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How Did We Get Into This Mess?

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It was April 27, 2018. The day you'd been waiting for since they announced it back in October of 2014. You were beyond excited. It was said to be the most ambitious crossover event in history, and boy did you have high expectations for it. You had watched (a lot) of videos of theories of who would die, who would live. You just hoped that Loki, your one and only true love (besides everyone else), did not die. You loved him since the day Thor: Ragnarok was out. Sure, you were a little late to the Loki loving party, but you had so much to offer it (mostly smutty things). You loved everyone that was in this movie, though you knew some would die, so you prepared yourself before by watching all the other Marvel movies, thinking through all of them 'please don't kill them!'

"Hey, we need to go now. I don't want to get bad seats." Your friend, Milah, said to you, taking you away from your thoughts.

"Sorry, let's go!"

Milah was an interesting girl. She was loud, loved Panic! At The Disco, and loved the MCU, like you. That's how you two had become friends; your love for Loki was as big as her love for Steve (she constantly mentioned how much she wanted to 'show that innocent little boy what real lovin' is like').

With popcorn in hand, you both entered the theatre, scared yet excited for what this amazing movie was about to offer.


"Tom! Over here!"

"Mr. Hiddleston, what did you expect for tonight?"

"What was your reaction to the movie?"

Tom tried to answer everyone's questions, though soon he felt overwhelmed. Luckily, Chris soon stepped in. As soon as he stepped in, questions started to get directed at him.

"Mr. Hemsworth, what does the next movie have in store?"

"Chris, over here!"

"Go." Chris had whispered to him as he went to talk to the reporters.

Tom nodded and silently thanked him as he made his way to the bathroom.

After he was done, he started to make his way to the exit but a sudden shake made everything rumble, making him fall down and the door close shut. The rumbling continued as he tried gripped onto the counter to stand up.

"What on earth? Is there an earthquake?"  Tom thought as he struggled to get up.

All of a sudden, a bright blue light came from the ceiling. It started swirling, which made a powered wind that blew Tom to the ground again. It then started to suck things into it, including him. As soon as it did, everything turned white.


"What the fuck?! Seroiously, what the fuck was that?!" You said, wiping your tears as you exited the theatre.

"I know!" Milah agreed.

In the first five minutes, you'd cried. That was the moment when you knew that you hated this movie (you didn't really hate the movie, your dramatic ass was just mourning). Milah felt your pain. You'd spent 20 minutes crying after the end-credits scene. Even though it had lifted your spirits, you still cried.

"I mean, what kinda ending is that?! Thanos just sits watching the sunset and boom, the end. The fuck was that?!" You said half-laughing, half-crying.

"Yeah, they just left us with Tony stranded in the middle of fucking space, and Steve just going 'Oh, God'. I mean, what the hell!"

You sighed. "You know what, when I get home, I'm gonna watch the shit out of those theory videos for Avengers 4."

"Yeah, and don't forget we still have Deadpool 2. Now I can't wait for that." Milah said.

You smiled and nodded. "God, I need a drink."

"You're not old enough."

"So? That doesn't mean I can't get some from my parents once they're not home."

"Then I'm definitely going with you."

You both laughed as you went down the stairs to the parking lot. A bright blue light from the side of the building then took your attention.

"Hey, uh, you go get the car. I think I forgot something."

Milah nodded and started jogging to the car as you crept toward the side of the building. You rounded the corner to see blue whirlpool just sucking the surrounding air into it. You yelled to Milah as you walked around the side of it. It then grew bright and put your hands up to block the light, making you misplace your foot which happened to be near the whirlpool, making you lose your balance and struggle to keep yourself upright. It proved to be useless as you ended up falling in, the last thing you see; all white.

