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Call me Baby Boy

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"That's not a good idea, Pidge." Lance pouts, crossing his arms. "Plus, I wanna be the person buying him stuff! That's a site to find people to buy stuff for you." He sighs.

Pidge rolls her eyes, continuing to scroll through some random "find a daddy" website. "If I, like, hack into the website to find what you want it won't take much time at all. Besides, there'll be less chance of me walking in on you with your dick in your hand." She scoffs.

"That's happened twice in the four years I've known you!" Lance says loudly, a soft blush rising on his cheeks.

"It's happened twice in the last four weeks, Lance." Pidge glares at him for a second, going back into typing furiously into her laptop. "Plus, I found someone that's looking for a sugar baby. At least, that's what he's calling it in his bio. Want me to message him for you?"

"Hell no, I'll do it!" Lance grabs her laptop, placing it between them on the light bed sheets, and starts typing, much slower than Pidge, a message.

"Hey, I see you're looking for a sugar baby? Why don't you message me so we can see if we like each other? ;)"

"Ew, lame." Pidge rolls her eyes, taking her laptop back and retying the letter.

"Rude." Lance mumbles, laying back in the fancy European "Super Caesar" mattress his parents got him on a business trip. (it's about 9 by 7 feet, it's pretty huge ;)

"Hey, love. What do you say we start talking? You're quite interesting." She types, looking bored the whole time.

"...I'll take it." Lance pouts, clicking send.

"You're hopeless." Pidge mumbles, going to Netflix to find a show.

"So are you."  Lance huffs.

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Keith's phone buzzes, and he groans, shoving his face closer into his pillow. "Shiro..." He whines. "You're closer..."

"Fine, fine..." Shiro mumbles, looking away from his laptop to pick up Keith's phone and look at the notification. "It's from that sugar daddy app you downloaded. Someone messaged you, someone named Lance?"

Keith sits up frantically, almost falling off the small bed of his dorm, rushing over to the small desk and grabbing the phone out of Shiro's hand, quickly unlocking it and reading the message a few times, walking over to his bed and sitting down. "Fuck." He whispers.

"What'd he say?" Shiro turns to him in the small, creaky wooden chair, raising a brow.

"God, Shiro, he wants to pay me to fuck him." Keith blushes brightly, laying back and biting his lip.

"I asked what he said, not what he wants to do." Shiro scoffs, turning back to his laptop.

"He called me love and asked if I wanted to talk! What should I say?" Keith bites his lip, his thumbs hovering over the screen.

"God, Keith, is it too hard to type "yes, of course" or some shit? I'm trying to finish my homework." Shiro mumbles, slowly typing into his laptop. "Wait, no, it's some sugar daddy app. Say "yes, daddy" or something, right?" He trails off slightly.

"God, Shiro. I'd be the dom. I can't sub." Keith scoffs.

"Call him baby boy, it'll work." Shiro mumbles. "Trust me."

"Is Adam a little or does he just like that shit?" Keith grins.

"I mean any good sub can go into subspace, Keith." Shiro chuckles. "Takes a good dom to know what they want."

"Alright sure but does 'Of course, baby boy. How are you?' work? You should know better than I do. If it goes well I'll pay for your half of the dorm as long as you help me out." Keith sits up again, cocking a brow at him.

"Yeah, it should. And I'll do anything for you to pay that," Shiro sighs, "now let me work, dammit."

"Fine!" Keith grumbles. A few minutes more of sitting on the bed, he gets a reply and squeaks. "Oh my god! He replied!" His lips curl up into a soft smile.

"Oh my god. You reply." Shiro mumbles, closing his laptop and going to his bed, flopping down face first.

Keith huffs. "God, you're gay and in college debt, too. You should understand being broke and horny more than anyone else." He rolls his eyes, laying back onto the bed.

"Yeah, I do, you're just, like, annoying about it." He rolls his eyes.

"I remember you complaining about Adam not noticing how hard you were hitting on him, Shiro. You can't complain about me complaining." Keith rolls his eyes.

"Fine, fine. What'd Lance say, though?" Shiro rolls onto his back.

