, “baby, what are you talking about?” you asked, “you are talking strange.”

Tim turned his head away from you, “I wouldn’t expect you to understand…”

“Will you knock it off?” you giggled and playfully swatted his arm, “You’ve been acting strange ever since you finished filming that movie! Seriously, what’s going on with you?”

“Ugh, I don’t know,” he groaned as he put his head in his hands, scrubbing at his face, “perhaps I’ve gotten in over my head…”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

The two of you shared a look and you watched Tim’s forehead crease with his deep frown, “oh, forget it.”

“I’m not going to,” it was your turn to frown at him as you took another step toward him and unabashedly straddled his lap, “and you can’t make me.”

You saw him swallow, his adam’s apple bobbing and you went to kiss it, his skin hot against your lips. Tim groaned and he closed his eyes in shame, “darling, don’t…”

“What?” you feigned surprise as if you weren’t crudely straddling your boyfriend’s thighs and teasing him with every word that came out of your sweet mouth, “you mean you don’t want me between your legs? I will do whatever you want, Tim. Just say what you want… and it’s yours.”

Tim swallowed thickly again, looking thoroughly disheveled as you gazed down at him. His green eyes shone in the light and you pressed a gentle kiss to his cheek. His hands came up to rest on your hips without squeezing, “so…you’re in charge, hm?”

“Absolutely not,” you vehemently shook your head, “that’s your job, daddy. I-I want to please you…”

Tim tilted his head to the side, catching on quickly, “then why aren’t you on your knees?”

You shivered at his words, “I will be.” You quickly scrambled from your place and dropped to your knees in between his parted thighs after he’d pushed his chair back, you looking up at him expectantly.

Soon his hands began to move, going to his waist and unclasping his belt buckle. You couldn’t help yourself as you reached out and squeezed the inside of his thigh, wordlessly urging him to hurry up. You cringed with delight when you heard him pull his zipper down, “Tim, please,” you begged for him. Your mouth was working faster than your mind was and you couldn’t possibly be silent any longer as you waited for him to reward you.

“What is it?” he hissed out the words in a much harsher tone than was necessary and you shuddered pleasantly, “not fast enough for you?”

He reached out and patted your cheek, “just eager to please, is that it darling?”

You nodded madly and reached for him but he pushed you back. One glare was all it took to put you back in your place. A low whine escaped past your lips and it made him smile, “I love that,” he said.

A pale blush coated your cheeks and you bit your lip in anticipation for him. Your eyes were locked on his hands as he slowly reached into his trousers and extracted himself, “this what you want?” he asked coyly as he looked down on you, his eyelids heavy with lust.

“please, daddy…” your voice was a pitiful cry as you tried reaching for him again. This time he let you crawl closer to him on your knees, allowing you to caress him in your fingertips as he swelled in your hands.

“God, you know just what to do…” his voice was a breathless gasp as he bucked shallowly into your hands, “just how to touch…”

You let your eyes wander the length of him, already hard and pulsing in your shaking hands. You moaned, swiftly bending down and sinking him deep into your throat. A few quiet whimpers fell from his lips and you could feel his thighs shaking. He must’ve been holding back all night; that would’ve explained why he’d been so fussy.

You nearly pulled back out of surprise when you felt a large drop of his pre cum leak onto your tongue. Whimpering softly, you swallowed around him and you heard him gasp, “good girl,” he praised you, “such a good little one.”

You pulled back and stared up at him with a pout on your saliva-coated lips, “I wanna fuck.” Tim seemed caught off-guard by your sudden confession. However blunt it might have been only served to excite him further and a sweet smile graced his flushed face.

“Oh is that so?” he asked as he ran his fingers over your cheek, “well… you haven’t pleased me enough yet. Not to my liking. Just a bit more, sweetness. Then I promise I’ll take care of you. But I want more.”

You pressed your thighs together the best you could in this position. Deciding against complaining, you bent your head and resumed the task at hand. Tim’s hands fisted your hair and held you firmly in place as he guided you up and down, “just like this,” he told you, “that’s what I want. Can you do that for me?”

You nodded to the best of your ability and he smirked, “good.” He released you to work at it on your own, licking and sucking him at the speed he’d started you at. Before long he was moaning loudly above you with one hand on your shoulder to keep him grounded. He had to hold on to something.

It wasn’t long before he stopped you with a gentle tap on your shoulder, “alright, enough,” he panted, “I’m going to cum. Stop, darling.”

You stopped abruptly and pulled back. Tim helped you up onto his lap again and you nuzzled his neck, shaking in his arms, “p-please don’t be mean…” you shuddered, “I-If you are, I don’t wanna…”

He silenced you with a single kiss, “I won’t, darling,” he assured you through his lust-clouded haze, “but if you do not let me fuck you I think I’ll go mad.”

