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Cowboy Boots and Adidas (Larry)

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"Aw, my baby!" Anne gushes with tears in her eyes as she takes in her eighteen year old son in the flashy floral suit he had picked out when him and his mother had taken a two hour trip from their small town all the way to the suit store which was in the closest city to them. "You look so handsome," the women tells her son as she fixes the collar on the male's suit jacket. 

Harry let's out a small laugh as he sends his mother a bright smile. "Thank you, mum, but you are the star of today's events," he tells the women as he motions to the women who looked absolutely gorgeous in her wedding dress and makeup. 

"Maybe," she tells the boy as she let's out a small laugh. "But I don't think I've ever seen you look so nice except for your prom night," she gushes to the boy as she takes in her boy in the nice suit that had cost them a bit of a penny, but it was worth it to see her son happy and in something so nice. 

Harry only smiles at his mother as he leans in to kiss her on the cheek. "I'm glad you like the suit, mum," he tells the women as he sends her a bright smile. "But it's almost time for you to make your entrance to meet your groom," Harry teases his mother as he sends her a small wink. 

Anne shakes her head at her son's charm as she smiles up at the boy. "I'm a bit nervous," the women admits to her son as she let's out a small giggle. 

"You'll do fine, mum," Harry promises his mother as he gives her a reassuring smile. "Mark's a wonderful man and he's going to treat you really well," the male tells his mother, taking one of her warm hands into his own to give it a calming squeeze. 

Anne squeezes back as she reaches out her other hand to pat at the back of her son's hand. "I know he will, I can't wait for you to meet Louis," Anne tells the boy excitedly talking about her soon to be husband's son who will be coming to live with them after the marriage is official. 

"I'm sure that I'm going to love him, mum," Harry tells his mother as he sends her a bright smile. 


It's an hour later when the wedding ceremony is finally over and Harry couldn't have been happier for his mother. The wedding was amazing, both Anne and Mark had said the sweetest vows to each other and Harry could truly tell that his mother was super happy and that's all that he truly cared about. The male was on the way to the reception which was being held in a different building from the wedding. 

Harry's mother had agreed to get married in the big city where she had first met Mark, which is also where the other male lives, it was a rather scary place for someone like Harry who was used to the back roads and streets of his hometown, but he managed to find the place without getting lost. "Hazza, my baby!" Anne shouts in excitement when she notices that the boy has arrived to the reception, the women was sitting next to her new husband with a bright smile spread across her face.

Harry let's out a laugh at his mother's words. "You just saw me like ten minutes ago, mum," he complains to the women, but doesn't fight her when she goes to engulf him in a hug before going to sit down beside her husband. 

"You should come sit down with us and chat," Mark tells the boy as he sends him a bright smile. 

Harry smiles back to his new step father, but shakes his head at the man's offer. "I actually need to use the loo if you two don't mind," the boy tells the man apologetically. 

Mark only shakes his head as he let's out a small laugh. "No, heaven forbid go use the loo, son," he tells the boy, sending him a smile that Harry quickly returns. 

Harry leaves the newly weds alone and quickly evades most of his relatives as he makes his way towards the men's bathroom. As he pushes his way into the door he feels a body bump against his own and before he can reach out and catch the person they tumble towards the ground on their bum. "Oops!" Harry exclaims, feeling like an idiot for how clumsy he tended to be sometimes. 

The boy on the floor was shocked by what had happened and was about to tell the person who knocked him down off, but his eyes widen when he takes in how gorgeous the male was. "Hi," he says instead, making himself sound rather stupid as a blush makes it's way onto his cheeks. 

Harry let's out a small laugh as he holds a hand out to help the boy up off of the most-likely dirty bathroom floor. "Are you alright?" Harry asks the boy with a hopeful smile, admiring how beautiful the boy's eyes were as he helps him off the floor. 

Louis simply nods as he tries to will the blush from his cheeks at embarrassing himself in front of such a handsome male. "Um, so," Louis manages to stammer out awkwardly as he scratches at the back of his neck, not knowing what to say to the other male. What did you say to such a handsome male with such a charming smile and kissable lips and eyes that were the most prettiest color of green that the male could stare into all day long. 

"My names Harry," The other male says, snapping the smaller lad out of his thoughts and the boy thinks into the back of his mind as to why that name sounds so familiar and that's when it hits him. This was his new step brother.

"Louis," the boy says simply as he holds his hand out for a simple shake, a little nervous knowing that he was going to be spending a lot more time with this gorgeous male soon enough and he was ninety percent sure that he had like no chances with the male because first he was his step brother, second Harry lived in a place where gay really wasn't a thing so if he did like boys he probably wasn't very open about it and the last issue is that Harry was two years older then him and an adult, totally off limits to a sixteen year old twink like himself. 

Although as Harry reaches his rather large hand out to take the other lad's into his own in a firm handshake it was hard to ignore the sparks that both male's were able to feel at the contact. "It's very nice to meet you, Louis. I'm sure we're going to get to know each other very well," Harry says as he sends the boy a friendly smile before dropping his hand from his. 

Louis smiles back to the male and nods, but in the back of his head he was thinking, "Oh, I really hope so." Little did the both of them know that what had started in the toilets to their parents big day would end up turning into their own story of how they managed to find true love in the most strangest of places.