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Just A Boy and His Tumors

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This is my story that I have been working on for a couple of years. This story is my pet project, my baby if you will. I really want to publish this at some point in the future but if I can't bring myself to post it online then I will never have the courage to bring it to a publisher.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. I know that you can't see me and I'm just another account but this story means a lot to me and please keep that in mind when making criticisms. I'm fine with constructive criticisms that can help make me better just understand that if it isn't constructive and it's just downright mean that I will disable comments. Also, I'm still a student and unlike some of my other works with shorter chapters that I write on my computer and I can finish in an hour max this story takes a lot more time. I'm am very particular about how I write full-length stories. I like to hand-write everything then revise as I'm putting it into my computer and revise a couple more times. So, it takes more time to finish a chapter and from time to time I will go back and change things if the way the story is going is no longer working for me or if I had to add more information. Usually, if I do that I will put the information in the notes of the most recently updated chapter so that people know to go back and look for that information and reread.

That being said, I really hope you enjoy "Just A Boy And His Tumors"