The first thing you noticed was that there was a lot of wind. Were you not dead? You opened your eyes to see clouds. Wait, clouds. You then realised you were falling, very fast to be exact. The realisation caused you to scream frantically. But before you did you heard frantic screaming that didn't sound like you at all. It sounded like a man. You looked around and saw someone falling also. They were flailing their limbs everywhere, which was causing them to fall faster while you had your limbs spread like an eagle (which you learned was the best position when freefalling from all the movies you'd watch).

"Hey!" You tried yelling, but with the sound of the wind and his screaming, you doubted it reached him. You tried not to panic as you tried moving toward him by using the swimming technique. You eventually made it in front of him, and he finally noticed you. As he looked at you, you noticed he looked a lot like Tom Hiddleston...wait that was Tom Hiddleston! You wanted to freak out but decided it wasn't the best time to do so since you were both falling to your death.

"Do this!" You yelled at him, as you demonstrated your position. He copied you and started falling slower, but not enough to not splat everywhere when you hit the ground. Now what? Uh, the people that freefall in movies usually landed in a tree or a body of water.  You didn't see any bodies of water but you did see a bunch of trees as you passed the clouds (clouds felt very different from what you expected).

"Aim for the trees!" You yelled to him. He nodded frantically and started gliding towards the mass of trees. They were getting very close as you fell. This is how you were going to die. Crashing into a tree with who was supposedly Tom Hiddleston. You closed your eyes and tried to accept your fate. That turned out to be false because you soon felt like you were being lifted. You opened your eyes and noticed the pair of arms around your torso which were red and gold. You looked up to see who was carrying you, and gasped when came face to face with Iron Man? You screamed instantly out of shock. That seemed to startle him because a second later he almost let go of you. He pulled you up quickly and you clung to him like your life depended on it (which it did). "Did Thor get the other one?" You faintly heard him ask. "Yes, boss." A voice replied.

Was this real? Were you really flying in Iron Man's arms? You couldn't believe it. And he mentioned something about Thor. Was he here too? He must've caught supposedly Tom. Your thought was interrupted by Tony suddenly talking. "I'm putting you down now." Then your feet touched solid ground, and you promised yourself you would never leave.

Suddenly Thor landed beside you and threw the man he was holding on the ground.

He didn't make a sound when he hit the concrete ground. Thor then proceeded to place Mjolnir on his chest. It reminded you so much of that moment in the first Thor movie where he did that to Loki.

"Who are you people and why does this one resemble Loki?" Thor demanded.

You looked to supposedly Tom for an answer but noticed he wasn't moving. You quickly rushed over to his to check his pulse but flinched for a second when you saw his face. Yep. This really was him. You were certain because of all the pictures of Loki that you had saved on your phone. Though the Tom that was laying in front of you had a beard. A second after you checked his pulse confirming he wasn't dead, you heard the familiar sound of a charging repulsor beam.

"Don't fire!” You said turning around and frantically waving your hands.

“Answer the question.” Tony said bluntly.

You swallowed harshly. How we’re you gonna explain this? “Okay,” You said calmly as you stood up slowly. “I know you guys are confused and have a lot of questions but first, could we get him some medical attention, please? I’ll answer all of your questions after, I promise.” You looked back at Tom, then to the Avengers in front of you who were whispering amongst themselves. After about a minute of them whispering, they finally gave you an answer.

“Fine.” Tony said.

“But one question, if that is not the real Loki, then where is he?” Thor asked.

“On Asgard.” You said hesitantly.



Thor sighed almost in relief.

“Follow us then. Thor, you pick up the Loki look-alike.” Tony pointed to Tom after beckoning you to come.

“Also, I’m gonna need to tell everyone about this?” You said catching up to Tony. “And what year is it? Did you defeat Ultron already?”

Tony opened his mask just to give you a confused look. “It’s 2015, and yes we already did.”

“Well, that sucks. Bruce’s gone.” You meant to say to yourself but ended up saying out loud just in Tony’s earshot. He gave you an even weirder look before closing his mask.

You sighed. You were going to have a lot of explaining to do, and you didn’t even know half of it.