"Uh, he said he's okay, just do I reply?" Keith bites his lip, his fingers hovering over the screen.

"God, I'm a taken gay not a bot."

"What?" Keith laughs.

"I don't know. I need sleep." Shiro mumbles, turning on his side and pulling a blanket over himself.

"Should I send him nudes?" Keith asks under his breath.

"You should stop talking to me." Shiro scoffs.

"Right, right." Keith sighs softly, typing back a reply.

(I'm just gonna show the whole ass chat for a bit until one of them does something fancy other than talk to the other (i had to type this one sentence like 3 times bc i can't english) (please excuse the usernames. i can't create usernames to save my life.))

lonce: hey, love. what do you say we start talking? you're quite interesting.

kithe: of course, baby boy. how are you?

lonce: i'm good, daddy. just a bit bored.

kithe: how do you say we fix that?

lonce: of course!! how though? i can't come see you :(

kithe: we can have some fun without seeing each other, baby.

lonce: oh? ;3

kithe: of course. where are you right now?

lonce: in bed. what about you, daddy?

kithe: i can say the same. is anyone else with you?

lonce: my cat is downstairs. no one else.

kithe: do you have any toys in your room, baby boy?

lonce: yes! my bed is covered in stuffies! :D

kithe: not like that, baby boy.
kithe: the fun toys.

lonce: like this, daddy?

Keith's eyes widen and he blushes furiously, as Lance sent a picture of his lower half, a pastel yellow skirt pulled down to his knees. His dick laying against his stomach, one of his hands wrapped around a bright pink dildo, in which is pushed in to where only about two inches are still showing.

kithe: exactly, baby.

lonce. i'm imagining it's you.

kithe: are you going slow?

lonce: no, daddy. i'm going fast and hard. just like i like it.

kithe: slow down, baby. i want you to be whining.

lonce: okay, daddy. i'm going slow.

kithe: good boy.
kithe: now pull it out, and undress the rest of the way.

lonce: okay, daddy.

kithe: show me.

Lance sends another picture, this time in the mirror. One of his hands is still wrapped around the dildo, though this time at his side. Only his stomach down shows, and he's obviously hard. Keith reaches down for a second before glancing over at Shiro, biting his lip, and going into the bathroom, turning on the shower.

kithe: yes, baby boy.
kithe: now go back to your bed, and slowly fuck yourself.

lonce: okay daddy

Lance sends a short, four second video of him pushing the dildo in, humming softly. Keith quickly puts his phone down onto the counter, pulling off his pants and boxers with one pull. He bites his lip, pulling off his shirt and grabbing his phone again.

kithe: keep going slow, baby
kithe: i don't want you to cum too soon, okay?

lonce: yes daddy
lonce: can you send me a picture, too? i'm sad without it :(

kithe: of course, baby. how would you like it? ;)

lonce: i don't care!! please?

Keith bites his lip, sending a short video to Lance of him just jerking himself off.

lonce: i'm close, daddy

kithe: me too, baby.
kithe: can you hold on a bit longer for me?

lonce: no, daddy. i wanna cum.

kithe: just another minute, baby.
kithe: then you can cum.

lonce: okay :(

kithe: can you cum untouched?

lonce: no, daddy

kithe: then put the phone down and touch yourself, baby boy.

lonce: can i cum, too?

kithe: wait thirty seconds. then you can cum.

lonce: okay daddy

A minute later, after Keith rinses his hands, he picks up his phone again.

kithe: you okay, baby?

lonce: yeah
lonce: thank you, daddy

kithe: of course :)

lonce: i have to clean up now :(

Lance sends another picture, this time of his hand, lower stomach, and sheets covered in his cum. Keith bites his lip, taking a slow breath before replying.

kithe: me too. i'll talk to you later, okay?

lonce: okay daddy! :)

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So how'd it go?”  Pidge grins, glancing at Lance from their laptop.  They were both on the bed, laying next to each other, Lance picking at his nails (which only has one acrylic nail left (his right middle finger (he uses it regularly (although he's only had it for two weeks)))), and Pidge hacking into some random website.