“Yes, yes,” you said breathlessly and leapt out of his lap, “please, I n-need you, daddy…”

“Alright, calm down,” he said as he stood as well, gripping your hips as he turned you around, “aren’t you pleased with yourself for choosing a skirt to wear this evening?”

You shivered, “y-yes,” you giggled, squealing when he tugged your panties down your legs.

“You weren’t hoping for the bed, were you?” he asked quickly. He was barely able to form a single coherent sentence, let alone get you to the bedroom before he should have you, “I mean this is as good a place as any…”

“Tim, I would fuck you anywhere in this house if it meant I could have you right now,” you whimpered, attempting to rub back against his crotch, “right now!”

You had had enough talking and you grew more impatient with each passing second. You wanted to scream at him for making you wait like this. Tim pushed your skirt up and it made you feel dirty that neither of you could keep yourselves under control enough to undress fully. He tugged your hips back and buried himself inside of you with one sharp thrust. Perhaps it was the surprise of how fast it had happened or the sheer sensitivity between your legs but you screamed at the top of your lungs and flexed your fingers, “oh, yes!”

“darling?” Tim asked from behind you. He couldn’t see your face to tell whether or he’d hurt you, “are you alright?”

“T-Tim please,” you ignored his question and started to beg, “please I need you. Hard a-and fast. Please…oh please!”

You couldn’t see him smirk, “God, I haven’t even done anything yet and you’re already screaming,” he gave a deep chuckle, “I must be doing something right.”

Normally you’d scold him for praising his own skill, but you could do no more than beg him for your release, “Tim please…” Tears fell from your eyes and splashed onto the table. You were unsure how he saw but he placed a comforting hand on your side and caressed you gently, “oh, none of that, please…” he whispered in his most soothing voice, “here, I’m done playing. I’ll give you what you want, little thing. Sorry to tease you so.”

You sniffled and nodded in response to his apology. Your sobs faded as he started to move within you, the world seeming to spin around you and you became dizzy from your desire for him. You moved with him, letting out a throaty groan as he fucked you hard and fast against the table. You gave a little cry, unable to hold off your orgasm for any length of time. You felt it begin to build, deeply and intensely until you felt the ground seem to shift beneath you and your legs almost gave out as you came. Hard. You cried out again and reached for him, unable to touch him in this position, “T-Tim…” you whimpered.

“Oh fuck…” he called out as he reached his own release and held you closely as his thrusts slowed to a halt. He panted as he clung to you, breathless and sweat-soaked. He was the first to break the silence, “thank god we didn’t go out for date night,” he laughed, “we would’ve never made it home in time.”

You moaned softly in response. You were so physically and mentally exhausted you could no longer form the words to even respond to him. You turned and held your arms out to him as he zipped himself back up, “hold on,” he said and bent down, tugging your panties back up your legs and into place, “there we go. Let’s get you to bed.”

“ngh…” you moaned as Tim plucked you up, easily taking you into his arms and carried you out of his dining room and over to the stairs. You wrapped your legs around his waist and rested your chin on his shoulder as you let him carry you to his bedroom.

Tim cupped the back of your head, realizing how vulnerable you were in this state. You were in no way capable of fighting back should anyone wish to hurt you. He felt the need to protect you at every turn. He didn’t want to leave your side and knew he wouldn’t for the rest of the night. He had a television in his room, so he decided he would simply watch a few shows while you slept. Perhaps you might wake up and join him.

Tim carried you into his room and placed you on the bed, pulling back to covers and watching you crawl up and tuck yourself in, “alright, make me some room,” he whispered, “and undress, please.” You whined tiredly but complied, shimmying out of your skirt and tossing it onto the floor. You yanked your blouse over your head and it too joined the small pile forming on the bedroom floor.

You stayed sitting up in bed, blinking in the dim light as Tim undressed in front of you. Soon, his suit and jacket, tie and trousers were laid out on the chair beside the bed. He left his boxer shorts on as he climbed into bed beside you, “panties and bra too,” he chided you softly and made you turn so he could remove your bra for you. He slipped the soft material off your shoulders after he’d unclasped it, throwing it down with your other clothes. Your panties soon followed.

You moaned as you cuddled up to him under the warm blankets. He put an arm around you as he grabbed the remote and turned on the tv, “shh,” he whispered to you, “rest, darling. I’ll be right here when you wake. I might even make you a snack after you’ve had your nap.”

You smiled against his chest, “what kind of snack?”

Tim scoffed, “oh, you’ll answer when I offer food, is that it?”

“I like food.”

“I like you.”

Silence followed until you sighed, closing your eyes, “I love you, Tim.”

“I love you too, Y/N, I love you too.”