“We fucked.”  Lance shrugs.

“What?!”  Pidge shrieks, sitting up frantically.

“Well, over text…”  Lance blushes brightly, reaching up and running a hand through his hair.

“Ew, that’s worse.  I take it back. Let’s talk about...fucking...fucking cats.  I want a cat. Matt is allergic, though, which sucks, but I might get a cat anyway.”  Pidge shrugs, laying back down again.

“Honestly, Matt might move out, but I feel like that’s not a big problem to you.”  Lance chuckles, flipping over onto his stomach.

“Literally not at all.”  Pidge shrugs, picking up her phone to text Matt.

“Warning him already?”  Lance chuckles, earning a short hum in response from Pidge.


A few hours later, after a long conversation about the right type of cat and Pidge complaining about having to leave, Lance receives a text from Keith, smiling as he reads it.

(i’m just gonna keep with the thing i did last time bc it’s easiest and i’m lazy af)

kithe:  hey, baby


lonce:  hey daddy :3


kithe:  how are you, love?


lonce:  good!!

lonce:  how are you?


kithe:  i’m good, baby.

kithe:  what’re you up to?


lonce:  nothing, really.  what about you?


kithe:  i’m mostly just wishing you were here :)


lonce: awe!  thanks, daddy!

lonce:  i wish you were here, too :(


kithe:  maybe we should meet up soon?


lonce:  i can’t.

lonce:  i don’t know you well enough yet,,


kithe:  alright, baby.  can you call me, then?


This time, Keith is alone.  He can make all the noise he wants - he’s in a friend’s apartment.  The friend isn’t there. He’s cat-sitting today - it’s a thing.


lonce:  okay, daddy


(i’m gonna do this in 3rd person limited in Keith’s POV kinda idk whatever i’m bad at words)

Keith gets a call through the app from Lance, accepting it after a few seconds.  “Hey, baby.” Keith says softly, heading up to one of the spare bedrooms.


“Hi, daddy!”  Lance says excitedly, laughing (okay, giggling) softly.


“Do you have your toys with you?”  Keith asks softly, stepping into the room and sitting on the bed, already slowly unbuttoning his jeans.


“Yes, daddy.”  Lance giggles, and Keith hears the sound of a drawer opening.  “What do you want me to get?”


“Do you have anything new?”  Keith asks softly, careful to be quiet while pulling off his jeans.


“Uh-huh!”  Lance giggles.  “I just got a new dildo.  It’s, um, bigger than I thought…”


“How big?”  Keith chuckles lowly, earning a soft whine from Lance.  He would have laughed again, but Lance cuts him off.


“It’s, uh, almost three inches at the top, then about two the rest of the way.  And I think it’s a foot long, and it has a suction cup.” Lance giggles.


“I think you should use something smaller, love.”  Keith says softly, carefully pulling off his boxers.


“Like what, daddy?”  Lance asks softly, and Keith can hear another draw open.


“Whatever you have that isn’t too big will work.  Can’t have you underestimating me when we meet, hm?”


“I guess not.”  Lance giggles, and a soft rustling is heard on Keith’s side of the call.  “I have the toy, now, daddy.” Lance giggles again.

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“Ah, Keith, fuck-” Lance groans into the phone (which is pressed into the pillow next to him), jerking himself off and slowly thrusting the dildo in and out, arching his back.


“What was that, baby boy?”  Keith growls into the phone, jerking himself off quick and rough.


“Ah, daddy, fuck...”  Lance whines.


“Language, baby boy.”  Keith says with a groan.  “And you didn’t call me daddy.  I might just have to punish you for that.”


“’re not I dunno how that would work…”  Lance whines, speeding up his thrusts with the dildo slightly.


“You don’t get to cum.  And you have to wear a plug tonight.”  There was a slight pause. “I think?” He mumbles, earning a small laugh from Lance.


“The plug thing doesn’t do much, mm, unless you’re, it, it’ll just, ah, be un-f-f-frick, uncomfortable…”  Lance stutters out.


“Alright, baby.  That works.” Keith mumbles into the phone, biting his lip.


“God, daddy, I’m so close…”  Lance whines, letting out a soft moan.


Keith hums in response, speeding up his hand even more.


“C-can I cum, daddy?”  Lance whines, pressing his face into the pillow.


“No, baby.  Not tonight.  Maybe tomorrow, okay?”  Keith mumbles, letting out a groan and releasing over his hand.


“Did you cum?”  Lance whines, pulling his hand away and the dildo out.


“Yeah, baby.  You can tomorrow, hm?”  Keith looks around the room for a tissue box, licking his lips when he can’t find one.  “Go get a plug, love.” He says, getting up, rolling his eyes slightly, going into the bathroom to get a damp washcloth.


“Okay, daddy…”  Lance whines, slowly getting up with a slight whimper.  “Wh-when are you free, uhm, free tom-tomorrow…?” Lance says, pouting slightly because of his stutter.


“Uh, I only have a lecture in the morning, and I should probably work for a couple hours…  so I should call you somewhere around noon, okay?” He confirms, finding a washcloth under the sink and wetting it, squeezing out the excess water.


“Okay, daddy.”  Lance picks his phone up, walks over to his dresser, slowly, opening a different drawer.  “What si-size?”


“Ah, um, just something small, babe.  So you’re not too tired in the morning.”  Keith licks his lips again, rinsing his hand before going to clean himself off.


“Oka-okay, daddy…”  Lance bites his lip, going over to his bed again - slowly - and setting the phone down on his bed, grabbing the lube, putting a thin layer on the plug, and laying down on his stomach to push it in.

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(this is about a week after they first meet online)

(you’re not missing much tbh just them doing the fuck a lot and bad jokes)

(that’s probably canon anyway)

(they never actually meet though)

“Hey, Keith.”  Shiro says as he walks into the dorm, sighing softly and laying face-first on his bed.


“What’s wrong?”  Keith raises an eyebrow, looking up from his phone.  (he’s also laying on his bed)


“Adam wants to go on a fancy date, but neither of us can really afford anything more fancy than, like, McDonald’s.”  Shiro says, mostly into his pillow.


“...I can.”  Keith grins slightly, running a hand through his mullet.


“Okay, sure.”  Shiro rolls his eyes, turning onto his side.


“No, like, seriously.  Lance has paid me enough, I can donate for the poor to get dinner.”  He shrugs, reaching under his bed to grab his backpack and pulling out his wallet, grabbing a couple hundred dollar bills and getting up - with a slight groan, of course (he had been sitting down all day) - and handing the bills to Shiro.


“You two haven’t even met.”  Shiro cocks a brow, hesitantly taking the money.  “Why is he paying you so much?”


“Because I talk to him at odd hours of the night.  Because I’m a good dom. I think. I hope.” He shrugs, sitting down again.


“I mean, when you decide you like someone, you’re loyal.  And I’ve never seen you not respect people’s boundaries. I won’t go on, it’ll go to your head, but I can’t see how you wouldn’t.”


“You would know.”  Keith snorts.


“We’re talking about you, Keith.”  Shiro mumbles, his face flushing a slight red.


“Okay, but like, we’ve been talking for a week...should I see if he wants to meet?”  Keith leans back against the wall, biting his lip.


“I mean...if you do, make sure it’s a public place that’ll be just busy enough that he won’t be worried.  And be calm about it, start with a warm conversation. Don’t go straight into it.” Shiro says, a soft smile on his face.


“Is that how you got Adam?”  Keith grins.


“No, actually - I used a more direct approach, but when I asked him we were a few months into our relationship.  You’re, like, a week into yours.” Shiro shrugs. “But, yeah, it’s the general idea. Adam’s a bit stubborn, so it took some convincing, but I believe you’ll be able to do just fine.”  He smiles softly. “Don’t worry. You’re an idiot, and if he likes you, he’s probably an idiot too. You’ll do fine.”


“Gee, thanks.”  Keith rolls his eyes, pulling out his phone.


After a few seconds, he takes a shaky breath in.


“Okay, well, he said yes, and now I’m scared.”